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                           Antenna Systems Conference
                                        co-located with the
                           Short-Range Wireless Conference

                            Highlighting the most recent advancements in antenna systems &
                            technology and short-range wireless standards, applications & technology

               S E P T E M B E R 2 6 - 2 7 • H YAT T R E G E N C Y T E C H C E N T E R • D E N V E R , C O

                                     2007 KEYNOTE SPEAKERS

   Mobile WiMAX: Do We Really             Smart Antenna Systems:             The Wireless Broadband
   Need Another Air Interface             Opportunities Unlimited                  Revolution
             Martin Cooper                      Deepak Pareek                       Robert Syputa
   Executive Chairman & Co-Founder             Chief Consultant                     Senior Analyst
              ArrayComm                       Resource4Business                       Maravedis

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Contents                                                  New This Year
 Hotel Information                             page 3     • A Conference Track Dedicated to RFID
 Conference Program                            page 4       Technology & Applications
 Media Sponsors                               page 11
 Pre-Conference Workshop                      page 12     • Sessions Exploring Mobile TV, and the Issues
 Networking Opportunities                     page 12       Faced by Antenna Manufacturers
 Sponsors & Exhibitors                        page 13
                                                          • The Latest Developments in Short-Range
 Meet the Speakers                            page 14
                                                            Wireless Standards & Technology
                                                          • Next Generation Antenna Technology:
Overview                                                   What to Expect
                                                          • A Conference Track Focused on New
 The 2007 Antenna Systems Conference /                      Developments in Antenna Testing/Measurement
 Short-Range Wireless Conference is a two-day
 technical symposium dedicated to bringing you            • Advancements in Base Station Antenna Technology
 the latest advancements in antenna systems &             • Antennas for WiMAX
 technology and short-range wireless standards,
 applications & technology for a variety of
 industries and applications.

Who Should Attend?                                        Groundbreaking Sessions From:
 • OEM Design Engineers & Development Managers
 • System Design Engineers & Managers                      Andrew Corp.               SkyeTek, Inc.
 • System Integrators / Value Added Resellers
                                                           Samsung                    Zensys
 • Component Manufacturers & Providers
 • Antenna Manufacturers                                   Monarch Antenna            Til-Tek Antennae
 • Product Managers Seeking New Applications,
  Technology & Partnering Opportunities                    Powerwave                  Orbit/FR
 • Wireless Professionals Intent on Staying Up-To-         Technologies               Psion Teklogix, Inc.
   Date with the Latest Cutting-Edge Technology            Ansoft Corp.               Maxtenna
                                                           Antenova                   Nearfield Systems, Inc.
Why Should You Attend?                                     SkyCross, Inc.             Fractal Antenna
                                                           Bluetooth SIG              Systems
 • 37 Focused Technical Sessions
 • Discover how recent technical advancements will         KMW                        Artimi
    impact your product performance                        Communications
 • The chance to network with top design engineers,                                   MetaGeek
    technical experts, leading wireless service            Ethertronics               Virginia Tech Antenna
    providers and potential business partners              Laird Technologies         Group
 • Hands-on access to new products & technology
    being featured in the interactive exhibit hall         Fractus                    Glaser Associates
 • Informative pre-conference workshop opportunity
                                                           WiMedia Alliance           Clemson University
                                                           Vishay                     CST of America
Contact                                                    TenXc Wireless             Meshnetics
 • For program information contact Jeremy Martin at        EMSCAN Corp.               Rayspan Corp.
   800-803-9488 or                  Airgain                    Maravedis, Inc.
 • For exhibit/sponsor information contact Karen           AppliedEM                  Resource4Business
   Poulson at 800-803-9488 or
                                                           Nortel                     ArrayComm
 • For registration information contact Marsha Hanrahan
   at 800-803-9488 or


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 Register by July 27th                           $795      The 2007 Antenna Systems/SRW Conferences will
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Pre-Conference Workshop Pricing
 Antennas for Wireless Communications:
 Basic Principles & System Applications
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 * A $50 discount will be applied to your workshop         “A High Concentration of Major Players in the
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 Short-Range Wireless Conference.
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 other emergency making it inadvisable, illegal or          VP of Sales & Marketing
 impossible to hold the meeting.                            PC Specialties

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Wednesday, September 26th                                                            Day 1 - Conference Program

Red Sessions - Grand Mesa Ballroom                         9:30a.m. Internal Antennas for Handheld
Green Sessions - Highlands Amphitheater                             Devices, PDAs & Portable Computers
Blue Sessions - Windstar                                    This presentation will provide attendees with expo-
                                                            sure to novel solutions to challenges frequently
7:00a.m. - Registration & Continental Breakfast             encountered by antenna designers in new genera-
                                                            tion digital wireless devices including:
8:20 a.m. - Opening Address                                   • Small size, low profile; compatibility with dimensional
                                                                restrictions, while retaining gain and efficiency.
                                                              • Digital noise and harmonics: rejection of
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION                                           internal electromagnetic signals, while ensuring
8:30a.m. Mobile WiMAX: Do We Really Need                       desired external network communication performance.
         Another Air Interface                                • SAR compliance: limitation of energy absorbed
                                                               by users when operating a communication device.
                 The promise of a multi-media capable         • Multiple radio technologies within one wireless
                 wireless service facilitating a wide          device: minimization of cross-coupling between
                 variety of new applications has not           antennas.
                 materialized despite years of advanced       • Balanced antennas: future-proofing against
                 hype on UMTS, CDMA 2000, and                  hardware configuration changes, without
                 WCDMA. The Hype on WiMAX is actu-             affecting antenna tuning or performance.
                 ally subdued relative to its predeces-       • Ruggedness: designs that withstand shock and
sors. It is up to the engineers to do what the mar-            vibration without losing connectivity.
keters have failed to do, and they don't have much            • Stability over a range of climatic operating conditions.
time. Martin Cooper, a wireless industry visionary                  Laurian Petru Chirila, Senior RF Specialist
who conceived the first portable cellular phone, and                                             Psion Teklogix, Inc.
led the 10-year process of brining it to market, will
offer his views on the technology and the business         9:30a.m. Measuring Range of the ZigBee
models that can make Mobile WiMAX a success.                        Modules: Myths & Reality
   Martin Cooper, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder           The introduction of IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee stan-
                                              ArrayComm     dards opens new possibilities for the development
                                                            of a variety of standards-based wireless sensor
                                                            applications. One of the key parameters for the
9:30a.m. Beyond RET: Next Generation Base                   embedded developers is the RF transceiver’s
         Station Antenna Systems
                                                            range. Yet there are factors, such as environment
 Remote Electrical Tilt, or RET, base station antennas
                                                            conditions, interference, and obstacles that may
 are becoming increasingly popular with cellular oper-      affect the range, making it difficult for a manufac-
 ators. These antennas provide tilt adjustment of the       turer to claim any particular range in their technical
 antenna beam pointing direction in the vertical plane,     specifications. Furthermore, when a ZigBee module
 thereby allowing the radius of the cell coverage to be     is integrated into a specific device, the performance
 varied remotely. This tilting capability enables opera-    may change. Thus the developers are often faced
 tors to optimize aspects of their cell sector coverage     with the task of performing range measurements on
 without the cost of an antenna replacement and/or a        their own. This discussion will shed light on some
 tower climb. This lower cost encourages more fre-          of the common misconceptions related to range
 quent and effective network optimization which leads       measurement. It reviews key measurement tech-
 to increases in network QOS, increases in network          niques, tools and frequently-encountered issues.
 capacity, and a decrease in OPEX.                              Pete Secor, VP of North American Operations
 Next generation BSAs will provide additional beam                                                      Meshnetics
 adjustment capabilities and added value to cellular
 operators. The performance and design of these            10:15a.m. Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall
 new antenna systems will be discussed, as well as
 how this increase in functionality is applied to ben-
 efit network performance and cost.                               Register Today & Secure
              Kevin Lineham, Engineering Director,                      Your Place
                              Base Station Antennas,
                                  Andrew Corporation


