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									     2005                                                                                            MID-YEAR SOURCE GUIDE

The 2005 IHRIM Mid-Year Source Guide will serve as a valuable reference tool. For your convenience, the Guide has two sections; a Categorical Listing
and an Alphabetical Listing. In the Categorical Listing, companies are listed under the product and service categories of their choice. For information on a
specific company and its products and/or service, please refer to the Alphabetical Company Listing.
   While a listing in this guide does not constitute an endorsement by IHRIM, it does indicate that these companies are interested in serving the needs
of HRIS professionals. We hope this Source Guide will assist you in your 2005 purchasing decisions

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                                                                                                               PRODUCT                  Categories

I Application Service                                COMPETENCIES MANAGEMENT                               INTERNATIONAL COMPENSATION
  Provider (ASP)                                     10xSolutions                                            ,
                                                                                                           ADP Inc.
Ceridian                                                 ,
                                                     ADP Inc.
Human Assets Technologies                            Authoria
Peopleclick, Inc.                                    Human Assets Technologies
                                                                                                           I COMPLIANCE
                                                     R.T.I.X Americas Inc.                                    ,
                                                                                                           ADP Inc.
I Benefits                                                                                                 Ceridian
GENERAL                                              DEVELOPMENT
                                                     ADP Inc.
                                                                                                           I CONSULTING
ADP Inc.
Authoria                                             Authoria                                                 ,
                                                                                                           ADP Inc.
D.L.G.L., Ltd.                                       Human Assets Technologies                             Executive Alliance
                                                     Root Learning                                         Nuvosoft, Inc.
BENEFITS OUTSOURCING                                 R.T.I.X Americas Inc.
                                                     ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTING                               I DOCUMENTATION
Workscape, Inc.                                         ,
                                                     ADP Inc.                                              GENERAL
                                                     Aquire (formerly TimeVision)
COBRA                                                Authoria                                                ,
                                                                                                           ADP Inc.
ADP Inc.                                                                                                   ONLINE HELP
                                                     SUCCESSION PLANNING
                                                     ADP Inc.
                                                        ,                                                    ,
                                                                                                           ADP Inc.
FLEXIBLE BENEFITS                                    Aquire (formerly TimeVision)
                                                                                                           USER & TECHNICAL MANUALS
ADP Inc.
Ceridian                                             Human Assets Technologies                               ,
                                                                                                           ADP Inc.

                                                                                                           I EMPLOYEE RELATIONS
ADP Inc.
  ,                                                  Root Learning
                                                     I Compensation                                           ,
                                                                                                           ADP Inc.
ADP Inc.                                                                                                   Authoria
RETIREE BILLING                                                                                            COMPETENCY-BASED APPRAISAL
                                                     ADP Inc.
ADP Inc.                                             Authoria                                              Human Assets Technologies
Ceridian                                             CadreHR                                               R.T.I.X Americas Inc.
                                                     D.L.G.L. Ltd.
                                                     Nuvosoft, Inc.                                        EMPLOYEE ATTITUDE ASSESSMENT
I Career & Organizational
                                                     Workscape, Inc.                                         ,
                                                                                                           ADP Inc.
  Development Systems &
                                                                                                           Human Assets Technologies
  Services                                           DEFERRED COMPENSATION
GENERAL                                                 ,
                                                     ADP Inc.                                              EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS
                                                     Authoria                                              Authoria
ADP Inc.
                                                                                                           Root Learning
Authoria                                             EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION
CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                      ,
                                                     ADP Inc.
                                                                                                           I Personnel Policy/Employee
ADP Inc.
   ,                                                                                                         Handbook
Authoria                                             INCENTIVE COMPENSATION
Human Assets Technologies                                                                                  SUBSTANCE ABUSE
                                                     ADP Inc.
                                                                                                           ADP Inc.

