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					West Los Angeles Dental Hygiene

   Shenandoah Elementary
      School Proposal
Maria Padilla
Luis Moreno (Team collaborators)
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I.     This proposal addresses the recognition of oral health care needs of school age
       children and parents and school educators. Dental hygienists have extensive
       knowledge and skills that are aquired in clinic to implement dental programs in
       school type facilities: Hence the main reason for of this proposal to instill the
       education and information to families and school educators that are unaware of the
       importance of good oral hygiene.

II.    Organization history:

       West Los Angeles College Dental hygiene is a program that has been established for
       over 20 years. During that time our dental hygiene students have provided services
       for children in underserved areas of Los Angeles and regularly recive free dental care
       and Pit and fissure sealants from the students of WLAC. This outreach program that
       is done by our students is one of the few out of many services that we provide free
       for the community. In addition our program has recently garnered honors from the
       Los Angeles Community College District selected as the diestrict’s best workforce
       development program.

III.   Background and analysis of the problem to be addressed:

       According to the CDC, Dental caries is the most chronic disease of children age 6 to
       11 and adolenscents aged 12 to 19 yrs. Among adolescents around the age of 14-17
       tooth decay is four times more common than asthma.
       For those families that have Medicaid, studies have indicated 1 in 3 children
       received at least one preventive dental service in the past year. And in some cases
       Medicaid only provides emergency dental services only.

IV.    Propsed Goal, objectives, target population and implementation plan.

       The students of Dental Hygiene at West Los Angeles College are proposing to do an
       after-class presentation at your school that includes oral screening (optional) and
       oral hygiene instructions for children 6-12 years old. Hygiene students will use
       didactic techniques and materials, such as posters and hands-on demonstration with
       puppets. If parents are invited to the event, a power point presentation will be
       included that addresses fluoride use and consumption, dietary counseling and oral
       hygiene for toddlers.
     This kind of event has proved to be successful in creating public awareness and
     establishing a positive rapport between the public and dental professionals. The
     benefits of this event will be clear and measurable, as young children learn to trust
     dentists and dental hygienists at first contact, as well as being assessed for possible
     caries or oral pathologies present at site.
     Dental hygiene students will present a skit that addresses a young child’s first time
     visit to a dental office, show a poster that compares and contrasts between healthy
     and non healthy food choices, healthy and unhealthy teeth. Our students will do
     one-on-one brushing and flossing demonstrations with each of the children and
     parents. If oral screenig is fesible, it will be done after the presentation. Information
     will be provided to assist parents and children to seek out the care that they need.

V.   Conclusion:
     Dental care is quite often not a priority to many families and there is a lot of
     misconception on the importance of maintaining primary teeth and good oral
     hygiene. It is with great pleasure that our students provide this information to the
     instilled and provide a better quality of life for their families.

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