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									My background in the dog life began when I was 6 years old. That was in 1974 when my parent bought a
very nice and sweet Dwarf Poodle. Her name was Dari Black Honey and we thought she was definitely the
most beautiful specimen you could get.


We went to a lot of dog shows where she got a fine first prize and nothing more. When we learned was
showing was we could see that she was a way to masculine bitch but we had a litter with her anyway and
then Puskas and Priscilla was born in 1979. They were a very dominating couple in the show ring. Priscilla
actually went the most winning Dwarf Poodle in 1980 and both went champion very fast. Puskas was my
everything. We participated in obedience, was making my schoolwork and all in all we did everything
together. He was only my dog. After a couple of years we also got a Toy Poodle KITOS LITTLE BLACK ANJA


She won for many years a lot of prizes but when I moved away from home I had to own a Miniature Poodle
of my own. This had been my wish since Puskas died. I bought a Miniature Poodle and now I have 13 dogs
but several of them have ended here because they had to change home for any reason.


My top Standard Poodle PIN UP PANTHER SANDI XTRA SPECIAL – “SANNE” – should have a new home
because she was too active and they could not handled this. They disliked her and were biting her and had
therefore destroyed her. She ended up here with me and she is now MULTICHAMPION and mother of
several champions. I can mention WORLD VIRGINIAS APRIL 2000 who was the Standard Poodle of the year
2002 and 2003 in Denmark and WORLD VIRGNINIAS ABSOLUTE CODY. There are several active show dogs
and very good hunting dogs.
My mother is still active and has two Toy Poodles today. I handle them for her and help with preparing them
so you can say the roles have been changed but it works very good as a family hobby. My daughter of 12
years and has begun to take part in this active life with the dogs so now we are three generations. Now my
mother – INGE LISE SCHILLING – has 2 Toy Poodle bitches. That is WENDELEEN. She is born 1997 and
went Toy Poodle of the Year 2000 as well as she is multichampion. Her daughter VINNIVIP is Danish
Champion, Clubchampion and Toy Poodlebitch of the Year 2004.


We work in a team when we are at a dog show because I have usually up to 10 dogs to prepare for the ring
and they are in all variants. I try to show my own dogs but sometimes when the time is tight I have my own
favorite handler who shows them for me. I have trained Hilde as a juniorhandler for some years and she has
also become JUNIORHANDLER of the Year in the Danish Kennel Club for four years in a row. All my dogs
just love her and she has a part of all the fine show results we have. Especially with the Standard Poodles.
I am always together with a lot of lovely helpful people who also are prepared to give me a helping hand if

I breed black/brown Miniature Poodles and Dwarf Poodles. Earlier I have had litters of Standard Poodles, but
because of my back I can not work with this variant, but I have still got four Standard Poodles. Two of 7
years, two black which are 5 and 9 years. But when they leave I am have not planned to have more.

I do not have a specific breeding program, but when I see a terrific male, which I think has got the potential
for my bitch, and then I use him because I think it only can give something good. Sometimes others have
been shaking their heads but this only until the puppies have been born and they can see have great they
are. This has until now never given bad results when you talk about me breeding. And this means both
Miniature- and Standard Poodle.

My most winning dog was the bitch Warming Black Virginia (Mini Vinnie).

She was top winner in the 9 years she lived. She unfortunately was sterile and therefore did not have any
puppies, but she had the possibility to have a long showcarrier.
DCHKLB SIERGERCH KLBSG BDSG97 KBHV96 KBHV98 Senior of the Year 2000 and 2001 in the Danish
Poodle Club, Best of Breed more than 20 times.

PICTURE – Warming Black Virginia
My top breeding dog is definitely Osmanthus Miss Dior. She has had four litters with 11 puppies. Here
three are sold for petdog and the rest for showdogs.


World   Virginias   Fair Lady – DKCH and BIS winner
World   Virginias   Fanny – DKCH and BIS winner
World   Virginias   GoGo Galina – 2 x cac and 1 BOB
World   Virginias   Greatest Viktor – 2 x cac 2 x BOS


Two bitches are on the way to the showtop but they are not in the open class yet. Two are having their first
entry in the showring in August in the Babyclass.

I do not have a favorite show result because I have been so lucky that I have many good results. I have a
World Winner, Junior World Winner, Europasieger, Champions and BIS winners both in Denmark and other
Countries. What more can you get?



He is black and father to many lovely, well tempered, healthy puppies. One male that is at the top of the
Show ring now which his has fathered is ARTMANN BLACK INSPIRATIONS.


He is right now the most winning Miniature Poodle male in Denmark in spite of his young age.

I have also got a new young male, which has entered the show ring and is a very good male for breeding.
He is mothered by Osmanthus Miss Dior and his name is World Virginias Greatest Viktor. He has been shown
two times in Open class and has both times been BOS.

I have never accepted a puppy as payment for breeding salary. This because of that I have my own opinion
of what I want to put in to my breeding program.
I have also never used males of my own breed because the lines would be too close family and there fore I
use males from outside my kennel and lines.

I use dry food for my dogs, which are suited after the need of the dogs. I have best experience with that.

In my lines I breed for outcross because this has given the best results and if it should fail, you do not have
to quit al the line but only has to go one step backwards and go on from there.

We do not have that many health problems in Denmark. But I can only speak of the Standard and Miniature
Poodles. Here I think that we should be aware of HD and Epilepsy, which has a tendency to show more in
Denmark. But HD has been taken up to discussion among the Standard Poodles.

