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					                                                                                                            Team Leader, HR Strategy

                                              JOB AND PERSON SPECIFICATION

Position Title:            Team Leader, HR Strategy                    Division:                Corporate Services Division

Classification:            ASO-7                                       Section:                 Corporate HR

Position Number:           CD2820                                      Unit:                    HR Strategy
ASCO Code:                 2291

                                            Job and Person Specification Approval

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                                                             CEO or delegate


1. Position Summary

    The Team Leader, HR Strategy is accountable to the Manager HR Strategy for:
     providing expert HR management consultancy services and advice across the Department on a diverse range of complex
      and sensitive matters including written reports and recommendations
     ensuring the provision of hr services across the Department in a shared services environment, including providing
      leadership to ensure the effective transitioning of new units to the Department
     significantly contributing to the establishment, review and ongoing development and improvement of HR operational policies,
      processes, procedures, programs and initiatives within the Departmental HR Management framework
     managing the continuous improvement of HR Management systems and processes, including promoting and modelling best
      practice HR management and planning and implementing HR Management strategies
    which contributes to the effective delivery of a range of shared corporate services to across the Department and the
    achievement of the Department’s organisational goals and objectives within an overall Government framework.

2. Reporting/Working relationships

    The Team Leader, HR Strategy:
     reports to the Manager HR Strategy
     works closely with staff within Corporate HR and divisions
     manages a team of HR practitioners
     leads teams on specific projects and monitors the work of external contractors and consultants
     liaises extensively with Executive, Directors, senior management, line managers and staff within the Department, external
      agencies including OPE, employee associations, educational institutions, industry and unions

3. Special Conditions

    Some out-of-hours work and intra/interstate travel necessitating overnight absences will be required.
    A flexible approach to working hours and the taking of leave is essential.

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                                                                                                        Team Leader, HR Strategy

4. Key outcomes and associated activities

1.     Ensure the provision of HR services in a specific area across the Department in a shared services environment
       (including staff and Division transitions) by:
       a)     developing and establishing the operational frameworks for specific areas of hr across the Department to ensure
              successful achievement of the Department’s workforce plan
       b)     ensuring a coordinated development approach to whole of government and departmental policies and strategies in
              areas of specific areas of hr across the Department
       c)     identifying, initiating and ensuring the ongoing development, review and improvement of frameworks including
              policies, guidelines, systems, processes and procedures
       d)     providing high level and expert advice and consultancy services to Directors, senior management and line managers
              on planning and strategies for specific areas of hr
       e)     initiating and promoting new and innovative approaches in specific areas of hr including investigating and assessing
              the impact of specific strategies and reporting on their relevance to the organisation
       f)     ensuring high quality expert advice and information is available to hr professionals across DTEI by initiating
              appropriate research and preparation of reports and recommendations
       g)     providing leadership to the effective transitioning of new employees and new Divisions to the Department by:
                 developing effective policies, systems and procedures to facilitate the successful transition of employees and/or
                  Division into the Department
                 ensuring induction and training programs are available in appropriate procedures and systems and information
                  on the Department’s general employee conditions and available resources
       h)     ensuring effective relationships with key stakeholders, including Executive, Directors, senior managers, ESPI and
              other Government Departments, Corporate HR and business units across DTEI, public, community and industry
              sectors, educational institutions, government agencies and unions, as necessary to secure business outcomes
       i)     representing the Department and providing expert advice and input into internal and external working parties, forums,
              committees on human resource issues

