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					Fiscal and Administrative Institute for Training

  The mission of Central Stores is to
 provide supplies and services to the
   University as economically and
        efficiently as possible.
       Presentation prepared by Annemarie Ryan
Central Stores / Where? Hours?

                         • 3 North Hillside Road
                           Unit 6114
                         • Behind Police Dept.
                           across the street
                           from Motor Pool
                         • Warehouse hours:
                           7 am – 4:30 pm
                         • Office hours:
                           7:30 am – 5:00 pm

                  Spring 2010                      2
Central Stores / Highlights
     • Overview of Products and Services
     • Central Stores Website
     • Ordering Products
     • Central Stores and Staples
     • Shipping
     • Surplus
     • Services: Request Online!
     • Billing
     • Contact Info
                      Spring 2010          3
Central Stores / Products & Services

                • Central Stores is your
                 UConn Home & Office Superstore!
                • We provide all University locations
                  with approximately 9,000 items:
                  office, maintenance, lab supplies.
                • Get an idea of the products we
                  offer: Frequently Ordered Items
                • We offer many services: Shipping &
                  Receiving, the Surplus Program,
                  Department Moves, and more.
                • Top 10 FAQ’s: Answers to FAQ’s

                   Spring 2010                    4
Central Stores / Website

  • Your gateway to all Central Stores
    products and services!
  • Order Online and access to
    Online Catalog and PDF Catalog.
  • Online forms to request many services.
  • Detailed information about topics
    covered in this presentation.

                     Spring 2010         5
Central Stores / Ordering Products

   • Most departments use the Central Stores
     Online Ordering System.
     (You may also order with a Requisition.)
   • Products listed in the Online Catalog,
     PDF Catalog, and printed catalogs.
   • All orders delivered, unless customer pickup
   • You may place and pick up your order in person.
   • We deliver to Storrs locations normally in a day
     or two after you place your order online.
   • We deliver twice a month to off-campus locations:
     Delivery to Non-Storrs Locations

                     Spring 2010                     6
Central Stores / Ordering Products

  • Special Order items available at significant
    savings to the University.
  • Order special order items via regular
    Central Stores ordering procedures.
  • Special Order and out-of-stock items
    automatically backordered and noted on
    packing list/invoice (as a backorder).
  • Backordered items delivered to your
    department after Central Stores receives
    them from the vendor.
  • View a sample packing list: Packing List

                      Spring 2010                  7
Central Stores / Online Ordering

 Online Ordering is the most efficient way to order
   products from Central Stores.
 Advantages to ordering online:
 • Normal delivery time of a mailed order shortened
   by a day.
 • Paperwork reduced. No need to type a requisition.
 • Access to an up-to-the-minute Online Catalog
   including just added products.
 • Easy to track your department's ordering history.
 • Secure. Every user has login identification.

                      Spring 2010                      8
Central Stores / Online Ordering

 • To access the Central Stores Online Ordering
   System, you need login identification. To get
   a login ID, e-mail: kathleen.hood@uconn.edu
 • Information required for login ID:
    – Name, phone number, department name,
      and unit number (if off campus, provide location).
    – A statement that you have signature authority
      to place online orders with Central Stores.
    – If you do NOT have signature authority:
      An e-mail from the appropriate person
      confirming your permission to place
      orders online for your department.
 • Guide to order inquiry terms: Online Order Status

                      Spring 2010                     9
Central Stores / Online Catalog

  • Online Catalog available to all customers.
  • You do not need login identification.
  • Useful to employees who research
    purchases, but are not authorized
    to place orders.
  • This version of our Catalog is the most
    up-to-date. Check on just added items
    and current pricing for items in stock.

                      Spring 2010                10
Central Stores / Online Catalog

  • Online Catalog shows pricing on special
    order items as of the last purchase date.
  • Pricing may be out of date if the last
    purchase was a while ago. For current
    pricing, call 860-486-3627.
  • Link to the Online Catalog from the Central
    Stores website: Catalog Links
  • For search help:
    Online Catalog Search Tips

                      Spring 2010             11
Central Stores / PDF Catalog

  • PDF Catalog available to all customers.
  • You do not need login identification.
  • Useful to employees who research purchases,
    but are not authorized to place orders.
  • View latest print edition of the Regular Catalog in
    PDF format. Contains all products listed in the
    hard copy catalog.
  • Link to the PDF Catalog from the Central Stores
    website: Catalog Links
  • Reminder: For just added items and current
    pricing on items in stock, the Online Catalog is
    more up-to-date than the PDF Catalog.

