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									  August 16, 2011 Issue
                                             Message from the President
                                             Dear Members

      Message from the President             On behalf of the Leadership Team and Membership, I would like to congratulate
      EVENTS                                 Sheri Falloon, CRP, Kayan P. Guy, CRP, Maxine A. Hamilton, CRP and Tamara M.
         PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT            Thorpe, CRP for passing the Paralegal CORE Competency (PCC) Exam on June
         CLE                                 11, 2011. Best wishes to all of you!
         PRO BONO                            WHAT’S NEW?
         MENTOR PROGRAM                      Job Bank Update: We are getting a stable flow of open positions and need your
         BENEFITS                            resumes! Currently, we are looking for paralegals with an experience in Trust and
      Q & A Corner                           Estates, litigation as well as certified RNs. REMEMBER: in order to be eligible to
      CONTACT US                             participate in our Job Bank Initiative, you need to be a member in good standing.
                                             Need CLE? We don’t want you to miss out on new education sessions and
                                             benefits. Visit often!

 Calendar of Events
     SUMMER 2011:                            Mariana Fradman, MBA
                                             NYCPA President & Mentor Program Chairperson
   August 17 – CUNY Citizenship NOW!         Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Paralegal Studies, SCPS, NYU
   August 18 – Medicare Rights Center
                Open House                   EVENTS
   Sept 12-17 – Blood and Platelet Drive                            CUNY CITIZENSHIP NOW! EVENT
   Sept 14 – Career Development                      Temporary Protected Status Event for Haitians
                Seminar                                      Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
   October 6 - Advanced Records and
                                                                 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
                Information Management and
                Litigation Readiness
                                                                      Queens, NY
                Symposium                       For more information, go to
                                                PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
                                                          WHO AM I NOW AND WHAT DO I WANT TO CHANGE?
                                                                   DEFINE YOUR CAREER GOALS

                                                                Presented by Vera Sullivan, MA
                                                          President and Founder at DiversityForce LLC
                                                            September 14, 2011 | 6:00PM – 9:00PM
                                                                             Venue: TBD
                                             For more details about this and other events, check our

August 16, 2011 Issue                                     -1-                                                       continued
                                                                             RESERVE THE DATE
                                               Looking to bridge legal, records and IT for compliance and litigation readiness?
                                               Join the NYCPA and Contoural in midtown on October 6th for the Advanced
                                               Records and Information Management and Litigation Readiness Symposium.
Your guide to Broadway, family, sports,
music, comedy, and other live events and                                       OCTOBER 6, 2011
attractions. To browse all February                                                Venue: TBD
Entertainment Offers, events and venues, go    For more information, go to
to our members’ benefits page at http://nyc-
                                               COMMITTEE NEWS
                                                  PRO BONO
                                                                         MEDICARE RIGHTS CENTER
                                               Medicare Rights Center is looking for Hotline Volunteers and Seniors Speaking on
                                               Medicare (SOS Medicare Volunteers).
                                               The next Volunteer Open House meetings will be held on August 18th during the
                                               daytime in New York City: To give you a comprehensive understanding of the
                                               volunteer opportunities available at the Medicare Rights Center, the non-profit
                                               asks that you attend an initial Open House meeting. During this meeting you will
                                               learn about the various ways in which volunteers contribute to our work. We hope
                                               by the end of this meeting, you will find a position that best suits your interests and
                                               schedule. Most importantly, we hope to be able to answer all of the questions you
                                               may have about volunteering with the Medicare Rights Center.
                                               For more information, please go to To register:
                                               send e-mail Stephanie Yuzzi, NYCPA Pro Bono Chairperson, at probono@nyc-

                                                                 NYCPA FIRST BLOOD AND PLATELET DRIVE
                                               The New York City Paralegal Association knows how important it is to make a
                                               difference in the legal community, but we also understand the importance of
                                               helping our communities dealing with the fight against cancer. Please join us to
                                               help make a difference from September 12-September 17, 2011. Tell your friends,
                                               co-workers, family members, and everyone you know is welcome! Let us make a
                                               difference together and just tell everyone that the New York City Paralegal
                                               Association sent you!
                                               For more information, go to or contact Jessica
                                               Mieles, NFPA Primary Representative, at

                                                                     NFPA’S 2011 ANNUAL CONVENTION
                                               Dear Members,
                                               As a member of NFPA you are cordially invited to attend NFPA’s 2011 Annual
                                               Convention in Bloomington, Minnesota, October 13th – 16th. Come and meet your
                                               leaders, colleagues and other legal professionals. We have an excellent selection
                                               of continuing legal education classes, keynote speakers and a social event at the
                                               world renowned Mall of America. Experience the beautiful fall colors and crisp
                                               clean air that Minnesota has to offer.
                                               Come to Minnesota, learn a new area of law, and see how policy is created.