28   JUNE/JULY 2005 • •
   2005                                                                  MID-YEAR SOURCE GUIDE

I Employment Systems &                  INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE         SYSTEMS
  Services                                ,
                                        ADP Inc.                               ,
                                                                           ADP Inc.
                                                                           BMH Inc.
GENERAL                                 PLANNING/FORECASTING               Ceridian
ADP Inc.                                ADP Inc.
                                           ,                               D.L.G.L. Ltd.
D.L.G.L. Ltd.                           Kronos Incorporated                Genesys Software Systems, Inc.
Exact Software                          Workbrain Inc.                     HR Technologies Inc.
                                                                           NOW Solutions
Ceridian                                   ,
                                        ADP Inc.
                                        Aquire (formerly TimeVision)       I PERFORMANCE
                                        Root Learning                        MANAGEMENT
Peopleclick, Inc.                                                          10xSolutions
                                        I INTERNET/INTRANET                    ,
                                                                           ADP Inc.
JOB DESCRIPTION                                                            Authoria
                                        ADP Inc.
R.T.I.X Americas Inc.                   Ceridian                           CadreHR
                                        Human Assets Technologies          Exact Software
PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING                R.T.I.X Americas Inc.              Human Assets Technologies
ADP Inc.
   ,                                                                       Root Learning
Ceridian                                                                   R.T.I.X Americas Inc.
Peopleclick, Inc.                       I LEARNING MANAGEMENT
                                        10xSolutions                       I RE-ENGINEERING
                                        ADP inc.
Ceridian                                R.T.I.X Americas Inc.              10xSolutions                                                                   Executive Alliance
Peopleclick, Inc.
                                        I MULTIFUNCTIONAL HRIS
                                                                           I TIME & ATTENDANCE SYS-
I HR Specialty Systems                  ADP Inc.
                                            ,                                TEMS
GENERAL                                 D.L.G.L. Ltd.                          ,
                                                                           ADP Inc.
                                        Genesys Software Systems, Inc.     Ceridian
ADP Inc.
                                        HR Technologies Inc.               Cignify Corporation
                                        iEmployee                          CyberShift, Inc.
BMH Inc.
                                        NOW Solutions                      D.L.G.L. Ltd.
                                        NuView Systems, Inc.               HR Technologies Inc.
D.L.G.L. Ltd.
Exact Software
                                                                           Kronos Incorporated
HR Technology Conference & Exposition   I OUTSOURCING                      Workbrain Inc.
Kronos Incorporated
                                                                           WorkForce Software, Inc.
Ultimate Software                          ,
                                        ADP Inc.
Workbrain Inc                           Ceridian
                                        CyberShift, Inc.                   I WORKFORCE
ADP Inc.
                                                                           ADP Inc.
Authoria                                I PAYROLL                          Authoria
D.L.G.L. Ltd.                           SERVICES                           CyberShift, Inc.
HR Technologies Inc.
                                        ADP Inc.                           Exact Software
                                        Ceridian                           HR Technologies Inc.
R.T.I.X Americas Inc.
                                        Executive Alliance                 Kronos, Incorporated
Ultimate Software
                                        Genesys Software Systems, Inc.     R.T.I.X Americas Inc.
Workbrain Inc.
                                        HR Technologies Inc.               Ultimate Software
EMPLOYEE INCENTIVE SYSTEMS              Kronos Incorporated                Workbrain Inc.
                                                                           Workscape, Inc.

ADP Inc.
D.L.G.L. Ltd.

                                                                    • • JUNE/JULY 2005   29
     2005                                                                                                         MID-YEAR SOURCE GUIDE

                                                                                                            Alphabetical                        Company Listing*
*Systems and applications referred to in this section are trademarked, regis-
tered, or in progress. These names should not be used generically.

