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					                                             Santa Cruz County CTE Program of Study – High School to College/Technical Training to Career

                    High School Agriculture And Natural Resources Industry Sector
                         Santa Cruz County CTE Career Pathway Agriculture and Natural Resources -HORTICULTURE
                         Agriculture is one of California’s largest and most vital industries. It is the production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing, and development of agricultural commodities
                         and resources including food, fiber, wood products, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal products/resources.

 Core Competencies taught in all CTE courses: Personal Skills and Work Habits - Development of the necessary attitudes and skills to be successful in the workplace Interpersonal Skills – Able to communicate effectively
 individually and as part of a team Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – Ability to think logically and find solutions to a problem  Academic Foundations – Strong academic foundation in reading, writing, mathematics and oral
 communication  Career Foundations – Strong career and technical skills in chosen career path
 This Program of Study (POS) is for those students who indicate an interest in this career cluster. This POS serves as an educational guide, as students explore and plan their career path. Courses listed within this plan are
 recommendations only and should be individualized with a counselor to meet each student’s educational and career goals. Students need to meet their high school graduation requirements as well as pass appropriate college placement
 exams. Students should meet with a counselor early to plan their Program of Study in this career pathway. Once an educational plan has been developed, students are encouraged to take high school courses that also give college credit
 and participate in work-base learning activities.

               English/Language Arts                        Math                             Science                   Social Studies/Sciences             Elective Courses             Other Courses                Work-Based Learning
            English 1 /English 1 Intensive     Algebra 1A & 1B                    Biology                            9th Grade Core                     Foreign Language 1          PE Core 01                  FFA Future Farmers of
    9                                          Math Academy 1                                                                                                                       Other Elective              America
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Visit local agriculture
            English 2/English 2 Intensive      Geometry/Algebra 2                 Chemistry/Chemistry Honors         World Civ/World Civ Int            Foreign Language 2          PE 02/Yoga/Aquatics         businesses
    10                                         Math Academy 2                                                                                                                       Lifetime Fitness/Wt Lift    Attend or participate in County
                                                                                                                                                                                    Other Elective              Fair
 Take required exams: CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) Take PSAT                                                                                                                                       Job Shadow in agricultural
           Amer Lit/Amer Lit Honors       Trig-analytic Geometry         Physics/Physics Honors                      US History/US Hist Honors          Fine Art                    Applied Art or ROP
                                                                                                                                                                                    Other Elective              Internship opportunities
   11                                     Intro to Calculus                                                          AP US History
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Get a part time job in an
                                                                                                                                                                                                                agriculture company
 College Placement Assessments, SAT and/or ACT Academic/Career Counseling Provided Review Cabrillo on-line orientation (                                                             Visit the Agriculture History
           English Comp/World Lit        AB/BC Calculus                 Advanced Biology                 American Gov/Economics                Creative Writing                     Selective                   Museum in Watsonville
           AP English Lit                AP Statistics                  AP Chemistry/AP Physics          Psychology/Sociology                                                       Other Elective
   12                                                                                                                                                                                                           Attend College and Career
           AP Eng Language & Comp                                       Physiology/Physio Honors
 Some high school courses may also receive credit at Cabrillo College. Check with your high school counselor or course instructor about Cabrillo College credit

Santa Cruz County Regional Occupational Program (
Agriculture and Natural Resources are the primary industries of Northern California Farmers and supporting companies, employing large numbers of workers in our area. Natural Resources, including the timber industry, fish and wildlife
and recreational management, provide additional career opportunities. These workers manage our parks, forests, water collection systems, and sanctuaries. If you want to work outdoors, caring for the land and the life it nourishes, this is a
career path you should explore. Students who take an Agriculture and Natural Resources ROP course will meet the core academic and career competencies for each course, have practical hands on work experience and learn the
employability skills necessary to be successful in the workplace. The following are the ROP Agriculture & Natural Resources course offering:
Agribusiness: This course teaches students to explore the diversity of career avenues in agriculture. Students identify specific requirements for choosing that career pathway. Some of the careers explored are: Landscape Architect,
Wildlife Biology, Entomology and Environmental Engineer
Agriculture Production: This course integrates the study of soil science, plant physiology, and the effects of water, temperature and climate on plant growth. Students cultivate vegetables, fruits and flowers both in the field and in the
greenhouse. This course teaches that Agricultural Production integrates knowledge from chemistry, biology, resource conservation and economics.
Environmental Horticulture: Students will learn biological and scientific principles to improve our quality of life and ensure the sustainability of our environment. Hands-on activities in the outdoor study laboratory will help improve
analytical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. The range of business services and manufacturing industries supporting environmental horticulture will also be studied.
Floral Design: This course combines both traditional classroom activities and "on-the-job" real-life experiences. The classroom portion is designed to acquaint the student with theories and principles of artistic design and allow the
student to apply an artistic approach to floral design. Students will acquire practical skills and knowledge by exploring the history of floral art and applying elements and principles of design through use of floral art media. As the
seasons change, students will develop many artistic, technical, and retail marketing skills through their work in the student operated on-campus flower shop.
Green Careers: This course provides an overview of “Green” careers with a focus on environmental protection. Students will learn job skills in such fields as outdoor education & recreation, solar tech, green construction, resource
management, field research and more.                                                                                                                           Student Name:                             Counselor:               Date:
                                                       Santa Cruz County CTE Program of Study – High School to College/Technical Training to Career
          Year Area A - College            Intermediate Algebra Basic Horticulture –           Area A2 -           See the Cabrillo College                             A.S. Degrees
            1   Composition – ENGL         - MATH 152**            HORT 1A                     Communication Std – catalog for required CORE                            General Horticulture and Crop Production
          Sem 1A** + LIBR 10                                                                   COMM 1, 2, 4 or 10  and electives courses and                            Landscape Horticulture
            1                                                                                                      work with a college counselor                        Certificates of Achievement
          Year Area D - American           Area C – Arts and       Dependent on career         Dependent on career early to develop your                                Greenhouse and Nursery Mgmt.
            1   Govt/US History – PS 1 Humanities course           program                     program             educational plan.                                    Landscape Horticulture
     College/Technical Training