Day 1 - Conference Program                                       Wednesday, September 26th
11:00a.m. Self Structuring Antenna for Multi-              width, VSWR, gain, directivity, and efficiency. The
          Band & Mobile Applications                       Chu limit for small antennas will be presented in
 Self-Structuring Antenna (SSA) is a smart antenna         terms of the size of existing antennas. Saturation
 system, which dynamically reconfigures its electri-       and intermodulation distortion between nearby
 cal topology in order to maintain at all times a reli-    antennas will also be discussed. For several typi-
 able communication link. SSA uses RF relays to            cal antennas, parameter values will be calculated
 reroute and optimize the distribution of the electri-     and discussed.
 cal current across its aperture and is the product                           Dr. Jerome Glaser, Consultant,
                                                                                            Glaser Associates
 of a decade of collaborative R&D effort between
 Delphi Corporation and Michigan State University.
 SSA is a proven technology in the automotive sec-        11:45a.m. - Luncheon in the Dining Hall
 tor, and the presentation will include two case
 studies highlighting its competitive differentiators
 while laying out the business case for its adoption      1:00p.m. A Broadband Dual Polarized Antenna
                                                                   Element for Wireless Communications
 in wireless consumer and military applications.
                                                           A folded metal boxed dipole is of considerable
    Dr. Tayfun Ozdemir, Chief Technology Officer,
                              Monarch Antenna, Inc.        interest as a broadband antenna element, and has
                                                           good potential for use in low cost base station
                                                           antenna design for wireless communications. See
11:00a.m. Low Cost Wireless Network Capacity               firsthand experimental and simulation results
          Enhancement with Bi-Sector Arrays
                                                           including a folded metal single dipole, and a dual
 The need for additional spectral capacity to support
                                                           polarized boxed dipole. The results will illustrate
 the growth in wireless users, usage, and the transi-
                                                           that this new dipole element has excellent gain
 tion to higher speed, data-rich broadband services
                                                           performance and radiation pattern profile, and
 is a constant challenge for operators. Even with the
                                                           eleminates the need for cable assemblies and
 latest deployed network technologies, how do oper-
                                                           costly circuit boards. The results will closely corre-
 ators avoid the need to source new spectrum or
                                                           late to simulated values.
 build additional capacity to in-fill cell sites? Learn
                                                                           Bill Vassilakis, VP, R&D, Powerwave
 how Higher Order Sectorization site designs and a          Gangyi Deng, Principal Design Engineer, Powerwave
 new type of array system, Bi-Sector Arrays, offer
 operators a means of avoiding the limitations of
 conventional multi-sector site deployments and           1:00p.m. GPS Radio Antenna Modules for
 realizing the full capacity benefits. Case studies                Handset Applications
 demonstrating network performance and applica-            A new small combined antenna-radio module has
 tion benefits will be included.                           been developed for receiving GPS and Galileo
                        Ross Ernst, VP of Marketing,       signals. The device is specifically configured for
                                        TenXc Wireless     handset applications including additional filtering to
                                                           remove GSM transmissions and is designed to be
11:00a.m. Wireless Antennas: A Tutorial                    mounted vertically on the main handset PWB so as
 The number of wireless antennas currently in use          to occupy minimum space. The module can provide
 worldwide is more than ten billion. For example,          a complete GPS RF and baseband solution giving
 most individuals have at least one cellular tele-         out positional information at a low baud rate.
 phone, and many have two or more. Their wide-             The GPS receiver can be combined with a number
 spread use continues to grow. Besides cell                of efficient antenna options including balanced and
 phones, wireless antennas also include ultrawide-         unbalanced structures all of which provide a
 band antennas, multiple antennas, RF-ID, electron-        degree of circular polarization. Field tests have
 ic toys, mobile antennas, sensors, and other con-         shown that the performance of the antenna is
 figurations based 802.11a-g. The purpose of this          generally similar to that of larger and heavier
 talk is to improve the listener's understanding by        circularly polarized ceramic patch antennas and
 reviewing and explaining the basic principles of          helical structures.
 wireless antennas.                                               Professor Simon Kingsley, Chief Scientist,
 To familiarize the user with these antennas, this                                                     Antenova
 talk defines and reviews basic parameters such
 as polarization, Q (frequency/bandwidth), band-

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Wednesday, September 26th                                                             Day 1 - Conference Program