10XSOLUTIONS                                                  ny’s products, AquireOrgPublisher and                         Open4’s payroll fully supports union formulas as
P Box 133                                                     AquireOrgBuilder, enable HR and executives to visual-    well as flex-spending, 3rd-Party vendor checks, multi-
Bradfordwoods, PA 15015                                       ize the structure of their organization and automate     state taxing, garnishments, child support, multi-level
CJ White                                                      critical workforce planning, compliance and budgeting    security and more. We also offer a fully integrated HR
724/935-7530                                                  processes. Download Aquire solutions at                  system, web self-service portal and a powerful report
Fax: 724/935-8573                                    free! See ad on page 12                   writer as options. And with our new pricing, we’re
E-mail:                                                                                      more affordable than ever!
     10xSolutions is a unique change management
consulting firm with diverse practice areas: people
excellence, performance management, business
process management and technology integration. Our
track record demonstrates we consistently provide our         AUTHORIA
clients with at least 10x return on their investment when     300 Fifth Avenue
our tools and solutions are applied consistently and          Waltham, MA 02451                                        CADREHR
properly.                                                     Adam Alpert                                              390 Route 10 West, Suite 330
                                                              877/422-1114                                             Randolph, NJ 07869
                                                              Fax: 781/530-2001                                        Andrew Buglione, VP of Sales & Marketing
                                                              E-mail:                                973/895-4484, Ext. 209
                                                              Web:                                    Fax: 973/328-0066
                                                                  Authoria’s strategic Human Capital Management        E-mail:
                                                              (HCM) solutions help employers increase the business     Web:
ADP INC.                                                      value of their workforce. Delivered as a fully managed       CadreHR is a breakthrough suite of HR and
One ADP Boulevard                                             on-demand service, or as an on-premise deployment,       Compensation software products so flexible, so cus-
Roseland, NJ 07068                                            Authoria combines performance and compensation           tomizable, that you’ll be as much a design partner in
Lisa Appello, Marketing Manager                               management, succession planning and benefit and          the process, as you’ll be a valued client. That means
973/974-5000                                                  policy communication with just-in-time knowledge and     every step of the way, not only will you see exactly what
Fax: 973/974-3302                                             coaching for managers and employees. Authoria’s          you’re getting; you’ll be assured that CadreHR is meet-
E-mail:                                  solutions have proven successful for more than 200       ing your own unique needs. HR Solutions. Developed
Web:                                              large employers, representing more than 7.5 million      by Us. Shaped by You. See ad on page IBC
     Employers looking to properly invest resources and       employees.
improve productivity count on ADP Our commitment to
World Class Service and over 50 years of experience
has made ADP the preferred choice for over 475,000
clients worldwide. ADP’s services include HR solutions,
benefit administration, payroll processing, retirement
services, time and labor management and tax and
compliance management. See ad on page IFC                     BMH INC.                                                 CERIDIAN
                                                              4004 Beltline Road, Suite 125                            3311 East Old Shakopee Road
                                                              Addison, TX 75001                                        Minneapolis, MN 55425-1640
                                                              Susan Williams                                           Contact: Resource Center
                                                              972/702-0892                                             800/729-7655, ext. 3005
                                                              Fax: 972/991-2983                                        E-mail:
                                                              E-mail:                              Web:
                                                              Web:                                           Ceridian is changing the world of work by
AQUIRE (FORMERLY TIMEVISION)                                  HR                                                       enabling companies to be free to succeed in their core
5215 N. O’Connor Blvd., #300                                      Outsourcing payroll? Find their HR lacking?          business through its suite of managed HR solutions
Irving, TX 75039                                              Open4/HR can interface/w other Payrolls, finally pro-    that include payroll and compensation, staffing, com-
Eileen Edwards                                                viding a powerful HRIS to address shared data            pliance, HR administration and employee effectiveness.
214/574-5020                                                  requirements & single-point reporting. Includes          Our mission is to provide managed HR solutions that
Fax: 214/574-5014                                             Benefits, Reviews, future pay/job/benefits changes,      maximize the value of people.
E-mail:                              OSHA, VETS, EEO, AAP reporting, Training, FMLA,
Web:                                           seamless Excel/Word integration: benefit statements,
     Aquire, (formerly TimeVision), offers a suite of solu-   COBRA, letters, more. Optional integrated payroll,
tions to address challenges that organizations face           Web-based self-service.
when managing organizational structures. The compa-           Payroll

30   JUNE/JULY 2005 • •
   2005                                                                                                            MID-YEAR SOURCE GUIDE

