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									All about Lupus Knowledge Part 1.
Avoid in lupus doing cleaning, be careful with alternative healing, and avoid do enemas leading to
acuting stage.
Sugar diabetes

is lupus, like a reason hormonal therapy ,in that eat a right diet, like check a info all in diabetes healing in
my shvoong and observe for a units bread.
In cholecystitis, also observe for a diet, and check about cholecystitis in my shvoong info, with also limit
fat, roasted food, essetial oils vegetables, like garlik, turnip, black radish, and radish.
In rhinitis use essential oils with drops tea tree and aroma lamps with eucalyptus oil.
In lupus useful doing mono-diets, like every Wednesday eat apples, or cottage cheese, cucumbers or
kefir, alternating every food.
From a supplements useful use coenzyme Q10, Cat s claw, glucosamine sulphate.
From gynecology, destroy in lupus, like a base disease and after use therapy.
Pregnancy and births is acute lupus, that and observe for bleedings and in immunosuppressive therapy
observe infection vaginitis, thus use a constant partner and timely gynecologist visiting.
Aloe careful use in lupus, as if he is a having immunostimulus effect.
In hemorrhoid in lupus use local remedies, like a relief candles, a short courses, healing fast leads an
ultraproct, and before ask in your dr.so as contains glucocorticosteroids.
Stenocarditis and heart asthma usually observe, like breath difficult display with lung defeate, like a lung
vasculitis, pleuritis, and your therapy cytotoxic, expectorate plus, antioxidants, liquid oxygen.
In sweating, is an individual predisposition and use remedies, like a vessel and with nicotinic acid
Fibromyalgia, like an ache on a base inflamed process in muscles with tensions.
For low aches use rub and ointment, like menovazinum, indovazinum, indometacinum, warming sport
In throat aches avoid use spirits infusion; they are dryness, use solution colloid silver, cammomile with
calendula, and sol.furacilinum, and hot port vein very low price, inhalations with oil eucalyptus and tea
tree oil.
In artificial climax, like a lupus, reasons with sweating and hormonal destroy and remedies use mass
from cammomile, sage or bark oak, and local sweating a legs use external remedies with ZN.
Vegetarian eating is a not leads big effect, so as animal protein in that disease is a very need, but meat,
fish is limits, eating boiling kinds 100-120 gram 3 times/day, and vegetable food not irritating stomach
useful eating.
Candidosis in lupus, like a display after healing hormones,weaking a protect pathogens microflora,a
much anti-fungous herbs in lupus avoid use,thus I recommending P AUDARCO a short courses, and
better use a strong remedies, like diflucan.
And coldness extreities,like defeating vessels, and bad blood circulation, best use a woolen fabric for
wraping,wear socks,gloves,and vessel remedies, like complexes with vitamin groups B,Niacinamid,L-
carnitin,coeferment q10,gingo biloba,gotu cola,faty un saturated acids, Vitamin C.
In lupus a healing cough and lung not use jars and mustard plasters, like a observing allergy, or skin
sensitivness,best use warming ointment ,like gall bladder for 3-4 times.
Ginger really helps in headaches and cough but are care, as low-pressure leads, dizziness, and heart
Braking nails is use, like a starch, .gelatinum baths, and remedies firm Belveder, in dry skin a use UN
saturated fatty acids, masks from a coffee mass wetting with fromage, or nourishment cream.
In bedsores, like I added Pau d Arco and cat s claw.
For lymph and nodules, a remedies use and in bleeding nettle use but a short courses two-4 days.
Much remedies herbal not useful in lupus with insomnia, put in near with bed strong decoction from
humulus lupulus,veleriana and passiflora,mint,melissa from aroma lamp, or bags under pill adding if you
not having allergy.
In addition, corvalol influences on a heart be care.
Herb sawbucks nigra not useful in lupus, as if it is an immunostimulus.
Limit herbs a much, which uses in lupus!
Sometimes use internal a greater celandine herb, but be careful, causes intoxication, in hormonal
obesity limit eating sweeets,carbohydrates,macarones and add more vegetables fresh,boiling,frresh.
Porridges use from a not polish brans,seeds,grains,fatless meat, fish boiling 3 times/week, often
,rubbing eating a small portions in that obesity.
Junipers’ use for aromalamps, wear in a head bed and use junipers brush in hair problems.
Avoid use and Echinacea purpurea.
In joint aches use ointments with glucosamine sulfate, grease any anti-inflamed ointments, like
indometacinum, indovasinum, apply cabbage leafs, do compresses with a tea tree oil.
Bearberry almost use in cystitis, pyelonephritis not in nephritis.
Influences on an urination ways, like uroseptic but not for kidneys, but diuretic.

