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									                                                                                                                           Fall/Winter 200
                            A PUBLICATION OF THE HOSPICE             & PALLIATIVE      CARE      GROUP, INC.
                                                                                                                               In mid-life, the caterpillar
                                                                                                                     attaches itself to a protected place
                                                                                                                    while it undergoes a transformation
Ensuring Quality End-of-Life Care for Our Nation’s Veterans                                                          into a chrysalis. The butterfly that
                                                                                                                           emerges has a whole new life
    Mr. C is an 86-year-old veteran with end-stage            These stories represent just a few of the more                          in a different form.
heart failure and moderate dementia. After surviving       than 600,000 veterans
some of the toughest fighting in World War II, he went     who are expected to
on to earn a law degree and establish a successful         die each year well into
practice. Mr. C never talked about the war with his        the next decade. Many
family. They never thought to mention it to his doctors
                                                           of these veterans could
or the nursing home staff. Mr. C is haunted by memo-
ries from more than half a lifetime ago. Observing his
                                                           benefit from hospice
frequent tears and periods of profound depression his      care, an end-of-life care
family and the nursing home staff realize something is     choice that provides dy-
wrong but they don’t know how to comfort him.              ing patients and their
    Mrs. J is a 67-year-old veteran who served as a        loved ones with com-
nurse in Vietnam. She has been told by her doctor          fort, compassion and
that she has less than six months to live. For the past    dignity.
two years, Mrs. J has been receiving treatment at a           Hospice care in-
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center         volves a patient-cen-
an hour away. Although she still wants to maintain         tered,    team-oriented
contact with VA staff, she is no longer able to make the   approach to expert
trip to the VA Medical Center and wishes to spend her
                                                           medical care, pain man-
remaining time in the comfort of her home.
    Mr. L is a 56-year-old veteran with end-stage liv-
                                                           agement, and emotional
er disease and a limited prognosis. He lost a leg in       and spiritual support.
Vietnam and has struggled with alcohol abuse and           Care can be provided in
depression since returning to the United States. Now       a number of settings including patients’ homes,
homeless and with no income or family support, he          inpatient hospice units, hospitals, nursing homes,
is in a VA hospital after collapsing outside an office     and long-term care facilities.
building.                                                                                     Continued on page 2   Ensuring Quality Care .  .  .  .  .  . 1

                                                                                                                    Veterans helping Veterans  .  .  . 1

                                                           Veterans helping Veterans                                Record 1 .56 Million Patients
                                                                                                                    Receive Hospice Care  .  .  .  .  . 3
                                                              Niagara Hospice is recruiting veterans to
                                                           volunteer to visit with hospice patients who             Spiritual Side of Non-
                                                                                                                    Religious Believers  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
                                                           are also veterans. Veterans share a unique ca-
                                                           maraderie that can be especially beneficial to           A Grief Shared  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
                                                           hospice patients. A hospice volunteer training
                                                           will be held in early December. Interested men           Donors  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .5-13

                                                           and women are asked to call the Niagara Hos-             2010 Events  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 14
                                                           pice volunteer office at 280-0748 to learn more.
                                                              Volunteers are also being recruited to craft          Hospice Heroes  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 15
                                                           patriotic quilts and lap blankets for Niagara            Calendar  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16
Niagara Hospice volunteer and navy veteran, Gene           Hospice’s veteran patients. If you quilt, knit
Brayley, visits with army veteran Ralph Bishop at          or crochet please consider helping our vol-
Niagara Hospice House. Mr. Bishop served in                unteers. Donors are also needed to help pur-
Washington guarding presidents Truman and                  chase supplies for the veteran quilt project.
                                                                                                                         The Voyager 
                                Ensuring quality care, continued from page 1

