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					iPhone / iPad Application Development
                       Wildnet Technologies Pvt Ltd.
                   F - 314, Sector 63, Noida (UP) INDIA
    Phone : +91-120-4533500 Email : contact@wildnettechnologies.com
Wildnet Technologies iPhone/iPod/iPad Application Development

We are a professional iPhone/iPad application
development company in Noida, India offering
custom applications development for the most
popular mobile device of today's age, Apple
iPhone, iPod and iPad.
We go beyond offering services in customized
iPhone 4 App development and apple iPhone
game design and development. Our expert team
of mobile app developers offers their years of
experience in creating wide spectrum of iPad
and iPhone applications which are highly
interactive and offers great user experience.
We have dedicated team of iPhone/iPad app
programmers. You can hire dedicated iPhone app
developer. Also, learn more about iPhone Games
/ Mac Games Development. We also provide
customized iPhone/iPad App Development
Services for Apple's revolutionary tablet device
"iPad" which is also known as Apple iTampon or
iPad Tablet PC.

Contact us NOW! For iPhone web applications
and custom iPhone apps development with the
new iPhone iOS 4.2 and iPhone SDK 4.0.
Wildnet design & development team has been creating many
iPhone/iPod/iPad applications. We have experience building Social
Networking, gaming, Quiztest, Entertainment, non-profit and database
driven applications.
Working through each phase of development from defining a scope of
work to rigorous testing and app deployment, Wildnet project
managers are well versed in making sure our projects finish on time, in
budget, and within scope.

Common Features in Mobile Applications:

 •   Unlimited Image Scrolling
 •   GPS Locationing
 •   Touch Screen Utilization
 •   Push Notifications
 •   Text, Web, and E-mail integration
 •   Picture & Video Taking/Manipulation
 •   Database Synching
 •   Web Services
 •   XML Parsing
         Our Development Process
• Kickoff Meeting:
     Our team members meet/communicate with your staff to gain a greater understanding of
     the entire project, and set guidelines & expectations.

• Content & Materials Gathering:
    Here the Scope of Work is created; all content, assets, and images are gathered;
    additionally access to any necessary databases is obtained.

• Wireframe Creation:
    Black & white depictions of your app are created, including the placement of text and
    images; the overall flow of your app is designed as well.

• Application Design:
    Our designers build the skin for you app, what it will look like, what fonts will be used,
    and what graphics will be displayed.

• Development & Integration:
    Wildnet in-house development team work on the creation of your app, build hooks to any
    necessary databases, integrate web services, & perform rigourous testing.

• Project Sign-off, Launch, & Marketing:
     Once all is set with your app, Wildnet helps to make sure your app is successfully
     launched, as well as published on stores like Android Market and Apple Store.
We use following technologies/Tools:

 •   Operating system: iOS
 •   Tool: Xcode
 •   Programming language: objective-c
 •   Architecture: client/server
 •   Communication between server and client: XML
 •   Database:
iPhone Application
                   Aposio - iPhone Application

Introduction:The Application is Location Based Application and user can
check-in the pins,Images,Videos and Audio from any place. User can also
send messages, comments to other users. User has to register himself to
use this application.
Application has five Tabs
5.PM(Private Message)
This application uses L.B.S. (Location Based Services). User can record his
void or select some audio files from library. He can take Pics from Camera
or from PhotoLibrary.He can Record a video or select a video from library.
He can send Private Messages to friends.Can get Information about the
Splash Screen :
This is Splash Screen.This Screen shows either Name
or logo of the Application.This is always the first to
be displayed.

                       Location Detection :
                       The application is detecting user's current location. User
                       can select “OK” to allow application use his current
                       location and select “Don't Allow” if he does not want to
                       do so.
Registration :
Here is the Registration Screen. User has to
register himself to use this application. He will
use AposioID and Password to login to the
Application. Registered users can simply login
with their AposioID and Password.

                             Login Screen :
                             After user is registered, he fills up the ID
                             and password and presses the “Sign In”
                             button to Login.
Pins Screen :
This Screen shows the pins posted by users from
location shown with each post. The User's name is
in Blue Color and the title of post is in Black bold. If
you click on any row, you get the details. You can
create new Post/Pin by clicking “New pin” button
right at the top.

                                    New Pin Screen :
                                    This is “New Pin/Post” screen. You can set
                                    Title of Post. You can describe the post in
Pics Screen :

This is Pics Screen .This screen shows all the
pics with comments and location .You can get
the details by tapping on the rows.

                              Video Screen :
                              This is Video Screen .This screen shows all the
                              videos with comments and location .You can
                              get the details by tapping on the rows.
Audio Screen :
This is Audio Screen .This screen shows all the
audios with comments and location .You can get
the details by tapping on the rows.

                         Private Message screen :
                         This is Private Message Screen .This screen shows
                         all the messages sent as Private to the user with
                         date and time .You can get the details by tapping
                         on the rows.
  iPhone Application
      PIXCRAMBLE - iPhone Game Application

Introduction - PIXCRAMBLE an iPhone game application is a kind of
puzzle game where user can take a picture either from the camera or
from the iPhone photo library. On shaking the iPhone the picture gets
distorted or gets changed into a picture having different parts at different
places. Now it is the job of the user/player to fix the mixed up picture
parts into its original position. There is the counter which
counts the no. of moves the user has taken to complete the puzzle.
Download on iTunes: :
1- Splash Screen :
This is Splash Screen when we will tap the application

                       2 - Welcome Screen :

                       This is welcome screen you will get the pixcramble
                       logo and the loading icon on it.
3 - Accessibility Options :

This is the option Screen you can choose that How to play
the game : You will get the playing method ,Play now :
You can go for play the games and in Setting option you
can set the counting mode, random mode and no. of

                         4 - How to play the game :
                         When you will select the how to play option you will
                         get he way for play the game.
5 - Game setting page :
In setting page you can set the number of blocks for
playing of an image and the count moves for so the
counting in the corner and the random mode for
selecting randomly a picture.

