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					South Africa

 By Ryan Schutta
   In South Africa one of the major mountain ranges is the Drakensburg
    mountains or the Dragon Mountains. They run through the eastern part of
    South Africa. One of the major rivers in South Africa is the Orange River,
    which starts at the Drakensburg mountains and flows for 1800 kilometers
    until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean at the town of Oranjemund. A major
    desert that goes through South Africa is the Kalahari desert, which is
    100,000 square miles and goes through Botswana and Namibia.
                 Tourist Attractions
   There are over 20 national parks in South Africa. Some of them are Addo
    Elephant park, Augrabies Falls National park, and Kruger National Park.
              Tourist Attractions #2
   In South Africa there are huge water falls which are 1,708 wide called the
    Victoria Falls. These falls are the biggest curtain of water in the world, you
    can only see these falls from helicopter or plane.
             Tourist Attractions #3
   There are many beach areas in South Africa, like Cape Town, East London
    and Durban.
             Tourist Attractions #4
   Many people come to South Africa to hunt animals that are not found in
    other countries like lions, elephants and buffalo.
             Tourist Attractions #5
   12 Kilometers from Cape town there is a place called Robben Island, where
    the former President of South Africa, Nelsen Mandela, was in prison for
    eighteen years.
                   Major Languages
   In South Africa they have 11 official languages because of their diverse
    population. There 11 official languages are.
    Afrikaans
    English
    IsiNdebele
    IsiXhosa
    IsiZula
    Sepedi
    Sesotho
    Setswana
    Siswati
    Tshivenda
    Xitsonga
      Government of South Africa
   The president of South Africa is Jacob Zuma. He was voted as president in
    May of 2009. South Africa has a Parliamentary Democracy type of
    government. South Africa received its independence in May of 1910. In
    the 1960’s South Africa decided to start Apartheid. Apartheid is a social or
    racial policy involving political, economic, and legal discrimination against
    people who are not White. South Africa did this to keep their control over
    the economic and social system. In the year of 1990 they started to slow
    down Apartheid laws and in 1994 Nelson Mandela was voted president and
    Apartheid ended for good. Currently in South Africa, everyone has equal
                 National Holidays
 On April 27th people in South Africa celebrate Freedom Day. Freedom Day
  is the day celebrating the first democratic election in 1994.
 On May 1st people in South Africa celebrate Workers Day. This day has
  been traditionally, a day where people protest for better wages and
  conditions for working.
 On July 18th people in South Africa started a new holiday called Mandela
  Day. On this day, people will be asked to spend 67 minutes to help there
  communities, because Nelson Mandela spent 67 years being politically
   Until about the 1870’s South Africa’s economy was almost completely
    agriculture, but during the late 19th century gold and diamonds were
    discovered and mining became the biggest form of economy. During the
    mid 20th century, South Africa’s economy became very diverse. Now in
    South Africa there is about twelve percent arable land, but agriculture is
    huge in South Africa. They produce corn, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes,
    peanuts, cotton and many more. People also produce large amounts of
    beef and dairy. South Africa is the world leader in production of platinum,
    gold, chromium, and diamonds. South Africa’s largest industrial centers are
    Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Pretoria and Germiston.
        The 2010 FIFA World Cup
   This past June, the 2010 FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa. The
    FIFA World Cup is a soccer tournament held every four years, where thirty
    two countries participate in soccer games. The World Cup gave South
    Africa a lot of attention all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of
    people from all over the world came to watch the games held in South
    Africa. In this year’s World Cup, the country of Spain came away with the
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