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									                             Advertisement assignment: -

   1. TVS Scooty pep plus: -

       Tag Line: - Ek Kaadam aage, One step ahead


The setup of the advertisement is shot in a small town, where a young middle class girl who
is confident and independent, has become a doctor, and her parents are very happy and proud
of that. The TVC scooty pep plus has become an important and an integral part of Manisha
Lamba’s life, who plays the young, confident and independent girl. She is shown taking good
care of her TVS Scooty pep plus. And tells her sister, that it’s a huge relief for her that she
now has a scooty. The advantages which she holds now are that she can go for tuitions
together with her sister. She doesn’t need to use the crowded bus. Both the siblings on the
TVS scooty pep plus even discussed that how they would have been sitting at home and had
got married at the age of 22. Their lives wouldn’t have been full of fun happiness and
different without TVS scooty pep plus. The tagline one step ahead, suggests that how TVS
scooty pep plus is ahead compared to other non geared bikes, in terms of the women two
wheeler market share.
   2. Dabur Vatika :-

     Slogan: - Dabur – Celebrate life.

      Tag line: - Dandruff hataye pyaar se.

      (Print advertisement)

The print ad of the new Dabur Vatika shampoo has Prietty zinta has their new brand
       ambassador. The main copy of the advertisement reads as Non- Violence now comes
       in a bottle. There are few statistics, which are given about the product, in the women
       category of usage of dandruff control shampoo. Pictures of natural elements have
       also been displayed, which gives information about the ingredient of the product,
       which eventually, make the consumer aware of the new kind of substance used in the
       product, which diffrencites from the other products. The Dabur Vatika shampoo bottle
       is also displayed, with a slice of lemon besides, indicating that the lemon is the
       prominent ingredient in the shampoo product. The ad also displays the other variant
       type of shampoo bottle available in the market, to create awareness among consumers.
       The tagline of this brand, suggests that the shampoo’s herbal ingredients and doesn’t
       harm or damages the hair with toxic chemicals but it allows the dandruff to get
       washed off in a gentle way.
3. Kaya Skin Clinic: -

Slogan: - let your skin talk

Agency: - Rediffussion Y & R, India


The television commercial of kaya skin clinic starts off with two young beautiful girls
walking, when one of the girls gets a message from a boy called Rohan, for a dinner date.
The girl who receives the message is thankful that she had got a facial done the previous day.
But her friend tells her that never knows how long the glow and the charmnesss in the face
would last. The 1st girl is left in a dilemma. She is finding out ways, of how to look piety. The
ad dissolves into the next frame where, she is been seen with a dermatologist, who is giving
her facial tips and advice. The girl applies the Kaya skin clinic facial and her skin become
flawless and Rohan is extremely impressed and mesmerised by her face skin texture, softness
and glow. The slogan of Kaya Skin clinic talks about the skin tone, texture, glow and quality.
Since the brand is of a cosmetic category relating to skin, the slogan says that your skin has to
say it all about your personality.
4. Dominos pizza:

Slogan: - Khusion ki home delivery

Tagline: Ab khushi jam ke basegi

Agency: - Contract advertising


The advertisement starts off with a Dominos pizza home delivery person walk down a street
with a box of Dominos cheese burst Pizza, choco lava cake and a bottle of beverage, almost
everyone on the street is watching him go inside a building for a home delivery. There is a
small iconic type of signal on the bottom left side, which reads as 30 mins for delivery. As
soon as the customer takes the pizza box, she goes into her balcony in puts in the first slice of
the cheese burst pizza in her mouth, everyone below the building is early seeing her it the
pizza, as she starts eating it, drops of the delicious cheese start dripping from the pizza and
start falling down, everyone who were starring at the pizza, want to a taste and a bite of the
delicious dripping chesse, they all are seen running and jumping to have the cheese. When
the customer starts eating the choc lava cake, the small droplets of hot liquid chocolate is also
wanted by all the people eagerly waiting below the building. Towards the end when the
Domino’s home delivery personnel walks out of the building, to his surprise he sees that
everyone on the street are enjoying the cheese burst and chcoc lava cake liquid.

The message given in this TVC regarding the brand’s new variant is clear and innovatively
done, specifying the usp of the new type of pizza, which is the extra cheese, burst beneath on
the pizza dough and the choco lava cake’s hot liquid chocolate, which was the highlight in
the TVC.

The tagline of dominos is apt as per the advertisement. The TVC shows as if it is raining of
hot liquid chocolate and cheese, and the people are also seen enjoying themselves.

The Slogan for Dominos’ says khushion ki home delivery, this suggest that the 30 mins
home delivery service provided by Domino’s gives its customers the pleasure and happiness
for the pizza, in terms of its taste, time and free home delivery.

