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         Kulmbach – a town and its Unimogs

                                                              Plenty – that’s new in Eastern Germany

                         Film star on the Salt Lake

                         Experts meet on the racing circuit
                                                                                                         UNIMOG HOMEPAGE:

      Editorial                                                                                         Our title pictures
Tradition and progress                                                                              3
                                                                                                        The German town of
                                                                                                        Kulmbach in the Upper
                                                                                                        Franconia region, cele-
                                                                                                        brated for brewing the
        Sales organisation                                                                              world’s strongest beer,
                                                                                                        bought its first Unimog
Reference client with varied activities                                                           4-5   over 40 years ago. To
                                                                                                        this very day, these all-
Backbone of a modern service provider                                                             5-6   purpose machines form
Ideal in combination                                                                                7   the backbone of munici-
                                                                                                        pal activities such as      town authorities plan to buy
Signs of a new era                                                                                8-9   winter road services,       new vehicles for future
                                                                                                        cleaning, road and          mechanisation needs (see
Contract service provider and genuine Unimog fan                                               10-11    waterway maintenance        pages 5+6)
                                                                                                        and mowing. In the next
Unimog ‘Added Value Weeks’:                                                                             seven to eight years the
customer proximity and service                                                                 12-13
                                                                                                                                            A growing number of
Unimog with implement runs straight and true                                                       14                                       new sections of the
                                                                                                                                            ‘Autobahn’ highway have
Fit for the summer after tough winter duties?                                                      15                                       been opened in Eastern
                                                                                                                                            Germany. The State of
                                                                                                                                            Saxony-Anhalt has deve-
                                                                                                                                            loped new concepts for
          Unimog International                                                                                                              the efficient, economical
                                                                                                                                            upkeep of this road
Unimog firefighting tankers and Mercedes-Benz trucks                                                                                        network. The highways
                                                                                                                                            department in Plötzkau
delivered for forest firefighting in Spain                                                         16                                       relies on a U 500 for this
                                                                                                                                            work (page 7)
Belgium relies on Unimog for firefighting                                                          17
A song for some, hard work for others                                                              18
The off-road construction-site specialist                                                          19
Successful presentation in Slovenia                                                               20
No problems on the ski slopes                                                                     20
Lithuanian Army chooses Unimog                                                                    20
From the Black Forest to the Salt Flats                                                            21

                                                                                                        This Unimog is on the celebrated Sachsenring motor racing
    UNISCOPE                                                                                            circuit. In March of this year the Unimog Division held a
                                                                                                        meeting of experts in conjunction with Unimog-System-Part-
More versatile, more economical in the long run                                                   22    ner Schmidt Winterdienst and the circuit’s own road safety
                                                                                                        centre. The aim: improving road safety when performing
Love for detail                                                                                   22    winter services on the roads (page 14)
Land of the rising sun                                                                            22
Ideal for the island                                                                              23                                          A spectacular film
                                                                                                                                              featured DaimlerChrys-
                                                                                                                                              ler products on the Salt
                         Published by:                                                                                                        Flats in Utah – and natu-
                         DaimlerChrysler AG, Unimog Division                                                                                  rally the Unimog was
                         Responsible at publisher:                                                                                            invited along too! Pain-
                         Dieter Sellnau, Unimog Division                                                                                      ted in gleaming silver, it
                                                                                                                                              made a lasting impres-
 D A T A

                         Coordination:                                                                                                        sion even when seen in
                         Martin Adam, Unimog Division                                                                                         the company of A, C, E
                         Editorial committee:                                                                                                 and S Class passenger
                         Martin Adam, Dieter Mutard, Karin Weidenbacher                                                                       cars – including the
                                                                                                                                              exclusive SL, SLK and
 P U B L I S H E R ’ S

                         Contributors to this issue:                                                                                          CLK models (page 21)
                         Articles: Dieter Mutard, Stefan Loeffler
                         Photos: DWM Pressebüro und Verlag, Unimog Division
                         English translations: Colin Brazier, Munich
                                                                                                           Company stamp
                         Editorial office address:
                         DaimlerChrysler AG, Unimog Division,
                         Vertrieb Marketing, 76568 Gaggenau, Germany
                         Dieter Mutard DWM Pressebüro und Verlag, Ringstrasse 11, 8908 Ulm,
                         Germany; Telephone +49 (0)7 31-9 62 89-0, Fax +49 (0)731-9 62 89-30
                         The next issue will be published in September 2002.
                         The publishers accept no responsibility for unsolicited copy or photographs.
                         Printed on paper bleched without chlorine
                         Printed in the Federal Republic of Germany

Tradition and progress – the Unimog
U 300 - U 500 implement carriers
                                                                                                                              “Many aspects of
                                                                                                                              the work under-
                                                                                                                              taken by public
                                                                                                                              authorities would
                                                                                                                              be unthinkable
                                                                                                                              without our
                                                                                                                              Unimog equip-
                                                                                                                              ment carriers!”

Dear UNIMOG JOURNAL readers,

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog’s 50th birth-           similar to those of a truck and excellent      single control terminal with the various
day celebrations were a definite highlight       visibility on the move and when working        items of machinery mounted on the vehi-
of 2001 and I’m sure they left a lasting         with equipment – to name just a few.           cle. We introduced the “ISOBUS in the
impression on you as they did on me.                                                            Unimog” recently at the IFAT 2002 exhi-
Tradition is a valuable asset, but I expect      • Speaking of equipment, the Unimog            bition in Munich; the next issue of
you agree that it is mainly the outcome of       Unimog-System-Partnership, which began         UNIMOG JOURNAL will contain in-depth
determined hard work. It also involves an        in 2000, is another milestone. It is charac-   coverage of the event.
ongoing process of change, that applies          terised by a new quality of co-operation
equally to our unique vehicle concept            with selected implement manufacturers.         • We also aim to stay ahead in the after
despite its deservedly high reputation and       The intensive exchange of know-how with        sales services area. This is why we are
to the people who build, sell and service        these partners results in joint develop-       now offering driving safety training
it.                                              ment and testing of the “Unimog plus           events. On page 14 you will find a report
    In its early years, our “Universal-Motor-    implement” system, with optimum match-         on our inaugural event at the traditional
Gerät” was mainly used in agriculture, but       ing of drive concepts and interfaces. The      Sachsenring racing circuit in Zwickau.
in the course of time it became clear that       list of our Unimog-System-Partners on the
public authorities found it to be of             German market reads like the “Who is              This and numerous other topics in this
increasing interest. Today we can claim          who of the municipal technology”.              issue confirm the goal that we share with
with justifiable pride that our implement        Bucher-Schörling, Dücker, Faun, Gmeiner,       our Unimog-System-Partners and the sales
carriers are a firm feature of the day-to-       Leistikow, MULAG, Schmidt Winterdienst         organisation: to make Mercedes-Benz
day work on road construction and main-          and Werner are leading companies in            Unimog the competent number-one part-
tenance authorities in large towns and           terms of their expertise and experience in     ner for municipal service implements!
cities but also in smaller communities and       this field. The Unimog Division has
in the hands of the companies that supply        teamed up with 15 Unimog-System-Part-
them with services. More still: the              ners from all over Europe.
Mercedes-Benz Unimog with the large and
varied range of implements and support-          • We feel that this close collaboration
ing services, is a competent partner for         with the implement industry yields
the local authority. Is this just a bold         excellent results, particularly when new
claim on my part? Is it borne out by the         technologies need to be launched jointly
facts? I think it is, as the following details   and in a coordinated manner. One project
will confirm:                                    teams is currently working hard on the “-
                                                 ISOBUS in the Unimog” concepts. What
• With our Unimog U 300/U 400/ U 500             does this mean?
model series, we have an innovative              ISOBUS is a new, globally standardised
programme of implement carriers that             data bus for implement operation, surveil-
meets all requirements for flexibility and       lance, control and selection of the correct
economical operation. The new Unimog             hydraulic power for attachments and/or
implement carriers’ outstanding features         body-mounted implements. The Unimog
are excellent ride comfort, safety features      implement carrier communicates via a           Manager, Unimog Division

