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					                                                                                                                             November 2010

                                                      District 46 Toastmasters

The 46 Insider
    Serving Metropolitan New York, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk
                                                                                                                     Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 3

                          Steve Chen, DTM
                          District Governor

                          Dear Fellow District 46 Insiders:
                                                               The Fall Conference

                              Earlier this month, we had a very successful 2010 District Fall Confer-
                              ence at the La Guardia Marriott Hotel, where hundreds of Toastmasters        District Governor, Steve Chen, DTM
                              and friends got together for a day of outstanding Toastmasters activi-       and Fall Conference Chair, Andrea King,
                              ties, including over sixty “fist-timers”!! Our fall conference chair Andrea
                                           King, ACB/ALB, her dream team, and LGET Penelope Boehm, DTM, all did a wonderful job
                                           of bringing the conference to us. We heard uplifting and inspiring keynotes from 2003 World
                                           Champion Of Public Speaking Jim Key and from our own newly minted Accredited Speaker
                                           Rochelle Rice, ACS. We also learned tips and ideas from several great workshops with topics
                                           such as “How to Deal With Criticism,” “Leap Beyond Your Limits,” “Speaking with Imagina-
                                           tion,” and “How to Look Like a Leader.” Additionally, seven author-members shared their
                                           wisdom and secrets on writing and publishing your books. The most exciting events for me
                                           were the speech contests, and, in my opinion, we have the most humorous speakers in the world.
District Governor, Steve Chen, DTM         Congratulations to 2010 District Humorous Speech Champion Chukwude Anekwe of the
and District Public Relations Officer,     Neuberger Berman TMs and 2010 District Table Topics Champion Gregg Rappaport of Queens
Linda Calderon, CC
                                           Best Toastmasters. Great job!!

                                                       Participate in Coming Speech Contests

Would it surprise you to know that we have more speech contests just around the corner? In a few weeks, every club in our district
will be gearing up for another round of speech contests: the International Speech contest and the Speech Evaluation contest. I know
many of you are already visualizing winning your club International Speech contest, then moving on to the area, division, district,
region, and finally the world championship-- and be crowned as the 2011 World Champion of Public Speaking!! Yes, you can do it;
Believe it! The dream starts at your club in December or January. Please sign up and prepare a winning speech for the contest!! The
Evaluation contest, on the other hand, does not require a prepared speech, so there is no reason why you can’t participate. Please do
it, and you will Achieve It!
                                                            Pat is Coming!!

                            While we are celebrating the coming Holidays Season, our 2011 District Spring Con-
                            ference Chair Sal Oppedisano, CC, will be working hard with his dream team preparing
                            a great spring conference for us and to showcase our district to the visiting Toastmas-
                            ters International President, Pat Johnson. Pat is coming to our district for a few days in
                            late April and will be attending our spring conference. Please mark your calendar now,
                            and make every effort to be at the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY (just before the
                            Tappan Zee Bridge) on April 30 to welcome her in person! Please also volunteer to be
a part of the conference dream team. We need you!!

                               Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Toastmasters!
                                                          Believe it, Achieve it!

                         Raisa Serebrenik, DTM
                         Lt. Governor Marketing

                         Dear Members,
                         I would like to thank you for your fine effort in helping your club in achieving your club’s membership
                         goals. It’s my pleasure to congratulate Smedley Awards Winners and District 46 Early Membership
                         Challenge Recipients. It takes a lot of dedicated work to accomplish those 2 awards and it is important to
                         recognize your hard work. Listed below are those clubs who achieved these awards. I am looking forward
                         to seeing many other clubs being recognized for achieving 2011 marketing awards.

One of my primary goals is bring new clubs into District 46 family and to support clubs that are struggling to keep their club
membership up to the recommended strength of 20 members. I encourage you to get involved and help our District to be success-
ful! If you have a lead for a new club location, want to help start a club, mentor a new club, or coach a club back to success, please
contact me at Remember that serving as a Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach is one of the requirements for the
Advanced Leader Silver award on the path to Distinguished Toastmaster, plus it can be a very gratifying experience!

A great majority of the benefits are outside of your club meeting. Let’s make it a goal this year to attend at least two events outside
of your club meeting. Become a Travelin’ Toastmaster and visit a low-membership club in our District. Your speech given there
can motivate guests to join that club. By taking a role during the meeting at a low-membership club you can make that meeting en-
ergized and enjoyable for everyone there. You will be amazed at what you can do by just helping another club to become a success-
ful club. Please remember, if you visit any 5 clubs you will be recognized as a Travelin’ Toastmaster and be awarded with a great
looking D46 Travelin’ Mug and 3 D46 Lapel Pins. There is a lot of fun out there. Let’s make sure we have some of that fun.

