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									 *            RETAIL dESIgN AwARdS

                                The RED Awards (formerly known
                                as the Retail Design Awards) were
                                announced at a sparkling function
                                on 27 June at Pontoon in Auckland.

                                              he awards are about         Westfield Albany, many of which have

                                              promoting excellence        taken design awards.
                                              in retail design and
                                                                          Trudy is the managing editor of
                                              recognising the
                                                                          NZRetail and has an extensive
                                              contribution of
                                                                          background in retail and multi-media,
                                designers and shopfitters to the
                                                                          encompassing both New Zealand
                                retail industry.
                                                                          and South Africa. As a contributing
                                All of the 56 entries – which included    member of SA’s Pick n’ Pay
                                10 international projects carried out     Hypermarket Merchants Association,
                                by New Zealand designers and              she employed her media talents to
                                shopfitters – were presented and          help market the FMCG giant. She has
                                initially judged on-line. To select the   been involved in retail publications
                                overall winner, the judges convened       for many years and with NZRetail
                                in Auckland and made store visits to      since 2002.
                                confirm their selection.
                                                                          Angela is a talented designer and

                                The Judges: This year saw two of last     entrepreneur with a personal
                                year’s judges, Gabrielle Bevin Smith      philosophy to create environments
                                and Trudy Cliff welcomed back. The        that inspire innovation, provide
                                third judge, Angela Roper, completed      opportunities and promote
                                a diverse and qualified team, each        communities within New Zealand.
                                bringing a unique take on the criteria.   She’s worked with numerous
                                All the judges have a passion and         designers and businesses giving
                                enthusiasm for design and innovation      advice on brand development,
                                in retail.                                marketing and PR. She has also been
                                Gabrielle has worked in the design        a council member for the Designers
                                industry since graduating from            Institute of New Zealand and an
                                Victoria’s University’s School of         advisory board chairperson for
                                Architecture and Design in 1995. For      Masters of Design Management
                                the past eight years, her role has        at Unitec.
                                concentrated on consistent delivery
                                of quality design fit-outs for major
                                shopping centre developer, manager
                                and owner, Westfield New Zealand.
                                                                             red AwArds
     Photography by Ewen Café

                                Her current role as team leader of the
                                Retail Design Department, she and              Proudly brought to you by
                                her team oversee all retail design
                                concepts and fit-outs to ensure the
                                highest standards are reached. A
                                recent achievement has been the
                                opening of 140 new stores in

                                                                                             ISSUE 675 NZRETAIL
  *            RETAIL dESIgN AwARdS

Supreme Award winner Ed Hardy is inspired by the great Don Ed Hardy known as “the godfather of modern tattoo”.

supreme                                            brand: the suspended black high gloss              to explore every part of it. Love the     innovative details create a unique
                                                   lacquer, sloping ceiling feature with              changing rooms! The storefront makes      environment which results in a
AwArd winner                                       mounted ‘dagger’ mirror acrylic motif,             a very strong statement, but it does      stand-out experience overall. It will
ED Hardy, Nuffield Street                          the floor and wall hand painted                    reflect the traditional bright and busy   certainly give a bit of attitude to
                                                   ‘tattoos’, the outrageous fitting rooms            approach usually seen in tattoo salons    Nuffield St!”
Don Ed Hardy is known as “the                      that surprise you with the eye opening             entrances. There is great use of          Designer: Adrian Nancekivell Design.
godfather of modern tattoo”, for his               graphics, the shopfront bright red                 imagery, texture and lighting. These      Shopfitter: Shears & Mac4.
sophistication, depth and sense of                 neon signs and the red LED toe kicks
experimentation. Christian Audigier                reference the tattoo parlor origins of
purchased the rights to his artwork in             the brand.
order to bring tattoo culture into the
                                                   Visual interest is further evolved by the
world of fashion, incorporating
                                                   contrast between high reflectivity of
vintage-inspired contemporary styles
                                                   the gloss lacquer and mirror acrylic and
with tattoo-cultural themes,
                                                   the rough texture of the added
assimilating these prints onto T-shirts,
                                                   recycled brick walls and rough cast
bikinis, sunglasses and more.
The Ed Hardy store on Nuffield Street              The finished space embodies the
signals the launch of this brash, bawdy,           brand and reinforces its values to the
stylish, fun and exclusive brand into              customer, making the customer feel
New Zealand. The space had to                      part of a unique and exclusive club;
represent this feeling of freedom,                 membership of which they advertise
rebellion and rock’n’roll crossed with             by wearing the merchandise.
the audacity of glamour and celebrity.
                                                   The judges say: “This is a very funky
The 99m2 site, situated within the                 store with an immensely strong brand
trendy precinct, was stripped to its               integration and concept. The overall
bare qualities and injected with the               effect is fantastic and makes you want

 *            RETAIL dESIgN AwARdS

                                                                                                                                                                                        Photography by Simon Devitt.
Above and below Queenies Lunchroom has a wonderful retro feel which impressed the judges.   Above and below It was the refreshing take on the Kiwiana theme that set Auckland Airport
                                                                                            Expanded Arrivals Pier B apart from the rest.

