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					21 CENTURY
            “Before he said it with diamonds, he said it with Stickley!”
                                          “My Stickley” submission #105
                                            Brenda Reif, Chicago, Il

   While nothing matches the beauty and brilliance
of diamonds, granite with its beautiful polished surface
comes close as the second strongest material occuring
in nature. The granite tops used on many of the 21st
Century pieces are beautiful, durable and heat resistant.
                                           21ST CENTURY

                              ENDORSING THE GUIDING PRINCIPLES OF THE
                              ARTS & CRAFTS MOVEMENT OF HIGH STANDARDS
                              OF CRAFTSMANSHIP AND FITNESS OF PURPOSE:
                              REFINEMENT THAT DEFINES STRENGTH             — BEAUTY
                              —   AND FUNCTION IN EQUAL               PROPORTION.

                                              DINING COLLECTION       6
                                              BEDROOM COLLECTION      22
                                              UPHOLSTERY COLLECTION   34
                                              OCCASIONAL COLLECTION   37
                                              ENTERTAINMENT           42
                                              OFFICE COLLECTION       44
                                              LAMP COLLECTION         46
                                              FINISH                  47
                                              WARRANTY                47
                                              HARDWARE                48
                                              INDEX                   49

FRONT COVER: 91-2227GT FOUR DOOR BUFFET WITH GRANITE TOP                              1
                                 DESTINED FOR THE FUTURE

      L. & J.G. Stickley introduced their first furniture line, the Mission Oak, at a 1905 trade show in Grand Rapids,
 Michigan. Their collection of “simple furniture built along mission lines” helped set the standard in fine American woodwork
 for the entire furniture industry. By the end of World War I, the Mission style had lost much of its popularity, but today these
 early pieces are coveted by museums and collectors and bring premium bids at auction. In November, 1999, a record price of
 $596,900 was set for a Gustav Stickley sideboard that was designed for his own house on Columbus Avenue in
 Syracuse, New York.
     Experts over the years have recognized Stickley’s craftsmanship and have acclaimed these creations for their purity of
 form, soundness of construction and fitness of purpose. On January 21, 1956, Leopold Stickley was named “Revered Dean of
 Cabinet Makers whose art and craftsmanship has contributed mightily to American home life,” by House Beautiful, House &
 Garden, National Geographic, The New
 Yorker, Fortune and other publications.

 The Modern Era                                                  THE STICKLEY FAMILY
      A new era began for Stickley
 when, in 1974, Alfred and Aminy
 Audi purchased the company                                                    L. & J.G. STICKLEY
                                                                                  s Y r                   n
                                                                            Manlius, N.Y. (Present Location)
 and guided it to new levels of                                             ALFRED & AMINY AUDI
 accomplishment. In 1974 there were                                                1985 - Current
 only 25 employees at Stickley. Today                                                           NY
                                                                                  Fayetteville, N.Y.
                                                                                     1974 - 1985
 the company employs over 1500
 artisans and craftspeople.
                                                                              L. & J.G. STICKLEY
      In addition to Arts & Crafts,                                              Fayetteville, N.Y.
 Stickley’s team of skilled craftsmen                                   STICKLEY MANUFACTURING CO.
                                                                                  Syracuse, N.Y.
 manufacture newly designed                                                        1919 - 1974
 collections built on the Craftsman
 ideal of making furnishings “that                                                       A
                                                                       STICKLEY ASSOCIATED CABINET MAKERS
 are better suited to our needs and                                                            y Y
                                                                                  New York City, N.Y.
 more expressive of our character as a                                     December 19, 1916 - March 1, 1919
 people.” Blending Stickley’s unique
 joinery with a more streamlined                  CRAFTSMAN SHOPS        L. & J.G. STICKLEY    STICKLEY         STICKLEY & BRANDT
 contemporary influence, the 21st                   Eastwood, N.Y.        Fayetteville, N.Y.   RO        O
                                                                                             BROTHERS CO.                   O
                                                                                                                     CHAIR CO.
                                                    1898 - 1916                             r     a s
                                                                         1900 - Current Grand Rapids, Mich.                  N.Y
                                                                                                                 Binghamton, N Y.
 Century Collection stands ready                                                            1891 - c. 1940         1891 - 1919
 to make history once again.                       1898         1898

                                                  STICKLEY & SIMONDS
                                                       CHAIR CO.                             1890     1890     1890
                                                     Syracuse, N.Y.
                                                      1893 - 1898

                                                                                      R T          P
                                                                            STICKLEY BROTHERS COMPANY
                                                                                  Binghamton, N.Y.
                                                                                    1884 - 1890

                                                     1884             1888               1888             1884            1884
                                                    GUSTAV          LEOPOLD          JOHN GEORGE            E
                                                                                                         ALBERT         CHARLES
                                                  1858 - 1942      1869 - 1957        1871 - 1921      1862 - 1928    c.1865 - 1928

                                               A PERSONAL MESSAGE

                                             Our Stickley Story
                                      Over the years we have received countless letters from people who treasure their Stickley
                                 pieces. Their stories are incredibly moving, and they inspired us to launch “My Stickley,” a
                                 national contest inviting Stickley enthusiasts to share their Stickley stories. The hundreds of
                                 entries we continue to receive are humorous, awesome and inspiring.
                                      While very different, they all share some common threads which include:
                                     • Enduring craftsmanship.
                                        “Our Stickley bedroom is the only thing we own that survived Hurricane Katrina.”
                                     • A symbol of love, longevity and endurance. “Before he said it with diamonds,
                                        he said it with Stickley.”
                                    • Reverence for quality. “I have always appreciated the finer things in life. I have
                                        Navajo rugs, a Steinway piano, and Stickley furniture.”
                                    • The furniture one aspires to own and pass on to future generations. “Some day
                                        my Stickley will be heirlooms – but for now, Stickley is my home.”
Alfred and Aminy Audi
                                     These are real stories by real people and they reflect the Stickley story which is rich in
family tradition and enduring relationships. It is also the story of connection to home as a gathering place filled with warmth,
friendship and magical moments.

