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									                             Summer School 2011 Employment Opportunities
                                   Positions Open to current WCSD certified employees

The Supplemental Credit Office is now accepting applications for the following Summer School positions:
             Secondary Teachers, Counselors (high school experience required) and Librarians

Summer School positions are temporary hourly positions. Summer School employees do not accrue PERS
or get benefits. All positions are dependent upon student enrollment.
All standard WCSD contracts must be completed before the start of Summer School.
When filling positions, current WCSD employees will be given preference over non-WCSD employees.
Current WCSD substitute teachers may apply to fill any vacancies beginning May 2.

Library Positions
  Summer School library positions are open to certified and classified personnel. First consideration of
  Library Staff (certified and classified) will be given to those applicants currently working at the site where
  Summer School will be held. Certified librarians from other sites will be considered second. Classified
  library staff from other sites will be considered third. Although consideration is given in this order, it is not
  a given that any particular applicant will automatically be selected for a position.
  5 library positions (classified and/or certified)

  Preference will be given to teachers who are recommended by the school principal of Summer School
  sites. A letter of recommendation must accompany the teacher's complete application. Recommended
  teachers must be highly qualified, have experience, and be certified in the grade/subject for which they are
  being recommended and making application.
  There will be no elementary Summer School 2011.
  There will be no split contracts for Summer School 2011.
  Middle Summer School and High School teachers must have PLATO /CBI training and/or commit to
  PLATO/CBI training in order to teach Summer School PLATO. All PLATO/CBI teacher positions are
  subject to approval of the PLATO/CBI program coordinator.

PE/Sports teachers
  PE/Sports teachers must be approved by the lead coach (for each specific sport) for each school.
  All PE/sports teachers must hold current CPR certification throughout Summer School.
  40-50 PE/Sports teachers.

  Two counselors will be hired at the Supplemental Credit Office throughout Summer School, 1 full-time and 1
  part-time. One counselor will be hired at each high school (with the exception of Incline) for the first week of
  each session. One middle school counselor will be hired for the week prior to Summer School and the first
  week of each session.

                                    Summer School 2011 Course Offerings
Middle School – Grades 6, 7 & 8                           June 20 - July 29
  Information available in early May.
High School
  High School Summer School consists of 2 3-week sessions:
  Session 1, June 20 - July 8, 7:30 - 11:47. There will be no class July 4.
  Session 2, July 11 - July 29, 7:30 - 11:30.
  Teachers must commit to both sessions.
  Dots indicate a position is offered at that site. Class offerings may change at any time. Check the
  website often for changes. Classes are added and removed based on student enrollment. Current
  WCSD textbooks and guidelines must be used.
  30-40 teachers
          Course                              Hug          Incline    McQueen   NVHS   Reed   Wooster
          English 1-2                          l              l         l        l      l
          English 3-4                          l              l                  l      l       l
          English 5-6                                         l         l        l              l
          English 7-8                          l              l                  l      l       l
          MATH                                Hug          Incline    McQueen   NVHS   Reed   Wooster
          Algebra 1 (S1 - S2)                  l                         l       l      l       l
          Algebra 2 (S1-S2)                    l                         l       l      l       l
          Trigonometry                                                           l
          Geometry 1-2                         l                         l       l      l       l
          SCIENCE                             Hug          Incline    McQueen   NVHS   Reed   Wooster
          Biology 1-2                                                             l    l
          SOCIAL STUDIES                      Hug          Incline    McQueen   NVHS   Reed   Wooster
          World History 1-2                    l              l                  l      l
          US History 1-2                       l              l          l       l      l
          Am. Government 1-2                                  l          l       l      l
          OTHER                               Hug          Incline    McQueen   NVHS   Reed   Wooster
          Computer Literacy                   ll                        ll       l      l       l
          Health w/SHARE                       l                         l       l      l
          Physical Education                                                            l
          CBI (PLATO)                          l                        l        l      l       l
          ELL                                                                                   l

                                                                Hiring Criteria

The following criteria will be followed for all grade levels:
     Applicants must be full-time contracted (not long-term subs), currently employed WCSD certified
     employees. Teachers must be highly qualified. See the District website for HQ requirements.

     Applicants must be certified in the area for which they are applying and should have recent experience
     teaching in the area of application.

