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					        Syndicated Data Source

264A Marketing Research          1
  Types for Syndicated Sources
• Panels
• Audits
• Single Source

 264A Marketing Research         2
     Audit (Store Tracking) Data
• UPC-level detail for all items
• Aggregate sales
   – Weekly (periodicity of the causal environment)
   – Daily or minute-by-minute
• In-store environment (manual task)
• Newspaper ads and store coupons
• Great for tracking competitive effects

  264A Marketing Research                             3
               Scanner Panel Data
• Longitudinal record of household purchases
  – Brand loyalty
  – Consumption (and inventory) rates
  – Variety seeking
• Good for tracking heterogeneity between

 264A Marketing Research                    4
• A.C. Nielsen
• Information Resources
• ems, inc.

 264A Marketing Research               5

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