The Voyager                        At the center of hospice care is the belief that
                                everyone has the right to die pain-free and with
                                                                                      approved by a VA physician, VA medical centers
                                                                                      will either provide hospice care directly in their
is an official publication of
                                dignity. The emotional and spiritual components       facilities or purchase it from community hos-
The Hospice and Palliative
                                of hospice care can be especially meaningful to       pices. All Medicare-eligible veterans, whether or
Care Group, Inc . (HPCG)
                                veterans who often face issues near the end of life   not they are enrolled in VHA, have access to hos-
with a circulation of
                                relating to their military experiences. Support is    pice care through Medicare. Veterans not eligible
10,000 . Niagara Hospice,
                                even more crucial for veterans who do not have a      for Medicare may have hospice benefits through
Inc ., Palliative Home Care
                                strong support network of family and friends.         Medicaid or other private insurance. However,
of Niagara, Inc . and the
                                   We Honor Veterans, a project of the National       like 90% of all Americans, most veterans simply
Niagara Hospice Alliance,
                                Hospice and Palliative Care Organization              don’t know that these options exist. The need for
Inc . are organizations that
                                (NHPCO) in collaboration with the Department          education extends beyond the public to commu-
the HPCG helps support
                                of Veterans Affairs (VA) has invited hospices,        nity hospice and VA providers as well.
through administrative
                                state hospice organizations and VA partners to           Niagara Hospice has established a partnership
activities .Visit us on the
                                join a pioneering program focused on respect-         with the Veteran’s Administration in Buffalo to
web at:
                                ful inquiry, compassionate listening and grate-       ensure quality end-of-life care is available to all
NiagaraHospice .org
                                ful acknowledgment. By recognizing their              Niagara County veterans. Goals of the partner-
PHCN .org
                                unique needs, community providers like Niagara        ship include educating veterans and the commu-
NiagaraHospiceAlliance .org
                                Hospice, in partnership with VA staff, will help      nity about the hospice benefit that every veteran
   PRESIDENT & CEO              guide America’s veterans and their families           is entitled to; customizing hospice care plans spe-
     John L . Lomeo             through their life stories toward a more peaceful     cific to the special needs of veterans; and recruit-
                                ending.                                               ing community veterans to serve as hospice vol-
     A .J . Bax, MD                                                                   unteers who will be paired with Niagara Hospice
                                                                                      patients who are also veterans.
   HPCG BOARD OF                A Fragmented System
      Paul C . Collins             Anyone who has tried to navigate the health
    Thomas F . Hewner           care system in America knows that often there
      Dan Mandaville            is fragmented communication and coordination
       Frank Maletta            of services among health care providers, public
  Andrea Sammarco, Esq .
                                and private insurance companies, and patients
   James M . Shaw, DDS
     Steven M . Sinclair        and families. Even though the Department of
                                Veterans Affairs (VA) is the largest integrated
   Patricia M . Degan           health care system in the country there are still
                                issues. So how can we ensure veterans receive
                                quality end-of-life care? It’s an important ques-
The Hospice and                 tion to answer--particularly when considering
Palliative Care                 these facts from the VA:
Group, Inc.                        • More than 1,800 veterans die every day.
Mission                              This represents a quarter of all deaths in          Thank you to our Niagara Hospice Super
Statement:                           America.                                            Teen Volunteers for crafting these beautiful
                                   • Approximately 85% of veterans do not receive        pumpkins for our hospice patients. It was
“The Hospice and                     care through the VA health care system.             an afternoon of fun for a great cause! Teens
                                   • Most veterans still die in the community; only
 Palliative Care                                                                         pictured are Jeremy Cogovan, Emily Stoll,
                                     4% of veteran deaths occur in VA facilities.
 Group is dedicated                These statistics highlight the importance of          Thomas Stoll, Connor Evans, Skyler Maurer,
 to providing the               partnerships among VA and community health               Megan Few, Ashley Cogovan, Kasey Johnston
                                providers as well as organizations that serve vet-       and Rachel Williams.Thanks also to Brooke
 right care, in the             erans. There is a great need for education about         and Cole Evans. If you know a teenager who
 right place, at the            hospice care and how it can be accessed.                 wants in on some great fun and an experi-
 right time.”                      Hospice care is part of the basic eligibility
                                                                                         ence of a lifetime, please contact Alice Beck,
                                package for veterans enrolled in the Veterans
                                Health Administration (VHA). If hospice care             Director of Volunteer Services at 280-0748.
                                is appropriate for enrolled veterans and has been
2 The Voyager
   Niagara Hospice Director of Public Relations, Tricia             state-mandated data submissions and state association mem-
Degan says: “Each and every one of our nation’s veterans            bership surveys.
has sacrificed something for the rest of us. They deserve              Facts and Figures: Hospice Care in America is avail-
our thanks, our compassion and our care – with dignity, es-         able in the News Room section of NHPCO’s website, nhpco.
pecially at end-of-life. We are proud and humbled to part-          org/newsroom
ner with the VA on this especially significant initiative.”
   Degan says the first step is educating the community about
the initiative. Niagara Hospice representatives are reaching out    The Spiritual Side of Non-Religious
to area legion posts and other veteran groups to offer education
to their members. If you are a veteran and belong to a veter-       Believers
an’s group, please contact Tricia Degan at Niagara Hospice to       By Fr. Jack Marshall, Spiritual Care Counselor
schedule an informative presentation. Degan can be reached at          The assignment was simple, take a person you identify with
439-4417 or by e-mail at If you          and identify his or her spirituality. The course was Spirituality
are a veteran and would like to learn more about volunteering for   and Aging and one student chose Georgia O’Keefe. The artist
Niagara Hospice, call the Volunteer Services office at 280-0748.    had no particular religion and had been involved in a notori-
                                                                    ous affair that ended the marriage of her sponsor. “How could
                                                                    this woman have any spiritual side?” my students asked. She
Record .56 Million Patients Receive                                painted for a future she believed in.
Hospice Care                                                           Modern intellectual and writer, Tony Judt, was born in
                                                                    England, lived on an Israeli kibbutz just before the “June War
The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization recently
released the following report on Hospice Care in the U.S.           of 1967” and came to see himself as a secular Jew without
                                                                    belief in God. Judt suffered from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
   An estimated 41.6 percent of all people who died in the U.S.     and toward the end of his life discussed his controversial work,
last year were under the care of a hospice program, reports the     impending death and his spirituality.
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO).             He sighted something of the human spirit and how impor-
This figure is up from 38.8 percent in 2008 and 35 percent in       tant it was to honor the duty of giving hope and support to the
2007.                                                               generations to come. Judt, a controversial public intellectual,
   “This rising statistic shows that more Americans facing a        who tried to make sense and raise the moral issues of our time
life-limiting illness are opting for care that addresses medi-      died recently at 67. I listened to his interview on Terry Gross’
cal, emotional, and spiritual needs at the end of life,” said J.    Fresh Air on National Public Radio while I was on the road.
Donald Schumacher, NHPCO president and CEO. “And that is            Later that day I visited one of my non-religious believers; athe-
the compassionate care that hospice and palliative care brings      ists, who are convinced that the human spirit is worth believ-
to patients and families in need.”                                  ing in.
   NHPCO’s annual publication, Facts and Figures: Hospice              A patient once told me, “I’m not into God and religion. I am
Care in America reports on hospice trends and provides updat-       into the here and now; I don’t have too much of a tomorrow to
ed information on the growth, delivery, and quality of hospice      look to. So I have to do what I can, right now without worry-
care in the US. Findings include:                                   ing about the past. I can’t change it, but I can leave something
                                                                                                                                      Continued next page
   • A record 1.56 million people with a life-limiting illness
     received care from the nation’s hospice providers.
   • The average length of service remained steady at 69 days.
     Median length of service was also steady at 21.1 days (that         Niagara Hospice will hold an Open House on Veterans Day in
     means half of hospice patients received care for less than         honor of all veterans and their families . The community is invited
     three weeks and half received care for more than three              to learn more about the We Honor Veterans initiative at the
     weeks).                                                               Open House that will be held at Niagara Hospice House .
   • Routine home care accounted for 95.9 percent of patient              Staff will be available to provide tours and answer questions;
     care days.                                                                       light refreshments will also be provided .
   • At 68.8 percent, the majority of hospice care was provided            NIAGARA HOSPICE OPEN HOUSE
     in the home, whether the patient’s home is a private resi-            Thursday, November  at -7:00pm*
     dence, nursing home, or residential facility.                                       Niagara Hospice House
   Findings from the report are based on data from NHPCO’s                        4675 Sunset Drive, Lockport, NY 4094
annual survey, the National Data Set, and NHPCO member-
                                                                               *A special ceremony in honor of veterans will be held at 3 pm
ship data. Secondary sources include Medicare Provider of                        at the flagpole in the Niagara Hospice Memorial Gardens .
Services certification data, Medicare hospice cost report data,
                                                                                                                           The Voyager 
Spiritual side, continued from page 3
good for the future, for the kids and the generations to come
after me.” It is easy to see how ‘living in the moment’ with
the intention of gifting the future gives hope and purpose to
our patients, even if they do not necessarily believe in a ‘here
   There is something here that non-religious believers share
with people of religious faith and that we can put to use. Their
scope of concern is for the “here and now” as they live in the
moment. In my reading I find that every major religion has its
own version of the “golden rule”; “Do unto others as you would
have them do unto you;” a yearning for justice and for doing
the moral good.
   While our faith perspectives may vary, our concern for our
fellow sojourners and the generations to come is a very com-
mon bond. For believer and non-believer, the common un-                Niagara Hospice staff and volunteers participated
derstanding of the human spirit is far more powerful than we        in the Lewiston Kiwanis Club Peach Festival Parade
might expect.                                                       last September. The theme for our float was: Thank
                                                                    you Niagara County…you are the PEACH in our pie!
                                                                    The themed peach orchard and giant peach pie with
                                                                    a baker (Corey Voelker) won third place in the float
                                        A Grief Shared              competition. Many thanks to all who helped create,
                                        By Jennifer Peth, MS,
                                        Outreach Counselor
                                                                    build and march!
                                There is a Honduran proverb
                             that advises, “A grief shared is
                             half grief.” The Niagara Hospice
                             Outreach Department knows first-
                             hand the great power of healing,
                             and the comfort that is found when
                             individuals in grief come together
                             to share their feelings and experi-
                             ences. Niagara Hospice’s Circle
        Jennifer Peth        of Hope program provides a wide
                             variety of grief and loss workshops
and support groups that are open to the entire Niagara County
   When we are grieving we often feel isolated, like there is no
one who understands how we feel, and no one who will listen
to us express our grief. At a grief support group the bereaved
can meet with others who have also lost loved ones, who are                  Outreach Groups
familiar with the difficult and painful experience of grief, and
who are open and ready to listen to the grief feelings of others       sponsored by Niagara Hospice
as well as to share their own. Attendees of support groups are               Newly Bereaved Workshop
often surprised by the instant connection that they feel with          Growing through Grief Support Group
other group members. Even people who are normally very
private with their emotions may find themselves opening up                   Bereavement Coffee Hours
in group, finding safety and comfort in the honest and caring                   Journaling Workshop
group atmosphere.                                                       Grieving the Loss of a Pet Workshop
   There is no way to get around grief; it is a painful and dif-             Annual Holiday Craft Event
ficult journey that we must travel from start to finish. However,
                                                                      Call the Outreach Department for more
if we come together and share our pain with others who are also
navigating the journey of grief, it can help lighten the load we             information at 280-0777 or
all have to carry.                                                           visit the Resources page at
  4 The Voyager
Niagara Hospice Donors March , 200 – August , 200
                             GENERAL CONTRIBUTIONS                  Dental Health Products Inc        Hilary Kunkel
  Gifts to Hospice           Athelda Abrams                         Maria Dicillo                     M/M Tom Landsheft
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 ference in the lives        Baehr’s Ice Cream Cottage              Eternal Brothers MC               Lions Club of Olcott
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 of Hospice patients
                             Barker Central Schools                 Peter Fatouros                    Lock City Lodge #617
 and their families.         Michael Barlass                        Dr . Paula Flynn                  Lockport Community Charities
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 services will contin-       Caroline Berry                         Gasser Gang of WNY                Louise Mangan
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  Mrs . Richard Brodfuehrer          Dr Edward A . Carr Jr            Tuscarora Yacht Club              In Memory of Marie Cramer
  HDM Hydraulics, LLC              In Memory of Frank Carroll          Susan & Mike Wolf                  Patty Cramer
In Memory of Mickey Brown            American Portfolios Financial   In Memory of M/M Vernon Clark
                                     Services Inc                                                       In Memory of Gerald Creasey
  James R Brown                                                        Peter M Clark
                                     Helen Bowen                                                          Ida Creasey
In Memory of Nelva Brown             Dennis Carroll                  In Memory of Barbara E Clarke      In Memory of Margaret Crow
  Richard & Wanda Ayers              PCB Piezotronics Inc              Gary Clarke                        Cathy Eastman
In Memory of Doris Brownell          Laurence Stephens               In Memory of William Coder           Rainfourth LTD
  James Brownell                   In Memory of James Carson           Cornerstone Community Federal    In Memory of Bonnie Cutler
In Memory of Gladys Brownrigg        Deborah Mosher                    Credit Union                       Charles Cutler
  David N Richards & Family                                            Niagara County Deputy Sheriffs