The temperament of the dogs is one of the qualities I breed after. This because a Poodle shall be able to be
a pet dog as well as a show dog. After that I think you as breeder should set the Hunting instinct high within
the Standard Poodles at least. Unfortunately a lot of breeders forget the background of the Poodles, and
what it originally was breed for. Two of my own breeding are used for hunting with success.


In Denmark it is the Toy Poodles which dominates the Poodles. It has grown to be very popular among
breeders here. Solveig Næss has moved from Norway to Denmark and she is owner of Kennel Solnes and
known for her high quality dogs in Toy and Dwarf. This has given the Danish breeders a large amount of
great breeding materials.
It has not always been the strongest variant in Denmark. Earlier it was the Miniature Poodles. This was
when one of the largest breeders was at the Top with the quality of the dogs and they produced many show
dogs. Today they only produce a few show dogs.

I participate in all the dog shows in the Danish Special Club for the Poodles and the Danish Kennel Club.
When the chance is there I also show outside Denmark.

I have at the moment 13 dogs in my kennel. I have 4 Standard Poodles which all are enjoying their pension.
Three of them are Champions in Denmark and in other countries.
I have 5 Miniature Poodles where two of them are pensioned with championtitles and the three are still
active in the show ring. One of them has become a champion and the two others are on their way. They can
get their championship in August at their next show.
I have 1 Dwarf poodle which is champion and still active at dog shows.
Both the Miniature and Dwarf Poodle are at the moment placed to be the Best of the Breed 2005 in the
Danish Kennel Club.
I have two Toy Poodles – one is pensioned and one newcomer. The time will show how she is doing, but it
looks good.

When I go to a Dog show I always prepare my dogs for the show. I trim and do everything by myself. But I
still have time to help others with their dogs, if they do not know what to do. If I am going to handle a dog I
want to set the top and trim it myself.

I have handled dogs since I was 7 years. I have made a lot of Champions for other owners, but only
Poodles. I have been active Juniorhandler in the Danish Kennel Club for many years and have after that
trained new handlers.


At the moment I handle ARTMANNS IT’S A MATTER OF TIME for Sonja Artmann. He is now senior but we
have won a lot together in the past years. And we still are. We have won BIS many times and he has
become two times the best Miniature Poodle of the Year in the Poodle Club. Now he is senior but still going
strong and winning a lot. He is right now placed to become best Senior of the Year. His daughter Dwarf
Poodle ARTMANNS BLACK ALISSA – owned by Jette Bagger, Kennel Hjejlen, I also handle. She became last
year Best of the Breed 2005 in the Danish Kennel Club and in 2003 she was Miniature Poodle of the. She has
also got a large amount of BOB.


Last year I handled two of my own breed Miniature Poodles

World Virginias Fair Lady
World Virginias Effekt


They are both champions and EFFEKT went Best Miniature Poodle Bitch.

Therefore I have not time to show my own dogs before here in 2005. But be careful we come now 

My all-time favorite Poodles have to be Milamarten Kazak and the white Miniature Poodle Eminent White
Dancer. Both owned by Lisbeth Jakobsen and breeder was Ruth Fisher and Kennel Milamarten.
Eminent White Dancer was born in 1980 and was extreme beautiful in all details she was a dog who
impressed me very deeply in spite of my only twelve years.
Of my own dogs my favorite was Mini Vinnie. She has always been a star both as show dog and at home.
When she died I thought I never could get one as good as her, but in behavior and show carrier Fanny is
very much like her.


But not all my animals are dogs. We have a farm with production pigs and we deliver about 7 kg 6500
piglets a year as well as we have appertaining agrarian with 178 Hectare earth, which are practiced
conventional. I am active all over the farm and in the fields.

I think in the dog world we have a large amount of good international judges. But a judge should after my
opinion always remember to be up-to-date with the last development in the breeds has is allowed to judge.

As a breeder established breeders have shown me a lot of faith and made do with their experience.
Therefore it will be at its place to say thank you very much to them.
KENNEL OSMANTHUS by Bruno Nodalli from Italy has trusted me and helped me a lot in the beginning of
my breeding. I will thank you very much for this trust.
KENNEL SOLTAR by Jukka Lillstrang from Estonia has likewise helped me and trusted me in my
work with the dogs. Both kennel owners will always have a place in my heart.
My lines started with SOLTARS ETERNITY.


And one of his offspring that has made her way to the showring now is WORLD VIRGINIAS
EMERLY. She went Danish Champion in the age of 18 month and is right now placed to be the
Best of Dwarf Poodle 2005 in the Danish Kennel Club. Bosseline was her mother.

Also an offspring from SOLTARS ETERNITY is WORLD VIRGINIAS FANNY. She is champion and placed to be
Best of Breed 2005 in the Danish Kennel Club. OSMANTHUS MISS DIOR is her mother.

Today when I go for a dog show I nearly always travel with my friend SONJA ARTMANN from KENNEL
ARTMANN. She is very supportive both practical and by experience. A big thanks to her for a lot of fun

My future plans are trying to hold the style with healthy and breed typical Poodles. I continue breeding
about 1 or 2 litters a year in Miniature or Dwarf Poodle. My future breeding should dominate the show ring
as it has done until now.
Because it is very difficult to be a top breeder of quality dogs when you have maximum 15 dogs in your
stock, and these dogs are of 4 different variants, I will always be open for new breeding males who can give
my breeding something positive of good quality.

It would be nice to hear from others so please visit my website or send my an email

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