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									Subcontracting with AbilityOne
Greg Braniff
Director, Commercial Business Development

                                            September 9, 2009
         y    g
     Today’s Agenda
• What is AbilityOne
  What is
• Wh t i “NIB/NISH”
• What is an NPA
• Subcontracting with NPAs
• AbilityOne Employee Capabilities
• Questions and Answers

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   Today’s Focus

• Informational Briefing

 R f       f F        U
•Reference for Future Use

•Sales Pitch

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     Important Notes
• You will NOT be subcontracting with “AbilityOne.”
  AbilityOne is a Program
• You will be subcontracting with an approved
  Nonprofit Agency

• NISH is giving this presentation and will support
  you in your efforts.
• NIB is also available for support.

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       AbilityOne Lingua Franca
• AbilityOne
    – Formerly the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Program
    – For “old-timers,” also known as NIB/NISH
• Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely
       /k/ Th C     itt f P h
    – a/k/a The Committee for Purchase
• Central Nonprofit Agency (CNA)
• National Industries for the Blind (NIB)
    – Is not an acronym
• Nonprofit Agency (NPA)
       /k/ C      it R h bilit ti Program (CRP)
    – a/k/a Community Rehabilitation P
• Handicapped – we use people first language, not the “h” word.

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           Why are we here?
   • Contract requirements                  • Good to Great Business:

   • DOD DPAP Support

   • Corporate Social
     Responsibility Goals
                                                  ALL OTHERS BRING DATA!

“Genius of AND. Embrace both extremes on a number of dimensions at the same time.
   Instead of choosing A OR B, figure out how to have A AND B--purpose AND profit,
               continuity AND change, freedom AND responsibility, etc.”
                                                  Jim Collins

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What is AbilityOne?

                      September 9, 2009
The AbilityOne Program is the largest source of
    p y            people
 employment for p p who are blind or have other
 severe disabilities in the United States. Over 40,000
 individuals are employed through more than 600 nonprofit
 organizations that p        quality g
                     provide q     y goods and services to
 the federal government at a fair market price. The
 Program is administered by the Committee for Purchase
            p                             y
 From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, an ,
 independent federal agency, with assistance from
 National Industries for the Blind (NIB), and NISH-Creating
     p oy e Opportunities o eop e
 Employment Oppo u es for People with Se e e  Severe

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    The AbilityOne Mission

 Provide employment opportunities for
  people who are blind or have other
 severe disabilities in the manufacture
and delivery of products and services to
       the Federal Government.

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     The Committee for Purchase

• Administers the AbilityOne Program
• Regulates the CNAs (NIB & NISH)
• Qualifies NPA’s for Participation
• Adds projects to the Procurement List

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                       y       g
                 AbilityOne Program Structure
DLA        DA               President of the United States
DoN        DAF                                                Congress
USDA       DOC
DOJ        DOL                                                        Legal
DE         DVA                Committee for Purchase                  Authority
4 Private Citizens
                                                   Committee Staff

            National I d t i
            N ti    l Industries
            for the Blind (NIB)                          NISH
        NPAs Employing Persons                   NPAs Employing Persons
            Who are Blind                         with Severe Disabilities

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What is a “NIB/NISH?”

     • NIB & NISH are the 2 CNAs; separate NPAs.
     • “NIB/NISH” is often found in older regulations.

                                               September 9, 2009
NISH is the national, nonprofit agency designated by the
Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or
Severely Disabled to support local NPAs that participate
in the AbilityOne Program and provide employment
       t iti f         l   ith        disabilities through
opportunities for people with severe di biliti th        h
federal contracts for services and products. NISH
supports the NPA network as well as federal customers
by providing business development and contract
management assistance, engineering and technical
advice legislative and regulatory guidance professional
advice,                            guidance,
training, and communications assistance.

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• National nonprofit agency (not Federal)
• Supporting a nationwide network of producing &
  affiliated NPAs
• Support includes:
  –   Engineering & technical support
  –   Training
  –   Federal business development
  –   Contract management support
  –   Program advocacy

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    NISH Mission and Vision
• Create employment opportunities for people
    ith       disabilities.
  with severe di biliti
• Employment for every person with a severe
  di bilit

   Severe Disability (AbilityOne) - physical or
   mental impairment that limits normal
         titi      l
   competitive employment. t
      (There are more than 66 other Federal definitions of disability.)

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       NISH Responsibilities
• Liaison between:
   –   The Committee for Purchase
   –   Federal Contracting Officers & Customers
   –   Nonprofit Agencies
   –   C         i l Customers (
       Commercial C t          (new f     )

• Authorized to allocate Federal contract opportunities to
  Nonprofit Agencies.

• Ensure quality in development, price negotiation and
  performance of AbilityOne projects.