                         6: Screen after selecting play now option :
                          In this screen you can play the game when you will
                          shake the iphone the block will be changed in
                          mismatch image and you have to match the image
                          through sliding the image blocks.
7 - Picture loaded from the library :
 In this screen you can get the image
 from the phone library for match. First
 shake the iphone and then match the
 image through slide the blocks.
iPhone Application
                 QATest – iphone Application
Introduction : This project is for Testing the skills on some topics. The
Test has some Categories which have chapters. Each category has some
chapters. Each Chapter has some questions. Once user successfully gives
the answer to each question the Result is shown. From Result Page user
can go back to Categories Page or Chapter Page .
Download on iTunes:

1 .There are many categories. User can select any of them and start the
2 .Now user gets the list of Chapters in selected Category. User can
select any chapter.
3 .User now gets the First Question and four answers to this question.
Only one of these answers is correct.
4 .User has to select correct answer and move to next question .Until he
selects correct one he cannot move to next question.
5 .After user has answered all questions, he goes to result page which
shows the performance of user in that chapter.
6 .User can opt for next Category or next chapter and start the test
Splash Screen :

This is Splash Screen. This Screen shows either Name or
logo of the Application. This is always the first to be

                        Categories :
                        This is the second screen. This screen has some categories
                        which can be increased/decreased at run time. User can
                        select any category and start the test.
Chapters :
Here user gets some chapters which he has to select for
the test. He can select any chapter and start the test. You
see user chose “Investment” category in previous

                           Question Answer :
                           Here user get the question and answer. Every question
                           has four answers one of them is correct. If User selects
                           correct answer he moves to next question otherwise an
                           alert is shown .You can see the name of chapter at the
                           navigation Bar right at the Top.
Wrong Answer Selection :
This screen shows the alert when user selects
wrong answer. To choose next answer click ”Try
Again” and choose next answer.

                           Result Screen :
                           Here is the result screen. you can see selected
                           chapter had 20 questions. User selected 9 correct
                           answers out of 20.There are two buttons user can
                           go to next chapter or next category and again start
 iPhone Application
               Meetirvine- iPhone Application

Introduction - Meetirvine is a social networking iPhone application specially
for Irvine city. Here anyone can register in a particular community category.
After logging in to application an user can see all posting posted by users of
application, user can post a reply over that post even can start new post as
well as can send a message to a member and can check his/her messages in
messages section.
Download on iTunes:
Splash Screen :
This is very first screen after loading the application.
Here a person can be register or login to view the

                             Login :
                             This is Login screen from where an user can enter in
                             the application to use the application.
Community Feed :
After login in to the application user comes on this
screen also called a community feed section. Here an
user can post new message or can see the post of other
members even able to see the comments on the
particular post.

                         Neighbor Section :
                         This is neighbors section, here a list of all
                         neighbors or can say all members of
Profile :
This is profile section of member, here a user can see
profile of any member's of application.

                           Neighbor Profile :
                           The same thing as earlier , from here an user able to
                           send a private message to that member or can visit
                           his most recent posts.
Message Section :
This is messages section here an user can check his
private messages and can reply.

                       Wants & Needs :
                       This is wants and needs section , here any member can
                       start a new post regarding the needs or wants like home
                       rent, tutor etc.. so that interested member can contact
This is Help section where an user can learn
about the application features and service and
how to use etc...
Hyundai Argentina
     iPad Application
          Hyundai Argentina - iPad application

Introduction - The Hyundai Argentina Motor iPad application let the user
to get information of the Hyundai seven cars. The user of the application
can select a car heaving different colors available. User can check for the
car specification. Application user can also visit the Hyundai Facebook
official fan page. If user wants to send its reviews or comments the user
can do it via Email button option, user also can check the price of any car
from the price list page (lineup page bottom right).
Download on iTunes:
1 - Splash Screen :
This is the Starting screen of the app.
2- Main Screen :
Main Screen is the first screen of the app, on this screen 7cars of
Hyundai on the screen. When we click on any of these car the full
view will open.
3 - Front Page :
When user click on i10 car from main screen then the Front view
Page (Full View) has open.
4- Car Color Selection Page :
When User scroll the Front View page the next page will be Color
Selection page, on this page user can select any color which are
appear on that view below the car and can view car in that color.
5- Blue Selected Car :
For Example user has select blue color then the car view like
6- Technical Info Page :
When user scroll the color selection Page the next Page
will be Technical Info Page, in this cars technical
information is there.
7- About Us Page :
This View will appear when user click on about us
button which appear on each page (except Line Up
Page) on bottom left.
8- Face Book Page :
Hyundai Argentina FaceBook page will appear when user click on
FaceBook button which appear on each page (except Line Up Page)
on bottom left.
9 – Email Page :
Email Page will appear when user click on Email Page button
which appear on each page (except Line Up Page) on bottom left.
10 – LineUp Page :
LineUp Page will appear when user click on LineUp button which
appear on each page (except LineUp Page) on bottom left. User
can see all the view from the LineUp page.
11- Price List Page :
Price List Page will appear when user click on price List button
which appear on bottom right on LineUp Page. In this list user
can check the price of the car.

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