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Modern French Cuisine takes centre stage in this classy fine dining restaurant which was opened
in partnership between award-winning chef Gunther Hubrechsen and Roberto Galetti representing
the Garibaldi Group.

The two year old restaurant has already made a name for itself when it was named Asia’s 4th
finest restaurants in the 2008/2009 edition of The Miele Guide. Last year, Gunther’s was named
“New Restaurant of the Year” in the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence 2009 and
most recently voted into the prestigious S. Pellegrino World’s Best 100 Restaurants 2010 at
number 84, as well as Asia’s Top 7th restaurant in the 2009/2010 edition of The Miele Guide.

Residing at the swanky Purvis Street, GUNTHER’S bring about sophisticated French fare to the
chic fine dining scene. The meticulously-crafted restaurant, whose name yields the personality of
Gunther himself, the man behind this establishment, depicts the realization of a dream that he has
over the years - that is a place to call his home.

Standing at 2000 square foot, the restaurant exudes opulence yet affable style, which evokes a
uniquely French sentiment of Gunther, while adhering to his affirmation of simplicity, details and
elegance that are well-reflected in his style of cooking. One will notice the panel art piece as well
as the bar & ceiling boiserie when one enters the restaurant. Inspired by Art Nouveau, which was
adopted widely in Belgium- the birthplace of Gunther, its style translates the international style of
art, architecture and design that peaked in popularity at the early 20th century. Its characteristics is
infused with highly-stylised flowing, curvilinear designs that embodies fauna and floral motifs. In
harmonizing the personality of the restaurant that has been consciously conceived, it also
showcases some of the tastefully designed furniture pieces with top of the line brands such as
icon lamp Atollo from Oluce; wall lamps from Nostos Vetrerie Murano and topping it off with
leather chairs from FRAG – an emerging design brand of leather furniture.

“I wanted the focus to be on my food and my guests to feel at home when they come,”says
Gunther of the warm, almost gallery-like space where his gourmet cuisine would take centre
stage. “In this way, when they sit down, they will realize that my food is the main attraction.”

After working over five years in Singapore with Les Amis Group, Gunther is thrilled that he now
has the opportunity to truly research at the stove and present the cuisine that he can truly call his

“Cooking is my passion,” he confesses. “What I’m doing here is simple, honest food; cooking
that comes from the heart. I’ll have to admit that a great amount of effort goes into this sort of

Gunther’s food is down-to-earth – like the man himself – yet deftly executed to perfection with
elegance and finesse. His gift lies in his ability to re-interpret classic dishes and flavours,
breathing new life into them in terms of both taste and presentation. He devises unusual flavour
                           36, Purvis Street, #01-03 Singapore 188613
              Tel 6338 8955 Fax 6337 3770 email
combinations with delicate sensitivity, resulting in dishes that are pleasurable to eat, yet a novel
to experience. Equally central to his culinary distinction is his passionate belief in plating each
dish to heighten its visual appeal. The chef frames each of his dishes with an artist’s eye and
constantly aims to fashion gastronomic works of art that pleases both eye and palate.

Gunther’s followings will recognise his signature dishes like the Cold Angel’s Hair Pasta with
Oscietra Caviar gorgeously scented with truffle that remains a favourite as well as the delectably
crispy Suckling Pig with Kriek Beer Sauce. Other creations such as the Carpaccio of Wagyu Beef
“Tartare” style is served with crispy potato –a beautiful contrast against the marbled Wagyu beef;
the Floating Island of Champignon de Paris on Consommé of Poultry is a magical concoction
with the rich taste of egg yolk and mushrooms in every mouthful. Apart from his signature
desserts like the delicious Fine Tart of Apple a la Dragees with Vanilla ice-cream or the warm
soufflé with daily flavours, Chef Gunther will surprise you with his whimsical creations that are
always a delightful treat.

More than 350 labels of wine with majority from France have been carefully selected in pairing
with Chef Gunther`s creations to complete the diner’s gastronomic experience.

The Restaurant show high flexibility with its main dining room that can accommodate up to 25
customer and 2 private rooms with separate entrance for private parties from 2 up to 18 customer;
simultaneously one can enjoy a great selection of Champagne on the comfortable sofa at the
small but elegant bar.

The music that will be played in the restaurant has significance as Ramesh from Meshtrax
Singapore - a well known music consultancy firm has been engaged to create a unique
compilation of various mixes of mood settings to perfect the entire atmosphere.

