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					Syllabus Template – a Word2003 document

        A syllabus template has been approved by         There is a syllabus template for each campus, plus
        the Academic Standards Commission,               a more generic syllabus that can be used if you
        Deans, and Executive Vice President of           teach at more than one campus (i.e. ICN class, etc.)
        Instruction and is available for all DMACC
        faculty to use in their classes.

                                    Access the Syllabus Template

    Access syllabus template while logged                 Access syllabus template from home or
    in at DMACC:                                          any computer with an Internet
1. Open Outlook                                           connection:
                                                        1. Open your Internet browser and navigate to
2. Click         in Navigation Pane to display Folder
                                                           DMACC’s home page
3. Double-click                      to open folder
                                                        2. Click Webmail under Quick Links
4. Double-click                        to open folder
                                                        3. Type your user name (your DMACC User ID)
5. Double-click                       to open folder    4. Type your password (your DMACC User ID
6. Click
                                                        5. Click OK at security prompt
7. In right-hand pane, double-click
                                                        6. Click                       in Navigation Pane
8. Open the desired attachment by double-
                                                        7. Click     in front of the                        folder
   clicking the attachment icon
                                                        8. Click              to display the Syllabus folder
9. Click                                                9. Double-click                         to open
10. In the “Save In” field, save to your personal       10. Read the instructions and refer to the
    network drive, portal, or local hard drive              documentation links for more information
11. Click Save                                          11. Click the desired file for your campus i.e.

                                                        12. Click Save
                                                        13. Save in desired location and customize syllabus
                                                            for your class(es)

•       NOTE: There’s a movie you can view for opening the syllabus template when you’re on campus at
•       A lot of information is available on the Help Desk Web site . Click
        Faculty Tech Notes for assistance as well as Software Documentation for quick reference guides
        for using the technology at DMACC.

    1    Des Moines Area Community College Help Desk                
                         Tips for customizing your syllabus in Word:

 Insert your text in the syllabus                       Delete a row in the table
    1. Click in the cell and start typing. The cell     1. Position insertion point anywhere in the row you
       will automatically expand to fit all your text      want to delete
                                                        2. Open the Table menu, select Delete, then select
 Add a row to the table
    1. Position insertion point in row immediately
       above or below the row you want to add           Add a row at the end of the table
    2. Open the Table menu, select Insert, then         1. Position insertion point in last cell of table
       select Rows above or Rows below                  2. Press Tab and another row will automatically be

                                   Options for using the syllabus:

Option 1 – Complete and print hard copies to students
Option 2 – Save your syllabus as a Web page
    1. File    Save as Web page
    2. Move through folders in the "Save in" field to locate desired location (network drive W)
    3. Name your syllabus Web page
    4. Click Save
    5. Open your home page (or Web page where you want to provide the syllabus link) and insert
       a link to the syllabus
Option 3 – Send your syllabus quickly and easily as an attachment to your
 entire class:
    1. Complete your syllabus and Save
    2. Open the File menu and select "Send to"
    3. Click to select "Mail Recipient (as Attachment)"
    4. Outlook opens in the New message window and your syllabus is automatically added as an
    5. Click
    6. In the Global Address book, locate your class distribution list that has been created for
       you Example:
    7. Complete the message and Send

2    Des Moines Area Community College Help Desk                  

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