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APRIL      2008            NEWSLETTER,      C AT H O L I C   CHARITIES          OF   S A N TA    CLARA         COUNTY                VOLUME          13,     ISSUE      23

  W H AT ' S I NSI D E
                                       Facing Poverty in Santa Clara County
        A Message from
 2      CEO Gregory Kepferle           Campaign to Cut Poverty Addresses Underlying Causes
        Finance Chair Focuses on
        Sustaining Programs                  n Santa Clara County, poverty often hides

        Catholic Charities Leads             in plain sight. The faces of poverty are all
 3      Delegation to Middle East
                                             around us, even if we don’t see them.
        Business Leaders Needed to
 3      Invest in Supportive Housing
                                           We may think we know poverty when we see
                                       it. Clearly it’s in the face of the homeless woman
        Rising Out of Poverty:
 4      Client Stories                 pushing around what’s left of her life in a broken
                                       down shopping cart. But it’s also in the face of the
 5      Client Stories continued
                                       minimum-wage worker who worries how the rent
        Create Hope with
 6      May Appeal                     will get paid or if there will be enough money to
        Seasons of Sharing             put food on the table. He or she may be someone
 6      Highlights Service
                                       who delivers our newspaper, bags our groceries, or
        Would You Give a Senior
 6      a Hot Meal?
                                       helps us find what we need at the hardware store.
                                       These are also the faces of poverty.
        Golf Tournament Offers Fun
 7      Way to Change Lives                Silicon Valley is a wealthy area where many
        Half-Day Tours Provide         have done well thanks to the technology industry.        We can see the signs of poverty in scenes like this. But the homeless
 7      Life-Changing Experience                                                                are not the only faces of poverty in Santa Clara County. One in four
                                       But it is also a place where the cost of living is       residents is struggling just to make ends meet.

           CALENDAR                    skyrocketing while wages have remained flat or                rent on an apartment in Santa Clara County is

 May 17–18                             even declined for some workers.                               $52,080. A minimum-wage earner would have to
 May Appeal Weekend                        One in four Santa Clara County residents lives            work more than 125 hours a week to afford that. In
 June 9                                below the level of self-sufficiency, which means they         addition, 39 percent of jobs in the county pay less
 24th Annual Golf Tournament                                                                         than $30,000 a year.
                                       can’t meet their basic needs such as food, shelter,
 at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club
                                       clothing, transportation and healthcare without                   Catholic Charities has been actively working to
 October 1
 Caritas Society Annual Dinner         some type of assistance. The self-sufficiency standard        house the homeless and provide affordable housing
                                       is a much more relevant guideline than the federal            options for families and individuals. But it will take
     SAVE THE DATE                     poverty standard, which doesn't take into account             a concerted effort by policymakers, community and
                                       cost of living.                                               business leaders, and the public to make building
        Annual Golf
        Tournament                         Catholic Charities launched its Campaign to Cut           more affordable housing a priority.
                                       Poverty in Santa Clara County last year to address                We will continue to focus on the underlying issues
     Monday, June 9, 2008
                                       some of the underlying causes of poverty, including           that impact poverty in subsequent editions of Voices
  Enjoy challenging play               housing, healthcare, food, employment, asset                  of Hope. Our campaign to cut poverty is designed to
 and lively fellowship at
                                       development, immigration, and education.                      shine the light on these issues so that when we see the
Cinnebar Hills Golf Club
 while helping us reduce                   The high cost of housing is one of the largest            faces of the poor, we take action.
poverty in our community.              contributors to poverty in Santa Clara County.
     For more information,             According to the Low Income Housing Coalition,                  For inspiring stories about rising above,
      contact Magi Young                                                                                            turn to page 4.
                                       the annual income needed to afford the fair market
       at (408) 325-5225.
                              M e s s a g e     F r o m    t h e    C E O
                                                                                                            CATHOLIC CHARITIES
    Dear Friends,                                   as usual,” but to change the ways we think              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
    Why is there so much poverty in a county        and act together.                                       PRESIDENT
of such great wealth and what can we do                   We are developing working groups around           Ronald Pelzel

