LOG OF CLAIMS by ChrisBirchall


LOG	OF	CLAIMS	                                                                                      barGaininG
State Government
Protective Security Service                                                                                   ‘09

SGPSS SPECIFIC                                                          	   -	where	a	worker	has	broken	the	continuity	of	their	
                                                                            service	in	one	role	to	act	in	higher	duties	for	a	period	
•	 Increase	in	meal	allowance	                                              this	does	not	disqualify	them	from	converting	to	
•	 Parity	with	Core	pay	levels                                              permanency
                                                                        	   -	Further	criteria	around	where	temporary	work	
COLLECTIVE ISSUES                                                           should	be	advertised	as	opposed	to	permanent	filling	
Employment Security                                                         of	vacancies,	emphasising	that	permanent	jobs	being	
•	 That	there	will	be	no	forced	redundancies	during	the	                    filled	should	always	be	the	first	choice
   life	of	this	agreement.	                              Workload Management
•	 That	redundancy	entitlements	for	workers	who	are	                    •	 Acknowledgement	that	high	workloads	create	an	
   made	redundant	voluntarily	(VER)	or	forcibly	made	                      unsafe	work	environment	for	workers	who	are	under	
   redundant	increase	to:                                                  large	amounts	of	pressure	and	subject	to	stress	and	
	   o	A	minimum	payment	of	12	weeks	wages,	                                who	may	engage	in	unsafe	practices	in	order	to	deal	
    including	what	would	have	been	projected	penalty	                      with	the	volume	of	work.	This	is	an	issue	for	workers,	
    rates	during	the	period.                                               clients	and	government	as	a	whole.	

	   o	In	addition	3	weeks	payment,	with	similar	                        •	 Further	acknowledgement	that	workers	should	not	
    projected	penalty	rates	assessment,	per	year	of	                       be	expected	to	work	without	pay	or	compensation	
    service	with	no	cap	or	limit	to	this	payment.	                         in	hours	to	be	able	to	be	taken	as	paid	time	off	at	an	
                                                                           appropriate	time.	
•	 If	a	worker	is	made	redundant	there	will	be	no	
   restriction	on	them	being	re-employed	in	the	                        •	 A	collaborative	process	with	the	employer	to	
   Queensland	Government	following	the	payment	of	                         review	and	revise	the	workload	management	tool	
   their	redundancy	package.	                                              with	a	view	to	making	it	more	effective,	accurate	
                                                                           and	efficient.	That	this	tool	be	time-bound	in	
•	 Any	worker	who	is	on	a	temporary	contract,	or	                          implementation	and	have	measurable	outcomes	that	
   several	contracts,	for	more	than	2	years	should	                        are	to	be	reported	to	Consultative	Committees	and	
   automatically	be	made	permanent.	                                       a	full	report	given	to	workers	at	the	end	of	every	
•	 Appeal	rights	for	temporary	workers	who	are	denied	                     calendar	year.	
   permanency	should	be	explicitly	established	as	                      •	 A	review	of	the	Consultative	Committee	Terms	of	
   resting	with	the	Industrial	Relations	Commission	or	                    Reference,	processes	and	operations	with	a	view	
   Public	Service	Commission.	                                             to	increasing	the	effectiveness	of	the	workload	
•	 That	interest	based	bargaining	discussions	take	                        management	tool	and	reporting	on	workloads.
   place	around	issues	for	the	conversion	of	temporary	                 •	 Commitment	from	the	government	that	if	any	new	
   workers	to	permanent	status,	including		guidelines	                     programs	are	to	be	implemented	by	the	state	or	
   around	when	temporary	workers	are	to	be	                                federal	government,	or	any	other	body,	that	will	
   employed.	                                                              impact	on	the	workload	of	existing	staff	and	where	
	   These	discussions	should	also	include	consideration	                   no	new	staff	are	to	be	employed	to	deliver	this	
    of:                                                                    program,	then	other	work	will	to	be	reallocated	or	
                                                                           determined	not	to	be	allocated	to	those	workers	so	
	   -	if	a	worker	is	in	the	same	or	similar	role	for	greater	
                                                                           as	not	to	create	new	workload	problems.	
    than	2	years,	they	qualify	for	permanency
                                                                        •	 That	if	workers	predict	or	encounter	difficulties	
                                                                           with	workload,	they	can	report	the	problem	to	
                                                                           management	the	problem	and	there	then	be	a	
                                                                           proactive	meeting	convened	to	deal	with	the	issue.	

