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					Guidebook for Church Planting
IBSA Church Planting Process

   Welcome to Church Planting
   Thanks for your interest in planting a church with Illinois Baptist. This book is designed to be a
   guide and a resource for you as you work through the planting process. The book is divided into
   6 sections: Discover, Discernment, Direction, Decided, Development, and Duplication.

   Each section will have information, forms, activities and directions to guide you to the next
   phase of the process. You will also need to stay in contact with someone from the Church
   Planting team at IBSA or in your local association. The local missionary in your area will be a
   good resource for you in this process. In most planting scenarios this will be a good resource to
   use with your sponsoring church pastor as well.

   Discovery Process
   This part of the church planting journey will help you determine if you are ready to jump in and
   start the adventure towards planting. The grid below will guide you through the basic steps of
   the discovery process. At any point that you have questions, please contact our team by going
   to ILCHURCHPLANTING.COM and email or call any of our team members.

   Activity             Description                         Tools/Resources                Timeline
   Complete Bible       The resources for this section will -Discovery Tools               Self-study, once
   study and church     help you discover your gifting      -Discovery Tools Study Guide   completed you are
   planting discovery   and preparedness for church                                        ready for the next
   materials            planting.                                                          step.

   Make contact with    This is a quick phone interview to -IL Tracking                    Upon completion of
   IBSA or locale       determine which team member -IBSA Church Planting Team             Discovery Tools
   Association’s        will be working with you through
   church planting      the planting process.
                        -Lastly you will be entered into
                        the Illinois Church Planting
                        Tracking System. This online
                        resource will be the tool you use
                        to stay informed and resourced
                        in the planting process.

   2                                                                                                     6/7/2011
Discernment Process
The next step in the process is Discernment. Planting a church takes time and a lot of the work
up front is simply exploring more about how God wired and made you, the type of church He’s
created you to plant, where a good fit for you is at in Illinois, and to shore up any loose ends in
regards to calling. By working through this next section it is our hope that you’ll continue to
have those issues clarified.

Activity              Description                             Tools/Resources                  Timeline
Attend a Church       This orientation is hosted by IBSA      -Email Staff about attending     Church Planter
Planter Orientation   to help you understand the                                               Orientation will be
                      church planting process in Illinois                                      held as needed. Check
                      as well as a look into planting                                          with the IBSA office to
                      churches as a partnership.                                               see when the next one
                                                                                               is scheduled.
Identify Place and    In this section you’ll work through        1-6 months
Calling               on your own to gather info and          -Virtual Prayerwalking DVD’s
                      data not only on the church             -Site Visit (see appendix for
                      planting process, but possible          sample)
                      sites to plant in as well as fleshing   -Wikipedia (for info the area
                      out your calling.                       you’re interested in planting
                                                              -Zipskinny (info on the zip
                                                              code(s) you’re looking at)
                                                              -CP Resource links at
                                                              -Making contact with local
                                                              missionaries about each
                                                              region (contact our office for
                                                              information on each region)
Pre-Assessments       There are two assessments we            Church Planter Assessment        3-4 hours
                      would like you to take as you
                      prepare to complete the                 Contact
                      application. The Place assessment for
                      and the Church Planter                  the link and partner code to
                      Assessment. The Place assessment        the Place Assessment.
                      identifies your spiritual gifts, DISC
                      profile, passions for ministry and
                      leadership skills. This assessment
                      also needs to be completed by
                      your spouse.
                      The Church Planter Assessment is
                      just for the planter and it gives us
                      indicators about your skills to
                      plant. There is a $29 cost for this

Direction Process
With each step in the process the commitment level goes up a notch. Previously you were able
to spend time exploring, discerning, seeking God, and listening for His voice. Now comes time
to take a bold step forward and begin the application, interview, and assessment process. This
means you’re transitioning from “maybe” to “I’m going to start …”

Activity            Description                    Tools/Resources          Timeline
Application         Take time to fill out the      -IBSA Church Planting    1 month
Packet              application, online            Application
                    assessments, and               -Confidential
                    questionnaires.                Questionnaire (see
                                                   (see appendix)