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      The NISH Value Proposition
• Competitive pricing
• Trained & motivated employees
• National supplier network
   – Leaders in many lines of business
     Stable        i di l       l      iti
   – St bl & recognized in local communities
• Large scale project management
   – Existing quality/workload management systems
• Implement Standard Service Level Agreements on a
  large scale
• Meet/exceed contract & corporate social responsibility
  (supplier diversity) goals

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     NISH Support to DoD Primes
• NPA Sourcing Support

• AbilityOne Regulatory Resource

• Fees for Services paid by NPA

• Can be 1st Tier Subcontractor

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What’s an NPA?

                 September 9, 2009
        p       g
     Nonprofit Agencies
• 800,000+ NPAs in the United States
        501(c)3       i ti     d/
  – IRS 501( )3 organization and/or
  – State-run organization
  – Not a “business”
• 1 in 10 Workers in U.S. works for an NPA
• 7% of GNP comes from NPAs
• Think: Hospitals, Boy Scouts, Homeowner’s
  Associations,          Industries,
  Associations Goodwill Industries Easter Seals

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     What is a Qualified NPA?
• An IRS 501(c)3 organization with a mission to
  train and employ people who are blind or have
  other severe disabilities.
• Approved by the Committee for Purchase to
  provide products/services in the AbilityOne
  Program through Federal contracts.
      g          g
• Supported by NIB or NISH.
• In the CCR:
       Look for “Yes” under AbilityOne

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       National AbilityOne Network
• Also Guam, Puerto
  Rico, A
  Ri          i
  Samoa and the
  Trust Territories
• On most military
  installations in
  domestic U S

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                                  g         pp       y
                       The Challenge – The Opportunity
                 • 51.2 Million People with a Disability
                    – Largest minority in the U S
                 • 10.1 Million People (6% of Population)
                       Inability to  f        job in U.S.    *
                    – I bilit t perform any j b i U S economy*
                 • More than 60% without jobs
                 • 500,000 Homeless Veterans … and growing!

                     AbilityOne Qualified Nonprofit Agencies – 75% of direct labor must
                     be provided by people with severe disabilities.

*Social Security definition

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Subcontracting with NPAs

                           September 9, 2009
     Why Subcontract with an NPA?
• NPAs already have federal contracting
  experience and they:
  – Understand T’s and C’s
  – Have SCA payroll systems
• Contract Goals
• AbilityOne – Brand Name Recognition
• Possibly – Facility Security Clearance
• Competitive capabilities

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      NPA – Large or Small Business?
• IRS – not a business, neither one
                     set asides        8.7
• FAR – guidance on set-asides in Part 8 7
   – 219.703 - Count toward Small Business Goals
     219.7102 May       lif   Protégé
   – 219 7102 – M qualify as P té é
• As a Subcontractor (Contract Flow Down):
   – No CAS exemption (OMB Circular A-133 applies)
   – No Subcontracting Plan exemption
      • Except under GSAR 519.702
   – No sole source authority
• NISH and NPAs hold Federal Supply Schedules

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     Subcontracting with NPAs
• Remain Focused on Best Value
  Due Diligence still R
• D Dili                   i d
                  till Required
• Use NIB and NISH as a Resource
• Additional Information Available
  – Local United Way
  –L    l Reputation
    Local R    t ti
  – Request NPA’s Form 1099

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AbilityOne Employee Capabilities

                           September 9, 2009
       y      p y      p
 AbilityOne Employee Capabilities

• Facilities Management
   – Presidential
• Custodial
   – >$500M/Year
• Grounds Maintenance
• Food Service

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      y      p y      p
AbilityOne Employee Capabilities
• Document Mgmt
  – Secure Document
    www securedoumentalliance org
  – Scanning (Census)

  Mailroom O
• M il     Ops
  – Secure Mail w/
    Homeland Security

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      y      p y      p
AbilityOne Employee Capabilities
• Warehousing &g
  – 3rd party logistics
  – Nationwide network
• Contact Centers
  – I b     d/ tb    d
  – Loyal workforce –
     very low turnover
  – High quality

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      y      p y      p
AbilityOne Employee Capabilities

• Fleet Management
  – Vehicle Repair &
  – Parts Management
  – Shuttle Service
  – Vehicle Washing g
  – Dispatching
  – Vehicle Fueling

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         y      p y      p
   AbilityOne Employee Capabilities

• Sewing
   – Chemical Protective
   – Wiping Rags (NUCs)
   – Military and Civilian
   – American Flag
• Packaging & Assembly

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      y      p y      p
AbilityOne Employee Capabilities

• Manufacturing
   – M-16 Magazines

• Food Products
   –V     t bl
     Vegetable Oil
   – Packaged Dry

             Page 34
         y      p y      p
   AbilityOne Employee Capabilities

• Laundry Operations

• Healthcare
   Environmental Services

• Administrative Support

• Temp Services

                  Page 35
     For More Information
  –P          Information
    Program I f      ti
  – Capabilities Details
• www abilityone gov
  – Committee for Purchase web site
  – Forms & Publications
  – Rules & Regulations
• NIB:

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Thanks for participating

     Greg Braniff

                           September 9, 2009

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