Printed & Authorised Alex Scott QPSU General Secretary, 96 Albert St Brisbane 4002                                       Continued...
LOG	OF	CLAIMS                                                                                                  ‘09

If	management	fail	to	meet	with	delegates	within	two	     •	 Where	any	worker	is	to	have	their	physical	work	
   weeks	of	the	notification	of	the	anticipated	workload	    location	moved	more	than	30	minutes	by	public	
   problem	then	the	dispute	resolution	clause	of	the	        transport	away	from	their	existing	work	location	
   agreement	is	enlivened.	                                  those	workers	are	entitled	not	only	to	consultation	
•	 Where	appropriate,	“case	load	capping”	or	other	          about	the	change,	but	negotiation	regarding	
   measurable	strategies	should	be	used	to	manage	           compensation	for	the	change	in	circumstances.	
   workloads.	This	may	include	a	‘gate-keeping’	or	          Matters	for	negotiation	may	include	the	cost	of	
   other	management	strategies	that	allocates	new	           public	transport	to	the	new	work	location,	providing	
   work	only	to	staff	who	have	capacity	to	complete	the	     shuttle	buses	for	staff	to	the	new	location	and/	or	
   work.	                                                    assistance	finding	local	childcare	and	other	services.

Workplace consultation                                     Union Encouragement

Noting	that	groups	of	workers	as	a	union	should	have	a	 •	 That	all	existing	clauses	from	the	2006	agreements	
say	about	what	happens	at	work:                               regarding	collective	industrial	relations,	union	
                                                              encouragement,	union	delegates,	ILO	conventions	
•	 Seek	inclusion	in	the	agreement	of	the	following	          form	part	of	the	new	agreement.	
   clauses	from	the	QSPU	Consultation	Policy:
                                                           In	addition:
	 It	is	QPSU	policy	that	employers	or	management	
   should	consult	employees	whenever	a	decision	to	        •	 The	employer	is	to	provide	the	union	office	or	
   be	made	may	affect	the	employment,	welfare	or	job	         relevant	delegates	with	complete	lists	of	new	starters	
   satisfaction	of	the	employees;	prior	to	the	decision	      to	the	workplace	for	the	purposes	of	contacting	
   being	made.	Furthermore,	consultation	should:              them	about	membership	of	the	union.	This	should	
                                                              be	done	at	least	monthly.	Lists	are	to	be	provided	
	 (a)	be	an	effective,	thorough,	transparent,	two-way	        electronically	and	include	work	location	details.
   exchange	of	information;	
                                                           •	 Union	Encouragement	is	to	become	a	standing	item	
	 (b)	seek	to	identify	objectives,	constraints,	needs,	       on	the	Agenda	for	Consultative	Committees.	
