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									This ConTraCT is arranged By:
automotive Global insurance Pty limited
aFs licence no. 239678, aBn 43 093 891 573
customer service 02 9877 0300 or 1800 001 611
                                                                         Tyre and Rim
level 3,
suite 3c,
16-18 Bridge street,
epping nsW 2121                                              Policy DocuMent
                                                                         (ProDuct Disclosure stateMent)
UnderwriTTen By:
QBe insurance (australia) limited
aBn 78 003 191 035 of 82 Pitt street, sydney.


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About this booklet
This booklet contains a Product Disclosure Statement
(PDS). The PDS is designed to assist you to make informed
choices about your insurance needs. The PDS contains
information about costs, our dispute resolution system,
your cooling off rights and other relevant information,
including other rights, Terms and Conditions of the Policy,
including the exclusions and obligations attaching to this
product. Please read this booklet carefully.

Other documents may form part of the PDS. Any such
documents will be dated and will include a statement
identifying them as part of the PDS. If any changes or
corrections need to be made to the PDS a Supplementary
PDS may be provided. In either case the relevant document
will be provided to you with the PDS.

Our agreement with you
The Policy Terms and Conditions and the Policy Schedule
form the legal contract between you and us. You pay
us the premium, and we provide you with the cover you
have chosen as set out in the Policy, during the period of
insurance shown on your Policy Schedule or any renewal
period. Please keep them in a safe place for future

The Policy Schedule contains details of your cover that are
personal to you. It may contain information that changes
the Term and Conditions of your Policy such as, options
that you have selected or special conditions that we have

This Policy is for a three (3) year period and renewal will
not be offered.

The exclusions in the section(s) headed ‘When you are not
covered’ and conditions in the section headed ‘General
conditions’ apply to all types of cover.

The excesses set out in the section headed ‘What you
must pay if you make a claim – Excess’ apply to all claims
except where otherwise stated. The amount of any excess
that applies to your Policy will be shown on your Policy

If you require further information about this product, please
contact AGI on 02 9877 0300 or 1800 001 611.

Date of preparation: 1 November 2009
Date effective: 1 November 2009
QM1272-1109                                                1
About QBE Australia
                                                             Index                                         Page
QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited is a member of the QBE
Insurance Group (ASX: QBE). QBE Insurance Group is
                                                              About this booklet                             1
Australia’s largest international general insurance and
reinsurance group, and one of the top 25 insurers and         About Automotive Global Insurance Pty Ltd (AGI) 2
reinsurers worldwide. The company has been operating
in Australia since 1886 and continues to provide industry-
                                                              Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for
leading insurance solutions that are focused on the needs     Tyre and Rim Insurance                         4
of intermediaries and their clients.                          Insurer                                        4

QBE is a household name in Australian insurance, backed       Cover Available                                4
by sizeable assets, and well known as a strong and            Significant risks                              4
financially secure organisation.                              Duty of Disclosure – What you must tell us     5
                                                              Privacy                                        6
About Automotive Global Insurance Pty Ltd (AGI)               The General Insurance Code of Practice         7
Automotive Global Insurance Pty Ltd (AGI) (ABN 43 093
                                                              How to make a claim                            7
891 573 AFSL 239678) is an underwriting agency that
specialises in providing motor insurance and related          Dispute resolution                             7
insurance products to the general public.                     Cooling-off information                        8
AGI has a binding authority from QBE to issue, vary and       Providing proof                                8
dispose of this insurance as if it were the insurer.          Other party’s interests                        8
If you need more information about this insurance             How you can pay your premium                   8
in the first instance, contact AGI on 02 9877 0300 or         Paying your premium                            8
1800 001 611.
                                                              Preventing our right of recovery               9
                                                              How Goods and Services Tax affects
                                                               any payments we make                          9

                                                              Terms and Conditions                          11
                                                              Words with special meanings                   11
                                                              Definitions                                   11
                                                              Eligibility Info                              12
                                                              Section 1: Cover for your tyres and rims      12
                                                              Section 2: Additional Benefits                14
                                                              General conditions                            18
                                                              Changing your Policy                          18
                                                              Other interests                               18
                                                              Cancelling your Policy                        18
                                                              Notices                                       19
                                                              Claims                                        19

2                                                                                                                 3
PRODuCT DISCLOSuRE STATEmEnT (PDS) fOR                          Non-Renewable Policy

