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Important Notice!
If your membership has expired in the last year, this WILL be your LAST
issue of RICAMBI unless you renew. Please, don’t miss out on all the
exciting changes that are taking place in your club, renew TODAY!

       Dear Members,                                         club's history by publishing hundreds of            Albums, Tech Tips, vendor
       Many of you voted for me in the recent elec-          pages of “Ricambi”, our Fiat Lancia                 specials for
       tion, and I wish to thank you for your trust.         Unlimited national newsletter. They have            members
       The new administration is now in place, and           done a tremendous job, gluing the member-           only, regalia
       we have begun our assigned task to move the           ship together by sharing articles, club activi-     sales, audio and video
       club forward. I want to especially thank Jim          ties and classifieds in the pages of great          streaming will become reality under this
       Aitken, our President since 1996, and Scott           newsletters!                                        management. How about our own prere-
       Hill, our club's first President. Without their          The goal of membership growth has taken          corded audio streaming Fiat talk show at our
       leadership, Fiat Lancia Unlimited could not           a giant step with the very first full color issue   website? We can feature interviews, how-to
       have prospered for nearly twenty years. They          of Ricambi published by Brett Melancon and          clinics, basic maintenance or car specific pro-
       will both continue to serve as Board                  FMB Advertising (            cedures. New and renewed members of Fiat
       Members. Jim and Scott, I am humbled and              in Knoxville, TN. The new full color issue is       Lancia Unlimited can look forward to great
       honored to walk in your footsteps as the              spectacular. Congratulations to Brett               benefits from the first day their new mem-
       club's new President.                                 Melancon and the club members who con-              bership packet arrives in the mail. Several
          We have incredible talent on the new               tributed to this fabulous new issue. Members        members have shared their positive ideas and
       Board; plus we have Brett Melancon publish-           will be getting timely and larger issues of         comments with me in my first days as
       ing the Ricambi and Elias Geisendorfer as             Ricambi, and the day may come when we               President. For example, Scott McCraw
       Webmaster. Wow, what a team! I am very                can offer subscriptions “online” for members        (SMCCRAW@MRS.COM) from Toronto
       fortunate to have a tremendous staff of               around the world.                                   has offered the tremendous idea of chapter
       administrators and Board of Directors.                   Elias Geisendorfer has been hard at work         selection of club “Chapter Member of the
       Everyone elected has a dedication and love of         to enhance the site. He has             Year” Awards to be announced at this year's
       Fiat Lancia Unlimited, and I intend to use all        made great strides, especially in recent            Fiat Freak Out July 20th to 23rd in Grand
       of this team's wisdom & talent to make the            months. The website and Ricambi publica-            Island, NY. Ideas like this make your club an
       club the best it can be for the members. I            tion will greatly leverage our exposure             even better place to belong.
       have set forth an agenda to the Board in              throughout the world. We get many Internet             In all areas, our biggest priority is to serve
       keeping with the duties assigned to me as             “hits” as part of the Fiat Lancia Web Ring,         the needs of the membership. It is up to
       President. I am convinced that a functional           developed by Atlanta Chapter web designer           all of us, working together, to make it hap-
       administration requires communication on a            Todd Rice. We will solicit media coverage;          pen. I am always available via e-mail
       regular basis. The Board has already held its         maintain a high profile in all gatherings and       ( I want to hear your
       first meeting via the Internet and will contin-       shows. Developing our print and web media           views, listen to your ideas, and build the club
       ue to do so at a specified time each month to         resources will soon make them second to             in every way. Expect great things because we
       attend to club issues. After our scheduled            none among our peers in the car club frater-        have great people in Fiat Lancia Unlimited,
       Internet discussion, the board will be given          nity. We will also consider several types of        from the member who joined last week to
       an opportunity to vote on specific issues. The        advertising such as Hemmings Motor News             our founders like Dwight Varnes, Scott Hill
       Secretary will receive the votes and post the         and network with other Fiat/Lancia clubs,           and Bobb Rayner. I love this club; its mem-
       results on the website and in Ricambi.                vendors and websites to build more                  bership, and the opportunities that await us.
       Specific task "committees" with assignments           exposure. As part of my agenda, I would like        It is where my heart is, and you will soon
       can be created according to the bylaws. A             the board to consider appointing a member-          know that if you do not already.
       committee can be made up of Board mem-                ship administrator, develop subscription               One more thing; Hey Bobb Rayner, we
       bers and membership associates who wish to            payment options and designate “point men”           love your show! Thank you for carrying the
       serve. We will identify club needs and put            responsible for Ricambi news & articles for         torch through thick and thin. The club is
       dedicated people on these specific issues.            publication.                                        what we make it. Your individual contribu-
       Membership on a committee is a great way to              Fiat Lancia Unlimited will offer its             tion and enthusiasm make all the difference.
       serve the club and that opportunity is avail-         members an unprecedented value. Our                 Let’s jump in, buckle up, turn the key and
       able for the asking. Fiat Lancia Unlimited            members will be better informed, enter-             get started, it’s going to be a great ride!
       will expand membership here in North                  tained and ultimately retained by delivering
       America, but also in Britain, Europe,                 quality media services and resources.               John Montgomery
       Australia and Japan. In the last seven years,         “Ricambi Archives”, “Ricambi Online”,     
       Darryl and Deb Stacey have documented our             Membership Directories, Web Photo

                                                                                                                                  Mark Battaglia’s 1959 Multipla
                                                                                                                                  My multipla is named “Stimpy” and has a
                                                                                                                                  vanity plate that says that. It is a 1959 with a
                                                                                                                                  D motor. It is repainted in the original white
                                                                                                                                  over light blue and I had friends custom make
    Scott Phelps’ 1978 Fiat X1/9 and matching trailer                                                                             the upholstery in a slightly upgraded style in
    This is the first of many Fiats that I have come to own, after                                                                blue with white piping. It still needs a head-
    lusting after the X1/9 while still in high school. After graduat-                                                             liner and rubber mats. Mechanically it is stock,
                                                                          Joe and Anne’s 1982 Fiat Spider                         with a bench seat in the front and four fold-
    ing college, I set out in search of my graduation present to
                                                                          I have been a member of FLU for two years. I enjoy      down seats in the back. Widely acknowledged
    myself, an X1/9 of some sort. I had done all my research, and
                                                                          Ricambi and the web site. I have had good luck get-     to be the first multi-purpose vehicle, or mini-
    decided that the best I could hope for in the northeast was a
                                                                          ting info from other members via the message board.     van. I got this car when I lived in Florida, from
    relatively rust-free car. I knew I could fix any mechanical prob-
                                                                          Keep up the good work. Unfortunately I believe I am     a friend. We both were driving Fiat 131s at the
    lems, so the rust was the big issue for me. I found this ‘78 in
                                                                          one of only a few Fiat owners in the Charleston, SC     time, and both of us had Lancia Scorpions as
    Rockland, ME. It had been mechanically neglected, was full of
                                                                          area. The salt air has an ill affect on our Italian     well. I have taken Stimpy from a basket case
    hay from having been stored in a barn with the roof off. It was
                                                                          machines. As I told Joe I have two, a 1973 124          to a real nice driver. It does have a few flaws,
    a mess, but I checked it out thoroughly, and found it was 95%
                                                                          Spider which I bought new in Italy and a 1982 2000.     but I’m just a hobbyist, not a pro at restora-
    rust free, so I bought it. It was an adventure getting it home,
                                                                          Attached is a photo of my 82 for the 124 class.         tions. It does show well, however. This past
    a 4 hour drive in a car that refused to start the first time I went
                                                                          Thanks for the message, Joe                             summer I drove it 150 miles round trip to
    to collect it. I managed to get it home, and have since con-
    verted it to a twin carb 1500, with 5 speed, and replaced                                                                     Kalamazoo, Michigan to a gathering of about
    almost every part on the car, including the entire braking sys-               Howard V. Staefer’s 1979 Fiat Spider            three dozen cars called the Italian Plus Event.
    tem, the entire suspension, the interior, wheels, everything. It                     That is not really the Easter Bunny...   I won 1st place over a Lamborghini Diablo, a
    was then stripped of the late 70’s style twin tube bumpers, and                                                               Maserati Quattroporte, a Rolls Royce, a handful
    I installed Abarth style bumpers that I fabricated. While not an                                                              of Ferraris, a bunch of Alfa Romeos, some Fiats
    original spec car, it has been transformed into my ideal X1/9.                                                                and some very nice hot rods (hence the Plus).
    The paint is original, and while still looks pretty good for 23                                                               Only those entered in the event were eligible
    years old, it is on the list of things to do. The trailer was made                                                            to vote, so I really appreciated the trophy. This
    from a ‘74 chassis that I had as a parts car, and painted to                                                                  car always brings smiles, waves, confused
    match the ‘78. I drive my Fiat about 10,000 miles a year, and                                                                 looks, etc., and I can’t go anywhere without
    the trailer goes to a couple of events each year, and has been                                                                being the main attraction. I hope to have
    a heap of fun.                                                                                                                many years and many miles of fun with Stimpy.

         Don’t miss the biggest Fiat event in the US!!!

               Fiat Freak Out 2001 -
          Fiats at Niagara -
     July 20-23 - Holiday Inn Grand Island, NY
            just minutes from the Honeymoon
        Capital of the World - Niagara Falls!
                   Join over 300 Fiaters for
          the biggest Fiat event of the year!!!!!!
      info: -    reservations, call                                                                            While I am not sure if this is a reader or        716.773.1111                                                                                not, but it is quite a ride. This was taken
                                                                                                                                  from a web site by Mac out of Seattle

2001 FLU Related Events                                                    We need your chapters schedule! Send a list of events that your local
                                                                           chapter is hosting and we will publish it in the next issue of RICAMBI.

            Atlanta                                    Ohio Valley                        TBA Monthly meetings-                          June 10 SCCA National Race-
Sept 14-16 HSR Historic Races-                      Sept 27-30 USGP                     to organize Fiat FreakOut 2001                            Road Atlanta
         Road Atlanta                           Weekend Extravaganza-                    e-mail
                                                                                                    for info                                June 10 Euro Car Day-
                                                info contact Shawn Miller                                                               Rosegarden Rest, Williamsville, NY
 Oct 5-7 Petit Le Mans Races-                    at 317-636-9900 days or                      Roamin Chariots                           Contact Daryl Stacy @ 716-822-3812
         Road Atlanta                     
                                                                                                General Events                                 July 14-15 World Cars
Oct 6-7 World Cars Track Day-                            Toronto                               May 12-13 Ferrari                                     Track Day-
       AMS Road Course                      April 21 - Spring Thaw Out BBQ                                                                       AMS Road Course
                                                                                               Challenge Races-
   Oct 13 Italian Car Day-                   Hosted by Jonathan + Kathy                         Road Atlanta
                                               Ranney, in Royalton, VT                                                                             August 9-12 -
   Lake Lanier 10 AM-3 PM                                                                                                                       2001 Fiat Festival
                                                                                             May 18-20 Carlisle
    Dec 9 Atlanta Chapter                       June 3 - Italian Car Day                      Import/Replicar-                       or go
      Christmas Party-                     information, contact            Carlisle, PA •                        to
       Location TBA                           or call (617-522-6547 ext 20)

          Blue Ridge                         July 8 - Summer BBQ Cruise
                                                    Central Vermont                                                  FREAK OUT UPDATE:
      Delaware Valley                                                                 The hotel is filling up as is the River Cruise! Book your rooms and reserve your spot on
                                               September 3 - Italian Car
     North East NY/NJ/CT                          Corral, Lime Rock
                                                                                       the river cruise soon! We are anticipating about 200 cars this year and also a couple of
                                             Vintage Festival, Lakeville, CT         guest clubs to come in on Saturday (FIAT 500 club from Toronto and the LADA club!)
            Detroit                                                                  PLUS- a rumor that someone from FIAT may even be in attendance! The autocross is all
                                            October 14 - Fall Foliage Drive
       East Tennessee                               Killington, VT
                                                                                     set for you drivers so bring your driving gloves and get set to participate with the SCCA
  June 9- Cherehala Scenic                                                                                      for a great Sunday of Autocrossing.
       Drive & Picnic                                    Tri-State                   For those old timers, a go-kart track is a short drive away for the annual shootouts (be sure
       for information                                    WYNSO                       to bring a passport or birth certificate as you have to cross into Canada for this). An addi-
                                                         July 20-22                    tion to this year’s Saturday evening is child care service. We have arranged for child care
         Mid-Atlantic                            FIAT FREAK OUT-                      for kids 5 and up during the Awards part of the banquet. That will let the parents enjoy
                                                   Grand Island, NY, info at              the festivities a bit more. So bring the family and enjoy all that there is in beautiful
                                                                                      Western New York/Southern Ontario.

    Vick Autosports is home for the serious driver who demands
    more performance from his FIAT. We stock and manufacture the
    finest FIAT performance products in the world. We maintain a
    large inventory of high performance street products like pistons,
    cams, headers, Delrin bushings, springs and sway bars. If those
    products are not serious enough for you, we have more. New
    exclusive Vick Autosports products for 2001 include Crowder
    High Performance Connecting Rods for 1500cc SOHC, 1800 &
    2000cc DOHC, 12.5:1 pistons for SOHC and 12:1 for DOHC,
    electronic ignition conversion systems for X1/9s AND Spiders
    as well as 4/2/1 headers for Spiders. Full turn-key engine
    building for high performance street, autocross and race
    We can help you get ready to “fling it around turns” too!

