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					                      Preliminary Program
15th International Congress of EMLA (European Medical Laser Association),
  in conjunction with FinMedLA (Finnish Bio-Medical and Cosmetological
    Laser Association), MAL (Medical Acupuncture and Laser, Finland),
               LAN RF (Laser Academy of Russian Federation),
                   Laser and Health International Association

           LASER HELSINKI 2010
                           Helsinki, Finland
                Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd August 2010
       with pre- and post-congress courses at 20th and 23rd August 2010
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                      2                         Preliminary Program

We are happy to invite you to visit Finland and participate at 15th International Congress of EMLA
(European Medical Laser Association) in conjunction with FinMedLA (Finnish Bio-Medical and
Cosmetological Laser Association), MAL (Medical Acupuncture and Laser, Finland), LAN RF
(Laser Academy of Russian Federation) and Laser and Health International Association - Laser
Helsinki 2010 International Congress.

This meeting is dedicated to various fields of laser medicine and research, medical laser technology,
phototherapy and photobiology. Main topics of the congress are: update of basic research and
clinical experience of laser therapy and photodynamic therapy of different diseases and conditions,
laser application in surgery and aesthetic medicine, lasers in veterinary medicine, laser acupuncture,
laser vs. LED therapy, etc. Topics how to combine laser therapy with LED therapy, electric and
magnetic stimulation, as well as with the correct diet and food supplement application will be also

Starting from 1983, the European Medical Laser Association (EMLA) has organized international
congresses dedicated to a variety of fields of laser medicine. Due to its geographical location and
neutral political orientation Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is an ideal place to organize
international events with participation of professionals from different European countries and
around the globe. Several important international events have been organized in Helsinki during
past years.

Simultaneous translation of main sessions and courses from Russian to English, Finnish and back
during the Congress will break language barrier and will significantly improve communication
between professionals from different countries. That will create better environment for exchange of
information and establishing of personal relations, which will help in further development of
methods of laser medicine and spreading information about newest developments in the field.

Abstracts of the congress will be published in a supplement to the journal “Photodiagnosis and
Photodynamic Therapy”, published by Elsevier. Selected papers will be published online in the
official EMLA magazine: EMLA Laser Health Journal. The best reports will be rewarded.

Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress will take place in Paasitorni Congress Centre. It is a unique congress
and conference complex in the heart of Helsinki and also an outstanding example of art nouveau

Organizing Committee can offer single rooms in Sokos Hotel Vaakuna and Sokos Hotel Helsinki,
starting 145.99 Euro per night.

Please contact Organizing Committee for hotel reservations. Take note, only limited number of
rooms is available.

                               Important Dates and Deadlines

    Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress Dates                                21 - 22 August 2010
    Pre- and Post- conference courses                                 20 and 23 August 2010            
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                    3                            Preliminary Program

                                 Invited Keynote Speakers

               Zhores Alferov                                   Juri Vladimirov
  Nobel Prize winner, Academician, Russian           Academician, Russian Academy of Medical
      Academy of Sciences, Professor.                          Sciences, Professor.

                  Main Topics of the Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress

       Local and systemic effects of laser light
       Local and systemic applications of photodynamic therapy (PDT)
       Laser safety and quality of laser treatment
       Intravenous laser therapy
       Methods of laser surgery in different branches of medicine
       Laser light and skin, laser-tissue interactions, aesthetic surgery
       Laser and electro-laser acupuncture
       Laser modulation of stem cell activities
       Comparison of effects of laser light of different colours
       Lasers and LEDs: comparative studies
       Lasers in physiotherapy
       Lasers in dentistry
       Laser ENT
       Lasers in gynecology and urology
       Laser treatment of cardiovascular disorders
       Lasers in veterinary sciences

                       Topics of Pre- and Post-congress Courses

       Laser safety
       Quantum physics (laser related issues)
       New laser technologies and techniques
       Cellular and molecular mechanisms of laser and LED phototherapy
       Various effects of different colours in phototherapy
       Clinical applications of LED therapy
       Laser therapy for the treatment of diabetes and internal diseases
       Laser treatment of tinnitus
       Laser in neurology
       Laser and electro-laser acupuncture: new life of old therapy
       Intravenous laser therapy
       Laser aesthetic surgery and laser cosmetics
       New developments in PDT, systemic PDT            
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                  4                       Preliminary Program

             Preliminary Program of the Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress

August 20, 2010, Friday
Pre-congress courses
Welcome cocktail, Paasitorni Restaurant (19.00)

August 21, 2010, Saturday
Opening words and Welcome greetings (Main hall)
Plenary session:
    Semiconductor lasers, laser surgery and safety
Coffee break and exhibition
Plenary session (Main hall):
    Systemic effects of laser light
    Laser PDD/ PDT, systemic photodynamic therapy
Lunch break and exhibition

Parallel session (Room 1):
    PDT I
Parallel session (Room 2):
    Laser aesthetic surgery
Parallel session (Room 3):
    LLLT and phototherapy I

Gala Evening, Paasitorni Restaurant (19.30)