2.     Significantly contribute to the provision of other HR Management services, planning and implementation, across
       the Department by:
       a)     Providing leadership and expert consultancy advice in a diverse range of human resource functions, including but not
              limited to recruitment and selection, classification management, industrial relations, training and development, HR
              governance and compliance and redeployment
       b)     Initiating and undertaking research and investigations relating to very complex human resource management matters
              and making recommendations to the Executive and senior management in the Department
       c)     providing expert advice and consultancy assistance in the implementation and planning (after strategic planning
              processes) across the Department including significant restructuring initiatives, and providing leadership to support
              managers and employees in continuous transformation, shaping processes and a culture that improves the
              Department’s capacity for and response to organisational change
       d)     representing the Department on highly complex and sensitive human resource management matters, such as
              disciplinary processes and classification, grievance and promotional appeals or overseeing the provision of these
              services by other staff and ensuring appropriate action is initiated
       e)     undertaking significant projects aimed at facilitating best practice and service excellence in the provision of HR
              operations and management, including analysing and evaluating the impact of major decisions relating to specific
              human resource management issues and recommending/implementing initiatives
       f)     working closely with other areas of Corporate HR to provide leadership within the Department in the development of
              Department-wide strategy, policy and governance in HR management
       g)     coordinating and providing leadership within the Department to ensure high quality reporting, transaction processing
              and specialist services common across the Department, where the Department can expect efficiencies/ economies of

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                                                                                                         Team Leader, HR Strategy

       h)     managing the continuous improvement of HRM systems and process, including promoting and modelling best
              practice HR management and planning and implementing HRM strategies

3.     Contribute to the development of services and maintenance of high quality information provided by the Section and
       the effective management and operation of HR Operations by:
       a)     providing leadership, direction and support to staff in coordinating resources, including both people and financial to
              ensure high quality outcomes relating to Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare (OHS&W), ethical conduct,
              diversity and management and personnel practices
       b)     undertaking day-to-day management of a team of staff to build a customer focused, responsive team of HR
              practitioners including
              i)     effectively managing and providing leadership, direction and support to assigned staff including performance
                     management, training and development, and allocation of work tasks
              ii)    manage the work of external service providers/consultants responsible for contributing to effective HR
                     Management in the Department
              iii)   exercising full financial management accountability for the funds allocated to programs
              iv)    applying appropriate risk management strategies as an integral part of team activities
              v)     ensuring that appropriate systems, documentation and information are implemented to provide quality advice
                     and consultancy services and respond to information and advice requests
       a)     facilitating the achievement of the Departmental, Divisional Business Plan objectives and Section program planning,
              implementation and evaluation
       b)     participating in the establishment of a performance culture and coordinating team activities related to business
              planning, continuous improvement, benchmarking, and establishing/monitoring performance indicators

4.     Ensuring that a safe and healthy work environment, free from discrimination is provided for employees by:
       a)     implementing departmental human resource policies
       b)     ensuring that the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and Ethical Conduct are a normal part of doing
       c)     managing industrial relations issues appropriately as they arise

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                                                                                                                         Team Leader, HR Strategy


Essential Criteria (E)
Desirable Criteria (D)

     1. Personal Abilities/Aptitude/Skills/Experience/Knowledge

                a)         Proven history in managing the delivery of a broad range of human resource services including a demonstrated
                           ability to think strategically and provide advice on HR strategic, planning and operational matters to deliver
                           business focussed outcomes. (E)
                b)         Proven experience in interpreting awards, legislation and policies and applying successfully in the work place.
                c)         High level problem solving skills and the practical application of people management principles to business
                           situations. (E)
                d)         Proven leadership and management skills and the ability to motivate and influence others in an environment of
                           change. (E)
                e)         Highly developed communication and negotiation skills and the ability to develop and maintain effective
                           collaborative and operational relationships with stakeholders. (E)
                f)         Demonstrated commitment to the principles and practices of Equal Employment Opportunity and Ethical
                           Conduct, and an understanding of, experience in, and ability to manage to the spirit and principles of the
                           Premier’s Safety Commitment and the legislative requirements of the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare
                           Act, utilising AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management, or to an equivalent set of standards. (E)
                g)         Demonstrated ability to coach, mentor and develop staff to meet individual and organisational needs. (E)
                h)         Appropriate tertiary or post-graduate qualifications in a relevant field. (E)

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