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					Curriculum Vitae                                                                                Ricardo D. Corpuz

Personal Details:                                                                            801 N. Loara Street,
                                                                                             Apt. 234, Anaheim
                                                                                             California 92801
Phil. Passport : ZZ125652
Expiry Date : 26th January 2010

             Tel . No. : (1) 714 9562334 (Home)            Mobile : (1) 714 331 5015 (Cellphone)

To obtain a position in the onshore or offshore petroleum industry where my experience and abilities as a
supervisor, inspector and member of the Project team can contribute to the successful completion of the project.

Senior QA/ QC Inspector: Management and Co-ordination experience both for the Client and Contractor working in
fabrication sites and petrochemical refineries in Philippines, Far East, Middle East, South America South Africa. and
Russia On-Shore/Off-Shore Pipelines ,Jackets Installations & Risers, Hook Ups.: Who has developed a knowledge
of :

                             International Standards. API 1104, DNV, AWS, BSI, ANSI, ASME.
                             Conversant with ISO 9000-9001 :
                             Knowledge of Petro-chemical requirements.
                             Site Co-ordination.
                             Non Destructive Testing skills.
                             Comprehensive knowledge of welding procedures and techniques.
                             Computer Literate.
                            QA/QC Supervisor
                            QA Lead
                            Senior QA/QC Inspector
                            Senior Pipeline Inspector
                            Senior Welding Inspector
                            Painting & Coating Supervisor
                            ASNT. Ultrasonic Plate & Pipe
                            ASNT Rad.Interpreter, MPI. UT. Inspector
Professional Bodies:
                            Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Adamson University)
                            Sea Survival, Helicopter Safety & Egress.
                            OTS Offshore Survival
                            Rad. Interpretation
Career Summary
                            QA/QC Supervisor                                      Nippon Steel Engineering Corp.
                            QA Lead                                               Exxonmobil-Houston,Tx
                            Clients Representative                                Clough Offshore - Singapore
                            QA/QC Senior Inspector                                Clough Offshore - Indonesia
                            QC / Welding Inspector                                Global Industries - Thailand
                            Senior Pipeline Inspector                             J. Ray Mcdermott-S.E.A
                            Site Supervisor/NDT Coordinator                       Oilfield Pipeline International
                            QC Senior Inspector                                   PT. Incoray/Bouygues Offshore
                            QC Welding/NDT Multi-Discipline Inspector             QED International SA
                            NDT /QC Inspector                                     Oilfield Inspectin Services-ME
                            NDT/QC Inspector                                      Mcdermott Intertional Inc.-ME
                            NDT.Inspector                                         Vetco GMBH – ME
Page 2                                                                                                 Ricardo D. Corpuz

Career History :

March 2005 – up to Present        Nippon Steel Engineering             QA/QC Supervisor
                SSWJ Contract Package 2

                Direct, supervise and participate in Quality Control activities to determine product conformity to customer
                specification through independent inspection and tests in accordance with the Project Quality Plan. Identify non
                conformity for rectification and assure final resolution. Conduct QA audits to verify practice is compliance to
                project specific procedures. Initiate evaluation for non conforming items. Liaise with
                QC/NDT/Certification/Welding Engineering and customer to ensure that Quality problems are addressed and
                technically resolved. Appraise product quality in accordance with the Project Quality Plan, Inspection & Test
                Plan and determine conformity and non conformity. All inspection results need to be documented and if non
                conformity exists, documentation shall be raised to establish corrective action. Provide interpretation of
                applicable code specifications and customer requirements. Any deviation, clarification and waivers are to be
                documented through the Site Query System. Co-ordinate interface with Operations, Certifying Authority, Client,
                and subcontractor assuring conformity to project specifications. Conduct internal audits to assess the
                effectiveness of Quality System outlined in Project Quality Plan and Inspection Test Plan onboard the barge and
                in preparation prior to mobilization. Liaise with customer representatives for ensuring product conformity and
                stage release for each activity denoted within the Project Quality Plan / I.T.P. Oversee the as-built certification
                as it is progressed through work approval packages and monitors progress/status of Mechanical completion.