August 21, 2010, Sunday
Parallel session (Room 1):
    PDT II
Parallel session (Room 2):
    Laser in surgery
Parallel session (Room 3):
    LLLT and phototherapy II
Lunch break and exhibition

Plenary sessions (Main hall):
    Molecular and cellular mechanisms of laser and LED phototherapy Laser PDD/ PDT,
       systemic photodynamic therapy
    Laser light and chronic diseases
Coffee break and exhibition
Plenary session (Main hall):
    Clinical effects of blue light

Discussion, questions
Young researchers, awards
General Assembly
Closing Words

August 23, 2010, Monday
Post-congress Courses
Helsinki City Mayor’s reception Old Court House, Aleksanderinkatu 20 (14.00 - 15.00)      
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                                   5                                   Preliminary Program

August 20, 2010
  Time    August 20, 2010
          Rooms 1 and 2
          Pre congress Courses
          Paasitorni Restaurant
          Welcome cocktail

August 21, 2010
  Time    August 21, 2010
          Main hall, August 21, 2010
          Opening words and Welcome greetings

  Time    Main hall, August 21, 2010
          Plenary session: Semiconductor lasers, laser surgery and safety
          Chair: Z. Simunovic, M. Dyson
  09.15   Semiconductor heterostructure lasers: early days and future perspectives
   PL1    Zh.I. Alferov
  09.45   The key to quality assurance : medical laser safety audit
   PL2    P.J. Smalley
  10.10   Procedure for hair removal around the lips with diode laser
   PL3    A. Harila
  10.25   Laser assisted pulmonary surgery: a review of current applications
   PL4    K. Moghissi, K. Dixon
   PL5    Low-level, high-intensity lasers and photodynamic therapy as a treatment for chronic rhinitis and pharyngitis
   PL6    E.V. Likhacheva, E.M. Mazur, Yu.V. Alekseev, G.V. Ponomarev
          Coffee break and exhibition

  Time    Main hall, August 21, 2010
          Plenary session: Systemic effects of light
          Chair: K. Moghissi, L. Wilden
  11.30   Photochemical mechanisms of low-power laser and led biostimulating action
   PL8    Yu.A. Vladimirov
  12.00   Patient Amplification of the Spontaneous Effects of Radiation: the PASER concept
   PL9    M. Dyson
  12.25   Violet (‘blue’) laser acupuncture research and computer-based heart rate and heart rate variability analysis
  PL10    G. Litscher
          Plenary session: Laser PDD/PDT, systemic photodynamic therapy
  12.45   Interstitial photodynamic therapy (IPDT)
   P11    O.A. Skugareva, М.А. Кaplan, V.N. Kapinus, A.I. Malygina, А.А. Мikhailovskaya
          New applications of bacteriochlorophyll derivatives in photo-medicine: (1) localization of necrotic breast tumors
          and (2) photodynamic ablation of ectopic pregnancy
          Y. Salomon, L. Goldshaid, I. Glinert, A. Brandis, A. Scherz
          Biochemical backgrounds in the use of Systemic Photodynamic Therapy in the treatment of various disseminated
          inflammatory diseases
          A. Mäkelä
          Lunch break and exhibition
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                                 6                               Preliminary Program

 Time    Room 1, August 21, 2010                             Time    Room 2, August 21, 2010
         PDT I                                                       Laser aesthetic surgery
         Chair: K. Moghissi                                          Chair: P. Fryda
         Photodynamic therapy induces systemic heat                  How can ISO international standards help you?
 15.00                                                       15.00
         shock protein-70 response                                   P. Fryda
  O1                                                          O10
         M. Korbelik, S.Merchant
         Contribution of autofluorescence bronchoscopy               Application of autofluorescent dermoscopy for
         (AFB) and photodynamic therapy (PDT) in the                 evaluation of skin changes in cosmetology
 15.15                                                       15.15
         diagnosis and treatment of early central lung               Е.V. Krylova, N.N. Petrishchev, G.V. Papayan,
  O2     cancer (ECLC)                                        O11
                                                                     A.V. Krylov
         K. Moghissi, K. Dixon
         Endobronchial photodynamic therapy with                     Mathematical model of transcutaneous laser
         Chlorin e6 in advanced stage of central lung                ablation of leg vessels
 15.30                                                       15.30
         cancer                                                      V.A. Efremov, A.A. Filatov, A.A. Podoskin
  O3                                                          O12
         A. Akopov, A. Rusanov, V. Molodtsova,
         G. Papayan, I. Chistiakov, N. Kazakov
         The photodynamic therapy (PDT) of the upper                 Local and intravascular laser irradiation in
 15.45                                                       15.45
         and a lower lips carcinoma                                  aesthetic surgery
  O4                                                          O13
         V.N. Kapinus, M.A. Kaplan                                   A.I. Baybekov, I.M. Baybekov
         Photodynamic therapy as an optimal technique for            Advantages and disadvantages of the using laser
 16.00   treating lower lip cancer                           16.00   technology for liposuction
  O5     E.Ph. Stranadko, V.A. Titova, M.V. Rjabov,           O14    A. Mamiev
         V.Yu. Petrovsky
         Complex treatment of tumors in oral cavity with             Evaluation of the treatment results of atrophic
 16.15   use of photodynamic therapy                         16.15   scars on Fraxel re: store system
  O6     V.V. Polkin, I.S. Spichenkova, М.А. Kaplan,          O15    R. Chumak
         V.S. Medvedev, D.Y. Semin, A.M. Shubina
         Photodynamic therapy in esophageal cancer                   Successful treatment of blue hyperpigmentation
 16.30   E.Ph. Stranadko, V.S. Mazurin, V.L. Shabarov,       16.30   in the face caused by minocycline using the
  O7     T.M. Ibragimov                                       O16    ruby-laser
                                                                     B. Aigner, K. Knerl, T. Hintringer
         Application of Selective Chronophototherapy at              Scars after laser alexandrite treatment in
 16.45   the patients with breast cancer and skin melanoma   16.45   resistants port-wine stains.
  O8     for correction of immunological disorders            O17    K. Messaoud Nacer
         V.A. Borisov, O.A. Guseva, S.S. Grigoryan
         Chlorin e6 photosensitizer as a fluorescence
 17.00   marker for fluorescence diagnostics during
  O9     photodynamic therapy in ophthalmology
         Y.Al. Belyy, A.V. Tereshchenko, P.L. Volodin