                                   In Memory of John Catino            Association                      In Memory of Eileen Dabkowski
In Memory of Donna Bryan             Eugene Catino                                                        Charles T Dabkowski
  Donna Morgan                                                       In Memory of Brenda Cole
                                   In Memory of John Cegielski         Helen Freischlag                 In Memory of Janice Dahlke
In Memory of James Budnack           Dr Thaddeus Reszel                                                   Charles Dahlke
  Elaine LaFountain                                                  In Memory of Phyllis Cole
                                   In Memory of Dorothy Chambers       Sandra Miller                    In Memory of Joy Dallessandro
  M/M Franklin Larkin                Claudia Enderby                                                      Pasquale Dallessandro
In Memory of John Buhyoff                                            In Memory of Beryl Coleman
                                   In Memory of Mary Christman         Carol Coleman                    In Memory of James & Ann Dann
 Wayne Breloff                       Philip Sandler                                                       M/M Robert Dann
  M/M John Frischholz                Xerox Corporation               In Memory of Bruce Coleman
  Dawn Meglino                                                        Walter Hellman                    In Memory of Mary D’Anna
                                   In Memory of Gertrude Chunco                                           John M Cousins
In Memory of Jacqueline Calanan      Sandra Spoth                    In Memory of Patricia Coleman        Debbie & Pamela Day
  Ms Wendy Greenawalt                                                  Nancy Lynch
                                   In Memory of Patsy Ciccarelli                                        In Memory of Margo Davidson
In Memory of Roland Camann           Dr & Mrs Alfred Bax             In Memory of Dennis Conaway          Lucy LaScala
  Cynthia Taylor                     Claudia Cullen                    Harry Kargatis
                                                                       Jean & Tom Morton                In Memory of William Davin
In Memory of Margaret Cameron        Patricia DeRosa
                                                                                                          M/M John Coleman
  Jean Baldwin                       Barbara Jacklin                 In Memory of Theressa Singer         M/M Daniel Dy
  Lori Clark                         Salvatore Lipuma                 Conrad                              Michael Gast
  Kathleen D’Elia                    Antoinette Passanese & Family     Susan Martin                       Michael Holohan
  M/M Joseph Jucciarone              M/M Jim Teoli & Family          In Memory of Sylvia Corcoran         Katherine Lange
  Ralph & Donna Larimore           In Memory of Lucille Cicero         Ann & Hugh O’Hear                  M/M Charles MacDonald
  M/M John Litus                     Paula Bruso
  Rebecca Zayatz                                                     In Memory of Donald Cornell
                                                                                                                 The Voyager 7
Niagara Hospice Donors March , 200 – August , 200
 Rhodes Palmer                      M/M Daniel Holland                     Terri & Neil Clark                 In Memory of Buela Frame
 M/M David Ryan                                                            M/M Ronald Russ                      Aspen Sports Medicine
                                   In Memory of Joanna L Dominick
                                                                          In Memory of Brent Elsess             Marilyn Deighton
In Memory of Walter Davis            R Anne Dominick
                                                                            Jill Falsetti                       Nancy & Robert Hawley
  Deborah J Day                    In Memory of Barbara Donner                                                  Phaela Kirchner
In Memory of William Davison         Leah Bigalow                         In Memory of Lisa Ann Evrard          Lytle Associates
  Doug & Cynthia Herberger           M/M Veril Crimi                        M/M Ronald Borczynski & Family      M/M Fred Stephens
In Memory of Dannie Dear             Barbara Detschner & Family           In Memory of Bernice Fallesen       In Memory of John Freundschuh
  Moonyean Pechuman                  Marshall & Jean Fitch                  Kate Becker                         Sara Freundschuh
  JoAnne Ruppel-Frawley              Rita Heary                             Patricia Blackwell
                                                                                                              In Memory of Alfred Fronczak
 The Wladis Law Firm PC            In Memory of Emma Dover                In Memory of Mary Fetterman           Niagara Pro-Am Fishing
In Memory of Frank DelGrosso         Bruce Dover                           Thomas Bukoskey & Family             Tournament
  M/M Reginald Adams               In Memory of John Downey                 M/M Charles Fetterman
                                                                           Tom & Bonnie Nightingale           In Memory of Dorothy Frost
In Memory of David DeSantis          Lakes Pipe & Supply Corp
                                                                            M/M Brian North                     Barker Lions Club
  Phyllis Peters                   In Memory of Robert Dracup                                                   Roger & Frances Foote
                                     Maureen Dracup                         Renaissance Club of N Tonawanda
In Memory of Sally C DeSantis                                                                                   Jessica Frost
  Donald DeSantis                  In Memory of Charlotte Dumais          In Memory of Adrienne Fiorucci        Louise Mangan
                                     Olga Kasprzak                          Kelly Gwin                          M/M Donald Stanton
In Memory of Leon Detyna                                                    Mary Pietricone
  Dorothy Detyna                     M/M Christopher Mongeon                                                  In Memory of Jane Gailey
  Patricia Galbo                     SKM Group Inc                        In Memory of Ellen Fitzgerald         Anne Astmann
  Alice Knittle                    In Memory of Hazel Duncan                Broad Run Social Science Dept       Mrs . Augusta Brannen
                                     John Grater Jr                       In Memory of Jerrold Flaschner’s      Frances Cale
In Memory of John J Dickenson
                                     Josephine Schukraft                   birthday, May 13th                   Dale Demyanick
  M/M Patrick Dickenson
                                     University at Buffalo-Dept . of        Dr . Steven Flaschner & Family      Judie MacKay
In Memory of Gladys Dieter           Communications                                                             Richard McCormick
  M/M Hugh Dieter Jr                                                      In Memory of Karen Flechsenhaar
                                                                           Thomas Flechsenhaar                  Margot Owen
  M/M David Grehlinger             In Memory of Bob Dungan
                                                                                                                Jeanne Phelps
  M/M Jerry Heiser                   Roxanne Dungan                       In Memory of Mark Flechsenhaar        Lester Shiff MD
  Jane Hermance                    In Memory of Georgia Dunn                Duncan & Helga Carlson              Mrs . Harry Yates
  Joanne Human                       Lois Fleishman-Fuller & Friends        M/M Dan Finnerty
                                                                            M/M William Kelley                In Memory of Stanley Gallagher
  M/M Richard Micoli               In Memory of Phyllis Dunn                                                    Christina Zona
In Memory of Doris Dietz             Robert J . Dunn                      In Memory of John Fleming
                                                                            Lorelei Luther                    In Memory of Edward Ganier
 William Clark                     In Memory of Gerald Dysart                                                   Dennis Demmin
  M/M John Kinzly                    M/M John Eddy                        In Memory of Lois Flood               Michael Kisiel
  Carol Lippert                                                             Clarise Phelps
                                   In Memory of Lawrence                                                        Norma, Brian & Linda Neri
  Marjorie Singleton                                                        Randy & Betsy Waldheim
                                    Dzierzanowski                                                             In Memory of Margaret Gardner
In Memory of June Dittmer            Shirley Dzierzanowski                In Memory of Susan Flynn              Marilyn McCarthy
  B Leo Dolan Unit #410 American                                            M/M Ronald Hackett
  Legion Aux                       In Memory of Edna Eagan                                                    In Memory of Margaret Ellen
                                     Baldwinsville Teachers Association     Ridge Road Express Inc
In Memory of Helen Dolata            Ernestine Bentham                    In Memory of Mary Forcucci            Dorothy Beaton
  M/M Mack Argentieri                Community Mission of the               Phyllis Ceccato                     Colleen & Jonathan Fryer
  M/M Joseph Bernas                  Niagara Frontier Inc                 In Memory of Glenn Ford Sr            Dorothy Kess
  Jessie Haley                       John & Joan Dreissigacker &            Carole Doebler                      Sue Swanson
  Employees of N Tonawanda City      Family
  Schools                                                                 In Memory of Susan Forsyth          In Memory of Josephine Gawrys
                                     M/M Patrick Eagan
  North Tonawanda Boys Soccer                                               Ontario Shores Federal Credit       ZeptoMetrix Corporation
                                     Candice Parish
  Club Booster                       John Tattersall                        Union                             In Memory of Marge Gaynor
  Northtowns Soccer Club            Tanya Wilson                          In Memory of Judith Fox               SEFAR Inc
 Wally Rozicki & Family                                                     M/M James Bruno
                                   In Memory of John Eberhart                                                 In Memory of Emil Gazy
  Dorothy & Eleanor Tucholski                                               M/M Ralph Chille
                                     Mary Hanna                                                                 Doris Gazy
  Mary Ann & Daniel Wlodarczyk                                              David & Monica DiCamillo
                                     Bob & Rhonda McCormick                                                     Gloria Tarpinian
In Memory of Joanna Dominick                                                Laura Smith
                                   In Memory of Beatrice Eberwein                                             In Memory of Martha Geiser
 8 The Voyager
Niagara Hospice Donors March , 200 – August , 200
 Buffalo Lodging Associates         Bernadette Ann Ford                In Memory of Frederick Heil        In Memory of Jack Hutchison
In Memory of Richard Gentilucci     Joanne McCulloch                     M/M Raymond J Lee                  Phyllis Marchitelli
  DuPont-Yerkees Site               National Maintenance Contracting   In Memory of Helen Heineman          Nancy Shoaff
  John Laughlin                     Corp                                 Robert Heineman                  In Memory of Mary Elizabeth Irish
  M/M Anthony Sisti                 Barbara Reed RN                                                         Harold Irish
                                                                       In Memory of Dugald Henderson
In Memory of George Baker Jr,      In Memory of Sue Gorman               Robert Henderson                 In Memory of James Jamieson
 George Baker Sr, & Nancy Baker      Sandra Shiesley                     Doris Henderson                    Patricia Sweet
  USW 4-598 Olin Niagara             Debra Towers
                                                                       In Memory of Leah Hensel           In Memory of Joan Clark Jarvis
  Employees Union                  In Memory of Genevieve Gould          Charles Hensel                     Mrs . Aline Clark
In Memory of Marlene Gigliotti       Cindy Donaldson
                                     Carol Weber                       In Memory of Burnette Heppel       In Memory of John Jircitano
  Mary Louise Leonard                                                    Dorothy Leibinger                  Bergholz German Band
In Memory of Kenneth W Gilliland   In Memory of Michael Gouthro Sr       Mary Jane Mack                     Goodyear-Niagara Falls Plant
  Geraldine Gilliland                Michael Gouthro Jr
                                                                       In Memory of Ruth Herman           In Memory of Timothy Johnson
In Memory of Franklin Ginty        In Memory of Rose Greco               Dr James M Shaw                    Mary Ansteth
  Elaine K Ginty                     Kathleen Monti                                                         Elizabeth Evans
                                     A Phyllis Vekich                  In Memory of Glen Hewitt
In Memory of Rosemary                                                    M/M Charles Storrs                 M/M J . Michael Fenzl & Family
 Giovannucci                       In Memory of Theresa Gruarin                                             Glenn & Sharon Hughes
                                     Judith Lindahl                    In Memory of Terrelle Hibbard        Kitchen World Distributing
  Garth Malstrom                                                         James Hibbard
 Ted Mendelsohn                      Nora Ramos                                                             M/M Douglas McLean
  Niagara PASNY Federal Credit     In Memory of Gloria Gruber          In Memory of L D Holloway            Libby & Peter Meyer
  Union                              Jammie Horn                         M/M Donald Lascelle                Paul J Mullane
                                                                       In Memory of Roy Holmes              Mullane Motors Inc
In Memory of Blanche Gipp          In Memory of Phyllis Guthrie                                             M/M Rhodes C Palmer
 Thomas Gipp                         Philip Godlewski                    Lisa Lange
                                                                                                            M/M John Witmer
  M/M Thomas J . Gipp                Gail Guthrie                      In Memory of Sarah Holmes
  Robert Heckman                                                         M/M William Cramer & Family      In Memory of Lawrence Kam
                                   In Memory of Franklin T Gutschall                                        Evelyn Kam
  M/M Jacon Heckman                  Patricia Gutschall                In Memory of Henrietta Holtz
  John Knipp                                                             Mary Barnard                     In Memory of Evelyn Kannawin
  Deborah McBride                  In Memory of Dorothy Haenle                                              Dr & Mrs John F Sweeney
                                     Marcelline Zastrow                  M/M David H Cushman
 Tammy Smith                                                             Robert Holtz                     In Memory of Raymond Kasperek
In Memory of Maurice Glina         In Memory of Susan Hamilton           John & Laurie Perry                M/M Michael Andriatch
  Mark & Bridget LiPuma              Best Western International          M/M Thomas Potter & Family         Andrea Borgioli
In Memory of Clara Gondek          In Memory of Harry Hanna             Vera Wightman                       Dr & Mrs Alan Kuritzky
  Denise Klager- Gavino              Arlene Emsweller                  In Memory of Roger Holycross         Parker PDF
  Kathleen Gondek                    June Forbes                         John & Louise Moore                James & Clare Skura
  Cheryl Gondek                      Kimberly Meador                                                        M/M Kirby Snyder
                                     Marjorie Neal                     In Memory of William Horn
  Susan & Douglas Hughes                                                 Donna McKeown                    In Memory of Jean Marie Kaylor
  Robert Swiatek                     M/M Hal Weicht                                                         Joanne Bodman
                                     Sandra Wiegand                    In Memory of Betty Hotchkiss
In Memory of Betty Goodman           Carolyn Williams                    Carol & Richard Carney           In Memory of Sharon Keirn
  M/M Adrian Frerichs                                                   Toddie Casale                       M/M Mark Vandenbosch
  Ann E Hossenlopp                 In Memory of Ernest Harrington
                                     Linda Harrington                    Faculty at Jamestown Community   In Memory of Raymond Kelly
  M/M Thomas Seefeldt                                                    College                            UA Local Union No 22
In Memory of Roger Goodman         In Memory of Elsie Harris             Olean Medical Group
                                     Niacet Corporation                                                   In Memory of Clayton Kennedy Jr
  M/M Edward Derry                                                     In Memory of Timothy Allan           Clayton Kennedy III
  Marylou Domino                     Niacet Corporation Men’s Club
                                                                        Hubbard                           In Memory of Laura Kessler
  Barbara Farwell-Kolipinski       In Memory of Alfred Harvey            Joanne Brennen
  Harlequin Distribution Center      M/M William Archie                                                     Don M Farmer Trucking
                                                                         Bill & Helen Garland               Donald Farmer
  Mary Coletta Schmitz               Dan & Darlene Clark                 Glenn & Marjorie Hubbard
  Roger Shaft                        Gail Langdon                                                           Butch & Linda Suhler
                                                                         George Hubbard
  M/M Gary Sivers                    Family of Madeline Smith            M/M Ronald Hubbard               In Memory of Bob & Ruth Kilmer
In Memory of Anne Gordon             Mrs . Norman Wilson                 John Wasley                        Suellen Finnegan