    GM to spin off awd vehicles from Saab

       General Motors plans to cre-      The product portfolio will       ufacturing processes from         ed to in the next few months,
    ate a wide range of premium       be developed from a new engi-       those companies and create a      he said. Vehicles are expected
    all-wheel-drive vehicles that     neering and manufacturing           flexible vehicle architecture     to bow in 2004 and 2005.
    will evolve from architecture     alliance that is expected to        that allows the automakers to        Automotive News Europe, a
    being created for the next-gen-   include Cadillac, Fiat Auto,        more quickly respond to           sister      publication       to
    eration Saab 9-5. The cream of    Opel and Saab, said a GM            changing consumer tastes with     Automotive News, reported
    GM Likely players: Cadillac,      source who asked not to be          premium, niche vehicles, the      that the next-generation Alfa
    Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia,         identified. The alliance head-      source said.                      Romeo Spider, in 2004, will be
    Opel and Saab.                    quarters      will     be      in   Architecture defined              one of the first vehicles from
    Purpose: Create premium           Gothenburg, Sweden.                    GM defines an architecture     the alliance along with the next
    niche vehicles.                      The product program has          as having a common build          Saab 9-5 sedan, also in 2004.
    Ethos: Quickness, flexibility     no official name, he said,          sequence, common component           It will be followed by the
                                      although some within GM are         interfaces and common locat-      2005 Lancia Lybra replace-
    Vehicle architecture: Front-      calling it the Premium              ing points.                       ment and by the Alfa 156 and
    /all-wheel drive                  Alliance.                              Although Cadillac, Fiat and    166 successors, the paper said.
    Headquarters: Gothenburg,            The alliance’s goal is to take   Opel have not locked in their        Paolo Sandri, former com-
    Sweden                            the best engineering and man-       product plans, they are expect-   ponents platform director at

                                                                                                                           continued on page 8

               THE FIAT FREAK                                                                                                      by Bobb Rayner

   Ciao Bambini! As I pound           more profitable for Fiat than        for US-spec production are           the Stilo will be no exception.
the computer keyboard, bright         that which is occupied by more       reportedly extremely enthusiastic    Buyers will have their choice of
sunshine filters through my           affordable cars. Add to that the     and working quite hard,              four gasoline engines and two
office window and warm                poor reputation Fiat cars gar-       acknowledging the opportunity        turbodiesels! Transmissions
breezes cascade across the floor.     nered in the USA several             provided by the financial and        will include five- and six-speed
While many of our cars have           decades ago, plus the dominance      marketing might of General           manuals along with a Formula
been sitting motionless during        that other foreign manufactur-       Motors.                              One-style sequential gearbox. I
the winter, there has been a flur-    ers from Japan, Korea, and else-        In Europe, the SUV craze has      have driven an Alfa 156 in Italy
ry of activity in the corporate       where have established in the        taken hold, though not nearly as     equipped with the “Selespeed”
ranks of Fiat SpA and among           small car market in this country,    fervently as it has in the USA.      sequential automanual trans-
the movers and shakers that           and it’s no wonder why Fiat has      In June, Fiat will introduce a       mission, and I can report that it
make Fiat-Lancia Unlimited            chosen to return to do sales bat-    compact sport/utility vehicle        is as good or better than those I
the finest car club on the planet.    tle with BMW, Jaguar, Saab,          derived from the Mitsubishi          have driven from Lexus or
   Two major changes have             and the like. Rumors have sur-       Pajero and built by Pinninfarina.    Porsche.
taken place during the past sev-      faced that General Motors            A new Fiat minivan will hit the         Moving up the scale from Fiat
eral months. A new slate of club      (which inked a deal resulting in     autostrada in July, followed by a    cars, the Lancia division now
officers has been elected, and        a 20% ownership of Fiat Auto         facelifted Lancia minivan in         plans to introduce its new
they are already hard at work         last year) may be creating a pre-    September. Drivers on that side      Thesis sometime around the
implementing positive changes.        mium vehicle marketing group         of the Atlantic will finally see a   spring or summer of 2002. The
John Montgomery, newly-elect-         for Europe and North America         new flagship that will replace       car was originally slated
ed FLU president, has already         which would include Cadillac,        the Lancia “K” (kappa).              to debut late this year, but
made great strides toward             Saab, and Alfa Romeo. As                Most Americans who have           production delays have resulted
improving service and value for       recently as February of this year,   any remembrance of Fiats will        from difficulties in perfecting
club members, the results of          some Fiat execs were                 probably conger up images of         communication between its 48
which you’ll soon be seeing.          predicting that Alfas would          basic, no-frills cars of question-   on-board        microprocessors.
Along with the new administra-        eventually be sold at select         able build quality. Not so the       Thesis is loaded with all sorts
tion, you hold in your hand the       Cadillac and Saab dealerships in     Fiats of today! The new Fiat         of sophisticated electronics,
second edition of the new and         the United States, and other GM      Stilo was unveiled at the Geneva     including adaptive cruise
improved newsletter, thanks to        divisions might also get a chance    auto show earlier this year, and     control,      navigation,     and
the brilliant work of Brett           to sell the machines from Milan      boasts high-tech goodies such as     communications systems. For
Melancon. I’ll share some obser-      as well. Like many fellow Fiat       adaptive cruise control, GPS         those of us who have wrestled
vations and assessments a bit         freaks, I greet such news with       navigation, and a parking prox-      with the tiny demons in the elec-
later, but for now, let’s get it in   mixed emotions. Still, a rose is a   imity warning system. Designed       trical systems of vintage Fiats
gear......                            rose, and Alfa will still be an      in-house at Fiat’s styling center,   and Lancias, this sort of atten-
                                      Alfa, no matter who sells it.        the Stilo is replacing the popular   tion to quality and detail is
THE NEWS                              Let’s hope the horse-trader          Bravo and Brava models by            miraculously encouraging! In
  The buzz is heating up              salespeople in the GM show-          using their new “flexible plat-      addition, the Thesis is said to be
regarding the impending return        rooms do these Italian marvels       form” steel unibody, code-           heavier than anticipated, and as
of Alfa Romeo to the United           the justice they deserve.            named “C-D-H.” The cars will         a result, the engine range has to
States. While many FLU mem-              According to one of my direct     be built in three- and five-door     be upgraded. Guess what Fiat is
bers would love to see Fiat auto-     sources in Italy, Fiat is not the    body styles at the Cassino plant     considering as the Thesis’s top
mobiles on sale in America, the       corporation it was years ago. He     in central Italy.                    gasoline engine? Cadillac’s 4.6-
fact remains that Fiat’s Alfa         said that Fiat is now paying close      One of the neatest things         liter Northstar V-8! Again we
Romeo division makes more             attention to market trends and       about European cars is the fact      see another aspect of GM’s asso-
sense for the USA. The                admitting that it can not repeat     that they are always offered         ciation with Fiat SpA, but don’t
American market segment in            the mistakes of the 1990s. Those     with many more engine options        look for the Thesis to ever come
which Alfas will compete is far       involved with developing Alfas       than cars sold in America, and       to the USA. Though far more
                                                                                                                             continued on back page
    Fiats in the Ozarks!                                                                                                    by Mike Greer

    What do you call it when a        Friday June 15 – arrivals into     something to slap on the grill       For more information you
    Lancia follows a Fiat into the    the Osage Beach area, check-       and your own refreshments.        can contact Matt Ludwig at”
    Ozarks?                           in at the Scottish Inn or other    After lunch we plan a    or 785-
                                      hotel of your choice, or camp      Concorso D’Eleganza so that       312-2977. For those interested
    An Extravaganza!                  at a near by campground            people can look at all the        in staying at the Scottish Inn
       2001 marks the second          (Lake of the Ozarks State          other fine cars that show up.     of Osage Beach the phone
    annual event where Fiats and      Park). We will assemble in         This is also an informal event,   number for reservations is”
    Lancias venture into the          small to medium sized groups       no registration and no judges     (573) 348-3123, mention you
    Ozarks of Missouri to meet        to go to dinner. This is not a     or prizes, at least not yet.      are with the Fiat group and
    other enthusiasts and see         prepaid event so you can find      Depending on the turn out         you will receive a 10% dis-
    other fine cars. For a number     other folks that have your         there may be time for a           count off the normal rate. We
    of years there have been          same tastes and form your          ‘round the lake drive or just     have not blocked rooms so if
    events on either coast, but up    own group or sneak off with        more bs before dinner, which      you prefer other accommoda-
    until 2000 there was no           your significant other for a       will again be groups on their     tions that is up to you. We
    Fiat/Lancia event in the mid-     romantic dinner. Afterwards,       own. We will however, meet        will however, utilize the
    west. The first of what is        meet in the parking lot and        again after dinner for the        parking lot of the Scottish Inn
    hoped to be an annual event       clean off some of those bugs       second annual Fiat/Lancia         as a gathering place as many
    took place in Osage Beach,        that hit during the drive and      go-kart runoffs. This was         will have rooms there.
    MO last summer with nine          meet any newcomers.                a tradition that started last        We don’t really know
    enthusiasts and four Fiat spi-                                                  year and seems to      where this is headed; this is
    ders in attendance. The                                                         have struck a nerve    only the second year that we
    event, although still in it’s                                                   with the group.        are attempting such an
    infancy, is attracting a                                                        Participation could    endeavor. The group will
    much larger crowd                                                               be limited but it      more or less determine the
    this, it’s second, year.                                                        will be fun for all    direction and the amount of
       This event is an                                                             I’m sure.              organization that is necessary
    informal gathering of                                                                                  for us to continue. At present
                                                                          Sunday June 17 – a casual
    enthusiasts mostly                                                                                     there is no registration, so you
                                                                          early morning, either a tech
    from the midwest.                                                                                      can make a last minute deci-
                                                                          session or a drive around the
    There is no official                                                                                   sion and make the trip, if the
                                                                          lake, this really depends on
    registration and no                                                                                    group grows as we hope it
                                                                          what we were able to work in
    entry fees, just show                                                                                  will, logistics may require a
                                                                          on Saturday. A casual get
    up and enjoy the                                                                                       change at some point. If you
                                                                          together to review the week-
    activities. The event for 2001    Saturday June 16 – a casual                                          live in the area, or just want a
                                                                         end’s activities and make
    is scheduled for June 15, 16      morning, more arrivals,                                              chance to get away from it all
                                                                         some plans for 2002. This is
    and 17. The unofficial hotel is   debug that beautiful Italian                                         and see the Ozarks and some
                                                                         your chance to speak out on
    the Scottish Inn, of Osage        metal, some bs and maybe a                                           other Fiat and Lancia auto-
                                                                         what activities you would like
    Beach, MO. Although this is       tech session from a well                                             mobiles, this is your chance.
                                                                         to see included or new loca-
    an informal gathering, we do      respected Fiat Freak. We will                                        Hope to see you there.
                                                                         tions we could visit. We will
    have some planned activities      head to the State Park just
                                                                         finish with a run for benzen-
    and a rough agenda, just to let   prior to lunch; there is a shel-
                                                                         na and departures around
    you know what to expect the       ter that has been reserved for
                                                                         noon. This will get most
    agenda is as follows”             our group. There will be a
                                                                         folks home at a decent time
                                      cookout for lunch so bring
                                                                         on Sunday evening.

 Blast from the past...

GM Spin off continued from page 5

Fiat Auto S.p.A., has been select-       Asked about what type of vehi-
ed as team leader for the alliance.   cle might be developed for
   “If you ever want to dream of      Cadillac, the GM source said:
being successful in this premium      “Think out of the box. It could be
segment globally, you have to be      something that doesn’t currently
successful in Europe. That is our     exist at Cadillac either by market
goal,” said the GM source.            entry or even the type of the vehi-
   “We really want to become a        cle.” Beginning in the 2003 model
significant player in this premi-     year, Cadillac will introduce a
um segment” by offering a wide        range of vehicles developed from
range of products, the source         a new GM rear-wheel/all-wheel-
said.                                 drive luxury platform called
No clones                             Sigma. The first vehicle off that
  Although these vehicles will        platform will be the Cadillac
share the same architecture, that     CTS, the replacement for the
architecture allows the creation      Catera, followed by a new sport
of a wide range of vehicles with      wagon expected to bow in the
different lengths, widths and         2004 model year.
wheelbases. They are not clones,         GM owns Saab and holds a 20
and each vehicle’s interior and       percent stake in Fiat Auto. The
exterior styling will be unique,      Italian automaker has a 5 percent
the GM source said.                   stake in GM. The two companies
  And although the new prod-          also have combined powertrain
ucts will evolve from front-          and purchasing operations in
wheel-drive architecture, the vast    Europe and Latin America.
majority is expected to be all-
                                      March 5, 2001
wheel drive. They will feature
                                      Rick Kranz
sophisticated suspensions and         Automotive News Product Editor
high torsional rigidity.

    SOHC Head Comparison” Compression Ratios                                                                                             by Lalo

       There’s been a lot of talk       a little grease to ensure water                                       like the combustion chamber
    about big valve heads and           tightness. I measured each                                            is shallower.
    Yugo heads and the relative         head a couple of times to                                                This was where the num-
    gains in compression, etc.          ensure consistency.                                                   bers changed. I thought that
    With Courtney’s help I finally         The volume of the combus-                                          the 1300 head that I had orign-
    got some heads together for         tion chamber is 34cc. This was     Pic 1. Measurement Set-Up          inally cc’d was only minimally
    comparison. Court supplied          the biggest of them all. In                                           shaved, but I was apparently
    the 1300cc Yugo head, my            short, if you want compres-                                           wrong. The measured volume
    buddy Ed supplied the 1300cc        sion, this is NOT the head to                                         of the 1300 head that was cc’d
    X1/9 head and the 1500cc FI         use in stock form. See how sec-                                       at Courtney’s was 33cc. It was
    head came from my private           tion B appears to have a deep-                                        just one cc less than the FI
    reserve. I’m sure someone out       er combustion chamber than                                            head. From looking at section
    there has done this before, I’ve    the 1300 head but is shallower                                        A I would imagine that the 1cc
    just never seen the data and        than the YUGO head.                                                   difference is probably due to
    have always been curious            Rockwell welded his head and                                          the extra meat around the
    about just exactly what the         resurfaced it in order to          Pic 2. Standard 1500cc FI Head     spark plug.
    difference was.                     remove the machined cylinder                                             Finally we get to the YUGO
       The major differences in the     recess. My head was shaved                                            head. It was, 26cc. 21.2% less
    heads are sections A and B,         .060 by PBS, and that was on                                          volume than the 1300cc and a
    and the presence or absence of      top of previous shavings, in                                          whopping 23.5% less volume
    a machined cylinder recess.         order to get the compression                                          than the 1500 head. Of course
    Section A is the spark plug         up. I also used the European                                          this head features no machined
    area and section B is the           pistons which have the                                                cylinder recess.
    machining around the valves         MUCH smalled fly-cuts.                                                   So what does all this mean?
    on the manifold side of the            As mentioned before, I had      Pic 3. Standard 1300cc Head        Let’s look at compression
    head. When Court first              yet to see this data. So follow-                                      numbers and build a virtual
    brought the Yugo head over I        ing with requests from Forum                                          engine using a 1500cc engine
    immediately noticed that in         folks and others I went ahead                                         as a basis”
    section A, the Yugo head had        and cc’d another couple of                                              The numbers for the 1300
    considerably MORE material          heads. This was made possible                                         have been updated to reflect
    removed than the 1300 head          by Courtney who provided the                                          the new measurements.
    (see Pics 3 and 4). I went so far   heads. Unfortunately his FI
    as to pontificate that this         head leaked through the                                               Stock 1500 CR” 8.5/1, this is
    amount of material would            valves, but the results seemed                                        what you get with the FI head.
    come close to equaling the          to support the 34cc value for      Pic 4. Standard 1300cc YUGO Head
                                                                                                              1500 block with 1300cc head
    machined cylinder recess in         the FI head.                                                          CR” 8.7/1, not that big of a change.
    the 1300 head. Interestingly           The volume of this head is      from the YUGO and 1500
    enough the FI head had this         29cc. Once again, note the dif-    heads. It is considerable and I    1500 block with YUGO head
    exact same machining done in        ference in section A between       would imagine that if you          CR” 9.9/1, now we’re cookin’
    section A.                          this head and the others. I        were crazy enough you could        with gas. Add a little head
       For testing purposes, I used     would guess that ALL three         take a YUGO head and weld          shaving to get to 10/1 and that’s
    a piece of plexiglass with a fill   heads were cast with this extra    this material back in. Also,       an increase worth looking into.
    hole and a couple of bleed          material around the spark          compare section B with the
                                                                                                                So the question is, should we
    holes, a calibrated syringe, and    plug and was later removed         other two heads, this does look