                                                                                                                           JOURNAL      3
Sales organisation

The region around Hof, in the
extreme North-East of Bavaria
bordering on Saxony, Thurin-
gia and the Czech Republic,
contains many areas of
scenic beauty including the
“Fichtelgebirge” mountains,
the Frankenwald forest and
the Hofer Vogtland with the
“Sächsische Saale” river.
This is not a region borde-
ring on the GDR any more,
but one located in the heart
of Europe.
                                                                                            options with short conversion times. This
Reference client with varied                                                                is definitely an advantage over trucks,”
                                                                                            emphasises Hanke, who is also responsible

activities                                                                                  for purchase and maintenance of the vehi-
                                                                                            cles. The utilisation areas of the Unimogs
                                                                                            are of course also used for winter service,
    The development of the economy here      Hohensaas community works department,          which is very tough in this region, for
is dominated by craft trades and industry    which is part of the Hof regional authority.   maintaining some 260 kilometres of roads
which account for more than 50 percent of    A total of 20 Unimogs, including those         in the Hof area and for extensive mowing
the total of some 45,000 jobs. The Unimog    operated by branches of the road mainte-       and cleaning work.
implement carriers, which are used in        nance authority in Naila and Münchberg,        Hanke’s expert
many industry sectors in the Hof local       are at work there every day.                   verdict on the latest
government region too, are supplied by          Manfred Hanke, fleet manager of the         generation of
the Kommunal- und Landmaschinenver-          public works department, feels that the        Unimogs, of which
trieb GmbH company (KLMV) in Oberkot-        Unimogs’ advantage is their “technical         he already operates
zau and Rodewisch, who also handle           flexibility.” We can modify our vehicles for   two U 400s , is
servicing and spare parts supplies. One of   any task in a short period of time and         totally positive:
KLMV’s major reference clients is the        there are many implement mounting              “The vehicles are

4     UNIMOG

                                A9                               A93

Freistaat Thüringen             Freistaat

             Bayreuth                                  Hof in North-
        Nürnberg                                       East Bavaria,
                                     Re sch
                                       pu ec

                                                       which used to
                                          bl hie
                                            ik n

                 Regensburg                            be close to the
                                                       border of the

                                                       German Demo-

             Ba       München
                                                       cratic Republic,
                                                       is now in the
                                                       middle of

       extremely convenient to drive, the higher                                                             The Unimogs operated by the public works department
                                                                                                                       are a familiar sight in the town of Kulmbach
       pay loads make their operation more
       economical and the comfort and visibility
       in the driver’s cab is in my opinion un-
       paralleled , which is also important for the                                 Backbone of a modern
       drivers who have to work with the Unimog
       all day.”
                                                                                       service provider
                                                                          Kulmbach in Germany’s Upper Franconia region is the
                                                                          home of the world’s strongest beer (Kulminator) , one of
                                                                          the best-known products of Bavaria’s great brewing
                                                                          tradition. The town does not confine its activities to beer,
                                                                              The shop manager of the city’s public       • two heat-retaining drums for asphalt
                                                                          works department, Werner Scherm,                  work
                                                                          remembers the first Unimog U 2010 and           • two road sweepers mounted on truck
                                                                          U 411 types going into operation there            chassis.
                                                                          over forty years ago.
                                                                              The dimensions of the work and the              According to Rosa, some 200,000 Euro
                                                                          requirements to be satisfied by public          are invested annually in vehicles and
                                                                          authority service providers have grown          implements. With Kulmbach’s Mayor, Inge
                                                                          considerably in this modern town in             Aures, who is his direct superior, Rosa has
                                                                          Upper Franconia with its awareness of           already arranged for the new acquisitions,
       The 20 Unimog operated by the Hohensaas                            tradition. Public works department              with leasing periods of 7 to 8 years and
       works department (Hof local government                             manager, Gerhard Rosa, a bricklayer             established the public works department,
       region) includes two U 400s
                                                                          master who has worked for the local             which despite the implication in its name,
       The Mercedes-Benz fleet run by the regional                        authority for 20 years, leads a team of 80      is privately organised and orientated, as a
       public works department is equipped for                            employees and a considerable fleet              so-called director company for the town of
       carrying out any task all the year round
                                                                          consisting of                                   Kulmbach. Commissioned work such as
                                                                          • 11 Mercedes-Benz trucks                       winter service, various cleaning jobs,
                                                                          • 6 Unimogs including two U 300 imple-          maintenance of waterways, mowing,
                                                                             ment carriers                                branch cutting and upkeep of the ceme-
                                                                          • the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Vito           tery and the municipal gardens are settled
                                                                          • various attachments compatible with           by the town authorities internally so that
                                                                             the Unimog such as Dücker roadside           the financial basis is transparent and
                                                                             and boom mowers or                           secure.
                                                                          • SWK winter service equipment

                                                                                                                                                      JOURNAL         5
Sales organisation                                                                                     A9


   “We wouldn’t be able to master all the                                                         A9        branches and bushes back to provide
challenges we face every day at the                                            A73                          greater traffic clearance, which is important
municipal works department without the                                                                      for general road safety . From May to Octo-
six Unimogs and their ability to tackle       Freistaat Thüringen             Freistaat
                                                                                                            ber, both U 300s are used all day for
such a multitude of tasks,” says Gerhard                                      Sachsen                       mowing, and clock up far more than 1,800
Rosa, who considers these reliable vehi-                   Bayreuth
                                                                                                            operating hours. The remaining Unimogs
cles as the backbone of a modern service-             Nürnberg                                              (two U 1600s, one U 421 and one U 900)

                                                                                  Re sch
                                                                                    pu ec
provider operation. Mr. Rosa and his driv-                                                                  are used for asphalt repair work or trailer

                                                                                       bl hie
                                                                                         ik n
ers are also full of praise for the new                        Regensburg                                   transport between the spring and autumn.

implement carrier generation: “The main                                                                         “You’ll like life in Kulmbach,” promises
improvement and the big benefit for us is                                                                   an advertising leaflet, and goes on to
the driver’s cab layout, which permits a
good view of the attached implements; we
                                                           Ba       München                                 stress: “Despite its dynamism, this beauti-
                                                                                                            ful Margrave’s residence in the heart of
also appreciate its comfort standard.”                                               DWM-Grafik
                                                                                                            Germany does not ignore values that have
                                                                                                            accumulated over a long time.” The public
                                                 According to those who work with the                       works department experts, working
                                             latest Unimog every day, other advantages                      together as a well-matched team, contrib-
                                             are, that you can always drive from the                        ute with their year-long committment to
                                             working side of the vehicle ie. when                           Kulmbach’s attractiveness by creating the
                                             mowing, thanks to the VarioPilot swap                          preconditions for a high quality of urban
                                             steering system, which is a major operat-                      life on its streets and squares.
                                             ing and road safety factor. The new power-
                                             ful hydraulic system speeds up and
                                             improves the performance of a whole
                                             series of tasks.
                                                 The public works
                                             department’s team main-
                                             tains 255 kilometres of
                                             streets in residential areas
                                             and also connecting roads.
Gerhard Rosa and the municipal Unimog        In winter service, each
drivers are convinced of this vehicle’s      vehicle is in operation for a
advantages, and he stresses expressly:       minimum of 1,200 hours
“I feel that this driver’s cab makes a       (Unimog and Mercedes-
contribution towards motivating my           Benz trucks). Some of the
staff’s and maintaining their health;        most important work, when
that is not to be underestimated.”           the winter is over, is cutting