CIGNIFY CORPORATION                                                                                         .
                                                           Planning. Pay Equity. Organization Charting. V.I.P is
7000 Central Parkway, Suite 650                            North American. Bilingual. Web and/or Distributed
Atlanta, GA 30328                                          Architecture. One Single Database. Implementation
Warren Baden                                               and modifications supported by D.L.G.L. directly.
770/551-1761                                               “Since 1980, we do nothing else…”
Fax: 770/551-1771
E-mail:                                                                                       GENESYS SOFTWARE SYSTEMS, INC.
Web:                                                                                                   5 Branch Street
     Cignify Corporation provides the highest quality,                                                                 Methuen, MA 01844
most complete time and attendance solutions, imple-                                                                    Paula Oxner
mentation and client support. We proudly introduce                                                                     800/580-5400
PeopleNet, a revolutionary way to collect, track, alert,                                                               Fax: 801/761-2015
schedule and analyze employee labor information with                                                                   E-mail:
                                                           EXACT SOFTWARE                                              Web:
easy-to-use and cost-effective web time                    7777 Center Avenue, Suite 100
clocks/timesheets or traditional time clock devices. Try                                                                    Genesys is a proven provider of web-based
                                                           Huntington Beach, CA 92647                                  Human Capital Management solutions configured to
our 30-day no risk pilot program and see if PeopleNet      Christine Markuson
is a good fit for your organization.                                                                                   each workplace. The HCM suite, PeopleComeFirst,
                                                           866/834-2570, ext. 8104                                     streamlines human resources, benefit administration
                                                           Fax: 714/892-0885                                           and payments, payroll processing, self-service, recruit-
                                                           E-mail:                ment, time and attendance and more. Since 1981,
                                                           Web:                             Genesys solutions have delivered maximum productivi-
                                                               Are your Human Resources providing ROI?                 ty, efficiency and value to organizations throughout
                                                           Organizations have recognized that personnel are            North America. See ad on back cover.
                                                           real, substantial and intellectual capital.
                                                           Incorporating a new process methodology that
CYBERSHIFT, INC.                                           increases productivity with expected ROIs contributes       HIRE.COM
239 New Road, Building B                                   directly to a company’s financial health. Explore our       200 Academy
Parsippany, NJ 07054                                       HRM software, e-Synergy, developed by Exact                 Austin, TX 78704
Laura Hills                                                Software a leading provider of solutions that connect       512/583-4400
973/364-0480                                               the people, processes and knowledge.                        Fax: 512/583-4401
Fax: 973/403-1696                                              For more information, please call 866/834-2570          E-mail:
E-mail:                               or e-mail See         Web:
Web:                                    ad on page 4                                          ’s talenteering describes the essence of
     CyberShift’s web-based enterprise-class Workforce                                                                 Talent Relationship Management. It’s a true dialogue
Management solutions, built upon a Service-Oriented                                                                    with the best candidates. Strategic Sourcing Services
Architecture (SOA), include time and attendance,                                                                       translate business strategy into critical talent sources.
employee scheduling, self-service, FMLA case man-                                                                      HireEnterprise offers traditional e-recruiting applicant
agement and analytics. CyberShift’s rule-based plat-                                                                   tracking and staffing analytics. The total result?
form delivers a fully integrated Workforce Management                                                                  Attracting the best possible people for your business.
suite to help complex organizations optimize and man-
age the deployment of their people providing a signifi-    EXECUTIVE ALLIANCE
cant, measurable ROI.                                      P.O. Box 824
                                                           Northboro, MA 01532
                                                           Kevin Mallett
                                                           508/481-7777 ext. 202                                       HR TECHNOLOGIES INC.
                                                           E-mail:                  120 – 290 North Queen Street
                                                           Web:                              Etobicoke, ON, Canada M9C 5K4
                                                                Executive Alliance is an independent, privately held   Lyle A. Booth, Vice President of Strategic
D.L.G.L. LTD.                                              consulting firm specializing in a comprehensive suite of    Development
850 Michele-Bohec                                          management services including strategic planning,           416/695-7111 or 800/613-5317
Blainville, QC, Canada J7C 5E2                             organization/process design, vendor evaluation &            Fax: 416/695-3635
Richard Rousseau                                           selection and implementation and utilization. We help       E-mail:
450/979-4646                                               clients in Human Resources, Payroll, Finance and            Web:
Fax: 450/979-4650                                          Information Technology align investments in technology      About HR Technologies Inc.
E-mail:                                      with their business objectives and structures.                  HR Technologies Inc. has earned the reputation for
Web:                                                                                                      developing a superior long-term business partnerships,
     V.I.P integrated HR-Payroll-Time Capture &
         .                                                                                                             world-class web-based support and comprehensive
Scheduling-Pension: including E-Recruitment.                                                                           employee management software. With over 15 years
Compensation. Benefits. Time & Attendance. Employee                                                                    of systems development, implementation and domain
Self-Service Portal. Manager Info Portal. Executive Info                                                               experience, the company has become a Canadian
Portal. Applicant Tracking. Safety. Medical. Claims.                                                                   leader in HRMS, Time & Attendance, Labour
Investment Plans. Training, Labour Relations.                                                                          Management, Payroll, Payroll Outsourcing, Access
Absenteeism. WCB Claims. Skill Inventory. Succession                                                                   Control and BPO.