                      Spring 2010                         12
Central Stores / Staples
  Central Stores & Staples
  • Both provide office supplies to the University, but
    there are procedural differences.
  • Staples (formerly Corporate Express) is the
    University’s exclusive contracted office supply vendor.
  Items available from Central Stores:
  • Copy paper, colored paper, campus maps, forms,
    supplies for printers, fax machines, copiers,
    and more
  Items available from Staples:
  • “Desktop consumables”—pens, pencils, staplers,
    calendars, sticky notes, folders, and more

                      Spring 2010                         13
Central Stores / Staples

  • Staples also offers online ordering, but some
    products are restricted from online ordering.
  • Restricted often because the item is available
    from Central Stores. Ordering from Central Stores
    gets you contractual volume discounts.
  • Central Stores delivers most Staples items to Storrs
    locations the day after the order is placed. Staples
    delivers directly to Non-Storrs locations.
  • For more information, contact the on-site
    representative, MaryAnne Brennan at
    MaryAnne.Brennan@Staples.com or 860-486-0424.

                      Spring 2010                    14
Central Stores / Shipping

  • Central stores ships out packages every
    day: Federal Express, UPS, and DHL.
  • Shipping services include ground,
    overnight, and international.
  • Federal Express Ground service available.
  • Packages dropped off at Central Stores
    by 3 pm are shipped out the same day.
  • Completed transfer vouchers must be
    firmly attached to packages. If required,
    airbills must be included.
                      Spring 2010               15
Central Stores / Special Shipments

 • For emergency pickup of same day
   shipments, or if shipping large/heavy items,
   call Steve Marrotte, dock supervisor,
 • Central Stores is hazmat trained and certified.
   When shipping hazardous materials, call
   Steve Marrotte.

                     Spring 2010              16
Central Stores / Tracking Shipments

 • You can track delivery of shipments via the
   FedEx and UPS online systems.
 • Link to them from the Central Stores website:
   Shipping and Receiving
 • Questions? Call Steve Marrotte,
   dock supervisor, 860-486-6297.
   Please provide transfer voucher number.

                     Spring 2010              17
Central Stores / Shipping Supplies
 • Central Stores sells Federal Express prepaid
   stamps and Airborne Express/DHL prepaid
   mailers for drop-box domestic shipments.
 • International shipments require a transfer
   voucher, an international airbill, and in some
   cases, a commercial invoice.
 • Available online: Commercial Invoice
 • Several shipping supply items available at
   no charge:
     – Blank air bills, letter and pak envelopes, boxes
       for Federal Express, UPS, and Airborne/DHL.
 • Request online: Shipping Supplies Form
                      Spring 2010                         18
      Central Stores / Hartford Courier Service

•   Central Stores Hartford Courier service operates
    daily between the Storrs/Depot Campus and the
    Hartford Campuses.
•   Service to UConn locations includes West Hartford
    Campus, Law Library, School of Social Work, and
    the MBA Program Downtown.
•   Service to State Offices includes the
    Attorney General’s Office, State Office
    Building, the Legislative Office Building,
    and more.
•   Hartford Courier meets the UConn Health
    Center courier to exchange mail.
•   All mail coming from Hartford is delivered
    the next day, between 8 am - 9 am.
•   For questions about Hartford Courier Service, please
    call Steve Marrotte, dock supervisor, 860-486-6297.

                                Spring 2010                19
     Central Stores / Surplus

          • The University Surplus Program is a GREAT
            way to reap savings for your department—
            get furnishings and other supplies at no cost!
          • Central Stores manages the Surplus Program.
            Proper disposal of University property is required
            per state statutes.
          • Surplus includes computers, equipment, furniture,
            supplies, etc.
          • Central Stores determines if surplus items will be
            discarded or recycled to the University.

                              Spring 2010                        20
    Central Stores / Surplus & University Policy

The UConn Surplus Program Policy:


Information about Surplus Property
  Policy and Procedures. Roles and
  responsibilities of Central Stores
  and Departments.

                              Spring 2010                       21
     Central Stores / Sending Items to Surplus

          • Declare items surplus with an ACT 39 form:
            Transfer/Retirement of Equipment/Supplies
            (CS item #: 72890033).
          • Mail or hand-deliver the ACT 39 to
            Central Stores, Unit 6114.
          • After receiving the ACT 39, Central Stores will
            remove your surplus as soon as possible.
            You will be called to arrange a pickup time.

          • University property may not be thrown out without
            a completed ACT 39 approved by Central Stores.

                      (Unauthorized “drop off” at the
                      surplus locations is prohibited.)