                                                                                                                    The Voyager 9
Niagara Hospice Donors March , 200 – August , 200
In Memory of Robert Kilmer       In Memory of Richard Louis      In Memory of William Lewis           John & Linda Duxbury
  Joseph Agnello & Family         Lamont                           Honorable & Mrs William R Lewis    Bibi Rahim
  M/M L Dale Duncan                Joan D’Auria                  In Memory of Beatrice Licata         Sodexo Inc
  Finn & Grace Follum              Linda Peet                      Butch & Evana Daniels             In Memory of Lawrence Martell
  Michael & Kristen Mulready     In Memory of Rose Lancianese      M/M Frederick Grabek                Carol Martell
In Memory of Rose Kirkpatrick      Beverly Caruso                  M/M Les Kachurek                  In Memory of Vernon Martell
  M/M Samuel Muscarella            Kathleen Culbreth               M/M Michael Kachurek & Family       Betty Martell
  Nancy & Jack Yardman             M/M Ronald Good                 M/M Pasquale Licata
                                   Mary Marino                     Peter & Joyce Tarajos             In Memory of Anthony Mascaro
In Memory of Richard Knoche                                                                            Enrico & Maria Cardamone
  M/M John Carney                  Rosalie Marino-Soehner          Frank Vaccarella
                                   M/M Richard McCormick                                               M/M William Castiglione
In Memory of Ann Kohnke                                          In Memory of Robert Litchka           Sonja Crvelin
                                   Janet Nowak                     Nancy Litchka
  Dr Robert J Kohnke               Mary Onevelo                                                        Patricia Davis
In Memory of Carolyn Kolb          Craig Ross                    In Memory of Hilda Longley            Mark, Rob, Joy, Bill & Ann Fera &
 Thomas Kolb                       M/M John R Simon                Lucille Barnett                     Families
                                                                   M/M Anthony Troia                   M/M Louis Fonzi
In Memory of Stella Koryl        In Memory of John Lang                                               Teresa Mascaro
  Edward Koryl                     Michael Berger                In Memory of Martha Lorango
                                                                   Diana Flatau                        M/M Frank Mirabelli
In Memory of Laura Kosin           Azucena Butsunturn                                                  M/M Anthony Scolaro
 Vincent & Patricia Swick          Pauline Dominh                In Memory of Michael Lorenz           Sally Shea
                                  Thap & Lehao Dominh              John McClumpha                      United Materials LLC
In Memory of Peter J Kraft
 William Kraft Sr                In Memory of Joan Langdon       In Memory of William Lorenzetti     In Memory of Carolyn Matyok
                                   Phyllis Drier                   Mary Lorenzetti                     Chris Bilello
In Memory of Louis Kralick         Leo Langdon
  Lee W Bickford                                                 In Memory of Victor Lukaszonas      In Memory of Douglas May
                                   M/M Burt Martin                 Roche Laskowski
In Memory of Samuel Kranitz        Sara Beth Newton                                                   Verniece Turner
                                                                   Bob Serpa
  David Kaplan                     North Park Pop Fund                                               In Memory of William G Mayne Jr
  M/M Alan Kranitz                 M/M William Stevens           In Memory of Donald Maacks            Lillian Joyce Mayne
                                   M/M Jim Ulas                    Mrs . Donald Maacks
In Memory of Jeanette Kroening                                                                       In Memory of John McCarthy
  Ethox International              Ann & Robert Webb             In Memory of Mary Ellen               Patricia McCarthy
  Harry Kroening & Family        In Memory of John W Lange        MacKinnon
                                                                   Patricia Koeger                   In Memory of Andrew McClelland
In Memory of Al Kruger             David John Lange                                                    M/M Robert Schearer
  M/M Stuart Dietrich            In Memory of John & RoseMarie   In Memory of Margaret Mael
                                                                   M/M William B May                 In Memory of Mary McDonald
In Memory of Jean Kurtz           Lanham                                                               Hartland Volunteer Fire Co Aux
  M/M William Buchanan             M/M Todd Thorman              In Memory of Pasquale Maggiore
                                                                   Albert Maggiore Sr & Family       In Memory of Drusilla McEnroe
  Ruth Tordoff                   In Memory of Elmer Lederhaus                                         Terry Bixler
In Memory of Shirley Kyle          M/M Timothy Lederhaus         In Memory of Lucy Magliarditi
                                                                   Amber Torcasio                    In Memory of Ricky McHenry
  Cathy Flagler                  In Memory of Marjorie Leising                                         Barbara B McHenry
  Carole Ford                      Marie Cassick                 In Memory of Louise Majchrzak
  Edward J . Kyle                  Jean Krantz & Family            Anna Dietrick                     In Memory of Joyce McKenna
  Al McFadyen                      Nativity Book Club                                                  Fletcher Elementary School
                                                                 In Memory of Luke Manth
In Memory of Gerald Lafler         Muriel Shaver                   Robert Heron                      In Memory of Willliam McMahon
  Mickie Bellah                    Joanne Wojtkiewicz              Ron & Cindy McCarthy                M/M Daniel McMahon
  Marlene & Robert Dinse         In Memory of Earle Lengen         Niagara Metals LLC                In Memory of Wayne McNall
  M/M Paul Freatman                Suzanne Castle & Family       In Memory of Judith Maraschiello      M/M Louis Belfield Jr
  M/M Walter Holmes                M/M Tom Siegmann                Middle Tennessee Pizza Inc        In Memory of David Melloni
  James Lafler                   In Memory of Albert Lettman                                           M/M Kenneth Ashley
  Shannon Mangan                                                 In Memory of Vince Marinelli
                                   M/M Robert Wawro                Phil Marinucci                      Jean Calabrese
  Linda Root                                                                                           Gerald Morreale
 Wayne & Barbara Young           In Memory of Sue Lewis          In Memory of Sadie Marino
                                   Patricia Grunwald               M/M David Shambach                In Memory of all USW members
In Memory of Ellen Lakeman         Fred & Nancy Haas                                                   United Steel Workers Local 6992
  M/M Horace Peck                  Sandra Scott                  In Memory of Cloyd Marshall
                                                                                                     In Memory of Katherine Metro
 0 The Voyager
Niagara Hospice Donors March , 200 – August , 200
 Paul Dullen & Family              In Memory of Floyd Murray           In Memory of Frank Olejar           In Memory of Roger Pratt
 Fred & John Metro                   Chris & Paul Andrews                Ida Olejar                          Patricia Molisani
 Nicholas Metro                      Mrs . Pat Costello                In Memory of MaryAnn O’Malley       In Memory of Anita McCready Puff
 M/M John Metro & Family             Duane & Laurie Murray               M/M Rowland O’Malley                Norman Puff
 Ron Pera                          In Memory of Margaret Murray
 Colleen Rohde & Family                                                In Memory of John Ondak             In Memory of Verna Raham
                                     M/M Stephen Juhasz                  M/M Robert Hill                     Peggy Clarke
In Memory of Casimer & Richard       Joseph & Joan Murray                                                    Keller Technology Corp
 Milczarski                          Mary Ann Phillips                 In Memory of Gloria Onesi
                                                                         John Fera                           Merrill Lynch
  Edward Milczarski                  Charles Reeder                                                          Lois, Bob & Pat Monroe
                                     John Weare                          ITT Technical Institute
In Memory of Casimer, Maryann &                                          Mark Onesi & Family                 M/M Steve Reid
 Richard Milczarski                In Memory of Thomas Napier            Candy, Cindy, Charmi & Joe          M/M Larry Royston
  M/M Kenneth Milczarski             Friends at Allina Risk Services     Perfetti                            Martha Stormon
In Memory of MaryAnn Milczarski      Allina’s QSA department             St John the Baptist RC Church     In Memory of Mary Reed
  Shirley Benton                     M/M Jack Armstrong                                                     Timothy Reed
                                     Lytle Investments                 In Memory of Robert O’Rielly
  Roy Hunt                                                               Alvita Green Cooper               In Memory of Wilma Reed
  M/M Ronald Milczarski              John Roush
                                     Elizabeth Truesdell Smith           M/M David Heinrich                  M/M Ronald Lewis
  Mount Saint Mary College                                               Mark Kopera
  Jeanette Perretta                In Memory of Paul Nashwinter                                            In Memory of Lorraine Reilly
                                                                         M/M Dennis MacDonald               Tom & Janet Reilly
In Memory of Lenore Milleville       Kelly & Vonnell Folmar & Family     Sandra & Horst Metz
  Ann Clingersmith                   Kelly & Penny Hazen & Girls         Rodney Page                       In Memory of Donald Reitz
  M/M Kent Milleville                Duaine Ivey                         Employees of Pratt & Whitney        Jean & Curt Beadle
                                     M/M Charles McHenry                                                     Nylene Reitz
In Memory of Anna Mittiga            Martha Nashwinter & Family        In Memory of Julia Ortenzi
  Rose D DiCamillo                                                       M/M John D’Angelo                 In Memory of Chester Richau
                                   In Memory of Eleanora Nero            Janice Hoch                         Park Athletic Club
In Memory of Henry Mocniak           Edith Bluhm                                                             Cynthia Parlato
  Donald Martin                                                          Anthony Hoch
                                     M/M Phil Fittante                                                     In Memory of Patricia Ricklefs
In Memory of Elvira Moore            Michael & Diana Pirich            In Memory of Richard Osterhout
                                                                         Barbara Palmer                      Jennifer Kavanaugh
  George Georgakis                   M/M Bruce Reynolds                                                      Bill Lakas
  Lisa Ketchum & Family              Anthony Serianni                  In Memory of William Owler            Janice Sengillo
In Memory of Geraldine Moretuzzo   In Memory of Raymond Neuman           Ethel Owler                         Jan & Dick Smith
  Ronald E Moretuzzo                 Mrs . Raymond Neuman              In Memory of Lorraine Paonessa       Takeform Inc
In Memory of Rose Morreale         In Memory of Mildred Niver            Emily Milleville                    Leigh & Ethel Wheeler
  Jim & Terri Luckett                Robert Niver                      In Memory of Willard & Marge Peak     Joanne Zecher
 In Memory of Mildred Morris       In Memory of Marlene Nowak            Richard Evans                     In Memory of Marguerite Rieker
  Deborah Kanipe                     M/M Salvatore Bruno               In Memory of Emma Perez               Jane & Dave Larcom
In Memory of Chester Moskal          Gina Calandrelli & Family           Douglas Lloyd                       John Lewis
  Pam’s Groomer Friends              M/M William Cockayne                M/M James Perez                     Margaret Schomers

