Create Your Own Teddy Bear Best Friend

Maxine Clark founded Build-A-Bear Workshops Inc. in 1997 and has served
on the board of directors when the company was incorporated in 2000. By
the end of 2006 There were nearly 300 Build A Bear Workshop stores
worldwide, including company owned stores in the US, United Kingdom and
Canada and franchised stores in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Friends 2B Made, (r) a store designed for kids (especially girls). Clark
launched this new addition to retail entertainment in 2004.

A few of the awards bestowed upon Build A Bear Workshop and Maxine Clark:

An induction into the Junior Achievement National Business Hall of Fame
for Clark in 2006. In 2005 Build A Bear Workshop was named Workshop
Portfolio Company of the Year. Build A Bear Workshop was named one of the
"Hottest Retailers in 2004, and the retail innovator of the year for

The list goes on but I think we get the big picture. Build A Bear
Workshops are tops when it comes to a creative way to build the very best
friend you may ever have. After all, the definition of a best friend is
someone who does not hold your shortcomings against you, listens to your
problems without giving advise unless it is asked for, and is there to
comfort you when you are feeling sad, sick or hurt.

You can go to: to find the Build A Bear Workshop near
you. Prices for stuffed animals start at $10 and go up. Clothing and
accessories are purchased separately. You can choose from many themes to
dress your Teddy Bear. The website has slumber party where you can find
pajamas and slippers in several styles. There are also accessories
available, such as, sleeping bags which comes with a carrying case. A
rock and roll theme includes t-shirts, blue jeans, billed hats, sun
glasses, guitars, walkmans, cell-phones and more. The Harley Davidson
theme includes faux leather jackets and chaps, boots, bandanas and even a
motorcycle so your best friend can ride with the pack. All of your
favorites from the Wizard of Oz are ready to come to life, including Toto
and his basket. These are but a few of the themes to be found at

Each Teddy Bear and stuffed animal has a heart and virtual wishes inside,
personalized birth certificate, Lifetime Paw Pass, Find A Bear tag inside
and comes in a Cub Condo carrying case. Different sounds can be added to
the inside of each stuffed animal purchased, depending on what you want.

You can also build a teddy bear or stuffed animal for any special
occasion. You may even want to build as a gift for that special loved one
or as a thank you to that Fourth of July barbeque. When you think of
Teddy Bears, think about building your own at one of the Build A Bear
Workshops near you. After all it isn't every day you can create your own
best friend right down to the shoes.

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