about it?                                           housing, healthcare, food, employment, asset            VICE PRESIDENT
                                                                                                            Paul F. Gentzkow
    Regardless of what one believes causes and      development, immigration, and education.
perpetuates poverty, we are clearly called by       We have formed taskforces focusing on
                                                                                                            Cathy Parker
the Gospel to respond with active compassion        awareness, advocacy, integrating services,              Mary Sue Albanese
to “the least of these” among us. At the same       partnerships, and funding.                              Maribel R. Andonian
                                                                                                            Frank G. Bisceglia
time, we are called to remedy the underlying              We are asking ourselves some hard                 Norman Carroll
                                                                                                            Jim Cashman
causes of poverty: the economic and social          questions. How do we do a better job
                                                                                                            Thomas J. Crotty
inequalities that exacerbate the growing divide     of coordinating our services, rather than               Rasha Hasaneen
                                                                                                            Alex Hull
between rich and poor.                              duplicating? How do we ensure those in
                                                                                                            Rev. Anthony Mancuso
    Economic and spiritual                                          poverty have a voice in the             Rev. Brendan McGuire
                                                                                                            Joseph P. Melehan
poverty saps people’s energy,                                       solutions? How do we change             Thanh T. Nguyen
their creativity, their potential as                                the hearts and minds of our             Timothy O'Donnell
                                                                                                            Deborah Robinson
human beings, and their ability                                     neighbors, so that together we          Darlene Tenes
                                                                                                            Cora Tomalinas
to be productive members of our                                     can change lives for good? And
                                                                                                            Patrick Waite
community.                                                          finally, how do we show we have         Mark Waxman
                                                                                                            Michael Yutrzenka
    Through our Campaign                     Greg Kepferle          cut poverty in half by 2020?
to Cut Poverty in Santa Clara                                             I encourage individuals and       EX OFFICIO
                                                                                                            Gregory R. Kepferle
County, part of the national Campaign               organizations to join the campaign to cut               Most Reverend Patrick J. McGrath
to Reduce Poverty in America launched               poverty and to spread the word. Through                 Robert Serventi

last year by Catholic Charities USA, we             your support of Catholic Charities and our              EMERITUS BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                                            Mary Quilici Aumack      Philip A. Mahoney
have formed a broad-based coalition of              partnerships with other organizations, we are
                                                                                                            Nancy Biagini†           Lon Normandin
community-based social service and health           becoming more effective in our mission of               Lucile Bianco            Robert Peters
                                                                                                            Louis Boitano            Steven Pirotta
organizations; representatives from local,          serving the poor, advocating for justice, and           Jerry Floyd              Michael Schall
state and federal government; interfaith            building community.                                     Mary Ellen Fox           John M. Sobrato
                                                                                                            Gene Gerwe               Diane Speno
allies; and support from the private sector.                                                                Marcos Herrera           Joseph Thomas
                                                                                                            Hugh Isola               Gene Toomey
This group of smart, passionate community                 All the best!
                                                                                                                                     Kenneth Wang
leaders is challenging us not to do “business             Gregory Kepferle, CEO                             †Deceased

Finance Chair Focuses on Sustaining Key Programs
Since joining Catholic Charities Board of          With more than 25 years experience as                Committee. “The EITC provides a
Directors just over a year ago, Tom Crotty         a business leader – with titles that have            significant financial boost to the people
has been instrumental in helping the               included Chief Financial Officer, Chief              who need it and it also benefits the
agency develop a plan for growing and              Operating Officer and President – he                 local economy. Over the last three years,
sustaining key programs.                           brings a wealth of experience in finance             Catholic Charities has helped bring more
                                                   and operations along with a strong                   than $1.3 million into Santa Clara County
                                                   desire to help people rise up out of                 through the EITC.”
                                                   poverty. Currently, he leads the Bay Area
                                                   practice of CBIZ/Mayer Hoffman McCann,               While he had donated to Catholic
                                                   a national accounting firm.                          Charities before his involvement, Tom
                                                                                                        says he had no idea of the depth and
                                                   Tom has been working on sustainability               breadth of its services.
                                                   plans for Catholic Charities’ Behavioral
                                                   Health Services as well as the Tax EZ                “Catholic Charities offers an amazing
                                                   Program, a free service that helps low-              range of services, and they do it
                                                   income families and individuals secure               passionately, effectively and efficiently,”
                                                   the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Both            he says. “But the agency still has to face
                                                   services are critical to cutting poverty.            the ongoing issue of how do you raise
                                                                                                        enough dollars to help everyone who
                                                   “In order to help move people forward,               needs your help.”
                                                   you need to address behavioral issues
                                                   like mental illness,” says Tom, who
                 Tom Crotty
                                                   also chairs Catholic Charities’ Finance

                   e s                                   AGENCY ASKS BUSINESS LEADERS TO
                  N                                      INVEST IN SUPPORTIVE HOUSING