1:00p.m. Effective Analysis of RFID Systems By              within the same frequency band at the same time.
         Means of a Combined 3D Circuit-Level               This is accomplished by using multiple antennas at
         Simulation                                         both the transmitter and receiver. In addition to
 This presentation will focus on the analysis of a 13.56    rich multipath channel, sufficiently uncorrelated
 MHz passive RFID system realized by means of CST           antennas at each end of the link are key to exploit-
 Microwave Studio (CST MWS), a full wave simulator          ing the MIMO benefit in practical systems. A criti-
 based on the Finite Integration technique (FIT).           cal challenge is implementing MIMO in future 4G
 A circuit simulation will be performed as well by          wireless handsets and computing devices by incor-
 invoking CST Design Studio (CST DS) and the direct         porating compact antenna arrays without compro-
 link available wit Microwave office (MWO). The 3D          mising system requirements and performance.
 simulator capability of handling complicated model            Dr. Gregory Poilasne, VP of Business Dvlpmt.,
 imported from Gerber file as well as the system level                                            Rayspan Corp.
 analysis with circuit simulators will be discussed.
 Both frequency domain (S-parameters) and time
 domain results (eye-diagram and attenuation sig-          1:45p.m. Ubiquitous RFID: It’s Not Just for
 nals) for the whole system including circuit and                   WalMart Anymore
 antenna will be provided. The signal probes on the         This fast-paced presentation will provide engineers,
 reader and tag can be monitored. The parameters            designers and product managers insight into the
 study for both antenna in 3D tool and circuit com-         rapidly evolving field of Embedded RFID. The ses-
 ponent in circuit tool are finally discussed.              sion will begin with a brief overview of the basic
    Jingsong Wang, Senior Applications Engineer,            concepts of passive RFID, quickly shifting into the
                                  CST of America, Inc.      theories and subtleties behind embedding RFID
                                                            into OEM devices. Attendees will discover how
                                                            RFID extends beyond traditional supply chain appli-
1:45p.m. Effects of Poor Antenna System Return              cations into new and interesting uses such as anit-
         Loss on Broadband Wireless Systems
         Using TDD Radios (Including WiMAX)                 counterfeiting, patron management, patient safety
 Given that most emerging broadband wireless sys-           and UHF passive tracking. Three case studies will
 tems, including WiMAX, utilize Time Division               further illustrate implementation considerations.
 Duplex (TDD) radios operating at the higher order               Sayan Chakraborty, Chief Technical Officer,
 modulation schemes such as 16-QAM, 32-QAM                                                               SkyeTek
 and 64-QAM, the importance of adequate antenna
 system return loss (or VSWR) will become an issue         2:30p.m. Embedded Antenna Design: Meeting the
 to maintain optimum system performance.                            Challenge of Supporting Advanced
 Although the effects of poor return on the receive                 Services in Slim Devices
 path of TDD wireless systems have been historically       With the growing popularity of advanced voice services,
 overlooked, the effects of performance degradation        mobile TV, music, data/internet, navigation and cameras,
 due to multiple reflections between the antenna           the “real estate” inside the wireless device is at an all
 and radio is surprisingly quite significant.              time premium. Through technology and design flexibility,
 Surprisingly enough, this is not presently common         manufacturers of embedded antennas help empower
 knowledge within the broadband wireless industry,         device designers to create a full range of consumer elec-
 therefore describing the mechanisms involved and          tronics. Embedded antennas are found in a wide range
 their implications on overall system performance          of mobile platforms including slim mobile handsets, smart
 will be the topic of this presentation.                   phones, notebook computers, PC cards including
  Thomas LeBlanc, Apps Engineering Mgr., Til-Tek           Express Card/34, personal media players, access points,
                           Barry Pratt, P. Eng., Nortel    ultra-mobile PCs, and wireless earphones.
                                                           How do designers of embedded antennas support multi-
1:45p.m. The Application of Metamaterial to                ple advanced services and fit the required RF compo-
         MIMO Antenna Array                                nents into very slim phones? How can all RF components
 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) is referred to      in a device (antennas, multiplexers, filters, etc.) work bet-
 as the last frontier in the quest to improve spectral     ter together to help optimize overall device performance?
 efficiency of modern communication systems.               SkyCross will address these issues in embedded antenna
 These systems exploit the spatial dimension of the        design for the most stylish, thin phones.
 multipath channel to transmit multiple data streams           Paul Tornatta, VP of Operations, SkyCross, Inc.


Day 1 - Conference Program                                          Wednesday, September 26th
2:30 p.m. Development of Conformal “Paint On”               industry has been slow to fully embrace these technolo-
          Antenna Materials Technology for High             gies, despite the fanfare surrounding MIMO, due to
          Altitude Airship Flight System Apps.              challenges in implementation. We will explore these
 Conformal materials technology is being developed to       topics and new approaches to overcoming these chal-
 enable new antenna designs using “painted-on” robotic      lenges in the context of extracting maximum perform-
 manufacturing methods. This research addresses the         ance gains from MAS at minimum cost and complexity.
 need for new and novel antenna manufacturing tech-         Douglass Cornwall, Sr. Marketing Mgr. ArrayComm
 niques for future aerospace applications.
 This presentation will describe this materials
                                                            3:45p.m. Best Practices in Open Over-The-Air Testing
 research for antenna applications using newly devel-
                                                            Accurate, reliable and repeatable results are attainable
 oped unique and patented dielectric and conductive
                                                            in open over-the-air (OTA) tests thanks to extensive
 coatings. Also, experimental flight test results will be
                                                            research in relation to IEEE standards development for
 presented on applying conformal “paint-on” antenna
                                                            best practices in evaluating wireless performance.
 design to a high altitude airship in June, 2006.
                                                            Increase your knowledge of multipath fading, variations
 Dr. CJ Reddy, President & CEO, Applied EM Inc.
                                                            caused by antenna orientation and time of arrival of
                                                            reflected signals. Learn how these factors impact OTA
2:30 p.m. Antenna & Propagation Considerations              tests and gain new approaches to manage them for
          For RFID Systems                                  more accurate, reliable performance measurements.
 This presentation will examine antenna near-field          Through capturing sufficient representative samples of
 range and higher order mode excitation to provide          data points, anticipating and managing systematic error
 information for enhanced antenna performance to            possibilities, and other best practices in OTA test
 improve RFID system reliability. Results of investiga-     design, attendees will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of
 tions into link performance for different tag locations    non-representative and unrepeatable test results.
 and with various antenna combinations will be pre-              Dr. Perti Visuri, President & CEO, Airgain, Inc.
 sented for both HF and UHF RFID systems. Of partic-
 ular emphasis is system performance with closely
 spaced tags and tags in the presence of materials.         KEYNOTE PRESENTATION
    Dr. Warren Stutzman, Founding Director, VTAG            4:30p.m. The Wireless Broadband Revolution
                                                                            This session will detail WiMAX and LTE
                                                                            4G wireless’ road to becoming smart
3:15p.m. - Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall                             wireless broadband networks that require
                                                                            MIMO-AAS smart antenna systems to
3:45p.m. The RF Challenges Raised by Mobile TV                              enable a multi-tiered, mesh and extend-
 Mobile TV is the single greatest challenge that anten-                     ed network architecture ... creating a
 na designers face today due to the low operating fre-                      rapid growth in demand for antennas
 quency of Mobile TV, interference from overlapping                         scaled to a vareity of base stations,
 DVB-H and GSM frequencies and the multiple form            remote stations/routers and user devices. Maravedis
 factors a single Mobile TV handset can take. These         research shows current trends and global forecasts for
 issues have been forcing handset manufacturers to          WiMAX devices through 2012. Key points discussed will
 launch far bulkier devices than the current top-tier       be trends in 4G adoption that will drive smart wireless
 handsets models ... but it doesn’t have to be that way.    broadband networking and how WiMAX will use pico
 Take an in-depth look at how antenna manufacturers         and femto-cell devices to provide local area networking
 are responding to the Mobile TV challenge as handset       capabilities and network extension, creating a large new
 vendors continue to innovate with design and form          market for antennas. This involves development of a
 factor, focusing on the competing antenna require-         large “middle-tier” of wireless networking infrastructure
 ments of the GSM/DVB-H handset.                            in a growing diversity of network topologies. 4G also
   Dr. Jaume Anguera, Technology Manager, Fractus           dramatically extends the trend toward multi-mode, multi-
                                                            spectrum base station devices that will be needed to
                                                            provide a multi-service environment, ultimately creating
3:45p.m. Optimizing Implementation of Multi                 new challenges for multi and wide spectrum antennas.
         Antenna Signal Processing in Mobile                    Robert Syputa, Senior Analyst, Maravedis, Inc.
         Broadband Infrastructure
Multi-antenna signal processing (MAS) architectures
can significantly enhance the performance, both techni-     5:30p.m. - Cocktail Reception in the Exhibit Hall
cal and economic, of broadband wireless networks. The