   interests,	concerns	and	options,	for	both	the	
   employing	agency	and	employees;                         •	 That	union	delegates	and	the	union	office	have	
                                                              access	to	current	staff	lists	for	Queensland	
	 (c)	be	as	early	as	possible	in	the	decision-making	         Government	workplaces.
   process,	so	that	all	options	can	be	considered;
                                                           Note:	that	access	for	delegates	to	appropriate	leave	
	 (d)	allow	employees	adequate	time	to	understand,	        categories	when	undertaking	union	business	be	made	
   analyse,	seek	appropriate	advice	and	respond	to	the	    available	to	them	on	all	HR	systems	and	forms	(ie	
   information;	                                           Industrial	Relations	Education	Leave/	Union	Conference	
	 (e)	in	general,	attempt	to	find	solutions	that	achieve	  Leave).
   the	objectives	while	meeting	the	majority	of	interests	
   of	the	majority	of	interested	parties;	and
                                                           •	 Employer	contributions	to	superannuation	should	be	
	 (f)	seek	to	reach	genuine	agreement	on	strategies	for	
                                                              12.75%	of	total	earnings	
   making	progress	and	resolving	problems.
                                                           •	 That	superannuation	contributions	by	both	the	
All	parties	should	attempt	to	participate	in	industrial	
                                                              employee	and	the	employer	be	adjusted	immediately	
consultation	in	a	positive	spirit	with	respect	for	the	
                                                              an	employee’s	pay	rate	changes	rather	than	on	1	July	
concerns	of	other	parties	and	with	a	willingness	to	
                                                              each	year
find	solutions	and	strategies	that	are	acceptable	to	all	
parties.                                                   •	 That	the	calculation	of	the	final	payout	for	members	
                                                              of	the	QSuper	Defined	Benefits	be	based	on	the	
•	 That	no	changes	are	to	be	made	to	existing	
                                                              member’s	salary	at	the	time	of	resignation
   conditions	for	staff	–	including	(but	not	to	the	
   exclusion	of	other	matters)	position	descriptions,	     •	 Discussions	with	government	regarding	transition	to	
   wages,	career	paths,	physical	location	of	workplace,	      retirement	arrangements	that	do	not	disadvantage	
   training	needs	and	reporting	structures	–	without	         workers	in	relation	to	their	superannuation	
   agreement	from	the	affected	staff	and	their	relevant	      entitlements
   union,	with	consultation	and	agreement	to	occur	
   prior	to	the	enactment	of	any	change.	