TyRE AnD RIm InSuRAnCE                                          This policy is not renewable. The period of insurance is
                                                                stated on your Policy Schedule
The Policy is underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia)         Duty of Disclosure – What you must tell us
Limited, ABN 78 003 191 035, AFS Licence No. 239545 of          Under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (the Act), you
82 Pitt Street, Sydney.                                         have a Duty of Disclosure. The Act requires that before a
You should keep your Policy Booklet and Policy Schedule         Policy is entered into, you must give us certain information
together in a safe and convenient place for future reference.   we need to decide whether to insure you and anyone else
                                                                to be insured under the Policy, and on what terms. Your
In arranging and ef fecting this Policy, Automotive             Duty of Disclosure is different, depending on whether this
Global Insurance Pty Ltd (AGI) (ABN 43 093 891 573              is a new Policy or not.
AFSL 239678) will be acting under authority given to it
by the QBE. It will be acting as agent of QBE, not as your      New business
agent.                                                          Where you are entering into this Policy for the first time (that
                                                                is, it is new business and is not being, varied, extended or
Cover Available                                                 reinstated) you must tell us everything you know and that a
We offer two choices of cover for your tyres and rims:          reasonable person in the circumstances could be expected
                                                                to tell us, in answer to the specific questions we ask.
•	   Silver	cover,	or	
•	   Gold	cover.                                                When answering our questions you must be honest.

We also offer Additional Benefits cover for towing, car hire    •	   Who	needs	to	tell	us
and accommodation expenses.                                          It is important that you understand you are answering
                                                                     our questions in this way for yourself and anyone else
Significant risks                                                    whom you want to be covered by the Policy.
Your cover choice selected may not be adequate or an            •	   If	you	do	not	tell	us
exclusion may apply which can affect how much we pay
                                                                     If you do not answer our questions in this way, we may
you or if we pay you at all.
                                                                     reduce or refuse to pay a claim, or cancel the Policy. If
We may refuse to pay or reduce the amount we pay under               you answer our questions fraudulently, we may refuse to
a claim if you do not comply with the Policy conditions, if          pay a claim and treat the Policy as never having worked.
you do not comply with your Duty of Disclosure, or if you
make a fraudulent claim.                                        Variations, extensions and reinstatements
                                                                Once your Policy is entered into and is no longer new
The Cost of this insurance Policy                               business then your duty to us changes. You are required
The total premium is the amount we charge you for this          before you vary, extend or reinstate your Policy, to tell us
insurance Policy. It includes the amount which we have          everything you know and that a reasonable person in the
calculated will cover the risk, and any taxes and government    circumstances could be expected to know, is a matter
charges. The premium and any taxes and government               that is relevant to our decision whether to insure you, and
charges will be shown on your Policy Schedule.                  anyone else to be insured under the Policy, and if so, on
                                                                what terms.
When calculating your premium we take a range of rating
factors into account such as the cover choice requested by      •	   You	do	not	have	to	tell	us	about	any	matter
you and the type and age of your vehicle, tyres and rims.            –   that diminishes the risk
We will tell you when you apply what premium is payable,             –   that is of common knowledge
when it needs to be paid and how it can be paid.
                                                                     –   that we know or should know in the ordinary course
The premium payable will be clearly set out in the Policy                of our business as an insurer, or
                                                                     –   which we indicate we do not want to know.

4                                                                                                                             5
•	   If	you	do	not	tell	us                                      The General Insurance Code of Practice
     If you do not comply with your Duty of Disclosure we       QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited is a signatory to the
     may reduce or refuse to pay a claim or cancel your         General Insurance Code of Practice. The Code aims to:
     Policy. If your non-disclosure is fraudulent we may
                                                                •	   promote	more	informed	relations	between	insurers	and	
     treat this Policy as never having worked.
                                                                     their customers;

Privacy                                                         •	   improve	consumer	confidence	in	the	general	insurance	
Privacy legislation regulates the way private sector
organisations can collect, use, keep secure and disclose        •	   provide	 better	 mechanisms	 for	 the	 resolution	 of	
personal information. We are bound by the Privacy Act                complaints and disputes between insurers and their
1988 (Cth.), when collecting and handling your personal              customers; and
information. QBE has developed a privacy policy which
                                                                •	   commit	insurers	and	the	professionals	they	rely	upon	
explains what sort of personal information we hold about
                                                                     to higher standards of customer service.
you and what we do with it.