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Thursday, September 27th                                                        Day 2 - Conference Program

Red Sessions - Grand Mesa Ballroom                       to mobile phones and devices devices.
Green Sessions - Highlands Amphitheater                  New wireless, information, content and multimedia
Blue Sessions - Windstar                                 applications require not only new wireless system
                                                         switching and Base Station Transceiver (BTS) sys-
7:30a.m. - Registration & Continental Breakfast          tems but programmable antennas. The “last mile con-
                                                         nection” is between the tower antenna and mobile
                                                         phone devices. This connection is critical for Quality
                                                         of Service (QoS) and customer experience.
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION                                     Optimizing this connection by matching the wireless
8:30a.m. Smart Antenna Systems:                          BTS antenna network to wireless users traffic patterns
         Opportunities Unlimited                         and call requirements insures the highest QoS. These
                 This Keynote presentation will dis-     optimizations reduce churn, support increased sub-
                 cuss inherent past and present          scribers and increase Average Revenue per User
                 trends, outlook and forecasts for the   (ARPU) though implementation of new applications.
                 period of 2000 through 2013. Market     When wireless networks were very stable first fixed
                 potential is huge as the GSM and        generation antennas of many different beam width
                 CDMA2000 markets, the largest in        and gain provide good service at reasonable CAPEX
                 the world, remain untapped as far as    and OPEX. Today the higher increase in users and
                 optimization and performance            user volume, from increased minutes calling plans
 enhancement solutions are concerned, while new          and advance applications, requires timelier tower
 opportunities are seen in B3G and 4G technologies       top optimization.
 including WiMAX and WiFi.                                 Burton Calloway, VP of Air Interface Solutions,
 Smart antennas have been around for decades,                                          KMW Communications
 but today they are in the process of getting even
 smarter. For the past ten-plus years, and with the
 development of multiple antennas for transmission       9:30a.m. Time-Domain Technique Simplifies
 and reception, known also as space-time commu-                   Measurement of Mobile
 nication, smart antenna technology has become a                  Communications & Radio Antennas
 serious wireless technology arena. This talk will       Most mobile communication and radio antennas
 analyze the Global market for Smart Antennas in         are characterized by broad beam patterns and,
 detail and will also cover technological applica-       therefore, low gain. They are typically embedded
 tions of Smart Antenna such as WiFi, WiMAX and          into the skin of the communications device/radio,
 Cellular Systems, and Broadband Wireless                or are often installed on a ground plane surface,
 Access Networks.                                        as in automotive applications. Accurate measure-
 Global as well as regional perspective will be cov-     ment of this class of antennas is always challeng-
 ered in this keynote. Today, companies in the US,       ing for several reasons:
 Japan, and West Europe are in high gear to take          • The measurements require significant investment
 advantage of the benefits that smart antennas           in the antenna measurement facility, as the test
 promise, however, other regions including Asia-         zone must typically be much larger than the anten-
 Pacific are not too far behind. This session assess-    na itself to allow for a sufficiently large ground
 es all these regions as well as other geographies       plane, both in the case of near-field and conven-
 including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific,          tional far-field measurements
 Latin America and the Rest of World.                     • The measurement results are strongly influenced
                    Deepak Pareek, Chief Consultant,     by the geometry of the supporting ground surface.
                                 Resource4Business       The edge diffraction effects of a simulated test
                                                         ground surface may not be indicative of the effect of
9:30a.m. Genesis of New Era of Antenna                   the true ground surface on the antenna pattern when
         Optimization                                    the antenna is situated in its final environment.
 The wireless application paradigm has changed from      The implementation of a time domain based
 voice to voice and simple data to content and multi-    far–field antenna measurement technique signifi-
 media. Wireless users desire information anywhere       cantly simplifies and improves the measurement
 at anytime. Wireless carrier vision is to be the        process, facilitating use of a smaller and less cost-
 provider of choice for this mobile experience. Cell     ly test facility using smaller absorber, and allowing
 site wireless infrastructure antennas have increased    for reduction/removal of the edge diffraction effects
 from carrying megabytes to terabytes of information     of the ground surface. The utility of this concept is