May 2005 – December 2005          Exxonmobil                           QA Lead
                Tatar Straits, Offshore Sakhalin – Russia

                Company representative during installation of 24 ” pipelines on Tatar Straits Sakhalin 1 Phase 1 Development /
                EPC2 – Pipelines and Export Terminal. Prepare Daily Report. Review all Contractors and Subcontractors daily
                reports for activities conducted during the shift, in order to ensure that all issues/concerns have been
                rationalized and positive actions identified and assigned to applicable members of the Inspection Team. Obtain
                clarifications from the responsible inspector as required. Ensure Quality Lead has original copies of Inspection
                Team reports for chronological inclusion in inspection files.

January 2004 – March 2005         PT. Petrohans                        Project Coordinator
                Various Projects (Onshore & Offshore)
                In- charge for site administration and construction of related works. Attends monthly company management
                meeting. Attends site visits and tender bidding invitation for incoming projects. Assess and prepare estimate/
                quotation of tender bid. Attend bid conditioning of the proposed project. Conducts weekly construction meeting
                and discuss construction status, schedule, safety, materials and equipment. Monitors project accomplishment
                and prepare billing and variation order of various project.

January 2002 – December 2003      Clough Offshore                      Sr. Inspector / Client Rep.
                Unocal West Seno Deepwater

                As a client rep. during manufacture of 270,000 ft. of X52 & X65 ERW line pipe at Bakrie Pipe Industries, Bekasi-
                Indonesia. Witnessed welding procedures and mechanical testing for manual and automatic welding of linepipe
                and SCR pipe.Performed inspection during shallow water and deepwater installation of dual 12”Dia.pipelines.
                Monitored all phases of installations and reported directly to Division Quality Manager.
                Monitored NDT and visual inspection at final inspection rack. Applied and scanned bar codes on joints
                using the C.A.T.S. (Construction Automated Trace ability System). Monitored rolling of coils, welding,
                heat treating and hydro testing of on line joints (12.75” diam.).

                As a senior inspector during the final tie-ins of dual 12”Dia. Offshore and onshore Pipelines at Santan field,
                Kalimantan. Monitored hydro-testing, dewatering and drying of two 60 km., 12”Dia. pipelines in water depths of
                3,300 ft.
          Page 3                                                                                                  Ricardo D.Corpuz

March 2000 – December 2002       Clough Offshore                      Sr. Inspector
               Gulf Resources (Kakap)
               Responsible for Quality Control activities for the installation of 8” dia. and 12” dia. process gas pipeline on board
               Java Constructor Barge Offshore Indonesia, liaise with client (Gulf Resources) to resolve Quality matters. Also
               monitored coat and wrap and visual inspection of welds on pipelaying works. Prepares/compiles computerize
               project reports upon completion of project to be submitted and approved by the client representative (Gulf
               Owner rep. during the Clough Offshore Java Construction Clyde Crane refurbishment. Responsible for all
               surveillance work and monitoring of the fabricators (KeppelFels-Singapore) QC Dept. intended for the
               fabrication/installation/commissioning of 350T Clyde Crane on board Java Constructor Barge. Conduct
               surveillance inspection to ensure proper implementation of project specification and codes. Responsible for all
               documentation acceptance and turn over to the owner.
               Review/approved all records pertaining to project fabricated, including Welder Qualification Records and
               Material Traceability record and weld data book. Interfaced with ABS Surveyor.

January 1999 - February 2000                                          Sr. QA/QC Inspector
               Global Industries AP Pte. Ltd.
               Responsible in the implementation of Quality Control Function on Global Industries work barge during pipelaying
               and riser installation. Conduct Visual Inspection, prepares report and arrange for Non Destructive Testing,
               insures that all structures being fabricated conforms with the construction drawing.
               Conduct welding parameter check to insure welding procedure are followed as per project specification. Compile
               job data book upon completion and approved by the client (Bechtel) Representative

March 1998 - December 1998                                            Sr.Pipeline Inspector
               J. Ray Mc Dermott
               Prepares and Qualified Welding Procedure Specifications based on applicable codes/standards. Witnessed and
               evaluates in validating/qualifying the welding procedures specification (WPS) and endorses acceptable results
               to the QC Manager for acceptance.. Conduct materials receiving inspections are meet and the required certified
               material test reports are submitted and traceable to the material delivered. Supervises welders performance
               qualification test to ensure that only Qualified welders are allowed to weld. Prepares/compiles project quality
               data books.