Phone Interview     Someone from the IBSA or                                30-45 minutes
                    partnering Association will
                    contact you to conduct a
                    pre-assessment interview
Assessment/         Conducted with church       -Site Visit (see appendix   Expect 2-3 weeks
Site Visit          planter and spouse (where for a sample schedule         to be invited
                    applicable) during a field  including assessment)       individually, or up
                    visit or assessment                                     to 2-3 months to
                    weekend event                                           an assessment
Placement           The church planter, DOM                                 This takes place
                    and sponsoring churches                                 during the
                    agree on fit and field                                  Assessment / Site
                                                                            Visit or upon a
                                                                            revisit to field

Decided Process
Now you’re transitioning from simply exploring church planting to the point where you’re
saying, “YES, this is it!” In this next step of the process you’ll be working through the different
steps to actually begin the transition process. You’re almost there so hold on!

Activity             Description                    Tools/Resources              Timeline
Approval             Possible funding is decided    Funding starts with $500     Up to 1 month
                     at this phase.                 a month and can reach        following
                                                    $1000 a month for up to      assessment.
                                                    3 years based on
                                                    assessment, matching
                                                    funds, and benchmarks
                                                    being reached. (contact
                                                    IBSA CPT member or
                                                    DOM for benchmarks
Decided                                             -Now What? .doc (see   Self-determined
                                                    appendix)              based on
                                                                           readiness to
                                                                           move to the field
                                                                           (between 1-2
Covenant/            Agreements signed              Covenants and          1-2 months
Agreements           between planter,               Agreements (email      depending on the
signed               association, IBSA and          Church Planting Team   Assoc and
                     partnering churches            member for the “Church partnering
                                                    Planter Agreement and churches
                                                    Funding Covenant”      approval process
Transition to field Steps to move, secure                                  self-determined
                    housing, schools, etc.
CP Strategy         Writing church planting         Templates (on the            1-2 months
                    proposal                        Church Planting Toolkit
                                                    resource CD)

Development Process
You’ve said “yes” to church planting, you’ve moved to the field, began creating a plan, and now
it’s time to refine and hone your strategy, skills, and networks.

Activity           Description                     Tools/Resources            Timeline
Basic Training     Foundational training to be     -Straight Street will be   4-6 months
                   conducted with CP and/or        sent to you when you
                   spouse within the first 6       register for BTJ
                   months of when you move         -Pre-Training at BTJ
                   to the field or begin your      Online
                   church plant
Leadership         Regular opportunities           -CPN’s (church planting    Ongoing
Training /         offered to church planter for   networks)
Personal           relevant and deepening          -Coaching sessions
Growth             growth                          -Involvement with local
                                                   and state association
                                                   training opportunities
Evaluation         Ongoing “one-on-one’s”      -Contact the IBSA CPT for a    Ongoing
                   and/or “matrix” meetings   location of networks near
                   with church planters for   where you are planting.
                   encouragement and
Spouse             For the encouragement and                                  Ongoing
Network            “connection” of CP spouses
                   with others and/or
                   healthy/thriving church

Duplication Process
It is one thing to plant a solo church but a whole different animal to think of church
multiplication. In the natural order of things it makes sense that an organism will multiply and
even do so exponentially. What started off as Adam and Eve alone in the Garden now has
multiplied to over 6 billion people worldwide! You should put into your DNA this multiplication
gene so that you’re thinking from the very beginning about the need to reproduce. This next
and final section is to help you to begin planning how you can be a part of something much
bigger and join the collective of like-minded planters doing the same.

Activity           Description                  Tools/Resources              Timeline
Cooperative        Every CP is encouraged to    -CP Resources                Ongoing
Giving Growth      support and grow their       -Basic Training 2
                   cooperative giving thereby
                   increasing funds for future
Missional          Every CP (along with                                      Ongoing
Mindset            partnering church) has long-
                   term strategy to plant

                      Site Visit / Sample Schedule
    Monday      Arrive in Chicago, check into hotel, dinner with IBSA Church Planting
                Team Member
    Tuesday     Morning free, assessment in the afternoon
    Wednesday   City Tour #1
    Thursday    City Tour #2
    Friday      Free Day
    Saturday    Free Day
    Sunday      Worship in the area you’re looking to plant, lunch with Team Member,
                head home

                                  IBSA Church Planting Process
                                      Please check off as completed

 Dear Potential Church Planter,

 Thank you for your interest in church planting in Illinois. This application can be used to apply
 for church planting positions anywhere in the state in partnership with our local associations.