                                                                            Blast from the past...

all run to our local yard and pull    Mirafiori Forum and the follow-
all the Yugo heads we can get our     ing appears the be a pretty good
hands on? If you want an              rundown of what bolt sizes came
increase in COMPRESSION, I            with what heads on the Yugos.
say go for it. If you want an         For those on the Forum, this info
increase in PERFORMANCE, I            was provided by Scott Phelps”
say hold the boat. There are some     “The early 1500 blocks used
important issues that have not        12mm bolts studs, and the later
been resolved yet, at least no one    injected blocks used 10mm. All
has showed me the data. Those         Fiat 1300 blocks used the 12mm.
issues are things like valve sizes,   Yugo heads produced up to ‘87
port sizes, head bolt sizes. The      used the 12mm size. Yugo heads
holes in the Yugo 1300 head are       manufactured after late ‘87 used
smaller than the Fiat 1300 head.      the 10mm size. So...Pick the right
Break out the drill press. As time    head to go with your block or
permits I’ll look in to these other   vice versa. There is a Yugo head
critical performance areas. I’m       out there that will fit your block,
not sure how much, if any, flow       no matter what the head bolt
you are giving up in exchange for     size.”
compression. At what point is
this no longer a trade-off?           More to come.
   I consulted the ‘experts’ at the

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                                                                    Fiat 1953-1989      Strada          Lancia 1975-1983
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                                                                             Fax” 770-928-1342 •

     Dwight’s Drivel                                                                                                         by Dwight Varnes

        It’s been some time since          The event was the 50th          run up the hill on our own so         900-and-a-few cc’s rear
     regular readers of this tome       running of the Duryea              we would know what the                mounted pushrod engine.
     have heard from me. For            Hillclimb. Charles Duryea,         course looked like from inside        There are some Abarth parts
     that small group who enjoy         one of America’s automotive        the car.                              in there, and a raucous loud
     my rantings, I apologize.          pioneers, used the road up the        While it may be a bit dull,        exhaust. Bryner informed me
     Much has happened in the           steep     mountainside        of   I’ll try to describe the track to     that, in the 850, style points
     last year or two since my reg-     Reading, Pennsylvania as a         you so that you can under-            count, since the car was hope-
     ular offerings. Fear not; I am     test track to prove the            stand what I was up against           lessly outgunned by other
     back to entertain or put you to    strength of his autos. The         (after all, it is the hill I’m try-   machinery in the ‘historic’
     sleep, depending on your per-      road has since been named for      ing to beat, not other cars).         class. The car is hollow; there
     spective of my ramblings.          him, and the annu-
        After years of excuses, some    al hillclimb held
     with merit but most without,       in his honor.

                                                                                                                                                   photos by Glen Mast
     I finally decided to participate   Sports cars have
     in a racing event. I’ve done a     been clawing their
     lot of car-driving type stuff,     way up this steep,
     such as rallies, autocrosses and   switchback paved
     finally a track event earlier in   road since 1950.
     the year. Some of this is more     With half the road recently        The starting line is on a brief       are no door panels, uphol-
     dangerous than the others,         repaved, it was looking to be a    but steep uphill straight,            stery, floor covering, wind-
     but it’s all fairly controlled     fantastic event.                   where the 850 will just get           shield, heater controls, etc to
     either by the course                  The car I was to use was a      second gear before a hairpin          add weight. The engine. In
     (autocross), instructor (track     restored Fiat 850 spider pro-      left. Flat to the floor in sec-       fact, has an empty alternator
     event) or the local constabu-      duction race car. The car had      ond as the road sweeps                to reduce the engine load, as
     lary (rally). While sliding cars   been purchased new and             around to the right, watch the        well as an electric fan I
     on dirt is fun, it’s pretty dan-   driven home to a shop, where       tach needle and lift for the          become adept at switching on
     gerous without closed roads,       it was cut and gutted as neces-    hairpin right as you touch            and off as needed. Once seat-
     safety equipment and a serv-       sary to make it a race car.        redline. Up a short straight          ed, I attach a confusing array
     ice crew. Autocross is an edu-     This car basically had never       again to another left, repeat to      of belts and arm restraints,
     cational and challenging           known life on the street, only     a right, then a looong uphill         and cram my long legs under
     sport, but for me it doesn’t       mad dashes up Duryea Drive         section that gently curves left       the steering wheel, which is a
     have the thrill of a speed         and a few other mountains.         along the mountainside. A             very small diameter racing
     event. I wasn’t ready to bang      The car, I hoped, knew the         kink left (real men don’t lift        unit. The real fun starts
     fenders with other cars in         way to the top. Early on race      in the kink, and neither did I)       when you flick the ignition
     road racing. Luckily, there is     day I was carted up the hill       then hard on the brakes for a         switch on and press the starter
     such a thing as Solo 1. This is    with a group of other rookies      hairpin left. A tight right to        button. The 850 responds
     a speed event limited only by      on the back of a car trailer. A    another hairpin left, a short         with a roar, sounding oh-so-
     the course and your own fear       veteran of the hill would stop     straight to an annoying off           racy and far superior to the
     of keeping the pedal flat to       and advise us on various parts     camber right with a stone             MGs and Triumphs we were
     the floor. I was generously        of the track what we needed        wall on the outside, followed         competing with. It settles to a
     offered a car, a discounted        to do or not do to prevent our     by the final scream through           lopy idle, the whole car
     racing suit, and some basic        deaths or that of the poor         some esses to the top of the          vibrating with the revolutions
     hand-holding by good friend        course workers. We were            mountain and a flying finish.         of the crankshaft. The cut
     Bryner Raudibaugh.                 then permitted one practice           The 850 is powered by a            down gear lever has a very

precise feel to the shifts, and     much harder than a rubber           residence in the front trunk.      the car nor come in last in our
the tiny clutch is very grabby.     cone. There’s blurry-eyed           The lower portion of the           class, though I am far, far
At the starting line, tension       acceleration, then suddenly a       track is fun, then the sweep-      from any trophy. I am tired,
builds, but I am not as flus-       corner, and you simply choose       ing left along the mountain        dirty, and very happy. We
tered as I might normally be.       to go around it. I’m not            before the dip where I can         clean up our pit, load the 850
Something about this little car     thinking about “Oh gee, I           hammer the shifter into third.     and head our separate ways. I
oozes confidence, and I’m           should put my tires a foot          I’m able to address third          am, of course, hopelessly
surprised how calm I feel           more that way”; I’m too busy        again after the off-camber         enthralled with the whole
doing this vs. autocrossing,        worrying that the Camp-             right and through the esses        experience and prepare to
waiting for the light to turn       agnolas with their Hoosier          near the top. At this point the    race my own car this coming
green.                              Autocrossers will get my            car is screaming, the road is      season. It will be faster,
   The light eventually does        sorry butt around the turn          bumpy and my vision is get-        smoother and more comfort-
turn green, and if I launch         and not into the haybales/          ting blurred from the wind         able, but it will not be a Fiat.
correctly (half the time I do       guardrail/rocky bank that           leaking around my goggles          It will also not know it’s own
not) I rev the snot out of the      awaits my ineptitude. Track         and the jouncing from the          way up the hill.
little pushrod mill and let the     days are much easier, though        stiff suspension. It’s a scary
clutch fly. If I don’t do this I    faster, for I can learn the         choice between watching
bog down and crawl embar-           proper line with little worry       where I’m going and seeing
rassingly away from the line,       of doing more than putting a        the tach spin (oops) a few
creeping past the bleachers         wheel off into the grass and        hundred past redline before
filled with spectators. If I do     maybe kissing a tire wall.          shifting to fourth for the final
it right, I’m roaring towards         The 850, however, takes           push to the finish.
turn one with little clue how       care of me. The car is so well         Over two days, I am able to
I’m going to get around it.         prepared (and so used to this       repeat this thrill about eight
   Upon reflection afterwards,      hill) it is almost effortless to    times. I manage to not break
I realize how difficult this        drive. Floor it, shift, floor it,
hillclimb stuff really is. Much     brakes, turn, floor it, shift.
like an autocross, you get few      My fears of its rear engine
chances to do any one corner        handling are unfounded, no
correctly. Here I can’t experi-     doubt due to the fuel cell taking
ment on trying to learn a cer-
tain line, as if I do I will very
likely hit something

                                                                                                                Dwight Varnes

     10 ticket avoiding ideas you should know
     The following article appeared in Car       tips are, most of them, meth-
     and Driver Magazine in January 1991.
                                                 ods we here at Car and Driver
     The editorial department of Car and
     Driver has released this article for non-   are well acquainted with, but
     commercial use on the Internet and any      Dr. Bigone’s unique presenta-
     other electronic networks and bulletin      tion conveys them concisely
     boards providing this disclaimer is
     attached. The article “Ten Best Tips for    and in one highly entertain-
     Fearless Flying” is written by Umberto      ing and easy-to-use package.
     Bigone (a psuedoynm) and the 1990              I, Dr. Umberto Bigone,
     copyright and all rights to this story
     belong to Hachette Filipacchi
                                                 lover of high velocity vehicles
     Magazines. TEN BEST TIPS FOR                and of using them in the
     FEARLESS FLYING Car and Driver              manner that God intended,
     Online, an electronic version of the
                                                 share for the first time with
     magazine, can be found on America
     Online. Send E-mail to the magazine at      my fellow enthusiasts knowl-                         edge gained over decades of
     Ten Best Tips for                           experience        on   heavily
                                                 patrolled highways of the
     Fearless Flying                             nation and the world. I do this    RULE 1” SELECT PROPER              The answer to driving fast
        Speeding-ticket                                                             EQUIPMENT                          without resorting to a dull
                                                 free of charge, though the
     headaches? Dr. Bigone has                                                         You cannot hope to speed        automobile is the sports
                                                 evolution of my secrets came
     just the medicine for you. by                                                  with impunity without prop-        sedan, and fine examples
                                                 in small, incremental, often
     Dr. Umberto Bigone                                                             er equipment. The best radar       abound, ranging from the
                                                       expensive steps as new
        Umberto Bigone                                                              detector money can buy is a        Infiniti Q45 to the Taurus
                                                         situations, new equip-
     (bee-GO-nay) ranks                                                             mandatory investment. But          SHO and the Dodge Sprint
                                                          ment, and new meas-
     as one of the world’s                                                          there is more” think about the     R/T. If ordered in other than
                                                         urement techniques
     most         enthusiastic                                                      car itself. A bright red Ferrari   “Arrest-Me-Red”, the mod-
                                                        caused my original
     motorists. At home here                                                        F40 or Lamborghini Diablo,         ern sports sedan will provide
                                                   Golden Rule (“Watch Your
     in Europe, or even in Canada,                                                  and a bespoilered and fat-         many more miles of hassle
                                                 Rear-View Mirror”) to blos-
     Dr. Bigone’s license is pristine                                               tired Mustang GT are “ticket       free motoring at far greater
                                                 som into the Ten Best Ways.
     and points-free, which is to                                                   magnets”. A nondescript            speeds than a more “overt”
                                                    As in all offers American, a
     say clean, making him, statis-                                                 Ford Aerostar, in mouse-           vehicle. All cars may look the
                                                 disclaimer is called for” if,
     tically at least, a paragon of                                                 gray-metallic, or a powder-        same to a radar gun, but radar
                                                 after you learn these rules,
     law-abiding propriety, a sta-                                                  blue generic U.S. sedan, are       is not the only threat, and if
                                                 you are apprehended, please
     tus he has enjoyed for                                                         largely ticket-proof. It is sad,   you are stopped, the type of
                                                 do not attempt to call me and
     decades.                                                                       but the more overtly your          vehicle you drive and what it
                                                 threaten        legal   action.
        How, we asked Dr. Bigone,                                                   vehicle displays the intent for    says is about your driving
                                                 Remember that advice may
     can he drive so rapidamente                                                    high-speed use, the less it will   style can be of decisive impor-
                                                 be worth no more than what
     so regularly, while for the rest                                               be capable of doing so.            tance.
                                                 you paid for it (nothing in this
     of us it’s all we can do to keep                                               Perhaps this fact explains
     our points total below the
                                                 instance) and that Dr.                                                RULE 2” RECOGNIZE THE
                                                 Bigone’s special remedy can-       why, in a presumably               THREAT EARLY
     license-threatening redline?                                                   Darwinian             evolution,
                                                 not eliminate the risk of                                               This is a straightforward
     Generously, he has consented                                                   Corvette drivers have become
                                                 apprehension, though my tips                                          rule. Believe your detector,
     to share with us his ten best                                                  slower and slower, to the
                                                 can and do dramatically                                               even if it gives only a short,
     tips for flying on the highway                                                 point of now being tragic but
                                                 reduce such risk.                                                     uncertain signal. It may well
     without fear. Of cops. These                                                   amusing mobile chicanes.           be the dreaded K-band

                                                                            Parts & Accessories

“instant-on” aimed at vehicles      folded inward) and, more
ahead of you. How often have        importantly, fat tires. When
I, hurtling down the highway,       approaching a suspect vehicle
heard the first plaintative bleat   from the rear, look for the
from my Escort, pulled courte-      above cues plus check the
ously to the right, permitted       underside for the telltale stabi-
my close follower (in disregard     lizer bar, especially on
of Rules 5 and 6) to blast by,      Chevrolets.
only to have him receive a full        If you think you see a well-
dose of microwaves seconds          shod white, ivory, blue, or
later. This is inevitably fol-      black Diplomat, Caprice,
lowed by the offensive suck-        Mustang, or Crown Vic in
ing-vacuum sound of a large
police cruiser rushing past the
                                    your rear-view mirror, slow
                                    down! Permit him to come
now sanctimomously-slow Dr.
Bigone. The scene ends, so sad,
                                    closer for positive identifica-
                                    tion. The seconds lost are            and power
with a display of flashing lights
somewhere         up      ahead.
                                    meaningless and quickly
                                    regained if the possible threat       at your
Scanning X-band radar is            is found to be benign.
falling into increasing disuse,        When entering a new state,         fingertips...
and many agencies are resort-       take a few moments at a local
ing to traditional seek-and-        gas pump to learn what types
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                                                                            • Largest US supplier.
                                    where the wisdom of Rule 1
always American, usually full-      becomes apparent Innocuous
size      Fords,        full-size   cars may pass unnoticed.)
Chevrolets, Mustang GTs, or           When moving smartly in
Plymouth Gran Furys/Dodge           daylight hours, constantly scan
Diplomats. Period.                  your mirrors and the road               For your free 76-page catalog call
   Even without light bars, you     ahead for threats. Slow when
should be able to pick out these    going through underpasses,                  1-800-788-4435
vehicles at great distances by      for the enforcer may be parked    
looking for windshield-pillar       out of sight behind the far-side           Route 29 N, Charlottesville, VA 22906
mounted spotlights (carefully       concrete. Be suspicious of any           804-973-0555, 24-Hour Fax 804-973-2368