March 1997 - January 1998                                             Site Supervisor/NDT Coordinator
               Oilfield Pipelne International (OPI)
               Assigned to HEEREMAC, onboard SSCV Hermod Barge during the installation of White Tiger Central
               Compression Platform for Vietsopetro-Offshore Vietnam and installation of KNDP “A” Platform for Sabah
               Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company (SSB/SSPC) Offshore Kota Kinibalu – Malaysia.

November 1992 - December 1996                                Site Supervisor/NDT Coordinator/QC Senior Inspector
               PT. Incoray Nitrama - Jakarta
               Assigned on various projects – e.g : GSB/CONOCO, BOUYGUES/MOBIL Producing Nigeria Unlimited (MPNU),
               BOUYGUES/TEXACO, duties/responsible includes monitoring of pipeline construction operations in accordance
               with approved project quality plan. Conduct Welders Qualification Test as per API-1104 and Radiographic Film
               Interpretation. Daily compilation of all NDT reports. Liaises with client representatives regarding status and
               quality of production welds. Verify materials according to project client requirements. Prepare as-built drawing
               upon completion of make-up riser/subsea spools tie-in. Oversee NDT Sub-contractors.
         Page 4                                                                                                   Ricardo D.Corpuz

November 1990 - November 1992                                QC-Welding/NDT Multi Discipline Inspector
               QED International SA
               Assigned on various projects – e.g :
               Seconded to McDermott – Batam Fabrication Yard as Ultrasonic Inspector during the fabrication of CONOCO-
               DPP “A” Wellhead Platform and TOTAL BONGKOT Filed Development. Assigned to Welding Engineering
               Department to monitor weekly welders and welding performance by utilizing Ultrasonic Testing (Depth
               Confirmation) on RT detected defect. Generate report regarding test conducted.

               Seconded to McDERMOTT Offshore Division (Jurong Marine Base) as NDT Multi-Disciplined Inspector on their
               Offshore Construction of Pipeline and Risers, Installation of Jackets, Decks and Appurtenances.

               Project assignment      ;

               - HUIZHOU 26.1 Filed Development, 25 Kms of 6”dia. Gas Lift FBE coated pipeline and 25 Kms. Of 12” dia.
                 (carrier/jacket) insulated crude oil pipeline with Single Joint Connector (SJC) on a water depth of 395 feets.

               - HUDBAY OIL – SELATAN FIELD, Seconded to BOUYGUES OFFSHORE as NDT Supervisor/Inspector on-
                 board BOS 355 during the construction of 8”dia. and 12” dia. Submarine pipelines. Carried-out Ultrasonic Flaw
                 Detection, MPI and Radiographic Film Interpretation. Generate inspection report regarding test conducted.

               - Seconded to BREDERO PRICE – Malaysia as Visual Inspector during fabrication of 12” dia./16” dia. single
                 Joint Connector (SJC) intended for AGIP CHEVRON TEXACO-Operational Group (ACT-OG) Project. Carried-
                 out Visual Inspection/MPI on special joint connector, Onshore Kuantan, Malaysia.

               Assigned to ESSO PETROLEUM MALAYSIA Inc. (EPMI), Working n-board BOUYGUES OFFSHORE BOS 355
               as NDT Inspector/Shift Supervisor during the Construction of 8” dia. (25 Kms), 6” dia. (5.5 Kms) submarine
               pipelines and riser works.
               Duties includes radiographic Film Interpretation, Darkroom technician and X-Ray Crawler Operator. Maintained
               all NDT records and compiled job data books upon completion of assigned projects.

September 1989 – August 1990                                 QC/ N.D.T. Inspector
               Oilfield Inspection Services (OIS – ME)
               Project assignment as follows :
               Seconded to McDERMOTT SEA PTE LTD, on board DB-26 as NDT Inspector during the fabrication/construction
               and offshore installation of E.C.P Jacket and Deck section, E.C.P. Inner Tripod, Funan Wellhead “A” (Jacket &
               Deck) and Funan Wellhead Platform “D”, intended for Union Oil Of California (UNOCAL), Offshore Songhkla,

               Working on-board BROWN & ROOT CO. – H.W. GORDON 264 as NDT Inspector during the construction of 6”
               dia. Submarine Pipeline and HUIZHOU 21-1 Filed Development Jacket/Deck Installation intended for AGIP
               CHEVRON TEXACO-Operation Group (ACT-OG), Offshore South China Sea

               Working in Abu-Dhabi national Oil Company (ADNOC) and N.P.C.C on-board Jet Barge 04 as NDT Inspector
               during the repair of 16” dia. and 8” dia. Risers. Responsible for Strict-screen monitoring communications sub-sea
               during hyperbaric NDT Inspection.