                                                         The need for affordable housing in Santa Clara County is      a year to help solve the affordable housing crisis. Domus

              u                 -
                                                         critical. Too many of our neighbors struggle just to keep     means home in Latin, an appropriate name for a group

                      n       d                          a roof over their heads. In fact, Housing Silicon Valley:
                                                         A 20 Year Plan to End the Affordable Housing Crisis
                                                                                                                       whose goal is creating more affordable housing for
                                                                                                                       individuals and families living in poverty. Contributions
                                                         reports that an additional 90,000 affordable housing          from members of The Domus Council will be used to
                                                         units will be required over the next 20 years to meet our     leverage the federal dollars needed to provide more
Microsoft Grant Funds
Computer Training                                        housing needs.                                                supportive housing in Santa Clara County.

Catholic Charities was recently awarded a $200,000,      Providing more affordable housing with supportive             For example, government contracts awarded by the
two-year grant from Microsoft Corporation that           services is a critical part of Catholic Charities’ campaign   U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
will fund computer training for 200 clients a year.      to cut poverty in Santa Clara County. Over the years,         (HUD) require local matching funds. The average match
Participants will learn the skills they need to          the agency has partnered with Charities Housing               for Catholic Charities is 10 to one, which means every
prepare their resumes, search the internet for jobs,     Development Corporation to develop supportive                 $10,000 raised locally leverages $100,000 in HUD funds.
and apply for employment online, which many
                                                         affordable housing for hundreds of low-income
companies now require. They will also learn how to                                                                     For more information or to get involved, contact Magi
                                                         individuals and families.
use specific programs common in the workplace,                                                                         Young, Chief Development Officer, at (408) 325-5225 or
including Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. The            Supportive housing means connecting people to the             myoung@ccsj.org.
classes will help participants improve their skills so   services they need to get back on their feet. Many
they can secure higher paying jobs.                      homeless individuals are recovering from mental illness,
                                                         substance abuse, or domestic violence and need help
Behavioral Health Expands Services                       moving beyond these issues. Housing is just part of
Catholic Charities is expanding its mental health        the answer – they also need counseling, job training,
services to older adults thanks to a Comprehensive       and other services that will help them achieve self-
Older Adult Services contract with the Santa Clara       sufficiency so they don’t end up back on the street.
County Department of Mental Health. The new
contract will support an interdisciplinary team          Catholic Charities is stepping up its efforts to

who will reach out to unserved and underserved           provide supportive housing by forming a coalition of
older adults in ethnic communities to provide            community and business leaders – called The Domus
treatment services.                                      Council – who are willing to invest $10,000 to $100,000

Catholic Charities recently led an interfaith delegation of
refugee resettlement advocates to Jordan and Syria, where
they visited with Iraqi refugees who are facing untenable
living conditions. The agency had received numerous
calls from U.S. citizens of Iraqi descent who now have
family members living in peril in the Middle East.
    An estimated 2.5 million Iraqis have fled their
homeland since the war started, many of whom had
worked for the United Nations or U.S. military as
translators and drivers. They are living in exile with
nowhere to call home.
    The delegation headed to the Middle East in January
to learn more about the refugee situation there and help
raise awareness about this pressing humanitarian issue.
    “Talking with the refugees reinforced our belief that                  Interfaith delegation members (L to R): Jamal Alfakhouri, Elizabeth Moley,
                                                                           Ellen Dumesnil, Steve Wilde
our government needs to do what it can to help them
resettle in the U.S.,” says Ellen Dumesnil, Director                                              “Helping the vulnerable is our mission and refugees are incredibly
of Economic Development Services at Catholic Charities, who                                   vulnerable, especially those who are elderly and single mothers with
spearheaded the trip. “Our goal now is to push for improvements                               small children,” Ellen says.
that will help expedite this process.”                                                            The trip to the Middle East was funded by an anonymous donor
    Catholic Charities has long been an advocate for refugees from                            and the delegation included Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church Pastor
around the world, providing refugee resettlement services for more                            Steve Wilde. His church is partnering with Catholic Charities to
than 25 years. From the “boat people” of Vietnam to the Lost Boys of                          provide services to newly arrived refugees in Santa Clara County.
Sudan, our Refugee Services have helped more than 20,000 refugees                                 “This is a major humanitarian crisis in our lifetime and we can’t
gain the tools they need to become self-sufficient.                                           stand by and do nothing,” Ellen says.