 We are discovering many opportunities to plant healthy churches in our region. Please
 prayerfully work through this process with us as you seek God’s will. If you are interested in
 being one of our planters, please complete the following church planting process:

 Church Planting Candidate Instructions
Contact 7 references and email the reference form to them (Attachment page 17-18). We need
 at least 5 references returned, that’s why we recommend that you send seven…in case
 someone does not return theirs.

Thoroughly and accurately complete the form which includes: IBSA Church Planting Application.
 For those who ARE seeking IBSA/NAMB funding, please login into ILTRACKING.ORG and
 complete the PIF form located there. If you do not have a log in ID or password for the tracking
 system, please email Also read the file NAMB MISSIONARY PERSONNEL
 POLICIES & GUIDELINES - MAY 2007.doc before completing the PIF. If you have any questions
 about either form please contact

Email the following items to
  If absolutely necessary, you can mail the items instead: Esther Eggley, IBSA, 3085 Stevenson Dr,
 Springfield, IL 62703.

               Family photo (digital photos are great; printed pictures work, too.)


               If attended, transcripts from college and seminary

               Sermon (video file or audio file. You can use to submit a large

               Church Planter Assessment Report (if you already have one)

If you have not already received the Church Planter’s Toolkit, request it by emailing your
  mailing address to

 What happens next?
 Click on one of the links below and complete the application.
    Church Planting Application Online Form
    Church Planting Application Downloadable PDF File (Click here to get Adobe Reader)

                                 Covenant / Agreement

                                       CHURCH MEMBERSHIP
The MEMBERSHIP of congregations receiving missions assistance through the Illinois State Baptist
Association should be comprised of baptized (immersed) believers who have professed personal faith in
Jesus Christ.

The congregation should be committed to the BASIC BIBLICAL DOCTRINES as expressed in "The Baptist
Faith and Message" statement.

The congregation should insure that those individuals participating in worship/celebration services are
presented with a clear opportunity to RESPOND to the gospel.

The congregation should be in FRIENDLY COOPERATION with its association, state convention, and
national conventions, and express this cooperation by regular giving to mission causes through the local
association and the "Cooperative Program". In addition, participation in the annual IBSA missions
offering; North American missions offering (ANNIE ARMSTRONG); and International missions offering
(LOTTIE MOON) is essential.     Participation in some association and convention gatherings is also

The congregation should exercise ultimate governance through the MEMBERS OF THE CONGREGATION.

                                           BAPTIST IDENTITY
The congregation receiving missions assistance should demonstrate clear denominational IDENTITY. If
"Baptist" is not included in the church name, there must be a stated affiliation with the IBSA, SBC, or the
local Baptist Association.

The congregation receiving missions assistance works toward the goal of reproducing through the
PLANTING of other congregations.

The pastor and spouse of the congregation receiving missions assistance participate regularly in a
CHURCH PLANTER NETWORK for the purpose of encouragement, prayer, accountability, partnership,
and development of themselves and other church planting couples. The IBSA pastor is also required to
attend the IBSA Annual Church Planting Conference.

The pastor of the congregation receiving missions assistance communicates through timely completion
of monthly reports. The congregation receiving missions assistance completes the Annual Church Profile
in a timely manner.

I have read and will comply with this covenant.

Signature (Typed name is acceptable)              Date

                                              Now What?
                                         DECIDED…NOW WHAT?

[This document is in Word format so you can edit it…adding or adjusting to meet your own church planting needs.]

Congratulations! If you are working on this list, it is probable that God has called you to plant a
church, and we have agreed to partner with you in this calling. Please do NOT treat this
document lightly. It is intended to be a significant guide for you as you move toward planting a
church. The items on this list are ideally to be completed BEFORE you ever get to your church
planting field. The more you complete before you arrive, the better. Once you are on the field,
you will be able to focus more on establishing relationships. Completing as much of the work
as possible before arriving on the field, usually allows the planter to conserve financial
resources for the more relational components of being with people!

     1. If you have not already received them, obtain the Church Planting DVD (CP DVD) and the
        Church Planters Toolkit from your church planting office.