Day 2 - Conference Program                                             Thursday, September 27th
 demonstrated by measurements of a prototype                10:45a.m. Advanced Simulation of Antenna and
 rooftop radio antenna installed on a ground plane                    Microwave Systems
 modeling installation on the roof of a car. Two            Large but finite-sized phased arrays using direct 3D
 measurement techniques were utilized to charac-            electromagnetic simulation can be addressed by
 terize the antenna: spherical near–field and time          taking advantage of trends in computer hardware
 domain far–field. The results were compared, and           and new software algorithms. New hardware archi-
 analysis shows that the latter (time domain) tech-         tectures pack more processors into less space.
 nique can effectively replace the near–field tech-         Multi-threaded software takes advantage of those
 nique, which requires significant data collection          multiple processors and new 64-bit software dramat-
 time relative to a far field measurement.                  ically increase the upper limit of model size.
        John Aubin, VP of Business Development,             Improvements in finite element meshing produce
                                            ORBIT/FR        better quality meshes for solution with fewer adap-
                                                            tive passes while improvements in the matrix solver
                                                            reduce simulation time. Scripting automates geome-
 9:30a.m. Uniting the Wireless PAN with                     try construction and data export. HFSS-to-HFSS
          Bluetooth Technology                              DataLink allows radome interaction to be included in
 2006 has demonstrated the staying power of                 simulations and feed circuits can be designed effi-
 Bluetooth wireless technology. Current work with           ciently using Nexxim-to-HFSS Dynamic Link. An
 NFC on an improved pairing process and the col-            example of finite-sized array simulation with pattern
 laboration with UWB in 2006 are proof points to            optimization will be highlighted and several other
 how the Bluetooth SIG is helping to create a con-          examples in antenna design and simulation will
 sumer friendly, united wireless PAN. This discus-          illustrate the advantages. New capabilities in Ansoft
 sion will update developers on new applications            HFSS v11 will be demonstrated showing how results
 and the new Bluetooth specification Version 2.1            from an antenna/feed electromagnetic/circuit co-
 _EDR, and how the Bluetooth SIG is responding to           simulation can be used to excite the antenna and
 demand for lower power technology to meet the              hence simulate radiation properties with the feed
 needs of applications like medical devices, watch-         and other circuitry attached.
 es, toys and home sensor networks such as securi-           Dr. Larry Williams, Director of Business Devlpmt.,
 ty systems. It will also discuss the SIG’s vision for                                              Ansoft Corp.
 future wireless partnerships.
                Dr. Mike Foley, Executive Director,
                                  Bluetooth SIG, Inc.       10:45a.m. WiMedia: The Ultra-Platform for
                                                                      Wireless Multimedia
                                                            Attendees will be given an overview of WiMedia-based
 10:15a.m. - Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall           Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology and the applica-
                                                            tions it enables. Main points will include the standardi-
                                                            zation process for WiMedia UWB, worldwide regulato-
 10:45a.m. ACTIVV: A Built-In Antenna for FM                ry efforts and WiMedia’s emphasis on interoperability
           Radio Reception and Transmission                 and peaceful coexistence with other wireless services.
           In Mobile Phones                                 The WiMedia Alliance is the leading global organi-
 In this presentation, Laird Technologies will detail       zation driving industry-wide activities for the devel-
 its ACTIVV antenna, a built-in antenna for FM              opment and adoption of high-speed wireless solu-
 radio reception in mobile phones.                          tions using UWB technology.
 Currently, most handsets that incorporate FM radio         Optimized for use within the wireless personal area
 require the FM antenna be placed within a headset          network (WPAN), UWB provides high speed, high
 cord that acts as both the FM antenna and the cord         bandwidth and low power radiation, making it an
 connecting the ear piece accessory. This negatively        ideal solution for multimedia applications in person-
 affects the user experience because of several factors.    al computing, consumer electronics and mobile
 This presentation will explain how the ACTIVV over-        devices. Recently published as ISO/IEC standards
 comes these usage factors, the issues with integrating     26907 and 26908, WiMedia’s UWB Common Radio
 the antenna into a mobile phone, and the active anten-     Platform is capable of throughputs of up to 480
 na design concept and describe the characteristics, dis-   mbps, and enables a variety of applications, includ-
 cuss the performance and describe why small antennas       ing: Certified Wireless USB / Bluetooth / 1394.
 can be integrated and work well for FM radio reception.                    Jon Rosdahl, VP, WiMedia Alliance,
              Monty Rohde, VP of Engineering, Laird                                Principal Engineer, Samsung

                                                                                    WWW.ANTENNASONLINE.COM         9

Thursday, September 27th                                                       Day 2 - Conference Program

11:30a.m. The Wideband Way                              framework of the 2.4 GHz RF band and its domi-
 In the near future, both wireless and telecom          nant IEEE802.1 technologies, the issue of interfer-
 devices will leverage multifrequency and defined       ence between devices becomes critical from the
 spectrum allocations to provide services unimped-      standpoint of operational consistency.
 ed by present limits in channel capacity and user      Measurements conclusively show that new tech-
 saturation. That means a truly wireless world is       nologies utilizing the IEEE802.15.4 protocol within
 bottle-necked by antenna solutions that have multi-    these environments, such as ZigBee, are subject
 ple antennas or, multiple frequency antennas anti-     to significant interference under virtually all condi-
 quated and inadequate to meet the future need.         tions, with corresponding degradation and even
 The 'future-proof' answer requires wideband anten-     negation of operational reliability.
 nas. However, the 50 year family of standard wide-       Bernd Grohmann, Sr. Director, Product Mgmnt,
 band antennas fails to meet this need from a size                                                      Zensys
 and performance standpoint. Here, I describe what
 fractal antennas allow for in options from cell       12:15p.m. - Luncheon in the Dining Hall
 phones to RFID to indoor wireless and base sta-
 tion systems. This enabling set of options is the
 last missing piece to true convergence in the wire-   1:15p.m. The Compact Quadrifilar Antenna
 less and telecom future.                                       (CQA) for Handheld GPS and Satellite
                Dr. Nathan Cohen, CTO & Founder,                Radio Reception
                      Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.     Attendees will learn about a new compact quadri-
                                                        filar antenna (CQA). The antenna features are:
                                                        small size (only 1 cm by 2 cm), enhanced band-
11:30a.m. Mathematical Absorber Reflection              width (10 MHz), a wide (140º half-power
          Suppression (MARS) for Antenna                beamwidth) and symmetric zenith-directed main-
          Measurements                                  beam, and high overall efficiency (32 percent).
 Reflections in anechoic chambers can limit the per-    The CQA makes use of a differential interface to
 formance and can often dominate all other error        LNA, which eliminates the need for single ended
 sources. Attendees will see the results of a new       to differential conversion, reducing the part count.
 technique developed by NSI to suppress reflec-         Finally, the antenna exhibits enhanced filtering
 tions and improve performance in anechoic cham-        capabilities through the use of a novel filtering
 bers. The technique, named Mathematical                approach that avoids the high insertion loss typi-
 Absorber Reflection Suppression (MARS), is a           cal of traditional filter topologies.
 post-processing technique that involves analysis of                                Dr. Stani Licul, President,
 the measured data and a special filtering process                                               Maxtena, Inc.
 to suppress the undesirable scattered signals. The
 technique is a general technique that can be
 applied to any spherical range. It has also been      1:15p.m. Extremely Fast and Repeatable
 applied to extend the useful frequency range of                Antenna Measurement in the Very
 microwave absorber in a spherical near-field sys-              Near Field
 tem. The discussion will highlight typical improve-    Recent technology developed at Emscan makes
 ments in pattern performance, and show validation      use of very near field scanning with an array of
 of the MARS technique using data measured on an        probes. By using an array of probes, antenna
 antenna in a conventional anechoic chamber.            measurements can be done in seconds rather than
                         Greg Hindman, President,       the typical time of hours. The benefits of scanning
                            NearField Systems, Inc.     in the very near field are that extremely useful
                                                        details of the exciting currents can be obtained.
                                                        Also, there is less interference from ambient noise
11:30a.m. WLAN Interference Casts Doubts on             so a shielded anechoic chamber is not necessary.
          ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4                         To make this technology work, several challenges
 In October 2006, measurement tests were under-         had to be overcome. This session will document
 taken to determine the interference characteristics    these challenges and their solutions as well as
 of a typical wireless local area network as would      present results from simulation and measurement.
 be seen in a residential or light commercial envi-                      Ruska Patton, Systems Engineer,
 ronment. With new WLAN technologies now vying                                               EMSCAN Corp.
 for market acceptance within the well-entrenched