     Principals may recommend teachers from their respective schools to teach at that particular site. A
     letter of recommendation must accompany the teacher's application in order for these requests to be
     considered. Upon making application, teachers must be highly qualified and have experience in the
     grade/subject for which they are being recommended. Teachers recommended by their school principal
     need to submit a complete application. However, meeting these requirements does not necessarily
     guarantee a position.

     After May 2, all remaining job openings will be advertised and be available to all qualified applicants not
     currently in the employ of WCSD. These applicants must also complete the WCSD on-line application,
     complete I-9 and W-4 forms and be fingerprinted. Jobs will remain open until filled.

  Sequence of Consideration for high school teachers:

     1.      Highly qualified teachers at the school site currently teaching the course
     2.      Highly qualified teachers from any high school currently teaching the course
     3.      Highly qualified teachers from any middle school currently teaching a similar course
     4.      Highly qualified teachers from the WCSD substitute list
     5.      WCSD teachers with degree and experience in the subject area
     6.      Substitute teachers with degree and experience in the subject area

Certified Pay Rate per Hour
     Certified student instruction time                      $30
     Approved certified training*                            $30
     Approved meetings*                                      $30
     Approved prep. time*                                    $30
        *approved by SCO only

                                                      Summer School 2011
                                                  Certified Application Guidelines
    This application is for Summer School, NOT ESY (Extended School Year for Special Ed.)

    If you wish to teach ESY (Special Ed.), please contact Student Support Services at 857-3161.

    At this time, only currently contracted WCSD certified employees may apply.

Application Requirements
    Incomplete applications will be returned.
    A complete application must have the following completed:
1         Application pages 1 thru 4 completely filled out and signed.
          Please be specific when listing your present position. Ex: Eng. 1-2 instead of just English.

          Your WCSD Employee ID is required. You can find it on your pay stub.

          Required by Human Resources
2         "Previous Dismissal" form signed (page 4 of the application).

3         One page resume including 3 references for all certified applicants except PE teachers.

4         A copy of your NV State teaching license is required if you did not teach Summer School
          in 2010 or if you have renewed your license since last year.
          Don't forget to include a copy of the back of your license.

5         PE/Sports teachers only, are required to submit a copy of their current CPR certification.
          CPR certification must be current thru the end of Summer School.

                                              You may email or mail in your application.
                          Submit your complete application to the Supplemental Credit Office only.
                                                           Supplemental Credit Office
                                                                 785 W. 6th St.
                                                               Reno, NV 89503
                                                             Phone: 775-333-6100

          To fill out this application on your computer:
              1. Save by clicking File, Save As - be certain to save the application where you will find in again.

              2. Type only in the yellow boxes. DO NOT type outside the yellow boxes.

              3. Print application and then sign it, or send it electronically.

                                                                                                                                                       Page 1 of 4
   This application is for the WCSD Summer School Program administered by Supplemental Credit Office.
       Submit to: Supplemental Credit Office, 785 W. 6 th St., Reno, NV 89503 (8 to 4:30 M-F) This is not for ESY (Special Ed).

completed prior to the start of Summer School. List below the position for which you are qualified and making application.

All requirements must be submitted before you will be considered for hire.

Applying for:        ## High School              High School Sports
                                                    #                            Middle School CBI

Applying for Position of:
                                 Teacher, Librarian or Counselor                                                 Subject or Grade Level

List subjects areas in which you are highly qualified.

List below your site preference in order of desired site. Site preference will be taken in consideration, but is not guaranteed.
Site preference 1                                                             Site preference 2
Complete the entire application. The information requested is for occupational qualifications. WCSD is an equal opportunity employer and
 does not intend to use any of the information for unlawful purposes. A copy of your Nevada State teaching license MUST accompany this
application if you did not teach Summer School in 2010 or if your license has expired since Summer School 2010.     PLEASE TYPE.

Last                                                      First                                                                             WCSD ID
Name                                                     Name                                MI           #                                     E000

Mailing Address                                                                   City                               State                Zip

Home Phone (775)                                               Work (775)                                      Cell/Other Phone

E-mail:                                         @washoeschools.net            Other e-mail                                           @
Present Assigned School                                                    Present Position (be specific)

Credential/NV Teaching License                                     #K-8                                           # Contracted regular school year employee
List the subjects in which you are licensed.
Subjects:                                                          #K-12                       Current            # Contracted Year-Round school employee
Subjects:                                                          #7-12                       Status             # Substitute only
                                                                   #Administrative                                #
                                                                                                                     Contracted Special Education teacher
Credential Valid Through
                                        MM/DD/YY                                                                  # WCSD Administrator

 College/University Degree(s)                            # BS/BA             Major

                                                         # Masters           Major

Experience:           Years taught WCSD Summer School                            #2010       # 2009      # 2008      # 2007      # 2006 # More than 5 years

If you worked for Summer School in 2010 what did you teach?                                                                     Where?

