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									     3e7d14e4-31e9-434f-badc-d79672dc8b68.xls                                                                                            8/17/2011

                                                         Wellesley College
                                                          GRANT SET-UP FORM
The following information is required to establish a grant award FOAPAL #. Please attach the award letter and/or any grant or contract information (such
as sponsor award management guidelines), the sponsor approved budget and budget justification, and a brief statement of work (executive summary or
abstract is sufficient).

                                                PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR INFORMATION
Name:                                                                      Banner ID:
Department:                                                                Organization Number:
E-mail Address:                                                            Phone Extension:

                                                           SPONSOR INFORMATION

Banner ID:
Contact Name and Title:
Contact Phone Number:
Contact E-mail Address:

Type of Sponsor:
          Federal                     Private                    Corporate                      State              Other

                                                             AWARD INFORMATION
Sponsor Award #:                                                                 CFDA Number (if applicable):
Duration (in months):                                                           Project Start Date:
Amount of Award:                                                                Project End Date:

Financial Manager:                                                           Banner ID:

Grant Type:
          Grant                       Contract                   Subcontract                    Other

Type of Award:
          Research                    Training                   Public Service                 Other

Indirect Cost Basis:                                                            Estimated Amount of IDC:
Indirect Cost Rate:

Reports Due: Financial                                                                Technical
                                  (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly)                                                 (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly)
Does this award include:
  Subcontract(s) If checked, please include letter of intent and subcontractor's proposal.
  Cost Sharing or Matching. If checked, please include appropriate FOAPAL # of institutional funds.
  Drug-Free Workplace Memo
  Academic year salary @             ______%
          Released Time                                  Amount of Release:
  Summer salary             months                       check if additional TIAA/CREF payments
  Special Requirements:

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