Day 2 - Conference Program                                           Thursday, September 27th
1:15p.m. Optimal WiFi Channel Selection                    dards and global regulations, is possible. As a
 The wireless landscape is getting crowded. With Wi-       result, the right architectural choices must be
 Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and microwave ovens all using       made at the system, circuit and software level by
 the 2.4 GHz band - interference is inevitable.            UWB product vendors. Discover how some of
 Attendees will be shown how to resolve interference       these challenges can be overcome by forethought
 issues and reduce the probability of unintended inter-    in system and circuit implementation.
 ference ... which will in turn help wireless networks          Chet Babla, Sr. Product Marketing Manager,
 operate more efficiently and with less downtime.                                                         Artimi
                Ryan Woodings, CEO & Chief Geek,
                                               MetaGeek   2:45p.m. New Development in Embedded
2:00p.m. Miniature UHF Antenna Design Principles          If there is one stand-alone component that allows for
 This presentation will highlight a new RF antenna        sleek, robust, multi-functioning mobile devices it is
 design and high frequency diode technology that          the embedded antenna. Discover how a cell phone’s
 were combined to produce a ceramic antenna for           antenna can make all the difference when it comes to
 mobile UHF digital TV reception, measuring 15 by         network reliability, battery life and form factor, and
 10 by 1.2 mm.                                            how the latest developments in embedded antenna
 Design principles used during the development            technology can significantly improve mobile device
 process including ceramic substrate, antenna pat-        performance. Attendees will learn the latest develop-
 tern and tuning cricuit will be discussed, along with    ments in embedded antenna technology and what to
 details of the measured antenna performance.             expect in the future. The session will also cover the
     Dani Alon, FAE Manager, RF Waves Division,           challenges associated with embedded antenna design
                    Vishay Advanced Technologies          as well as solutions for multi-functional devices.
                                                                           Laurent Desclos, CTO, Ethertronics
2:00p.m. Spherical Near-Field Scanning
         Measurements of Base Station Antennas
 The use of indoor facilities for characterization of
 antenna performance is an attractive approach            3:30p.m. - Conference Conclusion
 whenever possible. Wireless base station antennas
 are relatively awkward for indoor testing because
 of their large size, long wavelength of operation,
 and their elongated aspect ratio. Clemson
 University has recently completed a facility that
                                                          Media Sponsors
 employs spherical near-field (SNF) characterization
 within the confines of a relatively small anechoic
 chamber. In this presentation, pattern and gain
 data for typical base station antennas will be pre-
 sented and compared with independent measure-
 ments. Detailed data on scan times and accuracy
 assessments will also be presented.
        L. Wilson Pearson, Center for Research in
   Wireless Communications, Clemson University
2:00p.m. Overcoming System Design Challenges
         For UWB-Based PAN Connectivity
 UWB is the technology of choice to free consumers
 from the limitations of current personal connectivity
 solutions which mandate the inconvenience of                    
 cables, or result in frustratingly slow download wait
 times for bulk data transfer. However, successful
 deployment of UWB technology poses unique chal-
 lenges to system designers that must be overcome
 before end-product integration, compliant to stan-   

                                                                                WWW.ANTENNASONLINE.COM       11

Pre-Conference Workshop                                                               Networking Opportunities
Antennas for Wireless Communications:                                                 Each year, hundreds of today’s leading wireless
Basic Principles & System Applications                                                solutions providers and OEMs of products that
                                                                                      utilize wireless technology, converge to discuss
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   the latest advancments in the field. Below is a
This half-day short course will present the basic princi-                             partial list of companies that will attend this
ples of antennas as applied to wireless communication                                 year’s conference or have attended past Antenna
systems. The fundamental types of antennas (electrically                              Systems / Short-Range Wireless Conferences.
small, resonant, broadband, and aperture) will be dis-
                                                                                      7 Layers, Inc.            Dexmet Corp.
cussed, including examples of popular antennas for base                               Accurate Electronics      DRG Technlogies, Inc.
stations and for satellite, vehicular and handheld termi-                             Acheson Colloids Co.      Duchossois Technology
nals. Array antenna basics will be introduced. Special                                Advanced Circuitry Intl   Partners
                                                                                      AEMI                      Duel Systems
considerations for popular systems such as cellular radio                             AeroSat Corporation       DuPont
and ultra-wideband radio will be presented. The presen-                               Agilent Technologies      Echelon
tation will conclude with a photo presentation of anten-                              Airgain                   EDO Corp.
                                                                                      Air Force                 EMSS USA
nas in practice.                                                                      ALPS Electric NA          EMS-Wireless
                                                                                      Alvarion Ltd.             Ember Corp.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND:                                                                    Ansoft Corp.              Emerson & Cuming
                                                                                      Applied Geomechanics      EPCOS
• Engineers involved in antenna design                                                Amphenol                  Equinox RF Equpiment
• Wireless Systems Engineers                                                          Amcom                     ETS-Lindgren
• Managers of application programs using antennas                                     AMI Semiconductor         Fairbanks Scales
                                                                                      Anaren Microwave          FIAMM Technologies
                                                                                      Andrew Corp.              Filtronic
WHEN:                                                                                 Antenna Specialists       Flextronics Semi
September 25th, 2007 (1pm – 5pm)                                                      Antenova Limited          FPR Enterprises
                                                                                      Arc Wireless              Fractus
Before the 2007 Antenna Conference                                                    Arc Technologies, Inc.    Freescale Semi
                                                                                      Arlon Materials           Galtronics USA, Inc.
WHERE:                                                                                Army Research Labs        GCI
                                                                                      ATCi                      GE Healthcare
Hyatt Regency Tech Center • Denver, Colorado                                          Atmel Corporation         General Dynamics
                                                                                      Aura Communications       Grand-Tek Technology
INSTRUCTOR:                                                                           Badger Meter, Inc.        Harbour Industries
                                                                                      Ball Aerospace            Hercules Thrustmaster
Dr. Warren Stutzman, Virginia Tech                                                    Beginning Balance         Hewlett Packard
                  Dr. Warren Stutzman has been Professor of Electrical                BioPlastics               Idaho National Labs
                  and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech for 38                    Blue Streak, Inc.         Isreal MoD
                                                                                      Bluewave Antenna          Itronix Corporation
                  years, including positions as department head, and as               Boeing                    JEM Engineering
                  founding director of the Virginia Tech Antenna Group.               Broadcom Corp.            Kathrein-Werke KG
                  He is also with Maxtena, Inc. He is the author of a lead-           California DOT            Kaveri Telecoms Limited
                                                                                      Cambridge Telephone       KDDI Labs
                  ing antenna text book and has published more than 80                Caterpillar, Inc.         Kimberly-Clark
journal articles and made more than 200 technical presentations. Dr.                  Chase Systems Inc.        KMW USA, Inc.
Stutzman has twice won the Wheeler best applications paper in the IEEE                Chelton, Inc              Kyocera Wireless
                                                                                      Cisco Systems, Inc.       L-3 Communications
Transactions on Antennas and Propagation. He has held several IEEE                    Circoflex                 Motorola Mobile Devices
positions, including President of the Antennas and Propagation Society.               CLP                       MTI Wireless Edge Ltd.
He is Fellow of the IEEE and an IEEE Third Millennium Medal Winner.                   CLS America, Inc.         NAS Wireless
                                                                                      CMC Electronics           NASA
                                                                                      Codem Systems, Inc.       Nellcor, Tyco Healthcare
REGISTRATION:                                                                         Cognio                    Nextel Communications
$400 – Register on or before July 27th                                                Comant Industries, Inc.   Primex Wireless
                                                                                      CommScope                 Qualcomm
$500 – Register after July 27th                                                       Corad                     Radiall/Larsen Antenna
                                                                                      CSA Wireless              Raytheon
* A $50 discount is available to workshop                                             CST                       Redline Communications
                                                                                      Cuming Microwave          SamSung
 a t t e n d e e s w h o a l s o r e g i s t e r t o a t t e n d the                  Cushcraft Corp.           Sandia National Labs
 2007 Antenna Systems Conference                                                      Conexant                  Sanyo Technology Center
                                                                                      Delphi Automotive         Sensus Metering Systems
                                                                                      Department of Defense     Shanghai MEC Inc.


