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Corporate Social Networking Guide


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									                                                         L E A D E R NETWORKS

                 A Practical Guide to
                   Social Media for
                  Terralex members
      Wednesday, August 17, 2011
         Lawyers and Online Professional Networking
    As online networking emerges from the cutting edge to the
       mainstream - what are the implications for the legal
    profession? This session will examine the need for online
professional networking in the legal industry and best practices to
help ensure lawyers will get maximum exposure with minimal risk.         1
                                                                           L E A D E R NETWORKS

Why You Should Care: Social
    Media’s Footprint
                                                             L E A D E R NETWORKS

           Key Points to take away…
• Online Networking is steadily building as an important business activity
  within the legal profession.
• Primary Uses of “Social Media”:
    – Listening and keeping informed (passive)
    – Collaboration, sharing and contributing ( active)
    – Promotion ( pro-active)
• The Social Media online world is highly fragmented, and rapidly evolving.
• Think about best practices in using social media – develop a policy for
  your firm.
• Think about the need to manage REPUTATION at all times….
• Effective networking is achieved through activity that is “little but often”.
                                     L E A D E R NETWORKS

Professional networking &
       social media

  It’s all about connecting

Online professional networking
helps business professionals find
each other, interact, collaborate,
and share information essential to
achieve a business objective
                                                          L E A D E R NETWORKS

         Why You Should Care: Social Media’s Footprint
•   Social network and blogging sites are
    now the fourth most popular activity
    on the Internet
•   ‘Member Communities’ now reach over
    5 percentage points more of the
    Internet population than it did a year
    ago – twice the growth rate of other
•   People under 18 years old are making
    up less of the social network and
    blogging audience, whereas the 50+
    age group are accounting for more of
    the audience.
              Source: Global Faces and Networked Places
              A Nielsen report on Social Networking’s
              New Global Footprint, March 2009
                                                                                                           L E A D E R NETWORKS

          Counsels’ Use of Online Social Networks Is
                     Expanding Rapidly
              Both Corporate and Outside Counsel are significantly more likely to report being a member of an online social
               network this year as compared to last year
              Approximately three quarters of counsel now report being a member of such a network
              Growth in online network use is seen across all age groups

                                     Are You A Member of an Online Social Network?

                             % Yes                                                                     % Yes


               Question: Are you a member of an online social network such as LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, Xing or MySpace?
CC: 710
OC: 764                                                 Leader Networks (c) 2009                                               6
                                                                                                                         L E A D E R NETWORKS

       Lawyers Are Significantly More Interested in a
                  Private Legal Network
        •      24% increase in corporate counsel interest; 18% increase in interest in private practice lawyers
        •      Also growth in “No Interest” suggesting counsel are more educated on these networks and are
              taking a position
        •      Growing trend in 2009: Counsel are beginning to join legal-only professional networks
        •      There has been an Increase in the percent interested across all age groups
                                                                                                                     % Yes
                             Response by Role

    CC: 710
                             Question: Would you be interested in joining an online professional network designed specifically for lawyers?
    OC: 764
NOTE: Response Options Changed in 2009 from Yes/No/Don’t Know to   Leader Networks (c) 2009                                                          7
Yes/No/Already Belong
                                                                                                               L E A D E R NETWORKS

   Corporate Counsel - Low Costs And Increased Visibility
    Among Peers as Primary Reasons to Network Online

                                                           Corporate Counsel

                                                                                                                     Note: Item names have been
                                                                                                                     shortened for display purposes

N         Question: What do you think are the top advantages of participating in an online legal professional network? Select up to three.
CC: 710
OC: 764                                                 Leader Networks (c) 2009                                                                 8
                                                                                         L E A D E R NETWORKS

                                    The Social Media Landscape

Source: http://lgnewmedia.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/05/bubblus-social-media.jpg                   9
                                              L E A D E R NETWORKS

       Example of Digital Channels for Lawyers

 Blogs and      Reputation     Professional        Social Networks
Online News     Aggregators     Networks

                                                                         L E A D E R NETWORKS

   Primary Professional Networking Activities for Lawyers

                                    2. Collaborating            •Enhance your profile
•Feeds                                                          •Blogs
•Scans                        •Join an appropriate community    •Podcasts
                              •Create a basic profile           •Photos & videos
                              •Connect with others              •Social bookmarking
                              •Ratings and rankings
                              •Blog comments
                              •Discussions & groups
                              •Questions & answers
          1. Listening                                                   3. Showcasing