August 16, 2011 Issue                                      -2-                                                              continued
                                      Whether you are a new NFPA member or have been a member for many years,
                                      everyone is welcome!
                                      I have attached the link to the Convention Brochure and the Registration Form.
                                      This is the time to make plans to visit the land of 10,000 Lakes.
                                       For more information, visit
                                      Very truly,
                                      Cheryl A. Corning
                                      NFPA Secretary and Director of Operations

                                         MENTOR PROGRAM
                                      Introducing The Paralegal Society ~ a forum created to educate, motivate, and
                                      inspire paralegals to engage in the pursuit of excellence for all paralegal kind.
                                      Have a question or comment? Is there a particular topic you want to learn more
                                      about? Are you in need of a paralegal mentor? There is no such thing as a stupid
                                      question, with the exception of the one not asked. Please feel free to post a
                                      question at The Paralegal Society Help Line or contact one of its mentors
            Help Wanted               through Meet the Mentors page. (

NYCPA is looking for a volunteer to      BENEFITS
help produce its highly regarded      We work with various companies to bring our members the best in benefits. Visit
quarterly magazine, the Paralegal     our member’s only area to take advantage.
Times This is a great opportunity
                                      Barkley Court Reporters, The First and Only Government Green Certified Court
for the right person.                 Reporting Firm in the United States. Visit them at

                             is the most trusted and relied upon expert in NY, NJ,
                                      Chicago, Dallas and Washington D.C. for end-to-end litigation support. SRM has
                                      the best resources available to meet the needs of our clients. We continually
                                      invest in people, process and technology to provide the highest quality services to
                                      our clients. At SRM Legal, we stay on top of the litigation support industry on
                                      behalf of our clients, by researching and testing new technologies, watching for
                                      changes in case law and regulations, and following trends in the legal profession.
                                      This allows us to deliver the best possible quality and expertise to our clients.

                                      SRM Legal provides the following litigation support and records management
                                      services: Litigation Support; Computer Forensics; Early Case Assessment; E-
                                      Discovery Processing; On-Line Web Hosted Attorney Review Platforms;
                                      Scanning/Imaging; Coding; Media Duplicating/Conversion; Document Storage;
                                      Document Online Archival Storage; Document Shredding; Attorney Review
                                      Services. SRM is a proud Gold Level Sponsor of the NYCPA.

                             helps you save time and money with its unique, totally
                                      secure web-based virtual solution to order service of process for your firm. In just
                                      minutes you can request service and upload your legal PDF documents to be
                                      hand delivered to any address in the nation, track status 24/7, receive email alerts
                                      and generate preliminary electronic affidavits and full diligence reports. This
                                      highly automated website is second to none in the industry and provides you the
                                      tools to quickly, accurately and cost effectively request and manage service of
                                      process from one single source. NYCPA members receive the following special

August 16, 2011 Issue                             -3-                                                            continued
 Q & A Corner                                     prices: $55 Up to 150 miles outside of your office (Includes out of state
                                                  service) $65 National (Remainder of the continental U.S.A.)
 Q: What is the difference in benefits received
     by different levels of membership?           To receive this special offer go to NYCPA’s members only page, click the
                                                  USA-Serve link to register FREE and begin using the USA-Serve’s online
 A: Active, Associate and Student members         national process services for your firm. This proprietary integrated powerful
    receive the same benefits. The difference     system provides the mechanism to request and track your serves online
    is that Active members can vote and be        from Start-to-Finish.
    elected as an executive director.
                                                  AccessData Group has pioneered digital investigations and litigation support
 Q: Who can submit a resume to your Job           for more than twenty years and is the maker of the industry-standard computer
     Bank?                                        forensics technology, FTK, as well as the leading legal review technology,
                                                  Summation. AccessData provides a broad spectrum of stand-alone and
 A: Any member in good standing can submit        enterprise-class solutions that enable digital investigations of any kind,
     his or her resume by e-mailing it to         including computer forensics, incident response, e-discovery, legal review and                          information assurance. More than 100,000 users in law enforcement,
                                                  government agencies, corporations and law firms around the world rely on
                                                  AccessData software solutions and its premier digital investigations and
                                                  hosted review services. AccessData Group is also a leading provider of digital
                                                  forensics and litigation support training and certification.




      NYCPA Board of Directors
  New York City Paralegal Association,

    (C) COPYRIGHT 2011 NEW YORK CITY              NFPA: Auto and homeowner’s insurance and many more. NFPA members get
                                                  a 5% discount from Liberty Mutual. Take off an additional 7% on top of
                                                  generally advertised Dell Products! For this and more benefits offered by
                                                  NFPA, log in to the Member’s only page on

August 16, 2011 Issue                                      -4-                                                            continued

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