Years taught in WCSD

List the last 3 grades/courses you have taught and when. Please be specific.
   Course/Grade taught                                                                                   from                   to

   Course/Grade taught                                                                                   from                   to
   Course/Grade taught                                                                                   from                   to

         Previous Dismissal Form                        Resume                       License                  CPR (PE)                    DB             Placed

                                     SUMMER SCHOOL 2011 CERTIFIED APPLICATION                                                                                                   Page 2 of 4

Last                                                              First
Name                                                              Name

To best serve WCSD students, Summer School staff is expected to commit to the entire Summer School time frame.
         I am able to work the entire Summer School session(s).                                        See website for current dates and times.

         I would like to work for Summer School, but I have planned to be gone on the following date(s)

If you plan to be gone, what is the reason?

         I am planning to be gone for                             days to attend a meeting or conference related to WCSD business
         from:                             to:

Specific Training for middle school teachers - Check the box if the statement is true.

         PLATO - I have had complete, official WCSD PLATO training in the last 3 years.
#        PLATO - I am currently teaching a PLATO class or have been teaching PLATO in the last 3 years.

I have taught a PLATO class at the following school:                                                                                        from                          to
                                                                                                       Name of School                                  Start Date                  End Date

I affirm that all answers and statements in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the WCSD
reserves the right to verify all information on this application and authorize inquiry into my personal and professional history. I understand any
false statements or failures to disclose information may be sufficient to disqualify me for employment or if employed, may result in my dismissal.

Signature of Applicant                                                                                                                 Date
Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Procedures. As stated in WCSD School Board Policy 4111: "The Washoe County School District is committed to equal opportunity in
employment and education." Furthermore, the policy states, "The Washoe County School District will offer reasonable accommodations to individuals with a known disability except where such
accommodation poses an undue hardship to the district. Any individual with a disability who needs reasonable accommodations should notify a representative in the Personnel Division."

                                                                                                      Page 3 of 4
Please read and initial indicating that you have read and understand the following important information:
 1.             I have read the preceding pages including "Hiring Criteria."
 2.             Any applicant who has not worked for WCSD within the past 6 months is considered a new prospective
                employee. Fingerprinting by WCSD, completion of a W-4 and I-9 form is are required.
                $50.00 will be deducted from the first paycheck to help defray the cost of fingerprinting and background check.
 3.             Summer School positions are temporary, hourly positions. Employees do not accrue PERS. There are
                no benefits or paid holidays during Summer School.
 4.             The appointment of teachers to a part-time Summer School teaching assignment is subject
                to and dependent upon sufficient enrollment in each individual class.
 5.             Summer School is not ESY (Extended School Year for Special Ed. students).

 6.             Summer School pay periods will follow the normal WCSD payroll schedule as during the regular school year.
                Pay dates will be July 22 and August 22.

In the classroom
 1.             All WCSD policies will be followed during Summer School
 2.             District guidelines for curriculum must be followed.
 3.             The CLASS SCHEDULE will be followed and only approved break times will be used. Summer School
                teachers may not dismiss students early for any reason. Teachers are paid only for time worked. Any
                teacher who dismisses students early and leaves will not be considered for re-hire.
 4.             ATTENDANCE POLICY and the documenting of student absence(s) in Summer School is mandatory.
                Parents or guardians must be contacted on the same day a student is absent.
 5.             The issue, return, and documentation of BOOKS in good condition is a teacher responsibility.
 6.             Infinite Campus is the official record for student attendance, citizenship, and academic performance;
                detailed and accurate records must be kept. Grade sheets must be submitted to the SCO at the conclusion
                of Summer School. Grade changes cannot be made after the start of Fall semester.
 7.             SUPERVISION OF STUDENTS to ensure safety and avoid liability must be provided before, during, and
                immediately after class.
 8.             During Summer School most teachers are assigned to a classroom that is normally used by another teacher.
                Summer School teachers are expected to respect the property of the classroom and not use items that
                belong to the regular school year teacher without express permission from the regular teacher.
 9.             Do not write on the Promethean Board. Do not confuse the Promethean Board with the white board.
The Summer School Coordinator assigned to your school location is your immediate supervisor.
Concerns or problems are to be directed to this individual.
 1.             Summer School teachers will be evaluated by their Summer School Site Coordinator. Staff evaluations will
                become part of the employee's permanent file in HR.
 2.             All substitute teachers will be assigned using WCSD AESOP. Teachers may not hire their own sub.
                Summer School teachers must request a sub through their site coordinator.
 3.             Site coordinators will have basic supplies available for teachers. Additional supplies must be requested
                through the site coordinator. Teachers will not be reimbursed for supplies they purchase on their own.
 4.             No field trips are to be taken in Summer School.
 5.             Any film shown in the classroom must first be approved by the site coordinator.
 6.             Any requested exception must be brought to the attention of the SCO administrator.