We will only collect personal information from or about you
                                                                How to make a claim
for the purpose of assessing your application for insurance
and administering your insurance policy, including any          Please contact AGI on 02 9877 0300 or 1800 001 611 to
claims you make or claims made against you. We will only        make a claim. We will only accept responsibility for repairs
use and disclose your personal information for a purpose        or payments to third parties under a claim where you have
you would reasonably expect.                                    told us about them beforehand and we have accepted your
                                                                claim. Full details of what you must do for us to consider
We may need to disclose personal information to our             your claim are provided at the end of this booklet.
reinsurers (who may be located overseas), insurance
intermediaries, insurance reference bureaux, credit
reference agencies, our advisers and those involved in the
                                                                Dispute resolution
claims handling process (including assessors, investigators     We will do everything possible to provide a quality service
and other insurers), for the purposes of assisting us and       to you. However, we recognise that occasionally there may
them in providing relevant services and products, or for the    be some aspect of our service or a decision we have made
purposes of recovery or litigation. We may disclose personal    that you wish to query or draw to our attention.
information to people listed as co-insured on your policy and
                                                                We have a Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure
to family members or agents authorised by you. Computer
                                                                which undertakes to provide an answer to your complaint
systems and support services may be provided to us by
                                                                within 15 working days.
related companies within the QBE Group that may be located
overseas. We may also disclose information to organisations     If you would like to make a complaint or access our internal
which conduct customer service surveys on our behalf. We        dispute resolution service please contact your nearest QBE
will request your consent to any other purpose.                 office and ask to speak to a dispute resolution specialist.

By providing your personal information to us, you consent       If you are not happy with our answer, or we have taken
to us making these disclosures. Without your personal           more than 15 working days to respond, you may take your
information we may not be able to issue insurance cover         complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), an
to you or process your claim.                                   ASIC approved external dispute resolution body.

You also have the opportunity to find out what personal         FOS resolves cer tain insurance disputes between
information we hold about you and, when necessary,              consumers and insurers and will provide an independent
correct any errors in this information. Generally we will do    review at no cost to you. QBE is bound by the determination
this without restriction or charge. For further information     of FOS but the determination is not binding on you.
about our Privacy Policy or to access or correct your
personal information, please contact The Compliance             We will provide the contact telephone number and address
Manager, QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited, GPO Box 82          of the FOS office upon request.
Sydney NSW 2001. Telephone: (02) 9375-4656 or email:

6                                                                                                                         7
Cooling-off information                                              Preventing our right of recovery
If you want to return your insurance after your decision to          If you have agreed not to seek compensation from another
buy it, you may cancel it and receive a full refund. To do           person who is liable to compensate you for any loss,
this you may notify AGI electronically or in writing within          damage or liability which is covered by this Policy, we
30 days from the date the Policy commenced.                          will not cover you under this Policy for that loss, damage
                                                                     or liability.
This cooling off right does not apply if you have made or are
entitled to make a claim. Even after the cooling off period
ends, you still have cancellation rights however we may              How Goods and Services Tax affects any payments
deduct certain amounts from any refund for administration            we make
costs or any non-refundable taxes.
                                                                     The amount of premium payable by you for this Policy
                                                                     includes an amount on account of the GST on the premium.
Providing proof
                                                                     When we pay a claim, your GST status will determine the
So that your claim can be assessed quickly you should                amount we pay.
keep the following:
                                                                     When you are:
•	   receipts	 or	 other	 confirmation	 of	 purchase	 of	 your	
     vehicle or any accessories, and                                 (a) not registered for GST, the amount we pay is the sum
                                                                         insured/limit of liability or the other limits of insurance
•	   all	service	and	repair	records.                                     cover including GST.
We may ask you for these if you make a claim. You must               (b) registered for GST, we will pay the sum insured/limit
be able to prove to us that you have suffered a loss that is             of liability or the other limits of insurance and where
covered by this Policy before we will pay you for it.                    you are liable to pay an amount for GST in respect of
                                                                         an acquisition relevant to your claim (such as services
Other party’s interests                                                  to repair a Damaged item insured under the Policy) we
                                                                         will pay for the GST amount.
You must tell us of the interests of all parties (e.g. financiers,
owners, lessors) who will be covered by this insurance. We           We will reduce the GST amount we pay for by the amount of
will protect their interests only if you have told us about          any input tax credits to which you are or would be entitled
them and we have noted them on your Policy Schedule.                 if you made a relevant acquisition. In these circumstances,
                                                                     the Input Tax Credit may be claimable through your
How you can pay your premium                                         Business Activity Statement (BAS).