All about Lupus Knowledge Part 2.

Do not recommend separation eating in lupus, so as in lupus destroy absorbing
substances, and a eating more difficult.
Lupus usually advices all substances, like cal, mg, serum, vanadium, boric.
Better, select poly-mineral complex.
Seborrhea in lupus, like a reason hormonal therapy, and thus local remedies will be
useful, like nizoral,shampoos firm FreeDerm,For hairs masks with henna,onion,salt,tea
tree oil.
Limit in lupus fruits and vegetables red and orange colours, as if they are allergy.
After chemotherapy cleaning from burdock use, P au d Arco.
In dental destroy in lupus, like cheilitis, stomatitis use local healing tea tree oil, with olive
oil apply on cotton, and keep on defeating places.
Mouth rinsing liquid chlorophyll but avoid swallow.
Use and conferment Q10, best and rinse mouth solution tea PAU D Arco, like fungous
destroy display often.
If you not having allergy use and calendula, propolise with honey.
Avoid do and starvation, like lost proteins, and muscle tissue and bad for kidneys,
destroy in work.
Yucca and white bark willow use in joint inflammed,dandelion and globe thistle ,like
choleretic,garlik use if you not having gastritis.
In heating drink hibiscus tea if you having liver, kidney problems, tea PAU D
arco,sol.syrup cholosas in water,sol.thughwax,2-3 days course cowberry water, burdock
decoction, dandelion.
Drinks from agrimonia, in hyperkinesias will be light dyscomphort, and in hypo, kinesis
will be useful.
You can use and supplements with that herbs.
In flue, you can use remedies, which usually use in lupus, like diclofenac, a fast infection
fight help cat s claw 4 capsules/day, local use colloid silver in nose, rinsing, inhalations
from tea tree oil, more drinks alternating mineral waters with cowberry waters.
In migraine help under tongue in begin attack use BRANDY Bisques ADDING A MUCH
mg,for a few helps regular use pantogamatum, vitamins groups B,a big fingers bleeding
doing SU-yoke, AND IN nerves defeating adding food with vitamins groups B.
Sprouting brans,like oats, millet soya will be useful, with contain a vitamins AND Q10, in
gastritis will be a not good enduring, grind theirs and add in sticky porridges, or for
garnish for second dishes, stewing vegetables after cooking ,in salads.
In gynecologic problems usually use syringing from cammomile,calendula,tea tree oil
diluting, colloid silver, diluting exstr.greater celandine, decoction cat s claw,anti-septic
herbs,tampones with cultures a lactobacterias,and in psoriasis best diet use, like avoid
From a fungotherapy, usually use shiitake, ganoderm, but a dry not fresh with your
Be careful use a diuretic and kidney tea with ortosifonum and horsetail avoiding in
nephritis, spicy herbs avoid use in gastritis, like a black radish, sedative teas and
stomach you can use tea.
Blackberry eating, like in season you can, like a source bio-flavones.
Sorrel soup will be very difficult, not much eating his.
From a citrosept you can use for antibiotic natural and sources for connective tissue, in
asthma use liquid oygenexpectorating herbs, inhalations with soda, antioxidants, like
and hormonal use lungs.
Use and vitamin mineral complexs, .like also avitaminosis meeting.
For immunity lemon with honey if you not having allergy try but for 10 days ,best use
local remedies, like from infections tea tree oil,oxaline ointment, ionization air,eucaliptus
aroma lamps,pine,cypress,citric,geranium.
Nuts eating in weak quantities, they are rises allergy.
Astragal avoids in high temperature and he is rises immunity, but immunostimulus,
avoid in lupus.
Gall use external in joints very irritates skin be care!
Bananas useful in hyperacid gastritis and avoid in kushingoid s syndrome, with starch
much and sugar.
Glossitis in lupus, like a connected with hypoavitaminosis and iron deficit anemia, thus
do investigation for contain Groups B vitamins, serum and ferum.
Complex groups will be useful.
With conferment q10, for rinsing use bark oak, strong tea, cammomile.
In cystitis good effects gives a complexes from a herbs potentilla,bearberry,leaf
cranbery,ortosifon,nitro-furan remedies, vitamins groups B,C,A.
I depression be careful use hypricum perforatum, like leading to hirsutism, sexual sphere
From disease, liver, like Gilbert s use diet, like nr 5.
Check a number diet summary, like in diabetes with liver diseases.
From an herbs agrimonia, lecitin, fenobarbital, natural sorbents.
Parodontitis in lupus, like a low immunity or osteoporosis a jaw bones, thus rinse mouth
colloid silver, bark oak, strong tea.
Cammomile, sage.
Use conferment q10.
In gastritis,usualy use a use diet, like depending from a secretion and herbs,usuay use
flax seeds,cammomile,mint,pau d Arco.
In anginas, rinse throat salts solution or colloid silver but with a main treatment pills.
Pumpkin very useful vegetable for heart, in kidney destroy control eating.
Potato eating a baking, for calium source for heart, and raw be carefuly, likes much
phytoestrogenes having.
Add in food sesame oil and use.
From a sun, best protects remedies with extractor sunflower, viola tricolor, and
In insolation time use vitamins a, e, c, selenum.
IN very strong aches throat eating baby food, puree kind, warm not cold, hot.
In cough use licorice in syrup and capsules, ledum palustre, ACC, milk with soda but
courses, like leading to suppression stomach secretion.
Aroma inhalations with pine, eucaliptus.
In a boiling tea, add 2 tbl.sp.soda, from a hard paper do conuse, widen end keep under
steam from a teapot nose, from a narrow end breath in, but care not burn.
Honey with fruit water, like anti-inflamed.
In scars and synechias, use high doses vitamins E, in emphysema doing stable oxygen
and conferment q10 use for low oxygen starvation organism.
In spots, as if freckles use milk, dandelion, masks from cucumbers or oats, whitening
Artichoke use in diabetes and in dysbacteriosis.
Less use and clover.
Meditarrean dishes very useful, if you not having acuting gastritis or pancreatitis.
Apply oils with tea tree oils like compressions use.
Blueberry use for prophylaxis diabetes agiopathy, burdock useful for skin and liver.
In addition, low sugar, pods haricots and hibiscus also, but remember they are laxative.

