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Richmond, Virginia

A visionary marketing executive with an extensive record of growing revenue through targeted research, quick execution and the ability
to quantify. Demonstrated leadership skills in creating efficient marketing teams, strategic planning, CRM, media planning, promotions,
affiliate and cause marketing, PR, e-commerce and loyalty programs. Expertise includes direct marketing, market & consumer research,
SWOT analysis, revenue-sharing programs, email marketing, web marketing, social marketing and tactical grass-roots marketing.
Professional accomplishments include speaking engagements, professional group and non-profit board participation, and recognition
awards. I have progressive experience at Fortune 100 corporations; growing, privately-held organizations and performing hands-on
marketing consulting services for clients.

Professional Experience
CMO Retail Solutions LLC, Richmond, VA. (www.cmoretailsolutions.com)                                           June, 2009      - Present
Created a start-up marketing development venture with a focus on retail interim-CMO services, and integrating ROI-centric
programs for clients.

       Our mission is to provide interim-CMO services with a focus on creating cutting edge, low-cost, high ROI-centric marketing
        platforms for our retail clients that can utilize a blend of existing and outsourcing resources.
       Proven, ROI-positive platforms to grow sales and market share, with a focus on pay-per-performance.
       Services include strategic plan development, optimization of marketing and CRM groups, loyalty and reward programs,
        market / product / consumer research, affinity and affiliate marketing, social marketing applications, direct and CRM, viral
        and tactical outreach, e-commerce solutions, integrated advertising, SEO, SEM, B-to-C marketing platforms, strategic
        product placement and custom solutions, as needed.
       Senior Advisor, Gives Back Company, LLC.
       Marketing / PR Advisor, The Virginia Capital Trail Foundation
       Principle of a new internet venture to help small businesses create, develop and execute self-service marketing programs –

S&K FAMOUS BRANDS, INC / S&K MENSWEAR, Richmond, VA                                                         Sept., 2007 – June, 2009
Vice-President, Marketing
Led eight-person marketing team for a 200 unit menswear retail and e-commerce organization with annual sales of $160 million.

       Agency RFP creation, selection and team/culture integration with multiple, specialized marketing agencies .
       Develop and execute new multi-channel branding campaign with new creative, PR, broadcast, print and digital
       Reorganized marketing support structure from a 12 person media team to an 8 person integrated retail marketing
        group. Introduced in-house creative and marketing effectiveness team members.
       Launched Style Rewards customer loyalty program, several affinity and affiliate relationship partnerships including
        S&K Gives Back; re-launched e-commerce site, which resulted in sales increasing 100% in our first year, with
        traffic exceeding one million annual visitors.
       Earned a Virginia Silver ADDY Award for National Television campaign in 2009.
       Earned a Davey Award for “best integrated marketing campaign” for new Style Rewards Loyalty program in 2009.

                                                                                                                         2006 – 2007
City, NY
Independent Marketing Consulting
Provide independent marketing consulting services for Macy’s North Division (formerly Marshall Fields) and Macy’s Central Home
division (NYC).

       Improve marketing / media planning process, formalize communication, reorganization development and improve marketing
        reporting at Macy’s North division and Macy’s Home division.

HECHT'S, A DIVISION OF MAY DEPARTMENT STORES, INC., Arlington, VA                                                        2003 - 2006
Vice-President, Director of Marketing / Advertising
Led all marketing financial, media, information systems and production at Hecht's / Strawbridge's, an 80 unit department store chain
with annual sales of $2.4 billion.

       Responsibilities include media (broadcast, newspaper, circulars, direct marketing, web), production (traffic, image-
        editing, color retouching, print release), information systems, account services and finance and planning.
       Accountable for annual marketing budget of $135 million.
       Led team of 48 associates, with 7 direct reports.
       Improve overall advertising ROI by 41%; by shifting media dollars to more productive markets / media.
       Approve and provide input regarding all direct marketing, circular and newspaper print creative.
       Create, manage and communicate retail competitive-analysis.
                                                                                                                        2002 – 2003
Director, Marketing Finance and Planning
Led all marketing media planning and financial functions relating to $125 million annual marketing expense budget.