Dominos Pizza

Tagline: - let temptation overflow:

Print advertisement:
The print ad displays two products of dominos. On the right hand side it has given
information about its new pizza i.e. the cheese burst pizza and on the left hand side there is
information about the new chcoc lava cake is given in advertisement. Both of these products
are new introduction variant in the market by Dominos. As both of them are food products,
details about the ingredients are specified. Even the Veg symbol on the left and right corner
is clearly visible, informing the customer about the veg and non factor of the product. The art
work and creative used the print ad for both the products are impressive which will tempt any
pizza and cake lover to order the product, once they see it. It’s a typical Dominos ad, where
we will see a small offer written below both the products. Even the 50% off and Rs. 40 for
the chcoc lava cake suggests that it is a typical Domino’s ad, where they try to specify the
pricing details to their customers. The copy in the ad is not at all cluttered. All the copy can
be read easily. With the message clearly lay down. The White and brown liquid dropping
effect on the top, is well differentiated, giving the ad a different feel of a bleed ad.

The tagline suits the print advertisement creative perfectly.
5. Ayur herbal cold cream: -

Slogan: - Natural herbals

Production house: - matchbox

TVC : -

The setup and the location of Ayer Herbal cold cream TVC is done in cold place, where need
to apply cold cream is essential for the skin. The TVC starts off with a small boy making a
craft piece of a Christmas tree. He runs out of clue, he looks here and there, and sights a
young women walking down the street, he runs towards her, touches her cheeks with his
fingers and sticks his Christmas tree on the paper. In the second scene, the model goes to a
florist, she gives him a bunch of flowers, and he struggles to lift up a gelatine paper, he also
touches her cheeks and conviently picks up the gelatine paper, wraps the bunch of flowers
and gives it to the young women, she seems slightly embarrassed for knowing that her skin is
oily. She later sits on a bench in a park. Besides her there is an old woman who is reading a
novel, she struggles to turn one of the pages. She happens to see these young women besides
her. She touches her cheeks and turns the page of the novel. The young women is further
embarrassed. The she looks at herself in the pond, and starts touching her cheeks. Later she is
seen applying ayur herbal cold cream. There is a Voice over which talks about the brand. In
the next scene she is seen skiing in confidence in the snow. Even the snow man in the snow,
touches her cheeks this time and doesn’t find her cheeks to be oily. The message given to the
consumers about the product is given in a very creative way and it’s loud and clear that the
product is meant for winter. The scenes shown about oiliness are very creatively done.
6. Matrix cellular Overseas:

Slogan: -The smarter way to stay connected

Tagline: - Because you’re hard earned money is not wastepaper, do you matrix when

Print advertisement:-

The print advertisement for Matrix overseas has a very intellectual copy, which make you
think, of using the right kind of cellular sim card in different countries. The overall copy talks
about the saving money and economising one’s international cellular mobile bill. The ad
makes a comparison between the international cell phone bills paid by the company and the
international cell phone bills paid by an individual who runs his own company. The print
advertisement induces the readers to and customers to sue Matrix international sim card by
specifying the saving benefits. The headline copy of the print advertisement of Matrix
highlights the fact that the service provides local sim cards in 29 countries. This goes to show
how diversified the brand is, in different countries across the globe. This particular headline
copy has been put up smartly, suggesting to readers that matrix is well established brand. The
art work of an open dust bin given on the right hand side goes well with the copy stated in the
advertisement. It signifies the hard eared money simply thrown away due to expensive
international cellular bill. Information about the company and brands enquires telephone
numbers have also been mentioned in the ad, which again suggest that the company is open
and willingly to provide support to its customers, who have queries about the company.
Towards the leg end of the advertisement, specific country for local sim cards have been
mentioned, in order for the customer to get a better idea, to which all countries is matrix
catering to. This is one kind of awareness. The message of the brand given via the print
advertisement is extremely clear, with a copy to make the reader think about their
international cellular bill. The Tagline of the matrix ad asks a question to all the customers
and readers. This kind of an interrogative tagline is unique and different which is less visible
in other brand’s tagline.