In Memory of David Mulready          Michael & Victoria Filicetti      In Memory of Marvin Pickard         In Memory of Angela Riley
  Stephanie Beard                    GMA Properties LLC                  M/M George Soemann                  M/M Bruce Neivert
  M/M Robert Boland Jr               M/M James Gray                                                          Jane Whitmore
                                     Nancy Perkins Haley               In Memory of Edward Pomerhn
  Bernard Dworski                                                        Margaret Pomerhn                  In Memory of Mary Louise Ringler
  Constance Eastman                  May Jowdy                                                               HealthShare Inc
  Hyde Park Elementary School        M/M Patrick Nowak                 In Memory of Margaret Pomerhn
                                     Heather Williams                    Buffalo Octagon Association       In Memory of Pearl Ripple
  Orchard Parkway Block Club                                                                                Yvonne Beam
  Bob & Linda Plourde              In Memory of Doreen O’Grady           Debbie Majchrzak
                                                                         M/M Paul Pomerhn                    Bob Bedard
  Shaw Friends & Co-workers          M/M Kenneth Weatherly                                                   Ellen Gilson
In Memory of Marie Sue Mulvena     In Memory of Addison Ed O’Hara      In Memory of Elisa Porto             The Lewiston Larks
  Kathy Olander                      Olin Corporation                    M/M Carl Schmidli                   Katy Marsh
In Memory of James Munro           In Memory of Marjorie Oldenburg     In Memory of Evelyn Prahler           Corrine Morley & Family
  Barbara Hathaway                   Mary Anne Bienko                    John Feeter                         M/M Frank Piccirillo
                                                                         Charles & Helen Wendel              Les Tilyou