 19.30   Gala Evening, Paasitorni Restaurant                             
  Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                                      7              Preliminary Program

Time      Room 3, August 21, 2010
          LLLT and phototherapy I
          Chair: H.A. Romberg
          Biphasic dose-effect relationship in phototherapy: a simple
15.00     mathematical model in a multidimensional parameter space as
 O20      a test for LLLT mechanisms?
          H.A. Romberg
          Low level laser (LLLT) monotherapy -Photobiostimulation in
15.15     the treatment of osteochondrosis (osteoarthritis) of joints;
 O21      Double blind-crossover, placebo controlled clinical study
          Z. Simunovic
          Low Level Lasers Therapy (LLLT)-Photobiostimulation in the
15.30     treatment of Cervical Syndrome: Double Blind Placebo
 O22      Controlled Clinical Study on 102 Patients
          Z. Simunovic
          He-Ne laser irradiation activates reparative processes after
          cartilage loss
15.45     Ihsan F.R. Mohammed, Nuha Al – Mustawfi, Ibtisam K.A.Ali
 O23      Laser diode enhances autologous cartilage graft's expansibility
          Ihsan F.R.Mohammed, Mohammed S. Al- Iedani, Arwa`a A.
          Abdul- Hussein
          Intravascular laser irradiation of blood in treatment of
          A.Kh. Butaev, B.A. Saidkhanov, I.M. Baybekov
          Application of laser therapy for reduction of changes in
          erythrocytes and cells of body in their pathology
          I.M. Baybekov, A.I. Ibragimov, S.M. Rizaeva, A.I. Baybekov
          Effectiveness of laser photobiomodulation of in Ga Al P on
          wound healing and Ga Al As laser on the blood sugar amount
          in diabetic rats
          H. Morshedi, E.M. Zeidi, A.S. Variani, L. Kivanmarz,
          F. Riazi, B. Ashtiani
          Vacuum-photon-magnetic massagers of V. Korobov–
          A. Korobov “Barva-Pneumo/FM”
          V.A. Korobov, A.M. Korobov

          L Wilden, Laser treatment of the inner ear organ

19.30     Gala Evening, Pasasitorni Restaurant

Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                                     8                                 Preliminary Program