                                                   continued on page 27

     ARRIVEDERCI ESTATE 2000 (Good Bye Summer 2000)                                                                                      By Larry Goldsmith

        A fall road tour of western       myself and exceeded the grip
     New Jersey was presented by          of      his     front       tires
     the Delaware Valley Chapter          (Firestones?????).
     on October 1, 2000 by Larry          Fortunately, his keen driving
     Goldsmith, with the assis-           skills, with a delicate touch of
     tance of John Kostelansky            the steering and judicious use
     and the encouragement of             of the brakes, he made it safe-
     Damon and Michelle Kane.             ly through what was really a
     All of the publicity was pre-        double hairpin turn. One of
     pared and sent by Damon.             the other highlights was a
     The summer of 2000 had               special excursion to visit the
     many wet weekends ruin               only windmill in the state.
     outdoor plans. However this          The best part was the climb               from left to rig
                                                                                                     ht” Top row” Pa
     fall day was to become a win-        up one of the most interesting           Middle Row” La                   ul Farthing, Do
                                                                                                                                   n Ehrmann, John
                                                                                                    rry Goldsmith Bo                                Padden
     ner! The day started very                                                     Cacciola, Damo                    ttom Row” Joe
                                                                                                   n Royal Kane, Ga                 Berger, Jim Wa
                                                                                                                    il Rheinlander                rga, Lisa
     cool but all convertible tops
     were down and removable
     roofs (X1/9) stowed away,
     heaters turned up to full blast.
     The western part of New
     Jersey is one of the best kept
     secrets from the people with
     the “what exit do you live by
     mentality” of the state. My        from left to rig
                                                        ht are” Larry Go
     purpose as creator of the tour,    Damon Royal Ka                    ldsmith, Gail Rh
                                                         ne, Lisa Caccio                   einlander & Do
                                                                        la & John Padd                   n EhrmannN, Pa
     was to enjoy driving our                                                           en.                            ul Farthing, Jim
                                                                                                                                        Warga & Joe Bu
     Italian sports cars in the beau-
     tiful hills and valleys of NJ        (very steep) hills (Adamic Hill
     that often rival those of            Road) at about 10 mph with               rode along the scenic                    is not only the beauty of
     Europe (on a much smaller            several blind curves! I could-           Delaware River. Back to New              it, but also driving it. CIAO
     scale). Although I spent a lot       n’t hear anybody scream and I            Jersey through Frenchtown                PS If you know of an espe-
     of time preparing a cue              really knew the road well. I             and eventually after I found             cially nice area to drive, I
     (route) sheet and map, all of        doubt if I would have tried in           another hairpin turn, came to            encourage you to put together
     the group decided to just fol-       a Fiat 500. The tour then took           Sky Manor Airport in                     a road tour for your respective
     low me! This was a pleasure          us along the edge of the                 Pittstown, NJ for lunch.                 Chapter. I would be glad to
     because we had no traffic            Delaware River that separates            Perhaps it was the sunny                 share with you some of the
     lights anywhere to separate          NJ from Pennsylvania. The                weather, maybe the beautiful             guidelines I used to make it a
     us. Everyone kept together           day warmed up, the sun came              airplanes (a fully restored              success. Larry Goldsmith
     and fortunately I remem-             out and nobody cared that the            Stearman came within 20 feet             (732) 246-8688 EST.
     bered the 60 mile route. We          scenic two lane road dimin-              of us) or the exotic live birds
     didn’t lose anybody but came         ished down to just one lane!             (Peacocks) on display, but
     close when Paul Farthing in          We made a short jaunt to                 nobody wanted to go home!
     his beautiful 124 took the first     Upper Black Eddy, PA,                    Clearly we realized the enjoy-
     hairpin turn a bit faster than       stopped for coffee and a then            ment of owning an Italian car

                                 FLU’s On-Line board Meetings a Success!
March 2 meeting Agenda                        3. No more than one week before the          April 6 Meeting Agenda                     Resolution 2001-3” Ricambi Editor
   The goal of the meeting was to gath-       meeting the Secretary will publish to all       The goal of the meeting was             and Webmaster Inclusion at Board
er together a group of officers and           directors and officers an Agenda for the     for board action on the first 5            Meetings. Unanimously Passed. Both
directors to test the viability of using an   meeting. Typically, the President will       resolutions.                               were recognized for their contributions
AOL Instant Messenger Chat Room.              provide this agenda, but if a special                                                   and value at meetings. The resolution
                                              meeting is called by another director or                                                was modified to read as follows”
                                                                                           Meeting Report
Meeting Report                                member, then the person calling the                                                     “Board vote to approve the inclusion of
                                              meeting shall provide the Secretary              The Meeting convened, at the           Ricambi editor Brett Melancon and
    The Meeting convened, at the
                                              with the agenda.                             Secretary’s invitation, shortly before      webmaster        Elias
Secretary’s invitation, shortly before 8”00
                                                                                           8”00 PM EST. There was some diffi-         Geisendorfer to be present at board
PM EST with 4 participants” Elias
                                              4. The meetings will be scheduled to         culty with assembling the on line par-     meetings.”
Geisendorfer (Internet Editor), Haz
                                              last one hour. As such, only a maxi-         ticipants. After about 15 minutes, a
Neuman (VP), Todd Rosenthall (Director)
                                              mum of 5 specific agenda items will be       quorum was established and the meeting     Resolution        2001-4”      Ricambi
and the Secretary, Damon Royal Kane.
                                              presented for board voting. This             started.                                   Advertising Rates. Unanimously
A few moments later John
                                              means 10 minutes of presentation and             The following were present at the      Passed. There was some discussion as
Montgomery (President) joined, as the
                                              discussion on each topic. The modera-        meeting” John Montgomery (President),      to the integration of Web and Ricambi
Secretary had to sort out his correct
                                              tor will intervene when the conversa-        Haz Neuman (VP), Damon Royal               advertising rates. Web rates were
screen name. Just after 8”30 PM EST                                                        Kane (Secretary), Elias Geisendorfer
Brett Melancon (Ricambi Editor) joined.       tion time limit for an issue is reached.                                                deferred to a future discussion.
                                                                                           (Internet Editor), and the following
    The meeting lasted about one hour.        The first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes,                                                 Although the motion passed, clarifica-
                                              or remainder thereof shall be devoted        Directors which constituted the quo-       tion of Classified rates is required by
There was no specific agenda. Each
                                              to review of previous minutes (before),      rum” Scott Phelps, Shaun Folkerts,         the president, as there was confusion
participant was able to type comments
                                              and summarization by the President           Mike Sassaman, Thad Kirk, Charlie          regarding the duration (one or two
to the screen that was displayed to all of
                                              (after).                                     Bates, Scott Hill and Jim Aitken. Todd     months for some or all?) of these rates
the other users simultaneously. Haz
                                                                                           Rosenthal was on line and visible on the   in the President’s proposal.
Neuman and Todd Rosenthall both                                                            Secretary’s buddy list, but unfortunate-
commented about the difficulty in             5. Because of the difficulty of follow-
                                              ing different threads of conversation        ly, repeated attempts to have him join     Resolution 2001-5” Pay Pal for
keeping up with the chat, due to their
                                              during the chat, the President (or per-      the chat were unsuccessful. This was       Membership Dues and Advertising
slow keyboard skills. The Secretary                                                        despite the fact that Todd had success-
noticed that with no structure,               son appointed by the President) will act                                                Collections. Unanimously Tabled.
                                              as moderator, providing each director        fully participated in the test meeting.    There was concern that this issue is pre-
different threads of conversation
                                              and officer an opportunity to express            Each of the 5 resolutions presented    mature. Scott Hill has 25 internet
intertwined. The answer to one
                                              concerns, support, or ask questions.         by the President were discussed by the     applications with no payment. Elias
question may follow after other
                                                                                           board. At first the meeting was carried    did not recommend Pay Pal. The
unrelated comments are inserted by                                                         on as a roundtable, with each person
another user. This may prove to make          6. Voting on the issues that require a                                                  board requested more study and a
                                              resolution of the board will be taken at     speaking in turn. It was quickly deter-    report next month from Elias. In the
documentation of the meetings difficult.
                                              the end of the meeting, if a quorum of       mined that this was not necessary. The     mean time, the board requested that
    There seemed to be a general
                                              directors (six or more) is present. If       discussion opened up and the partici-      the on-line application be pulled in
consensus of the participants that this                                                    pants successfully carried on a mean-
meeting method is viable.                     there is a quorum, then a majority                                                      favor of a PDF version of the paper
                                              (more than half) of those Directors          ingful discussion.                         application. These can be downloaded
Recommendations”                              present will constitute the will of the                                                 and mailed with a check. It is hoped
                                              board on a voting issue. If there is no      Resolution 2001-1” Monthly on line         that this will relieve the problem of
   The following “rules of the road”
                                              quorum, then no votes will be taken.         meeting. Unanimously Passed. There         applications without payment.
were discussed, or employed during the
                                              The Secretary will tally the votes and       was some discussion to hold meetings
test and proved useful for the conduc-                                                     bimonthly, but in the end it was agreed
tion of board meetings.                       include them in the minutes of the                                                         The meeting was concluded after
                                              meeting which will be distributed to all     to stay with the proposal for monthly      about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Some
                                              directors and officers shortly after the     meetings. The resolution was slightly      members stayed in the room to chat
1. The Secretary will announce the
                                              meeting by email.                            modified to resolve that meetings will     after the meeting. Next meeting is
meeting date and time at least 30 days
                                                 These “rules of the road” will persist    be held the first Sunday of the Month at   scheduled for Sunday May 6, 2001.
in advance by email.
                                              until revised, at which time, all partici-   8”00 PM. A request was made for the        Haz Neuman will serve as Acting
                                              pants will be advised. We fully expect       Secretary to open the chat room at 7”45.   Secretary.
2. The Secretary will setup the chat
room and invite all directors and offi-       that a better technology may emerge,                                                    Respectfully Submitted
                                              but in order to expedite the board           Resolution       2001-2”     Ricambi
cers on-line no more than 2 minutes                                                                                                   Damon Royal Kane,
                                              meetings, we will pursue the AOL             Publication Approval, including editor     Secretary
before the scheduled meeting time. At                                                                                                 Fiat Lancia Unlimted
                                              Instant Messenger solution for the time      and membership rates. Unanimously
that time the Secretary will note the                                                      Passed. Everyone was pleased with
attendance roll, then turn it over to the     being.
                                                                                           Brett’s results. Some comments were
moderator who will begin the meeting
                                                                                           made about minor improvements and
with the first issue. As other officers
and directors come on-line, the
Secretary will invite them into the

     On Top of the World                                                                                              By Damon Royal Kane

        My journey through the           didn’t have to ask twice. I        Brooklands for the AutoItalia      the Italian X1/9 club for a one
     years with my X1/9 has              spread the word around and         festival. When we finally          day extravaganza. Ewen’s
     brought me friends beyond my        James Seabolt decided to make      approached Dover for the           plan was to make the trip in 3
     wildest expectations. There is      the trip as well.                  ferry crossing to Calais, we had   days, using secondary roads
     no doubt in my mind that the                                                                              only, and staying at camp-
     car is something special, but                                                                             grounds overnight. It worked
     the folks sitting behind the                                                                              out that way with hundreds of
     various X1/9 steering wheels                                                                              great experiences, but the jour-
     never cease to amaze me with                                                                              ney in many ways was my
     their warmth, genuine inter-                                                                              favorite part. The sight of 10
     est, and generosity. This is a                                                                            X1/9s running though the
     theme that I will revisit with                                                                            French countryside, or rolling
     you more than once! Nineteen                                                                              through a small Italian village
     ninety four was a bumper year                                                                             gave me great delight, and I
     for me to meet new friends. I                                                                             was part of it!
     had gotten word, through the                                                                                 I was not sure of what to
     pre-internet grapevine, that                                                                              expect of the participants, but
     Bertone was opening its doors                                                                             was thrilled at the great group
     to X1/9 owners for a special                                                                              of people who made the trip.
     one day event. It was at this                                                                             The camaraderie was out-
     event that I began a number of                                                                            standing, as evidenced by the
     new friendships that have                                                                                 nearly constant chatter on the
     blossomed.        Amongst the                                                                             CB radios in each car. It is
     hundreds of faithful who                                                                                  interesting to note, that the
     made the pilgrimage, I was                                                                                entire current leadership of the
     delighted to get to know a                                                                                UK X1/9 Owners Club partic-
     number of the members of the                                                                              ipated in that trip! I was also
     X1/9 Owners Club. One of the                                                                              pleasantly surprised at camp-
     more colorful folks was one                                                                               ing European style. Each of
     Ewen Brown, from Scotland.                                                                                the group was prepared with
     With so much going on at the                                                                              full camping gear stuffed into
     event, we only got to chat, but                                                                           every nook and cranny you
     over the succeeding years, we                                                                             could find in an X! The camp-
     exchanged letters with Ewen,                                                                              grounds offered level spots to
     and even paid him and his                                                                                 set up the tents, clean shower
     family a visit in 1996. In early                                                                          and toilet facilities all for a
     1997 Ewen wrote me that he         Taken at the famous Stelvio pass!                                      modest charge. Some even
     was organizing a driving trip                                                                             offered restaurant facilities
     from the UK to Italy, and              What a wonderful experi-        assembled a half a dozen cars      where the food was uniformly
     would I like to come along? I       ence it was! After flying into     or so. The plan was to drive       good. One of my favorite
     had always harbored the             London, a small group of us        though      France,        into    memories is of being awak-
     dream to take an extended           camped out at Ewen’s sister’s      Switzerland, over the Alps         ened by the ringing of church
     road trip through Europe in an      flat in the west end. We gath-     into Northern Italy and finally    bells in the nearby village the
     X1/9. This was about as close       ered cars as we moved south,       ending in Turin where we           second morning as we camped
     as I was going to get, Ewen         with a short stop at               would visit Bertone and join       in France.