                                                                                                                     The Voyager 
Niagara Hospice Donors March , 200 – August , 200
In Memory of Elvira Rizzo            Jeffry Schultz                    M/M Richard Evans                     Marie Conley
  Niagara County Highway Dept        Lynn Sievert                      M/M Bruce Gammack                     M/M Staszko
  M/M George Peter                  In Memory of Marjorie Schultz      Kenneth & Patricia Kerl               Jack & Glorie Zeisz
  M/M Russell Rizzo                   Nancy Bellamy                    M/M Joseph Lucsok                    In Memory of Wilma Stuart
  Ann Yates                           Brenda Conover                   M/M Joseph Moran                       Robert Radmore
In Memory of Frances Roberts          Sharon Kerridge                  Charles Thrall
                                                                       M/M Robert Utter                     In Memory of Richard Sullivan
  M/M John Jasper                     Dorothy LeVan                                                           Rita Sullivan
  Sue, Kent, Riley & Tory Sanden      Ellen, Mike,Tracy & Cathy Lee    Roger & Carol Utter
                                      Licinio                          M/M Anthony Villella                 In Memory of Mary Jane Sydor
In Memory of John G . Roberts III                                                                             Delores Schuman
  Kathleen Currie                     Zajaczkowski & Fay Families     In Memory of Noland Smith
                                    In Memory of Suzanne Schultz        Annette Donovan                     In Memory of Richard Syruws
In Memory of Arlene Robertson                                           Richard Ellman                       Thomas Brown
  Judith Cole                         Annette Schultz
                                                                        Audrey Steingasser                    Niagara Falls High School Softball
In Memory of Mama & Papa Root       In Memory of Florence Schulz        Christine Thomas                      Karen Syruws
 Wilson Golden Agers                  Donald M Schulz                                                         M/M Ronald Wendt
                                                                      In Memory of Sandra Smyth
In Memory of Mary Rosa              In Memory of Ida Scibilia           Don & Patti Hurst                   In Memory of James Szymanek
  Mary Ann Fleck                      Joe & John Magliarditi            IPAC Inc                              Denise Petrie
  Pat & Mary Ellen Richards         In Memory of Raymond Sekera       In Memory of James Smyton             In Memory of Margaret Taft
  Michael & Susie Thomas              M/M Darrell Darlak                Cindy Bennes                          Jack & Karen Chaney
  Jim & Cindy Watkins                 Patricia Falk                                                           Joseph & Susan Schebell
                                      Deborah Misner                  In Memory of Robert Sodano
In Memory of Stanley Rybacki                                            Computer Sciences Corporation       In Memory of Adelaide Tanzella
  Dolores Dietrich                    Dr Dolores Wawrzynek
                                                                        Linda DuFour                          Stacy DeWyer
  Adeline E Glena                   In Memory of Carrie Selva           Charles Graves                        Nicholas Ligammari
 Veronica Hallissey                   Dr & Mrs Allen Barnett            Donald Zelakiewicz                    Rochelle McGuire
  Susan Rybacki                     In Memory of Frank Shaw
  Mrs Stanley Rybacki                                                 In Memory of Russell Sornberger       In Memory of Raffaele Tarantino
                                      M/M Fredrick Baxter               M/M Richard Quast                     M/M Grazia Tarantino
  Marie Socha & Family                Nuttall Gear Corporation
  M/M Edward Socha                                                      Judith Siegmann                       Eugenia Tredo
                                      Helen M Shaw                      Patricia Sornberger
In Memory of Richard & Suzanne                                                                              In Memory of Ralph Tarantino
                                    In Memory of George Shelly        In Memory of John Carl Spedding         Donna McCarthy Doran
 Salerno                              PepsiCo Foundation Matching
  Susan & James Fittante                                                M/M Salvatore P Licata                Costantina Rivera
                                      Gifts Program                     Sally McAninch                        M/M Frank Roma
In Memory of Warren Salmons         In Memory of Joan Shipkowski        M/M James Spedding
 Virginia Duplessis                                                                                         In Memory of Carmen Teijido
                                      Mary Ann & John Improta         In Memory of Lois Spencer               Marla Canning
  Medina Memorial Hospital
  Jim, Susan & Angela Perry         In Memory of Greta Elizabeth        Daniel Spencer                      In Memory of Anthony Terrameo
                                     Shuart                           In Memory of Dolores Staschak           Judith Fleckenstein
In Memory of Frank Santangelo         Raymond Bald & Family
  Mary Jo Laughlin                                                      Martin’s Auto Body Works             William & Marcia Game
                                      M/M Michael Landrigan             Pirson Auto Parts                     James Marinello
In Memory of Dorothy & Sam          In Memory of Leonard Simpson       Thomas & Judith Shuell                 Niagara Falls Fire Dept MAA Inc
 Santillo                             Mike & Pat Moss                   Stella Wiech                          Patricia Ross
  Ann & Ed Kanerva                    M/M Thomas Welch                                                        Dr & Mrs John Whiteman
                                                                      In Memory of Jane Staub
In Memory of June Saunders          In Memory of Mary Roma Simpson      M/M Nicholas Rizzo                  In Memory of Mary Thompson
  Pat Konopczynski                    Robert Simpson & Family           M/M Carl Stiles                       Niagara Falls Umpire Association
In Memory of Diane Scalia           In Memory of Thomas K Singer      In Memory of Robert Steblein          In Memory of Cecelia Tilton
  Karen Scalia                        Mrs . Thomas K Singer             Gasport Welding & Fabricating Inc     Carmen Thompson
In Memory of Janice Scheel          In Memory of Emma Siracuse         Thomas Gray                           William Tilton
  Donna Hammond                       Fran Gallo                        M/M Steven Hayner                   In Memory of Richard Titterson
  Kelly Sanger                                                          M/M Jack Jones                        Jane Titterson
                                    In Memory of Adam Smith             Lipsitz & Ponterio LLC
In Memory of Howard Schmitt           M/M Anthony Gioeli                                                    In Memory of Margaret Toellner
  John Peterson                                                       In Memory of James Stevenson            John Toellner
                                    In Memory of Janice Smith           Annette Bushover
In Memory of Janet Schultz            M/M Joseph Evans                                                      In Memory of Marie Toellner