                         Utilizing Online Legal Business Tools
                              • Preferred provider management
                                      • Integrated search
                                         • Client ratings

                                          L E A D E R NETWORKS

Primary Professional Networking Activities for Lawyers

                                                                  L E A D E R NETWORKS

           Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation

    Career Builder did a study (Sept. 2008) on how employers and hiring managers use
    social media to vet candidates. Top factors that influenced their hiring decision
•   48% - candidate’s background supported their qualifications
•   43% - candidate had great communication skills
•   40% - candidate was a good fit for the company’s culture
•   36% - candidate’s site conveyed a professional image
•   31% - candidate had great references posted about them by others
•   30% - candidate showed a wide range of interests
•   29% - candidate received awards and accolades
•   24% - candidate’s profile was creative

         Keep your digital persona professional and appropriate
         Clean up any digital dirt on personal sites
                                                 L E A D E R NETWORKS

         Listening: Monitoring the Online Channels

This is the New Media – So Get on Board!

Find blogs that you want to read regularly and
follow those blogs
• Visit them regularly (manually) or
• Use a web browser to follow that RSS feed
• Subscribe by email
• Follow bloggers & journalists through RSS
• Search SlideShare and YouTube and join
    groups of like-minded professionals
Twitter: Listen and when appropriate, connect

                                            L E A D E R NETWORKS

               Listening: Reputation Management

• Discover your online identity
    – Research yourself, your firm or
      company and your area of
    – http://www.google.com/alerts
    – Fix or edit any incorrect
      information about you or your
• Twitter
• If you find yourself quoted,
  mentioned or commented about
  on a blog or article, use comments
  area to respond – right away

                                                     L E A D E R NETWORKS

  Twitter and it’s Legal Implications

• What is Twitter?
• is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that
  enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.
• Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or,
  by default, allow open access.
• Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short
  Message Service (SMS) or external applications.

                                 Source: Wikipedia
                                                                                                        L E A D E R NETWORKS

    Twitter and Its Legal Implications
• Risks of revealing privileged
• Messages that appear to contain legal
  advice may create an attorney-client
  relationship or be interpreted as a
  solicitation for services
• Best practices include:
   – Establishing protocols: (ie only discuss
     issues in broad generalities)
   – Restricting group of tweet recipients
   – Issue periodic notices of conditions of your
     tweets (ie “legal advice not intended.”)

       Look Who’s Talking, Legal Implications of Twitter, Social Networking Technology, By Steven C. Bennett, NYSBA Journal, May 2009,
                              L E A D E R NETWORKS

        The Importance of Listening

• The conversations
  are happening
  whether you are a
  part of them or
• Opportunities
  await those who
• Enormous risks
  await those who
                                          L E A D E R NETWORKS

Primary Professional Networking Activities for Lawyers

                                                                  L E A D E R NETWORKS

Factors for Choosing a Professional Network
Brand: Seek sites with a strong industry footprints to ensure longevity
Safety and security:
    – Participate in networks that you trust, and which provide sufficient
        security and authentication to make professional users feel safe
    – This is a key benefit to private, members-only and legal-focused networks
Global membership: One of the great benefits of online networking is its global
   reach. Seek out international communities for business

Diversity of features: Your Law 2.0 needs will change over time. Find a network
   that offers many different ways to participate

Richness of conversation: As knowledge sharing is key to the success of a
   professional network, look for active discussions and comments that offer idea

Size: Look for a critical mass of members in your specialty to achieve your
    networking goals

                                                      L E A D E R NETWORKS

            Collaborating: Vetting a Professional Network

Be cautious when:

•   The site allows legal advice to be offered
•   The site’s Terms and Conditions do not
    respect your privacy, or will sell or rent your
    contact information
•   Company or entity creating the site is vague
    or unidentified
•   Site allows solicitation and spamming
•   There is no authentication process following
    a registration to ensure member identity
•   Site allows anonymity
•   Lacks robust privacy and communications

                                        L E A D E R NETWORKS

Effective Social Media Profiles
  Effective Social Media Profiles
                    •   Appear reachable and accessible
                    •   Have an effective photo and contact
                    •   Ensure your expertise and area of
                        practice is clear and well defined
                    •   Established content to build credible
                    •   Record your biography in the first
                    •   Emphasize unique experiences
                    •   Linked to others, well connected
                    •   List interests to give a personal
                    •   Be active in the network - frequency
                        of use establishes commitment

                                                            L E A D E R NETWORKS

  Example: How a Professional Network Profile Is Used
“We have a new matter in an unfamiliar Jurisdiction. Who do I hire?”

