Tips for Job Hunting by farhanlatif00


									Tips for Job Hunting
Job hunting these days is very competitive and can become a cut-throat affair. Here are a few tips
to help you get the edge in searching out and landing the job of your dreams.

The Curriculum Vitae or better known as the Resume will be the most essential part of your job
search. Considering that prospective companies need to reduce practically numerous applications
to get to a couple of good ones, they are going to have to make their whittling down efforts by
the resumes they receive.

Research has demonstrated that about 50 % of the companies choose to approve or refuse job
applications depending on the relevant job skills mentioned in the resume. Another 1 / 3 of the
companies are going to deny or accept these job applications depending on the format layout of
these resumes/applications.
The following are some tips to assist you in getting the edge when it comes to hunting and
getting the job you really want.

1. You must customize your resume to fit the job description. Chances are you may have had
past working experience which may not be relevant to the position you're now applying to for.
Many people choose to make several different modifications of their resume and keep handy for
various positions they may be interested in applying for. Resumes are not a one-size-fits-all. You
need to tailor it to highlight the specializations of the job you are currently trying to get.

2. Make your Curriculum Vitae or CV for short concise and relevant. Refrain from creating a
long resume. The recruiter's time is precious and chances are they will not read through 2-3 page
resume. Should your CV demonstrate that you recognize his/her valuable time while displaying
the best related information in a minimal time frame, you'll have acquired some amount of

3. Try to make your resume stand out when you are composing it, you should make sure your
resume sticks out a little more among the rest. This can be achieved by using a special grade or
stock of resume paper than the ordinary plain paper. This should be the kind which is attractive
to the eyes, making the examining recruiter want to look at the resume. The second part to this is
for you to be sure that your resume provides the relevant job expertise you have had with regards
to the job you're trying to get.

4. You can list your accomplishments and achievements; however make your claims factual and
related. We have all heard that we should "sell ourselves", still let's make our self-promotion a
matter-of-fact rather than just hot air. A big mistake people often make is to list their weak points
on their resume. You can skip this part as this is not the right arena for it.

Don't be afraid to enhance and polish up your resume as the recruiter will often be able to tell if
you have actually spent time on it or not. If the employer perceives that you've put a sufficient
amount of time and some detailed effort into your resume, they'll most likely assume that you
will do the same in the job you are applying for. You would have earned some more brownie
points even before you are hired. It's not at all unusual for some folks to invest days and even
weeks just polishing and updating their resumes in order to gear it towards their dream job.

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