                             Spring 2010                      22
     Central Stores / Sending Items to Surplus

        • Average time for Central Stores to pick up surplus
          after receipt of the ACT 39: two to three weeks.
        • If transferring supplies/equipment to another
          UConn department, send the ACT 39 to
          Inventory Control (U-2184).
        • If transferring supplies/equipment to another
          State Agency, send the ACT 39 to
          Central Stores for our signature.
        • If you want Central Stores to move the
          equipment to another department or to another
          State Agency, submit an online Move Form.

                           Spring 2010                     23
     Central Stores / “Surplusing” Computers

        • Per federal and state statutes, all software and
          data in computers must be purged (destroyed)
          prior to sending to Surplus.
        • “Computers” include: servers, desktop computers,
          laptops, PDAs, and other “electronic storage
          devices”—such as tapes and blackberries.
        • Your Department’s responsibility:
          Make sure all data is removed BEFORE
Surplus   sending the computer to Surplus.
           – It is not the responsibility of Central Stores to
             remove the data from your department’s computers.
        • Central Stores has a “Data Wipe Utility” CD/Disk
          available to assist with this “electronic purge”
          requirement—CS item #: 78610005.

                            Spring 2010                          24
     Central Stores / “Surplusing” Computers

          • Besides the “electronic purge” requirement,
            a Certification of Data Inaccessibility
            must be submitted with the ACT 39.
          • Certification form available online. Print
            and complete it and attach to the ACT 39:
            Certification of Data Inaccessibility.
Surplus   • Both forms (ACT 39 and Certification) must
            be completed and submitted before Central
            Stores can move computers to surplus.

                          Spring 2010                25
     Central Stores / “Surplusing” Computers

        • If you are not able to purge (destroy) software and
          data in computers, Central Stores has degaussing
          service available.
        • Degaussing permanently destroys the electronic
          device—it can not be reused.
        • The Degauss form is available online. It must be
          signed by a Dean, Director, or Department Head:
          Degauss Form
        • Print and complete the form, wrap it around the
          electronic device, and bring it to Central Stores.

                           Spring 2010                         26
   Central Stores / Surplus Showrooms

Depot Campus                     Main Campus
• Location:                      • Location:
  Old Mail Services                Old Warehouse
  104 Walters Avenue               181 Auditorium Road
• Hours:                         • Hours:
  Tues & Thurs, 1-3 pm             Mon & Wed, 1-3 pm
• Surplus Available:             • Surplus Available:
  Electronics and                  Furnishings
  Some Furnishings

                       Spring 2010                  27
Central Stores / Obtaining Surplus Items

• Visit the two surplus locations to “tag” surplus
  items for your department.
• When you tag items for your department, there is
  no charge. Surplus is “FREE!”
                                     Office Furnishings
Computer PC Systems

                       Spring 2010                        28
Central Stores / Obtaining Surplus Items

• Surplus may be picked up or Central Stores
  will deliver by appointment.
• Average time for Central Stores to deliver
  “tagged” surplus: two to three weeks.
    File Cabinets                   CPU’s

                      Spring 2010              29
Central Stores / Public Surplus Store

• Open one Friday a month to general public and to
  all University employees and students.
• Depot Campus, Old Mail Services Building,
  6 Ahern Lane.
• All sales cash only.
• All sales final.

                      Spring 2010                    30
Central Stores / Public Surplus Store
• We hope to see you at the next store opening!
  Store Hours
• University employees may purchase items
  for personal use.
• See also: UConn Surplus Centers

                      Spring 2010                 31
   Central Stores / Vehicle Auctions

• Surplus vehicles are sold at auction.
• An auction is usually held once a year.
  (Info posted on Central Stores website when scheduled.)
• The Public Surplus Store is open the day of the auction.

            1995 Ford                  1996 Chevy

                         Spring 2010                     32
Central Stores / Services: Request Online!

  • Request many Central Stores services
    with online forms on our website:
  • We receive the online forms in our
    e-mail checked throughout the day.
  • Many services available at no charge.

                      Spring 2010            33
Central Stores / Services: Request Online

          • Department Moves
          • Pickup
          • Shredding
          • Table and Chair Rental
          • Poster Board Delivery
          • Storage
          • Shipping Supplies
          • Guide to All Online Forms:
            Visit Central Stores Forms
                     Spring 2010            34
Central Stores / Moves: Request Online

 • Request assistance to move an office or
   your entire department: Move Form
 • Request a move of items from one location
   to another location.
 • FRS account number required for billing.
 • Central Stores refers large moves to
   Nationwide, UConn’s contracted moving
   company vendor.
 • Relocation moves are handled through
   Purchasing. Visit the Purchasing website
   for more information.
                     Spring 2010              35
Central Stores / Pickup: Request Online

 • Request pickup, Pickup Form:
    – Packages ready/prepared for shipping
    – Recycling of printer and fax cartridges
    – Returns to vendor
    – Returns to Central Stores
 • Request by 4:30 pm for next day service.
 • Call the dock supervisor at 860-486-6297 for
   emergency same day service; shipping large or
   heavy items; and shipping hazardous materials.
 • No charge for this service.

