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					       Advanced Website Training:
           January, 26, 2010

 Creating custom pages, custom IDX searches
and using frame code to add another site within
             the KW agent website.
                What will be discussed:

1) Creating Custom pages for neighborhood, home type, etc…

2) Creating a custom IDX search for homes that meet a set of
   specific criteria.

3) How to frame in another website.

4) New Features recently added to the KW agent website
   admin tool.
      Creating Custom pages for neighborhood, home
                       type, etc…
•   Custom pages are easy to create with your agent website admin tool and can be of great
    value to potential clients because a custom page has all of the info one would need on a
    particular area or type of home.

•   You can also post a link from your blog, when the topic applies, back to your custom page.
    This too will be helpful to the followers of your blog, as they can quickly access “more info”
    on a particular area of interest.

•   Custom pages can also work with Google to further validate the theme of your website and
    the relevamce of the information it contains. By back-linking from your blog, Facebook profile
    and other sources, you are also generating “hits” that will be included in Google’s indexing of
    your site.

•   Calls to action: Be sure to include text and a link to either homes for sale that are related to
    the page you have created or a link to your email. Be sure to also include a phone number,
    should the customer/client want to reach you right away for more info.
            How To Create Custom pages for
            neighborhood, home type, etc…
•   Section 3.7 of the website admin tool is where new pages are created.
    Note the ability to add meta keywords and meta descriptions on the new

•   1.) Create a new page.

•   2.) Enter the content for the page.

•   3.) Include your contact info on the page and include a hyperlink to your
    email address. Use text to signal to your viewers the importance of
    contacting you right away.

•   4.) You can also use the steps in the next section to add a link to a preset
    list of properties that are related to the custom page.
    Creating Custom pages for neighborhood,
           home type, etc…continued
               Ideas for custom pages on your KW website

Information on Homes in a particular area of town, state or region.

Information on particular home types, ie Victorian, Craftsman, Arts and
    Crafts, Colonial, construction styles and more.

Useful info on tax credits and other incentives.

Tips for home sellers to net the most for their homes.

Tips for home buyers that will give them an advantage in finding their new

Home maintenance, lawn care and landscaping techniques to provide helpful
  information to past clients after the sale is complete.
    How to create a custom search string to link users to a preset list of
                            property results.

•   Using a custom IDX URL to link your customers and clients to a preset page of results can help
    to improve the popularity of your website.

•   A strong call to action can be used to gain the attention of Google while providing a quick
    way for users to access information on homes that meet certain criteria.

•   Wolfnet has made it easy to create some search options in your BackOffice.

•   More advanced techniques can be applied to the Wolfnet IDX URL to build results based on a
    wider variety of criteria.
        Use the Wolfnet BackOffice to Generate Custom URLs
•   1.) Login to your WNT BackOffice and go to “URL Search Builder.”

                                        Click here to begin
                                       creating simple URLs
        Use the Wolfnet BackOffice to Generate Custom URLs
•   2.) Enter your criteria and notice the URL changing at the top of the page.

                                                                     This URL can be copied
                                                                      and pasted to your

                                                                        Entering “townhome” for the
                                                                         Property-type will add the
                                                                         Command “&townhouse=Y”
                                                                               to the IDX URL.
                                                                           This will apply for each
                                                                            of these criteria and
                                                                          combinations of criteria.
                     Making note of the total
                      amount of properties
                     that meet these criteria
                     will help to confirm that
                              your URL
                          set up correctly.

Use the IDX search
page to view
homes that meet
the criteria you
want in your
custom search.
                 Generate Custom Wolfnet URLs without using the BackOffice

The basic format of the IDX URL search is:

Where: is the default format of your IDX URL.

action=newsearchsession&search_field= is the command that prompts the type of search you are doing. This
     tells your browser and Wolfnet’s system that you are wanting the most current results each time this link
     is accessed.

search_criteria is the specific criteria you are isolating for your custom search.

•   To see this in action, look at the example of Austin, TX homes, $250k to $350k with a pool.
                     Generate Custom Wolfnet URLs without using the BackOffice

                                                     Results for
                    Generate Custom Wolfnet URLs without using the BackOffice
                                       Below you will find a list of common MLS search options