  2 The Voyager
Niagara Hospice Donors March , 200 – August , 200
 Alleghany Council on Alcoholism     In Memory of Henry Utnik         In Memory of Marian Wilson          M/M Dave Kerrison
 & Substance Abuse                     M/M Samuel Gariano               Norman C Wilson                  In Memory of Robert Yotter
 M/M Larry Bowman                      Anne Sekula                    In Memory of Richard Wilson          Ricco Asci & Banny Family
 Christ Community Fellowship           Sally & Anthony Zaccarella       Marie Sharp
 Church                                Marie Zito                                                        In Memory of Margaret Young
 Ann Goltz                            In Memory of Henry S Utnik      In Memory of W Allen Winter          M/M Carl Contino
 M/M David Odden & Family              Marty Utnik                      Compu-Mail                         Shirley Giesler
 M/M Paul Prohaska                                                      Rods & Customs Car Club of         Don & Fran Petersen
                                     In Memory of John Vitali           Buffalo                            Prudence & Scott Philbin
 Kim & Eric Strauser                   Dawn Puckett
 M/M Edward Weaver                                                    In Memory of Eva Jane Wolanyk        Summit Educational Resources Inc
 Gary Weaver                         In Memory of Gerald Vogt           Priscilla Seuss                  In Memory of Rose Zablonski
                                       Paul & Monique Verostko                                             Michael & Alexandra Zawadiwsky
In Memory of Maureen Toohey            M/M Thomas Vogt                In Memory of Ann Wood
  Executive Committee of the                                            Admissions Staff at D’Youville   In Memory of Leona Zankowski
  Cleveland Arts Education           In Memory of Carl Wagner           College                            Barbara Janik
  Consortium                           Applied Physics Lab              Paul & Kathy Allaire
                                       Raymon & Diane Soto                                               In Memory of Nancy Zanow
  Betsy Constantine                                                     Hugh Britten                       Gerald Zanow
  Sari Feldman                       In Memory of Thomas Wagner         M/M Brian Christman
  Becky A Ferreira                     M/M Raymond Coakley              Dorothy Costanzo                 In Memory of Shirley & Sharon
  M/M David Goodman                    Jennifer Schultz                 Marjorie Hallenbeck               Zastrow
  M/M Paul Grozio                     Ticor Title Insurance Company     Joy Johnson                        Darlene Zastrow
  Kathleen & Brian Harold & Family     Elaine Wagner                    Janice Rudolph                   In Memory of Carl Zimmerman
  M/M Clark Jayne                      John Walters                     Keith & Johnnie Wood               Ag-Pak Inc
  Joni Klaameyer                     In Memory of Robert G Wahler     In Memory of Arline Woodley          LaVern & Louise Gardei
  M/M John Leyland                     Len & Diane Pohlar               David P Birmingham                 Sandra Gareton
  Playhouse Square Foundation                                                                              Marcia & Bill Krupp
  Charles Scrufari                   In Memory of Susan Waiss         In Memory of Benjamin Wozniak        Glen Zimmerman
  Judy & Bill Zucco                    Janet Kellam                     M/M Anthony Ciavaglia              Dave Zimmerman & Taylor
                                     In Memory of Wesley Warner         Richard Wilk
In Memory of Myra Trautman                                                                               In Memory of Althea Zulke
  George Trautman                      BJ Muirhead Co Inc             In Memory of Rose Wozniak            M/M Bryan Meigs
                                     In Memory of Norman Washbon        Bill Nye & Family
In Memory of Norman & Barbara                                                                            In Memory of Phyllis Zygmont
 Truax                                 Andrew & Kathleen Crook        In Memory of RoseMarie Wozniak       Phyllis Gross
  Ann Hamminga                         M/M Douglas Trinder              M/M Tom & Kathy Zinni
                                       Karen Washbon                  In Memory of Rosemary Wozniak
In Memory of Becky Truszkowski
  M/M Jeffrey Brock                  In Memory of Benjamin Weld         M/M William DeLuca
                                       Mary Grace Luff-Foote          In Memory of William Wright
In Memory of Darlene Ulmer
  Marilyn Breton                     In Memory of Catherine Werder      Susan Wright
  Ed & Mary Ann Jaskulski              Eileen Bisantz                 In Memory of William Donald
  James & Janet Little               In Memory of Percy Wheat          Wright
  David Ulmer                          M/M Arthur Kane                 Wright Ellis
In Memory of Rita Upson                M/M David L Williams           In Memory of Deceased Members
  M/M John Curry                     In Memory of Jane Wickman         of the WWGA
  Mrs . Alfred Ditullio                Linda Baldwin                   Willowbrook Womens Golf
  Erie 1 Boces                       In Memory of Lloyd Wiepert         Association
  Russell & Nancy Fiorella            Town of Porter Office Staff     In Memory of Mildred Yakam
  M/M Paul Greenwald                                                    Debi & Ron Irwin
  Margaret Russell                   In Memory of Robert A Williams
                                       Jerry D Hensley                  Jean McNeill
In Memory of Lucille Upton                                              Diane Niles
  M/M Terence Upton & Family         In Memory of Roger & Inez          Bob Riederer & Family
In Memory of Carol U’Ren               Rebecca Mabey                  In Memory of Ronald Yates
  Marilyn U’Ren                                                         Gerard Dwyer