                      Spring 2010                   36
Central Stores / Recycling Toner Cartridges

• Central Stores picks up printer and fax
  cartridges for proper recycling.
• Complete the online Pickup Form.
  No other paperwork!
• Insert used printer or fax cartridge inside
  the box. Write “recycle” on the box.
• No charge for this service.

                     Spring 2010              37
Central Stores / Shredding: Request Online

• Request pickup and shredding of CONFIDENTIAL
  University documents: Shredding Form
• Confidential documents for shredding must be boxed,
  sealed, and labeled with department name, phone,
  and contact person. Mark the box “shredding.”
• Please remove binder clips, 3-ring binders, and
  wirebound notebooks.
• No charge for this service.
• Please do NOT use this form for recycling documents
  that are not confidential. For recycling non-confidential
  documents, contact Facilities, 860-486-4575.
  Before you submit a shredding request, permission to destroy state
  records must be granted. Visit UConn Records Management Program
  for complete information.

                           Spring 2010                             38
Central Stores / Tables & Chairs: Request Online

   • Request tables and chairs for
     University conferences and seminars:
     Table & Chair Form
   • Request at least 10 working days
     before the event (if possible).
   • Requests honored on a first come,
     first served basis. Available weekdays
     8:30 am – 4 pm. No weekend service.
   • FRS account number required for billing.

                     Spring 2010                   39
Central Stores / Poster Boards: Request Online

  • Request poster board transport. A service
    for departments who rent poster boards
    from Physics: Poster Board Form
  • Central Stores provides transport only.
  • Questions about size and availability of
    boards: Contact Physics, 860-486-4915.
  • Request at least 10 working days before
    the event (if possible). Available weekdays
    8:30 am – 4 pm. No weekend service.
  • FRS account number required for billing.

                     Spring 2010                 40
Central Stores / Storage: Request Pickup Online

 • Request pick up of your items for storage
   and reserve space: Storage Pickup Form
 • Minimum requirement: 6 months storage.
 • Most common use: document storage.
 • Space available is heated, dry, and secure.
   Easy access to stored items on campus.
 • FRS account number required for billing.

                     Spring 2010                  41
Central Stores / Storage: Request Access Online

  • Request access to your items already
    stored with us: Storage Access Form
  • 24-hour notice required, but emergency
    access during normal business hours.
  • Central Stores pulls the palette down
    for your access.
  • We do not track what is contained in
    your palette.
  • Please keep inventory of your box
    numbers and documents.

                     Spring 2010                  42
Central Stores/Shipping Supplies: Request Online

  • Request several items available at no
    charge: Shipping Supplies Form
  • Blank air bills, letter and pak envelopes,
    and boxes for Federal Express, UPS,
    and Airborne/DHL.

                     Spring 2010                   43
Central Stores / Other Requests Online

 • Request latest printed copy of our products
   catalog. Condensed and Regular versions
   available: Catalog (Hard Copy) Form
 • Request that we carry a new product:
   Stock New Item Form
 • Voice a complaint about a product:
   Stock Item Complaint Form
 • Voice your questions and comments about
   our products/services or website:
   Comments & Questions Form
                     Spring 2010             44
Central Stores / Billing

  • Departments pay for Central Stores
    products and services via FRS.
  • The batch reference is CS0.
  • Central Stores product deliveries include
    packing lists (invoices).
  • Receipts for services billed by Central
    Stores (moves, table & chair rental, etc.)
    are mailed to departments.

                       Spring 2010               45
Central Stores / Contact Us!


  Wayne Landry, Manager                    860-486-3056
  Annemarie Ryan, Assistant                860-486-6301
  Janice Nash, Purchasing Assistant        860-486-3627
  - Inventory Purchases & Special Orders
  Kathie Hood, Office Assistant            860-486-3626
  - Customer Service & Online Ordering
  Cat Canfield, Office Assistant           860-486-6300
  - Billing

                      Spring 2010                   46
Central Stores / Contact Us!


  Steve Marrotte, Dock Supervisor          860-486-6297
  - Shipping & Receiving / Deliveries

  Storekeepers, Warehouse                  860-486-6294
  - Order Status & Inventory Information   or
  Joe Hollister and Jeff Ward,             860-486-3094
  Surplus Operation
   - Showrooms & Public Surplus Store

                        Spring 2010                       47

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