•   built_after=year                                                       •   STATE=
•   built_before= year                                                     •   BUILT_BEFORE=
•   city= city_name                                                        •   BUILT_AFTER=
•   commercial=Y/N                                                         •   COUNTY=
•   commercial=Y&condo_townhouse=Y/N                                       •   CITY=
•   duplex=Y/N                                                             •   MAX_PRICE=
•   farm_hobby=Y/N                                                         •   MIN_ACRES=
•   has_family_room=Y/N                                                    •   MIN_BATHROOMS=
•   has_fireplace=Y/N                                                      •   MIN_BEDROOMS=
•   has_garage=Y/N                                                         •   MIN_PRICE=
•   has_golf=Y/N                                                           •   MAX_BATHROOMS=
•   has_lakefront=Y/N                                                      •   MAX_BEDROOMS=
•   has_waterfront=Y/N                                                     •   MIN_SQUARE_FEET=
•   lots_acreage=Y/N                                                       •   LISTING_STATUS=
•   max_price=dollar amount                                                •   ADDRESS=
•   min_price=dollar amount                                                •   ZIP_CODE=
•   min_acres=number of acres                                              •   PROPERTY_ID=
•   min_bathrooms=numerical value                                          •   SUBDIVISION_TEXT= (also works for neighborhood)
•   min_square_feet=numerical value                                        •   SUBDIVISION= (also works for neighborhood)
•   multi_family=Y/N                                                       •   AREA_NAME=
•   single_family=Y/N                                                      •   AREA_INT=
•   address=street address                                                 •   SCHOOL_DISTRICT_NAME=
•   zip_code=zip code                                                      •   STYLE=
•   property_id=ip of property based on the wolfnet listing. This is the   •   GARAGE_SPACES=
    MLS number which usually has a 3 digit MLS code preceding it. YOu      •   LAKE_NAME=
    can get this code by hovering the mouse cursor over the listing on
    your website.                                                          •   TOWNSHIP=
•   state=state abreviation (ex: sc)
•   office_only=Y/N
•   agent_only=Y/N
             Generate Custom Wolfnet URLs without using the BackOffice
                                      List of common MLS search options continued

Additional Keywords:                                         Amenities:
                                                             •    HAS_FAMILY_ROOM=Y
•   Property Types:                                          •    HAS_FIREPLACE=Y
•   SINGLE_FAMILY=Y                                          •    HAS_GARAGE=Y
•   LOTS_ACREAGE=Y                                           •    HAS_GOLF=Y
•   DUPLEX=Y                                                 •    HAS_LAKEFRONT=Y
•   CONDO_TOWNHOUSE=Y                                        •    HAS_WATERFRONT=Y
•   FARM_HOBBY=Y                                             •    HAS_POOL=Y
•   CONDO=Y                                                  •    HAS_BASEMENT=Y
•   TOWNHOUSE=Y                                              •    PROPERTY_VIEW=Y
•   MULTI_FAMILY=Y                                           •    HAS_OPEN_HOUSE=Y
•   INDUSTRIAL=Y (works for Industrial and Project Under
•   LOFT=Y
•   MOBILE_HOME=Y (works for Manufactured and Mobile Home)
•   PROPERTY_TYPE=unit/flat
•   PROPERTY_TYPE=twin/semi-detached
•   PROPERTY_TYPE=row/twnhs/cluster
•   PROPERTY_TYPE=stock%20cooperative
•   PROPERTY_TYPE=2%20unites
•   PROPERTY_TYPE=loft%20condominium
•   PROPERTY_TYPE=tenancy%20in%20common
•   PROPERTY_TYPE=one%20story
                 Generate Custom Wolfnet URLs without using the BackOffice

                                       Important things to remember:

1.) The criteria being used will only work if Wolfnet is receiving this info from your MLS.

2.) The final total properties displayed may be slightly more than with your test search. This is typically due to
          the use of MapTracks, which allows you to set a default starting point for your territory, while the
          custom URL will bypass any settings you have enabled on your IDX and pull all listings from your MLS
          that meet these criteria.

3.) For city names or any other criteria that you enter which include more than one word, you will want to
          place “%20” between each word.
          For example, New York would be displayed as &state=New%20York.

4.) Use the MS Word Document to save your URLs. This can save you time in the long run, should you need to
         restore a URL or if you would like to build off of an existing URL.
                 How to frame in another website.

You can frame in any page with a few simply steps.

    1.) Open the page you want to frame in so that the address is easy to access.

    2.) When creating a new page in section 3.7, the following code is provided above the page

    <iframe src="" frameborder="0” width=“810"
        scrolling="yes" height="900"> </iframe>

    3.) Click the “source” button on the page editor and paste in this code.

    4.) Replace “” with the address of the site or page you want framed
        on your website and then click “save.”

    5.) Preview the page to see how it looks.
         How to frame in another website, continued:

•   There are several things to keep in mind when setting up an iframe:

     –   Your website is made up of tables which are preset in size. Some sites will not be displayed
         very well within an iframe, as the other site is taller or wider than your website’s content field.

     –   To adjust the size of the frame, you can change the height and width within the iframe code.

     –   If the site you are framing in fits well, you can also set scrolling to “no” to remove the scroll

     –   The settings for the best display of your Wolfnet Maptracks or results pages will be width=810
         to 812 depending on the template you have choosen.

     –   Your Wolfnet IDX’s height will vary, but typically 1300 to 1700 will allow for all of the
         disclaimer info to be displayed, which is required in many MLS markets.

     –   You may see after sometime, that the page you have framed in is displaying your template
         twice, once as it should and again within the frame. If this occurs, you will want to clear your
         temporary internet files right away. Steps to do this can be found here.
     New Features recently added to the KW agent
                  website admin tool.

New features were added the week of Wednesday, January 20.

•   These include new “mouse-over” information to help navigate the options
    in sections 2.4 and 4.1 with greater ease and understanding.

•   New Templates: several new templates have been created and are
    available in section 2.2, under the “modern” templates tab.

•   New Custom Header template option. This is also accessed in section 2.2
    of the website admin tool. Here you can upload an image from your
    desktop to be fitted/cropped and placed on your website header field.
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