                                                                                                                                 Gerhard Rosa (upper
                                                                                                                                 left picture) in front of
                                                                                                                                 the new U 300 with his
                                                                                                                                 senior driver Walter
                                                                                                                                 Gack, who is responsi-
                                                                                                                                 ble for Unimog training
                                                                                                                                 and instruction

                                                                                                                                 The public works
                                                                                                                                 department’s U 1600
                                                                                                                                 with a Dücker boom
                                                                                                                                 mower (above)

                                                                                                                                 The original Unimog
                                                                                                                                 and its most recent
                                                                                                                                 “colleagues” in Kulm-
                                                                                                                                 bach’s public works
                                                                                                                                 department yard (left).
                                                                                                                                 The U 406 was first
                                                                                                                                 registered on 10 April
                                                                                                                                 1972 – exactly 30
                                                                                                                                 years ago – and is still
                                                                                                                                 in use for winter
                                                                                                                                 service today

6     UNIMOG
New concepts call for new
technologies. In the
German state of Saxony-
Anhalt, the new ‘Autobahn’
and road maintenance
department combines
different tasks efficiently
and takes advantage of its
shared location in an ideal
manner. Its main asset is a                    Ideal in combination
Unimog U 500.
                                               roadside mulcher, a Mulag rear suction          Unimog GmbH in Wiedemar, who is
                                               mower and the Bucher-Schörling change-          responsible for vehicle sales.
                                               over body-mounted road sweeper. Swift               One important aspect of cleaning with
      he tendency is definitely upwards.       movement of the vehicle around this area        the Unifant 60 road sweeper is that it can

T     The newly built A 14 ‘Autobahn’ high-
      way between Halle and Magdeburg
in Eastern Germany is used by 30,000 to
                                               measuring approximately 12,000 square
                                               kilometres and fast, troublefree imple-
                                               ment changeover make the U 500 a reli-
                                                                                               pick up on both sides, which permits
                                                                                               cleaning work to be carried out on either
                                                                                               side of the road.
40,000 vehicles every day, and the figure      able partner for the Plötzkau road mainte-      Says Gert Schaaf: “Although we know how
is constantly rising. The Autobahn and         nance department, which also uses three         versatile it is, our philosophy is not to
road maintenance department in Plötzkau        U 1600s and one U 2400 TG.                      overload the implement carrier. We
located here is aware of this fact. “The           An indicator of any new vehicle’s           confine ourselves to just three implement
technical solutions available to us with the   performance is the number of operating          combinations and make use of their full
Unimog U 500 allow us to combine work          hours it registers annually.                    potential.”
on the Federal motorways and the               According to Ronald Schulze, one of the             When talking about the realisation of
surrounding roads efficiently,” says Gert      technicians: “Of the total of more than         new concepts and technologies, one has to
Schaaf, senior officer at the regional road    1,000 operating hours, the vehicle is used      mention what every visitor to the “New
construction authority in Halle. The vehi-     for 500 hours of sweeping, 350 hours of         German States” notices everywhere: the
cle, which was put into operation in the       mowing and 150 hours of winter service.”        utilisation of wind energy by huge wind
autumn of 2000, is currently used on 42        The U 500’s main tasks, however, are to         turbines. This form of environment
kilometres of Autobahn and 200 kilome-         be found on a stretch of autobahn where         friendly energy production draws atten-
tres of regional and country roads in the      the majority of work consists of surface        tion, however, to a problem encountered
Bernburg local government region.              cleaning. “It is used a lot for the hard        on the flat terrain of the State of Saxony-
    The 43 employees of the road mainte-       shoulders, as this is where a lot of the dirt   Anhalt. Gert Schaaf explains: “We don’t
nance department benefit from the variety      accumulates from the neighbouring truck         have a lot of snow here, but the wind blows
of implement combinations used on the          lane and the inclination of the drainage        it into cuttings and narrow gaps. The U
job, consisting for instance of a safety       channels,” says Romanus Weber of Henne-         500 is used to remove the snow from these
                                                                                               areas.” The winter combination consists of
                                                                                               a snow plough and a body-mounted Stratos
                                                                                               S 40 spreader made by the Schmidt
                                                                                               Winterdienst company of St. Blasien.
                                                                                               Ninety percent of the vehicle’s work in
                                                                                               winter is on the ‘Autobahn’, and this kind
                                                                                               of work will increase further as more
                                                                                               sections of this highway network are
                                                                                               opened in the years to come. But the
                                                                                               Plötzkau Autobahn and road maintenance
                                                                                               department is well-prepared!

                                                                                               For safety reasons, it is mandatory to work
                                                                                               in the traffic-flow direction, which is why
                                                                                               the main precondition for purchasing the
                                                                                               U 500 was the option of sweeping both
                                                                                               sides with the aid of the VarioPilot® swap
                                                                                               steering system

                                                                                               Strong winds in Saxony-Anhalt facilitate the
                                                                                               use of wind power (above), but are also a
                                                                                               cause for concern in winter

                                                                                                                           JOURNAL       7
Signs of a ne w                               er a
Those who associate Bitterfeld with a chaotic tangle of           Inch by inch, the U 400 pushes two
                                                              Deutsche Bahn rail wagons towards the
steaming, sizzling and stinking chemical plants, towers and   unloading station of the American “Guar-
pipelines are on the wrong track. Many of the former state-   dian Glasses” glass factory – with no
owned production facilities have been dismantled recently     driver in sight. Sand and dolomite are
                                                              then unloaded into a pit below the tracks.
to make room for companies causing less harm to the envi-     From there, the raw materials used for
ronment. A Unimog U 400 is one of the signs of a new era.     glass production are pumped into a huge
                                                              silo tower.

