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  23RD-25TH OCTOBER 2009
The Autumn Congress
Birmingham Metropole Hilton Hotel
23rd-25th October 2009
Two Star Pairs Holders: Dom Goodwin & Frances Liew
We have pleasure in introducing a new venue for the annual EBU Autumn Congress
– the newly refurbished Birmingham Metropole Hilton Hotel. Just 10 minutes from
Birmingham International Airport and next door to the NEC, the hotel boasts 33
meeting rooms catering for up to 2000 delegates.
The focal point of the Autumn Congress is the prestigious 4-session Two Stars pairs
event, commencing Friday afternoon. Players who prefer a more relaxed style may
choose to enter the Satellite Pairs starting on the Friday evening. Other events are a
Swiss Pairs on the Saturday and the Teams-of-Four Championship on Sunday, which
is a sectional Multiple Teams event leading to two 14-team finals; the Eastbourne
Bowl (Premier) and the Burlington Cup (Secondary). All non-qualifiers play in the
Sussex Cup.
Venue:              Birmingham Metropole Hilton Hotel
                    National Exhibition Centre,
                    Birmingham. B40 1PP
                    Telephone: 0121 780 4242.
2009 rates:         BB £55 per person sharing, £90 per person single
An on-line hotel booking service is available:

Master Points:
All events are fully Green Pointed, save for the qualifying rounds of the Two Star
Pairs and the Satellite Pairs (Local Points only, but all qualifiers are guaranteed a
Green Point award in the final).
Credit Card Payment Details

Please tick the appropriate
credit card symbol

Card Number

Expiry Date                           Start Date                        Issue No
                                      (Maestro)                         (Maestro)
Amount :            £ _____________________ Signature: _______________________________

Card Holder Name: _______________________________ Security Code: _______
(As on card)                                 (Last 3 digits on back of signature strip)
ENTRY FORM: Autumn Congress–23rd-25th October 2009
Please give EBU numbers for all players. EBU numbers are shown on the address
labels of English Bridge and on all Master Point Statements. If you cannot give the
EBU number for any player, please provide the full postcode.
Player 1     ________________         _________________________________      __________
              (first name)            (surname)                               (title)


Post code __________________            EBU No:                     Entry Code

Tel:        (daytime)         _______________________   (evening)       _______________

e-mail*     ___________________________________________________________________

Player 2     ________________         _________________________________      __________
              (first name)            (surname)                               (title)

Post code __________________            EBU No:                     Entry Code

Player 3     ________________         _________________________________      __________
              (first name)            (surname)                               (title)

Post code __________________            EBU No:                     Entry Code

Player 4     ________________         _________________________________      __________
              (first name)            (surname)                               (title)

Post code __________________            EBU No:                     Entry Code

                        Closing Date for entries is 12th October 2009
                           Please quote code A-G as appropriate

Entry Fees (per player):
A   Full Congress                    £88      E Multiple Teams                   £32
B   Two Star Pairs                   £66      F Satellite Pairs plus Teams       £78
C   Satellite Pairs                  £51      G Swiss Pairs plus Teams           £60
D   Swiss Pairs                      £34

Entry Fees enclosed:
Cheque £ _____________ Vouchers £ _____________ C/Card £ _____________
Credit card payments see opposite. Cheques should be made payable to English
Bridge Union
Please fill in this form and send it to: Competitions Department, English Bridge Union,
Broadfields, Bicester Road, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8AZ. Or telephone Peter or
Dawn on 01296 317203/219, or e-mail details to
* Please tick box if you would like confirmation of entry mailed to you
Friday 23rd      2.00pm – 5.30pm       Two Stars Pairs qualifying round
                 7.45pm – 11.15pm      Two Stars Pairs semi-final
                 7.45pm – 11.15pm      Satellite Pairs qualifying round
Saturday 24th    1.00pm – 6.15pm       Two Stars & Satellite Pairs finals (session 1)
                 1.00pm – 5.15pm       Swiss Pairs (Four x 8-boards)
                 7.30pm – 10.45pm      Swiss Pairs (Three x 8-boards)
                 8.15pm – 10.45pm      Two Stars & Satellite Pairs finals (session 2)
Sunday 25th     11.30am – 2.45pm       Teams-of-Four qualifying round
                 4.15pm – 7.45pm       Teams-of Four finals

                           English Bridge Union
                         Broadfields, Bicester Road
                             Aylesbury, Bucks
                                HP19 8AZ
                 Tel: (01296) 317200 Fax: (01296) 317220
    To contact EBU staff at an event please use the Tournament mobile: 07780 673522

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