Platinum Sponsor
                                        Laird Technologies is the world-leader in the design
                                        and supply of customized performance-critical products
                                        for wireless and other advanced electronic applications.
                                        Laird Technologies partners with its customers to help
                                        find solutions for applications in various industries such
                                        as Aerospace, Automotive Electronics, Computer,
                                        Consumer Electronics, Data Communications, Medical
                                        Equipment, Military, Network Equipment, and
                                        Telecommunications industries.

Current Exhibitors

                                                                    WWW.ANTENNASONLINE.COM           13

                                                                  Kevin Linehan
                                                                  Engineering Director / Base Stations Antennas
Meets Some of the Speakers                                        Andrew Corporation

                  Martin Cooper                                   Kevin Linehan is currently the Engineering Director
                                                                  for base station antenna systems at Andrew
                  Executive Chairman & Co-Founder                 Corporation. Prior to assuming a management role,
                  ArrayComm                                       responsibilities have included antenna design engi-
                                                                  neer positions for base station antennas, terrestrial
                    A pioneer in the wireless communica-
                                                                  microwave antennas, and earth station antennas. He
                   tions industry, Martin conceived the first
                                                                  has a BSEE from the University of Illinois at
                   portable cellular phone in 1973 and led
                                                                  Champaign-Urbana with post graduate studies at the U
                   the 10-year process of bringing it to mar-
                                                                  of I Electromagnetics Research Lab.
                   ket. During 29 years with Motorola, Martin
 built and managed both its paging and cellular businesses
 and served as Corporate Director of Research and                               Dr. Jaume Anguera
 Development. Products he introduced have had cumula-                           Technology Manager, Fractus, Inc.
 tive sales volume of more than $80 billion. Upon leaving
 Motorola, Martin co-founded Cellular Business Systems,                          Dr. Jaume Anguera has been with
 Inc. and led it to dominate the cellular billing industry with                  Fractus since 2000, where he is the lead-
 a 75 percent market share before selling it to Cincinnati                       ing engineer for the Technology Antenna
 Bell. He has been granted eight patents in the communi-                         group. He leads projects on antennas for
 cations field and has been widely published. Under                              base station systems, handsets and
 Martin's leadership since its founding in 1992, ArrayComm                       short-range wireless. His research inter-
 has grown from a seed-funded startup in San Jose, Calif.,        est areas includes multi-band and small antennas,
 into a world leader in smart antenna technology with 400         micro strip patch arrays, feeding network architectures,
 patents issued or pending worldwide.                             broadband matching networks, array pattern synthesis
                                                                  with genetic algorithms, diversity antenna systems,
                                                                  electromagnetic dosimetry, and handset antennas.
                Dr. Perti Visuri                                  From 2003 to 2004 he was with Fractus-Korea, where
                President & CEO, Airgain, Inc.                    he was managing projects for miniature and multiband
                                                                  antennas for handset and wireless applications with
                Pertti Visuri, Ph.D. is President and CEO
                                                                  clients including Samsung and LG.
                of Airgain Inc., a leading innovator in smart
                antenna solutions for the WLAN market.
                Dr. Visuri has more than 25 years of expe-                      Laurian Petru Chirila
                rience in the management of high technol-                       Senior RF Specialist, Psion Teklogix
                ogy businesses. Prior to joining Airgain,
 Visuri was VP of Consulting Services at Stellcom, Inc., a                       Senior RF designer Laurian Petru Chirila
 leading consulting and engineering company focusing on                          has been at the forefront of radiofrequency
 mobile and wireless data solutions. Before that he served                       research activities for 8 years at Psion
 as a Senior VP at SAIC, a $6 billion research and engi-                         Teklogix in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
 neering company; President and CEO of Tenth Mountain                            His ongoing research focus is the design
 Systems Inc., an Internet payment systems firm; and                             of a variety of communication and UHF
 Senior VPt of Global Integrity Corp., a leading information      RFID internal antennas for the company’s rugged hand-
 security company.                                                held or vehicle-mount terminals. Previously at the com-
                                                                  pany, Laurian was involved in narrow-band radio trans-
                                                                  ceiver optimization and approval qualification as well as
                 Paul Tornatta                                    in the integration of various radio modules into a range
                 Vice President of Operations                     of portable and mobile computers.
                 SkyCross, Inc.
                Mr. Tornatta has more than 18 years of                          Dr. Michael Foley
                experience in the aerospace, wireless,                          Executive Director, Bluetooth SIG
                telecommunications and automotive
                industries. Prior to joining SkyCross, he                        Mike Foley joined the SIG in March 2004
                served as VP of the automotive busi-                             as the Executive Director. He is responsible
 ness unit at Radiall Corp., a leading supplier of RF                            for guiding the qualification and interoper-
 interconnect products. He also served in a variety of                           ability programs, the specification publica-
 leadership positions at Larsen Antenna Technologies,                            tions, and the long-term roadmap of
 Metricom, and Lockheed Martin. Tornatta earned a                 Bluetooth wireless technology. Prior to joining the SIG
 bachelor's in electrical engineering from New Mexico             staff, Foley was a wireless architect with Microsoft in the
 State University. He has written articles on RF design           mobile device and Windows divisions. Foley also served
 and electromagnetics for a variety of RF trade publi-            as a Bluetooth SIG Board Member, and later as Chairman
 cations and is a member of IEEE and the Society of               of the Board, in 2002 and 2003. He has an extensive
 Automotive Engineers.                                            knowledge of Bluetooth wireless technology. Foley holds
                                                                  a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering.