Members, members everywhere and what’s in it for Me! Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I have friends who could benefit
from Toastmasters as I do?” We’ve all asked ourselves that question, but how many times have we extended the benefits of Toast-
masters to our friends? This year, take the time to invite your friends to join Toastmasters. Not only will you have the satisfaction
of knowing that they’re benefiting from the Toastmasters program, you’ll also receive the following recognition for yourself and
your club:

                                         Toastmasters International Membership contest:

Annual Membership Program (July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011)
Acknowledges individuals who sponsor new members during the Toastmasters year. Be sure that your name and home club number
appear on the new member’s application. If you sponsor 5 or 10 new members, you’ll receive a special pin. If you sponsor 15 new
members, you’ll receive a special discount code for 25% off your next product purchase from Toastmasters International World

Talk up Toastmasters! Award (February 1, 2011 - March 31, 2011)
Similar to the Smedley Award, this award recognizes clubs that add 5+ members during February and March with a club banner
ribbon and a special discount code for 10% off the next club order from Toastmasters International. To qualify for this award, TI
must received dues for new members no later than March 31.

Be sure to check for other exciting District 46 membership programs throughout the year! And remember,
your friends can’t benefit from Toastmasters until you extend them an invitation to join.

                          District 46 Early Membership Renewals Challenge
                                        District 46 Champions
           Category (C): Membership above 19 and achieved +6 members gain on Sep. 30, 2010

                                                  Club #2286 Traffic Club
                                            Club # 5446 Talk Of The Towers Club
                                             Club # 1267403 Pride Toastmasters
                                                Club # 6357 F. R. O. G. Club

                                                       Believe it, Achieve it!

          Travelin’ Toastmasters Honor Roll

Tushar Deshpande • Janet Hawkins • Karen Hutton • Phara Policar • Jonathan Yu

       Where have you been Travelin’ to?

                                    Tony Figueroa, Past District 46 Governor and
                                    current District Treasurer, takes his Travelin’
                                    Toastmasters roll to another level, as he enjoys his
                                    Toastmasters magazine while whale watching off
                                    the coast of Donsol, Sorsogon, Phillippines

                                                            (Source: Toastmasters International)

                      Believe it, Achieve it!

                          Penelope Boehm, DTM
                          Lt., Governor of Education and Training

                                                                 Officer Training

                          It seems like only a week ago that 80% of our club officers were attending Toastmaster Leadership Insti-
                          tutes in the summer, and fulfilling the first half of their officer training requirement. Now it’s time for the
                          second round. All 7 officers are expected to attend winter training.
                          Why go twice a year? The two trainings are very different. In the summer we try to orient you to the nuts
                          and bolts of your job – what your goals are, how to find your way around the websites, how to interact with
                          your fellow officers.

Now, however, you’re old pros! You’ve been on the job for five or six months, and you have
experience in the day to day business of running your club. You have discovered things that
aren’t working well, and you have had some moments of great pride. Together we’ll explore
those, and exchange information with your fellow officers.

With the year half over, it’s time to reassess where you are on the path to helping your mem-
bers, and to achieving Distinguished Club status.
There are three modes of training: Full Toastmaster Leadership Institutes, Lunch & Learns, and Teleconferences. All three will
include roundtable discussions among the officers by position, and some basic “Now for the Fine Print” information. But the Toast-
master Leadership Institutes will also provide extra sessions and continuing education options. Super Saturday (December 11) will
feature our visiting Regional Advisor Marketing, Heather Perkins, from Toastmasters International. This is a newly appointed posi-
tion and we are fortunate to have Heather for our Region. She is an experienced and knowledgeable Toastmasters. In addition, Phil
Kirschner will repeat his very popular PowerPoint workshop, Presentation Zen. You are invited to a pre-session brown bag lunch
with various district officers.
Lunch & Learns and teleconferences will be held during the three months of training.