You can pay your premium:                                            You must advise us of your correct Australian Business
                                                                     Number and Taxable Percentage.
•	   in	one	payment,	or
                                                                     Any GST liability arising from your incorrect advice is
•	   it	can	be	included	in	your	financing	arrangement	for	           payable by you.
     your loan.
                                                                     Where the settlement of your claim is less than the sum
If you include the premium in your financing arrangement,            insured/limit of liability or the other limits of insurance cover,
the premium will be included in the total cost payable by            we will only pay an amount for GST (less your entitlement
you plus interest for the full length of the finance term -          for Input Tax Credit) applicable to the settlement. This
irrespective of when this insurance cover commences or               means that if these amounts are not sufficient to cover your
the term of the cover being shorter than the financing term.         loss, we will only pay the GST relating to our settlement
                                                                     of the claim.
Paying your premium                                                  If, after we have assessed your claim, you are required
You must pay your premium by the due date, if it has not             to enter into a contract with a third party to replace or
been included in your financing arrangements. If we do not           reinstate lost or damaged items that we have agreed to
receive your premium by the due date or your payment is              pay under this Policy, you will enter into that agreement
dishonoured then this Policy will not operate and there will         with the third party as our agent unless advised otherwise.
be no cover under this Policy.

8                                                                                                                                    9
                                                                                                    Words with special meanings

We will (where relevant) pay you on your claim by reference   TERmS AnD COnDITIOnS
to the GST exclusive amount of any supply made by any
business of yours which is relevant to your claim.            Words with special meanings
GST, Input Tax Credit (ITC), Business Activity Statement      Some key words used in this Policy have a special meaning.
(BAS) and Acquisition have the same meaning as given
                                                              Wherever the following words are used in the Policy, they
to those expressions in A New Tax System (Goods and
                                                              mean what is set out below:
Services Tax) Act 1999 and related legislation as amended
from time to time.
Taxable Percentage is your entitlement to an Input Tax
                                                              In your policy some words have a special meaning (whether
Credit on your premium as a percentage of the total GST
                                                              expressed in the singular or the plural) and we define
on that premium.
                                                              them below:

                                                               Word or Expression       Meaning
                                                               Cover plan               The cover plan you have
                                                                                        chosen and which is shown on
                                                                                        your Policy Schedule.
                                                               Period of insurance      The period of 3 years between
                                                                                        the dates shown on the Policy
                                                               Policy Schedule          The Schedule of insurance or
                                                                                        any endorsement schedule we
                                                                                        give you
                                                               Rims                     The wheel rims fitted to your
                                                                                        vehicle which you have told us
                                                                                        about and which are described
                                                                                        in the Policy schedule, or any
                                                                                        replacement wheel rims similar
                                                                                        to the rims described in the
                                                                                        Policy Schedule which are
                                                                                        fitted to your vehicle during the
                                                                                        period of insurance.
                                                               Rim damage               Damage to your rims caused
                                                                                        by impact from the road or
                                                                                        from a kerb during the period
                                                                                        of insurance and which makes
                                                                                        the rim un-roadworthy, or
                                                                                        results in it failing to seal as a
                                                                                        result of cracking or warping.
                                                                                        Rim damage does not mean
                                                                                        cosmetic damage such as
                                                                                        scratching, denting or any
                                                                                        other cosmetic damage which
                                                                                        merely affects how the rim
                                                               Tread wear indicator     The bar across the base of the
                                                                                        tread that shows when a tyre
                                                                                        has reached its minimum legal
                                                                                        tread depth.

10                                                                                                                           11
Words with special meanings/Section 1                                                                                             Section 1