    Now for an abbreviated version of Our Stickley Story: as a two-year-old Alfred received his Stickley Cannon Ball Bed,
which years later was passed on to our son Edward. Both of them remember swinging on the posts when they were younger.
The bed miraculously survived their youth and is now in its rightful place in the newly opened Stickley Museum. Later,
both of them went to Colgate University, where their fraternities were furnished with Stickley. Needless to say, the furniture
enjoyed robust use. Over the years it’s been refinished and continues to grace those fraternities today as though it were brand
     Our first piece of furniture, as we set about to furnish our home, was a Stickley. Our most treasured terrace server arrived
as a wedding present from Mrs. Stickley, while we eagerly awaited the Stickley bedroom, which was our family’s wedding
present. Little did we know then that ten years later we would be rescuing a proud name and
upholding Stickley’s tradition of excellence!
     The revival of Stickley has been a most exciting and fulfilling journey. For the past thirty-
three years, it has been constantly changing and evolving, yet our vision has remained constant: to
be the most respected company in the furniture industry, whose name is synonymous with quality,
integrity, value and service.
     Wherever you happen to be in your quest for furnishing your dream home, we invite you to
experience the magic of Stickley. Amongst our many collections, from Mission to Metropolitan
and Stickley Fine Upholstery, you’ll discover a tremendous selection of home furnishings. Our
endless options and possibilities enable you to furnish your home with individual flair that
fittingly bespeaks of your life’s experiences and the things you hold most dear.

     We thank you for investing in Stickley and look forward to hearing your own Stickley Story!         Edward Audi

                                                                          Very sincerely,

                                                                          Alfred and Aminy Audi

                                              THE STICKLEY DIFFERENCE

    Enduring Craftsmanship
     Pride in craftsmanship is one of the cornerstones of the Stickley tradition. The Stickley motto “Als ik Kan” comes from a
 quote by Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck which loosely translated means “to the best of my ability.” Even today each aspect of
 Stickley construction is approached with sincere dedication and a genuine respect for craft. We make our furniture the best
 we can. Stickley’s many unique construction features make it the most lasting furniture being crafted today.
     Among the special features are side hung and centerguided drawers, dovetailed cross rails, tongue and groove glue joining
 and specially designed bed rail and casting receivers. Some of these methods have been used by the Stickley brothers, others
 are more contemporary techniques designed to increase the durability of our classic designs.
    Stickley’s reputation for excellence sets the standard in the furniture industry. We’re so sure of our quality construction
 that each master cabinet maker proudly puts his initials on every piece he builds.

    The legendary Stickley finish is the legacy of Leopold Stickley and his early experimentation with aqueous ammonium
finishes. The finishing process currently takes no less than four days, and requires a complex series of applications. The first
step is an aqueous stain followed by fine sanding, then an oil stain, a sealer and sealer sanding. After applying the lacquer
topcoat which provides a heat, alcohol and mar resistant surface, our craftspeople carefully sand and polish all exterior and
interior surfaces to give them a soft, lustrous patina.
   The extraordinary care and skill that go into Stickley finishes guarantee that each piece of furniture has its own singular
beauty. No two finishes are ever exactly the same, but every finish is deep, lustrous and displays the innate glow of the natural
wood to its best advantage.

                                  Hand Sanding                              The Finishing Touch
                                  After intensive machine sanding,          Hand rubbing is one of the ways
                                  every piece of furniture is thoroughly    in which we are able to achieve the
                                  hand sanded—even the insides of           depth and clarity of the legendary
                                  the drawers. Excess glue is carefully     Stickley finish.
                                  removed from all joints. All sharp
                                  edges are eliminated, joints are
                                  flushed, any scratch marks are
                                  removed, and the pores of the wood
                                  are opened. Final hand sanding is
                                  meticulously executed by skilled crafts
                                  people using time tested techniques.

                                                                 UNIQUELY STICKLEY

   The details shown here explain a few of Stickley’s unique and time-honored construction techniques. As you become
familiar with distinguishing characteristics of fine furniture, bear in mind that most of these techniques are used
only by Stickley.

Side-Hung & Center-Guided                                   Resawn & Bookmatched                                         Door Joints,
Drawers                                                     Door Panels                                                  Pinned Mortise & Tenon
This method guarantees proper alignment of the              When appropriate to the product design, door panels          Most Stickley door joints are mortise and tenoned,
drawer. The center guide keeps the drawers from             are resawn and bookmatched. Resawing is a process            glued, and pinned with wooden pins. The pins lock
skewing sideways. Suspension on the side guides keeps       of splitting thick lumber into thinner boards. Once          the joint supplying additional strength. This joint
the drawers level even when heavily loaded. There           split, the halves are opened like a book revealing           would hold together even without the use of glue.
is never any pressure against the bottom side edges,        identical grain. This time-consuming and labor
hence no scrape or screech and no excessive friction,       intensive process assures beautifully grained door
pulling or tugging. One can literally stand in a            panels on all pieces.
Stickley drawer.

Bed Rail Construction                                       Dovetailed Cross Rails                                       Tongue & Groove Joints
The side rails of all beds are locked into a special        Cross rails on cases are dovetailed into the ends to         Tongue and groove joints ensure accurate board
casting. The end rails are mortised and tenoned into        strengthen the case from side to side. This joint is self-   alignment and strong glue joints. This permits
the posts and locked with wood pins. Two panhead            locking even without glue, and separation of the end         increased lumber thickness for solid, lasting furniture.
screws are positioned at the ends of each rail to fit into   panels is impossible, unless the wood is split apart.
an iron casting with a tongued slot. Our beds won’t
wobble or rock.

                                                      21ST CENTURY DINING

                                    2047 & 2048                                                          2047 & 2049

The subtle shades of green and amber stained glass define and
accent the classic Arts & Crafts art glass on this China Cabinet.
The chamfered posts give this piece a contemporary appearance.
Interior lights with dimmer switch and adjustable glass shelves
with plate grooves.

 91-2048                                                               91-2049
 CHINA TOP                                                             CHINA TOP
 H48 W71 D18                                                           H48 W71 D18
 With art glass.                                                       With beveled glass.
 PATENT NO. DES. 401,441

8                                                          PHOTOGRAPH PAGE 6-7: 2045SC DINING TABLE, 2047 BUFFET BASE, 2048 CHINA TOP,
                                                                                                      2043 SIDE CHAIR, 2044 ARM CHAIR
                                                                 21ST CENTURY DINING


                                               2047                                                                        2046

                                                                                        This mobile server features silk screened accents and ebonized
                                                                                        hardwood inlay on door panels, an adjustable wood shelf behind
                                                                                        door, Pacific Silvercloth® liner in drawer and finished ship lap
                                                                                        back. Top opens to a heat and alcohol resistant black laminate
                                                                                        surface. Standard with hidden casters.