                                                                                                                          continued on next page

   Ewen loves to                                          stopped at the
drive, and drive fast!                                Furion pass. It was
He did let me drive for                          July 8th and we were so
the better part of one day               high up in the mountains that
through France. In retrospect, I         there were patches of snow
can’t believe what we were               beside the road. This presented
doing” driving a somewhat                the opportunity to stop for a
overloaded car over 90 mph that          break to admire the surround-
later in the trip lost it’s brake        ings, stretch our legs and launch
master cylinder! It was with             an impromptu snowball fight!
this same car that Ewen later led        While the combatants pelted
the group over the Alps at the           each other, I slipped off to a knoll
famous Stelvio pass! Ewen had            overlooking the road and cap-
planned for a crossing at the            tured the photo of the cars, else-
Stelvio pass because of it’s fantas-     where in this issue. At the time,
tic roads and legendary status as        I did not realize how beautiful
site of an Italian rally and later       and powerful a setting I had just
used by Jaguar for testing               captured. On reflection, I real-
brakes! What were we in for?             ized I was on top of the world,
   On our way over the Alps,             and I owed all to my friends,
while still in Switzerland, we           particularly Ewen!

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     Al’s Excellent Advetnture                                                                                                           by Al Williams

     Ever drive your Fiat across coun-    ed when I stopped, ran in,                NEVER had an oil fire when I        and that I would be changing
     try? No? I highly recommend the      bought a soldering iron, sat in           used Pennzoil… Before I left, I     fuel filters along the way, so
     adventure!                           their gardening section and               had decided to try Castrol          after blowing out an oil fire, I
        Here’s the background… I          soldered my gauge. It worked              GTX, since everyone on the          swapped fuel filters at a closed
     was supposed to take Bella, my       like a charm!                             Mirafiori Forum highly rec-         Chevron station.
     ‘78 124 Spyder, to FFO 2000 in          The drive through San                  ommended this stuff. The fires         Bella ran great after chang-
     West Virginia, then, across the      Antonio was uneventful- I did-            started with the Castrol            ing filters until just about 10
     country to attend the Mirafiori      n’t have to blow out an oil fire          GTX…180 miles later, near           miles outside of El Paso. Since
     Oregon Gathering. But, Bella         at the gas station where I filled         Ft. Stockton, TX, it was time       it was 6am there, I just decided
     was still in the paint shop, so
     we had to take the Dodge to
     FFO. A week after we got
     home to Texas from FFO, I
     finally got my Bella back from
     the paint shop. She is the
     BRIGHTEST yellow I have
     ever seen!
        After putting her back
     together, and filling all the flu-
     ids, I was off! I decided to do
     most of my travelling at night
     to avoid the sun’s heat. I trav-
                                          Bella, taken in Oregon at a campground.
     eled about 40 miles when it
     started to get dark- time to
     turn on the headlights. When I       up… As I cruised on I-10 in               to stop again for gas (there’s no   to limp her into the hotel that
     turned them on, my temp              the western parts of San                  gas at night for 100 miles west     serves as ‘home away from
     gauge jumped 30 degrees!             Antonio, a carload of attractive          of Ft. Stockton). I decided that    home’ in El Paso to get some
     Ack! So, I pulled over on the        young girls was hollering ‘Nice           my rattling speedometer cable       sleep… After blowing out the
     side of the road to investigate. I   car!” at me… heh. Somewhere               HAD to be fixed, so I pulled        biggest oil fire yet, I called my
     smelled something funny, so I        between San Antonio and                   the dash, and SNAP, there           wife to let her know I made it
     popped the hood to see what          Kerrville, I heard a ‘clunk               went the cable! Ack! OK…            that far. I asked her to email a
     was going on. What I found           PLINK’, but since nothing                 So.. Now, I have oil leaking        fellow FLU member Wiley
     was a fire, caused by oil leaking    seemed to be out of order, I              onto the exhaust manifold, no       Robinson, who lives in El Paso,
     out of the inner distributor seal    kept going.                               speedometer, a brand new            because Bella needed HELP! I
     onto my exhaust manifold! Oh            Running with the top down              radio that didn’t want to work,     slept until 2pm or so. When I
     No! So, I blew out the fire, and     through the Texas Hill                    and a jumpy gas gauge needle.       woke up, I took Bella to the
     checked the temp gauge’s             Country at night is a wonder-             I HAD to keep going- heading        Kinko’s Copies place that was a
     ground (IIABG). Turns out the        ful thing to do… Just me,                 home was NOT an option! I           half mile away from the hotel
     ground was good, but the wire        Bella, the stars above, the occa-         kept her at around 4400 rpm’s       (they have internet access
     connector for the sending unit       sional headlight from a passing           (approximately 78 mph). As I        there). When I was done trying
     was corroded… When I                 car… I highly recommend it!               approached Van Horn, TX, a          to find people, I went outside,
     cleaned it off, it broke! So, I      When I stopped for gas again              little blip on the map where I-     and poor little Bella would not
     drove 10 miles to the nearest        somewhere near Sonora, TX, I              10 and I-20 meet, Bella REAL-       start! No way! Ack! So, I
     Wal-Mart, popped the hood            had to jump out and blow out              LY started to run like crap. I      walked back to the hotel, and
     and blew out the fire that start-    another oil fire… Hmmm. I                 knew I had rust in the gas tank,    waited on a phone call. I went

back and forth to the car, trying    So, after a run or two to Pep        installed a week ago a second        tain that sits between the LA
to get her to start, with no luck.   Boys, I was ready to rock            chance (IIABG). It worked            suburbs and Palm Springs, the
Eventually, she started, and I       again! Mike left me with a few       like a charm this time around,       temperature dropped 30
parked her right under my            words of wisdom after doing          so I had TUNES going in to           degrees. What a relief! The
hotel room’s door. Finally, at       the Fiat Anti-VooDoo Dance.          Phoenix. Somewhere near              plan was to stop near Pismo
about 6, Wiley called, and           He explained to me the mys-          Tucson, I watched the sun            Beach at Jack Ivemeyer’s place,
came over. We pulled my dis-         tery of I-Cars, and it                           come up at 4”30          but once I hit LA, things
tributor, took it over to his        goes something like                              AM (jeez, it goes up     changed, quickly! I was start-
house, and changed that              this” Fiats are like                             EARLY there!). I         ing to nod off a little, but an
f*$^#(* inner seal. FINALLY!         women. When she’s                                got into Phoenix at      overheating engine woke me
No more oil fires! Yay!              in a good mood, you                              about 8am, right in      up really quick! I pulled over
   I have an old buddy who           remember why you                                 the height of rush       in some little burg east of LA
lives in El Paso- he’s the guy       bought her. When                                 hour. Rush hour in       with water bubbling out my
who planted the I-car seed in        she’s in a bad mood,                              Phoenix isn’t bad at    overflow bottle. Eesh, I
my head with his ‘80 FI              you wonder why                 As I went           all. But, rush         thought… blew my motor, and
Spyder. In 1989, when his doc-       you keep that bee-     around the mountain hour in Phoenix                I have 8 more hours to drive
tor ordered him to stop driving      otch around. But, that sits between the with some guy                     just to get to Napa! Plus,
ragtops due to a skin cancer         then she’s in a LA suburbs and Palm holding up traf-                      Oregon was another 5 hours
problem, I wanted to take the        good mood again, Springs, the temperature fic because he                  from there! Fortunately, a little
car off his hands. Ahh… If I         and everything’s dropped 30 degrees. wants to take a                      bit of water in the radiator
knew now what I knew then, I         forgiven! Also, she         What a relief! flying leap off a              solved half the problem, and
would have been a Fiat Freak         knows exactly how much                       bridge on I-10 is a          off I went again (we later dis-
for 12 years now… Oh well.           money you have in your bank          nightmare! Bella started to          covered a broken and wrongly
So, anyway, I went over to his       account for parts and repairs,       heat up, so I pulled over to let     installed thermostat- and a sec-
house where we went through          and demands it ALL!                  traffic die down. A cop clued        ond one in the head!). I decid-
the electrical system on the dis-       So, I finally made it out of      me in to what was going on,          ed there was no way I was
tributor. Turns out that the oil     Texas at 11”00pm, Monday,            and since the traffic was being      going to be able to make it to
fires totally fried the wires        July 10. The drive through           routed off at the next exit, Bella   Pismo with a screwed up cool-
going in to the dual points, and     New Mexico was uneventful,           and I made a break for it.           ing system, so I just headed up
fried the condenser, too, so it      other than that state’s 75 mph       Traffic flowed smoothly for the      I-5, trying to see how far I
was off to Car Quest for some        speed limit… I couldn’t go that      next 6 hours or so until I got to    could get before I couldn’t go
points      and       condensers.    fast- Bella developed a slight       LA.                                  anymore. I-5 in a ragtop is one
Changed them out, converted          vibration in the drive train that       Driving through the desert        GREAT drive- all the moun-
the car to single points,            kicked in at 4500 rpm’s in 5th       was a blast! At first, I thought I   tains on either side of you, the
replaced the rotor (the cap still    gear. Bummer! Four hours             would just get a hotel room          long downhill grades, the long
looked good), and was almost         later, when I crossed into           near Phoenix, but I decided to       uphill grades with really
ready to go when Mike, my            Arizona, I decided that I            press on. I then thought I’d get     slow trucks… it was a blast! I
friend, asked me why my alter-       couldn’t keep going anymore,         a hotel near the California bor-     finally stopped for the night
nator belt was so loose…             and pulled over to sleep for an      der, but, since the heat wasn’t      in Bakersfield, and slept for
When I took a look, I found          hour or so in a rest area. I         too bad, and I was awake any-        10 hours!
my lower bolt MISSING. So..          pulled Bella’s top over my           way, I kept going. As I drove           Way too early the next
THAT’S what that noise was           head, and slept for two hours.       through Palm Springs, the            morning, I got up, ran to the
back on I-10… Funny thing,           Since it was slightly chilly out-    hotels were WAAAAY too               Bakersfield Kinko’s to get on
though- the charging system          side, I left the top up, and         expensive, so I continued on.        the      Mirafiori       Forum
never dropped voltage at all!        decided to give the radio I just     As I went around the moun-           (http”// to
                                                                                                                            continued on next page

     Excellent Adventure continued

     let everyone know I was still        water flows!                                       day’s resting place.    to have my distributor cap point
     alive. I pulled into a 7-11,         Vote for bill                                      On a whim, I            towards the front of the car, so
     popped the hood, and checked         number (so and                                  stopped on the side        we adjusted that, too. Of
     in my distributor cap. I found       so) for irrigation!”,                     of the road on I-680 to see if   course, Scott put the distributor
     that my new rotor did not have       yadda yadda. When I got to I-5,       my timing was right- and             on 90° out, and the resulting
     the little metal clip on it (and I   it was 11”00am. I was supposed        I don’t mean ignition timing! I      backfire almost blew my muf-
     drove it all the way from El         to pick up fellow FLU member          whipped out my tools on the          fler off! Thanks, Scott!
     Paso like that!), so I bought the    Scott O’Brien at the San              side of the road, and examined          The next morning, Scott,
     only thing you could buy at          Francisco airport, and there          my cam timing. I found that my       Jack, Kelly Dicker, Eli Caul
     5”00 am in an aluminum can-          was no way in hell I was going        intake cam was off by a tooth.       and I met up with FLU mem-
     an Ultra Slim Fast (no com-          to make it on time! So, I             So I undid the belt, fixed the       ber Pete Angel, his twin broth-
     ments!). I took the tab off it and   stopped and called the airport,       timing, then headed off              er Ed, Courtney Waters, Peter
     ‘MacGyvered’ a clip for the          had him paged, and off I went         towards Napa. Bella was              Cripps, and a few other people
     rotor, and off I went, up CA99       again.                                REALLY running like crap             for the caravan to Oregon. We
     towards… umm… Nowhere! I                Bella was starting to show         now, but I made it into Wine         took the direct route- straight
     drove up 99 until I got SICK of      signs of rough running some-          Country Motors, where Scott          up I-5. Bella ran great until we
     driving up 99, then took a left      where near San Ramon, so I            and Jack were waiting for me.        got to the Oregon state line.
     and headed back towards I-5.         pulled over for a look. I pulled      Turns out that the distributor       Once we got to the Oregon
     Some of the road signs were          into a Shell station and popped       cap was only allowing TWO            campsite, I took the top off the
     hilarious- ads for politicians       the hood. The plug wires felt a       cylinders to fire, so we replaced    carb, cleaned it out, and she’s
     screaming “stop illegal immi-        little mushy, but the plugs were      the entire ignition- points,         been running fine as a daily
     gration- they’re taking YOUR         fine, so I got Bella started again,   wires, condenser, cap- all of it!    driver ever since!
     jobs!”, or, ‘Food grows where        and headed towards Napa, that         Scott thought it would be nice

                        Fiat Science Fiction ‘69
        In 1969, the front-wheel driven FIAT 128        futuristic look that seemed to resemble a
     was introduced. Soon it was clear that a new       speed-boat rather than a car. To draw a
     sports car on its base should replace the          veil over their true plans, the
     FIAT 850 Spider. Question was, what con-           Runabout wasn’t shown at
     cept to take” the complete chassis of the 128      FIAT’s, but at Autobianchi’s, a                                        Photos scanned from German
     with just a new body and stronger engine, or       little firm that belongs to the                                         magazine “Oldtimer Markt” issue
     a mid-engined chassis new to design? The           FIAT company. The car also
     first would have been cheaper in design and        shows the Autobianchi logo.
     production, but the second promised to have           After that successful debut
     the much better handling and was the much          FIAT decided to order
     more sportive concept.                             Bertone to design a mid-
        Nuccio Bertone who had already shaped           engined car with the looks of the
     the 850 Spider for FIAT, presented on the          Runabout. In 1973 Bertone and his
     Turine Motor Show ‘69 his concept for a            chief designer Giorgio Giugiaro had
     middle-engined two-seater using the engine         done the job” the new car made its debut as
     of the 128. Visitors were impressed by the         the FIAT X1/9.