                                                                                                             Sales organisation

                                                                                                              The rail-road track
                                                                                                              guidance system means
                                                                                                              that the U 400 can be
                                                                                                              used for all kinds of tasks
                                                                                                              at various points on the
                                                                                                              factory premises.
                                                                                                              The driver can even leave
                                                                                                              the Unimog to make sure
                                                                                                              that he has an optimum
                                                                                                              view while manoeuvring

    It is as if the 177-hp Unimog were         industry park in Bitterfeld-Wolfen. Having
being driven by a ghost: every movement        a privately owned company handle the
on the tracks is controlled and supervised     logistics is an example of the change you
by an employee operating a radio remote        encounter everywhere in this former
control. The U 400 is the first vehicle from   chemical moloch.
the new model series to be used with this          Change is also symbolised by the
system.                                        Unimog. For many company owners, it is
It is owned by Regiobahn Bitterfeld GmbH.      cheaper to use a Unimog than hire Bundes-
This Connex Group company offering             bahn locomotives to move freight cars on
tailor-made rail transport concepts is in      their company premises. Engineer Michael
charge of the logistics at the chemical        Meinhardt, Regiobahn’s General and Rail-
                                               way Operations Manager, considers the
                                               rail-road Unimog’s fast transfer potential
                                               to other companies in the region to be its
                                               main advantage. The U 400 has been in
                                               operation since December last year and        he can also stand to one side or next to the
                                               has a track permit from the Deutsche          vehicle. Manoeuvering with such a good
                                               Bahn. Eastern Germany’s logistics experts     view increases our employees’ safety
                                               were using a radio remote-controlled          considerably.” His staff certainly have to
                                               Unimog U 1600 as early as 1996. Says          concentrate fully at all times, as “any
                                               Michael Meinhardt: “Thanks to great           standstill results in an interruption” when
                                               teamwork and support from the manufac-        manufacturing flat glass, because the
                                               turer of the rail-road system, Zagro in Bad   process must never be stopped for techni-
                                               Rappenau, its distributor Zwiehoff and        cal reasons. If the plant comes to a halt for
                                               Unimog’s general representative Henne in      even a few hours, the material becomes
                                               Wiedemar, we decided to continue using        hard and unusable. With its flexibility and
                                               the system with a new U 400.” Its             its semi-automatic transmission with
                                               manoeuvrability, reduced diesel consump-      converter lock-up clutch, the Unimog can
                                               tion and the option of attaching rail vehi-   pull a maximum of 800 tonnes, thus
                                               cles at the front or rear make it an impor-   ensuring that the Regiobahn Bitterfeld
                                               tant element of the chemical industry         railway is never likely to come to a stand-
                                               park’s logistics, but personnel costs are     still.
An employee of the Regiobahn Bitterfeld
GmbH rail company controls the U 400 with
                                               also a decisive factor as the Unimog can
a Theimeg radio remote control system. The     be controlled by one person. Michael
U 400 unloads sand and dolomite for glass      Meinhardt says, “The driver is not
manufacturing into a pit
                                               required to sit at the controls any more;

                                                                                                                          JOURNAL      9
Sales organisation

   Contract services provider and Unimog fan
       he former farm run by the Langs in     “Without the Unimogs we would never be able to keep our
T      Brunn, part of the Nittenau rural
       district in Germany’s Upper Palati-
nate region, has changed its appearance
                                              contract services company going!” says junior company
                                              proprietor Siegfried Lang. The showcase in his office is a
considerably over the years, but the          clear indication of the Lang family’s loyalty to the Unimog for
knowledge that the family still possess in
areas such as landscaping, mowing, clear-
                                              so many years. Siegfried’s sister Sibylle, a professional
ing and spreading is of great benefit when    gardener and florist, has filled it with models of the vehicles
the company performs its current range of     that can be seen full-scale in the company’s yard. With much
   Siegfried Lang, the junior proprietor,
                                              attention to detail, she has portrayed the way in which they
departed to some extent from the family       perform their daily tasks for this Bavarian family firm.
tradition: he became an apprentice motor
mechanic at the Regensburg Unimog
workshop run by the local distributor Wolf
Graf von Bassewitz GmbH – and before
long was with heart and soul a ‘Unimog
man’. He later trained his parents’ farm
workers on the Unimog and ran the
complete vehicle fleet. Today the vehicles
get their routine maintenance in Brunn,
and Bassewitz is, in Siegfried Lang’s
words: “a reliable service partner of great

                                                                               importance to us.”The company is run by
                                                                               his parents, Margarete and Josef Lang, who
                                                                               bought their first Unimog as long ago as
                                                                               1966, a U 32 that was used for timber
                                                                                   The leaflet that advertises the services
                                                                               of the Lang company sums up its attitude
                                                                               well: “Upholding high standards of qual-
                                                                               ity, safety, environmental acceptability
                                                                               and speed is essential for a service
                                                                               provider. Our extensive range of imple-
                                                                               ment and highly competent staff enable us
                                                                               to maintain these standards on behalf of
                                                                               our customers.” Lang not only does this,
                                                                               but also puts forward the same arguments
                                                                               determinedly and accurately when speak-
                                                                               ing to local authorities in the Upper Palati-
                                                                               nate region, businesses with their own

10    UNIMOG
                                                                                                                                            Sales organisation

The ‘Lang fleet’                                                                                                                                                        A93
currently consists of
seven Unimogs (left)
                                                                                                                                                           A6           Nittenau-
Among the company’s
regular tasks is mowing
in parts of the Bavarian                                                                                                                                                      Bayerischer
Woods (right) ...

... but also winter road
services (centre left) ...                                                                                            Freistaat Thüringen             Freistaat

... or recultivation work
on behalf of local                                                                                                                 Bayreuth

authorities (bottom left)                                                                                                     Nürnberg

                                                                                                                                                          Re sch
                                                                                                                                                            pu ec
                                                                                                                                                               bl hie
                                                                                                                                                                 ik n
open spaces, landscaped areas or parking                 It’s then we realise that the Unimog is
lots and local industrial companies.                     unbeatable!” Siegfried, her son, agrees,
                                                                                                                                       e            rn
    “We offer a range of complete, all-the-              but his thoughts are already roaming
year-round services,” says Margarete                     farther into the future; he is mainly inter-                                       München

Lang. “The Unimog, with the range of                     ested in the performance potential of the
technical features it possesses, is                      new implement-carrier models. “The U                                                              DWM-Grafik

immensely important for us, in particular                300 to U 500 models could almost have
its high manoeuvrability. When we are                    been made in accordance with our                            every good reason to stay loyal to Unimog
asked to clear the snow away from a shop-                company’s policy. We need vehicles that                     in the future.” And so next winter, a
ping centre’s parking lot, this is the ‘-                can carry a wide range of attachments and                   Unimog U 300 with a Schmidt snow-
moment of truth’ for all concerned: we                   have provision for changing them over                       plough and a Gmeiner spreader will be
have to tackle the job quickly, but without              quickly. If you add modern, high-perfor-                    the latest hard-working member of the
obstructing the customers in their cars.                 mance hydraulics, you can see that I have                   ‘Lang fleet’.


    Always at maximum
    It’s so easy with the CLUTCHMATE
    Less strain on the driver, less wear on the machine
                                                                                                                                                 TÜV approved
                                                                                  CLUTCHMATE protects man and machine
                                                                                  Have you ever thought about how much strain is put on a Unimog driver’s left knee,
                                                                                  and how often it happens?
                                                                                  Depending on the type of work he might have to press the clutch up to three thousand times
                                                                                  a day.
                                                                                  And because human knees vary in strength and load capacity, serious injuries are always
                                                                                  Sometimes it means that a driver is off work for a while, but it could even lead to
                                                                                  permanent incapacity.

