Apron-iCity Apron Challenge Entry Form Model Photo Release

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					Apron-iCity Apron Challenge Entry Form

Please make sure all information is complete and accurate. Print or write clearly with black or blue pen. If
your digital image includes a model, the model must sign the photo release form included at the end of
this form.




Email address:_______________________________________________________________________

Phone #:____________________________________________________________________________

Name of apron entry:_________________________________________________________________

By entering this apron, I acknowledge it is my work. I understand that entry materials will not be
returned and that they become the property of The Fabric Shop Network.

                                               (entrant’s signature)

Model Photo Release:

I, the undersigned, give permission for the use of my photo in the apron ________________________
                                                                                     (name of apron)
submitted by ________________________ for print and online publication by The Fabric Shop Network.
                     (name of entrant)


Printed Name:_______________________________________________________________________

Witness Signature:____________________________________________________________________
                                              (must be someone other than entrant)
Date: _________________________

                                         The Fabric Shop Network, Inc.
                                                 P.O. Box 820128,
                                             Vancouver, WA 98682-0003