     2. Determine Church Name. The name should be reflective of your God-given vision for
        the church. Be careful about limiting your ministry scope too much by giving the church
        too small of a geographical name (such as 1st Avenue Community Church). Field test
        the name as soon as possible. It is ok to select an initial name in order to begin
        partnership development with the understanding that it may need to be
        changed/adjusted based on response from the community where the church is to be

     3. Open designated account with the association or your sponsoring church you’re planting
        with in order to begin receiving funds. The planter’s name or team members’ names
        should not be printed on the checks. Only the Church Plant’s name.

     4. Secure all available variations of desired web name. (example: Journey Church,,,, etc.)

     5. Develop your prayer support.
           a. Recruit a minimum of 50 people to be on your prayer team. Utilize an invitation
               letter/email, a covenant, and an e-newsletter to facilitate the process.
           b. Select a smaller “elite” prayer team for most confidential/critical prayer
           c. Consider developing a prayer ministry where members of partner church(es)
               pray for each household in your community by name.
           d. Be committed to and follow through with strong communication with your
               prayer team.
     6. Register for and participate in Basic Training at your earliest opportunity.

     7. Secure your mentor/coach. Contact a team member from the Church Planting Team at
        the IBSA or local DOM for help in finding a mentor. Establish a covenant relationship
        with your mentor. If at all possible, your mentor should attend Basic Training with you.

     8. Begin developing and continue to develop a list of potential partners. Churches,
        individuals, organizations (including conventions, associations, etc.), foundations,
        businesses, and seminaries (seminaries do not donate to CP’s, but their donors can!)
            a. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest
            b. Remember: Partnerships are developed through relationships
            c. Consider the relationships of your relationships (“friend of a friend” “another
                pastor connected with your pastor”)
            d. Don’t say no for someone. God will bring the right people.
            e. Establish partnership covenants. Sample covenants are available on the CP DVD.

     9. Prayerful develop a list of potential team members.
           a. Find those with a strong servant heart.
           b. Main team members must be able to multiply themselves.
           c. Team members need to fill key roles.
           d. Team members should complement the lead planter.
           e. Do not overpromise compensation or position.
           f. Determine if they are to be volunteer, part-time, full-time and if they are to raise
               some or all of their own support.

     10. Research your area obtain demographics through the church planting office. Contact
         local research services. Conduct web research. Interview people in community –
         city/county planning departments, realtors, school officials, Better Business Bureau,
         Chamber of Commerce, other pastors, etc.

     11. Develop an initial budget. Plan this for the first 2-3 years, but realize that it will likely
         change within the first 3-6 months…and repeatedly thereafter. Do NOT forget to
         include your missions commitment. This is usually 10% of the LOCAL CONGREGATION’S
         GIVING. These funds must include the local association, Cooperative Program, and
         direct church planting. Other items that may be included are direct mission
         support/mission trips, etc.. A condensed version of your budget is needed to develop
         your partnership materials.

            a.   Add Church Plant information to the ILTRACKING.ORG site
            b.   Paragraphs about Community, Church Plant, Church Planter
            c.   Photo of the church planter’s family
            d.   Contact information
            e.   Link to Prospectus (as soon as it is developed)
            f.   Link to Public Website (as soon as it is developed)
            g.   Additional picture and paragraph for KEY team members
            h.   Contact CP office for details on information needed to complete site

     12. Review Principles of Effective Partnerships (see materials in the Church Planting DVD
         “Partnership” folder and “Prospectus and PowerPoint” folder.)