       Successfully created market-specific media plans, based on extensive quantitative and qualitative research.
       Responsible for corporate reporting, developing budgets, forecasting all advertising expense.

MEIER & FRANK, A DIVISION OF MAY DEPARTMENT STORES, INC., Portland, OR                                                  2000 - 2002
Vice-President, Director of Marketing / Advertising
Led all financial, media and production marketing at Meier & Frank, a 15 unit department store chain with annual sales in excess of
$500 million.

       Responsibilities include media (broadcast, newspaper, direct marketing, outdoor), traffic & production, information
        systems, account services and finance and planning.
       Accountable for $32 million annual marketing budget, in addition to planning and collecting $15 million in vendor
       Led team of 23 associates with 7 direct reports.
       Initiated consumer market research, including focus groups and qualitative research such as Scarborough and
       Initiated $1.2 million in profit improvement expense savings in 2001.

Director of Marketing Planning and Analysis                                                                              1999 - 2001
Led all marketing planning and analysis functions. Reported directly to SVP – Sales Promotion.

       Prepared and updated all financial plans and reports.
       Included preparation of over 75 different reports for each seasonal submission to corporate headquarters.
       Developed marketing strategy and expense plan for a major acquisition, which increased our sales by 50%.
        Planning included newspaper lineage, direct mail circulation modules and broadcast TRP levels. Utilized extensive
        market research.

Manager, Advertising and Planning                                                                                        1998 - 1999
Accountable for all advertising and media planning, forecasting and analysis.

       Managed $25 million annual marketing budget. Worked directly with senior management and merchants.
       Awarded "Sales Support Executive of the year" in 1999.

Manager, Direct Mail Advertising                                                                                         1995 - 1998
Managed all aspects of direct mail department. Accountabilities included bidding / awarding all printing / pre-press color, ordering
and purchasing paper, developing production schedules, managing mail-house functions, budgeting and forecasting, as well as target
marketing and response analysis. Managed an $8 million direct marketing budget with annual circulation of 10 million pieces.

                                                                                                                         1993 - 1995
Director of Database-Marketing
Created a database-marketing department for a fast growing 17-unit home furnishings retailer with annual sales of $300 million.
Over a 2 year period, significantly reduced expense and increased response productivity by 132%.

                                                                                                                         1990 - 1993
Traffic Manager / Marketing Manager / Media Director


       BA - Business Administration / Marketing, Minor in History - Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR.
       Executive Certificate – Personal Financial Planning, Sept 2006 – June 2007, Georgetown University, Washington DC.
       Certified Social Media Strategist – Social Media Magic University – Feb., 2010

Leadership & Non-Profit Affiliation

       Virginia Capital Trail Foundation (Richmond, Va.) – Marketing Advisor (current)
       Advertising Federation (Richmond, Va.) – Executive Member (current)
       Advertising Federation (Portland, OR.) – Board Member (past)
       Volunteer (Richmond, Va.) – SPCA (current)
2010 Testimonials

“Bryan is one of the most innovative and intelligent Chief Marketing Officers that I've had the pleasure of working with. His industry
knowledge is second to none and his ability to craft successful ROI-centric marketing programs is more important now than ever."
Jonathan Treiber,
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, RevTrax, Inc. (New York, NY)

“Bryan is a strategic, creative CMO who knows how to build a team to accomplish goals with clarity of purpose. I had the distinct
pleasure of working with Bryan firsthand, experiencing his brand building management style.
As an advertising executive with more than 25 years of experience with national accomplishments, I have worked with top clients
from Zales to Wal-Mart and unabashedly recommend Bryan as a talented leader and an exceptional marketing executive who can
provide a competitive edge to any company.”
Joe Romeo,
President, Romeo Advertising, LLC (Nashville, TN.)

