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Corporate Sponsorship Sales Proposal


Corporate Sponsorship Sales Proposal document sample

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Corporate Fees and Charges Policy
3 Year programme income estimates                                                       Action        2001/02 2002/03        2003/04
Promotion and publications co ordination,
Advertising co ordination
        Recruitment advertising                                                         IA
               Total of potential savings across directorates                                          100,000     100,000      100,000
        Public Notices                                                                  IA
               Work initiating Jan 2001                                                                 50,000      50,000          50,000
        Advertising sales                                                               IA
               Proposal to be made for all sales and purchase of advertising
                to be co ordinated,within 4/5 GM districts                                            tbd.       tbd.        tbd.
        Roads,roundabouts,external areas                                                IA/BT
               Contract procurement and contract letting process-12 months                                          50,000          50,000
        Buildings,internal and external                                                 IA/BT
               Contract procurement and letting process                                                             40,000          40,000
Facility and access fees                                                                IA
        Co ordination to be developed further in 2001/02                                PS            tbd.       tbd.        tbd.

Consistent Concessions on fees and charges
     Pilot study on not for profit sector rents,draft cabinet paper Feb.2001            RW/ST                        35,000      35,000
             Savings/income dependent on % concession,eg.25% or 50%                                               to 59,000 to 59,000
     Application of concession guidelines across other income/charges/.                                          tbd.       tbd.
             Development Services Charges,professional and statutory                    BT/ND
             Leisure                   Leisure facilities                               SB
             Education                 Lledr Hall pilot                                 RM
             Community S S             Room Hire.Cost benefit analysis-target groups.   EM/KD/ST
             Housing                   Consider application of overall concessions?     RT
             Corporate services                                                         JS/AE
             Chief Executives          Grants
             Environment               other proposals £75k                             MR

Sponsorship , legacy, benefactors and other income
       Feasibility brief and procurement 2001/02                                                      tbd.       tbd.        tbd.
Saving Income
Streamlining fees and charging processes-savings ,one stop fee shops                                  tbd.       tbd.        tbd.
Salford City Card feasibility
Directorates-other income generation on fees and charges                                               150,000
Total income target , fees and charges review                                                          300,000      275,000     275,000
                                                                                                                 to 299,000 to 299,000

          Pilot Study- ACTION PLAN                                                    DRAFT

          Review of arrangements for rental concessions in the not for profit sector

                                                                                      Action by             Date

          Action Plan report                                                          Budget Planning Gp    30-Nov

          Call corporate working group                                                Working Group         19-Dec
            Co ordination with existing community support-grant work-CSS               CSS
            Property advice-DS                                                         DS
            Financial modelling and support-Corporate Services                         CS
            Tracking external grants and anti-poverty links-CE                         CE
            **See draft working group remit below                                      Working Group

          Report block grant detail costs, resources                                  Budget Planning Gp    11-Jan

            Detailed process and procedure mapping                                     Working Group         Jan

            Communications plans for all groups                                       Comms/pr/              Jan
                                                                                      /working group
          Resources in place for start up                                                                    Feb
            IT and Information base set up in CSS , grants and concessions unit

            Detailed process mapping and communications preparation                                         March

          New procedures and arrangements in place                                    Co-ordinated by CSS   April

**        Draft working group remit

      1     Identify resources needed for start up and permanent arrangements
     many existing arrangements will need changing during 01/02

      2     Draft procedures for new arrangements for new and existing groups

      3     Identify arrangements for transfer of corporate block grant including:-
              Actual rental and schedule of 12 months maintenance liabilities.
              Management and IT costs


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