FLU Volunteer of the Year Awards                                               by Scott McCraw

  At a recent FFO2001 plan-          Because the idea of the        and either have the chapter
ning meetings I proposed that     award is to encourage and         members or executive vote
we begin a new tradition,         develop grassroots participa-     upon       the      nominees.
annual Volunteer of the Year      tion, sitting executive of the    Individual chapter structure
Awards. The Freak Out             local FLU or national FLU         will influence the process.
planning committee thought        board members are not eligi-
                                                                    Deciding Upon & Announcing
the idea was a good one so I      ble. (Tough at fisrt but please   the Award Recipients:
bounced the idea off most of      try) Former club executives          As previously stated, the
the     existing    National      are eligible.                     recipients are announced and      The next steps:
Executive and most those             Award winners should be        presented at the awards             Chapter executive, please
running       for   National      those who have somehow            dinner although they need         decide how you will award
Executive positions, again        contributed to the enjoyment      not be present at the dinner to   the 2000 Volunteer of the
with a favourable response.       FIATing/LANCIAing for all         be a recipient.                   Year for your chapter, either
                                  chapter members.                     Chapter executive will         by general vote or executive
Background/Purpose:                  Each chapter will decide on    accept nominees and then          review.
Many of the volunteer organ-      the person from their chapter     depending upon the chapter          Chapter members, think
izations I have been involved     who is to receive the award.      have a free vote or decide        about your fellow members'
with have had this type of        Things that chapter members       by Executive discussion of        contributions to your club and
award to encourage and            can consider are, how many        merits.                           make your nomination to
reward those who have put a       meetings has someone attend-         Should a chapter's execu-      your executive.
special effort into the organi-   ed and the number of club         tive not receive nominees the       For this, the inaugural year
zation. In FLU it also will       activities participated in. But   executive may make the deci-      ,you may have a tough time
give members who may not          more important than partici-      sion amongst themselves.          because you may have many
own concours winning cars         pation, award winners should         Chapters must make their       members that you'll want to
an opportunity to win and be      have made a special contribu-     decision at least on month        reward for the many years we
presented with a trophy at our    tion to the chapter during the    before the annual Freak Out.      have not had such an award.
annual awards dinner.             year.                                Once a chapter has made        Chapters can decide if they
Criteria:                            The recipients will be         their decision they will com-     want to recognize many years
   One award annually will be     announced and presented an        municate their award winner       or just the 2000 FLU season.
given by each FLU chapter.        award at the awards dinner        to the Freak Out planning         But please limit the award to
   The award will be based on     although they need not be         committee.                        just one member. We have
participation and contribu-       present at the dinner to be a        Nominees nor chapter           many happy years of
tions of the recipients for the   recipient.                        members other than local          FIATing and LANCIAing
previous season. (For exam-          Each chapter will decide on    executive should know the         ahead of us!
ple 2000 award winners will       the process of awarding           name of the annual Chapter
be presented at 2001 Freak        their volunteer of the year.      Volunteer of the Year.            Scott McCraw
                                  The basic points would be to                                        TFC President,
Out)                                                                                                  FFO2001 Planning Committee
   The recipient must be a        accept nominations from the                                         416.487.7169
current FLU member.               general chapter population

Tip of the Month
Here is an easy way to reach those tight spots where only the screw will fit. Cut a section of vacuum
hose, and slip it over the tip of the screwdriver. Push the head of the screw into the hose and that’s it.

     Those @#%&” Door Panel Clips.                                                                                   by Damon Royal Kane

        You know the ones! They        minum hose I wrote about           bugging you for the last few       Auveco 1-800-354-9816 to
     hold the door panel in place. I   recently. Anyway the last          years!                             get the name of a distributor
     have never removed a door         price list I have (from 1994)         Anyway, the company that        local to you. Or, if conven-
     panel without breaking at         listed the buggers at a buck a     has them listed is Au-ve-co        ient, you can call the distribu-
     least half of them! They are      piece.                             (Auto Vehicle Parts Co.) from      tor here in the Philly area”
     little nylon bits that pop into      I found an alternate source     Kentucky. I called and got a       Electro-Fast Distribution,
     the door panel and door           where you can get them             local distributor who quoted       Inc. 610-279-8294 ask for
     sheetmetal. I don’t know if       for under 50 cents each in a       me $10.87 for a package of 25      Brian at extension 104.
     Linearossa still has them,        package of 25. That’s cheap        clips...Auveco part number           Hope this latest tip is
     more likely they are still in     enough to get you to fix that      16110 (OEM Fiat Number             useful.
     the system than the alu-          rattling door panel that’s been    14187580). You can call

     Agreed Value?                                                                                                            by Mike Smith
                                                                                                            Northeast Classic Auto Insurance

        The subject of valuation                                                                             burden of “proof” is always
     can be a tricky one. As many                                                                            placed upon the insured to
     of the members are aware                                                                                be able to prove at any point
     “Agreed Value” coverage is                                                                              in time the “Stated Value”
     the best way to go as long as                                                                           of the car to the insurance
     you fit the guidelines for an                                                                           company. This format works
     Antique/Classic type policy.                                                                            as long as pictures, realistic
     The guidelines generally                                                                                appraisals and/or other solid
     state that you must keep the                                                                            documentation is kept in the
     car in a fully enclosed locked                                                                          company or agent file.
     garage when not in use. You                                                                             Periodic updates of this infor-
     must be over 25 years old to                                                                            mation is also a good idea.
     drive the car and it cannot be                                                                          If your standard carrier balks
     used for any “regular trans-                                                                            at offering “Stated Amount”
     portation” such as back and                                                                             coverage search around
     forth to work, running                                                                                  there are many carriers that
     errands etc. For this the com-                                                                          are in tune with it. Hope this
     pany will “Agree” with you        up at any good newsstand.          type policy and you can get        helps a little. It can be more
     on a value for the car and list   One of the most widely used        your regular carrier to offer      involved as individual
     it on the policy. In the event    and generally the most liberal     the “Stated Amount “ valua-        situations vary. If any
     of a loss the company will pay    is the “Old Cars Pricequide”       tion for the physical damage       members need further assis-
     up to the limit listed. There     put      out    by      Krause     coverage that’s the next best      tance I can be reached at
     are several industry quides       Publications. They’re even on      thing available to better cover
     available to the public that      the web at www.oldcar-             your collectible car. This cov-    or        or
     the Classic companies use for If one doesn’t    erage is quite often misun-        800-866-6440.
     valuation and can be picked       fit the guidelines for a Classic   derstood and misused. The

    Le Belle Macchine d’Italia
                                                                                                                                     The Fiat field also
      The 2001 Le Belle Macchine            Iso Rivolta Verado proving                                                               included a Fiat
    d’Italia is moving to The               that Le Belle Macchine attracts                                                          Dino Coupe and
    Woodlands Inn in Wilkes                 an incredible variety of new                                                             several other 124
    Barre, Pennsylvania, and it will        and vintage Italian sports cars.                                                         spiders, including
                                                                                                                                     Frank Lembo’s and
    be held over the weekend of             You are nearly guaranteed to
                                                                                                                                     Arman Labrada’s.
    June 30th to July 2nd. The              see a rare model that you had
    weekend begins with a                   never seen before. For me, last
    Saturday Concours at Pocono             year, it was the Iso Bizzarrini
    Race Track, followed by two             that I saw for the first time.
    days of driving on the track.             The show is now in its 15th       painted to match the
    Again there will be a prepon-           year. Having originally started     body color. Adrianne
    derance of exotic Italian               as a gathering of Ferrari’s,        Swerdlow of New
    marques.      Special tribute           Maserati’s and Lamborghini’s,       Jersey took second
    will be given to the 30th               the invitation was extended to      place with her silver
    anniversary of the DeTomaso             other Italian marques in 1996.      Spider 2000. Tim
    Pantera, Ferrari 365/512                For some mysterious reason,         Beeble of Connecticut
    Berlinetta Boxer, Lamborghini           the “poorer cousins” including      took third place with
    Countach, Maserati Bora and             the Fiats, Lancia’s and Alfa’s      his 1974 Fiat 124 Tim Beeble takes home the third place award for
    Alfa Romeo Montreal.                    generally have had a weaker         spider. The award his wonderful 1974 124 Spider.
                                                       attendance.              plaques were sponsored by         107 mph in his 1974 Fiat 124
                                                           Fiat had a small     International Auto Parts. The     Spider with the help of his dual
                                                       but quality showing      Fiat field also included a Fiat   Weber 40 IDF’s from
                                                       at Le Belle Macchine     Dino Coupe and several other      International Auto Parts. “I
                                                       in 2000. Eight FLU       124 spiders, including Frank      would have gone faster but
                                                       members attended         Lembo’s and Arman Labrada’s.      Jumbo Elliot was getting in my
                                                       the event, and             The second and third days of    way,” said Tim. Two years ago
                                                       Danny O’Donnell          the event featured the Pocono     Mike Sassaman toured the
                                                       served as the FLU        Race Track where the big boys     Pocono track in his Fiat Dino
                                                       judge of the Fiat        with the big toys practiced       and managed to hit 119 miles
                                                       Class. Haz Neuman        their high speed driving.         per hour, in fourth gear. He
Haz Neuman, FLU VP, gets first place with              of Maryland with his     Joining in the pack for the sec-  ran out of track before needing
his beautiful 1986 Bertone X1/9.            1986 Bertone X1/9 was award-        ond year in a row was “Jumbo”     fifth gear.
                                            ed first place in the Fiat Class.   Elliot of the New York Jets,         Mark your calendars for the
      A special guest to Le Belle           Want to know what Haz has?          formerly of the New York          July 1st weekend. We should
    Macchina will be Tom Tjaarda            His X1/9 features a beefy sus-      Giants, driving his new           show Pocono and Le Belle
    who as a designer for                   pension with performance            Ferrari.                          Macchine the strength in num-
    Pininfarina worked on the Fiat          springs KYB shocks, sway              At lunchtime, the Fiat’s,       bers of FLU cars. Let’s roll out
    124 Spider.                             bars, and Compomotive 13x6          Alfa’s and Lancia’s were invit-   the Spider 2000’s. To learn
      In 2000 approximately 120             wheels; motor enhancements          ed to join the exotics in touring more, get to the Le Belle
    cars were registered for the            including a modified air flow       the track with a pace car (no     Macchine web site by going to
    event including nearly 40               meter and ANSA exhaust;             passing allowed). The pace        the FLU home page (
    Pantera’s, 40 Ferrari’s, 20             appearance        enhancements      was supposed to be limited to     then click on “Links” then
    Lamborghini’s, 15 Maserati’s, 6         including a spoiler, polished       80 miles per hour. However,       scroll down to Le Belle
    Iso/Grifo’s, an Iso Bizzarrine, a       bumpers, new silver/blue            Tim Beeble managed to use         Macchine.
    Crisitalia Nuvolari Spyder, and         paint, the top and engine cover     some slack in the track to hit

     Fiat Freak Out 2001 Information
      Weekend Schedule                                                                                 Points of Interest and Places to see
      Friday July 20, 2001                                                                                  This year’s Freakout 2001 offers the added bonus of being located in an area rich
                                                                                                       with attractions for the entire family. You may wish to plan ahead or extend your stay
      3”00pm          Room check in at Holiday Inn                                                     to experience what people travel from all parts of the world every year to see. Niagara
      3-10pm          Pick up registration packages for the weekend.                                   Falls is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and Freakout 2001 will be located just
                      Freak Out registration at Hotel, if you did not pre-register (late fees apply)   10 minutes away! Bordered by Ontario, Canada and New York State, you can view
      3-10pm          T-shirt sales\Vendors table setup at the hotel.                                         the magnificent Niagara Falls from two distinctly different perspectives. The
      5-?pm           Car wash station opens.                                                                      Canadian side offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Falls and is well
      7-9pm           Barbeque - Cocktail hour - cash bar.                                                             supported by exciting tourist attractions, restaurants, manicured gar-
                      Located in the Riverview Room & Patio                                                               dens and a world class 24-hour gambling casino...all within walking
      8”30-9”30pm     Board of Directors meeting.                                                                          distance of the Falls. Travel the scenic route along the gorge to arrive
                                                                                                                           at the quaint, romantic village of Niagara on the Lake. This region
      9”45-?pm        Internet meeting.
                                                                                                                          is rich with local wineries for your sampling pleasure.. For those who
      Saturday July 21, 2001                                                                                             enjoy the theater, visit world famous Shaw Festival or any of the local
                                                                                                                      playhouses. And of course, the international city of Toronto, Ontario is
      You supply your own Breakfast.
                                                                                                                 just a 1-1/2 hour drive away. Just over the bridge on the U.S. side you can
      6”30am        Car wash station opens.                                                              view the Falls in a natural park setting. From the observation deck, you will marvel
      8-10am        Registration desk is open. Pick up your packages for the weekend.                  at this natural wonder. Ride the Maid of the Mist, and from her deck, come face to
      8am           Concorso field is open. Vehicle setup is in the parking lot. You                   face with Niagara Falls for a breathtaking lifetime memory. Various walking or bike
                    must have your window form displayed to get on the concorso                        paths allow you to experience the mesmerizing power of Niagara Falls from just feet
                    field. (pre-registration required) If your car is being judged, it must be         away! Walk to Goat Island and be close enough to the sweeping Horseshoe Falls to
                    on the field by 10”30am. Judges must hand in their votes by 1”30pm                 feel you are in it! Drive the Seaway Trail and stop for lunch and a stroll through the
      10”00am       T-shirt sales\Vendors display will be setup.                                       historic town of Lewiston, then continue on to Youngstown and see famous Fort
      11”30-1”30pm Lunch will be served. Bring your lunch voucher.                                     Niagara, built during the French/American War. The Grand Island Holiday Inn is
                      (pre-registration is required)                                                   located on the Niagara River in a quiet island suburb setting. From the hotel, you can
      1”30pm          Vehicle pictures will be taken.                                                  walk or take a relaxed drive along the residential waterfront. Grand Island has a State
                                                                                                       Park complete with a beach and swimming. On Grand Island, just a five-minute drive
      2”00pm          Vehicles may exit the concorso field.
                                                                                                       from the hotel is Martin’s Fantasy Island, a medium size amusement park ideal for the
      2-?pm           Scenic Drive                                                                     whole family. Just a ten-minute drive North is a Prime Outlet Mall where you can
      2-6pm           Hospitality - On your own.                                                       shop at many designer outlets at off prices. Just South of Grand Island is Buffalo, New
      6-7pm           Cocktail hour - refreshments at hotel. Cash bar.                                 York with its turn of the century architecture and museums, including the Albright
      7-10pm          Concorso Awards Banquet Dinner. (pre-registration required)                      Knox Art Gallery and the Serviceman’s Naval Park where you can tour actual World
                                                                                                       War II ships and submarines. At registration, you will receive a complete listing of
      10pm            Hospitality - On your own
                                                                                                       Western New York/Southern Ontario sights and attractions
      10”30pm         Moonlight Boat cruise. See attached forms                                        as well as a specially prepared guide for
                      for more details. Pre-registration required.                                     finding conveniences. So come join

      Sunday July 22, 2001                                                                             us for a truly memorable
                                                                                                       Freakout 2001.
      7”00am          Car wash station opens.
      7”30am          Autocross. Meet in the parking lot, leaving parking lot promptly
                      at 8”00am. See attached forms for details.
      8”30am          Country wine tour. Meet in parking lot.
      9”00am          We will be crossing the border into Canada, so please bring proper
                      Identification (passport, drivers license, birth certificate)
                      Pre-registration is required. See attached forms for more information.
      6-8pm           Dinner - Autocross awards presented. Italian buffet served.
      8 - on          Hospitality time. On your own time.

