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Studera.Nu Application Form - PDF


Studera.Nu Application Form document sample

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									Application forThe International Programme Office for Education and Training Scholarship

Family name

First name                                                         Date of birth ( Year, month, day, Swedish
                                                                   civ. reg. nr (if any)


Postal code                                      City

Country                                                           E-mail address

Previous university studies

Degree and University                                             Major                           Minor

Study work                       Total credits                    Scale of                        Your GPA
load per                                                          Grades                          (grade point
semester in                                                                                       average)

□       I declare that, if offered the scholarship, I have no intention of being a resident or work in Sweden or
in any of the OECD countries/member states after having finished the Master Programme

Signature                                                                                  Date

When submitting your application for scholarship, you must include the following documents:
        Copy of passport
        The application form together with the cover letter from the application online of the Master Programme at
        www.studera.nu or mark the application form with the application number of the applied Master Programme
        Letter of motivation (500 words)
        Transcript of academic record with grades and diploma
The deadline for application is January 28 , for the autumn semester 2011. Send the application to:
University Studies in Sweden, FE 1, SE-833 83 Stroemsund, SWEDEN
Information about the government scholarship allocated by
The International Programme Office for Education and Train-
ing and administered by the University of Gothenburg
To be eligible to apply for the scholarship programme:

    -    you must be an applicant from one of the countries in the list of Recipients of Official Devel-
        opment Assistance approved by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC-Organisation
        for Economic Co-Operation and Development, OECD), see website:

    -   you must have applied to and be qualified for a Master programme taught in English at the
        University of Gothenburg at the national application website www.studera.nu within the
        deadline 17 January 2011

    -   if you have applied to the University of Gothenburg as your first choice, that will be consid-
        ered with priority

    -   you must have submitted the documents supporting your application and the required in-

    -   priority will be given to students with high academic performance

If you have been offered a scholarship from the Swedish Institute, you will not qualify for
a scholarship from the University of Gothenburg, The International Programme Office for
Education and Training Scholarship

The Scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee.

The deadline for applying is January 28th 2011 for the autumn semester 2011.

The decisions will be sent in March/April.

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