               Seconded to McDERMOTT-Singapore as NDT Inspector on-board Derrick Barge 101 during topside installation
               of Heera Production Complex (HPC) and 8 (eight) piles platform with topside weight of 8,750 tons intended for
               Oil Natural gas Commision of India (ONGC), Offshore Bombay High, India.

               Assigned on Mechanical Test House. Duties includes Mechanical testing of material in accordance with
               Specified Codes and Standard. OIS Mechanical Testing laboratory, Mussafah Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

               Seconded to McDERMOTT-Singapore as NDT Inspector on-board Derrick Lay Derrick 15 during the
               construction of 10”dia. & 16”dia. Submarine pipelines including risers works. Carried out Radiographic
               Interpretation/Crawler Operator on pipelines. Ultrasonic & Magnetic Particle Inspection on SWj/SWI Jacket &
               Deck installation intended for Union Oil Of California (UNOCAL) Satun & Erawan Filed Offshore Songhkla,
               Thailand. (UNOCAL) Satun & Erawan Filed Offshore Songhkla, Thailand.
                 Page 5                                                                                      Ricardo D.Corpuz

               On-board N.P.C.C. Barge “PLB 648” as NDT Inspector during the construction of 14” dia. Submarine pipelines
               using internal X-Ray Crawler intended for A.D.O.C (Japan) Ltd. Mubarras pipelines replacement project,
               Offshore Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

               Assigned to TOTAL AUSTRA HYDRA PROJECT, working on-board ETPM Barge “CL-101” and DLB-1601” as
               NDT Inspector during the construction of 8” dia., 12”dia. and 22” dia. Submarine pipelines using Internal X-Ray
               Crawler, Internal Gamma Radiography on their double joint intended for TOTAL AUSTRA HYDRA Project,
               Offshore Tierra Del Fuego.

September 1983 – May 1986                                             NDT/ QC Inspector
               McDermott International Inc.
               Assigned on various project e.g : QGPC, DPC, ONGC, DUGAS, KNPC, GUPCO, working on-board different
               Barges of McDermott in the Gulf as NDT Inspector during the construction of Submarine pipelines, Offshore
               Installation of Jackets and Decks, Risers Installation and Hook-up works.

August 1982 –May 1983                                                 NDT Inspector
               Vetco GMBH
               Assigned on various projects – e.g : BELELI POWER PLANT, SAFAMI FABRICATION YARD, KWU ARABIA
               DESALINATION PLANT.

               Seconded to different companies entirely in Saudi Arabia as NDT Inspector/Officer-In-Charge (OIC),
               Radiography Inspection carried-out during shut-down of BELELI POWER STATION. Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
               Radiographic Inspection carried-out during the fabrication of I-Beam, Trusses, etc. Intended for ARAMCO,
               SAFAMI Fabrication Yard. Radiographic Inspection and Magnetic Particle testing during the
               Fabrication/Construction and Erection of K.W.U DESALINATION PLANT, Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

June 1981 – June 1982                                                 NDT / Pipeline Inspector
               Wimpey Arabian Services Co. Ltd.
               Permantly assigned in Udhailliyah Operation Engineering (U.O.E). Performing Internal and External Inspection
               of Plant Pressure containing equipment against applicable code conformity. Cross-country pipeline inspection on
               daily basis. Inspect/monitor and reports any Non-Conformances and Descrepancies against ARAMCO
               Engineering Specification. Conducted Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, Radiographic Interpretation and Magnetic
               Particle Testing.

September 1979 – May 1981                                             NDT Inspector
               Industrial Inspection International Inc. (EYEYE)
               Assigned on various project – e.g : CALTEX Refinery, Pilipinas Shell, Bataan Refinery, NALCO, and Phil
               Geothermal performed Radiographic Inspection, Ultrasonic Inspection, Magnetic Particle Testing and Dye
               Penetrant Testing as per governing principal specifications during Fabrication, Construction and Erection of
               Jackets/Decks intended for ESSO PETROLEUM MALAYSIA INC. (EPMI).


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