August 22, 2010
Time    Room 1, August 22, 2010                                  Time    Room 2, August 22, 2010
        PDT II                                                           Lasers in Surgery
        Chair: E.Ph. Stranadko                                           Chair: H. Hainz
        Characteristics of photodytazin and coproporphyrin               Clearing the air in surgery: what you need to know
09.00   accumulation in the rat skin                             09.00
                                                                         about surgical plume
 O28    T.G. Grishacheva, A.A. Kotslova, S.G. Chefu               O39
                                                                         P.J. Smalley
        Photodynamic therapy for treatment of                            High tech requiring high quality
09.15   endobronchial tumors                                     9.15    P. Fryda
 O29    Y.A. Ragulin, M A. Kaplan, V.N. Medvedev, V.N.           O40
        Kapinus, V.V. Peters
        Evaluation of the fluorescent properties of the skin             Per cutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD) with
        in the patients with diabetes mellitus of different              970 nm wave length Laser : a minimal invasive surgery
09.30                                                            9.30
        age                                                              for PLID, first time in Bangladesh
 O30                                                             O41
        N.N. Petrishchev, G.V. Papayan, E.N. Grineva,                    M.Y. Ali, J.Md. Sarwar, Muhd.M. Rahman
        E.A. Trofimova, U. Kang
        Photodynamic therapy (PDT) of the basocellular                   High power laser enable a paradigm shift in surgery with
09.45                                                            09.45   cost reduction – pattern could be prostate therapy
        skin carcinoma
 O31                                                              O42    H. Hainz
        V.N. Kapinus, M.A. Kaplan
        A novel ready form of the photosensitizer photolon               Laser technologies in treatment hemangiomas
        for topical application. Evaluation of the efficacy in           F.G. Nazirov, R.A. Sadykov, R.R. Sadykov
10.00                                                            10.00
        patients with basal-cell carcinoma of the skin
 O32                                                              O43
        T.V.Trukhachova., S.V. Shliakhtsin,
        D.A. Cerkovsky, Y.P. Istomin
        Determination of dimigin and photoditazin                        Еndovenous laser coagulation in the combined surgical
        concentrations which do not cause hemolysis in                   treatment of chronic venous insufficiency
10.15   erythrocyte suspension (threshold) under                 10.15   V.V. Shaprynskyy, S.M. Levanchuk, S.S. Yurets,
 O33    irradiation with the light source having wavelength       O44    D.V. Tsigalko, V.B. Melnik, V.E. Lazorenko,
        390-410 nm                                                       S.A. Cheshenchuk
        G.V. Ponomarev, O.V. Mislavsky
        Facilities of photodynamic therapy application in                Three-wave laser “MUL” in laparoscopic surgery of the
        life quality improvement for the patients with                   diseases and trauma of spleen
10.30   tumorous hollow organs permeability derangement          10.30
                                                                         A.V. Varabei, I.I. Pikirenya, V.N. Lurje,
 O34    B.B.Shafirovskiy, I.P. Savinov, S.E. Goncharov,           O45
                                                                         S.V. Aliaksandrau, S.K. Rakhmanau, A.V. Vakhovski,
        A.S. Ivanov, L.L. Drach                                          A.L. Labaneuski
10.45                                                            10.45
        Break and exhibition                                             Break exhibition
11.00                                                            11.00
        Photodynamic therapy and combined treatment                      Initial experience with pattern laser photocoagulation for
        modalities in head and neck cancer patients with                 active retinopathy of prematurity
11.00                                                            11.00
        Radaclorin                                                       A.V. Tereshchenko, Yu.A. Belyy, P.L. Volodin,
 O35                                                              O46
        E.G. Vakulovskaya, L.I. Zalevskaya,                              I.G. Trifanenkova, M.S. Tereshchenkova
        O.I. Zalevskaya, S.E. Goncharov
        Antimicrobial affectivity of photodynamic therapy                Benign lesions in the uterine cervix – laser technologies
11.15   F.G. Nazirov, R.A. Sadykov, R.R. Sadykov                 11.15
                                                                         for their treatment
 O36                                                              O47
                                                                         M.I. Kovalev, E.V. Rokhlina
        Antibacterial photodynamic therapy for treating                  Mechanisms of EVLA: thermal & optical simulations of
11.30                                                            11.30
        non-healing purulent wounds and trophic ulcers                   distributed sources
 O37                                                              O48
        E.Ph. Stranadko, P.I. Tolstykh, I.Yu. Kuleshov                   V.A. Efremov, A.A. Filatov, V.V. Shishkovsky
        Efficacy of the novel ready form of the                          Autodyne and acoustic monitoring of the process of
        photosensitizer Photolon® in photodynamic                        evaporating the multilayer biomaterials by CO2 laser
11.45   therapy of a chronic marginal gingivitis and             11.45   emission
 O38    chronic periodontitis                                     O49    V.N Kortunov., A.K. Dmitriev, A.N. Konovalov,
        T.V. Trukhachova., S.V. Shliakhtsin,                             V.A. Ulyanov
        V.V. Posrednykov, S.V. Shulgan, S.A. Naumovich
                                                                         Structural changes in myocardium of rats after
                                                                 12.00   transmyocardial laser revascularization
                                                                  O50    A.A. Mansurov, N.U. Sharapov, S.S. Murtazaev,
                                                                         Kh.G. Khalikulov, E.S. Ziadinov
                                                                         The laser biophotometry medical applications for the
                                                                 12.15   diabetes foot monitoring
                                                                  O51    C. Ravariu, A. Bondarciuc, V. Nahaba, V. Bondarciuc,
                                                                         C.I. Tirgoviste, O. Dumitrache, F. Babarada
        Lunch break and exhibition
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                                       9              Preliminary Program
Time     Room 3, August 22, 2010
         LLLT and phototherapy II
         Chair: G.E. Brill
         Biophotons and regulation – which fantasies can be
         excluded from a physicist’s point of view?
         H.A. Romberg
         Low power laser irradiation of bacterial lipopolysaccharide
         attenuates its pathogenic effect on microcirculation
         G.E. Brill, K.V. Agadzhanova, L.V. Gasparyan,
         A.M. Mäkelä
         Observations of effects of 525 nm LED light on functional
         state of brain
         O.V. Borgul, M.A. Kaplan, A. Mäkelä, L.V. Gasparyan
         Application of LED radiation of Korobov’s photon
         matrixes "Barva-Flex" in complex therapy of community -
         acquire pneumonia complicating of influenza A (H1N1)
O55      California - 2009
         G.I. Gradil, V.N. Kozko
         A new aspect using low level laser therapy (LLLT) on
         patients suffering from Rhinitis allergica
         P.H.P.Marti, S.Marti, C.S.Marti, D.Marti-Mijic
         Leukocytic reaction of peripheral blood and abdominal
10.00    cavity on action of nonmonochromatic radiation of
 O57     infrared spectrum
         A.M. Korobov, T.A. Lesnaya, V.A. Korobov
         Low level laser therapy in patients with prostate cancer:
         impact on frequency of radiation damages after
         radiotherapy and 5-year survival rates
         A.A. Zimin, G.M. Zharinov, K.A. Samoilova,
         N.Yu. Neklasova, L.A. Volodina
         Low power visible and polychromatic (visible + near IR)
10.30    light enhances sensitivity of tumor cells to cytolytic
 O59     activity of natural killers
         N.A. Knyazev, K.A. Samoilova, N.A. Filatova
         Break and exhibition
         Use of blue light and laser in the treatment of Alzheimer’s
         Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease
         A. Mäkelä
         Assumptions about the integrating role of the
         hypothalamus in processes of light control and light
         fluctuations filtering, with application in endocrine and
 O61     neurologic conditions
         D. Siposan, T.O. Melinte
         The different response of the main symptoms of inner ear
11.30    exhaustion to a specific high dosage low level laser
 O62     therapy
         L. Wilden
         Low level laser therapy as a method for limiting of activity
11.45    of inflammation in the treatment of children with recurrent
 O63     bronchitis
         M.A. Kozlova, T.I. Doroshenko, A.J. Osin
         New laser technologies in diagnosis and treatment of
         R.A. Sadykov, R.Sh. Mavlyan-Khodjaev
12.15    LLLT in bone growth in periodontal disease
 O65     D. Vieru
         Local and intravascular laser irradiation in complex
         treatment periodontitis
         S.M. Rizaeva, I.M. Baybekov
12.45    Quasi-thermal laser and gonarthrosis
 P23     S. Guechi
         Lunch break and exhibition

Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                                      10                                   Preliminary Program

 Time     Main hall, August 22, 2010
          Plenary session: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of laser and LED phototherapy
          Chair: G.E. Brill, K.A. Samoilova
 14.00    Properties of real phototherapy Lasers and LEDs
 PL14     H. Romberg
 14.15    Effect of laser radiation on platelet function is dependent on polarization state of laser light
  P16     G.E. Brill, I.A. Budnik, K.V. Agadzhanova, S.E. Loginovskaya, A.B. Pravdin, L.V. Gasparyan, A.M. Mäkelä
 14.45    Effect of nitric oxide and laser and LED radiation on mitochondrial respiration and membrane potential
 PL17     T.V. Zhidkova, Yu.A. Vladimirov
 15.00    The absorption behaviour of oxygen and the mitochondrial energy transfer – the importance of electromagnetic
 PL18     radiation (light)
          L. Wilden
          Plenary session: Laser light and chronic diseases
 15.15    Low Power Laser Therapy of Non-Diabetic and Diabetic Wounds and Burns
 PL19     F.A.H. Al-Watban, B.L. Andres, X.Zhang, A.A. Al-Anazi
          Efficiency evaluation of therapy of the chronic heart failure with use of low-level infra-red laser irradiation in the
          O.E. Popovkina, M.A. Kaplan, A.G. Konopljannikov
          Effect of phototherapy with visible and near infrared light on the growth promoting activity of the breast
          carcinoma patients´ serum at postsurgery period
          A.A. Zimin, K.A. Samoilova, N.A. Zhevago
   –      Coffee break and exhibition

 Time     Main hall, August 22, 2010
          Plenary session: Clinical effects of blue light
          Chair: A.M. Mäkelä
 16.20    Cellular and systemic effects of blue light: a review
 PL22     A.M. Mäkelä
 16.40    Evaluation of the Effect of Low Energy Laser Irradiation of the Blood on the Absorption of the Antibiotics
  P2      F.R.M. Ihsan, M.S. Mahdi, R. Al- Magsosy
 16.50    Physiological Effects of Laser Therapy on Normal and Hyperthyroid Female Rabbits
  P1      N.S. Al-Mustawfi, F.R.M. Ihsan, T.S. Azawi
 17.00    Phototherapy with blue-light: physics and chemistry of water-containing systems
 PL23     V.I. Karandashov, A.D. Danilov, V.I. Slesarev
 17.20    Blue light responses in men
 PL24     V.I. Karandashov
 17.40    Non-coherent light sources in the blue range of the spectrum for treating streptostaphylodermias
 PL25     Yu.V. Alexejev, E.V. Nikolajeva, G.V. Ponomarev
 18.00    General assembly
          Discussion, questions
          Young researchers, awards
          Closing words

August 23, 2010
  Time     August 23, 2010
           Rooms 1 and 2
           Post congress Courses
           Old Court House, Aleksanderinkatu 20
           Helsinki City Mayor’s reception
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                                 11                                  Preliminary Program