     13. Develop partnership materials
            a. Giving site (see above)
            b. Business cards/impact cards for the church plant to distribute at every
            c. Giving Site bookmarks
            d. 5-8 page Prospectus*
                     i. Include key components such as Area, Need, Leaders, Timeline, Budget,
                        Web Information, Where to Give.
                    ii. Print a few hundred for distribution to KEY partners, pastors, mission
                        team leaders, etc.
                   iii. Can be produced by the 1000’s to give to everyone, if a partner is willing
                        to provide them.
            e. 1-page Brochure*
                     i. Produced by the 1000’s to give to everyone who will listen. E.g. give to
                        everyone who attends a church where you are speaking
                    ii. Can skip the 1-page brochure, if you are producing 1000’s of the 5-8 page
            f. PowerPoint and/or video(s)*
            g. E-Newsletter
                     i. Start with to get it going immediately
                    ii. If you use for your web design, you may choose
                        to use their e-newsletter service.
                   iii. Include some or all of the following in your e-newsletter:
                            1. Photos
                            2. Complete contact information
                            3. Link to your public website
                            4. Link to your giving site with a button such as “Give Now”
                            5. Link to your information page on association’s website
                            6. Link to your prospectus.
                            7. Address for mailing checks for those who do not want to do online
                            8. Upcoming events
                            9. Chart to track funds given/pledged compared to basic and faith
         *See Principles of Effective Partnerships in the CP DVD under “Partnerships” folder. See
         sample materials in CP DVD under “Prospectus & PowerPoint” folder or the online
         samples page.

     14. Develop public site
            a. Surf the web to find styles/features that you like.

            b. Select a web design company. One recommendation is
                    i. Offers integrated marketing strategy, including mailers and other print
                   ii. Custom designs
                  iii. Comparable pricing to companies with less customization and quality
                  iv. Easy to edit websites using Web 2.0 tools
            c. NAMB also offers a more basic website for free for one year.
                    i. Offers integrated marketing strategy, including mailers and other print
                   ii. Click Here to learn more

     15. Conduct partnership phone calls, visits, weekends, dinners, presentations, etc. using
         Principles of Effective Partnerships as a guide, along with individual coaching and
         assistance from local church plant leaders.

     16. When and if it is appropriate, work with local leaders to complete the NAMB application
         process to obtain financial support. (We are assuming that you have completed the
         application and assessment process and been approved to plant prior to this point.)

     17. Determine what other partnerships/networks you intend to join or access.

     18. Visit other church plants to learn about all ministry aspects including worship and

     19. Seek potential meeting places. If there are key places that are important to your
         church’s future, get the location under signed contract as soon as possible, even if you
         do not plan to meet there for a year or more.

     20. Secure your home. Contact your regional church planting office or consult their website
         for recommended realtors and loan services.

     21. Determine how your relocation costs are to be covered. Secure appropriate moving

     22. Establish your administrative needs.

        U.S.: Incorporation, non-profit status, Federal EIN, bulk mail permit, business license,
        bank account. Basic Training Administration unit.

     23. Establish your decision-making team for the church plant. This is usually a board that
         “runs” the church for the first few years until elders can be clearly identified, tested, and
         trained. The board is often comprised of the lead church planter, a partner church
         pastor, and a church planting director/coach.

15                                                                                          5/13/2011
     24. Develop your initial startup plans including intentional relationship building strategies,
         fishing pool events, servant evangelism ideas, small group plans, assimilation plans, and
         even 6 months of sermon ideas. Basic Training, CP Toolkit, CP CD’s, other church
         planters, church planting directors/coaches, websites, etc. are all excellent resources to
         guide you as you put these items together.

     25. Review other church planting checklists for additional ideas.

16                                                                                       5/13/2011
                                             PO Box 19247
                                       Springfield, IL 62794-9247
                                           Fax: 217.391.5140

                                         REFERENCE FORM
           has applied for service in           . We consider it important to have your appraisal of this
applicant’s ability, conduct, personality and character. Your cooperation in answering these questions will
be greatly appreciated. YOUR REPLY WILL BE CONFIDENTIAL.

What is your relationship to the applicant?

Give any information you can concerning home conditions and family background, which bears on the
applicant’s suitability for this service.

Are there health or emotional stability issues we should be aware of?

Is there anything in the applicant’s background which would hinder cooperation with our Illinois Baptist
If yes, please explain.

Does applicant have any objectionable habits?
If yes, please explain.

Does applicant have self-motivation, personal ambition and steady energy of purpose to be a good staffer?

Is applicant active and useful in church and/or among the young people of the community?

What places of leadership has applicant held?

Taking these and other factors in full consideration about the applicant, I (check one)
                     wholeheartedly recommend
                    with reservations recommend
                    do not recommend

We will appreciate additional facts or comments concerning the applicant.

(if additional space is necessary, please attach another sheet)


I would recommend the following as additional references on the person listed above:




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