LOG	OF	CLAIMS                                                                                                        ‘09

WORKPLACE	HEALTH	AND	SAFETY                                     workers	to	familiarise	themselves	with	changes	to	
                                                                procedures	and	policies.
WHS committees
•	 Each	agency	to	establish	a	WHS	committee	as	a	             GENERAL	WAGES	AND	CONDITIONS
   sub-committee	to	the	consultative	committee.	The	          rural and remote incentives
   committee	is	to	include:
                                                              •	 Locality	allowances:
	 o	Management	representatives
                                                              	 o	Joint	review	of	eligible	locations	and	allowances,	to	
	 o	Union	representatives                                       be	conducted	periodically
	 o	Elected	WHS	representatives                               	 o	Increased	quantum	of	locality	allowance
•	 The	committee’s	charter	to	include	regular	meetings	       •	 Standard	whole-of-government	package	of	non-
   and	capacity	for	issues	to	be	referred	to	CC	for	             monetary	incentive	measures	(minimum	standards)
                                                              •	 Implementation	of	five	year	guideline	for	
client aggression                                                accommodation/housing	support	in	all	agencies
•	 Any	standards	or	policies	should	include:                  •	 Application	of	travel	and	leave	concessions	to	general	
a)	a	definition	of	work-related	violence	and	client	             employees
   aggression;                                                •	 Commitment	to	addressing	sub-standard	
b)	a	statement	from	the	employer	that	makes	it	clear	            accommodation	in	highly	remote	Cape	and	FNQ	
   that	all	violence	and	client	aggression	to	staff	is	          locations
   unacceptable,	and	whatever	the	reason,	will	not	be	        allowances
   seen	as	an	employee’s	failure	or	an	inevitable	part	of	
                                                              •	 Increase	in	first	aid	allowance	to	$30.00	/fortnight
   the	job;
                                                              •	 Introduction	of	a	fortnightly	flat	rate	all-purpose	
c)	Arrangements	for	monitoring	and	reviewing	the	
                                                                 allowance	of	$30.00	/fortnight	for	staff	who	take	on	
                                                                 ‘value	added’	roles	such	as	Workplace	Health	and	
d)	Consultation	with	workers	through	QPSU	                       Safety	Officers	and	representatives,	floor	warden	
   representatives	at	Consultative	Committees	and	               (emergency	evacuation),	peer	support	officers,	
   through	worker	elected	WH&S	Representatives;                  equity	offers,	harassment	and	discrimination	referral	
e)	A	statement	from	the	employer	accepting	and	                  officers,	rehabilitation	co-ordinators,	student	
   acknowledging	responsibility	for	their	employee’s	            supervisors	and	other	necessary	corporate	roles.	Staff	
   workplace	health	and	safety	and	the	prevention	of	            who	are	nominated	to	these	roles	on	a	short-term	or	
   client	aggression;                                            temporary	basis	would	be	eligible	to	the	allowance	
                                                                 on	a	pro	rata	basis.	
f)	 Certified	standards	across	the	sector	to	train	each	
    government	employee	in	their	workplace	health	and	        •	 Travel	allowance	–	increase	‘incidental	allowance’	to	
    safety	rights,	and	the	obligations	of	the	employer.          $30.00/night
•	 Improved	ways	of	dealing	with	abusive,	threatening	        •	 Joint	discussions	around	award-based	shift	
   or	harassing	interactions	or	calls	in	direct	customer	        allowances	(with	a	view	to	increasing).
   contact	and	in	call	centres	by:                            Special leave and bereavement leave
•	 Developing	and	implementing	policies	and	                  •	 Roll-up	all	special	leave	provisions	into	collective	
   procedures	for	dealing	with	abusive	customers	                agreement	to	establish	them	as	industrial	
   (including	transfer	procedures,	reporting	and	                entitlements.
   debriefing	requirements	and	support);	
                                                              •	 Increase	bereavement	leave	to	three	days	per	
•	 Training	workers	in	these	procedures;                         deceased	person.	
•	 Encourageing	workers	to	participate	in	training	           •	 Increase	paid	special	leave	for	AP	donors	to	three	
   programs	which	incorporate	communication	and	                 hours	per	donation.
   conflict	resolution	skills	as	well	as	information	about	
                                                           •	 Paid	special	leave	for	volunteers	to	attend	training	
   normal	reactions	to	these	incidents;
                                                              during	normal	business	hours,	or	to	subsidise	a	
•	 Maintaining	workplace	efficiency	and	effectiveness	so	     volunteer’s	contribution	to	a	community	service	(e.g.	
   that	client	frustration	can	be	minimised	i.e.	software	    one	day’s	leave	for	every	five	volunteered	days,	to	
   programs,	minimise	background	noise	to	allow	the	          a	maximum	of	4	days	leave	per	year)	(other	than	
   worker	to	easily	communicate	with	client,	time	for	                                                      Continued...
LOG	OF	CLAIMS                                                                                                    ‘09