91-2047                                    91-2227GT                                                                       91-2046
BUFFET                                     FOUR DOOR BUFFET                                                                MOBILE SERVER
H34 W68½ D17                               H34 W74 D17                                                                     Closed H34 W35 D20
With silk screened accents and             With silk screened accents and                                                  Open H34 W70 D20
ebonized hardwood inlay. One               ebonized hardwood inlay. One
adjustable shelf behind double doors.      adjustable shelf behind center door and
One adjustable shelf behind right door.    each end door. Pacific silvercloth liner in
Pacific silvercloth liner in left drawer.   center drawer with black granite top.
PATENT NO. DES. 401,441                    Shown with N6 pulls on doors and N7
                                           pulls on drawers.

                                           Also available:
                                           FOUR DOOR BUFFET
                                           H34 W74 D17
                                           Same as above with wooden top.                                                                                9
                                                        21ST CENTURY DINING

                                      2037 & 2038                                                  2037

This medium sized china cabinet features art glass doors,                91-2038 (shown)           91-2037
adjustable glass shelves with plate grooves, chamfered corners           CHINA TOP                 BUFFET
with silk screened accents, ebonized hardwood inlay and interior         WITH ART GLASS            H34 W47 D17
canister lights with dimmer control. Buffet doors have a                 H48 W49 D18
chamfered, moulded edge and solid cherry panels with                     PATENT NO. DES. 401,441   China Top and Buffet Overall:
                                                                                                   H82 W49 D18
silk screened accent. Pacific Silvercloth® liner insert in left drawer.
Adjustable shelf behind buffet doors.                                    Also Available:
                                                                         CHINA TOP
                                                                         WITH BEVELED GLASS
                                                                         H48 W49 D18

OPPOSITE: 91-2040S PEDESTAL DINING TABLE, 91-2042 LATTICE ARM CHAIR,                                                               11
91-2041 LATTICE SIDE CHAIR, 91-2038 CHINA, 91-2037 BUFFET
                                                      21ST CENTURY DINING


2036                                                                    2034

This 21st Century Sideboard draws its inspiration from the early        A perfect display piece, this corner cabinet is suited for living
designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Lattice design bottom             room as well as dining room. It has an Arts & Crafts motif on
shelf, chamfered posts, silk screened accents and ebonized              the art glass door, adjustable glass shelves with plate grooves,
hardwood inlay are distinctive design elements of the 21st Century      canister light with dimmer and door locks. Behind the lower
Collection. The drawers are side hung and center guided, with a         door is one adjustable wood shelf.
Pacific Silvercloth® liner in the top center drawer. Illuminated base.

91-2035 SIDEBOARD WITH                                                  91-2034 CORNER CABINET
GRANITE TOP                                                             (WITH ART GLASS)
H39 W57 D21                                                             H78½ W38 (Requires 27” wall)
PATENT NO. DES. 403,529
                                                                        Also available:
91-2036 SIDEBOARD WITH                                                  91-2034BG CORNER CABINET
WOOD TOP                                                                (BEVELED GLASS)
H39 W57 D21                                                             H78½ W38 (Requires 27” wall)
Shown with N7 pulls.
PATENT NO. DES. 403,529

OPPOSITE: 2035 SIDEBOARD WITH GRANITE TOP, 2044 SPINDLE ARM CHAIR                                                                           13
                                                              21ST CENTURY DINING



  91-2045S                               91-2045SC                                 91-2053S                               91-2053
  DINING TABLE                           DINING TABLE                              DINING TABLE                           DINING TABLE
  WITHOUT SILK SCREEN                    WITH SILK SCREEN                          WITHOUT SILK SCREEN                    WITH SILK SCREEN
  ON TOP                                 H30 W44 L68                               ON TOP                                 H30 W44 L74
  H30 W44 L68                            Features a solid top with silk screened   H30 W44 L74                            Features a solid top with silk screened
  Solid, wild black cherry. Extends to   accents and ebonized hardwood inlay.      Solid, wild black cherry. Extends to   accents and ebonized hardwood inlay.
  98” with two 15” aproned leaves.       PATENT NO. DES. 399,375                   106” with two 16” aproned leaves.
  PATENT NO. DES. 399,375                                                                                                 91-2053-3LVS
                                         91-2045SC-3LVS                            91-2053S-3LVS                          DINING TABLE
  91-2045S-3LVS                          DINING TABLE                              DINING TABLE                           WITH SILK SCREEN
  DINING TABLE                           WITH SILK SCREEN                          WITHOUT SILK SCREEN                    Same as 91-2053SC
  WITHOUT SILK SCREEN                    Same as 91-2045SC                         ON TOP                                 with three leaves.
  ON TOP                                 with three leaves.                        Same as 91-2053S with three leaves.
  Same as 91-2045S with three leaves.    PATENT NO. DES. 399,375
  PATENT NO. DES. 399,375

16                                                               PHOTOGRAPH PAGE 14-15: 91-2053 DINING TABLE, 91-2217 UPHOLSTERED ARM CHAIR,
                                                                                           91-2216 UPHOLSTERED SIDE CHAIR, 91-2227 SIDEBOARD
                                                            21ST CENTURY DINING

                                        2135                                      2135

                                        2040S                                     2040S (with leaves)

91-2040S                                91-2040SC                                 91-2135
SINGLE PEDESTAL                         SINGLE PEDESTAL                           FLIP TOP HARVEST TABLE
EXTENDING DINING TABLE                  EXTENDING DINING TABLE                    H30 W72 D19
H30 D54                                 WITH SILK SCREEN                          Flip top opens to 38”. Two drawers.
Open H30 L86 D54                        H30 D54
With two 16” leaves and silk screened   Open H30 L86 D54
detail and ebonized hardwood inlay      Features a solid top with silk screened
on base and apron only. Top is not      accents and ebonized hardwood inlay.
decorated. Extended pedestal is         PATENT NO. DES. 401.454
finished on the inside.
PATENT NO. DES. 401.454                 Also available:
Also available:                         SINGLE PEDESTAL
91-2040S-3LVS                           EXTENDING DINING TABLE
SINGLE PEDESTAL                         WITH SILK SCREEN
EXTENDING DINING TABLE                  Same as 91-2040SC
Same as 91-2040S with three leaves.     with three leaves.
PATENT NO. DES. 401.454                 PATENT NO. DES. 401.454

                                                     21ST CENTURY DINING

 2041                             2043                            2216                                       2021