        Poster session
        Physiological Effects of Laser Therapy on Normal and Hyperthyroid Female Rabbits
        N.S. Al-Mustawfi, F.R.M. Ihsan, T.S. Azawi
        Evaluation of the Effect of Low Energy Laser Irradiation of the Blood on the Absorption of the Antibiotics
        F.R.M. Ihsan, M.S. Mahdi, R. Al- Magsosy
        Effects of LLLT on the periarthritis of the shoulder: A clinical study on different treatments with low level laser
   P3   therapy, corticosteroid injections or a wait-and-see policy
        G. Tam
        Clinical efficiency of application of combined laser therapy for treatment of patients with bronchial asthma
   P4   associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease
        A.V. Nikitin, D.A. Malyukov, L.A. Titova
        Laser doppler microcirculation and temperature monitoring during continuous violet (‘blue’) laser stimulation
        G. Litscher, T. Huang, L. Wang, W. Zhang
        Low-level-laser therapy for treating acute pancreatitis
        A.V. Geynits, N.T. Gulmuradova
        Russian laser medicine on its way to integrate into the world medical science and practice
        A.V. Geynits, V.N. Kamenskaya, G.I. Tziganova, N.I. Vialtzeva, A.A. Alexeeva
        The investigations of changes of blood microcirculation and temperature during low level laser therapy
        A. Dunaev, E. Zherebtsov, D. Rogatkin, K. Litvinova
        Photodynamic Therapy with Nanoparticles
        A. Douplik
        Acupuncture and laser therapy for prevention and treatment of functional abnormalities in early postoperative
  P10   period in cancer patients
        A.A. Degtyaryova, M.A. Kaplan
        Reflexo-laser treatment of phantom pain in the early postoperative management of cancer patients
        A.A. Degtyaryova, M.A. Kaplan
        The semi-guide laser in the reconstruction otorinolaryngology
        A.A. Blotsky, M.U. Tseplyaev, E.S. Elanskaya
        Systemic photodynamic therapy (SysPDT) and electrochemical lysis (ECL) in combined therapy of breast cancer
        E.V. Goranskaya, A.M. Shubina, M.A. Kaplan, S.D. Fomin, V.N. Kapinus, M.V. Taibova
        Vessel density modulation detection in skin model by using spatially resolved diffuse reflectance techniques for
  P14   application of early sign of shock detection
        R. Kanawade, Y.-J. Chen, G. Saiko, A. Douplik
        The effect of diode laser (645 nm) on the treatment of epidermis diseases for different colors skin in PDT
        F.H. Mustafa, M.S. Jaafar, A.H. Ismail
        Spectrophotometery at patients with double-step intravenous introduction of a photosensitizer
        E.V. Yaroslavtseva-Isaeva, М.А. Kaplan, I.S. Spichenkova, N.I. Sokol
        Experience of laser application in oral surgery
        S.V. Tarasenko, I.V. Tarasenko
        Combined use of TUR and laser ablation in the treatment of bladder cancer
        P.V. Glybochko, A.N. Ponukalin, V.M. Popkov, A.Yu. Korolyov, V.Yu. Mikhailov, G.E. Brill
  P19   Clinical evaluation of condition of the cervix of the uterus after application of surgical laser equipment with
        different wavelengths
        E.L. Nezhentseva, L.V. Ivanova, Yu.S. Shishkina, I.P. Savinov
  P20   Development of Laser Surgery Navigation for Tissue-Specific Laser Surgery and Laser Tumor Removal
        A. Zam, F. Stelzle, I. Terwey, K. Tangermann-Gerk, W. Adler, E. Nkenke, M. Schmidt A. Douplik
  P21   Allergic rhinitis laser surgery
        N.V. Valova, A.A. Blotsky
  P22   Thermal damage modeling for investigation the role of hair density in laser hair removal
        A. Shirkavand, S. Sarkar, L. Ataie-Fashtami, M. R.Alinaghizadeh
  P23   Quasi-thermal laser and gonarthrosis
        S. Guechi
  P24   Photohemotherapy with red light for treating bronchial asthma
        V.I. Karandashov, E.I. Ostrovsky
  P25   Devices for phototherapy based on modern nanotechnologies
        V.I. Karandashov
        Application of laser, light-emitting diode monochromatic and polarized polychromatic radiation in complex
  O23   treatment of degenerative-dystrophic dorsopatia
        A.K. Vasilkin, V.V. Kirjanova, N.M. Joulev, V.A. Jirnov
        Can all tattoos be treated with laser?
        K. Turki
        Fractional CO2 Laser and MELASMA
        K. Turki                                 
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                   12                        Preliminary Program

               Preliminary Program Pre- and Post-congress Courses
                      Friday 20th and Monday 23rd August 2010

August 20, 2010, Friday
Room 1
8.00-10.00      Registration
10.00-13.30     Laser safety (in English and Finnish)              P. Smalley

Room 2
                Cellular and molecular mechanisms of laser and
10.00-11.30                                                     G. Brill
                LED phototherapy (in Russian)
                Laser aesthetic surgery and laser cosmetics (in
11.30-13.00                                                     R. Chumak, A. Mamiev

