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					Roads Australia Forum –
     Panel Session
 “a constructors view”

Managing Community Relationships in
Planning and Implementing Projects
• Do the same principles apply to all projects no matter
  the size/owner?
   • Smaller private projects

   • Maintenance style works

   • Local Council projects

   • State Government projects – State and /or Federal funded

   • Large Privately funded – PPP‟s, Large Industrial Facilities,
     Mines etc

Managing Community Relationships in
Planning and Implementing Projects
 Does the nature of the Contractual Agreement vary
  your approach?
   • Lump Sum Construct only

   • Design and Construct - interface re: final design solution and
     Stakeholders opinion?

   • Alliance/Client in team – may include finalisation of planning
     and required stakeholder interface (Origin experience)

   • PPP

Managing Community Relationships in
Planning and Implementing Projects
• Fulton Hogan experience
   – Road and Asset Management works in small to medium rural
     environments – NZ across both Islands, WA – South West Region
     (Bunbury, Albany, Narrogin), NT – Katherine, Tennant Creek
       • Employ local residents/employees
       • Engage local subcontractors
       • Become involved in the local community (sponsorships,
         donations etc) – local corporate citizen

   – Smaller construction projects in local communities – Coolangatta
     Airport works, Boonah Beaudesert Rd
      • develop relationship with local community – ie through Surf Life
         Saving Club, became labour pool.
      • Keep as much opportunity in local area as possible – subbies
         and suppliers.
Managing Community Relationships in
Planning and Implementing Projects
  – Mid size Projects (up to $100 M) in Country/Regional and
    City Suburban – Maroochydore Rd, Caloundra Rd, Hamilton
    Rd, Nerang to Worongary.
      • Potentially more directly affected stakeholders
      • Dedicated resource

  – Larger more significant Projects - NEXY (SA) $350 M
      • Dedicated team of resources
      • Greater political involvement

  – Origin Alliance – part of an integrated team delivering
    $1.95 B project
      • More of everything!
      • Including opportunities to create significant value/benefit while
        delivering the primary outcome

Managing Community Relationships in
Planning and Implementing Projects


Managing Community Relationships in
Planning and Implementing Projects
Key elements for success
• Respect
   – Each stakeholder has a valid view and interpretation of the
   – They have a basic right to have a say in decisions that affect
     their lives

    Find the best „tool‟ to inform people of the end result, and
     what they can expect during construction
    Give people the courtesy of keeping them informed as the
     project progresses so they know what to expect
    Listen to people and respond as and when you said you

Managing Community Relationships in
Planning and Implementing Projects
Key elements for success
• Truthful
   – Most people „know‟ the difference between truth and lie
   – Be sure that your sins/lies will find you out

 Tell people what they need to know, not what you want them to
 Work with people‟s desires where you can, where you can‟t tell
  them – and work with them to develop the „best outcome‟
 Work with facts – not perceptions
 Treat others as you want them to treat you

Managing Community Relationships in
Planning and Implementing Projects
Key elements for success
• Know your Stakeholders
    – Who they are
    – Where they are
    – What their key issues/concerns are

 You can‟t do better than a face to face conversation
 A person‟s perception is their reality – understand, accept it and
  address it
 If you don‟t know – ask
 You probably have more Stakeholders than you know

                               Ipswich Motorway
Dinmore to Goodna     Logan Interchange    Wacol to Darra      Darra to Rocklea
  Origin Alliance     Design/ Construct   SAFElink Alliance     Planning Study
      $1.95b               $300m              $870m                 $10m

                                                             Darra – Corinda
                                                         Rail - TrackStar Alliance

                                                      Centenary Motorway
           Centenary Motorway                         Darra to Springfield
          Springfield to Yamanto                        Horizon Alliance
    Traditional – Construct only $270m                  Stage 1- $800m
                                                        Stage 2 - $650m
              Western Corridor Governance Structure
                                                                 Western Corridor
                                                                 Guiding Coalition
Critical Friends Group                                                                                                            Western Corridor Guiding
                                                     Queensland Rail, Ipswich City Council,                                      Coalition Management Team
     Alan McLennan
       Jane Davies
                                                      Brisbane City Council, Main Roads,
                                                                                                                            Queensland Rail, Ipswich City Council,
         Des Low                                                 Constructors                                                Brisbane City Council, Main Roads,
     Phil Henderson                                                                                                                Alliances, Contractors
  Bill Jordan + others                                                                                                              & Western Corridor
                                                                                                                                        Program Team
                                                                 Program Director
 Main Roads                                                                                                                                    Corridor Mentors
 Reference                                                                                                                                          S. Vogler
   Group                                                                                                                                           J. McGuire
                                                                     Western Corridor                                                              D.Reynolds
                                                                      Program Team                                                                 M. Brouwer

                                                                                          Program Manager          Others: safety,
                               Communication         Traffic            Scheduling       & Interface Manager      environment etc

                                                 Current Western Corridor Infrastructure Projects
      ALT                ALT          ALT                  JMT                       JMT                            ALT

      AMT                AMT          AMT         Contractor   Supervisor   Contractor   Supervisor                 AMT

                    TrackStar                                                                                  Origin Alliance
   Horizon           Alliance        SAFElink                                 Centenary Highway
   Alliance           Thiess         Alliance         Ipswich/Logan               Extension              ABI Group                     Ipswich         Brisbane
     John             United           BMD             Interchange                                       Seymour Whyte                   City            City
   Holland           Connell         Leightons                                     Leighton              Fulton Hogan                  Council          Council
     KBR             Wagner          Maunsell            Leightons               Fulton Hogan            Parsons Brinckerhoff          Projects        Projects
     GHD             Maunsell          ARUP              Maunsell                                        SMEC
   QR & MR              QR              MR                                                               MR
            Communications Success
Award-winning communication strategy applying a “whole of corridor” approach.
                             Tools include:
                             •freecall 1800#
                             •mobile community
                             engagement van for public
                             •free SMS service
                             •site tours
                             •six monthly corridor
                             •websites with monthly
                             traffic updates
                             •monthly coordinated
                             •integrated monthly Western
                             Corridor communication
                             group meetings.
Ipswich/Logan Interchange

19 Sept 2008      22 Sept 2008
Dinmore to Goodna – Origin Alliance
The real champion??
Initiative                Description
Constructive Mob          Working with DTMR to engage
                          indigenous employees in Cert II
School based trainees     Yr 12 students from local area
                          gaining Cert II outcome
Salvation Army            Practical experience for work
                          placement trainees
Stroller‟s cricket club   Working with DET, CSQ to develop
                          sporting grounds with long term
Operation Kinder          Business trainees
 Training development and
local employment – a SWIFT
    road to employment
 Examples of the
award winning anti-
gawk screens from
   the Ipswich
Motorway Upgrade:
 Wacol to Darra
      Ipswich/Logan Interchange
• 50,000 email notifications

• 400,000 flyers

• 500 meetings with stakeholders

• 20 public displays

• 100 communication control plans

• Intensive night works – 6 days/week over 600
Communications Team

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