Acknowledgement/Acceptance: I have read the areas of teacher information and responsibility specific to WCSD Summer
School and agree to work within these guidelines. Failure to work within these guidelines may result in loss of employment.

Applicant signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________________

PREVIOUS RESIGNATION / DISMISSAL INFORMATION                                                                                 Page 4 or 4
If you have been dismissed, terminated, asked to resign, or asked to resign in lieu of discipline by a previous (or current) employer, or
if you are under investigation by you current employer for possible disciplinary action, a full and complete explanation must be
addressed to the attention of the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. Please place your written explanation in a sealed
envelope and attach it to your application.
In answering the following questions, be advised that if you are offered employment with the WCSD, a set of your fingerprints will
be taken and will be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for processing. The District will then receive a report
from the FBI which will contain a complete listing of any arrest and/or conviction that is on your FBI criminal history file. It is
essential, therefore, that you answer each question with complete honesty. If you are unsure about a past event, you should list it.
Please note that a “yes” answer to these questions may not necessarily disqualify you from consideration for employment. The
WCSD will consider the nature and date of the conviction, your intervening conduct, and the relationship between the conviction and
the position for which you are applying.

Have you ever been CONVICTED of any criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation (this includes, but is not limited to a
felony, gross misdemeanor, misdemeanor, DUI, etc.)? Conviction means the final judgment of a verdict or a finding of guilty, plea of
guilty, or a plea of nolo contendre in any court, regardless of whether an appeal is pending or could be taken.

                      YES please initial                               NO please initial
Do you have any outstanding arrests for which you are awaiting trial or for which a final judicial determination has not been made?
                           YES        please initial                             NO please initial
If YES to EITHER of the above questions, you must complete and include a CONVICTION INFORMATION FORM. Failure to
do so may result in the rejection of your application.
Have you ever had any credential or driver’s license suspended or revoked?
                           YES        please initial                             NO please initial

If yes, please explain and include applicable dates:

I hereby certify that all information provided by me on this employment application and all other information provided by me in the
course of applying for employment at Washoe County School District (WCSD) is truthful, accurate, and complete. I understand that
if any information provided by me on this employment application or any other information provided by me in the course of applying
for employment at WCSD is found to be false, untruthful, misleading, or incomplete that such will be cause for immediate rejection
of my application for employment. I further understand that if I am hired as an employee of WCSD and at any time thereafter it is
discovered that any information provided by me on this employment application or any other information provided by me in the
course of applying for employment at WCSD is found to be false, untruthful, misleading, or incomplete shall be sufficient cause for
disqualification or dismissal from employment.

     I hereby authorize WCSD to obtain information relating to my current and previous employment, education, criminal or personal
history records. I agree to release the WCSD, its employees, representatives, and agents from any and all liability claims or damages
for the obtaining and use of information obtained form these sources or developed as a result of contacting these sources.
     I hereby authorize any and all organizations, including but not limited to my current or previous employers, educational
institutions, etc., their employees, representatives, and agents to provide any and all information regarding my employment or
education to WCSD, its employees, representatives, and agents requesting such information. In addition to authorizing the release of
any information regarding my employment or education, I hereby fully waive any rights or claims I have against said organizations,
its employees, representatives, and agents form any and all liability claims or damages that may directly or indirectly result from the
use, disclosure, release or omission of any such information by any person or party, whether such information if favorable or
unfavorable to me. A photocopy of this release will be valid as an original even though the photocopy does not contain an original
writing of my signature.
                       I hereby certify that I have read and understand the above.

Applicant's Name (please print)                          Applicant's Signature                              Date
must be


d check.



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