          Sem or 5 OR U.S. History         with a multicultural    Horticulture course         Horticulture course                                                      Skills Certificates in: Arboriculture; General Horticulture;
            2   course                     (“#”) emphasis                                                          Note: Course sequence may                            Greenhouse and Nursery Management; Home Horticulture;
          Year Area B1 or B2 –             Area D - Social         Area E - Lifelong           Dependent on career change based on availability.                        Landscape Construction; Landscape Design; Landscape
            2   Scientific Inquiry course Sciences course          Learning & Self             program             Cabrillo course numbers                              Gardener; Restoration Landscaping; Alternative Crop
          Sem                                                      Development – 3 unit        Horticulture course subject to change. Refer to                          Production Methods
            1                                                      course                                          most current college catalog.
                                                                                                                                                                        Transfer Students
                                                                                                                   Talk to a Cabrillo College                           Students intending to transfer to a 4-year university have additional
                                                                                                                   counselor for current                                requirements to meet. See a Cabrillo College counselor.
          Year                                                                                                     information
            2      Continue courses in the career program required for degree or certificate including Career Work                                                      Potential 4 Year Ag Schools
          Sem                                     Experience Education HORT 199C                                                                                        UC Davis           CSU Chico
           2+                                                                                                                                                           UC Santa Cruz CSU Cal Poly
                                                                                                                                                                        For more information on Agriculture bachelor programs go to:
  ** Additional English and Math pre-requisite courses may be required depending on assessment
                                  Entry Level with high school diploma   Occupations Requiring Postsecondary Education                       Occupations Requiring Baccalaureate Degree

                                     ►Nursery Worker                     ►Agricultural Chemical Dealer      ►Health and Safety               ►Agricultural Educator
                                     ►Crop Inspector                                                                                         ►Botanist
Relating to this

                                                                         ►Aquaculturalist                   Sanitarian
Career Cluster

                                     ►Gardener/Landscape Contractor      ►Bank/Loan Officer                 ►Meat Cutter-Meat Grader         ►Ecologist
                                     ►Park Aide                          ►Environmental Compliance-         ►Park Manager                    ►Environmental Engineer

                                     ►Ag Supplies Warehouse              Assurance Manager                  ►Produce Buyer                   ►Fish and Game Officer
                                     ►Landscape Design                   ►Equine Manager                    ►Recycling Technician            ►Plant Pathologist
                                                                         ►Farm Manager                      ►Wildlife Manager                ►Veterinarian

  Horticulture Occupational Program at Cabrillo Community College (
  The horticulture program prepares students for entry level to management jobs and self-employment in diverse horticulture businesses. It also provides a foundation for people transferring to four-year programs in Ornamental
  Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. It affords local horticulturists and working professionals the means to upgrade their skills and knowledge. Opportunities to obtain valuable experience are provided in the greenhouse/garden
  facility and by working to enhance campus landscapes.
  The college offers two A.S. Degrees, two Certificates of Achievement and nine Skills Certificates in Horticulture. Students may obtain an A.S. Degree in General and Crop Production or Landscape Horticulture. Students may earn only
  one A.S. Degree. Separate certificates may be obtained in both areas of concentration. The following are a sample of the Horticulture Career Technical courses offered at Cabrillo College. Additional general education units needed to
  obtain Associates degree. For more information go to
  Basic Horticulture (HORT 1A) Surveys the horticulture industry emphasizing plant forms, growth and development, and identifying sustainable techniques for landscaping, ornamental plant and food production systems. Transfer
  Credit: Transfers to CSU.
  Basic Horticulture: Crop Production (HORT 1B) Surveys the production of ornamental and landscape plants to gain a working knowledge of how light, temperature, water, fertilizers, and soilless media interact in a controlled
  environment. Also covers pest management and propagation of selected ornamentals. Transfer Credit: Transfers to CSU.
  Soil Science and Management (HORT 2) Examines physical, chemical and biological composition of soils, local soil formations, methods of soil sampling and testing, fertilizer and liming techniques, production and use of organic and
  chemical fertilizers, green manures and relationship between soils and human culture. Also includes the use and testing of soils for production plus septic and gray water systems. Transfer Credit: Transfers to CSU.
  Greenhouse Design and Operations (HORT 52) Presents the design and management of commercial and residential greenhouses including site analysis, greenhouse styles, glazing, circulation, cooling, venting, heating systems,
  and control systems. This course also covers general growing conditions of plants in a controlled environment. The business of nurseries and greenhouses is also covered briefly. Transfer Credit: Transfers to CSU.
  Business Aspects of Horticulture (HORT 54) Introduces topics relevant to starting and managing a horticultural business, including developing a business plan, sales and marketing, record keeping and responsibilities of employers.
  Transfer Credit: Transfers to CSU.

            Santa Cruz County CTE Program of Study – High School to College/Technical Training to Career


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