                                                               Why choose CLUTCHMATE?
                      • Because it reduces physical strain and protects            • It is quick and easy to fit
                             knees and backs                                       • It requires no modifications to existing mechanisms
                      • It is ideal when stuck in traffic jams and city traffic    • It does not affect the licensing of the vehicle in any way
                      • It works like a “semi-automatic” transmission              • It has no effect on any mechanical auxiliaries or hydraulics
                      • It allows drivers to concentrate more on the traffic       • It is ideal for use with implements and attachments
                             and the job in hand                                   • It might even allow a disabled person to be employed

    Supply and installation by Unimog distributors only:
    T.C. Systems bv, Schelmseweg 1, 6816 PA Arnhem NL
    Tel: +31/2 64 42 23 43 Fax: +31/2 64 45 81 36                                                                    Automatic coupling

                                                                                                                                                            JOURNAL     11
Unimog ‘Added Value Weeks’:
customer proximity and service
Between the beginning of April and the end of June, Unimog
general agents and selected authorised workshops in Germany
will be holding “Unimog Added Value Weeks”. As part of this
special campaign, the owners of Mercedes-Benz Unimogs built
between 1980 and 1998 will be able to have them checked by
the workshop free of charge. We took a closer look at this
                                                                                           organisation) went about their work, aided
campaign and what it involves at a Unimog general agent in                                 by mechanics from the authorised work-
Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia region.                                                   shop and by the driver of the Unimog
                                                                                           himself.The checks are aimed at confirm-
   The RKF Fahrzeugtechnik company’s         Why does the driver attach so much            ing operating reliability and safety. In this
forecourt in the North German town of        importance to this check-up at RKF? “I        particular case, what the driver, a practi-
Münster (top picture) is full of life even   expect we shall need a new Unimog before      cal man, had half-expected came to light:
early in the morning, and the activity       long, because the amount of work we           the Unimog was gradually getting a little
continues at the same pace throughout        carry out with the existing ones and the      old for the tasks confronting it, so that a
                                                                    performance they       certain amount of technical reconditioning
                                                                    have to deliver are    was unavoidable. In the words of a driver
                                                                    getting harder all     from a timber dealer: “I just hope that our
                                                                    the time.”             company’s bosses are prepared to believe
                                                                       This particular     the test report and act on it, because it
                                                                    driver watched the     confirms what my colleagues and I have
                                                                    whole inspection       been telling them for some time!”
                                                                    procedure closely          What follows is a highlight of at least
                                                                    as the Service         one Unimog driver’s visit: a brief test run
                                                                    specialist from        at the wheel of the U 300, including an
                                                                    Gaggenau and a         explanation of the VarioPilot® and various
                                                                    neutral expert from    other innovations. Proudly he sets the
                                                                    the DAT GTÜ (a         new vehicle in motion, and when the run
                                                                    technical inspection   is over his enthusiasm knows no boundar-

the day. Unimogs of various ages and with
                                             After inspecting the
a variety of implements – altogether a       vehicle, the indepen-
most impressive sight. The green-painted     dent expert (left) and
                                             the Service special-
one belongs to a recycling company, one
                                             ist from Gaggenau
finished in orange to the City of Münster,   (second from left)
another is from the fleet operated by the    hand the test report
                                             over to the customer
regional authority in Warendorf. A driver
climbs down from his U 1650, is              A high-spot: test-
welcomed by the workshop foreman and         driving the latest
exclaims, full of enthusiasm: “I was so
pleased when my fleet manager asked me       The independent
to bring the Unimog over for a check-up. I   expert examines the
                                             vehicles very closely
can hardly wait to see the results.”

12     UNIMOG
ies: “I’ve earned my living for many years
as a truck driver, and I reckon I’ve driven
just about every model there is, but this
Unimog is the finest thing I’ve ever come
across in my entire career!”
    This customer’s driver is satisfied with
the event and what has resulted from it,
                                               ‘Added Value Weeks’. The chief executive
                                               has decided that until the final event has
                                               been held, at Unimog the dealership Wolf
                                               Graf von Bassewitz GmbH’s branch in
                                               Hagelstadt on June 24 - 28, his customers
                                               will be offered a chance to obtain an indi-
                                               vidual report on vehicles that were not
and so is Franz Stecker, General Manager       brought in during the event itself.
of the Unimog general agent RKF, which                              ◆
has premises in Bielefeld and in Münster.         Unimog owners who wish to avail
He points out: “This campaign has had a        themselves of the free check-up offered as
much greater response and appeals to the       part of the ‘Unimog Added Value Week’ in
customers far more than any of the previ-      their own region should contact their
                                               Unimog general agent directly or log into
                                               the Internet address www.mercedes-
                                               benz.com/unimog for further details or

                                                 Customers’ vehicles were given an in-depth
ous measures we have tried.” Stecker sees      check during the Unimog added value week,
                                                     including the issue of a written report.
the reason for this in the ‘active customer     Customers greatly appreciated the benefits
contact and service’ offered during the                             of this service campaign


                                                    HIGH AND LOW PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY
                                                    FOR THE NEW UNIMOG U 300 / U 400 / U 500
                                                                               MODEL SERIES

                                               Our range of products for the Unimog:
                                               ✻ Universal high pressure cleaning
                                                 equipment for front and rear installation
                                               ✻ High-pressure surface cleaning
                                                 equipment, also combined with front-end
                                               ✻ High-pressure drain cleaning equipment
                                                 for mounting on the platform subframe
                                               ✻ Suction and rinsing containers with a
                                                 total capacity of up to 7,000 litres
                                               ✻ Municipal sludge suction vehicles with a
                                                 total capacity of up to 8,000 litres
                                               ✻ Water containers of up to 7,000 l
                                               ✻ Special superstructures upon request
                                                 (e.g. low pressure equipment, watering               Joachim Leistikow GmbH
                                                 arms, hot water devices)                                   Altkönigstraße 2
                                                                                                      D-61138 Niederdorfelden
                                                                                                         Tel. (0) 6101 / 5364-0
                                                                                                         Fax. (0) 6101 / 33461
                                                                                                Internet: http://www.leistikow-gmbh.de
                                                                                                 E-Mail: Vertrieb@leistikow-gmbh.de

                                                                                                                              JOURNAL    13
                                                                                                On the area behind the pit lane, sales
                                                                                            staff from the Schmidt company demon-
                                                                                            strated various methods of spreading mate-
                                                                                            rial on to the roads, including the “Combi
                                                                                            Solid”, a combined automatic spraying
                                                                                            and spreading device.
                                                                                                The symposium provided a platform for
                                                                                            new implement developments to be
                                                                                            presented and their practical benefits and
Unimog with implement                                                                       market acceptance to be discussed with
                                                                                            the experts. For example, a “ThermoLogic”

runs straight and true                                                                      unit installed on an Unimog U 400 uses a
                                                                                            sensor to measure the road surface contin-
                                                                                            uously in winter. From the surface temper-
The Mercedes-Benz Unimog makes a big contribution to                                        ature and water film thickness it decides
                                                                                            precisely how much material to deliver to
safety. In winter in particular, the implement carriers and                                 the spreader. This greatly reduces the
body-mounted or add-on attachments from Unimog-                                             driver’s workload, cuts material consump-
System-Partners play an important role. With this in mind,                                  tion and protects the environment.
                                                                                            Another sample innovation is the “Track-
the Unimog Division teamed up with the Schmidt Winter-                                      Jet”, an attachment that improves the
dienst und Kommunaltechnik GmbH company and the                                             adhesion of the road surface. Its precision
Sachsenring Road Safety Centre for a symposium, held at                                     water jets restore the original condition of
                                                                                            the surface by removing deposits of
the Sachsenring racing circuit from March 12 - 14.                                          foreign matter, for instance tyre rubber.
                                                                                                The event was an excellent opportunity
    Heavy falls of snow during the night,     There were also several demonstrations        to present the complete “Unimog plus
innumerable clearing squads at work and       on the racing circuit, which is used during   implement” system convincingly to a large
chaotic driving conditions where the          the season for the German Touring Car         number of potential customers and to
roads were still extremely slippery. Last     Masters series of races. At 50 km/h and       discuss mutual efforts to increase road
winter showed once again how important        with a gross weight of 15 t, equivalent to    safety. Participants left the symposium
it is for public authorities to have access   the load with a full salt spreader, the       with a great deal of fresh knowledge and
to an effective fleet of road maintenance     driver of a U 500 demonstrated the            possibly also with the feeling that as
vehicles. Some 300 decision-makers from       vehicle’s braking performance on a wet        expert users of these implements, they
Federal and State authorities and road        road surface, first without and then with     are themselves ‘part of the Unimog
works departments, and even delegations       the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The       system’.
from the Czech Republic and Poland,           experts were able to see how the Unimog
accepted the invitation to Saxony. The        began to skid, but with ABS was brought
series of one-day events entitled “Increas-   to a standstill after only a few metres and
ing Road Safety in Winter Operation” was      without departing from the driver’s chosen
a combination of lectures by experts on       line. The next exercise: swerving to avoid    Explainers demonstrate the dynamic stabi-
“The Road Safety of Working Vehicles”,        an obstacle. The explainers pointed out       lity of the U 500, which can be steered
                                                                                            around an obstacle without braking (top)
Scope for and Limitations of Volume           the U 500’s excellent stability, which
Control in Spreading” and “The Effect of      enables it to be steered round a hazard       Experts from Federal and State authorities
Spreading Salt in Solid or Dissolved Form”.   without braking despite the shift in axle     discussed the benefits of various spreading
                                                                                            methods and watched a precision water jet
                                                                                            system being demonstrated (below)