All about Lupus Knowledge Part 3.

Glossitis meeting in lupus, like a failure micro-nutriets, ferum, vitamins groups B, and a
diseases lupus reason.
In hypotonic
Usually a salt food, adaptogens is a not use in lupus, try strong tea or coffee, but not
everyday, useful and exercises, swimming, a little tonic.
From a berries raspberry, black currant useful for vessels, blueberry use if you have not
constipation, in a season eat fresh berries, jams cooking with jellied sweeteners, like
Jelfix 2plus 1,best useful effects keeping in freeze, or canned in own juice without a
If you need in ferum, low haemogline drink Ferum Cheat or Maltofer.
Shamrock adds in salads, like a high sour potential, less eating.
In osteochondrosis use ointments with tea tree oil, and chondo-protectors.
In cystitis, uretritis less eating or avoid canned, spicy, sauces, salt.
From an herbs bearberry, lovage, cowberry, kidney tea.
Better, supplement D formula Diuresis formula with furanginum.
In obesity a long apple reloading days is a less in lupus doing.
Like a kefir if you stomach and intestine is calm works.
Less eating lemon, like acidosis causes and in lupus that eeting,and he is allergy kind,
and melted days is avoid, like a needing amino acids entering, like will be and maybe in a
mixing eating.
In glomerulonephritis is a need more stronger herbs but and supplements, like Q10 with
Horsetail is a good uroseptic, prevent stones, blood stops, but avoid in
glomerulonephritis, sage and hibiscus use and greater celandine a many doctor’s
advices but I do not think.
Indian diet is need in modification, remove nuts, meat, eggs, fish, so as in lupus need in
Millet porridge you can eat with pumkin, cottage cheese, raisins, but very calorie, and fir
use if you not have allergy use.
Avoid clean organism in apple rice diet, you need in healthy diet.
Cudweed avoid add in food.
A useful use brown rice but if you have not constipation, adding
vegetables,onion,carrot,pepper sweet,squash,green,fruits.
Apple juice less use and in a small kind if you have not gastritis, adding and in salads,
and for skin if she is calm.

