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					                         CRUMP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                               4405 Crump Road
                              Memphis, Tn 38141

                        NOTICE OF UNIFORM VIOLATION

DATE: _________________

It is expected that all students wear the prescribed uniform each school day.

_____________________________ did not wear the required uniform on this date. Any
student who is not in uniform is subject to the provisions of the “Compliance” section of
Memphis City Schools' policy #5150.1 with sanctions outlined below.

First Violation: The school shall attempt to call the student’s parent or guardian to
determine whether the student has uniform clothing. If the student has uniform clothing,
the school should request that the parent bring them to school. The school will provide
alternative clothing until the parent arrives with uniform clothing or if the parent
cannot be contacted. A “Notice of Noncompliance” will be mailed and sent home
with the student. This notice requires the parent to call or come to the school the next
school day after receiving the notice for a conference to discuss the school uniform

Second Violation: The student shall receive an in school or Home Suspension.

Third and Subsequent Violations: The student shall receive a Board Suspension. The
parent must clear the suspension with the Pupil Services Center.

Alonzo J. Brown, Principal

I have read and understand the above policy and/or violation regarding the School
Uniform Policy.

I understand this letter must be signed, dated and returned on the next school day.

______________________________                        __________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                   Date

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