“Bryan has worked with me on several different projects at Macy's. I would recommend him based on his marketing expertise, his
ability to gather information and develop a plan and his execution and follow through. Bryan demonstrated strong leadership skills
and quickly identified solutions to my organizational, planning and reporting challenges in the marketing finance and workflow areas.
Results were almost immediate and proved to be long standing. He is an asset to any company looking for clear and definitive
Paul G. Cavalli,
SVP Media & Marketing Strategy, Macy’s, Inc. (New York, NY)

“Bryan and his team are resourceful and creative at designing cost-effective promotions and events that create an immediate
business result. He developed a loyalty program for our business and established several new affiliate and affinity marketing
programs that paid for themselves quickly by bringing new customers to our stores. He has very good ideas regarding how to
leverage the internet for driving traffic to both on-line and traditional retail stores. His network of partners responded quickly and
professionally with quality proposals whenever we had a need. I would highly recommend Bryan and his team for anyone seeking a
creative, cost-effective partner for their promotional and marketing needs. “
Joseph A. Oliver, III
Former President & Chief Executive Officer, S&K Menswear, Inc. (Richmond, Va.)

“Baum Communications has been working with Bryan since December of 2007. During this time we developed successful strategies
to drive retail-store traffic and created a telemarketing partnership with S&K Menswear focused on setting in-store wedding
appointments. Calls were made within 48 hours of a bride's visit to the S&K booth at hundreds of bridal shows across the
country. Together, we produced outstanding results that were well above industry standards. Bryan has provided outstanding
leadership and has provided a platform for forward-thinking marketing. He has shown a willingness to test new concepts and try new
Andrew Baum,
President of Baum Communications, LLC (Washington DC)

“Bryan is professional, sales-driven, collaborative, supportive, and detail-oriented individual. I had the pleasure to work with Bryan
twice as his supervisor and can say that his follow through is excellent and the content that you receive is well thought out and
factually accurate. In his character is the desire to learn and grow, which he has done in the years following our time together. His
understanding of sales promotion and marketing is strong and his ability to help others solve problems is proven with each new
client that he connects with. He is completely trustworthy and always puts your needs first – yet he will not hesitate to convince you
of a new, more powerful suggestion, should it be appropriate. I can recommend him for any marketing position, client or project
needed, at any level.”
Laura Rutenis,
Former VP Advertising at Meier & Frank, SVP Sales Promotion at Hecht’s and most recently, SVP Marketing at Macy’s Midwest (St.
Louis, Mo.)

“Bryan never fails to impress. I remember sitting in the audience at a Retail Merchants event and he was on the stage as part of a
panel discussion on innovation in the retail industry. Bryan's presentation was head and shoulders above the rest and it was very
clear that Bryan's vision for retail innovation is driven by unparalleled experience, solid strategy and a desire to sit firmly on the
cutting edge. Retail success is not just Bryan's job, it's his passion and he is incredibly gifted at creating results that are nothing
short of spectacular.”
Daniel Durazo,
Director of External Communications, Mondial Assistance Corp. (Richmond, Va.)

“Bryan is an innovative and creative, marketing executive. Bryan's ability to understand the impact of effective marketing on the
entire organization is one of his many admirable traits. Our entire organization learned a lot about marketing through his leadership.
Bryan is the consummate professional; any organization will benefit from his enormous talent.”
Maurice Smith,
Former SVP, Store Operations, S&K Menswear, Inc. (Richmond, Va.)

“Bryan is a great supervisor to work for. His calm demeanor helps all of us through our busy days. His willingness to try new ideas
and push forward has really allowed me to grow as a designer. The opportunities I have gained and the things I have learned from
Bryan make each day exciting and rewarding.”
Andrew Harver,
Former Art Director, S&K Menswear, Inc. (Richmond, Va.)

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