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									In the midst of the "credit crunch"
    PC sales continue to grow
                   Market report from GfK
•   Sales increasing by 36% compared to June 2007
•   Deskbound PCs are showing a small 2% increase
•   System house channels are 17%+ units & 23%+ value (YoY)
•   High growth in Mobile PCs: system house channels up 26%,
    retail channels rise a massive 76% (YoY).
Agenda for today
•   Welcome & Update
•   fixITlocal proposition
•   Service Module
•   Working with Micro-P
•   Extended Warranty - FIL branded VAS
•   Disaster Recovery - FIL branded          Break
•   BT - why you guys count
•   BT Net – A big opportunity
•   Conclusion - how we can all make money
•   Q&A                                      Lunch
fixITlocal Vision
• Launched November 2007
• Aim to put independents on the map and drive customers
   – Research continues to show people wish to buy locally
• Become largest professional outsource service organisation
• With PCA accreditation provide customers with confidence
   – CORGI of the IT industry

• How are we doing?
fixITlocal Update
A unique program driving end-users
directly to their local reseller
•   Proactive marketing activity: ads, eshots, leaflets...
•   Call locator program with a single national 0844 tel no.
•   Website reseller locator via postcode
•   New Developments
    –   Contract service work referring jobs to fixITlocal
    –   Branded products bring added service opportunities
    –   Hardware & connectivity deals via strategic partnerships
    –   Strategic partnership with Synaxon AG...
What are our resellers saying
• We all want more calls!
   – most resellers have received referrals
   – Results vary, a lot depending on location
• Most agree it’s a positive scheme
   – committed to make it a successful program
   – compete with mass retailers while retaining independence
   – Many working with us to develop new ideas & products
• A year’s investment repaid with just a few calls
Let’s have a look at some direct quotes...
Reseller Feedback 1
From: Ray Lewis [mailto:ray.lewis@hookstone.co.uk]
Sent: 13 August 2008 21:45
To: Victoria Moxham
Subject: RE: FixITlocal Lead


Just to let you know that I have installed a small Microsoft network, 2 days work, but
I have been back twice since doing other work for the customer, I am also
supporting the customer on an add hoc basis, so thanks for the lead.

The customer said that he has been looking for a local cost effective service like this
for a long time.

Reseller Feedback 2
From: Albert Ryan from MPICS Digital
Sent: 28 August 2008
To: Victoria Moxham
Subject: RE: FixITlocal Feedback

We receive 4 to 6 calls a day so we are very
happy with the FixIT service!
Reseller Feedback 3
From: Andrew Stallard
Sent: 01 July 2008 17:58
To: Paul Gibson
Subject: RE: Andrew Stallard - fixITlocal

Hi Paul

Thanks for that, Tesco's, PC Guys, etc better watch out cause FixITLocal is
going to Fix Them Good!

KTAK Limited
Westcliff Business Centre
188 West Road
New Service Module
A major development for fixITlocal
• Online service referral portal
   – Allows vendors to outsource warranty, repairs, installs etc.
     to the fixITlocal reseller network
   – Automatically refers job to the nearest specialist
   – See the payment rate upfront
   – Allows contractor to track progress
• We are now actively bidding for new contract work
   – Current vendors include: Cerco, The Senior Alliance,
     Burnetts Insurance, Northamber
• Creating another window of opportunity
fixITlocal – Service Contracts
• Cerco
   – Strategic partnership offering engineering
     referral work and training benefits.
• Burnetts Assoc
   – Warranty Repairs
• Northamber
   – HCI scheme warranty repairs
• Senior Alliance
   – PC & Laptop installation service
fixITlocal – Service Module

• Let’s take a look…
                                             fixITlocal Service Module

Accepting/Rejecting a call
• The call appears on the first screen once logged in
• From this screen you can ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ the call
                                           fixITlocal Service Module

Accepted calls
• This screen shows your ‘accepted’ jobs until ‘completed’
• Full details of the job are shown on the job sheet (PDF)
• Print off and take with you on the job
                                       fixITlocal Service Module

    Job sheet
•   The Job Sheet contains all the
    details you need
•   Contact the customer to arrange
    a convenient date/time to visit
•   Print job sheet and take it with
    you on the job
•   Once completed the customer will
    need to sign the Job Sheet
•   No payment will be made unless
    this is actioned
                                    fixITlocal Service Module

•   You will need to complete the
    details on this screen
•   You can scan and ‘upload’ the
    job sheet, so the vendor will
    automatically receive this
•   Or you can post the job sheet
    to FIL admin who will send to
    the vendor (please keep
    original for own records)
•   Then click ‘Job Completed’
                                           fixITlocal Service Module

Job completed
• The job will then appear in the ‘Completed Calls’ tab and
  the status will change to ‘Completed’
                                            fixITlocal Service Module