                                                                Phiyen Nguyen
                                                        Economic Development Services

     Six years ago, Phiyen Nguyen was                                                                                     “They taught me how to budget
struggling financially and wondering                                                                                 and save my money,” Phiyen says.
how she would ever make ends meet                                                                                         She also receives help with her taxes
when she retired. Thanks to the                                                                                      each year through Catholic Charities’
Individual Development Account (IDA)                                                                                 Tax EZ Program, which trains
she opened with the help of Catholic                                                                                 volunteers to help low-income filers
Charities, she is saving for retirement                                                                              prepare their tax returns.
and feeling hopeful.                                                                                                      Born and raised in Vietnam, Phiyen
     “I am saving money every month                                                                                  left that country nearly 20 years ago
so I will be better off when I retire,”                                                                              because it was hard for her to practice
says the 57-year-old Phiyen. “Catholic                                                                               her Catholic religion there and she
Charities helped me get back on my                                                                                   wanted to find a better life in America.
feet years ago and then they helped me                                                                               But after she arrived here with her
open the IDA account.”                                                                                               young daughter – now 28 – she learned
     IDAs are matched savings accounts                                                                               life can sometimes be difficult here.
that enable low-income families and                                                                                       When she entered the IDA
individuals to build assets such as an                                                                               program, Phiyen was living in low-
education, home ownership, small                                                                                     income housing after having graduated
business or retirement fund. Catholic                                                                                from San Jose State University with
Charities matches every $1 saved by                                                                                  a degree in Social Work in 2000. She
participants with $2 up to a total                                                                                   worked in that field until 2006 and
of $6,000. In addition, financial                                                                                    now is a teacher’s assistant.
                                          Phiyen Nguyen is saving for retirement and feeling hopeful about the
management classes are provided to        future thanks to the Individual Development Account she opened with the         “Catholic Charities has helped me
help participants reach their goal.       help of Catholic Charities.                                                so much over the years,” she says. “I am
                                                                                                                     very grateful.”

                                                                                     Rising Out
                                                                     Catholic Charities Helps
                                                             Dorothy Callahan
                                                                  San Antonio Place

    Dorothy Callahan has found a                                                                                         She moved from apartment to
place she can call home. After living                                                                                apartment in downtown San Jose and
on the streets, she is finally in a                                                                                  then finally settled in at a trailer park
comfortable place where she feels                                                                                    on Monterey Highway. But 10 years
safe.                                                                                                                ago, the trailer park was sold and
    The 77-year-old lives at San                                                                                     Dorothy was again without a home.
Antonio Place, an affordable housing                                                                                     “If it weren’t for the services I get
complex in Mountain View. Catholic                                                                                   here from Catholic Charities, I would
Charities provides case management                                                                                   probably end up homeless again,” says
for residents living at San Antonio                                                                                  Dorothy, whose family doesn’t visit
Place, helping them get the services                                                                                 her. “I have found a real home here
they need, including financial                                                                                       with the other residents.”
management classes, job skills                                                                                           From single mothers to minimum-
training, mental health services,                                                                                    wage workers to the elderly, the
financial support, and food assistance.                                                                              supportive housing complex provides
    “We help clients in any way                                                                                      an affordable place to live for people
we can,” says Sally Phillips, service                                                                                who are struggling just to make
coordinator at San Antonio Place.                                                                                    ends meet in an area where the
    Dorothy hasn’t had an easy life.                                                                                 cost of housing is through the roof.
Five years after moving to Santa                                                                                     San Antonio Place has 120 studio
Clara from Pennsylvania with her                                                                                     apartments with rooms that vary in
husband and five children in 1973, her                                                                               size and feature separate kitchens.
                                          After living on the streets, Dorothy Callahan now has a real home at San
husband asked her to leave. She was                                                                                      “I feel good here,” Dorothy says.
                                          Antonio Place in Mountain View, where she benefits from a number of
devastated.                               services provided by Catholic Charities.