                                                                        Bernd Grohmann
                                                                        Sr. Director of Product Mgmt.
Meets Some of the Speakers                                              Zensys Corp.

               Dr. Tayfun Ozdemir                                     Bernd Grohmann is Senior Director of
                                                                      Product Management for Zensys. Prior
               Chief Technical Officer                                to Zensys, Mr. Grohmann led the
               Monarch Antenna, Inc.                                  Communication Technology Centre in
                                                                      Danfoss A/S, where he and was the
                 Dr. Tayfun Ozdemir is the CTO of
                                                        working-Group Vice Chair of the ZigBee Alliance. Mr.
                 Monarch Antenna Inc., a Delphi spin-
                                                        Grohmann has more than seventeen years of high
                 off focused on commercializing the
                                                        technology experience with companies including
                 Self-Structuring Antenna (SSA) tech-
                                                        Andersen Consulting, Retix, and NetCS.
                 nology for non-automotive markets
such as laptops, cell-phones, RFID devices for both
civilian and military use. Prior to joining Smart                      Dr. Nathan Cohen, CTO & Founder
Antenna Inc., he was the founder and President of
Virtual EM Inc., an R&D house focusing on develop-
                                                                       Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.
ing virtual prototyping tools for antennas and                         Dr. Nathan Cohen is the founder and
microwave circuits. Dr. Ozdemir holds a patent on a                    technology visionary behind Fractal
planar integrated antenna and has over 20 years of                     Antenna Systems, Inc. An accomplished
experience in antenna design and manufacturing. Dr.                    academic and astrophysicist, Dr. Cohen
Ozdemir has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and                      is widely recognized as the father of frac-
serves as a Chapter Vice-Chair at the Southeast                        tal element antenna technology. Cohen
Michigan Section of IEEE.                               began his academic career studying under some of the
                                                        world’s foremost scientists, including Jack Pierce and
Dr. Stani Licul                                         Irwin Shapiro at Harvard and Frank Drake at Cornell. He
                                                        has spent three decades as an active radio astronomer,
President                                               with special emphasis on antenna and array techniques.
Maxtena, Inc.                                           In 1988,Cohen built the world’s first fractal element
                                                        antenna and, after working to perfect his methodology,
Dr. Stani Licul received his PhD in electrical engi-
                                                        founded Fractal Antenna in 1995 to commercialize his
neering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
                                                        research. He has since become recognized as one of
University in 2004. He interned with Motorola and XM
                                                        the world’s most innovative antenna designers, with frac-
Satellite Radio working in the areas of paging/satel-
                                                        tal element antennas proving to be far more compact,
lite receivers and antennas for satellite and mobile
                                                        versatile and powerful than traditional antenna designs.
communications. In 2005, he joined Motorola EME
Corporate Labs in Plantation, Fla. His research
focused on cellular phone technologies in the areas                     Robert Syputa
of advanced antenna design and integration.                             Senior Analyst
Currently, he is Chief Scientist of Zyalya Corp. and
President of Maxtena, Inc. His research encompasses
ultra-wideband antennas, multi-band antennas,                            Robert Syputa has over 26 years experi-
localization techniques in sensor networks, and                          ence in the field of electronics and six
measurement techniques.                                                  years experience as a telecom industry
                                                                         analyst and consultant, particularly in the
                                                                         merging fields of Wireless Broadband
               Ross Ernst                               and related businesses and technologies. His back-
               VP of Marketing,                         ground experience includes technical sales at Fairchild
               TenXc Wireless Inc.                      Semiconductor and sales management at Philips. Robert
                                                        ran TEAM Associates, an independent manufacturer's
                Ross brings over 20 years of interna-   representative firm whose clients included Honeywell
                tional experience in carrier networks   and GE-Druck. Several years ago, Syputa developed an
                and telecommunications, both in North   interest in emerging wireless communications fields
                America and Europe. He has held         including cellular and 802.11/802.16 standards for WLAN
                progressively senior management         and WMAN systems. He developed a broad understand-
roles in marketing, sales, and customer engineering     ing from grounds up analysis of the technologies, com-
with Newbridge Networks (now Alcatel Networks) and      panies and business trends shaping the developed and
Nortel Networks. Previous to joining TenXc Wireless     emerging sectors of the converging industry. He has
in 2002, Ross was AVP Global Product Marketing,         consulted with both startup wireless companies and
Broadband Access Group, Newbridge Networks              leaders in the merging WiMAX/WMAN field, with private
where he was part of the business management team       investment groups and large telecommunications indus-
that grew new product sales from $5 Million to over     try hedge funds on products, business strategies, com-
$90 Million in one year.                                pany image and market positioning, and emerging or
                                                        slated to emerge industry trends and catalysts.

                                                                                WWW.ANTENNASONLINE.COM           15

           2007 A N T E N N A S Y S T E M S /
September 26-27, 2007 • Denver, Colorado
         Hyatt Regency Tech Center

         Webcom Communications
       7355 East Orchard Rd. Ste. 100
        Greenwood Village, CO 80111



                              Antenna Systems Conference
                                           co-located with the
                              Short-Range Wireless Conference

                              Highlighting the most recent advancements in antenna systems &
                              technology and short-range wireless standards, applications & technology

                S E P T E M B E R 2 6 - 2 7 • H YAT T R E G E N C Y T E C H C E N T E R • D E N V E R , C O

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