• GC searches Google and surfaces Sam’s LinkedIn profile based on a key
  word search. Looks interesting – but want to find trusted referral from a
  legal colleague
• GC reviews Sam’s Connected profile and sees Sam has extensive experience
  in the legal matter under consideration, has written articles on the subject
• Favorable Martindale Client Reviews submitted on Sam
• GC sees that a colleagues is connected Sam
   – GC calls or emails colleague to get inside scoop on Sam
• GC is pleased he has found the right lawyer, and hires Sam to handle the
• Because GC adds Sam to Preferred provider list, alerting other internal team
  members of relationship

                                                                L E A D E R NETWORKS

                            Connecting Online

Call it “the Virtual Handshake” – Best practices include:

•   Asking permission to connect is encouraged
•   Individually decide if it is appropriate to initiate a connection
•   Always write a personal email – do not use an email template
•   If a person doesn’t respond, generally do not send a reminder
•   Thank people for connecting to you
•   If invited to connect, it’s OK to decline or ignore (they’re not notified)

                                               L E A D E R NETWORKS

               Using Groups to Segment Your Audience
• Find “Relevant” Colleagues
    – Common interests
    – Narrow peer groups into
      smaller, more focused clusters
    – Enables “deep dives” into
      subject matter with trusted

• Groups are Focused & Intimate
    – Introduce yourself to the group
      and offer brief background
    – Participate frequently and offer
      ideas, questions and insights
    – Be helpful and pro-active

                        L E A D E R NETWORKS

Sharing content within groups
                                                                   L E A D E R NETWORKS

   Primary Professional Networking Activities for Lawyers

                               2. Collaborating           •Enhance your profile
•Feeds                                                    •Blogs
•Scans                   •Join an appropriate community   •Podcasts
                         •Create a basic profile          •Photos & videos
                         •Connect with others             •Social bookmarking
                         •Ratings and rankings
                         •Blog comments
                         •Discussions & groups
                         •Questions & answers
          1. Listening                                             3. Showcasing

                                                       L E A D E R NETWORKS

                    LinkedIn and Connected
              Online Channels to Raise Your Profile
• “What are you working on” feature
     – Use to promote or market ideas or
• Drive traffic to your blog and
     – Blog, Slideshare, comments feed
•   Articles you’ve written
•   Important published decisions
•   Organizations and committees
•   Pro bono work
•   Charitable work & community            Use all aspects of the profile
                                           opportunity to demonstrate
                                           your thought-leadership so
                                           when others look you up,
                                           you stand apart                  28
                                          L E A D E R NETWORKS

Primary Professional Networking Activities for Lawyers
                                   L E A D E R NETWORKS

  Network Updates Reveal Risk & Opportunity

news feeds on
can reveal
                                L E A D E R NETWORKS

        References & Recommendations

LinkedIn lets
you add
from friends &
colleagues to
your profile
                                     L E A D E R NETWORKS

            Reference Search Tools

                                        L E A D E R NETWORKS

  Suggested Connections to Help Expand Your Network

help lawyers
find lawyers
with shared
                                   L E A D E R NETWORKS

The Network Effect: Source Trusted Referrals

                                       Find a
                                       who knows
                                       the lawyer
                          L E A D E R NETWORKS

Client Review Ratings

                        Reviews provide
                        members reliable
                        from other
                        counsel clients
                        who have actually
                        used an
                                                                    L E A D E R NETWORKS
   Blending the Boundaries Between People, Content & Relationships
                                                    Martindale-Hubbell Connected

                                                          Outside    Corporate
                                                          Counsel     Counsel
                                                          Experts     Experts

                                                  Opinions,                Communities
                                                 Regulations   Maritime
                                                    Articles,             Discussion
                                                     News,                 Forums,
                                                    Analysis,               Blogs,
                                                     Wikis    Relationship Q&A

How do I find the precise people, content and
  communities relevant to me?
    Connected will leverage LexisNexis’
    expansive taxonomy to connect lawyers
    with each other and content to address the
    precise issue requiring resolution
                                               L E A D E R NETWORKS

        Preferred Provider & Referral Management Tools

                                         Who uses these providers?
                                            The member can link to
                                            in-house colleagues
                                            using that lawyer,
                                            discussions, Ratings
                                            and more..

