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									                                     Minutes of Meeting
                                     Board of Directors
                          Harbour Island Condominium Association
                                       May 15, 2009

       The following Board Members were present:

         Chip Gordy        Jay Hancock         Tom Duffy             Dick Kemper

       Also in attendance: Gene & Beverly Brewis

        The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the April 17, 2009 Board Meeting
were reviewed. A motion for approval was made by Dick Kemper, seconded by Tom Duffy and
unanimously accepted.

        The Treasurer’s report was presented and reviewed. A motion for approval of the
Treasurer’s report was made by Dick Kemper, seconded by Jay Hancock and unanimously

        A motion for approval of the Minutes of the March 20, 2009 Executive Session regarding
the White Marlin Open was made by Tom Duffy, seconded by Dick Kemper and unanimously

       WHITE MARLIN OPEN: The contract extension documentation for the WMO through
2011 has been completed and the contract has been signed by HI and by Jim Motsko of the White
Marlin Open.

        BENCHES: Four (4) concrete and redwood benches ordered during Henry Lewis’ term
as President of the HI Board of Directors have recently been installed. A motion to mount a
plaque on one of the newly acquired benches, which sits across from Henry’s HI unit 24, as a
memorial to Henry Lewis was made by Dick Kemper, seconded by Jay Hancock and
unanimously approved.

        BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Henry Lewis’ term as Director on the HI Board runs through
2010, and a replacement to complete the term will be appointed by the Board. Paul Rogers of
306M has expressed an interest in filling Henry’s position. The Board declined to make a
decision on Henry’s replacement until the full Board is in attendance.
Board of Directors
May 15, 2009
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        BANK ACCOUNTS: HI requires at least two (2) signers per bank account, and currently
Henry Lewis is listed as a signer on many of the accounts. New signature forms from the various
banks will be requested for those accounts carrying Henry’s signature and an additional current
Director will be added as a co-signer.

         INSURANCE: A letter was received from All Risks, Ltd., an insurance broker in Hunt
Valley, MD, requesting the opportunity to provide Harbour Island with a quote on the upcoming
year’s insurance requirements. The information will be turned over to Reese Cropper of IMG to
possibly utilize in the HI insurance renewal.
         Clay Mikolasy, the individual who does the HI building replacement cost appraisal, has
provided an update for the year 2009. A copy of the updated appraisal has been forwarded to
Reese Cropper for his use in assuring HI buildings are insured for the full replacement cost.

          COMCAST: The Board had reviewed the information provided by Direct TV for
satellite service at HI and did not feel Direct TV would be a viable option as a replacement for the
cable service provided by Comcast.
          Dick Pridgeon had sent an email to Karen Clayland of Comcast regarding HI’s renewal
of the Comcast contract. Dick proposed a cost of $25.63 per unit for five (5) years and then a cap
on any increases of 5% per year for the remaining five (5) years. Karen Clayland had countered
with $25.63 for four (4) years and then holding the increases to 5% per year for the remaining six
(6) years.
          Karen then advised that Comcast would like to renew the Harbour Island agreement, and
upon acceptance of the agreement by HI, Comcast would like to offer a “one time door fee” of
$75.00 per unit for a total of $12,750 upfront after the contract is executed, in addition to
proceeding with the seven (7) year term at the bulk rate of $25.63 per unit. Comcast management
will not approve holding HI’s current 53% discounted bulk rate which is no longer offered by
Comcast. By proposing the “door fee”, Comcast feels this will offset the bulk rate adjustments,
and the $12,750 would be available for immediate use by Harbour Island.
          A motion to accept the original Comcast contract proposal of $25.63 per unit for a total
of four (4) years with a cap of a 5% increase per year for the remaining six (6) years was made by
Tom Duffy, seconded by Dick Kemper and unanimously approved.

        TENNIS COURTS: There is a proposal for work to be completed on the tennis courts,
and the Board at the April 17, 2009 meeting had decided against accepting the proposal; as the
courts at this time seemed to be utilized more by children with skateboards than any owner
playing tennis and the cost was excessive.

         SOD & IRRIGATION REPAIRS: Henry Lewis had previously negotiated with George
of JND to reduce the bill for the sod and irrigation repairs caused by the man lift used by the
painter; and the concrete truck utilized in the boardwalk repairs, respectively, from a total of
$8,132.50 to $4,300.00 which was paid in July of 2008. George is now requesting the balance of
$3,832.50 be paid in full. The Board declined to make any decision until after the spring planting
is completed.