      Monday July 23, 2001
      7 - 9am         Car wash station opens.
      12 Noon         Hotel check Out.

REGISTRATION FORM (copy and send with check)
Names of Adults” _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Names of Children, ages 6-12” ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Names of Children under 6” _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Street Address” _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
City” ________________________________________________________ State/Prov” ___________ Zip/Postal Code”
Daytime Phone #” _____________________________ Evening #” ______________________________E-mail”__________________________
Please list all vehicles that will be displayed in the concours show. Please indicate if you are showing or displaying your vehicle. You must pre-register to show your vehicle on the field. There is a late
fee if you register after the deadline date.
 Make                         Model                                        Year                          Show(S)/Display(D)
Sub Total Concorso Registration
- $15 to show your car                                                     ________
                                                                                                Your FLU membership must be current to show/display your vehicle. Make sure your membership
- $5 to display your car                                                   ________             is up to date when submitting your registration form. If you are renewing your membership or if
- $5 for each additional vehicle.                                          ________             you are a new member, please include your membership dues. Member dues are $20 for US resi-
                                                                                                dents. $26 US in Canada. $38 US Overseas.
(a late fee of $10 per vehicle is added on, if you register after June 29, 2001)
-Friday Night Barbeque                                                                          FLU Membership # __________Renewal” ___________New Member” _________
Adults - $10 # of adults ______                                                                 Completed Registration forms must be received by June 29, 2001. A late fee is applied to people who
Child - $7 # of children ______                                            ________             register after this date. So make sure we receive your registration form and money on time. Your
-Saturday Concours lunch -                                                                      cheque or money order (in US dollars) should be made out to” FLU.
Tickets are only available through pre-registration.
Adults - $12 # of adults” ______
Child (ages 6-12) $9 # of children” _______                                ________
-Saturday Awards Banquet                                                                     Saturday Night Boat Cruise
Adults - $25 # of Adults” ___                                                                  After the Awards Dinner on Saturday why not join us for a two hour moonlit
Prime Rib” __ Apple Almond Chicken” __ Sword Fish”__ Vegetarian”__         ________          cruise on the Niagara River around Grand Island. We’ll be departing at 10”30pm
Child - $16    # of Child” ____                                                              from the Holiday Inn. Take this opportunity to continue the fun of the Awards
Prime Rib” __ Apple Almond Chicken” __ Sword Fish”__ Vegetarian”__         ________
                                                                                             Dinner in way we’ve never been able to before. Watch the twinkling lights of the
-Saturday Moonlight Boat Cruise -                                                            banks of the Niagara River drift by under the stars. You won’t want to miss this!
Pre-registration required. See attached form for more details.
Single Adult - $15 #Adult ______                                                             Only $15 per adult, $25 for 2 adults, $10 for kids under 12. Cash bar. Limited to
Couple - $25 per couple________                                                              125 don’t wait to decide in July and be disappointed. http”//
Children (3-12) - $6 #Children _____                                       ________
-Sunday Autocross $20 per vehicle.                                                           Sunday Morning Brunch Cruise
Stock ____ Modified _____ Racing _____                                     ________            Here’s another treat you won’t want to miss. Join us for a drive to part of
                                                                                             Ontario’s world renowned wine country and have brunch at EastDell Estates
-Sunday Country Brunch Wine Tour -
                                                                                             (http”// Enjoy your gourmet brunch and the Niagara
Maximum of 60 people. (pre-registration is required).
See attachments for more details. We will be crossing the                                    Escarpment’s most panoramic view of rolling vineyards and Lake Ontario (and
border, bring proper ID. (passport, birth certificate, etc)                                  perhaps across the Lake to Toronto as was the case when the Toronto Fiat Club
$14 per person # of people _____                                           ________          was there in the summer of 2000). After brunch we’ll continue our drive and pass
-Sunday Autocross Boxed Lunch                                                                through the picturesque village Niagara-on-the-Lake and end up at the breath-
$10 per person # of people _____                                           ________          taking Canadian side of Niagara Falls in the afternoon. Visit these sites for a taste
-Sunday Awards Dinner - Autocross - Italian Buffet                                           of things to come http”// http”//
Adults- $20 # adults _____                                                                   wine.html. EastDell can accommodate 60 people so book early and don’t miss
Children - $15 #child ______                                               ________          out. Only $14.00 per person.
                                                                                               We’ll be crossing the border to Canada so please everyone have appropriate ID.
                                                          Grand Total ________               Visit the Canada Customs site http”//
                      Freak Out at the Falls
                      P.O. Box 185
                      Odessa, NY 14869-0185                                                                                                                                                26
     10 ticket avoiding ideas you should know, continued from page 13
     vehicle parked on the inside        likely to be threats. Nor are      tance ahead will
     or outside shoulder. Slow           Chevettes, Escorts, GM J-          also shield your
     down until you are sure it is       bodies, or any front-wheel-        car until you
     not an enforcer. Check on-          drive vehicle. But if it looks     pass the truck.
     ramps as you drive by them.         large, or has Mustang LX tail-     In       daylight
     Give a quick look over your         lights, you must immediately       hours, you may
     right shoulder, all the way to      look for folded-in spotlights      choose to run at
     the top of the on-ramp              and/or fat rubber. Tragically,     times with lights, at
     to ensure that it is clean of the   if these items are present, you    times without, hiding
     authorities. Monitor your           must slow down, though it          yourself in front of a
     rear-view mirror constantly         might only be an employee of       group of trucks when you
     for any sign of unusual activi-     a private security service on      change illumination. The rea-       would you not pursue
     ty. Try to remember cars that       his way home. You can’t take       son for this is that an enforcer,   vehicles wherein reside little
     you pass. If, later, you see        the chance.                        having “noticed” you from a         amber or green blinking
     what appears to be a possible          The prime instrument for        long distance back, will be         lights and kinky power cords,
     threat vehicle far behind           night driving is the rear-view     looking for a certain as-yet-       which can be seen from hun-
     you and don’t remember              mirror, and the prime rule is      unidentified vehicle with           dreds of feet away? If you
     passing it, slow down for           to drive fast enough so that all   lights on (or without) as he        believe you have been actually
     identification. Even if you are     headlights of passed motorists     moves quickly up through            “noticed” by a trailing police
     reasonably sure you passed it,      reduce rapidly in size. Any        traffic. Suddenly, he is in         vehicle, hide in front of large
     if that vehicle is now match-       pair of headlamps that main-       identifiable range of a vehicle     trucks, accelerate while under
     ing your speed (not getting         tains the same size or the         similar in size and shape to        cover, and exit any off-ramp
     smaller in your rear-view           same separation between the        the one he believes may have        or rest area. At this juncture,
     mirror), slow down for              lamps calls for immediate          been violating, only now the        you have nothing to lose.
     positive identification.            deceleration pending positive      illumination is different from         Any time you believe that
        Proper daytime scan has          identification.                    what he saw earlier, thus ren-      an officer wants to close in on
     saved the author as many as                                            dering        him        unsure.    you, remove the detector at
                                         RULE 5” PRACTICE STEALTH,                                              once and place it on the seat
     five times per month.                                                  Meanwhile, you, practicing
                                         DECEPTION AND “HIDING”                                                 next to you. If you are in
                                                                            Rule 2 and 3, will have slowed
     RULE 4” MAINTAIN A GOOD               You can move fast without                                            imminent danger being
                                                                            to a quasi-legal speed. This
     NIGHT SCAN                          exposing yourself, because                                             stopped, execute the follow-
                                                                            usually draws a perplexed
        At night, the radar-silent       you can usually find a “hare”                                          ing emergency procedures in
                                                                            and suspicious look from the
     enforcer is hard to see. The        who is pleased to demonstrate                                          sequence” ( 1) remove detec-
                                                                            officer, but no pull-over order,
     daytime rules of underpass-         that his car is better than                                            tor and jam under seat, (2)
                                                                            especially if you have
     slowing and on-ramp check-          yours. Never attempt to                                                wipe off suction cup or other
                                                                            removed your radar detector
     ing apply, but are more diffi-      dissuade him” instead, drop                                            telltale mark with moistened
                                                                            from the windshield or visor.
     cult to execute.                    back to a safe distance and                                            index fingertip, and (3)
                                                                            An integral part of deception
        The risk of moving up on         enjoy the radar shield. Do                                             replace the cigarette lighter!
                                                                            and hiding is the placement
     an enforcer vehicle can be          maintain the rear scan,                                                An empty cigarette lighter
                                                                            and removal of the detector.
     minimized by learning tail-         because threat vehicles com-                                           outlet is a dead giveaway to
                                                                            The unit belongs on the
     lights. This is largely a process   ing from behind you are now                                            the officer that he is dealing
                                                                            windshield or dash directly in
     of elimination” pickups, vans,      your responsibility.                                                   with a chronic but sly violator.
                                                                            front of you so that a follow-
     minivans, and Japanese or             Moving in a lane contain-                                            He will treat you accordingly.
                                                                            ing threat vehicle cannot see
     European vehicles are not           ing Class 8 trucks some dis-
                                                                            it. If you were an enforcer,

RULE 6” BEWARE OF SLOW             RULE 8” AVOID UNPROFES-          or on a car phone - are all          The question, “Do you
MOVING “CLUMPS”                    SIONAL AND PROVOCATIVE           incompatible with Rules 1         have any idea how fast you
   Many an otherwise-experi-       BEHAVIOUR                        through 9. The enthusiast’s       were going?” should be
enced and skillful motorist           The smart motorist does       favourite argument that the       answered with, “Truly, I
gets done in by what I call        not alienate others. Slow to a   skilled, dedicated driver is      don’t - my mind was wander-
“clumps.” Clumps are largish       moderate speed differential      safe at higher than average       ing.” (This is accurate” You
groups of vehicles covering all    when passing other motorists.    speeds holds true only if he is   were not focusing on Rules 1
available lanes which move at,     (After all, one of those         unimpaired and totally            through 9!) “But I must have
or close to, the posted limit.     benign-looking       minivans    focused on the task at hand.      been over the limit or I guess
Danger lurks, strangely            may contain an off-duty offi-                                      you wouldn’t have stopped
                                                                    RULE 10” BEHAVE CORRECTLY
enough, because the vehicles       cer equipped with pen and                                          me.” Note that you weren’t
                                                                    WHEN STOPPED
are maintaining a very safe        phone.) It is also good judge-                                     speeding deliberately - no
                                                                       Chronic rapid driving will,
nose-to-tail distance, thus per-   ment to avoid provocative                                          “late for work” or “catch a
                                                                    statistically, get you stopped
mitting the unsuspecting           license plates such as “HI                                         plane” excuses! Your atten-
                                                                    sooner or later. Observance of
enthusiast to carefully make       OFCR” or “SPEEDR.” If I                                            tion drifted a bit, that’s all, no
                                                                    Rules 1 through 9 will make it
his        way         through.    were an enforcer, I would                                          premeditated criminally was
                                                                    much, much later, but not
Unfortunately, when he             give no breaks to those bear-                                      involved!
                                                                    “never.” The consequences of
emerges at the front of the        ing the bumper sticker,                                               At this point, the officer
                                                                    the interception depend
clump, he will see a blinding      “How’s my driving Call                                             may run a computer check on
                                                                    mightily on your behaviour.
array of flashing lights over-     1-800-EAT-S@!T.”                                                   your hopefully uninteresting
                                                                       Do not act blasé. A cocky
whelming his rearview mir-                                                                            driving record which, if you
                                                                    stance of “Okay, so-you-got-
ror. Moral” most loose clumps                                                                         have been diligently and con-
                                                                    me” is provocative. So is
contain at least one enforcer                                                                         sistently been practicing Dr.
                                                                    attempting to argue that there
vehicle, one near the front (a                                                                        Bigone’s rules, will be point-
                                                                    must be some terrible mis-
marked cruiser) and maybe                                                                             free! The resultant action
                                                                    take, you know you were
one near the center, or end,                                                                          may well be (1) a warning, (2)
                                                                    under the limit. Failure to
checking for lane-changing                                                                            a modest fine not involving
                                                                    remove the detector and the
and in-and-out weaving. The                                                                           points, or (3) some “break” in
                                   RULE 9” MAINTAIN A HIGH          suction-cup marks and to
latter may be unmarked, but                                                                           the reported excess speed,
                                   LEVEL OF ATTENTION AT ALL        replace the cigarette lighter
knowledge of Rule 2 makes it                                                                          minimizing the points and
                                   TIMES                            will terribly disappoint the
a dead giveaway. There is no                                                                          thus limiting the damage.
                                     Rapid motoring is a serious    officer.
excuse for getting caught in a                                                                        The author has experienced
                                   business incompatible with          (It is now, by the way, that
clump.                                                                                                all of these outcomes.
                                   any simultaneous activity.       you wish you hadn’t ordered
                                                                                                         There you have it! May you
RULE 7” BEWARE OF CURVES,          Women can’t conk their hair,     the “Sports Decor Pack,” but
                                                                                                      drive enjoyably, safely, with
CRESTS, AND GRASSY MEDIANS         males can’t shave, and           this is a moot issue.)
                                                                                                      low insurance premiums and
  Instant-on may be placed so      nose-probing is out of the          Be courteous, candid, and
                                                                                                      a good, clean driving record.
that the violator can be “shot”    question for both sexes.         contrite. Trembling while
                                                                                                         Dr. Umberto Bigone, for
just as he crests a hill, before   Caressing the passenger’s fine   handing over your license
                                                                                                      obvious reasons, releases no
he has a chance to react. The      thigh is permissible only        demonstrates that this situa-
                                                                                                      biographical information
crest ahead of you may also        while driving at, or near, the   tion is an unusual and terrify-
hide a police vehicle coming       posted limit. Marital argu-      ing experience for you. It
in the other direction, radar at   ments, discussion of off-        shows respect for the law and
the ready. Slow down before        springs’ grades, negotiations    fear of punishment. (You’ll do
crests. It’s safer.                involving business - in person   this automatically.)

