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									                                      APPEAL PROCESS

You have the right to appeal any claim or pre-certification denial, in whole or in part.

We must receive your request to appeal within 180 calendar days after you receive a
claim or pre-certification denial. Explain the nature of your appeal and attach any
relevant material, including the Explanation of Benefits and/or other correspondence,
including copies of pertinent medical records. The appeal process is described below.

Level I Appeal

A Level I Appeal panel reviews your request. We will notify you by mail of the decision
within 30 calendar days.

      •     URGENT APPEAL: If your doctor or provider advises us that a delay in the
            appeal process may harm your health, we will reach a decision regarding your
            appeal within 72 hours after we receive your Level I Appeal request.

You may mail your request for a Level I Appeal to:

Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska
Attention: Member Appeal
P.O. Box 91102
Seattle, WA 98111-9202

Questions About Your Benefits

If you have questions about what is covered on your plan, please refer to your benefit
booklet and/or you may call our Customer Service department at: 1-877-762-9597.

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