Room 1
                Various effects of different colours in
14.00-15.30                                                        L. Gasparyan
                Laser therapy for the treatment of diabetes and
15.30-17.00                                                        A. Mäkelä
                internal diseases
17.00-18.30     Quantum physics (laser related issues)             H. Romberg

Room 2
                Laser aesthetic surgery and laser cosmetics (in
14.00-16.00                                                        R. Chumak, A. Mamiev
16.00-18.00     Clinical applications of LED therapy               A. Korobov

August 21, 2010, Saturday
Room 3

17.00-18.00     Laser treatment of the inner ear organ             L. Wilden

August 23, 2010, Monday
Room 1

8.30-10.00      New laser technologies and techniques              H. Romberg
                Laser and electro-laser acupuncture: new life of
10.00-11.30                                                        A. Mäkelä
                old therapy
11.30- 13.15    Lasers in neurology                                A. Mäkelä

Room 2

8.30-10.00      Intravenous laser therapy                      L. Gasparyan
10.00-11.30     New developments in PDT                        M. Kaplan
                Cellular and molecular mechanisms of laser and
11.30- 13.15                                                   G. Brill
                LED phototherapy        
  Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                        13                       Preliminary Program

                  Registration Fee of the Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress

                                 Early registration before Late registration after        On site
                                  May 31, 2010 (closed)        May 31, 2010             registration
  Members*                                 290 Euro                 310 Euro             330 Euro
  Non-members*                             340 Euro                 370 Euro             400 Euro
  Students                                 145 Euro                 160 Euro             175 Euro
  Accompanying persons                     170 Euro                 185 Euro             200 Euro

  *refers to members of EMLA, FinMedLA, MAL, LAN RF, Laser and Health International
  Association, ASLMS, Laser Helsinki 2010 co-organizing associations and societies.

                                  One Day Only Registration Fee

                                 Early registration before Late registration after        On site
                                  May 31, 2010 (closed)        May 31, 2010             registration
  Members*                                 200 Euro                 220 Euro             240 Euro
  Non-members*                             240 Euro                 260 Euro             280 Euro
  Students                                 100 Euro                 110 Euro             120 Euro
  Accompanying persons                     120 Euro                 130 Euro             140 Euro

  Registration fee includes:
      Admission to all sessions and exhibition
      Congress materials
      Admission to the Welcome cocktail, Coffee breaks / lunches during the Congress

                                    Participation in gala-dinner
                                                  50 Euro

                  Registration Fee of the Pre- and Post-congress Courses

                                             Laser safety course with   1 course with   1 course without
                        2 days     1 day
                                                    certificate           certificate      certificate
Members            170 Euro 100 Euro                  60 Euro             40 Euro           20 Euro
Non-members        200 Euro 120 Euro                  75 Euro             50 Euro           25 Euro

                                              Bank details:
  Bank name:                          NORDEA
  Bank address:                       Aleksanterinkatu 30, Helsinki, Finland
  SWIFT/BIC:                          NDEAFIHH
  Account name:                       Laser congress
  IBAN:                               FI13 1745 3000 0073 87
  Details of payment:                 Your full name, Laser Helsinki congress registration fees            
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                      14                        Preliminary Program

                     Registration form for Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress
                     This form is available as a Microsoft Word document from
                      Please send the completed form to

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Street Address:
City:                                                          Zip/Postal code:
Date of arrival:
Date of departure:

Membership information:                                Gala Dinner Participation:
    Member                                                   Yes
         Non-member                                          No
                                                       Hotel Accommodation:
         Accompanying person
                                                             No need
Congress participation:                                      Yes (dates, single/double room)
     2 days, the whole congress:
         One day only, August 21, 2010
                                                       Papers for Visa application:
         One day only, August 22, 2010
                                                             No need
Participation in Pre/Post-congress Courses:                  Yes (passport information is
                                                             required as an additional file)
       2 days:
         One day only, August 20, 2010                 Registration fee payments:
         One day only, August 21/23, 2010                    Not completed
         Other (please specify courses)                      Completed (date, amount)

Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                       15                          Preliminary Program

Helsinki information and Social program (for accompanying people)
      Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland situated in the southern part of the country by
the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. Helsinki, together with the neighbouring cities of Vantaa and
Espoo, constitute the capital region with over 1,000,000 inhabitants. Helsinki is the administrative
centre of Finland and also the centre of Finnish cultural life and business activity. There is a large
and varied collection of museums, galleries, and performance spaces in the city.

     Helsinki was founded in 1550 by King Gustav I of Sweden. For a long time it remained a
small coastal town, overshadowed by the more thriving trade centres in the Baltic region. The
construction of the Suomenlinna fortress helped improve its status, but it was not until Russia
annexed Finland as the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland in 1809 that Helsinki began to develop
into a major city. After moving capital to Helsinki, city saw unprecedented growth and
development. This transformation is highly apparent in the downtown core, which was rebuilt in
neoclassical style to resemble St. Petersburg (Russia).

     The role of Helsinki as a capital increased even more after Finland became independent in
1917. Now Finland is one of the member states of the European Union. The local currency is Euro.