     Cars–for sale                                Racing Spider 1438cc 01/01
                                                  Raced in regional “G” production in
                                                                                                 there. View photos on-line at fmbadver-
                                                                                        Offers? 865-525-1554,
                                                                                                                                                     Beta Parts, 01/01
                                                                                                                                                     including spare engine, transmissions,
     1979 LANCIA HPE 04/01                        1999 at Road Atlanta, VIR, and                 ask for Brett Melancon
                                                                                                 _____________________________                       power window motors, misc. David King,
     Bronze with Black Interior, New Paint 2      Savannah. An excellent racer for $4500,        1979 LANCIA HPE 05/01                     
     years ago. Engine Rebuilt last year by or call John                   needs a good home. Engine rebuilt by                Fiat X 1/9 hood 01/01
     Lancia Specialist New Brakes, Steering,      Baucom at 704-847-7763. Car is                 Lancia Specialist in Montreal (Mafra Auto)          with 2L Spider hood bumps! Custom
     No rips in the interior. Car in Montreal     presently in Charlotte, NC.
                                                  _____________________________                  New Paint, Brakes, Steering. Invested               made, no silicone. Best offer. 770-623-4680
     Qc, Canada Price $5,900
     _____________________________                1974 Fiat Spider, 01/01                        over $8000 in last two years, but make an           Factory Electronic Ignition 01/01
     1982 Lancia Zagato, 01/01                    red, 80,000k. Third owner, great condi-        offer it has to go. Warren Williams, Phone          setup to convert pre-1979 Fiat Spiders.
     64K, all original, immaculate, med.          tion, no rust, new interior, new top.          514-932-7134 or email warren
                                                                                                 _____________________________                       Pulled from 1979 Fiat parts car. Includes
     metallic blue, orig. window sticker &        Engine and drivetrain excellent, dual                                                              coil pack and complete distributor &
     shop manual. Car is in Bradenton, FL.        Webers, Anza exhaust, 4-2-1 header,                                                                magnetic pickup. $125.
     $5600. Bob Hymer, 941-792-7605. RCH-         brand new Abarth style wheels with new                                                             _____________________________                                tires, always garaged. Includes brand                                                              1986 Bertone 1500 short block 01/01
     _____________________________                new high performance cams (not                                                                     less head. 30K mi. Best offer. Bertone
                                                  installed) as well as spare header. Most                                                           headlight motors, left and right avail-
                                                  records. Can email pictures. $6,000OBO.                                                            able. Used $60ea Brand new rear shocks
                                                  (404) 943-0458 Eric.
                                                  _____________________________                                                                      KYB GR-2 for Fiat 131/Brava, in box
                                                                                                 1965 LANCIA Flavia Sport Coupe 05/01
                                                  Fiat Spider 01/01                              1.8 liter, 4 speed, blue with US standards, orig-   $60/pr. Strada 5 speed gearbox (rebuilt),
                                                  Needs Resto., orig Red paint, has some         inal owner, 87k, garaged since 1983. Brake          $200 John Montgomery 770-932-2380.
                                                  rust on drivers side floor, fender arches      cylinder and carb rebuild kits, complete shop
                                                  & frame rails are OK, Interior rough, has                                                          SHIFT BUSHING KIT 01/01
                                                                                                 manuals in English. Call Joe Viona at 404-872-      for Lancia Beta Cars with manual trans-
     1975 Lancia Beta Sedan, 05/01                fairly new black vinyl top w/ good rear        8302
                                                  window, Engine” 1608 TC w/late model           _____________________________                       missions. Over time the pressed in facto-
     Runs great, very little rust, PS, PB, AC-
                                                  electronic ignition & F.I. 4-2-1 exhaust                                                           ry bushings become brittle and crack,
     Daily Driver! $1,000, e-mail at val-
                                                  manifold, runs 5sp. trans. & rear diff.                                                            allowing the ball stud to pop out. The
     _____________________________                OK, $1000. as-is, Todd @ Star                                                                      factory plastic bushings are the primary
     1976 Lancia Scorpion, 01/01                  Motorsports 770-465-4854                                                                           cause of linkage problems. Once a link-
     Only 50,000 miles but very rusty. Silver     _____________________________                                                                      age ball pops out, the shift lever is
     with rare blue cloth and leather interior.   Fiat Brava Parts car 01/01                                                                         useless. New bushings and a small heim
     Many new parts before parked 4 years         2 liter, 2 dr 5sp. Runs, needs clutch                                                              joint restore shift performance. The kit
     ago including halfshafts. Complete. Also     $500. Todd @ Star Motorsports                                                                      provides a solution for Beta owners at a
                                                  770-465-4854                                   1978 Fiat Spider 05/01
     included” parts car with transaxle but no    _____________________________                  Red exterior, black top/black interior              reasonable cost. Lancia Beta shift bush-
     engine, nice red interior, top chopped.                                                     Abarth Cromodora wheels, Pirelli P4000 tires,       ing kits are available for $95 (US) plus
     Extra 1800 cc engine from 124 Fiat                                                          Regular maintenance and all replacements/           shipping. We can press the new bush-
     included. Restore or excellent parts cars.                                                  repairs recommend Fiat mechanics, European          ings in for $145 (US) plus shipping.
     $1,250 OBO. Mark 616-365-3973 or                                                            exhaust system, garaged since 1993, 113,586k,       Single bushings are $20 plus $5 ship-
     e-mail                                                                    Roll bar $3,495 call (c) 202-285-2871.              ping. Each bushing comes with a retain-
     _____________________________                                                               _____________________________
     1975 Lancia Beta Coupe 01/01                                                                                                                    ing ring and nut. John Montgomery
                                                                                                 1987 Yugo GV1500 01/01                              770-932-2380.
     Brown Exterior, best of everything.                                                         X1/9 engine, Alquati 40/80 Cam, 34mm                _____________________________
     David King 912-303-0369, kitinc@mind-                                                       Carb, 4 &5 spd.. Trans, A/C, Sunroof,                                                                                                                                      124 Spider 4-point roll bar 01/01
     _____________________________                                                               AM/FM/Cassette, Alloy Wheels, extra                 with cover, like new. $195, X1/9 4-
     1982 Fiat Spider 2000 01/01                                                                 parts. Dark Red $1500 OBO (770) 975-                point roll bar 01/01, like new. $195, 15”
     Red, super sharp car! Tan interior & top,    1959 Fiat 600, 04/01                           3233 after 6 M-F
                                                  not running, 100% complete with                                                                    Nardi Steering Wheel Flat 3-spoke pol-
     119k, 5 spd, AM/FM cass, pwr windows,
                                                                                                 PARTS–for sale
                                                  another very rough body for parts.                                                                 ished aluminum slotted wheel with
     factory alloys, New trans., tune up, new                                                                                                        mahogany wood rim. Comes with Fiat &
     carpet, strong engine runs great, excel-     Minor rust on top. Very nice body, one
                                                  small dent. Both cars for $300.Located                                                             Jag hub kits $185 Contact Ron Norton,
     lent repaint ‘96, Very nice, $5,499.00.                                                     NOS Fiat 850 shop manual 04/01
                                                  30 miles NE of Montgomery AL. call 334                                                             215-297-8597
     Call Brenda 770-962-5799, cell 404-405-                                                     $30 - 850 front disc brake pads                     _____________________________
     9960.                                        399 0057 or email
                                                  _____________________________                  68-73, Bech Arnley $8 set, Call Calvin
     _____________________________                                                                                                                   36 DCNF Dual Weber drt up 01/01
                                                  1971 Fiat 850 Spider, 01/01                    Crouch, 315-691-9718
     Racing Spider 2000 01/01                                                                                                                        Intakes have been ported. Fits SOHC
     originally built and raced by J. Baucom      no motor, can be restored or good parts        Service Manuals, 01/01                              1.5 $450 Call or e-mail Brett Melancon
     (Sports Car Authority in Mathews, NC)        car. $300 Call Alan Lundsford, 770-996-4525.
                                                  _____________________________                  History Books, Owners Manuals, & more               at 865-694-3909, e-mail at
     currently raced by T. Rice (Star                                                            for 500, 600, 850, 1100, 1200, 1500,      
     Motorsports in Stone Mountain, GA) has                                                      128, X1/9, 124, Spider, 125, 131,                   _____________________________
     achieved many pole positions and race                                                       Strada, Brava…. Alex Voss Tel”                      Alfa Romeo Original 05/01
     wins, very strong Dyno-Tuned F.I. 2 liter                                                   206-721-3077
                                                                                                 _____________________________                       sales brochures featuring all Alfa Romeo
     engine, freshly rebuilt 5 spd. gearbox,                                                     Many good used parts 01/01                          models for the year. 1954-65, $45 each
     Custom springs/sway bars, Brand New                                                         for Fiat 124 & 131, $50 & up, mainte-               year; 1966-70, $25 each year; 1971-79,
     MOMO Corse Virage seat, race ready, $6k                                                     nance & repair services also availible. 2           $18 each year; 1980-present, $15 each
     Nego., will trade for low mileage Honda      1963 Fiat 2300S Ghia Coupe 01/01               - 78 Fiat Spider 1800s One w/out interi-            year. Add $3.50 for shipping. i also
     CBR600F3/F4, Todd @ Star Motorsports         Very rare European Coupe, Very rusty and       or, engine & transmission $350. Other               have Fiat, Lancia and other European
     770-465-4854.                                not restorable for the sane minded.            complete car, runs but has damaged                  Car literature. Call Walter Miller at 315-
                                                  Some good parts left on the car. The           crossmember. $750. Contact Todd                     432-8282 or
                                                  glass is gone, but the drivetrain is all       @ Star Motorsports 770-465-4954.

                                                                                       Not a Fiat but...
1500 SOHC engine 05/01                     Fiat 1500 Hardtop- 05/01
includes all fuel injection and            Nice condition, good liner, clear
electronic-distributor drives from cam,    window but small crack, $200,
no crankshaft. 128 head, never             Call Dan young at 264-9811
machined, 128 transmission, 4 Abarth       ____________________________
Cromodora 4-spoke wheels, painted          Wire Spoke Wheels- 05/01
white, new center caps, chrome lugs,       13”, 4 bolt, fits Spider. Contact Kathryn
locking lugs and three other sets of       Jeremiah at 619-390-9628

caps. brake rotor, pads, back up light,
128 oil pans, alternators, regulators,
128 axles, bolts, brake hardware,
                                           Hot Cam for SOHC 01/01
small carb parts 850 parts and much
                                           Looking for a good hot cam, 40/80 or
more. 35 years of collecting parts, most
                                           similar to use in a street motor with
are used $375 Contact Warren Calrke
                                           11.5”1 Pistons. Call or e-mail Brett
____________________________               Melancon at 865-694-3909,
Spider Parts For Sale 05/01                ____________________________
2000 FI Cyl head with cams, rbuilt by
                                           13” x 6” 98mm wheels for X1/9 01/01
Racing Parts & Machine in, Balto, never
                                           Need some good light wheels for
installed-$250, FI intake manifold-$25,
                                           autocross. Will consider trade for
Camshaft gear 5999452, new-$8,
                                           36 DCNF set-up. Call or e-mail Brett
Camshaft gear 5999451, new-$8,
Camshaft gear 5958894, new-$8, Axle
                                           Melancon at 865-694-3909,                   Following is an actual advertisement in an Irish Newspaper..!
                                           e-mail         1985 Blue Volkswagen Golf, Only 15 km, Only first gear and reverse used,
shaft gear 5925051new-$8, FI pipe,
main pipe from air box to intake                                                       Never driven hard, Original tires, Original brakes, Original fuel and oil, Only
4441960, new-$20, call Richard                                                         1 driver. Owner wishing to sell due to employment lay-off
at 703-248-0183 (eve)

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THE FIAT FREAK continued
beautiful and sophisticated than         such as voice response controls       is more intense than ever, and       appreciation for the genius of
most any American luxury car,            and power-operated doors. Its         the globalization of models and      Italian automotive style, a style as
there are plenty of Lincoln Town         one-box shape is a cross between      corporate mergers has resulted       unique as it is timeless. We cer-
Cars and Cadillac Broughams to           a minivan and an SUV, and is          in spectacular improvements in       tainly don’t see ourselves coming
fill the Thesis’s market segment         most likely a styling exercise        automotive design and technolo-      and going on every highway and
here.                                    toward the development of the         gy. There is no better time to       supermarket parking lot! I often
   The Thesis bears a resem-             next-generation Lancia Delta.         buy a car than now, but when it      get the feeling that we Fiat and
blance to the 1998 Lancia                   Alfa fans are rejoicing at the     comes to variety, I think things     Lancia enthusiasts have a
Dialogos concept car, and was            news that the spiffy Alfa 147 has     are actually getting worse. As       “secret” that few other car lovers
designed by the Lancia styling           been named European Car of the        car companies continue to            know. Far too often, fans of exot-
team headed by American                  Year for 2001. This sporty hatch-     merge,       cost-cutting      and   ic marques such as Ferrari and
Michael Robinson. Fellow FLU             back looks like a station wagon,      economies of scale are resulting     Porsche are more interested in
member Sherman Barton and                but is rather svelte and sexy in an   in more and more shared plat-        status and prestige, little of
I had the pleasure of visiting           elegantly Italian way. This one’s     forms, thus “homogenizing” cars      which could be said for our
Mr. Robinson at his studios in           a definite possibility for            into nothing more than many          “lowly” Fiats and Lancias. What
Torino last summer. We pre-              American showrooms.                   variations on common themes.         makes us so different is that we
sented him with a panoramic                 Wrapping up the Italian car        Even worse, cars may actually be     embrace our cars and not the
photograph of the 2000 Fiat              news in Europe, Maserati’s            getting better than the people who   symbolism that is attached to
Freak Out show field, and were           return to the USA has been post-      drive them. In a recent issue of     them! What’s more, we embrace
treated to a tour of Lancia’s            poned until 2002, thanks to a         AutoWeek magazine, auto jour-        each other, acknowledging the
styling studio facilities, including     delay in the development of the       nalist Corey Farley wrote; “The      common appreciation we share
a look at full- and scale-sized          new Spider and a V-8 engine for       incidence of competent cars...has    and recognizing the responsibili-
clay models. Mike is one of the          the US market. As many of you         increased faster than the inci-      ty of the stewardship it entails.
world’s pre-eminent auto design-         know, Maserati is now owned by        dence of competent drivers, and      Keep this in mind as we gather
ers, and an all-around super guy.        Ferrari, which is wholly-owned        I’m out of patience with the         together for the various activities
If you ever see a news story             by Fiat SpA.                          morons.” Amen!                       in the upcoming motoring sea-
of the so-called “Popemobile”                                                     While Fiat and Lancia fans        son. Fiat Freak Out 2001 is
presented to Pope John Paul,             THE VIEWS                             lament almost two decades of the     headed toward a new venue and
you’re seeing a one-off Lancia              A few days before this writing I   absence of those cars in America,    perhaps the biggest turnout in its
limousine designed by Mike               returned from almost two weeks        consider the “bright side” we are,   history, and plenty of regional
Robinson and his staff!                  working at the New York               indeed, a special bunch. In a        events are planned for the com-
   One other Lancia project              International Auto Show, thus         land populated by common             ing warm-weather months. I
“worth noting” the Nea concept           ending my seventh consecutive         Detroit iron, we have chosen to      look forward to seeing you all on
car is making the rounds at              year traveling on the American        preserve and pilot our vintage       Fiat-Lancia road!
European car shows. It incorpo-          auto show circuit. The competi-       machines in a manner which           Buona Fortuna! Love you, love
rates numerous electronic tricks         tion among auto manufacturers         richly rewards us with a sense of    your show!!

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