Job Closed
• Once the Vendor receives the Job Sheet & confirms the
  job is completed, the status will then change to ‘closed’
  and will appear under the ‘closed calls’ tab.
                                                     fixITlocal Service Module

Receiving payment
• You will receive payment for ‘closed calls’ only
• At the end of each month a PDF statement will appear in your
  account under ‘Admin’
• Once this appears, you can print & send to us to receive payment
• You will receive payment within 10-14 of us receiving the invoice

                 fixITlocal will receive 10% referral commission on all work
                 referred – your screen shows the net amount you WILL receive
 fixITlocal & Micro-P
• We have agreed a Strategic Partnership with MICRO-P
• Why MICRO-P?
   –   Specialise on working with the smaller indie reseller
   –   Believe in talking with their customers
   –   Wide range of products
   –   Buying power & focus to lever special deals
• Offering a range of promotions:
   – Group rebate scheme
   – Vendor marketing funds channelled to end-user advertising
   – 16 week program of exclusive hardware deals
    fixITlocal & Micro-P
    16 week program of exclusive hardware deals
•    Sept 15th   Printer - Xerox 1620N - £69
•    Sept 22nd   External HDD
•    Sept 29th   Laptop / Accessory
•    Oct 6th     Display
•    Oct 13th    Router
•    Oct 20th    TV
•    Oct 27th    Software (Anti-Virus)
•    Nov 3rd     Printer
•    Nov 10th    External HDD
•    Nov 17th    TV
•    Nov 24th    B-Tube
•    Dec 1st     Laptop/Accessory
•    Dec 8th     Display
•    Dec 15th    Photoframe
•    Jan 5th     Home Solution [Laptop, Printer, Router, HDD, K/B, Mouse, Display, Software]
•    Jan 12th    Repeat above
fixITlocal –
Extended Warranty
fixITlocal – Extended Warranty
• Branded PC & Laptop warranty:
   – Add extra margin to the initial sale
   – Maintain lifetime contact with customer, upgrade at expiry
   – Choose to be the repair agent for the policy and gain further
     income on repairs
   – Allow users to buy from you with confidence, offers
     credibility v high street retailer
• The customer is insured, so no matter what happens to
  their reseller product is covered
fixITlocal – Extended Warranty
• Policy is provided by Burnetts Assoc, UK’s leading supplier of
  computer warranties
• In addition to receiving your own repair calls Burnetts will place
  their other warranty repair work through fixITlocal
• It makes sense to sell policies whereby you gain:
   – Additional profit at point of sale & on previous 11 months sales
   – Payment to do the repair work on your sales
   – the possibility of new repair work and new customers
• A full sales pack, inc the policy & POS leaflet, is included within
  your welcome pack
Paul Jackson

Director of
First Recovery
about us
• emergency disaster recovery for SMEs
• established 5 years
• 7,000 customers / 10,000 locations - 4 times more than
  any other DR company
• award-winning:
   – BT Entrepreneur Awards ‘06
   – Insurance Times Awards ‘05 & ‘06
• endorsed by major insurers
the problem
• Big business has always had DR
• SMEs need DR:
   – compliance (e.g. tenders)
   – regulation
   – peace of mind
• SMEs can’t buy DR:
   – expensive
   – time-consuming
   – bespoke
what we do
•   alternative offices
•   IT network
•   email
•   internet
•   phones
•   expertise
•   speed
how we do it
•   500 sites around UK – 9.6m sq2
•   online, real-time database
•   client occupies premises for one month
•   standby IT systems held in bonded stock
        • software loaded
        • tested & pre-networked
        • includes printer
•   technician arrives
•   internet reconnected
•   email reinstated
•   phones redirected
•   data restored
•   …client has platform for ongoing business
• to your client:
   –   solves a complex problem, with no admin
   –   ultra-low-cost DR
   –   respond to tenders with confidence
   –   reduce insurance premiums
• to you:
   – innovative, unique product
   – strengthens ties to your client
   – opportunity to sell added services
        • Data back up, reinstallation services and new equipment
   – 160,000 eshot delivered end September 08
the business
• 6 x DR seats:                £425+VAT p.a.
• 12 x DR seats:               £795+VAT p.a.
• Mark up to resellers:        30% every year

• admin is straightforward:
   – contracts start 1st of each month
   – collect payment & forward to DMSL
   – contract confirmation sent to client
•   ultra-low-cost DR for SMEs
•   credible & tested
•   endorsed by major global companies
•   available on the open market via FixITLocal resellers

• …a unique opportunity to solve clients problems
Let’s take a break
  Ricky Ricketts
     General Manager
Indirect Partner Sales - BT
          & Infrastructure

Applications           Hardware &
 & Content             IT Services

£2.4bn                £10.7bn
The Case for Action
                                                                           & Infrastructure
•   We help UK SMEs succeed
•   Consistent double-digit growth                                  Applications
                                                                     & Content
                                                                                    Hardware &
                                                                                    IT Services
•   Be the No.1 player in the £20bn Comms & IT market