group AwArd                                      and minimalist and this has certainly      group AwArd                                       to define or accentuate a space was
                                                 been met. This is a bold move with a                                                         subtle but emphasised features and
nourishment                                      distinct flavour. Overall great result.    leisure                                           created direction for the eye and the
Overall Winner:                                                                             Overall winner:                                   flow of passengers. The finish is sublime,
                                                 Designer: Clark Brown Architects.
Queenies Lunchroom                                                                          Auckland Airport Expanded                         the carpet is great. Congratulations for
                                                 Shopfitter: Scope Projects.                                                                  getting the client to go with it. This is
The mix of pattern, colour, materials                                                       Arrivals Pier B
                                                 Congratulations to the division winners:                                                     something to be very proud of.
and fixtures could easily have been a                                                       Showcasing New Zealand to new
                                                 NZ Farm Co.                                                                                  Designer: Adrian Nancekivell Design and
garish disaster, but this is actually quite                                                 arrivals in a very sophisticated manner.
                                                 Designer: Allistar Cox Architecture.                                                         Stephenson & Turner Architects.
inspired. This is a unique, stand-out                                                       ‘Kiwiana’ elements such as local
                                                 Shopfitter: RH Page Limited.                                                                 Shopfitter: Hawkins Construction.
design concept with an innovative mix                                                       patterns, textures and colours, are
of colour, finishes & details. The brief         Onion Johnny. Designer: Burning Red        executed in a subtle and sophisticated            There were no other division winners
required something that wasn’t slick             Design. Shopfitter: Vision Interiors.      manner avoiding cliche. The use of line           in this category.

Above and below The attention to detail, such as in the changing room below, makes for an     Above and below F.L. Bone Kitchener really has the wow factor.
intriguing space.

group AwArd                                       The hand-painted floor and wall ‘tattoos’   group AwArd                                        forms this very utilitarian space into a
                                                  really kick.                                                                                   space with wonderful ambience with a
personAl                                                                                      home                                               lot of ‘spice’. The use of the element
                                                  Designer: Adrian Nancekivell Design.
Overall winner:                                                                               Overall winner:                                    shape throughout the store, especially in
                                                  Shopfitter: Shears & Mac4.
ED Hardy, Nuffield Street                                                                     F.L Bone Kitchener, Auckland                       the knives, is clever without being
                                                  Congratulations to the division                                                                over-designed. This is an excellent
                                                                                              This is a true example of design and
Tattoo culture meets fashion with an              winners:                                                                                       response to the client brief.
                                                                                              brand integration with colour and design
innovative, powerful brand identity. The          Essity. Designer: Allistar Cox              elements cohesively integrated                     Designer: Space Studio.
attention to detail ensures the ‘tattoo’          Architecture. Shopfitter: Peter Hanns.      throughout the store. The design                   Shopfitter: Axis Projects.
                                                                                              successfully draws you in and through
theme runs seamlessly throughout the              David Keefee Jewellers, St Lukes.                                                              Congratulations to the division winner:
                                                                                              the space – something not often
store without overpowering the                    Designer: Adrian Nancekivell Design.        achieved in a retail space. The perfect            Beds r Us Wairu Park. Designer: Space
merchandise.                                      Shopfitter: Dimension Shopfitters.          selection of materials and fittings trans-         Studio. Shopfitter: Axis Projects.

                                                                                                                                                                        ISSUE 675 NZRETAIL
  *            RETAIL dESIgN AwARdS

According to the judges Rodd and Gunn really have retail down pat.

internAtionAl                                      This tenancy at 265m2 is larger than any       and leathers are used. Our client’s brief     brand. The designers have captured the
                                                   recent stores and featured increased           stressed “authenticity” in all materials      ‘lodge’ atmosphere brilliantly creating a
AwArd                                              floor space, particularly in and around        keeping with the merchandise. There           very welcoming space - you would
Overall winner: Rodd & Gunn,                       the fitting room area to pamper the            were some adjustments made to the             swear you there was a log fire going
Chatswood Chase (Sydney,                           customer. The area is divided into a           palate for the Sydney (and shops further      somewhere. Every square meter has
Australia)                                         number of lodge-like rooms that reveal a       North) in that the schist fireplace was       been considered. Rodd and Gunn really
                                                   variety of settings and merchandising as       dropped and sisal rugs, along with            have retail down pat.”
The latest version of Rodd & Gunn’s
                                                   customers move around the store.               canvas curtains, added to make the            Designer: Gascoigne Associates Ltd.
brand rejuvenation is located within
                                                                                                  interior seem more familiar to Australians    Shopfitter: Fitzgeralds Shopfitting [Aust]
Sydney’s upmarket, and recently                    The lodge atmosphere is reinforced with        used to more tropical lodges.                 Pty. Ltd.
upgraded, Chatswood Chase mall. We                 “real” materials. Stone, solid timber, skins
have recently been reimaging the                                                                  The result has been very well received by
Rodd & Gunn chain, some 20 years                                                                  existing customers and has attracted
since the last major modification to the                                                          many new ones. Proof of this is
iconic brand. Our client’s brief was to                                                           demonstrated by the turnover increase
replicate the ambience of an upmarket,                                                            of nearly 50 per cent (April 2008 vs April
South Island lodge in order to evoke                                                              2009) experienced by this store despite
the casual sophistication of this                                                                 retail sales generally being down across
distinctly New Zealand architectural                                                              the board.
form, as well as to attract the same                                                              The judges said: “Rodd and Gunn just
target customers to the stores. Most                                                              keep getting it right. This is a strong and
recently the focus for the rollout has                                                            clear total design concept where the
been in Australia (where the brand is                                                             brand is clearly identified and
the biggest) with a number of                                                                     strengthened through the many aspects
“super-stores” currently being created.                                                           of the fitout. Rodd and Gunn continue to
The fitout came in under the $500,000                                                             move forward in retail design while
budget.                                                                                           maintaining the same essence of the