                                                                   Isela Bañuelos
                                                               Youth and Family Services

     As a young student, Isela Bañuelos                                                                                 services to low-income youth and
 found herself alone in the world of                                                                                    their families in Morgan Hill for nearly
 education. Her mother, who had                                                                                         20 years. The fundamental goal is
 emigrated from Mexico, tried to learn                                                                                  to ensure academic success, while
 English and help her children with                                                                                     serving the whole family.
 homework, but mostly Isela was on                                                                                          Not only does Isela excel
 her own.                                                                                                               academically, she is also very active
     Today she is Associated Student                                                                                    in student government and her
 Body President at Sobrato High School                                                                                  community, earning her a number of
 and looking forward to college next                                                                                    accolades and awards. She chaired
 year. Isela says the help she and her                                                                                  the City Council’s Youth Advisory
 family received at El Toro Youth Center                                                                                Committee of Morgan Hill last year
 played a big part in her success.                                                                                      and was the youngest member when
     “El Toro built up my confidence,”                                                                                  she joined four years ago. She plans
 she says. “It wasn’t just the academic                                                                                 to become a lawyer so she can help
 guidance, which was crucial, but it                                                                                    victims of domestic abuse.
 also provided a support network for                                                                                        “Perhaps El Toro’s most valuable
 me and my family. They cheered me                                                                                      aspect is not so much its tangible
 on and I realized wealth does not                                                                                      one-on-one homework assistance,
 dictate intelligence.”                                                                                                 but its ability to provide individuals
     El Toro Youth Center, operated by                                                                                  with something much greater and
 Catholic Charities since September                                                                                     everlasting and that’s the feeling of
                                             College-bound Isela Bañuelos (on the far right) not only found help with
 2007, has been providing quality            her homework, but also a sense of self-worth, at El Toro Youth Center in   self-worth,” Isela says.
 educational, recreational and social        Morgan Hill.

of Poverty
Clients Help Themselves
                                                                           Bu Doh
                                                                      Refugee Services

      Just seven months ago, Bu Doh                                                                                     provide the tools they need to become
 walked off a plane and into a new                                                                                      self-sufficient, including financial
 world. After waiting in a refugee camp                                                                                 assistance, housing, supportive services,
 in Thailand for six years, the Burmese                                                                                 English and computer classes, job
 native had finally arrived in the United                                                                               readiness training, job placement, and
 States, along with 60 other Burmese                                                                                    immigration and legal services.
 refugees from the camp.                                                                                                     “The culture is so different here,”
      “Welcome to America,” says Bu,                                                                                    Bu says. “In Burma, the whole family
 beaming as she describes the scene at                                                                                  sleeps in one bedroom.”
 the airport, where Catholic Charities’                                                                                      Bu is living in an apartment with
 staff and volunteers were waiting for                                                                                  seven other women she knows from the
 them. “I was so happy to be here.”                                                                                     refugee camp and working part-time
      She had fled her native country of                                                                                as a program assistant at Catholic
 Burma to the relative safety of Maela                                                                                  Charities. While fluent in English, she
 Refugee Camp after her uncle’s farm                                                                                    is working on her reading and writing
 was taken by the military. Artillery fire                                                                              skills so she can pass the high school
 and forced labor had become a way of                                                                                   equivalency exam and get her GED.
 life in her village.                                                                                                        “I want to go to college and then
      With the help of Catholic Charities’                                                                              maybe law school,” Bu says. “America
 Refugee Services, Bu is adjusting                                                                                      is a culture of bettering yourself,
 to her new life. The program helps                                                                                     working hard and doing your best. I
 refugees adapt to their new culture                                                                                    like that.”
                                             Burmese refugee Bu Doh was finally able to come to America with the help
 through a variety of services that          of Catholic Charities after living in a refugee camp for six years.

Seasons of Sharing
Highlights Service
Catholic Charities’ Seasons of Sharing, held during Lent and
Advent, provide students at 31 schools in the Catholic Diocese
a meaningful way to get involved in their communities and help
those less fortunate. Students raise funds, gather donated items, or
take on a number of other projects to benefit the poor.                     WOULD YOU GIVE A SENIOR
   “Seasons of Sharing offers students a way to get actively involved
with our campaign to cut poverty,” says Rubén Solorio, Parish and
                                                                            IN NEED A HOT MEAL?
Community Relations Manager at Catholic Charities. “It shows                The number of seniors living in Santa Clara County is growing
young people they have the power to make positive change.”                  and so is the number who struggle to make ends meet. The
                                                                            skyrocketing cost of living here in Silicon Valley is placing a
                                                                            serious burden on older adults with fixed incomes.