                                                                         –   rim is accidentally physically damaged or warped as
   Word or Expression           Meaning
                                                                             a result of a blowout or as a result of it being driven
   Tyres                        The tyres fitted to your vehicle             over potholes, kerbs, or other road debris
                                which you have told us about
                                and which are described in          including the costs of any parts and labour, in the event
                                the Policy schedule, or any         that the tyre suffers tyre damage and/or rim damage during
                                replacement tyres similar to the    the period of insurance.
                                tyres described in the Policy
                                Schedule which are fitted to        Silver	Cover
                                your vehicle during the period      The most we will pay if you have selected Silver cover is:
                                of insurance.
                                                                    •	   $350	 for	 each	 tyre	 for	 each	 incident	 in	 which	 a	 tyre	
   Tyre damage                  damage to your tyres, caused             suffers tyre damage up to 2 tyres per year
                                by impact from the road or
                                from a kerb , or any accidental     •	   $1,000	 for	 each	 rim	 for	 each	 incident	 in	 which	 a	 rim	
                                cuts or punctures during the             suffers rim damage up to 1 rim per year
                                period of insurance.
                                                                    •	   $5,100	 in	 total	 for	 all	 claims	 for	 tyre	 or	 rim	 damage	
   Vehicle                      The vehicle described in the             during the period of insurance, including any additional
                                Policy schedule.                         benefits payable.
   We, Our or Us                QBE Insurance (Australia)
                                Limited, ABN 78 003 191 035         Gold	Cover
                                                                    The most we will pay if you have selected Gold cover is:
   You, or Your                 The person(s), companies or
                                firms named on the Policy           •	   $800	 for	 each	 tyre	 for	 each	 incident	 in	 which	 a	 tyre	
                                Schedule as the ‘Insured’.               suffers tyre damage up to 2 tyres per year

                                                                    •	   $1,500	 for	 each	 rim	 for	 each	 incident	 in	 which	 a	 rim	
  Eligibility Info                                                       suffers rim damage up to 1 rim per year
  To be eligible for Tyre and Rim Cover you must:
                                                                    •	   $9,300	 in	 total	 for	 all	 claims	 for	 tyre	 or	 rim	 damage	
  •	   have	comprehensive	car	insurance.		Comprehensively	               during the period of insurance, including any additional
       insured means motor vehicle insurance referred to                 benefits payable.
       as Comprehensive Cover. This provides cover for
       accidental loss of or damage to your vehicle (not limited    Policy comes to an end
       to fire and theft). plus cover for your legal liability to
                                                                    The Policy ends, and we stop paying claims on the earliest
       third parties for damage to their property arising from
                                                                    of any of the following:
       the use of your vehicle.
  •	   have	a	vehicle	that	is	less	than	6	years	in	age.             •	   If	you	sell	or	dispose	of	your	vehicle.
  •	   have	a	vehicle	that	is	less	than	3,500	kilograms	Gross	      •	   If	your	vehicle	is	declared	a	total	loss	by	your	insurer	
       Vehicle Mass.                                                     and you are paid the market or agreed value, or if you
                                                                         are supplied with a replacement vehicle, this policy will
                                                                         come to an end and you will no longer have any tyre
  Section 1: Cover for your tyres and rims                               or rim cover. This means that you will not be entitled
  We offer two types of cover for your tyres and rims – Silver           to make any further claim under this policy and:
  and Gold. The type of cover you have selected is shown
  on the Policy Schedule.                                           •		 where	the	premium	has	been	paid	in	full	for	the	period	
                                                                        of insurance there will be no refund of any premium, or
  •	   We	will	cover	your	tyres	and	rims	in	Australia	for	their	
       repair or replacement, if the tyre or rim cannot be          •	   where	the	premium	is	paid	any	other	method,	we	are	
       repaired to a roadworthy standard if your:                        entitled to deduct from any claim paid or payable,
                                                                         the balance of the unpaid premium or instalments of
       –   tyre is accidentally punctured, damaged or suffers a          premium.
           blowout as a result of it being driver over potholes,
           nails, screws, kerb, glass or other road debris

  12                                                                                                                                 13
Section 1/Section 2                                                                                                               Section 2

  •	   The	benefit	limit	for	all	claims	for	your	cover	choice	is	     Your will need to organise and pay for the hire car. We are
       exhausted;                                                     not responsible for ensuring that a hire car is available. You
                                                                      must also give us a copy of the rental agreement and any
  •	   The	premium	is	not	received;
                                                                      receipts for the hire car before we will pay you.
  •	   The	expiry	date	shown	on	the	policy	schedule;
                                                                      If the cost of the hire car is more than the maximum daily
  •	   The	 date	 we	 receive	 a	 written	 request	 from	 you	 to	    rate shown above you will ahve to pay the difference.
       terminate the insurance;
                                                                      We do not pay for:
  •	   The	date	give	when	we	provide	you	with	written	notice	
                                                                      •	   additional	hiring	costs
       to terminate the insurance in accordance with relevant
       legislation; or                                                •	   running	costs,	including	the	costs	of	fuel

  You may be entitled to a partial refund of premium. You             •	   damage	to	the	hire	car
  should refer to the section of this wording - Cancelling your
                                                                      •	   any	 insurance,	 insurance	 excess	 or	 other	 costs	 you	
  Policy - Refund of Premium.
                                                                           may be liable for under the hire car rental agreement.