Toward the end of January, World Champion of Public Speaking Lance Miller will join us to give workshops
during the TLI’s in four different Divisions of our District “How to Run a Toastmasters Club” – an extension of
his popular DVD “How to Build a Championship Club”. You can attend more than one training session, and I
urge you also to invite your club members who are considering taking on an officer position next year – it will
give them a chance to explore the role.
Registration information and dates are at
                                                                 Congratulations to all our Toastmaster members who
 Educational                                                     achieved one or more educational and leadership awards
        Achievements                                             so far! Here is a list of those individuals who achieved
                                                                 awards from October 1 to October 31, 2010
                       Club                                          Name
                       730 Toastmasters                              Lawrence, Lois             CC
                       Banking Regulators Association Toastmasters   Bhagratte, Tamesh          CC
                       Bronx Toastmasters Club                       Desimone, Anthony S.       CC
                       Brooklyn’s Best Toastmasters Club             Dror, Susan                CL
                       Bryant Park Toastmasters Club                 Herfkens, Annette H.       CC
                       Co-op City Toastmasters Club                  Smith, Lorna               CL
                       DTCC Toastmasters Club                        Abramson, Mitchell L.      ACB
                       Huntington Club                               Rousseau, Melisa Chioma    CC
                       New York Toastmasters Club                    Permyakoff, Serge          CC
                                                                     Rajagopalan, Vidya         ACB
                       Northern Brookhaven Club                      Syperski, Ingrid           CC
                       Pacers Toastmasters Club                      Moore, Matthew             CL
                       Pfree Speech Toastmasters Club                Lazo, Antonio              CC
                       Pride Toastmasters                            Blagrove, Dale A.          CC
                       Sounds of the Forest TM                       Cooke, Charmaine D.        CL
                       Swiss Toast Club                              Bauer, Bruno               CL
                       The Amazings                                  Church, Mary Therese       CC
                       The New Voice                                 Fadeyeva, Irina V.         ALS
                       TIC Toastmasters                              Paladine, Heather          CC
                       True Potential Toastmasters Club              Sankar-Deonarine, Vashti   ACS
                       United We Stand Toastmasters                  Jones, Debra               LDREXC, ALS, DTM
                                                                     Jones, Dianne              ACG
                       West Side Talkers                             Kotkin, Eric Todd          CC

                                                          Believe it, Achieve it!

District News:
                                 Fall Conference 2010 Highlights

All photos graciously provided
by Sandi Henson, Member of S&P
Effective Communicators

                                      Believe it, Achieve it!

                                                     Conference Chair Andrea King, ACB/ALB, wel-
                                                     comes the almost 200 attendees who attended The
                                                     District 46 Fall Conference held on November 13,
                                                     2010 at the Laguardia Marriott Hotel in East

                                                      District Governor, Steve Chen, DTM, introduces
                                                      Immediate Past District Governor, Mary Neff,
                                                      DTM, who then presents the 2009-2010 Awards

        Area Governor of the Year:                                       Division Governor of the Year:
      Cassandra DeLaMothe, ACS/ALB                                           Lise Minovitz, ACG/CL
                                              Toastmasters of the Year

         Michael Schaefer, ACS/CL                                            Brian Cohen, DTM

All photos by Sandi Henson, S&P Effective Communicators

                                            Believe it, Achieve it!

Toastmaster clubs across all of District 46 participated
in the Parade of Banners, where members of each club
announced their club and proudly walked their banner
into the conference hall. Banners where then hung on
the wall inside the hall, for display through-out the day.

                                                          Conference attendees took part in various educational
                                                          workshops such as: “Criticism: The powerful Link
                                                          from Believing to Achieving,” by Dr. Deborah Bright;
                                                          “Leap beyond Your Limits: How to Command and
                                                          Rule Your Own Future,” by Chris Curran; “Look Like
                                                          a Leader: From Invisible to Invincible with the im-
                                                          age 360,” by Pamela Judd; and “Instant Authenticity:
                                                          Speaking from the Gut and the Imagination,” by Jay

                                                                      Photos provided
                                                                      by Sandi Henson, S&P Effective Communicators

                                           Believe it, Achieve it!

 Key Note Addresses                                      The Book Inside You:
                                                           Meet our Toastmasters Authors

                                                                           Fall conference attendees had
                                                                           the opportunity to meet and greet
                                                                           some of District 46’s most ac-
                                                                           complished authors. Interviewed
                                                                           by motivational and radio host,
                                                                           Ricky Young, CC; Stacey J.S.
                                                                           Haggerty, ACS/CLB, Theodore
  Jim Key, 2003 WCPS, presents:                                            Henderson, DTM, Tom Cutro-
  “Hitting the Mark: The Quest for                                         fello, Charnette Lewis, DTM, Et-
  Excellence”                                                              tie Shapiro, CC/ALB, and Karol
                                                                           Ward, CTM, all participated in
                                                 an authors panel, where they gave guests an inside view of
                                                 becoming an author, and spoke about the challenges and
                                                 rewards that come with it.