14    UNIMOG
                                                                                                               Sales organisation

The spring is the ideal time to subject Unimogs, that have worked hard all
winter, to a thorough inspection and to perform any urgent repairs before the
summer season starts.

Fit for the summer after tough winter duties?
    We have some interesting offers for you     from you, can provide competent advice         Unimog general agent’s “Unimog First
at attractive prices. For example, your         on all matters concerning your Unimog.         Aid Service” stays wide awake 365 days a
Unimog dealer will renew the exhaust            And should you need assistance when            year. There you can also obtain advice on
system or the clutch, retrofit equipment or     everyone else is fast asleep: this too is no   practical accessories and other services for
make sure that the hard work the Unimog         great problem for us, because your             your Unimog.
performed in the winter months has left no
lasting evidence of damage.

   “Maintenance of value for a longer
working life”, is the essential factor in the
“Unimog Care Insurance”. Rust stands no
chance against the two-coat protection
that we apply for optimum corrosion proof-
ing and undersealing. We also offer you
the best possible means of looking after
your vehicle in the form of
Mercedes-Benz Care Products. All of
these products exhibit the familiar high
standard to which Mercedes-Benz original
parts and products are made.

   Sooner or later it may be necessary to
renew certain items on the vehicle. In this
case, consult your Unimog dealer, who
will recommend the best procedure. For
instance, a clutch or exhaust system can
now be exchanged at an attractive all-in
price. You can be sure of being quoted a
keen price with no hidden costs.

    The “Unimog Super-Save Menues”
naturally include far more items as well as
the exchange clutches and exhaust
systems. Have you ever considered retro-
fitting an air-sprung seat, for example, or
would your vehicle benefit from an
exhaust system with high-level
discharge? How about adding a clutch
actuating servo? Extra comfort need not
be expensive: these retrofit packages are
also available on excellent financial terms.
    Profit from their excellent value for
money and from competent advice and
our high standard of quality. Remember,
too, that original Mercedes-Benz parts
must be in the easily identified original

   General care of the vehicle, an
exchange clutch or exhaust system: what-
ever you need, the Unimog dealer, not far

                                                                                                                           JOURNAL    15
Unimog firefighting tankers and Mercedes-Benz trucks
delivered for forest firefighting in Spain
For the Spanish fire services, forest fires are right at the                                  signed with DaimlerChrysler, further addi-
                                                                                              tions are to be made. The Spanish Minis-
top of the list of hazards with which they have to cope. For                                  ter for the Environment, Pedro Calvo,
this reason the Madrid and Castilla y Léon autonomous                                         speaking at the official handing-over cere-
regions have invested considerable sums on modernising                                        mony at the Mercedes-Benz branch in
                                                                                              Madrid, emphasised: “For us as a govern-
their vehicle fleets to the latest technical standards.                                       ment it is important for all the risks inher-
                                                                                              ent in a society undergoing constant
                                                                                              industrial and technological change to be
    This delivery of firefighting vehicles to   ladders supplied by the Spanish subsidi-      overcome reliably with the aid of the very
Spain is of considerable size: 40 Unimogs,      ary of the Austrian supplier Rosenbauer.      latest equipment.”
38 Atego and Actros trucks. The orders          Together with the rescue vehicles, a very         The 30 vehicles for Castilla y Léon
were received from the Spanish Environ-         considerable new fleet has been estab-        (20 Unimog U 400s, two Actros amd eight
ment Ministry in Madrid and the autono-         lished. Some of the vehicles have satellite   Atego trucks) have almost identical equip-
mous region of Castilla y Léon, with its        navigation and telephone equipment.           ment and bodywork and will also be used
capital Valladolid in which the writer          Every four years, according to the contract   to fight forest fires.
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (“Don
Quijote”) once lived and where Christo-
pher Columbus died.
    Most of the new vehicles are being
supplied to the Madrid region: 48 units in
all, comprising 20 Unimog U 2150 L/38
and 28 Atego and Actros – with tanks and

                                                                                              The orange U 400s (top of page) will be
                                                                                              used for forest firefighting by the fire
                                                                                              service in the autonomous region of Castilla
                                                                                              y Léon. Each is equipped with a 3,000-litre
                                                                                              water tank. Mercedes-Benz Atego trucks
                                                                                              were also part of this order

                                                                                              The red Unimog U 2150 L/38 vehicles for
                                                                                              the Madrid autonomous region all have a
                                                                                              crew-cab and a 3,000-litre water tank. It
                                                                                              was a great day for the “Bomberos” when
                                                                                              these Unimog, Atego and Actros vehicles
                                                                                              were formally handed over in Spain’s capital
                                                                                              city (left and above)

16     UNIMOG
                                                                                   Sales organisation

 Belgium relies on Unimog for firefighting
                                              Gedinnes, Leuven,
 In Belgium too, new steps                    Rochefort and Verviers.
 are being taken to combat                    This purchase is signifi-
 forest fires. The Ministry of                cant proof that the risk
                                              of forest fires is in-
 the Interior in this Benelux                 creasing and is now
 country ordered fire                         being taken very
 engines, which have now                      seriously in other coun-
                                              tries as well as those in
 been delivered, for a total                  Southern Europe.
 of eight cities from Unimog
 general agent.
    These Unimogs are Type U 2450 L/38
firefighting versions with superstructures
supplied by the Belgian company Van-
assche in Harelbeke. All of them are
equipped with a 4,000-litre water tank, a
Ziegler pump, spray arms and a protective
cage for the cab. In addition, Unimog                                     An impressive line-up: eight Unimog
                                                                          U 2450 L/38 vehicles for firefighting
Unimog-System-Partner Werner in Trier                                     work in Belgium
supplied “Spulmat L50S H1HW” winches for
use at the front or rear of the vehicle.                                  During trials these firefighting
    The new vehicles are being allocated to                               vehicles, which weigh 14 tonnes and
                                                                          have a 240-bhp engine, demonstra-
the towns of Aarschot, Couvin, Dinant,                                    ted their hill-climbing abilities