  In	the	event	of	a	claim                                             The	maximum	amount	we	will	pay	is	$120	for	any	one	claim.
  Contact AGI as soon as possible on 02 9877 0300 or
  1800 001 611 or contact the Dealer from whom you                    Accommodation –
  purchased your vehicle.                                             If as a result of tyre damage and/or rim damage your vehicle
                                                                      is immobilised or un-driveable, and the vehicle is more than
  Section 2: Additional Benefits                                      100kms from the address where it is normally parked at
                                                                      night, we will contribute to your accommodation expenses.
  If you make a claim under Section 1 and we agree to pay
  your claim, we will also give you the following additional          We will not pay if you had intended to pay for overnight
  benefits:                                                           accommodation in any event.

  These amounts are included in the maximum amounts                   The	maximum	amount	we	will	pay	is	$120	for	any	one	claim.
                                                                      General	exclusions	-	when	you	are	not	covered
  Towing –                                                            These general exclusions apply to all cover under this
  If your vehicle is not driveable as a result of tyre damage         Policy.
  and/or rim damage, we will pay for the reasonable costs of:
                                                                      This Policy excludes loss, damage, destruction, death,
  •	   towing	your	vehicle	to	the	repairer	nearest	to	where	it	       injury, illness, liability, cost or expense of any nature directly
       was damaged, or                                                or indirectly caused by, contributed to by, resulting from,
                                                                      arising out of or in connection with any of the following,
  •	   any	other	place	that	we	first	approve.                         regardless of any other cause or event contributing
  The	most	we	will	pay	under	this	Additional	benefit	is	$140	         concurrently or in any other sequence to the loss:
  for any one claim.                                                  1.   War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities
                                                                           or war-like operations (whether war be declared or
  Car Hire –                                                               not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, civil
  If your vehicle not driveable as a result of tyre damage                 commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting
  and/or rim damage, and it remains un-driveable for more                  to an uprising, military or usurped power, or
  than	 3	 consecutive	 days,	 we	 will	 contribute	 $40	 per	 day	
                                                                      2.   Any act(s) of terrorism that is directly or indirectly
  for a maximum of 3 days to the reasonable cost of hiring
                                                                           caused by, contributed to by, or in any way involves
  a similar vehicle while your tyres or rims are undergoing
                                                                           or is connected with biological, chemical, radioactive,
  repair, but we will not pay if the delay in carrying out repairs
                                                                           or nuclear pollution or contamination or explosion.
  or replacement of your tyres or rims is due to any delay or
  inaction on your part.                                                   For the purpose of this exclusion, an act of terrorism
                                                                           includes any act, or preparation in respect of action, or
                                                                           threat of action designed to influence the government

  14                                                                                                                                 15
Section 2                                                                                                                           Section 2

