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					                                          Breakfast Menu
                                 11pm to 11am Daily – Saturday and Sunday until 2pm

          Two eggs cooked to your liking with                         Four crispy bacon strips or two sausage patties
           breakfast potatoes and toast 3.99                          with two eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast 4.99

        Two delicious corned beef hash patties,                            Grilled sliced bone-in ham steak with
    with two eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast 5.99                     two eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast 5.99

          10oz Top Sirloin steak with two eggs,                       Two of our original recipe Italian sausage links
            breakfast potatoes and toast 9.99                         with two eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast 6.99

 Two Country-style pork chops, broiled to perfection,                 Traditional style pork cutlet and sausage gravy,
        breakfast potatoes and toast 6.99                             with two eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast 7.99

       Create Your Own Omelet or Breakfast Sandwich
                                        Served with Breakfast Potatoes and Toast

                                                          4.99                                       5.99
                                                                                                             .75 each
                                                       Sourdough                               Grilled Onions
                                                         White                              Sautéed Mushrooms
                          .50 each                       Wheat                                Sliced Jalapenos
           American                                       Rye                                     Tomatoes
            Cheddar                                             .95 each                   Sautéed Bell Peppers
           Mozzarella                                Crispy Bacon                                  Spinach
             Swiss                                   Smoked Ham                           Roasted Poblano Peppers
          Monterey Jack                                 Sausage
             Bleu                                      Chorizo                          Avocado or Guacamole 1.25

                                        Breakfast Specialties
     Two buttermilk biscuits                    Country ham, three eggs
  smothered with our homemade                  and breakfast potatoes with
    country sausage gravy 3.99                   a biscuit and gravy 7.99

   Three golden brown pancakes                Two golden brown pancakes,
with whipped butter and syrup 3.99          two eggs (any style) and two slices
                                                      of bacon 5.99

                                                                                      Filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo,
                                                                                      bacon, onion, cheddar cheese, and
 Two thick slices of French bread            Our famous French toast with            charred tomato salsa, served with sour
dipped in our rich batter and grilled       two strips of crispy bacon or two          cream and breakfast potatoes 7.99
        golden brown 3.99                     breakfast sausage patties 4.99

                                             Served 11:00pm- 6:00am
  Two Scrambled Eggs served with Biscuits topped with our Homemade Gravy and your choice of Bacon or Sausage

                                            Breakfast Sides
                                                   1.49                                                           1.99
                                                   1.99                                                           1.99
                                                   1.99                                                           3.99
                                                   2.99                                                           1.99

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