        SPRING PLANTING: The knockout roses and crape myrtles had been planted and the
annuals will be planted as soon as the weather permits which will hopefully be by Memorial Day.

        BULKHEAD REPAIRS: McGinty Marine will make the required repairs to the
bulkhead in front of M building by furnishing and installing five (5) tie rods with Platapus
anchors which are used to tie the pilings into the deadman. The cost of the repairs will be
Board of Directors
May 15, 2009
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         STORM DOORS: A HI unit owner has sent a letter to the Board stating their concern
over the removal of storm doors by some of the HI unit owners. The owner stated the uniformity
of the appearance of HI is what makes the community so attractive. The owner also requested the
Board paint all of the HI unit exterior doors as part of the regular HI maintenance.
         The Harbour Island by-laws state the doors and windows of a unit are the unit owner’s
responsibility, and the Board has enforced this with the exception of garage doors painted gray to
match the rest of the buildings. There are no restrictions or requirements in the by-laws regarding
storm doors, although the Board noted as far as the condos are concerned the storm doors are
standardized and this dictates as to what the replacements for the doors must be. As far as the
townhouses are concerned there is nothing in the by-laws regarding the storm doors, and they
were not provided at original construction. The only Board requirement has been that the storm
doors must be white.

         COMMERCIAL UNITS: The Board noted the real estate building needs the trim painted
and the roof needs to be replaced. The Reel Inn has been painted and a new roof installed and
Scott is to replace the door to the storage unit next to the bathhouse.

        MID-RISE GARAGE FLOORS: Jay brought to the Board’s attention the garage floors
in the mid-rises of L & M seem smoother than when originally installed, and when the floors get
wet they are quite slippery. The garage floor of K building has more texture to it than the garage
floors of L & M buildings, therefore the garage floor of K building does not seem to be as
slippery when wet. The Board suggested that Jay talk to Hal Adkins, the Town of Ocean City
Director of Public Works, as to his recommendations regarding the garage floors.

         MID-RISE CRACKS: Jay brought to the Board’s attention the developing cracks from
the support beams that are appearing in the mid-rises; which considering the age and location of
the buildings this is considered a common occurrence. The Board also suggested Harry How; the
areas only structural engineer, could be brought in if necessary to assess the situation. The Board
decided on cleaning and caulking the cracks which is a project to be completed in the fall.
         Gene informed the Board the railings on the mid-rises are cracking near the bottom of the
railing by the fittings. Gene feels K, L, and M buildings need the railing caps replaced with koma
board as had been installed on the townhouses, and possibly the entire railing replaced. According
to the HI by-laws the railings are part of limited common elements and thus may be the unit
owner’s responsibility, unless possibly deemed a structural issue. After discussion, the Board felt
it would be in the best interest of Harbour Island as a community and for architectural uniformity
purposes; if and when the railings are replaced the project should be completed by the

        CFL’S: The replacement of all bulbs with the energy efficient CFL type is taking place
as new bulbs are needed. It was noted the CFL bulbs provide more light per watt.

          MID-RISE DOORS: Jay questioned as to whether he would be able to install a
replacement front door on his mid-rise unit which would have panes of glass as opposed to the
solid metal door that is currently installed. During the darker winter months when he does not
receive sunlight until late afternoon, he feels a door with glass panels would allow more light into
his unit.
          The by-laws provide that the Board has the sole authority to decide whether to allow any
deviation from external uniformity, therefore, the Board requested Jay present pictures and
specifications for his replacement option to the Board for review. The Board noted any door
must be up to the fire code.
Board of Directors
May 15, 2009
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       HENRY LEWIS: A motion to make a $250.00 donation to the American Cancer Society
in Henry Lewis’s memory was made by Tom Duffy, seconded by Dick Kemper and unanimously

        The guardhouse would be manned beginning on Friday, May 22, 2009 and it is requested
all owners’ passes must be displayed.

       The pool passes for 2009 would be red, the same as for 2008.

       With no further business to discuss, Tom Duffy made the motion to adjourn which was
seconded by Jay Hancock, and unanimously carried.

                                              Respectfully Submitted,

                                              Jay Hancock, Secretary
                                              Richard Kemper, Jr., Asst. Secretary


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