Rochelle Rice, ACS and Accredited
Speaker, presents: Believe in The Wis-
dom of Your Body”

                                  Contest Winners!

      Humorous Speech Contest - left to right:                 Table Topics Contest - left to right:
          2nd - Charilaos Aneziris, DTM                          2nd - Eloise Johnny, CC/ALB
             1st - Chukwude Anekwe                                   1st - Gregg Rappaport
                3rd - Howard Katz                                 3rd - Stanley Hunter, CTM
                                                              Photos provided
                                                              by Sandi Henson and Brad Shilling, DTM/PDG

                                         Believe it, Achieve it!

  Division/Area News:
  Division F: This month we are full of surprises...                                                                October
                                              By: Division F Governor: Brian Cohen, DTM
                                                                                                                Area Governor’s
 Jennifer Chan, Jimmy Chin and soon to be our
newest member Helen Chin, yes there is a relation
                                                         What else? I am so glad you asked.
                                                                                                                 of the Month
this time, have been developing a new club in Nas-       Rochelle Rice, our newly accredited speaker, Fall
sau County. The Chinese Cultural Center of Long          2010 conference presenter, one heck of a nice per-
Island is destined to be an outstanding new edition      son and I have been invited to share our thoughts
to the close to 30 clubs that are based in Division F.   on Toastmasters. On Wednesday, Nov 24th 6-7pm
                                                         she and I will be on Tim Healy’s – Profit Express
Here is what happened at one meeting;                    radio show. This will be a one hour interview about
“This young man is the son of one of the members         the benefits of being a Toastmaster. Not to worry
of CCLI. His sister, Grace, who came to the first        if you missed it. We will have a tape that will be
meeting wrote this speech and translated it into         posted. If it is good you will hear all about it. If
Mandarin. Jack, age 10 gave this speech to an audi-      it is bad, we can use it as a target speech to start
ence of over one thousand. At last night’s Toast-        preparing for the Spring 2011 Evaluation Contest.        Tushar Deshpande, DTM
master meeting, Jack gave his campaign speech.
He is running for secretary in his school. The kid       Lastly, where oh where is our
is off the charts. What confidence. What charism,”       Toastmasters Banner going? Our Travelling Toast-
said Fern Rashkover. Fern was so excited she             masters idea is going international.
finished with this comment, “I am hoping to do a
youth leadership here. With him and others, what a       I have used all my space. Stay tuned for Division F
joy that will be.”                                       as we travel the globe.

Who was your surprise inspiration?                       Congratulations to Dr. Gloria Nixon
                                                         Pone and Keith Godwin for representing Division
                                                         F at the contests.                                        Annaliza Martinez, CC

     Club News:
                                        True Potential Captures the Gavel!
                                                                                               By: Jay Pressman
   I had arranged for my club True Potential to Capture the Travel-                For my speech everyone
   ing Gavel. You need 3 people to visit another club and capture                  had a champagne glass
   the Gavel. As soon as I confirmed that we would have at least 3                 filled with Apple juice. I
   members from my club that would be willing go to Douglas Elli-                  talked about what a special
   man toastmasters, I called Tom Panas at Douglas Elliman Toast-                  person Ralph Smedley was.
   masters whose club had the Traveling Gavel. Tom had emailed                     I also explained Why and
   me that he had 3 roles that my club members could participate in                How he was able to create
   - Wordmaster, Evaluator, and Speaker.                                           Toastmasters International.
                                                                                   I used one of his quotes
   Len Lubarsky was the Wordmaster; Steve Chen was the Evalua-                     “We learn best in moment
   tor and I was the speaker for the night. The other 2 members of                 of Enjoyment” which what was happening that night because of
   my club James Du and Vashti Sankar participated in Table Topics                 the Traveling Gavel. At the very end I asked everyone to raise
                                                                                   his glasses and drink the legacy of Ralph Smedley.
   I decided for my speech that I would do the “Mastering the
   Toast” project from the “Special Occasions” manual. Since it                    It was just a fun night sharing a non alcoholic drink among
   was a special occasion, I thought I would be a little creative. I               Truepotential, Douglas Elliman and the guests. Toward the end
   brought in plastic cups and then fill them up with apple juice. I               of the meeting it was time to capture the gavel. There was some
                                            decided to Toast a very                joking by Douglas Elliman President Tom Panas that he didn’t
                                            special person from Toast-             know where the gavel to protest that he didn’t want to give up the
                                            masters – Toastmasters                 gavel. Tom did eventually relinquish the gavel and True Poten-
                                            International founder –                tial did successfully capture the Traveling Gavel that night.
                                            Ralph C. Smedley.