                                                                                                                   The Voyager 
                                          Events     2010

Gooch Fest 200 benefits Niagara                                200 Niagara Hospice Memorial
Hospice                                                         Butterfly Release
                                                                   This year marked the 7th annual Memorial Butterfly
   Jesse Gooch and family held “Gooch Fest 2010” last July
                                                                Release. Over 360 butterflies were released in memory or hon-
to help support Niagara Hospice. The day-long event featured
                                                                or of loved ones. The event is open to the community and con-
four bands, food, raffles and more – raising over $1,200.
                                                                tinues to be one of the biggest events for Niagara Hospice. In
Thank you to Jesse and the Gooch family for their dedica-
                                                                this photo, Corinne, two-year-old Arden and James Anterline
tion to Niagara Hospice. Seen here presenting the donation to
                                                                watch as their butterfly prepares to take flight.
Social Worker Brenda Tapia, MSW (left) are Jesse Gooch, his
father Jim Gooch, and his nephew Ethan Hazlett.

                                                                 Eternal Brothers Motorcycle Club
Niagara Wheatfield Junior                                        ride for a cause
Achievement students start up shop                                  Eternal Brothers Motorcycle Club held a motorcycle
   Niagara Wheatfield students created their own businesses      road race last August to benefit Niagara Hospice. The event
for their spring marketing class. The students seen here (at     started with a lineup of motorcycles riding in memory of
left) sold Niagara Wheatfield wristbands and lanyards and        loved ones. The event continued with friends, family and
then donated $400 in profits to Niagara Hospice. Presenting      community members who gathered for food and raffles.
the donation to Special Events Coordinator Mallory Zabel are     The event raised $2,000 for Niagara Hospice. Seen here
Niagara Wheatfield Students (L to R) Courtney Amendola,          from left to right are Eternal Brothers Motorcycle Club
Dino LoSsracco, Robert Dorato, Stephen Janik, Ryan Elnicki,      Vice President, Joseph Heeney, Treasurer, Chris Bondi,
Amanda Breier and Sawyer Mosher.                                 Niagara Hospice Marketing and PR intern, Lauren Hogan
                                                                 and Club President, Pat Bondi.
 4 The Voyager
Events     2010
                                                  Thank you,
                                                     Hospice Heroes!
                                                  Hospice Heroes are special every day heroes that give of themselves
                                                  in the form of an event or activity to raise both funds and awareness
                                                  for Niagara Hospice. Niagara Hospice thanks the following commu-
                                                  nity groups, organizations and individuals
                                                  that have shown their support of the
                                                  hospice mission:

                                                                HOSPICE HEROES DONATIONS RECEIVED
                                                                    MARCH 200 - SEPTEMBER 200

                                                  Jack Beatty Memorial Hospice Regatta  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $24,000
                                                  Lomeo Family Golf Classic  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .$16,938
                                                  Lorrie Janese Memorial Golf Tournament  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $6,831
                                                  Heinrich Chevrolet’s World’s Largest Truck Parade  .  .  . $5,032
Heinrich Chevrolet’s World’s                      Newfane Teachers Assn . Annual Dinner Dance
Largest Chevy Truck Parade                        & Auction  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $3,563
rides again!                                      Dress Down Days for Niagara Hospice  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $2,770
   Last March Heinrich Chevrolet held its first   Hospice of WNY Sunflower Days
“World’s Largest Chevy Truck Parade” in an at-    Promotion (Wilson Farms)  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $2,323
tempt to break the world record; they were only
a couple trucks short so they are going to try    Eternal Brothers Motorcycle Club Bike Run  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $2,000
again! The truck parade will be held at the end   Gooch Fest (Jessi Gooch & Family)  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $1,240
of March, 2011. Seen here is Heinrich Chevrolet
owner, Charlie Heinrich wearing the truck pa-     Niagara Falls Sertoma Club  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $1,000
rade shirts designed for the event. Proceeds to   NCCC Student Government Basket Raffle  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $1,000
Niagara Hospice were over $5,000! Many thanks
to Charlie Heinrich and his entire crew.          Niagara Landing Hot Pepper Festival  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $836
                                                  Ontario Shores Credit Union Candy Bar Sales  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $700

           SAVE THE DATE!                         Niagara Orleans BOCES Culinary Arts Program  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $500
         Niagara Hospice                          John Duke Senior Center Fall Festival  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $450
                                                  Niagara Wheatfield High School, Junior Achievement                                                             $400
                                                  UFO Speaker Presentation at NCCC  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                     $307
                                                  Gasser Gang of WNY Benefit for Hospice  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . $300
                                                  Greater Niagara FCU 50/50 Split  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                $216
            February 28 - March 5                 Lewiston Service Guild Fish Booth  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                             $200
         throughout Niagara County

                                                                                                                                           The Voyager 5
 The Voyager
                                                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                         Lockport, NY
                                                 THE HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE CARE GROUP, INC .                              Permit No. 48
Calendar of Events                                   4675 Sunset Drive, Lockport, NY 14094
                                                                (716) 439-4417

                                                                                                                 Return Service Requested
➤ Hospice House Open House &
  Tribute to Veterans
  Thursday, November  from -7:00pm

➤ Light-A-Life Memorial Tree Lighting
  Sunday, December 5

➤ Niagara Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale
  February 28 - March 5 throughout Niagara County

     See inside or visit
        for details on upcoming events.
                                                                                              For more information, visit us on the web at

 Please help us update our records by completing this
 form and mailing to:
           The Hospice & Palliative Care Group, Inc.
                         4675 Sunset Drive
                        Lockport, NY 14094
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 �   I wish to be removed from the Hospice mailing list.
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