Matrix cellular Overseas

Slogan: -The smarter way to stay connected


The TVS of matrix cellular starts off with a corporate man, enjoying a boat ride in Venice. H
e seems to have a gala time, as he seems to be on a vacation and has ample world in time. He
gets a call from one of the sales girl of the bank credit card companies seeking information
about his credit card. The corporate man says that his credit card is lost, the entire viewers
can customers can make out that he is lying. He further goes on asking her, instead of being
the other way round, that how many branches do they have all over the globe. He later
happens to ask that if they have a branch in Venice. He starts talking unusual things, such as
tearing of the credit card, which in normal circumstances no one would talk in such a way.
He puts an Italian accent and talks about the credit card being imported. When the sales girl
asks him to hold, he doesn’t even mind doing that. When he is on hold, he says company ka
maal, dariya main daal. Throw the company material in water. He starts singing with joy and
greets the other travellers. It’s very clear that he is not at all worried about the roaming
incoming call charge, which he is going to be charged. The Voice over says that when people
from your company travel abroad, they insist on matrix sim card, so that they don’t go on and
on wasting company money. The sales girl, finally has to give up and tell her customer that
her talk time is getting over, He gets anoid and says, why do the credit card company sales
people don’t talk much. The advertisement gives a clear message, by stating that matrix
cellular sim card provide free incoming international roaming. The customers who uses this
service is very much happy for the matter of fact that they don’t have to worry about talking
within a limited time span.

7. Today Vaginal contraceptive:-

Company: Bliss

Tagline: - Selected by him. Decided by me

Print advertisement:-

As women’s right, goes through a historic change in India, there are still something’s that
women, shy away from. Use of contraceptive is one such thing.

While some women completely, shy away. There are some who opt for side effects. Like
nausea, weight gain and mood changes.

The print ad of Today Virginal Contraceptive introduces, educates and illustrates the benefits
of this contraceptive over others. To the right hand side of the ad, is a confident looking
woman, holding up a packet of the contraceptive. Major portion of this ad, constitutes of the
copy, that informs about the benefits, that women will reap, if they use this.

Hence, it simply states that women can now celebrate her freedom and be free from any side
effect. As the tagline goes, it is selected by him, but it is the women’s say, as she is the one,
who decides it.
8. Mango Slice: -

Slogan: - Slice – Pure mango Pleasure

Tagline: - Amsutra

TVC: -

There couldn’t be any better way of showcasing the intense craving and mesmerisation of the
juice made from the kings of all fruits. You guessed it right!! It’s the mango slice.

The Mango slice- pure mango pleasure ad campaign has yet again hit the right chord among
the viewers. As the season for mangoes come closer, the Mango slice ad campaign gets more
intensified. And who else could perfectly justify the mango slice ad, other than Miss Katrina
kaif. As a viewer my eyes are just stuck on her, rather than on the product.

Pepsi co. Has done the wisest things of selecting on the the leading, beautiful gorgeous and
hot ladies of the hindi film industry. What this does that, the viewer, automatically gets
induced to buy the product what she is endorsing.

The TVC starts off, With Katrina kaif and another male model, seated on a boat, under
twilight, in between a deforested jungle. The entire mood which is created from the starting is
very seducing, by the kind of background sound, lighting effect, location and the looks of
Katrina kaif. Both the male model and Katrina kaif are shown playing a game, but the game
out here is little different, than what is anticipated by the viewer initially. They are playing a
game where they need to keep staring into each other’s eyes and who ever winks first will
lose the game. The ravishing Katrina kaif, tries seducing the male model, who is seated on
the opposite end. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get affected. She continues the game. Slowly the
male model opens the mango slice bottle, which is having in his hand. As he is opening the
cap of the bottle, the flirtatious Katrina kaif’s sparkling eyes are glued on the bottle. The male
model opens the bottle, gets up from his place, gets closer to Katrina and gently pours a drop
of mango slice in her mouth. The effect, of the drop which is shown visually, actually makes
you as a viewer open your mouth. The big close up shot of the mango slice drop falling on
Katrina’s lustrous lips is simply bliss to your eyes. There simply can’t be a better visual in the
entire ad. She smoothly sucks in the mango slice drop and closes her eyes, in deep
satisfaction of her craving for the product. She gets in a slight trance in relishing the product,
where no other world for exists. The Voice over which says khud ko rok na pavoge slice ke
rasmila main kho jane se. And the backfround sound, which played rasila. The message given
by this advertisement is given in a very seductive way, which may or may not be appreciated
by all. The Message was although clear that, you simply can’t resist the juice of mango; ready
to enter your mouth.

The tagline of the advertisement Amsutra is very creatively thought off, with relevance of the
9. Manikchand:

Slogan: - Unche log, unchi pasand


The setup of this TVC is done in foreign location. Where we see one of the famous television
celebrity, called Hussain, telling a nigro about the manikchand guttka, the nigro then spreads
the word to the third person, so on so forth. It’s basically a viral advertisement which they are
trying to showcase. After majority of the people have got the message about the manikchand
gutkha, they all assemble at one place. Hussain, throws all the gutkha packets among the
people who have assembled, they all are seen early waiting to get their gutkha packets. Once
they get their packet, they are shown to be happy. Hussain, himself eats the Manikchand
gutkha and is seen extremely happy.

The message from this eniter TVC is is vauge and not clears enough, for the viwers to get
induced or the change their thinking habits about gutkha.

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