  2042                            2044                            2217

  91-2041                         91-2043                         91-2216                                    91-2021-26
  LATTICE SIDE CHAIR              SPINDLE SIDE CHAIR              UPHOLSTERED DINING                         BAR STOOL
  H42½ W20½ D22½                  H46 W20½ D25½                   SIDE CHAIR                                 H40½ W18½ D19½
  With ebonized hardwood inlay.   With ebonized hardwood inlay.   H41½ W19½ D25½                             Seat height: 26
  Seat height: 19½                Seat height: 19½                Fully upholstered seat and back.
  PATENT NO. DES. 404,585         PATENT NO. DES. 394,358         Seat height: 19½                           Also available:
  91-2042                         91-2044                         91-2217                                    BAR STOOL
  LATTICE ARM CHAIR               SPINDLE ARM CHAIR               UPHOLSTERED DINING                         H44½ W18½ D19½
  H42½ W27 D22½                   H46 W27½ D26½                   ARM CHAIR                                  Seat height: 30
  With ebonized hardwood inlay.   With ebonized hardwood inlay.   H41½ W25½ D25½
  Seat height: 19½                Seat height: 19½                Fully upholstered seat and back.
  Arm height: 261/4               Arm height: 27                  Seat height: 19½
  PATENT NO. DES. 404,585         PATENT NO. DES. 394,358         Arm height: 27

18                                                                                                        OPPOSITE: 91-2227GT SIDEBOARD
                                                                                                 Shown with N6 pulls on doors and N7 pulls on drawers.
                                                       21ST CENTURY DINING


  Capable of standing alone or being grouped in multiples for a dramatic room presentation, this versatile   91-2033 (3 units shown)
  display cabinet is ready to showcase collectibles for the new century. Its chamfered posts and ebonized    DISPLAY CABINET
  accents highlight the beauty of the solid wild black cherry wood.This piece features beveled glass doors   H81 W34½ D15
  and ends, along with adjustable glass shelves with plate grooves and mirrored back. Interior lighting is
  controlled by a dimmer switch.

20                                                                  OPPOSITE: 91-2041 LATTICE SIDE CHAIR, 7742 METROPOLITAN SIDEBOARD
                                                     21ST CENTURY BEDROOM


2086                                                                   2067L

                                   Blending familiar Mission design elements such as spindles and unique joinery with a more
                                   streamlined, contemporary influence, the 21st Century Collection has enjoyed popular acclaim.
                                   This collection is crafted from wild black cherry solids and veneers with distinctive silk screened
                                   accents and ebonized hardwood inlay. This bedroom’s defining characteristics include a convex
                                   headboard top rail, a concave footboard top rail and four sturdy square posts with chamfered corners.

91-2086                            91-2066                             91-2067L                              Also available:
FOUR DRAWER                        MASTER DRESSER                      SUTTON PLACE                          91-2067CL
NIGHT STAND                        H44 W68½ D19                        BED, KING                             SUTTON PLACE BED,
H30½ W32 D15½                      Silk screened accents on top with   H57 W81 L90½                          CALIFORNIA KING
Shown with black pulls.            ebonized hardwood inlays.           Footboard height: 36½                 H57 W77 L94½
                                   Eleven drawers. Shown with N5       Silk screened accents and ebonized    Footboard height: 36½
Also available:                    large satin nickel round bar.       hardwood inlay. Also available with
91-2087                                                                a low footboard.                      91-2067B
FOUR DRAWER                                                                                                  SUTTON PLACE
NIGHT STAND                                                                                                  BED,QUEEN
WITH GRANITE TOP                                                                                             H57 W65 L90½
H30½ W32 D15½                                                                                                Footboard height: 36½

OPPOSITE: 2067L SUTTON PLACE BED, 2087 NIGHT STAND shown with W5 pulls, 2060-B1 TABLE LAMP,                                                23
2066 MASTER DRESSER shown with W5 pulls, 2061-B1 TABLE LAMP (TWO SHOWN),
                                                          21ST CENTURY BEDROOM

  2055                                  2056L                                                                        2057

  91-2055                               91-2056L                                                                     91-2057
  LINGERIE CHEST                        LOFT CHEST LEFT                                                              TALL CHEST
  H58 W24 D18                           LINGERIE UNIT                                                                H58 W40 D20
  Sliding jewelry tray in top drawer.   H58 W22 D18                                                                  Shown with N5 large
  Shown with nickel pulls.              Used as a left side facing unit.                                             satin nickel round bar.
  Designed to stand alone.              Chamfered corners on left side only.
                                        Shown with black pulls.

                                        Also Available:
                                        LOFT CHEST RIGHT
                                        LINGERIE UNIT
                                        H58 W22 D18
                                        Used as a right side facing unit.
                                        Chamfered corners on right side only.

24                                                                              OPPOSITE: 21ST CENTURY LOFT CHEST, CONSISTING OF ONE 2057 CHEST
                                                                                              FLANKED BY 2056L & 2056R LINGERIE UNITS, 2060B1 LAMP.
21st Century Bedroom

                                                  21ST CENTURY BEDROOM


                                                                    91-2073B                        Also available:
                                                                    GRAMERCY PARK                   91-2073CL
                                                                    BED, QUEEN                      GRAMERCY PARK BED,
                                                                    H51 W63 L85½                    CALIFORNIA KING
                                                                    Footboard height: 32            H51 W75½ L89½
                                                                    Also available as headboard     Footboard height: 32
                                                                    only or with low footboard.     PATENT NO. DES. 319,413
                                                                    PATENT NO. DES. 319,413
                                                                                                    GRAMERCY PARK
                                                                                                    BED, KING
                                                                                                    H50½ W79½ L85½
                                                                                                    Footboard height: 32
                                                                                                    PATENT NO. DES. 319,413
                                                      21ST CENTURY BEDROOM

2023                                  2074                                 2075                                    2085

2077                                                                                                               2081

91-2023 ONE DRAWER                    91-2074                              91-2075                                 91-2085
NIGHT STAND                           TWO-DRAWER                           THREE-DRAWER                            THREE DRAWER
H27 W24 D17                           NIGHT STAND                          NIGHT STAND                             NIGHT STAND
                                      H28 W28 D17                          H28 W28 D17                             WITH GRANITE TOP
                                      Inside dimensions: H6½ W23 D16½                                              H28 W28 D17
91-2077                                                                    91-2081
                                      Open storage compartment will hold
TRIPLE DRESSER                                                             SINGLE DRESSER
                                      most DVD units.
H35 W68½ D19                                                               H35 W40 D19
                                                                                                                   All units shown on this page
Silk screened accents and ebonized    Also available:                      Four drawers (top drawer appears as
                                                                                                                   contain black pulls.
hardwood inlay on top and chamfered   91-2084                              two). Removable center divider in
posts. Sliding jewelry tray in top    TWO DRAWER NIGHT                     top drawer. Silk screened accents and
right drawer. Nine drawers.           STAND WITH GRANITE TOP               ebonized hardwood inlay on
PATENT NO. DES. 319,413               H28 W28 D17                          chamfered posts. Two or more
                                                                           single dressers may be bunched.
                                                      21ST CENTURY BEDROOM



  From traditional to modern, these upholstered beds enable you
  to define your own style. With an exquisite selection of fabrics to
  choose from, you can create a personal retreat with a look that is
  all your own.