Lupus Knowledge Part 4.

Method Montinjak s is useful diet in lupus with a breach tolerance top glucose and
But a need advices from
Dietologists, endocrinologist, like a method not useful not for all.
Pau D Arco use in a different fungous defeating, like in nails, skin.
Effect will be different, like depends from a stage, and in a difficult course use remedies,
like lamizil dermogel.
In a season, you can cook nettle soup, less eating, as a big blood coagulates. However,
useful in abundant bleeding, in diabetes add her in collections.
Carbohydrates, like a sugar limits in lupus, and changes in diets, like rising syndrome
Kushingoid,blood worsening, rises inflammations, better natural carbohydrates eating,
like vegetables.
Avoid eating spices, like mutard, pepper, Carrie.
Moderate add ginger, curcuma, cinnamon, pink, and nutmeg.
Best for that mayoranum, basil, thyme.
Sugar limits in lupus, best cooking sweetener from stevia herb, adding, Greenligh.
Peas, beans food limits, beet also, like in kushingoid much carbohydrate having.
If you use hormones and calcium lost eat milk food, cooking soups avoiding a cold in
gastritis, warm with vermicelli milk, boiling vegetables eat useful.
For heart, kidneys, heart, vessel cooks pumpkin dishes.
In addition, in high cholesterol.
In acuting gastritis eat rubing soups, and in lupus acuting eat vegetable broths.
Lemon is a most low calorie fruit, but causes allergy, limit in ulcers, gastritis.
In a good endure eat without a minimal thermal manufacturing.
Mushrooms in lupus not eat, like a difficult for kidneys.
In a cold, eat raspberry jam, citric, hibiscus, like tea.
Any SALADS DRESS vegetable oil, radish, spinash sorrel avoid eat in kushingoid, and
less vegetable and oil.
Cranberry and cherry useful for vessels, joints.
Turnip rises and gases .
For supporting vessels in diabetes useful and blueberry.
Viburnum low pressure and fight cough.
If you having an allergy avoid eat curcuma, but she is useful, like anti-inflamed.
Apricots and quince juices provokes constipations, choleretic and avoid in liver
problems, aloe juice causes bleeding in ulcers.
Cottage cheese useful eating in osteoporosing in an evening, in stomach, liver, or gall
bladder in a morning.
Artichoke juice drinks in high sugar.
Beriberi’s juice useful in pyelonephritis but check sour urine, basil juice avoid in liver,
costipations, he is spasmolitic.
In urate, stones avoid drink cranberry juice.
Useful eat, cook from an herb borrago.
Pomegranate juice causes constipations.
Mucus soups eating in acuting stomatitis, gastritis, ulcers.
Coriander yes, you can use, like for dishes and infusions.
Melon juice in liver, intestine, pancreatitis drink.
Stellaria herb use if you not having deficit mass or appetite lost.

Cook Fruit Soup in Lupus

Remember from my children s age in my kindergarten I eaten fruit soups from dried
apricots and dry fruits.
It s will
Be a new for me, as he was been sweet sour without vegetables, and just added rice,
dried apricots.
Soup explained was been very useful.
She called his an apricot soup.
I always eaten all portion, but a not children’s all liked his.
I always have eaten all portions, as if similar was been on compote, which I love it.
Dry apricot soup is useful in hot weather, when you are not like easy food.
That soup good absorbs.
She calium having, ferum and useful in weakness, in chronic diseases, pregnancy,
Laxative effect having, useful in hypertension with oedemas, heart rhytm, obesity breach,
1/2 glass wash dried apricots ,1/2 glass sugar,1 glass wetting in water rice, add
2l.5l.water,in boil weak fire, cook 30 min.
TO dried apricots adding prunes and dry pears.
Not very thick, receive must to be.
Avoid or limit in sugar diabetes.
        However, what about in lupus?
100 percent a soup will be not useful in lupus with obesity, but in heart, hypertension,
liver, kidneys pathology without failure will be useful.

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