Which lawyers from
our preferred list do
my colleagues use?
     generates a
     preferred provider
     departments with
     the lawyers they
                                                           L E A D E R NETWORKS

              Ethics, Guidelines & Best Practices

Be transparent and clear in identity and intention

Adhere to ethical rules and guidelines governing counsel

YOYOW - You own your own words

Be responsive & trustworthy

Finish what you start

Value and create thought leadership

                                                            L E A D E R NETWORKS

              Policy Considerations
• Review existing policies In light of the company’s orientation
  towards social media:
   – Including privacy, confidentiality, email use, legal holds, and employee
• Form a Social Media Team to guide executives on social media
• Team should monitor web traffic about the company
   – Report adverse communications to someone with authority to act as
     soon as possible.
• Training programs to disseminate the policy and to remind
  employees of existing policies.
   – In-house online self study programs, presentations, or outsourced to
                                                           L E A D E R NETWORKS

                     Template Policy
• For consideration in a Social Media Policy
   –   Company’s social media position
   –   Existing policies
   –   Use of email addresses, logos, trademarks, brands
   –   “Voice” of company contributions
   –   Disclaimers
   –   Stakeholder considerations
   –   Intellectual Property Rights
• Template policy found on Martindale Connected “Social
  Media Policy Group” (www.martindale.com/connected)
   – Group Created by James Wong, ACC So. Cal Member & General
     Counsel of UMA Enterprises
   – Share social media best practices with other legal departments
                                                                            L E A D E R NETWORKS

8 Minute Social Media Game Plan
For an effective Social Media-savvy lawyer...

•   Spends 5 minutes a day scanning RSS feeds, blogs and emails
•   1 second to check reputation alert, topic or company key word alert
     – 5 minutes to respond-- if need be -- to a blog post or social media entry
     – Send email to author of great article – invites to connect if she responds
•   Logs into professional network every few days for about 8-10 minutes
     – Connects to 1-3 people every few visits
     – Writes a personalized email to 1-2 connections
     – Scans forums or blogs
           • Comments briefly or posts a message
•   Once or twice a month (at least) – writes or co-writes a blog entry
     – Twitters new blog post
     – Posts blog on network profile
     – RSS sends blog entry automatically to all subscribers
     – Responds to comments
                                          L E A D E R NETWORKS

          Terralex in Connected

• 20+ countries represented with member firms
• 194 individuals within Terralex firms
• 24,000 suggested relationships surfaced for the
  194, from MH sources.
                                                          L E A D E R NETWORKS

                     Get Started

    Any lawyer can register and use “Connected” without cost.

                For full functionality for individuals,
   your firm requires a current subscription to Martindale-Hubbell
                      L E A D E R NETWORKS

        Thank You!

        Derek Benton
                                                                                      L E A D E R NETWORKS

     Jargon buster – from Wikipedia
•   A blog (a contraction of the term weblog) is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with
    regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries
    are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to
    maintain or add content to a blog. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others
    function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs,
    Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an
    interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some
    focus on art (artlog), photographs (photoblog), sketches (sketchblog), videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog), and
    audio (podcasting). Micro-blogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts ( e.g. Twitter)
•   An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site.[1] It is the modern equivalent of a
    traditional bulletin board, and a technological evolution of the dialup bulletin board system.[2][3] From a
    technological standpoint, forums[note 1] or boards are web applications managing user-generated
    content.[4][5] People participating in an Internet forum may cultivate social bonds and interest groups for
    a topic may form from the discussions
•   RSS feed (most commonly translated as "Really Simple Syndication") is a family of web feed formats used
    to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a
    standardized format.[2] An RSS document (which is called a "feed", "web feed",[3] or "channel") includes
    full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship. Web feeds benefit
    publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically.

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