  7504B                                    Also available:                 7507B 5TH AVENUE                      Also available:
  CHELSEA UPHOLSTERED                      7504CL                          UPHOLSTERED                           7507CL 5TH AVENUE
  BED, QUEEN                               CHELSEA UPHOLSTERED             QUEEN BED                             UPHOLSTERED BED,
  H58 W64 L86                              BED, CALIFORNIA KING            H58 W64 L86                           CALIFORNIA KING
  Footboard height: 14                     H58 W76 L90                     Footboard height: 16                  H58 W76 L90
  The gracefully arched, fully             Footboard height: 14            Your choice of fabric or leather on   Footboard height: 16
  upholstered headboard makes an                                           three upholstered panels (King has    With three upholstered panels.
  elegant statement. Choice of fabric or   7504L                           four panels). Distinctive stepped
  leather upholstery. Wild black cherry.   CHELSEA UPHOLSTERED             moulding on headboard and             7507L 5TH AVENUE
                                           BED, KING                       footboard. Wild black cherry.         UPHOLSTERED BED, KING
                                           H58 W80 L86                                                           H58 W80 L86
                                           Footboard height: 14                                                  Footboard height: 16
                                                                                                                 With four upholstered panels.

28                                                                     OPPOSITE: 7507B 5TH AVENUE UPHOLSTERED BED, 2081 SINGLE DRESSER
                                                                                                                                   Shown with N7 pulls
                                                21ST CENTURY BEDROOM


                                                                     2058                              2078

2080                                                                 2098                              2083

91-2080                           91-2069                            91-2058                           91-2078
TALL CHEST                        SUTTON PLACE MIRROR                LANDSCAPE MIRROR                  RECTANGULAR MIRROR
H60 W43 D21½                      H36 W48 D2½                        H35 W45 D2½                       H45 W31½ D4
Silk screened acccents and                                           Silk screened black accents and   Silk screened black accents and
ebonized hardwood inlay on                                           ebonized hardwood inlay on        ebonized hardwood inlay on
chamfered posts. Six drawers.                                        chamfered posts. Beveled glass.   chamfered posts. Beveled glass.
Features a secret compartment.
Shown with black pulls.                                              91-2098                           91-2083
                                                                     LANDSCAPE MIRROR                  OCTAGONAL MIRROR
                                                                     H38 W50 D2½                       H41 W41
                                                                     Silk screened black accents and
                                                                     ebonized hardwood inlay on
                                                                     chamfered posts. Flat glass.

OPPOSITE: 2081 SINGLE DRESSER shown with N7 pulls, 2078 RECTANGULAR MIRROR                                                               31
     21st Century Bedroom

                                                       21ST CENTURY BEDROOM

                              91-2076 INTERIOR

                         91-2076T-PD INTERIOR                                                            2076

Like all Stickley beds, this 21st Century bed utilizes a unique
system that securely locks the rails into position, eliminating
wobbling or rocking.

91-2071B                                91-2071L                  91-2076                                Also available:
TRIBECA SLEIGH                          TRIBECA SLEIGH            DOOR CHEST                             91-2076T-PD
BED, QUEEN                              BED,KING                  H68 W44½ D21½                          DOOR CHEST WITH
H47 W64 L96½                            H47 W79½ L96½             Standard with two adjustable shelves   POCKET DOORS
Footboard height: 34                    Footboard height: 34      and four dividers behind doors.        Includes TV pull-out shelf.
Also available as headboard                                       Shown in #14 Saratoga Finish with      PATENT NO. DES. 399,373
only or with low footboard.                                       optional brushed nickel pulls. Solid
                                                                  wild black cherry, with chamfered
Also available:                                                   posts, silk screened accents and
91-2071CL                                                         ebonized hardwood inlay.
TRIBECA SLEIGH BED,                                               PATENT NO. DES. 399,373
H47 W75½ L100
Footboard height: 34
OPPOSITE: 2071L TRIBECA SLEIGH BED, 2086 NIGHT STAND                                                                                   33
                                                      21ST CENTURY UPHOLSTERY



     Embracing the past and the future, this sofa and its                 91-2207                          91-2206
     complementary loveseat and chair celebrate the present and the       21ST CENTURY SOFA                21ST CENTURY CHAIR
     way we like to live today. Sleek and contemporary, the sofa          H34 W78½ D36                     H34 W34 D34
                                                                          Seat height: 20                  Seat height: 20
     exhibits strength, beauty and comfort in equal proportions.          Arm height: 25                   Arm height: 25
     Combining cherry solids and cherry veneers, it features chamfered                                     Between arms: 26
     posts, silk screened accents and ebonized hardwood inlay. The soft   Also Available:
     and comfortable cushions are upholstered in a choice of hundreds     91-2208
     of luxurious fabrics and leathers.                                   21ST CENTURY
                                                                          SOFA BED
                                                                          H34 W78½ D36
                                                                          Seat height: 221/

                                                                          Arm height: 25

36                                             PHOTOGRAPH PAGE 34-35: 91-2207 SOFA, 91-2206 CHAIR, 91-2010 GT GRANITE TOP COCKTAIL TABLE,
                                                                                      91-2026 GT GRANITE TOP END TABLE, 91-2211 END TABLE
                                                         21ST CENTURY OCCASIONAL

2010                                                                                2011

                                          2010GT                                                                              2011GT

All tables on the following pages are wild black cherry. They
feature silk screened accents and ebonized hardwood inlay.