      Carl Ludvig Engel (1778-1840) designed several neo-classical buildings in Helsinki. He was
kept in Helsinki by a unique assignment, as he was elected to plan a new city centre all on his own.
The city became shallow and wide at the time when most buildings had only two or three floors.
The central point of Engel's city plan is the Senate Square, surrounded by the Government's Palace,
the main building of the University, and the enormous Cathedral, which was finished in 1852.

     Cultural program includes tour of the central historic part of the city, including walk on the
Senate Square and Cathedral, market square and the biggest Orthodox church in Western Europe,
Uspenski Cathedral (built in 1862-1868).

      Another tour options, if there are enough participants, is to visit Suomenlinna castle, as well as
to visit to Korkeasaari, the Helsinki zoo island.

                                  Hotels and accommodation
      Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress will take place in the Paasitorni Congress Centre, which is
located in the central area of Helsinki. Hilton Helsinki Strand, the official hotel of the Congress, is
closed for reservations. Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel is also fully booked.

     Organizing Committee can offer single rooms in Sokos Hotel Vaakuna and Sokos Hotel
Helsinki, starting 145.99 Euro per night.

     Take note, only limited number of rooms is available.
     Please contact Organizing Committee for hotel accommodation.             
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                    16                        Preliminary Program

                                Exhibition and Sponsorship
     The Congress will provide the perfect forum for companies actively involved in the industry
to promote their organisations through the various forms of sponsorship and exhibition

   For further details on the Exhibition and Sponsorship Packages please contact the Organizing
Committee .

                                Paasitorni Congress Centre
      The building of Paasitorni Congress Centre boasts cultural and historical value, and provides
an inspiring, memorable setting for small-scale meetings and major conferences alike.

     The gem of Paasitorni, the Congress Hall, is an ideal venue for special occasions and
conferences of up to 800 people.
     Almost 30 conference rooms and lobbies of the Paasitorni Congress Centre are providing ideal
opportunities to organize different congresses, conferences and exhibitions.

                                                           Siltasaari Hall seats 200 people and is
                                                     suitable for meetings, exhibitions and
                                                     cocktails alike. The Juho Rissanen room is
                                                     designed for events of up to 120 people and it
                                                     is also an ideal venue for exhibitions.

                                                          The Tarja Halonen Room is ideal for
                                                     meetings and lectures for up to 70 people.
                                                     Number of smaller rooms and libraries can be
                                                     used for group discussions and meeting.

                                                     Helsinki Congress Paasitorni
                                                     Paasivuorenkatu 5 A
                                                     00530 Helsinki
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                     17                          Preliminary Program

                                     Destination Helsinki

                                   Helsinki 's airport is 19 km north of the city, in Vantaa. There
                             are flights to Helsinki from the USA, Europe and Asia. Finnair,
                             Scandinavian Airlines and many other carriers offer international as
                             well as domestic services, with flights to 20 Finnish cities at least once
                             a day. Departure tax is included in the airfare price.

                                   The cheapest public transport option to the city centre from the
                             airport is the regional bus 615, which takes around 40 minutes to the
                             Central Railway Station in the heart of Helsinki. The national airline
                             Finnair operates its own bus which also offers direct service to city
Coat of arms of Helsinki     centre. It is slightly faster (and more comfortable) than the regional
                             bus. Taxis to the centre cost about €30, although the shared Airport
                             Taxi mini-vans start from €22.


      Trains run from Finland to Sweden or Russia. The train station is in the city centre and is
linked by pedestrian tunnel with the metro system. Helsinki is the terminus for three main railway
lines, with regular trains from Turku in the west, Tampere in the north and Lahti in the northeast.
There is a separate ticket counter for international trains, including those to St. Petersburg and
Moscow (Russia).


      International ferries travel to Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia), and Travemünde and
Lübeck (Germany). There is also a catamaran and hydrofoil service to Tallinn. Of the five ferry
terminals in the city, four are just off the central market square. Ferry tickets may be purchased at
the terminal, from a ferry company's office in the centre or in some cases from the city tourist

                                   The Climate in Helsinki

                                                      The city has a continental climate.

                                                      Helsinki enjoys very long days in summer,
                                                      eighteen hours at the summer solstice. The
                                                      temperature June through August is around
                                                      18-25 °C.            
Laser Helsinki 2010 Congress                     18                    Preliminary Program

                                Map of the central areas of Helsinki

Official hotel:
Hilton Helsinki Strand
   John Stenbergin ranta 4
   Helsinki 00530, FINLAND
   Tel:    +358-9-39351
   Fax: +358-9-3935-3255

Congress Venue
Helsinki Congress Paasitorni
  Paasivuorenkatu 5 A
  00530 Helsinki, FINLAND
  Tel:    +358-9-7089-611

Organizing committee:
  Levon Gasparyan, MD., PhD.
  Kaisaniemenkatu 3 A 5
  00100 Helsinki, FINLAND

     Tel:             +358 44 562 4747
     Fax:             +358 9 622 5984

                                                                See you soon in Helsinki!
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