       de jure or de facto of any nation or any political division       •	   fire,	 lightning,	 earthquake,	 windstorm,	 explosion,	
       thereof, or in pursuit of political, religious, ideological            theft, sabotage, vandalism, freezing, riot, hail, flood
       or similar purposes to intimidate the public or a section              or impact and any negligence, abuse, or misuse in
       of the public of any nation by any person or group(s)                  respect of the tyre or rim
       of persons whether acting alone or on behalf of or in
                                                                         loss or damage to your tyres or rims that is a result of:
       connection with any organisation(s) or government(s)
       de jure or de facto, and which:                                   •	   a	motor	vehicle	collision	or	from	scratching	or	denting	
       •	   involves	violence	against	one	or	more	persons,	or	           •	   being	fitted	to	a	vehicle	used	for	trials,	races,	rallies,	
                                                                              sporting events or similar activities
       •	   involves	damage	to	property,	or	
                                                                         •	   being	 driven	 on	 any	 beach,	 4	 wheel	 drive	 track	 or	
       •	   endangers	 life	 other	 than	 that	 of	 the	 person	
            committing the action, or
                                                                         •	   by	scratching	or	bruising
       •	   creates	a	risk	to	health	or	safety	of	the	public	or	a	
            section of the public, or                                    •	   the	application	of	brakes	resulting	in	a	flat	spot
       •	   is	designed	to	interfere	with	or	to	disrupt	an	electronic	   •	   previous	repairs,	other	than	the	repair	of	punctures
                                                                         •	   being	 used	 when	 the	 tyre	 or	 rim	 is	 in	 an	 unsafe	
  3.   Radioactivity or the use, existence or escape of any                   condition, and you knew or should have known that
       nuclear fuel, nuclear material, or nuclear waste or                    the tyre or rim was unsafe to use
       action of nuclear fission or fusion.
                                                                         •	   being	driven	on	a	road	that	is	not	regularly	maintained
  This Policy also excludes any loss, destruction, damage,
  death, injury, illness, liability, cost or expense of any nature       •	   being	fitted	to	a	vehicle	that	exceeds	3,500	kgs	gross	
  directly or indirectly caused by, contributed to by, resulting              vehicle mass or fitted to a vehicle which has been
  from or arising out of or in connection with any action taken               modified from the manufacturer’s original specifications
  in controlling, preventing, suppressing, retaliating against,               and such modification causes the damage
  or responding to or in any way relating to 1, 2 or 3 above.
                                                                         •	   being	fitted	to	a	vehicle	that	is	used	as	a	taxi,	courier,	
                                                                              emergency vehicle purposes, carrying passengers for
  Additional exclusions applying to this Policy                               hire or reward, driver instruction or tuition for reward
                                                                              or fast food delivery
  This	Policy	does	not	cover:
  loss or damage to your tyres or rims caused by:                        •	   being	fitted	to	a	vehicle	that	is	overloaded	or	used	to	
                                                                              tow in excess of the manufacturer’s recommendations
  •	   faulty	design	or	manufacture	or	any	inherent	defect,	
       fault or failure including when the steering, geometry            •	   damage	other	than	through	road	impact	damage,	kerb	
       or tracking of the vehicle to which the tyre or rim                    impact damage and accidental cuts
       is fitted does not comply with the manufacturer’s                 •	   being	 fitted	 to	 a	 vehicle	 which	 has	 a	 suspension	 or	
       recommendation, or is otherwise defective                              shock absorber failure or defect
  •	   the	 fitting	 of	 a	 non-original	 component	 other	 than	 a	     •	   the	depth	of	tread	on	any	part	of	the	tyre	surface	being	
       component fitted, supplied and warranted by your                       below any tread wear indicator
       vehicle’s manufacturer
                                                                         •	   the	 tyre	 or	 rim	 being	 considered	 un-roadworthy	 in	
  •	   continued	use	of	a	damaged	part	and	you	not	having	                    accordance with the relevant state transport authority
       the damaged part repaired after a fault occurs                         standards.
  •	   failure	to	follow	manufacturer’s	recommendations	or	              This Policy also does not cover:
       other proper maintenance procedures including but
       not limited to ensuring that appropriate tyre pressures           •	   loss	or	damage	to	your	tyres	or	rims	which	are	racing	
       are maintained at all times                                            tyres or rims, re-treaded tyres or space saver tyres

  •	   oxidation,	 dry	 rot,	 corrosion,	 flat	 spots	 or	 where	 the	   •	   loss	 or	 damage	 which	 is	 otherwise	 covered	 by	 a	
       tyre has been used extensively as a run-flat tyre                      manufacturer’s or dealership warranty

  16                                                                                                                                   17
Section 2/General conditions                                                                                      General conditions/Claims

  •	   faulty	or	bad	workmanship	occurring	during	the	repair,	         •	   We	will	give	you	this	notice	in	person	or	send	it	to	your	
       maintenance, alteration, modification, or overhaul of                address last known to us.
       the tyre or rim
                                                                       The premium
  •	   non	damaged	rim	for	the	purpose	of	matching	a	set	of	
       rims or tyres                                                   We will refund to you the proportion of the premium for the
                                                                       remaining period of insurance if the premium has not been
  •	   any	 increase	 in	 cost	 above	 the	 manufacturer’s	 last	      exhausted (see ‘Policy comes to an end’).
       published price list for replacing any damaged tyre or
       rim that is no longer available
  •	   normal	 maintenance,	 alignment	 and	 par ts	 and	
                                                                       Any notice we give you will be in writing, and it will be
       consumables required for such maintenance of your
       tyres and rims
                                                                       •	   if	it	is	delivered	to	you	personally,	or
  •	   any	costs	or	expenses	incurred	due	to	a	manufacturer’s	
       recall of the tyre or rim due to any defect, fault or failure   •	   if	it	is	delivered	or	posted	to	your	address	last	known	
                                                                            to us.
  •	   any	consequential	loss	of	any	nature.	
                                                                       It is important for you to tell us of any change of address
                                                                       as soon as possible.
  General conditions
  Changing your Policy                                                 Claims
  If you want to make a change to this Policy, the change              What you must do after an incident
  becomes effective when:
                                                                       If an incident happens which may give rise to a claim you
  •	   we	agree	to	it,	and                                             must:

