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					           Neural Organization Technique N.O.T. :

NOT is a holistic technique which brings an understanding and a global treatment of the
different aspects of the body. Since 1976, Dr Carl Ferreri D.C. developped one of the most
remarkable tools for to manage chronic and difficult problems.

Based on the neurological sequences of the primary survival functions, Feeding, Fight/Flight,
Reproduction. Dr Carl Ferreri D.C. has drawn from Applied Kinesiology, Sacro-Occipital
Technique, Upledger cranial techniques and Chinese Medicine to synthesize something new.
With N.O.T. you will be able, through a very precise protocol, to reorganize deeply the
nervous system of your patients.

Practitioners who have trained in N.O.T. have consistently found that, when this technique
has been properly applied to help reorganize their patient, other treatment modalities become
more effective and efficient.

Therefore N.O.T. is complementary to any practice style. It can be applied prior and in
conjunction of your usual approach. It is a fantastic tool to explain your patients where their
problems come from, and how you will correct them. A durable stability of the corrections,
rapid results and an increase of your scope of treatment produce a dynamic practice.

In order to maximally optimized the NOT integration in your practice , the best conditions
will be provided : Technique manual, video power point projection, ample time is spent in
guided hands on practice to allow you to immediately apply these powerful tools in your

What past attendees think of the N.O.T. seminars:

A complete approach to help people R. K. Holland
Ability to affect systems that are not directly possible with the other techniques I used so far
N.F. Holland
Extremely good care material. Instructor very good and helpful to all participants on seminar
Ph. T. England
A technique that truly respects the innate intelligence. I liked the commitment to the group from the
instructor Fr. J. Sweden/England
Stop just working on the structural and find out about the bigger picture J.W. England
A more European and Cartesian presentation G. W. Belgium
The quality of the speaker C. L. France


                                  CHIROLISTIC COACHING
                                LAURENT PICARD D.C.; D.I.B.A.K
                                         7, RUE MARIE ESPELETTE
                                       33170 GRADIGNAN (FRANCE)
                Tel : 33 5 57 96 33 00 Fax : 33 5 57 96 33 00 Email:
                               NOT MODULE 1: BASIC 1
                               OCTOBER 9TH & 10TH 2010
For each unit, tests and corrections will be demonstrated.

       1st neurological unit
       Atlas mobility
       Categories : Definition
       Category I : Dural adaptation in reaction to a stressor.
       Universal cranial fault : Its importance in all systemic, auto-immune and genetic
       Head and pelvis centering reflexes :
                   - Neuro – anatomical support and relation to primary functions.
                  - Dysfunctioning repercussions on the facilitation / inhibition mechanism
                    and by extension on gait and articular physiology.

       2nd neurological unit
      The Cranial Injury Complex : Relation to chronic cervical problems and the
      characteristic reactive muscular chain.

       3rd neurological unit
      The temporo-mandibular joint:
      An approach to this joint in relation to the primary functions.
      This part is particularly interesting for collaboration with dentists and orthodontists.
       Universal jaw I: relation with hypotonicity of muscles below the diaphragm
       Defensive jaw (Emotional/pain control) / Coccygeal release for dura
       Fascial defense system

       4th neurological unit
      The Pelvic Injury Complex : A very important step to fix chronic sacro-iliac problems.
      Structural jaw complex : Category II Connection between S.I. joints, T.M.J. and
      the skull.
      Lumbar and disc involvements : Category III

                NOT MODULE 2: BASIC 2
                 DECEMBER 11TH&12TH
5th & 6th neurological unit
The Limbic/Immune system complex: Limbic vertebral fixation pattern
                                           Organic, digestive and adrenal steps
Universal jaw II : Its relation with diaphragm and perineal muscles.
                   Its correlation with urine retention, organ ptosis
                   and gynaecological problems.
Digestive jaw: Its relation with the digestive steps.
Chronic valve problems : ICV, cardia , pyloric and Houston valves.

7th neurological unit
The Endocrine system : A functional approach in relation to the primary functions.
« Mini » endocrine programme / skin direction and digestive problems
Primary endocrine programme / Liver, adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, pancreas, gonads...

Access to a circulatory deficit / adrenal’s balance.
Liver congestion / Lymphatic drainage of breasts
The Cardiac back syndrome: A common finding in persons under physical and/or
emotional stress. This protocol is very important as it is one of the first signs of impending
heart troubles.
Peripheral circulation balance.

                         NOT MODULE 3 : ADVANCE
                          JANUARY 22de & 23rd 2011
 The Idiopathic Scoliosis
 Even if the scoliosis protocol is first involved in a structural way, it can also be related to an
 emotional stress as demonstrated in the advanced Module IV.
A neurological approach as a compensatory reaction to a deficit created into the vestibulo-
ocular route.
This procedure can change patient’s life when they present very chronic vertebral pains that
don’t react to other techniques. It can be very useful even for the patient already having
surgery. The typical muscular reactive chain.

How to help patients presenting learning disabilities (L.D.), behavioural troubles,
hyperactivity, emotional stress, etc. Very useful if you work with disabled and/or
gifted children.
      - Cranial section
      - Vestibulo / ocular reflex system and Spheno-palatine component
      - Auditory processing component
      - Peripheral visual and auditory distractibility tests
      - Directions of eye muscle fault in dyslexia
      - Special section for A.D.D. and A.D.H.D
      - Emotional release technique.
      - Review of all the protocol and how “to think” N.O.T. in the
      context of typical health problems.
                     GENERAL INFORMATION
                        N.O.T. SEMINARS
  Dates:

   OCTOBER 9th&10th, 2010              NOT MODULE 1 : BASIC 1

   DECEMBER 11th & 12th, 2010         NOT M ODULE 2 : BASIC 2

   JANUARY 22de & 23rd , 2011         NOT MODULE 3 : ADVANCE

           To participate to NOT Modules 1/2/3
100 Hours AK from ICAK or Prerequisite Module is require.
   Seminar hours:    Saturday:       10h00/13h00 14h00/19h00
                      Sunday:         08h00/13h00 14h00/16h00
   Total hours:      15.00 hours / module 45 hours for 3 modules
                      Not valid for ICAK course credit hours because
                      not approved by ICAK Board of Certified

   Venue :           HolidayInn Brussels Airport
                      Holidaystraat 7
                      1831 Diegem, Belgium
                      Tel:   +32 2 711 01 03

   Accomodation:         To be booked by yourself

   Speaker:                 LAURENT PICARD D.C.; D.I.B.AK.
                             Graduate from PALMER COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC
                             N.O.T. International instructor
                             In practice for 18 years

   Educational tools :      Video projection , handouts, ample hands on .
                             Please bring your personal portable table for

   Teaching language: FRENCH & ENGLISH
   Fees:       Per Module Doctors 400 €  Refresher / Student 250 €

   Local contact & Registration:GEERT DRENTH D.O.; DIBAK(Belgium)
                                 Telephone: 00 32 1181-2075 Fax: 00 32 1181-2075
   Any queries :                Laurent PICARD D.C.;DIBAK (France)
                                 Tel: 00 33 5 57 96 33 00 Fax :00 33 5 57 96 33 00
                                 Email :


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