  Australian	Volunteers	Abroad	and	emergency	relief	        •	 The	definition	of	Carers’	Leave	to	be	broadened	
  services).                                                   to	recognise	the	right	to	access	leave	to	care	
learning and Development initiatives                           for	someone	other	than	an	immediate	family	or	
                                                               household	member.
•	 Increase	‘training	increment’	provided	for	in	current	
   collective	agreement	to	3%	of	salary	instead	of	flat	    creation of a “Sick leave bank”
   rate	(subject	to	costing	and	wages	MOU)                  •	 Investigate	options	for	creating	a	‘Sick	Leave	Bank’	
•			Extend	the	training	initiative	and	increment	to	           which	would	operate	on	a	voluntary	basis	to	assist	
   higher	classification	levels	on	the	AO	stream.	Also	        employees	in	time	of	a	health	crisis	or	chronic	illness.	
   investigate	application	to	PO	and	TO	streams.               In	particular,	the	option	of	voluntarily	giving	up	ones’	
                                                               accrued	sick	leave	at	the	time	of	retirement	should	
•			Review	the	training	courses	that	are	on	offer	under	       be	considered.	Implementation	should	include	study	
   the	EB	training	initiative	with	a	view	to	broadening	       of	any	impact	the	introduction	of	a	sick	leave	bank	
   the	options.                                                would	have	on	access	to	income	protection.
•			Improved	and	more	equitable	access	to	SARAS	            Flexible Working Hours arrangements
   and	other	professional	development	(including	as	
   a	key	consideration	in	assessing	equity	issues	the	      •	 Implementation	of	a	minimum	set	of	standards(rather	
   capacity	for	regional	workers	to	access	training	and	       than	a	standardisation	of	entitlements)	across	all	
   development	opportunities)                                  agencies	to	cover:-	
                                                            o	 The	number	of	hours	that	can	be	accrued	within	a	
WORK/LIFE	BALANCE                                              work	cycle
General work/life balance arrangements/
                                                            o	 The	balance	of	hours	which	can	be	carried	over	
                                                               between	work	cycles
•	 Commitment	to	implement	Work	Life	Balance	
                                                            o	 The	number	of	hours	and	consecutive	days	accrued	
   initiatives	at	an	agency	level	in	consultation	with	
                                                               time	which	can	be	taken	within	a	work	cycle
   representatives	of	the	relevant	union/s.
•	 Establishment	of	a	joint	Work	Life	Balance	Oversight	    •	 Any	agencies	or	groups	of	employees	who	currently	
   Committee	comprising	representatives	of	DEIR	and	           have	entitlements	which	sit	over	and	above	the	
   the	relevant	union/s	to	monitor	and	enforce	the	            minimum	set	of	standards	must	maintain	their	
   provision	during	the	life	of	the	Agreement.	This	           existing	arrangements.
   Committee	must	have	terms	of	reference	which	            •	 Strengthen	the	right	of	employees	to	access	flexible	
   include	a	requirement	for	regular	and	ongoing	              hours	of	work.	Agencies	must	not	unreasonably	
   meetings.                                                   refuse	requests.	
Paid parental leave                                        •	 Remove	the	right	of	agencies	to	‘write	off’	accrued	
•	 Commitment	to	retain	the	current	paid	parental	leave	      leave	before	it	has	been	taken	by	an	employee.	It	
   scheme	in	Queensland	(in	addition	to	any	federally	        is	a	responsibility	of	the	agency	to	ensure	that	the	
   implemented	scheme	now	or	in	the	future).                  employee	is	given	the	opportunity	to	take	their	
                                                              accrued	time.
•	 Increase	in	the	current	rate	of	paid	parental	leave	
   entitlement	from	14	weeks	to	18	weeks	paid	leave	       •	 Strengthen	the	right	of	employees	in	part	time	
   in	line	with	the	proposal	for	a	national	scheme	of	18	     employment	arrangements	to	access	flexible	working	
   weeks	paid	parental	leave.                                 hours.
•	 Increase	in	the	current	rate	of	paid	paternity/spousal	 •	 Mandate	the	right	for	those	working	in	areas	
   leave	entitlement	from	one	week	to	two	weeks.              where	it	is	difficult	to	access	their	accrued	time	for	
                                                              operational/service	delivery	reasons	to	be	able	to	
•	 Amendment	of	the	Paid	Parental	Leave	Directive	
                                                              bank	their	accrued	time	and	take	this	in	conjunction	
   05/08	to	make	both	Parental	leave	and	Spousal	leave	
                                                              with	their	annual	leave.	
   exclusive	of	public	holidays.
access to leave entitlements
•	 Implementation	of	a	paid	Personal	Leave	provision	
   which	combines	Sick	Leave/Carers’	Leave	and	
   Emergent/Compassionate	Leave	into	one	set	of	
   Personal	Leave	hours	to	be	used	in	accordance	with	                                                      Continued...
   the	needs	of	the	employee.
LOG	OF	CLAIMS                                                                                                   ‘09