91-2010                                   91-2010GT                                 91-2011                                   91-2011GT
RECTANGULAR                               RECTANGULAR COCKTAIL                      SQUARE COCKTAIL TABLE                     SQUARE COCKTAIL TABLE
COCKTAIL TABLE                            TABLE WITH GRANITE TOP                    WITH WOOD TOP                             WITH GRANITE TOP
H19 W47 D29                               H19 W47 D29                               H19 W42 D42                               H19 W42 D42
Solid cherry; silk screened accents and   Solid cherry; silk screened accents and   Solid cherry; silk screened accents and   Solid cherry; silk screened accents and
ebonized hardwood inlay on legs and       ebonized hardwood inlay on legs and       ebonized hardwood inlay on legs and       ebonized hardwood inlay on legs and
apron; pierced chamfered legs.            apron; pierced chamfered legs. Same       apron; pierced chamfered legs.            apron; pierced chamfered legs. Same
                                          as 91-2010 with black granite top.        PATENT NO. DES. 396,767                   as 91-2011 with black granite top.
                                                                                                                              PATENT NO. DES. 396,767

                                         21ST CENTURY OCCASIONAL

                          2059ST (sliding tray and            2059
                          magazine rack)

     2014                                                     2016GT

  91-2014                 91-2059                             91-2016GT                                  91-2064
  WITH GLASS TOP          H19 W48 D20                         WITH GRANITE TOP                           H81 W44 D15
  H19 W42 L42             Spring loaded lid supports.         H19 D42                                    Standard with three adjustable
  Smoked glass top.       Cedar lined bottom.                 Solid cherry with black granite top,       shelves and lighted interior.
                                                              silk screened accents and ebonized         Single drawer.
                          Also available:                     hardwood inlay on legs and apron;
                          91-2059ST BLANKET CHEST/            pierced chamfered legs.
                          COCKTAIL TABLE
                          With sliding/removable tray and a   Also available:
                          magazine rack on the interior.      91-2016S
                          Storage capacity under tray.        ROUND COCKTAIL TABLE
                                                              Wood top. No inlay.

38                                                                                                   OPPOSITE: 91-2064 DISPLAY CABINET
                                                            21ST CENTURY OCCASIONAL

     2025                                   2025GT                                    2024

     2026GT                                                                           2027                                    2211

  91-2025                                   91-2025GT                                 91-2024                                 91-2211
  ROUND LAMP TABLE                          ROUND LAMP TABLE                          SQUARE LAMP TABLE                       SQUARE END TABLE
  WITH WOOD TOP                             WITH GRANITE TOP                          H24 W26 D26                             WITH WOOD TOP
  H24 D25                                   H24 D25                                                                           H25 W22 D27
  Solid cherry; silk screened accents and   Solid cherry; silk screened accents and   91-2027                                 One drawer and fixed shelf and
  ebonized hardwood inlay on legs and       ebonized hardwood inlay on legs and       SQUARE END TABLE                        ebonized hardwood inlay on legs.
  apron; pierced chamfered legs             apron; pierced chamfered legs. Same       H27 W26 D26
                                            as 91-2025 with black granite top.        Adjustable center shelf. Solid cherry
  91-2026GT                                                                           with wood top, silk screened accents
  SQUARE LAMP TABLE                                                                   and ebonized hardwood inlay on legs
  WITH GRANITE TOP                                                                    and apron; pierced chamfered legs.
  H24 W26 D26

                                                      21ST CENTURY OCCASIONAL

54                                      2009                                    2028

                                       2063GT                                   2029

91-0054                                91-2009                                  91-2028
TABOURET WITH                          CHAIRSIDE TABLE                          SOFA TABLE
GRANITE TOP                            H24½ W24 D15                             H27 W54 D17
H22 W17 D17                            Solid cherry with pierced legs
Features wedged through tenons         and fixed shelf.                          91-2029
in top and pinned through tenons                                                SOFA TABLE
on legs with ebony wedges. May be      91-2063GT                                WITH GRANITE TOP
bunched for use as a cocktail table.   PLANT STAND PEDESTAL                     H27 W54 D17
                                       H36 W10½ D10½
                                       Solid cherry with black granite top;
                                       silk screened accents on two sides.
                                       Four solid sides.

                                                     21ST CENTURY ENTERTAINMENT


  91-2091                                91-2091PT                              91-2092                                91-2092PT
  ENTERTAINMENT                          ENTERTAINMENT                          ENTERTAINMENT                          ENTERTAINMENT
  CONSOLE                                CONSOLE                                CONSOLE                                CONSOLE
  H28 W46½ D20                           H28 W46½ D20                           H28 W58½ D19                           H28 W58½ D19
  Two adjustable shelves in center       Two adjustable shelves in center       Two adjustable shelves in center       Two adjustable shelves in center
  compartment, one adjustable shelf in   compartment, two pull-out trays in     compartment, one adjustable shelf in   compartment, two pull-out trays in
  each end compartment. Tambour doors.   each end compartment. Tambour doors.   each end compartment. Tambour doors.   each end compartment. Tambour doors.

42                                          OPPOSITE: 91-2011 SQUARE COCKTAIL TABLE WITH WOOD TOP, 91-2027 SQUARE COCKTAIL END TABLE
                                                                                               (SHOWN WITH CRAFTSMAN LEATHER SELECTIONAL)
                                                            21ST CENTURY OFFICE


                                         2172GT                                                                          2169 & 2173

  Handcrafted from solid wild black cherry, this 72” Executive Desk
  features distinctive chamfered post construction, decorative silk
  screened accents and ebonized hardwood inlay on the posts and
  visitor’s side. The drop-front keyboard center drawer is flanked on
  each side by two box drawers and a lower file drawer. The desk top
  is available in solid cherry or granite.

  91-2172                                91-2172GT                              91-2169                                  91-2173
  EXECUTIVE DESK                         EXECUTIVE DESK                         21ST CENTURY CREDENZA                    21ST CENTURY DECK
  H30½ W72 D36                           WITH GRANITE TOP                       H30 W72 D22                              H52½ W74 D15½
  Seven drawers, two file drawers,        H30½ W72 D36                           With silk screened accents and           With silk screened accents and
  drop front keyboard drawer.            Black granite top.                     ebonized hardwood inlay.                 ebonized hardwood inlay. One
                                         Seven drawers, two file drawers,        Seven drawers with central locking       adjustable shelf behind all doors.
                                         drop front keyboard drawer.            system. One drop front keyboard, two     Two halogen task lights over desk
                                                                                fully extendable deep file drawers and    area. Verticle grain cherry back panel.
                                                                                four box drawers. Available in cherry.   Overall height with credenza 82½”.
                                                                                Shown with N7 pulls.                     Shown with N6 pulls.

                                                                                Also available:
                                                                                Same as above with black granite top.