                                                                                               JOURNAL    17
Unimog International

                                                                                                               A Unimog U 400 with
                                                                                                               Hymach crash-barrier
                                                                                                               and McConnell verge

A song for some, hard work for others
The international pop music star Tom Jones,                         means hard work for fellow-Welshman
who comes from Wales, once made the                                 David Lloyd Jones, who performs mowing
song “Green, green grass of home“ into a                            work on behalf of the roads departments,
worldwide hit. The subject of this song                             using the most modern implements.
   We don’t know if David Lloyd Jones and    U 400. This combined unit is made up of     a perfect outfit for road maintenance and
his team sing at work, but we do know        an Italian-built Hymach crash-barrier       verge clearing, including the difficult task
that they operate one of the most modern     mower and the McConnell road-verge          of mowing between the crash barrier
crash-barrier mowers in the world,           mower, which has an outreach of approxi-    posts. They cut the time involved consid-
mounted on and driven by a Unimog            mately 7 metres. Together they constitute   erably, thus not only saving money but
                                                                                         reducing traffic hold-ups as well.
Advertisement                                                                                With its special-purpose mowers the
                                                                                         Unimog can cover a four-kilometre stretch
                                            Excavator Attachments                        of road every hour“, says David Lloyd
                                                                                         Jones proudly. His investment in this vehi-
                                                                                         cle and its implements has paid off in the
                                                                                         form of contracts with various local
                                                                                         authorities in North and Central Wales.
                                                                                         This reveals another advantage of the
                                                                                         Unimog: with a top speed of up to
                                                                                         85 km/h it can easily be driven from one
                                                                                         working point to another as much as
                                                                                         150 kilometres away.
                                                                                             The work is something of a challenge:
                                                                                         “We have undertaken to maintain 21,000
                                                                                         kilometres of road verge on the island of
                                                                                         Angelsey and in the Conway and
                                                                                         Dwynedd areas,” says Lloyd Jones. But he
                                                                                         is confident that with the aid of his
                                                                 Type M 215              Mercedes-Benz Unimog even this volume
                                                                                         of work can be undertaken successfully.
 Tel. 08331/9487-0 Fax -40 Industriestr. 6 87734 Benningen www.ematec.de

18     UNIMOG
   The English building company EJK run
by Eddy Koracevic specialises in conver-
ting farm buildings and barns into luxury
residences and offices. Arthur Ibbetts, the
Mercedes-Benz Unimog dealer in Hunting-
don, has supplied the company with a Uni-
mog U 400. For Koracevic, this is the ideal
equipment carrier for taking supplies and
materials to sites that are often difficult to   The Unimog U 400 operated by the EJK building company in Milton Keynes

The off-road construction-site specialist
reach with a conventional vehicle. Furt-         the latest electronics and a very practical,       For Mark Hopkins, the Sales Manager
hermore, the Unimog with its top speed of        light-action gear shift. It’s an immense       of Unimog UK, the U 400 is an ideal vehi-
up to 85 km/h can be moved rapidly be-           step forward!”                                 cle for the construction industry, particu-
tween sites that are often a considerable            His own U 400 has been equipped with       larly if the site is difficult to reach across
distance apart. Another useful feature is        a dropside body and can carry a payload        rough terrain. This can often be the case,
its high pulling power, even when opera-         of almost two tonnes. It has a European-       for instance over reclaimed flood areas,
ting on difficult terrain.                       standard tow hitch and is designed to pull     fields and farmland with marshy patches
    Eddy Koracevic is full of enthusiasm: “I     a 10-t tipping swan-neck trailer purchased     that severely hamper the pulling power of
always wanted to own a Unimog! It’s the          from the army and now used to carry ex-        conventional vehicles.
Rolls-Royce among the all-terrain vehicles.      cavators and other construction mach-
And the new U 400 has everything you             inery. This Unimog has special air brakes
could wish for, including air conditioning,      that are connected to those on the trailer.


                                                                                                                              JOURNAL    19
Unimog International

Successful presentation in Slovenia
                                                                                                  About 300 guests from Eastern
                                                                                               European countries accepted an
                                                                                               invitation from the AC-Intercar,
                                                                                               Schmidt International, AS Söder
                                                                                               and DaimlerChrysler companies to
                                                                                               attend a joint product presentation
                                                                                               on March 12 - 13 in the Slovenian
                                                                                               winter sport centres of Kranjska
                                                                                               Gora and Planica. Altogether, eight
                                                                                               Unimog implement carriers were
                                                                                               demonstrated. The highlight was
                                                                                               the demonstration of the U 500
                                                                                               with Schmidt snow tiller, against a
                                                                                               background formed by the world-
                                                                                               famous ski jump in Planica. AC-In-
                                                                                               tercar, the Unimog- importer for
                                                                                               Slovenia, is also celebrating its
                                                                                               50th anniversary this year.

No problems on the ski slopes                                                               Lithuanian Army
                                                                                            chooses Unimog
CairnGorm, Scotland, has                         The Unimog has proved to be an
                                             invaluable asset for Great Britain’s first         The Lithuanian Republic, which has for
plenty of snow. To ensure                    high-speed cable car system, which went        some years been a member of the NATO
safe access by winter sport                  into operation recently in the CairnGorm       initiative “Partnership for Peace” and is
enthusiasts, an U 300 with                   mountain region. The cable cars run from       among the nations applying for NATO
                                             the parking lot at the Coire-Cas valley sta-   membership, has decided to build up a
complete SWK winter                          tion, which is 610 metres above sea level,     fleet of Unimogs for military use. After
implement is in use (photo).                 to the visitors’ and skiing centre at a        successful local trials the Unimog was
                                             height of about 1,100 metres, just 122 me-     judged superior to all other contenders.
   Since last winter this combination of     tres below the CairnGorm summit. They              An order has been placed for 62 Uni-
Unimog and Schmidt-Gerätetechnik imple-      can carry up to 1,200 people an hour.          mog U 1550 L and 31 Unimog U 2150 L 38
ment has provided reliable access to the                                                    vehicles to carry both personnel and mate-
skiing area and the big parking lot at the                                                  rials. They will also operate ‘out of area’,
new funicular once visitors have left the                                                   for example in Kosovo. Delivery will take
public roads near Aviemore.                                                                 place in June this year.
   The Unimog U 300 is equipped with a
Stratos salt spreader and a Schmidt MF
snowplough. According to Tom Moody of
the CairnGorm Mountain Lift company,
the Unimog has a major advantage com-
pared with earlier vehicles equipped to
clear the snow: “The electronics and the
digital displays are extremely convenient
when operating the snowplough and the
spreader. You can obtain all the functions
by moving a single lever and pressing the
                                                                                                                This U 300 with snow-
appropriate buttons. We bought this U 300                                                                       plough and salt spread-
from the dealer George Sellars & Son in                                                                         er helps winter sport
Huntly, Aberdeenshire, and it’s proving to                                                                      enthusiasts to reach
                                                                                                                Great Britain’s number-
be ideal in what are often very difficult                                                                       one skiing area in the
road conditions.”                                                                                               Cairngorms safely