access to flexible work options                            •	 That	government	environment	policies	are	adhered	
•	 Inclusion	of	a	minimum	set	of	entitlements	to	flexible	    to;	and	that	there	is	no	disadvantage	to	workers	
   work	options	through	a	relevant	industrial	instrument	     in	any	changes	to	work	practices	as	a	result	of	
   which	may	include,	but	not	be	limited,	to	working	         implementation	of	such	policies.	
   from	home/telecommuting,	compressed	working	            •	 That	the	Environment	Committee	ensure	the	
   weeks	and	averaged	working	hours	or	make-up	time.          application	of	‘just	transition’	as	a	criteria	that	
•	 Strengthening	the	rights	of	employees	to	access	           all	environment	related	workplace	changes	are	
   these	entitlements.	Agencies	must	not	unreasonably	        measured	against.	All	parties	must	seek	to	ensure	
   refuse	requests.                                           social	equity	and	that	any	carbon	reduction	burden	is	
                                                              formulated	on	an	according-to-means	capacity.
•	 Strengthen	the	right	of	employees	in	part	time	
   employment	arrangements	to	access	flexible	working	 Green Workplace initiatives
   options.                                                Green transport
CLIMATE	CHANGE                                              •	 Conduct	audit	of	workplace	transport	including:	to	
                                                               and	from	work,	and	workplace	transport.
•	 A	joint	affirmation	from	the	parties	to	the	agreement	
   outlining	the	urgency	of	the	issue	and	outlining	        •	 Requirement	for	employers	to	assist	staff	to	find	
   the	parameters	under	which	any	commitments	to	              environmentally	responsible	ways	to	travel	to	and	
   environmental	work	practices	can	be	measured.	              from	work	and	to	provide	adequate	end-of-trip	
   Recognition	of	the	critical	role	that	staff	play	in	        facilities.
   implementing	any	sustainability	measures	in	the	         Waste reduction
   workplace	and	recognition	of	the	need	for	a	joint	
                                                            •	 Develop	waste	minimisation	and	recycling	program	
   approach	to	achieve	Queensland	Government	Q2	
                                                               for	each	workplace,	including	office,	electronic	and	
                                                               kitchen	waste.
agency responsibilities
                                                            carbon-friendly Energy Program
•	 Each	Agency	is	responsible	for:
                                                            •	 Conduct	energy	audit	for	each	department/
1.	Implementing	a	reward/recognition	program                   workplace.
2.	Implementing	sustainability	measures                     •	 Develop	energy	saving	measures	and	substitution	of	
3.	Inter-agency	liaison	to	reduce	government	carbon	           non-renewable	sources	with	renewables.
   footprint	(especially	in	regional	areas)                 Education & training
4.	Reporting	on	carbon	reduction	&	cost	savings             •	 That	agencies	invest	in	training	staff	who	need	new	
5.	Monitoring/conducting	audits	&	spot	checks                  skills	in	a	low	carbon	economy.
•	 The	agency	will	nominate	a	senior	management	            •	 Education	programs	for	staff	&	managers	in	
   leader	who	will	be	responsible	for	coordinating	this	       sustainability	measures.	
   program	reporting	to	the	CEO.	                           Monitoring
Environment committee                                       •	 Monitor	uptake	of	carbon-reduction	steps	and	
•	 That	joint	management/union	environment	                    evaluate	costs	to	workers.
   committees	be	established	at	agency	level	as	an	         building & Facilities
   accountability	mechanism	for	any	workplace.	These	
                                                            •	 Commitment	that	any	new	construction	or	
   committees	would	report	to	CCs	and	be	responsible	
                                                               refurbishment	results	in	a	lower	carbon	footprint.	
   for	ensuring	communication	regarding	sustainability	
   measures	to	all	employees.                               community involvement
                                                            •	 Government	support	for	employees	to	be	involved	in	
                                                               community	projects	that	reduce	carbon	footprints.	
                                                               Support	may	include	paid	leave,	sponsorship,	and	
                                                               promotion	assistance.	Projects	would	be	endorsed	by	

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