44                                  OPPOSITE: 91-2172GT EXECUTIVE DESK WITH GRANITE TOP, 91-2169 21ST CENTURY CREDENZA shown with N7 pulls,
                                                                           91-2173 21ST CENTURY DECK shown with N6 pulls, 91-2054 SWIVEL DESK CHAIR
                                                                   21ST CENTURY OFFICE

                                             92                                        2061-B1                           2060-B1

                                             2095 & 2094                                  2054                           2062-L1

     91-2095                                 91-0092                                   91-2061-B1                        91-2060-B1
     21ST CENTURY                            SMALL BRACKET CLOCK                       TABLE LAMP WITH                   TABLE LAMP WITH
     COMPUTER DECK                           H6 W5 D1½                                 BLACK SHADE                       BLACK SHADE
     H40 W60 D14                                                                       H32 W16 D16                       H30 W17 D13½
     Computer deck features a task light
                                             21ST CENTURY                              Also available:                   Also available:
     and tack board, two closed storage
                                             COMPUTER DESK                             91-2061-L1                        91-2060-L1
     compartments on each side and two
                                             H30 W60 D30                               TABLE LAMP WITH                   TABLE LAMP WITH
     removable dividers in the open center
                                             Computer desk features include CPU        LINEN SHADE                       LINEN SHADE
     compartment. Shown with standard
                                             storage with wire access and electrical   H32 W16 D16                       H30 W17 D13½
     black pulls. Brushed nickel pulls
                                             control panel, keyboard pullout, letter
     are optional.                                                                                                       91-2062-L1
                                             or legal file drawer and a utility         91-2054
                                             drawer. All drawers are full              SWIVEL DESK CHAIR                 FLOOR LAMP WITH
                                             extension. Shown with standard            H44 W27½ D26½                     LINEN SHADE
                                             black pulls. Brushed nickel pulls         Available in choice of Stickley   H59 W19 D19
                                             are optional.                             leathers or fabrics.
Finish Options

Please refer to actual finish samples and product displays for color reference. All finishes change color slightly with age. Contact your sales-
person for additional information on finish care, durability and coloration.

                                                                                                                         The images printed here cannot
                                                                                                                       begin to convey the depth,clarity,
                                                                                                                       and beauty of our hand-rubbed
                                                                                                                       finishes. This page is intended only to
                                                                                                                       show the wide variety of finishes that
Morris Plains - 718 (Wax & Lacquer)     Central Valley - 713 (Wax & Lacquer)   Aged Old Mansion - 3                    we offer. Please use it as a general
                                                                                                                       reference, but not as the basis for
                                                                                                                       selecting your finish. We
                                                                                                                       encourage you to visit an
                                                                                                                       authorized Stickley dealer near
                                                                                                                       you to experience the beauty of our
                                                                                                                       finishes first hand.

Dundee - 57                             Cornwall - 27                          Saratoga - 14

Warranty                                                                       The Character of Cherry
 We believe so strongly in the integrity of our workmanship that we              Owners of vintage Stickley furniture will attest to the rich patina
offer you the Stickley Lifetime Promise. We want you to be truly               cherry wood develops over time. As cherry wood ages, it naturally
pleased with your Stickley furniture as it becomes an important part of        mellows, usually deepening somewhat in color. This natural
your family for generations to come.                                           phenomenon makes each piece of cherry wood furniture a truly unique
                                                                               work of art. The degree of color change can vary, depending on the
  We offer a Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty against
                                                                               selected finish and the furniture’s exposure to light. Newer pieces will
defects on all case goods except dining and office chairs. Should the
                                                                               vary slightly in color from older pieces due to this characteristic, even if
furniture fail structurally at any time during the lifetime of the original
                                                                               they are in the same finish.
owner, because of workmanship or material, we will repair or replace it
at our discretion.                                                              Cherry wood can contain small sap pockets or twig starts that may
                                                                               appear to be blemishes, but are completely natural and to be expected
 Stickley offers a Five Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty against
                                                                               in any piece of solid cherry wood furniture. Another characteristic of
defects on the following: dining chairs, office chairs, finishes, and
                                                                               cherry wood is its broad color spectrum, from nearly white to deep red,
mechanical devices (clock movements, recliner mechanisms, etc.)
                                                                               and every color tone in between. At Stickley, we do our best to blend
Should these items fail within five years of the purchase due to
                                                                               the various color tones of cherry to create a balance of natural color on
manufacturing defects, we will repair or replace it at our discretion.
                                                                               each piece, but there will be variations visible.
  This warranty does not apply to fabric or leather supplied by Stickley
or the customer. Warranty does not apply to customer damage,
                                                                                 Since 1900, Stickley craftsmen have been making history by creating
alteration, or accident. Seasonal wood movement on solid wood
                                                                               masterful pieces of furniture by hand. From designing each piece to
products is normal and is not considered a warranty issue.
                                                                               executing the intricate details of making it a work of art, each step
  For a copy of the Stickley Warranty in its entirety, please ask your         is meticulously perfected. Because we have taken so much care in
Stickley retailer or visit                                   making the treasured antiques of the future, we hope you will cherish
                                                                               each Stickley piece, and care for it accordingly, preserving its original
  With proper care, and the Stickley Lifetime Promise, you can be
                                                                               beauty which will undoubtedly be enhanced with age. Please contact
assured that your Stickley furniture is destined to become a cherished
                                                                               your Stickley dealer or sales professional for detailed care guidelines for
family heirloom.
                                                                               Stickley finishes or email us at
  Stickley reserves the right to change, modify, discontinue or improve
any product designs, finishes, or specifications at its discretion and
without prior notice.
  Hardware Options

   The 21st Century Collection is available in a wide array of nickel or walnut hardware. Each piece may be customized in your choice of hardware.
  Please specify hardware choice when ordering.

    All 21st Century ring pulls with or without back plates, are available in either black semi-gloss powder coat or brushed nickel finish. Ring pull
 styles are specific to each 21st Century furniture model and may not be interchanged. There is no need to specify a type or style of ring pull, just
 note NP (Nickel Pull) or BP (Black Pull) on the order. The appropriate pull for the piece ordered will be mounted on it. Knobs and bar pulls
 may be specified by the letter and number designation. There are no finish options on wood knobs and bar pulls, they are only available as shown.
 When ordering an item with doors and drawers (e.g. a door chest), please note pull choice for the doors and for the drawers.