Gunther’s is open Monday to Saturday for lunch from 12pm to 3pm and for dinner from 6.30pm
to 10.30 pm.

The set lunch menu offers a choice between 3 appetizers, three main courses, plus dessert, coffee
or tea is priced at $38 while the six course tasting menu featuring the best from a la carte is
available at the cost of $128. Gunther will also prepare an extraordinary Vegetables menu upon
customer’s request.

But be in for a surprise if you ask for “Carte Blanche” - a typical Gunther`s expression where he
will decide for you!

                         36, Purvis Street, #01-03 Singapore 188613
              Tel 6338 8955 Fax 6337 3770 email
About the Chef…
At the age of 16, Gunther Hubrechsen began his professional culinary training at the Bruges
Culinary Institute Voor Voeding (IVV), Ter Groene Poorte, in Belgium. He has since been
cultivating his own unique style of cooking as an advocate of “natural cuisine”.

Of Belgian descent, he worked his way through the ranks in several renowned restaurants in
Belgium, including Le Bouquet, and Restaurant Gravin van Buren before moving on to France.
There, his efforts earned him a position from trainee to sous-chef under his mentor Chef Alain
Passard at his three-star Michelin restaurant, L’Arpège in Paris, where he worked for 5 years.

In 2002 Gunther arrived in Singapore to work with the Les Amis Group. Thanks to his dedication
and talent, he brought Les Amis restaurant to 83rd position in the UK Restaurant Magazine’s list
of Best 100 Restaurants in 2007.

That very same year, his dream to own his own restaurant was realized when he collaborated with
Roberto Galetti of Garibaldi Group to open Gunther’s Restaurant in Purvis Street. The modern
yet classy French fine dining restaurant was opened to great acclaim on 2nd August 2007.

Gunther’s cutting edge style & flair using natural jus and slow cooking techniques to enhance the
flavors of a dish offer a refreshing change to classic French food. This modern angle emphasizes
the importance of textures and flavors and leaves no margin for error in the kitchen.

Reflections of seasons are found in his menus, which change quarterly to include the world’s
finest ingredients.

“The simplest technique of cooking is actually the most difficult because there is nothing to
camouflage any mistakes,” says Gunther.

His cooking philosophy finally earned him the award of Rising Chef of the Year at the World
Gourmet Summit in 2006.

Today, Gunther enjoys being at home in his own kitchen and to present the cuisine he can truly
call his own.

                        36, Purvis Street, #01-03 Singapore 188613
             Tel 6338 8955 Fax 6337 3770 email
Gunther’s Fact Sheet

36 Purvis Street, #01-03, Singapore 188613

Telephone 6338 8955


Opening hours:

Closed on Sunday

Monday to Saturday: 12-3 pm

Monday to Saturday: 6.30-10.30pm

Seating capacity:
25 to 35 seats in the main dining room.
2 to 11 seats with a big round table into the first private room
18 to 24 seats in a rectangular table into the second private room

Date of Opening:
2 August 2007

Average bill per guest:

Set lunch available at $38++. Choice of 3 appetizers and three main courses, includes dessert and
coffee or tea. A la carte menu, Vegetarian menu and Tasting menu is also available.

Tasting Menu 6-courses $128++
A la carte menu and Vegetarian menu is also available

                         36, Purvis Street, #01-03 Singapore 188613
              Tel 6338 8955 Fax 6337 3770 email
Signature dishes


Cold Angel’s Hair Pasta, Oscietra caviar
Roasted Foie Gras, crushed candied almonds, confit of seasonal fruits
Carpaccio of Langoustine, Oscietra caviar, light crème, chives, extra virgin olive oil
Floating island of Champignons de Paris on consommé of poultry


Oven roasted “Côte de Boeuf”, flambée au Cognac
Salted-baked sea bass, seasonal fragrance, rice pilaf
Suckling pig with kriek beer sauce


Fine tart of apple a la dragees, vanilla ice cream
Sabayon of Champagne, chocolate, blood orange, vanilla
Warm soufflé, daily flavours

Wine list:

Range wines by bottles starting at $80 up to $9000
A wide selection of champagne, red wine, white wine and dessert wine by the glass is also

For media enquiries, please contact:

Teresa Koh at 8333 0426 or
Email to

                         36, Purvis Street, #01-03 Singapore 188613
              Tel 6338 8955 Fax 6337 3770 email

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