                                                                                                               • • JUNE/JULY 2005            31
     2005                                                                                                        MID-YEAR SOURCE GUIDE

HR TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE &                                                                                             NUVIEW SYSTEMS. INC.
EXPOSITION                                                                                                             155 West Street, Suite 8
360 Hiatt Drive                                                                                                        Wilmington, MA 01887
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418                                                                                           Bill Copeland
800-727-1227                                                                                                           978/988-7884
Fax: 561-622-2423                                          KRONOS, INCORPORATED                                        Fax: 978/988-1263
Web Address:                297 Billerica Road                                          E-mail:
    Attend the world’s leading business conference on      Chelmsford, MA 01824                                        Web:
HR technology, Oct. 19-21, at Chicago’s McCormick          Lisa Hunter                                                      NuViewHR, our award-winning HRMS, helps com-
Place. Events include guru Dave Ulrich’s first tech        978/250-9800 or 800/225-1561                                panies manage people, process & strategy across the
speech in three years, the Industry’s First Integrated     Fax: 978/367-5900                                           enterprise. The comprehensive product suite integrates
Performance and Compensation Management                    E-mail:                                     Compensation & Benefits Administration, Recruiting,
Shootout, special sessions for PeopleSoft customers,       Web:                                         Training Administration, Succession Management,
case studies by senior HR executives, and the largest           Kronos is the most trusted name in workforce man-      Metrics, Performance Management and Payroll with
show floor. See ad on page 27                              agement. Our Workforce Central suite enables organi-        Employee and Manager Self-Service portals. Advanced
                                                           zations to reduce costs and boost productivity, improve     workflows further streamline your business processes.
                                                           employee satisfaction, align employee performance           Stop by to learn more.
HUMAN ASSET TECHNOLOGIES                                   with organizational objectives and put real-time infor-
120 Flanders Road                                          mation in the hands of decision makers. More than 20
Westborough, MA 01581                                      million people use a Kronos solution every day. See ad
Cliff Carman                                               on page 9
Fax: 508/983-2180
Email:                                                                                          NUVOSOFT, INC.
Web:                                                                                                411 Waverley Oaks Rd., Suite 333
     The Human Asset Technologies suite of web-based                                                                   Waltham, MA 02452
tools, Voyager, is a robust, automated employee per-                                                                   Gin O’Leary
formance management solution that helps you achieve
                                                           NOW SOLUTIONS                                               877/525-2010
                                                           6205 Airport Road                                           Fax: 781/788-0196
better business results through improved workforce per-
                                                           Building B, Suite 205                                       E-mail:
formance. Voyager meets the needs of today’s organi-
                                                           Mississauga, ON, Canada L4V 1E1                             Web:
zations by transforming performance management
                                                           Marcie King                                                     Maximize your ERP technology investment today
from an isolated HR process into a valuable manage-
                                                           905/671-9888                                                with products and services from Nuvosoft, Inc. By
ment system.
                                                           Fax: 905/671-9890                                           combining in-depth HR functional knowledge with
                                                           e-mail:                               technical expertise, Nuvosoft delivers collaborative
                                                           Web:                                   solutions that enable strategic decision-making by
                                                                NOW Solutions is a best-of-breed HR and payroll        providing real-time access to HR information.
                                                           software and business solutions provider. NOW has           Products include:
                                                           been providing solutions to large and small organiza-       Nuvosoft’s Web-based Rcomp gives you total control
                                                           tions, from Fortune 500 companies to government,            over the compensation planning process. Through a
                                                           health care, education and other institutions for over      proven, easy to use and configurable solution, auto-
IEMPLOYEE                                                  thirty years.                                               mate merit, stock options, short/long term incentives
699 Fall River Avenue                                           emPath, a Web-based HRMS solution, tightly inte-       and market data programs.
Seekonk, MA 02771                                          grates the organization’s human resources and payroll           Novosoft’s Rwiz ontheweb provides GUI-based
866/227-0231                                               functions. emPath provides comprehensive administra-        query/report creation and distribution via the web to
E-mail:                              tive and workflow capabilities, as well as employee         supply your organization with the HR analytics needed
Web:                                     empowerment via employee and manager self-service.          to remain competitive in today’s market. See ad on
     iEmployee offers a full suite of on-demand, 100%      You have all the information you need at your finger-       page 11
web-hosted Workforce Management solutions includ-          tips to track employee salary and paid details, benefits,
ing Paid Time Off, Online Timesheet, HR/Benefit,           skills, absences, performance reviews, as well as fully
Employee Self-Service, Pay Stubs/W2 and Expenses.          comprehensive Web self-service features. See ad on
Endorsed by leading payroll providers, iEmployee has       page 6
over 1,600 satisfied clients. Using iEmployee solutions,
clients realize benefits that increase bottom-line. See
ad on page 40