                                                                 Believe it, Achieve it!

                       2010- 2011 District 46 Officers:
                                          District Governor: Steve Chen, DTM
                              Lt. Governor Education & Training: Penelope Boehm, DTM
                                    Lt. Governor Marketing: Raisa Serebrenik, DTM
                               Immediate Past District Governor: Mary Neff, DTM/PDG

                                 District Public Relations Officer: Linda Calderon, CC
                                        District Secretary: Sara Adair, ACG/ALB
                                     District Treasurer: Tony Figueroa, DTM/PDG
                                      District Sergeant at Arms: Derek Chen, CC

Division A Governor: Melissa Shumer, ACB/ALB                       Division D Governor: Carol Brooks, CC/ALB
Area 11 Governor: Jeannette Steadman, ACS/ALB                      Area 41 Governor: Diane Parker, CC
Area 12 Governor: Bruce Segall, ACB/CL                             Area 42 Governor: Annaliza Martinez, CC
Area 13 Governor: Dianne Jones, ACS/CL                             Area 43 Governor: Kedeesha Simpson, ACB
Area 14 Governor: Karen Phelps, ACB/ALB                            Area 44 Governor: John Schaffer, ACB
Area 15 Governor: Diane Miller, ACB, CL                            Area 45 Governor: Andy Lewis, ACG/CL
                                                                   Area 46 Governor: Sergiy Mizevych

Division B Governor: Neeja Purang, ACS, CL                         Division E Governor: Kazuo Noguchi, ACB/CL
Area 21 Governor: Michael Matsas, CC/CL                            Area 51 Governor: Gabrielle Pierre, CTM
Area 22 Governor: Abhoy Sircar, ACG/CL                             Area 52 Governor: Lori Merriam, CC
Area 23 Governor: Karthik Paladugu, CC/CL                          Area 53 Governor: Tushar Deshpande, DTM
Area 24 Governor: Francois-Xavior Charpentier, CC                  Area 54 Governor: Raoul Yacinthe, CC
Area 25 Governor: Camille Dyer, ACG/ALB                            Area 55 Governor: Vashti Sankar-Deonarine, ACB/ALB
Area 26 Governor: Steven Forney, ACB

Division C Governor: Jacqueline Keggins Shaulis, DTM               Division F Governor: Brian Cohen, DTM
Area 31 Governor: Bill Colihan, CC/ALB                             Area 61 Governor: Ken Beiner, CC
Area 32 Governor: Michelle Edery, ACB/ALB                          Area 62 Governor: Shelley Schubach, CC
Area 33 Governor: Todd McKinney, ACS/ALB                           Area 63 Governor: Dhamana Shakespeare-Turner, ACB/ALB
Area 34 Governor: Jennifer Chan, ACB/ALB                           Area 64 Governor: Margaret Marshall, CC
Area 35 Governor: Robert Goodman, ACB                              Area 65 Governor: Rosemarie Bruno, CC/CL

      2010- 2011 District 46 Committee Chairs:

Club Success Chair.: Amelia L. Abad, DTM/PDG
District Marketing Advisor: Mark LaVergne, DTM/PID
District Education Administer: Glenice Bond, DTM
Fall Conference Chair.: Andrea King, ACB/ALB
Spring Conference Chair.: Salvatore Oppedisano, CC
Toastmasters Leadership Institute Dean: Lois Lawrence
Club Extension Chair.: Cassandra DeLaMothe, ACS/ALB                                             Publisher:
                                                                                            Steve Chen, DTM
Club Retention Chair.: Lorraine Treadwell, DTM
                                                                                           District 46 Governor
Membership Retention Chair.: Letitea Archer, DTM                               
District Chief Judge: Heike Estey, DTM
District Technical Advisor: Michael Trollan, ACS/CL                                                 Editor:
Senior Webmaster: Michael Friedlander, ACS/ALB                                                 Linda Calderon
Webmaster: Derek Chen, CC                                                                     District 46 P.R.O.
Fall Conference Education Chair.: Michiko Kuroda, ATMG/CL
Fall Conference Registration Chair.: Gabrielle Pierre, CTM

                                                    Believe it, Achieve it!

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