 *             RETAIL dESIgN AwARdS
sponsors AwArds
                           joinery AwArd                                                            shop front AwArd
                                              building, its location and the                                                   spanning the entire shop front.
                                              direction the previous store designs                                             Centrally pivoting, they open to 90
                                              were heading it was decided that                                                 degrees to give a louver type
                                              this store was to be something                                                   entrance to the brands trademark
                                              quite special. A little bit of L.A. in                                           gallery type space. White walls and
                                              the middle of Auckland. With                                                     concrete floors are warmed up with
                                              inspiration drawn from modern mid                                                the use of cork for the change room
                                              century influences, this fit out                                                 wall cladding and cedar batten
     Moochi Refinery – Personal,              seemed to just come together.             Moochi Undercover – Personal,          boxes for display tables and seats.
     Apparel Division                                                                   Apparel Division.
                                              Designer: Chris Taylor. Shopfitter:                                              Designer: Chris Taylor. Shopfitter:
                                                                                        In a sea of floor to ceiling glass
     At Moochi we feel store fit outs is      CTC Construction Ltd                      Moochi Undercover stands out           CTC Construction Ltd.
     only the result of creating an overall          Proudly sponsored by               from the other stores. The store
     atmosphere, an ‘experience’ for the                                                front was the complete opposite          Proudly
     customer. Given the design of the                                                  with five 3.6m high metal doors          sponsored by

                      flooring AwArd                                                                      colour AwArd
                                              shop norm. The brief called for a                                                vertical battens, from tango through
                                              separate women’s area (to the lower                                              to sail blue create a shifting harmony
                                              floor) and slightly larger men’s area                                            of hue; a different combination from
                                              to the upper floor. Our client wanted                                            every angle. Exposed lighting
                                              a distinctly different look and feel to
                                                                                                                               battens on a richly lacquered wall
                                              each space but with some
                                                                                                                               lead the way upstairs, to bathrooms
                                              commonality of fixture systems.
                                              Carpet tiles and slat-wall compatible                                            splashed in a fever of hot pink.
                                              fixtures were also part of the brief.                                            Designer: Allistar Cox Architecture.
     North Beach Surf & Skate –                                                         Mojo Kumototo – Nourishment,
                                              Designer: Barry & Carolyn Dee                                                    Shopfitter: Hanns Builders and
     Personal, Apparel Division                                                         Foodcourt, Day Cafes, Gourmet
                                              Shopfitter: Gascoigne Associates Ltd.                                            Joiners
     When Albany’s iconic surf retailer                                                 Food Division
     North Beach decided to move to a                                                   The brief for this site was about
                                                     Proudly                                                                   Proudly
     nearby, two-storey tenancy they                                                    bringing Mojo’s vibrant philosophy
                                                     sponsored by                                                              sponsored by
     wanted to go beyond the skate                                                      to Wellington’s waterfront. Coloured

     signAge & grAphics AwArd                                                                           lighting AwArd
                                              a story of the concept. The finishes                                             and cream and the warm mahogany
                                              include reflective colour backed                                                 timber restate a feeling of luxury and
                                              glass with highlights of copper,                                                 quality. The decision to steer away
                                              timber and 2 pot lacquer. Each site                                              from typical retail lighting was
                                              has a large format print which adds                                              forgone for a moodily lit resolution
                                              impact to the walls. This same                                                   that was kinder on the skin.
                                              image is used on the takeaway bags                                               Recessed ceiling troughs lined with
                                              which we had printed locally in                                                  brass contain ordered spots,
                                              India.                                                                           allowing broad compass to light the
     The Coffee Club – Nourishment,                                                     Essity – Personal, Health & Beauty     expanse of shelving.
                                              Designer: Redesign Interior
     Foodcourt, Day Cafes, Gourmet                                                      Division
                                              Architecture Ltd. Shopfitter: Clynne &                                           Designer: Allistar Cox Architecture.
                                                                                        The focus is on showcasing a New
     Food                                     Wright Construction Ltd.                                                         Shopfitter: Peter Hanns
                                                                                        Zealand product line. Dark timber
     The rebranding concept encom-                   Proudly sponsored by               panels create a progressive move-      Proudly sponsored by
     passing the overall finishes, logo,                                                ment leading people through the
     catch phrases and imagery that told                                                space. Rich elegant colours of gold


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