                                                                            Catholic Charities offers a nutritious hot lunch and a
                                                                            comfortable place to go for hundreds of low-income seniors.
                                                                            Plate by plate, we are changing lives with meals that provide
                                                                            the nutrition these individuals need and companionship
                                                                            that helps improve their well-being and ability to live
                                                                            independently. On average, 79 percent of participants
                                                                            surveyed say the hot lunch is their primary meal of the day.

                                                                            Our Senior Nutrition Program serves 69,000 meals a year in
                                                                            three locations – John XXIII Multi-Service Center in downtown

   At Holy Family School, students collected money to purchase
bus tokens for Seasons of Sharing-Lent. Lack of transportation is
a barrier for those trying to rise up out of poverty. Students did
a variety of chores to earn the money in addition to asking for
donations from family and friends.
   “We use Seasons of Sharing to teach our students about caring
for those less fortunate,” says Terry Cotting-Mogan, Religion
Coordinator at Holy Family School. “Understanding what it’s like
to be poor in this valley is an important lesson. We talked to the          San Jose, Eastside Neighborhood Center, and Gilroy Senior
                                                                            Center. These centers also offer other supportive programs for
students about what life would be like without a car. Most of our
                                                                            seniors that help them stay active and live better. Seniors who
students had never thought about how difficult that would be.”              come for lunch benefit from these services, with 68 percent of
   During Seasons of Sharing-Advent, more than 5,000                        those surveyed saying they also participate in other activities
donations were delivered to the Catholic Charities’ main donation           and programs at the Senior Centers.

station alone – doubling the number from the previous year.                 Catholic Charities is looking for corporations or individuals
   Many schools “adopted” families served by Catholic Charities.            who want to partner with us in our campaign to cut poverty
Saint Simon School adopted 15 families and gathered toys and                and the suffering it causes by joining our Plate-by-Plate
                                                                            Program. For a sponsorship of $1,000, you or your company
other much-needed items to make Christmas special for them. The
                                                                            can feed one person five days a week for one year. For
school also hosted Catholic Charities’ Kinship Resource Center              $10,000, you can feed a table of 10 for the entire year!
holiday party for about 100 kids and their families. The students
                                                                            Benefits for table sponsors range from lunch for two with
decorated, made 22 centerpieces, prepared food for 200 people, and          seniors at your table to prominent posting of your individual
staffed the event.                                                          or company name at the table and Senior Center.

                                                                            For more information about the program, please contact
                                                                            Jennifer Niklaus at (408) 282-8601 or jniklaus@ccsj.org.

                                                                            Our apologies to the following individuals whose names
                                                                            were inadvertently omitted from, or incorrectly placed in,
                                                                            Catholic Charities’ 2006 – 2007 Annual Report.

                                                                            Deborah Baker
                                                                            Sara Johnson

Golf Tournament Offers Fun Way                                                                               Cut Poverty and Create Hope
                                                                                                             With May Appeal
to Change Lives
Catholic Charities makes changing lives fun with our annual Golf Tournament. Join
us on June 9 for a round of golf at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club in beautiful Almaden
Valley and help thousands of our neighbors who are struggling.
    “Catholic Charities Golf Tournament is a fast-paced event that gives people the
opportunity to have fun while feeling good about being involved,” says Timothy
O’Donnell, a member of the Board of Directors who has served on the event’s
organizing committee for six
                                              “I’m involved in Catholic Charities
years. “I’m involved in Catholic            because I want to help those who have
Charities because I want to                    not been as fortunate as I have. I
                                                                                                               May Appeal Co-Chairs Deborah Robinson,
help those who have not been                would encourage others who want to do
                                                                                                             Catholic Charities Board Member and
                                             something good to join us on June 9.”
as fortunate as I have. I would                                                                                parishioner at Mission Santa Clara,
                                                                                                               Rev. Tony Mancuso, Pastor of Five Wounds
encourage others who want to do something good to join us on June 9.”
                                                                                                               Portuguese National Church and Catholic
    The event is sponsored by Heritage Bank of Commerce and includes a buffet                                Charities Board Member, and Leah Sze,
lunch on the patio, hosted cocktails, a chef-prepared dinner, and live and silent                              parishioner at Church of the Ascension, are