How? By:
•   Putting the customer at the heart of everything we do – helping them do
    what they do best
•   Becoming Number One for Customer Service
•   Driving Unified Communication, Collaboration and Commerce Solutions
•   Success through our People and Partnerships
The Case for Action
                                                                              & Infrastructure
•   No-one’s better placed than us to seize this opportunity:
     – Our brand is well placed for this business market              Applications
                                                                       & Content
                                                                                       Hardware &
                                                                                       IT Services

     – Our channels to market are strong
     – We have the capabilities to deliver

If we don’t?
•   Our competitors will have a stronger appeal in a market that craves for
    integrated solutions
•   We will get to be caretakers in slow-grow / no-grow land
Why have a channel?
                                & Infrastructure

•   Reach
•   Capability
                         Applications    Hardware &
                          & Content      IT Services

•   Vertical expertise
•   Customer choice
“Cracking the IT Services Nut”
Forrester Report, Dec 2007
“Cracking the IT Services Nut”
Forrester Report, Dec 2007
Portfolio Focus
                            •   IT Manager
     Financing                     • Hardware
  IT services/support              • IT services

    Applications/SaaS       •   Broadband
         Networks                  • Bundled options
                                   • VAS
             Broadband      •   One Plan
                                   •   Calls & Lines
                  Calls            •   Broadband
                    Lines          •   Mobile
                                   •   Conferencing
BT Net
•   Customer Scenario
•   BT Net Product attributes
•   Competing Technologies
•   Summary
•   Design & Print Company
•   20 Office Based People
•   ADSL Since 2003
•   5 Remote Sales People
•   Mail Server
•   Web Site.
Potential Issues?
•   Design & Print Company   •   Bottlenecks?
•   20 Office Based People   •   Service Level
•   ADSL Since 2003          •   Speed
•   5 Remote Sales People    •   Unpredictability
•   Mail Server              •   Grown out of ADSL?...
•   Web Site
BT Net Product Overview
“Leased Line Internet Access for Business”
•   Symmetric
•   1:1 Contention
•   Flexibility
•   Availability & Reach
•   Service & SLA
•   Resilient Options.
Comparisons in Marketplace
•   Broadband
•   Cable
•   SDSL
•   BT Net.
Reseller Benefits              Quality Product
- Meaningful Rewards           - Complete Service Wrap
- Key Customer Product         - Innovative Development
- Ongoing Opportunities        - Online Reporting Tools
- Offers & Initiatives         - Pro & Reactive DDoS mitigation

Customer Need                  Quality Support
- Increasing Dependency        - Rapid Pricing
  on Internet based services   - DMSL : Nikki/Simon
- Increasing Use               - BT :Lawrence
  of Bandwidth Hungry apps.    - Advice & Experience
Opportunities to profit with fixITlocal
Service Module                        Extended Warranty
- Call revenue and New Customers      - Prices from £49.99
- Offer your customers Nationwide     - Margins up to 31%
  coverage using the Network
                                      Disaster Recovery
Group Buying through Micro-P          - Prices from £425
- Now you can compete with the        - Margins up to 41%!
high street and online retailers

           - Earn 5% every time your customer makes a call
           - Plus £40 For new Blackberry and GSM connections
           - ICT: Example - BT Net Average Value £8000; Profit £2400
           - Broadband: e.g.* Consumer min £20; Business Option 3 £104

                   Plus: Use the PCA Confidence Assured to give
                   you a competitive advantage
Marketing Plan Sept-Nov 08
Driving end-users directly to their local reseller

• Campaign of eshots
  to our database

• Followed by:
   Disaster Recovery
   Extended Warranties

• Get your own
  customised version
Marketing Plan Sept-Nov 08
Driving end-users directly to their local reseller

• Utilising our powerful 800k+ email database
Local PR
Let us get you free local press coverage to help promote
your fixITlocal service offerings

• We create press releases on your behalf
  and send them to your local papers
• This is a completely Free service
• Template press releases created for all
  major product launch or promotion
• Our PR agency has lists of all UK
  publications so we can quickly build a
  distribution list specifically for you
fixITlocal – Close

Thank you for attending
We believe in the local IT Reseller and are committed
to continuing to develop products & programmes to
help grow your business
Any Questions
                           Benefits Package
• Inclusion in the nationally promoted FIL    • Access to branded unique
  call locator number                           Disaster Recovery product
• Inclusion in FIL website reseller locator   • Call referrals via our Service Module
• Regular national e-shot advertising         • Exclusive hardware deals from Micro-P
  promoting FIL to our 900k database
                                              • Commissions on BT Portfolio products
• Free customised e-shots to your             • Free opt in for Synaxon UK
  customer base                                 buying group
• Free local PR program
                                              • POS material
• Access to branded Extended Warranty
                                              • Local and National networking events
  package & repair calls
                                              • PCA Membership benefits
Time for Lunch!

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