32   JUNE/JULY 2005 • •
   2005                                                                                                           MID-YEAR SOURCE GUIDE

PEOPLECLICK, INC.                                          ULTIMATE SOFTWARE
Two Hannover Square, 7th Floor                             2000 Ultimate Way                                          WORKFORCE SOFTWARE, INC.
Raleigh, NC 27601                                          Weston, FL 33326-6350                                      36141 Schoolcraft Rd.
919/645-2800                                               Molly Acker                                                Livonia, MI 48150
Fax: 919/645-2801                                          800/432-1729                                               Kelly Sand
E-mail:              Fax: 954/331-7300                                          877/493-6723
Web:                                   E-mail:                   Fax: 734/542-0635
     Peopleclick is the leading global Total Workforce     Web:                              E-mail:
Acquisition provider for salaried, hourly and contingent       UltiPro Workforce Management delivers compre-          Web:
workers. We deliver solutions that help companies          hensive human resources, payroll and reporting func-           WorkForce Software delivers a flexible web-based
attract, acquire and deploy a diverse and productive       tionality for the greatest total value. UltiPro includes   time and attendance system for large employers.
workforce. Peopleclick empowers clients to radically       strong HR functionality, the industry’s leading payroll    System handles accruals, tracks FMLA, maintains
simplify, improve and measure their workforce acquisi-     engine, rich reporting and analytical decision-making      employee schedules, provides employee self-service,
tion lifecycle, while integrating affirmative action and   tools, plus a Web portal with manager self-service,        multiple data collection options and supports intricate
diversity goals into their hiring processes. See ad on     employee self-service, Web-based benefits enrollment       pay rules. System runs on several platforms. Full imple-
page 21                                                    and Web-based employee administration. See ad on           mentation services enable us to meet complex require-
                                                           page 3                                                     ments without custom programming.

ROOT LEARNING                                              WORKBRAIN, INC.
1715 Indian Wood Circle, Suite 200                         3440 Preston Ridge Road, Suite 100
Maumee, OH 43537                                           Alpharetta GA 30005
Nancy Hegedus                                              Francis Crescia
419/874-0077                                               866/891-9891
Fax: 419/874-4801                                          Fax: 678/713-6020                                          WORKSCAPE
E-mail:                          E-mail:                             123 Felton St.
Web:                                  Web:                                     Marlborough, MA 01752
    Root Learning builds innovative custom solutions to    Workforce Management                                       Gail Staub
help clients achieve business goals. Root’s services,          Workbrain’s industry-specific workforce manage-        877/975-7227
processes and tools create engagement, learning, and       ment solutions help the largest organizations in the       Fax: 508/573-9500
change through visualization, dialogue and team-           world optimize their workforce supply chains.              E-mail:
based interactivity. Root pioneered the Learning Map       Workbrain solutions are fully web-based and specifi-       Web:
process, utilized in 400 organizations worldwide. Our      cally designed to optimize the deployment and man-              Designed for the workforce, Workscape’s solutions
offerings include consultative services and e-learning     agement of large, complex organizations through            transform the delivery and adoption of HR services
platforms.                                                 labor forecasting, employee schedule optimization,         across the enterprise to maximize ROI and enable a
                                                           time and attendance, employee self-service and             higher-performing organization. An innovator in HR
                                                           workforce analytics.                                       self-service, Workscape provides a full range of out-
                                                           Time & Attendance Systems                                  sourced HR solutions including benefits administration,
                                                               Workbrain is the leading Time and Attendance           compensation management, performance manage-
                                                           solution for large organizations. By automating 100%       ment, employee self-service and manager self-service,
                                                           of a company’s pay rules and centralizing zero-to-         as well as an employee portal.
                                                           gross pay functionality, Workbrain reduces payroll costs
R.T.I.X AMERICAS INC.                                      and ensures compliance with employee contracts and
2530 Meridian Parkway, Suite 300                           labor regulations. The Workbrain solution is highly
Durham, NC 27713                                           scalable and optimizes complex workforce processes
Daniel Taylor                                              including overtime equalization, attendance control,
919/806-4309                                               incentive calculations and entitlement tracking.
Fax: 919/806-4808
    onCore is an intranet and web-based self-service
application for Employee Performance Management,
and now including integrated Learning Management
as standard. Manage performance reviews, 360 feed-
back, goals & objectives, learning and development
plans. Links to all HRIS applications. See ad on page

                                                                                                              • • JUNE/JULY 2005         33

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