  •	   we	give	you	a	new	Policy	Schedule	detailing	the	change.         •	   take	 all	 reasonable	 steps	 to	 secure	 your	 vehicle	 to	
                                                                            prevent further loss, damage or liability

  Other interests                                                      •	   notify	the	police	immediately	if	your	vehicle	or	any	of	
                                                                            your property is stolen or maliciously or intentionally
  You must not transfer any interests in this Policy without
  our written consent.
                                                                       •	   tell	Automotive	Global	Insurance	(AGI)	on	02	9877	0300	
  Any person whose interests you have told us about and                     or 1800 001 611 as soon as possible. We will provide
  we have noted on your Policy Schedule is bound by the                     you with a claim form and advice on what to do
  terms of this Policy.
                                                                       •	   supply	AGI	with	all	information	we	require	to	settle	or	
                                                                            defend the claim
  Cancelling your Policy
                                                                       •	   notify	AGI	of	any	other	insurance	covering	the	same	
  How you may cancel this Policy                                            loss, damage or liability
  •	   You	may	cancel	this	Policy	at	any	time	by	advising	AGI	         •	   give	AGI	all	reasonable	help	and	information	that	we	
       on 02 9877 0300 or 1800 001 611 or by telling us in                  request, which may include attending court to give
       writing that you want to cancel it.                                  evidence. You must do this even if we have paid your
  •	   Where	 ‘you’	 involves	 more	 than	 one	 person,	 we	 will	          claim because we may try to recover our payment to
       only cancel the Policy when a written agreement to                   you from the responsible person or we may want to
       cancel the Policy is received from all persons named                 defend a claim made against you
       as the insured.                                                 •	   co-operate	with	AGI	fully	in	any	action	AGI	take	if	AGI	
                                                                            have a right to recover any money payable under this
  How we may cancel this Policy                                             Policy from any other person
  •	   We	may	cancel	this	Policy	in	any	of	the	circumstances	          •	   send	to	AGI	immediately	any	letter	or	communication	
       permitted by law by informing you in writing.                        from other parties

  18                                                                                                                                 19

  •	    tell	 AGI	 immediately	 of	 any	 notice	 of	 impending	
        prosecution or details of any inquest or official inquiry.

  If in doubt at any time, ring AGI on 02 9877 0300 or
  1800 001 611.

  What you must NOT do after an accident
  In the event of an incident that may give rise to a claim,
  you must NOT:
  •	    admit	liability	if	an	accident	occurs	which	is	likely	to	
        result in someone claiming against you
  •	    make	an	offer,	settlement,	promise	or	payment
  •	    incur	any	costs	or	expenses	without	our	written	consent,	
        in respect of any right or claim which may be the subject
        of a claim by you against us under this Policy.

  What We do
  We may take over and conduct the defence or settlement
  of any claim or issue legal proceedings for damages. If we
  do this we will do it in your name. We have full discretion
  in the conduct of any legal proceedings and in the
  settlement of any claim. You must co-operate by giving
  us any statements, documents or assistance we require.
  This may include giving evidence in any legal proceedings.

  What can affect a claim
  We will reduce the amount of a claim by the excess shown in
  the Policy Terms and Conditions or on the Policy Schedule.

  We may refuse to pay a claim if you are in breach of your
  Duty of Disclosure or any of the conditions of this Policy,
  including any endorsements noted on or attached to the
  Policy Schedule.

  We pay only once for loss or damage from the same event
  covered by this Policy even if it is covered under more than
  one section of the Policy.

  We may be entitled to refuse to pay or to reduce the amount
  of a claim if:

  •	    it	is	in	any	way	fraudulent,	or

  •	    any	fraudulent	means	or	devices	are	used	by	you	or	
        anyone acting on your behalf to obtain any benefits
        under this Policy.

  If we replace your tyres and/or rims and is insured, they
  become our property.


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