auctions. There are a number of great auctions items this year, including vacation                             helping us cut poverty and create hope for
                                                                                                               our many neighbors in need by leading our
packages, golf outings, fine wines, and more.
                                                                                                               annual appeal on May 17 and 18. Thanks
    Even if you don’t golf, there are plenty of ways to get involved. There are a variety                      to you, we are helping individuals and
of sponsorship opportunities, including hole sponsorships for $1,000. Event program                            families rise up out of poverty. But today’s
                                                                                                               economy has left many hurting, and we
ads are available from $250 to $1,000 and items are still needed for the live and silent
                                                                                                               need your support more than ever. This
auctions.                                                                                                    year our goal is to raise $650,000 to better
    Proceeds support the critical work Catholic Charities is doing to cut poverty. Last                        serve the poor and vulnerable. If you
                                                                                                               would like to get more involved and/or
year’s tournament raised more than $220,000 – the most ever. With your help, we can
                                                                                                               speak at a Mass in your parish about this
set a new record this year.                                                                                    critical work, please contact Sara Johnson
    To get involved, contact Magi Young at (408) 325-5225 or myoung@ccsj.org.                                  at sjohnson@ccsj.org or (408) 325-5259.

                                                      John Armstrong                From there, participants took a bus to San Antonio Place in Mountain
                                                      believes in Catholic          View, affordable apartments built by Charities Housing Development
                                                      Charities and its work        Corporation, where formerly homeless residents get help overcoming some
                                                      to cut poverty. After         of the barriers they face.
                                                      participating in three
                                                                                    The final stop was at Day Break III in Sunnyvale, the agency’s newest adult
                                                      Agency Tours, he is
                                                                                    day care program, which offers support services to family caregivers, while
                                                      committed to the cause
                                                                                    providing day care for their dependent elders who have early Alzheimer’s
                                                      and convinced his
                                                                                    or dementia.
                                                      contribution is being
                                                      invested wisely.              The afternoon tour included an
                                                                                    inside look at Catholic Charities
                                                      “Seeing it in action
                                                                                    Behavioral Health Services,
                                                      is really a powerful
                                                                                    including the Navigator Program
                                                      experience,” says John,
                                                                                    for chronically homeless
                                                      a retired businessman
                                                                                    individuals and Focus for Work,
                                                      and Caritas Society
                                                                                    which provides people with
member. “The dedication of the staff, the efficiency of the operation, once
                                                                                    behavioral health issues the
you see it, you’re sold.”
                                                                                    tools they need get back to work.
This year Catholic Charities offered two half-day Agency Tours. One was held
                                                                                    The tour continued at Los Arboles Elementary School, where participants
the morning of February 7 while the second was offered the afternoon of
                                                                                    saw the CORAL after-school program in action. CORAL empowers students to
February 12, with both tours starting at Catholic Charities’ headquarters on
                                                                                    improve their literacy skills while sparking an interest in learning.
Zanker Road.
                                                                                    The day ended at Washington United Youth Center, which offers
The morning tour learned about Catholic Charities’ economic development
                                                                                    recreational activities while providing young people with the tools they
programs, which provide people with the skills they need to achieve
                                                                                    need to become self-sufficient adults through a computer lab, support
economic self-sufficiency.
                                                                                    groups and leadership classes.
John, who took the morning tour, was particularly touched by the refugees
                                                                                    “I urge every Caritas member to take advantage of these tours,” John says.
he met who were taking a computer class. “They were thrilled to have the
                                                                                    “It’s a life-changing experience.”
opportunity to improve their skills. It was heartwarming,” he says.

                                 C a t h o l i c    C h a r i t i e s    V o i c e s    o f   H o p e     N e w s l e t t e r

                               Opening the Doors to Hope at Day Break III
                       Catholic Charities expanded its services to older adults with the opening of Day Break III in Sunnyvale

                  Cutting the ribbon at Catholic Charities’ newest adult day care center on January 14 are, from left to right: Mike Yutrzenka,
                    Maribel Andonian, Amy Carlson, Ken Wang, Pastor Nancy Landauer, Phil Mahoney, Jay Paul, Mayor Anthony Spitaleri,
                   Mayor Otto Lee, Patrick Waite, Tom Crotty, and Catholic Charities’ CEO Greg Kepferle. At the celebration, Jay was thanked
                    for his generous contribution, which made it possible for Catholic Charities to open Day Break III. The program offers
                     support to family caregivers while providing day care for dependent elders who have early Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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