20    UNIMOG
        From the Black Forest to the Salt Flats

Forty silver-painted              To transfer all these vehicles to the USA,   many of them were highly unusual vehicles
                              the choice fell on the four-engined Antonov      for demonstrating their skills. After lining
DaimlerChrysler products,     An-124 freight aircraft. This giant from         up in a double row, the individual vehicles
including the world’s most    Cargoliner Volga-Dnepr in Kiev has a load        then drove towards each other and ended up
                              capacity of 150 t, a load area 36.5 m long,      by forming an ‘infinity’ symbol, a horizontal
versatile vehicle, the Uni-   6.4 m wide and 4.4 m high; it flew the Uni-      figure-of-eight representing the “Infinite
mog, thunder across the       mog, Actros with Kögel semi-trailer, Atego,      Possibilities” of products from the Daimler-
Bonneville Salt Flats over    Setra coach, Mercedes-Benz buses and cars        Chrysler Group.
                              all the way from Germany to Utah.                    For almost a century now, the Bonneville
the dried-out Great Salt          Apart from organising transport for the      Flats have been a sought-after venue for
Desert in Utah, USA. The      wheeled film stars, suitable drivers also had    motor-vehicle record attempts and races. As
                              to be engaged. Roland Emmerich his               long ago as 1914 a ‘Blitzen Benz’ set up a
scene is captured on film     cameraman John Toll, winner of two Oscars,       world speed record of 229.76 km/h here.
by Roland Emmerich the star   decided to entrust the task to film-industry     Even quite early in the morning, tempera-
                              stuntmen. This was because absolute pro-         tures rise to more than 40 degrees Centi-
German director working in    fessionals were needed to complete the           grade in the shade and the white salt sur-
Hollywood, for the Daimler-   shooting within the four-day limit. And so       face reflects the sun so strongly that people
                              stuntmen from Los Angeles, wearing head-         tend to get sunburned on parts of the body
Chrysler advertising spot     sets to keep them in touch with the film         that would normally seem impossible.
“Infinite Possibilities”.     director, found themselves on the Bonne-
                              ville Salt Flats at the wheel of what for

                                                                               Director Roland Emmerich (wearing sun-
                                                                               glasses, with cameraman John Toll behind
                                                                               him in a straw hat) planning the position to
                                                                               be taken by the Unimog in the cavalcade of
                                                                               forty DaimlerChrysler vehicles (above left)
                                                                               The armada in perfect formation on the way
                                                                               to the location (above)
                                                                               Preparing for filming: the stuntmen are told
                                                                               which vehicles they will be driving (left)

                                                                                                            JOURNAL    21
                                         U·N·I·S                                                  Land of the rising sun
                                                                                                      The 2002 PIARC, the eleventh inter-
                                                                                                  national Winter Services Congress, was
                                                                                                  held at the end of January in the Japanese
                                                                                                  winter sport mecca of Sapporo, the first
                                                                                                  occasion on which it had taken place in
                                                                                                  Asia. The expert visitors mainly consisted
                                                                                                  of representatives from agriculture, infra-
                                                                                                  structure and transport ministries, other
                                                                                                  state bodies, local authorities and con-
More flexible, more economical                                                                    struction companies.
                                                                                                      This well-informed forum provided an
   Unimog general agent Ahlborn GmbH             to the freight cars needing to be moved.         excellent opportunity to examine exhibits
in Hildesheim has supplied a Unimog              The operator can then position them me-          and see video films on the Mercedes-Benz
U 1600 to its customer Betonkies                 tre by metre until the complete set of cars      Unimog, Schmidt International’s snow
Gröningen with road-rail equipment, a            has been loaded or filled. There is simply       clearing equipment and the “Rotogrip”
powerful rail wagon brake system, an au-         no more flexible and cost-effective alterna-     automatic snow chains from RUD.
tomatic coupling bar and radio remote            tive to this logistic principle using the Mer-       The exhibition stand was organised by
control. The vehicle has now been in oper-       cedes-Benz Unimog. The customer,                 the Unimog general agent for Japan, West-
ation for about a year and confirms the          Betonkies Gröningen, can now respond             ern Corporation of Tokyo. All the partici-
wisdom of the decision to change from a          faster to requests from its construction-in-     pating companies confirmed after the
German Rail shunting locomotive to use of        dustry customers throughout Germany.In           four-day event that visitors’ interest was
the Unimog.                                      addition, maintenance and preparatory            extremely high and that further enquiries
   The Unimog is definitely more econom-         work is cut to a minimum compared with           are expected to materialise. A particular
ical: it is railed within a minute on a spe-     the use of a conventional locomotive.            benefit of the exhibition was that it en-
cial recessed section of track and couples                                                        abled links between European manufac-
                                                                                                  turers and potential customers in Japan to
                                                                                                  be strengthened still further. PIARC 2002
                                                                                                  was therefore an encouraging sign that
                                                                                                  business in Japan is progressing well.
                        Love for detail
                         Driving through mud, deep sand, ice and snow, on steep
                         gradients or when fording rivers or other waterways: in such
                          extreme situations the Unimog demonstrates to users all over
                          the world just what it can do when the need arises. Gisbert
                           Hindennach (54) has written in detail and with affection about
                           this amazing all-rounder. For many years he studied the
                            Unimog on a variety of off-road duties, and has now recorded
                            his experiences and conclusions in a book “Der Unimog im
           Gelände” (“The Unimog Off-road”).
 A mechanical engineer from Freudenstadt in Germany’s Black Forest area, his 144-page
 book describes the various Unimog chassis versions in exceptional detail, explains the
 overall vehicle concept, looks back at the early days of this ‘universal motor vehicle’ and
 also introduces the reader to the new U 300, U 400 and U 500 implement carrier generation.
 The author’s descriptions of the special features of these vehicles and their individual
 components when used for heavy all-terrain work is extremely informative. The book
 contains more than 300 colour pictures as well as numerous detailed drawings and
 sketches to explain specific technical features. “Der Unimog im Gelände” (German ISBN
 3-00-002721-1) is published by the author and can be ordered direct from him by calling
 +49 (0) 74 41/9115-0 or by sending a fax to (+49) 74 41/9115-19. The price is 30 Euro
 per copy.

22     UNIMOG
 Ideal for the island
     The island of Mont Saint Michel (far
 right, with its monastery that is now more
 than a thousand years old) is situated at
 the bay of the same name in the English
 Channel. It is increasingly being threat-
 ened by the build-up of sea sand and silt.
 The UNESCO, the French government, the
 Regional Councils of Normandy and the
 Manche now intend to initiate a project to
 save the island and preserve its character
 as a world cultural heritage. The causeway
 currently linking the island to the main-
 land would be removed and a shuttle ser-
 vice provided in its place. This would         the expectations of the French authorities
 eliminate all vehicles from the island, but    and local politicians. Even in water 1.20
 tourists would still be able to reach it at    metres deep, the Unimog forged ahead
 ebb tide by way of a small causeway con-       without difficulty through the waves and
 structed of piled-up earth.                    over the soft sea bed.
     Although eliminating cars from such a
 historic, architecturally fascinating centre
 is tempting, it will lead to various pro-
 blems. The supply of necessities to this
 popular tourist destination in north-west
 France must somehow be safeguarded. For
 this reason, the planning staff in the Civil
 Security Directorate last summer re-
 quested DaimlerChrysler France to supply
 a Unimog for trials. The Unimog U 2150
 L/38 (top centre) was specially prepared
 in Gaggenau for the task awaiting it.
 When it was demonstrated and rescue
 tests carried out, it easily surpassed all

                       In Sapporo, the
                       former Japanese
                       Winter Olympics
                       venue, the Unimog
                       Division joined
                       forces with its
                       implement partners
                       Schmidt Internation-
                       al and RUD to hold
                       a presentation of
                       winter service

                                                                                             JOURNAL   23

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