                                                                                                               Black Ring Pulls and Nickel Ring
                                                                                                               Pulls as shown (style and size
                                                                                                               predetermined by model)

                         BP                     NP
                      Black Pull             Nickel Pull                 W2                                    W1 Round Walnut
                                                                                                                  Knob- 1 1/8” Dia.
                                                                                                               W2 Small Walnut Bar- 2”
                                                                                                               W3 Large Walnut Bar- 3 3/4”
                                                                                                               W4 Small Walnut Bar
                                                                         W4                                       w/Inlay- 2”
                                                                                                               W5 Large Walnut Bar
                                                                                                                  w/Inlay- 3 3/4”
                                                                         W5                                    N1 Round Nickel
                                                                                                                  Knob- 1” Dia.
                                                                                                               N2 Small Nickel Bar- 2”
                                                                         N1                                    N3 Large Nickel Bar- 3 3/4”
                                                                                                               N4 Small Satin Nickel
                                                                                                                  Round Bar- 2 3/4”
                                                                                                               N5 Large Satin Nickel
                                                                                                                  Round Bar- 3 3/4”
                                                                         N3                                    N6 Small Polished Nickel
                                                                                                                  Round Bar- 2 3/4”
                                                                                                               N7 Large Polished Nickel
                                                                                                                  Round Bar- 3 3/4”
                                                                                                               N8 Small Oiled Bronze
                                                                                                                  Round Bar- 2 3/4”
                                                                                                               N9 Large Oiled Bronze
                                                                                                                  Round Bar- 3 3/4”
                                   N8                                    N6

                                   N9                                    N7


91-0054          Tabouret                               41            91-2058       Landscape Mirror                     31
91-0092          Small Bracket Clock                    46            91-2059       Blanket Chest                        38
91-2009          Chairside Table                        41            91-2059ST     Blanket Chest                        38
91-2010          Cocktail Table                         37            91-2060-B1    Table Lamp                   22, 25, 46
91-2010GT        Rectangular Cocktail Table         34, 37            91-2060-L1    Table Lamp                           46
91-2011          Cocktail Table                     37, 43            91-2061-B1    Table Lamp                       22, 46
91-2011GT        Square Cocktail Table                  37            91-2061-L1    Table Lamp                           46
91-2014          Square Cocktail Table                  38            91-2062-L1    Floor Lamp                           46
91-2016GT        Round Cocktail Table                   38            91-2063GT     Plant Stand Pedestal                 41
91-2016S         Round Cocktail Table                   38            91-2064       Display Cabinet                  20, 39
91-2021-26       Bar Stool                              18            91-2066       Master Dresser                   22, 23
91-2021-30       Bar Stool                              18            91-2067       Sutton Place Bed                 22, 23
91-2023          One Drawer Night Stand                 27            91-2069       Sutton Place Mirror                  31
91-2024          Square Lamp Table                      40            91-2071       Tribeca Sleigh Bed               32, 33
91-2025          Round Lamp Table                       40            91-2073       Gramercy Park Bed                    26
91-2025GT        Round End Table                    34, 40            91-2074       Night Stand                          27
91-2026GT        Square Lamp Table                      40            91-2075       Night Stand                      26, 27
91-2027          Square End Table                   40, 43            91-2076       Door Chest                           33
91-2028          Sofa Table                             41            91-2076T-PD   Door Chest                           33
91-2029          Sofa Table                             41            91-2077       Triple Dresser                   26, 27
91-2033          Two Door Display Cabinet               15            91-2078       Rectangular Mirror               30, 31
91-2034          Corner Cabinet                         13            91-2080       Tall Chest                           31
91-2034BG        Corner Cabinet                         13            91-2081       Single Dresser               27, 29, 30
91-2035          Sideboard                          12, 13            91-2083       Octagonal Mirror                     31
91-2036          Sideboard                              13            91-2084       Night Stand                          27
91-2037          Two Door Buffet Base               10, 11            91-2085       Night Stand                          27
91-2038          Two Door China Top                 10, 11            91-2086       Night Stand                      23, 32
91-2039          Two Door China Top                     11            91-2087       Night Stand                      22, 23
91-2040S         Round Dining Table                 10, 17            91-2091       Entertainment Console                42
91-2040S-3LVS    Round Dining Table                     17            91-2091PT     Entertainment Console                42
91-2040SC        Round Dining Table                     17            91-2092       Entertainment Console                42
91-2040SC-3LVS   Round Dining Table                     17            91-2092PT     Entertainment Console                42
91-2041          Lattice Side Chair             11, 18, 21            91-2094       Computer Desk                        46
91-2042          Lattice Arm Chair                  11, 18            91-2095       Computer Deck                        46
91-2043          Spindle Side Chair                  6, 18            91-2098       Mirror                               31
91-2044          Spindle Arm Chair                   6, 18            91-2135       Flip Top Harvest Table               17
91-2045S         Rectangular Dining Table               16            91-2169       Credenza                         44, 45
91-2045S-3LVS    Rectangular Dining Table               16            91-2169GT     Credenza                             44
91-2045SC        Rectangular Dining Table            6, 16            91-2172       Executive Desk                       44
91-2045SC-3LVS   Rectangular Dining Table               16            91-2172GT     Executive Desk                   44, 45
91-2046          Server                                   9           91-2173       Upper Rack                       44, 45
91-2047          Three Door Buffet                  6, 8, 9           91-2206       21st Century Chair               34, 36
91-2048          Three Door China Top                  6, 8           91-2207       21st Century Sofa                34, 36
91-2049          Three Door China Top                     8           91-2208       21st Century Sofa Bed                36
91-2053          Double Pedestal Dining Table   10, 14, 16            91-2211       End Table                        35, 40
91-2053-3LVS     Double Pedestal Dining Table           16            91-2216       Side Chair                       14, 18
91-2053S         Double Pedestal Dining Table           16            91-2217       Arm Chair                        14, 18
91-2053S-3LVS    Double Pedestal Dining Table           16            91-2227       Four Door Buffet                      9
91-2054          Swivel Desk Chair                 45, 46             91-2227GT     Four Door Buffet                  9, 19
91-2055          Lingerie Chest                     24, 26            7504          Chelsea Upholstered Bed              28
91-2056          Loft Chest Lingerie Unit           24, 25            7507          5th Avenue Upholstered Bed       28, 29
91-2057          Tall Chest                         24, 25
                       L. & J.G. STICKLEY, INC.
     Stickley Drive, P.O. Box 480 • Manlius, New York 13104-0480
                    315.682.5500 • Fax 315.682.6306

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