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 Helping Make People
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                                   Go Green at AABOR’s
 Akron Area Board of
                                    17th Annual Expo &
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   An organization
                               Friday, October 2 at Guy’s Party Centre

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   dedicated to the
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 advancement of the
real estate profession.
                               • 5 Hours of CE with National Speaker
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  To provide members
   with resources and          • Visit with Exhibitors
services to conduct an
  ethical, professional,
and profitable business,                       See page 5 to register
 to foster cooperation
 among members and
to be the advocate for
                           Inside This Issue:
     the real estate
                           2       President’s Pen                    10   OAR Convention
        industry.          3       Emeritus & Life Members Discount   11   Lockbox Sale & Exchange
                           4       Professional Standards Series      12   Core CE Sale - 3 Classes/$60
                           5       AABOR Expo & Trade Show            14   Property Management Event
                           6-7     CE Schedule                        15   Supra Upgrade
                           8       Online CE Offer                    16   Memorials
                           9       New Members                        17   Golf Outing Highlights
REALTOR’S® Ink                                President’s Pen
                                          To Merge or not to Merge
     The official publication of the
  Akron Area Board of REALTORS®
 PO Box 1663, Akron, OH 44309-1663
Phone: 330.434.6677 - Fax: 330.434.4641
     Web site:              By Cindy Slabaugh                           us through the merger process. An
      E-mail:              President                                   action plan was created to move forward
   Sandy Naragon, Executive Editor                                                    and letters of intent to pursue merger
        Carrie Hummel, Editor             As you may know the                         discussions were signed in July. There
                                          Akron Area Board                            is much to discuss and decide as this
             OFFICERS                     of REALTORS®                                process moves forward - not just the
       Cindy Slabaugh, President          has been in merger                          obvious of “What will our name be?”
     Beth Rodgers, President Elect        discussions with                            or “Where will we be located?” but
        Cyndi Kane, Treasurer             the Stark County                            also governance, staffing, financial
Susan O’Neal, Immediate Past President
                                          Association of REALTORS® since              implications, etc.
                                          August, 2008.
        Beth Klaes, Controller                                                        Leadership is committed to thoughtfully
Sandy Naragon, Chief Executive Officer     The decision to fully investigate the       reviewing the pros and cons of a
  Sherry Waples, Executive Director,      possibility of merging was made by the      decision to merge or to not merge.
          Member Services                 AABOR Board of Directors and SCAR®          Subcommittees will be tasked with
                                          in January, 2009. AABOR and SCAR,           examining the following: programs/
   2009 BOARD of DIRECTORS                as well as Board of REALTORS® across        services, staffing, financial, governance,
         Diana E. Curfman GRI             the country, have experienced declining     backroom (accounting, human
      Julie Domenick, ABR, GSA            membership in recent years. Both            resources, etc.), IT and legal. A steering
              James Hinton
                                          Boards took this as an opportunity to       committee made up of the original
             Sally R. Johnson
                                          streamline staff and services to reduce     merger taskforce will be responsible for
              Deb Kalbaugh
        Cyndi Kane, ABR, GRI              expenses. AABOR and SCAR are both           handling any “deal breakers.”
             Patti McClister              operating lean and mean to ensure that
     Stephen Merkle CRB, E-PRO            members get the most for their dues         As this process continues it is important
           Terrie Morgan ABR              dollars.                                    to the leadership of both Boards that
          Barbara Oakes, ABR                                                          our members are informed. We will
     Susan O’Neal ABR, CRS, GRI           In an article discussing association        get information out to you via AABOR
         Will Penney CRS, GRI             mergers R. William Taylor, CAE, stated      Update and REALTORS® Ink, as well
       Beth Rodgers ABR, CRS              “…the best time to consider a merger is     as Town Hall meetings. A survey of
           Milan Salchak CRB              before it becomes necessary — when          both AABOR and SCAR memberships
           Cindy Slabaugh GRI
                                          strength can be combined with strength.     is planned. Our goal is for this to be
           Steve Spinelli, ABR
                                          The energies and creativity of each         a transparent process. Ultimately, the
      2009 OAR DIRECTORS                  association can then be devoted to          decision to merge or not to merge will be
          Audrey C. Allison               merger considerations, rather than trying   that of the AABOR and SCAR Boards of
            Tony DeLuke                   to focus on merger and survival.” 1         Directors.
          Erika Holzwarth
             Cyndi Kane                   Investigating the merger of the two         The Joint Merger Task Force and the
           Sandy LoCascio                 Boards is a logical, proactive step.        subcommittees will continue to meet to
           Stephen Merkle                 In addition to being neighboring            discuss the intricacies of merging. The
             Barb Oakes                   Associations, who offer many of             proposed effective date of merger, if that
            Susan O’Neal                  the same services and events to             is what is decided, is June 30, 2010.
          Roberta Rinehart
                                          our respective members, AABOR               Please contact any AABOR Director
            Beth Rodgers
          Stephanie Roehm                 and SCAR have been successful               (listed on page 2) with questions or
           Cindy Slabaugh                 business partners for 13 years in CAS       concerns and watch for updates in
              Jim West                    (CRIS Administrative Services), the         REALTOR’S® Ink and AABOR Update.
           Debbie Zarconi                 administrative arm of the CRIS MLS.         Footnotes

                                          In June, NAR facilitator Alice Martin       1 – “Tying the Knot: Association
                                          met with the Boards of Directors and        Mergers,” R. William Taylor, CAE,
                                          the Joint Merger Task Force to guide        Executive Update, December 2000.

 2                                            September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
Dues Waived for REALTOR®
Emeritus Status and Life Members
The National Association of REALTORS® defines                     Deadline to submit REALTOR® Emeritus
Emeritus as ‘any person who has held membership in               Applications to NAR is October 1, 2009. If you believe
the National Association for a cumulative period of 40           you qualify for REALTOR® Emeritus or Life Member,
years in one or more Associations of REALTORS®’.                 please contact the Board office at 330.434.6677, ext.
This status will waive the NAR dues for the following            125.

The Akron Area Board of REALTORS® and the Ohio
Association of REALTORS® defines Emeritus as
‘any person who has held membership in the Ohio
Association of REALTORS® for a cumulative period of
50 years’. This status will waive the AABOR, OAR and
NAR dues for the following year.

Life Member is defined by the Akron Area Board of
REALTORS® as any person who has held membership
in the Akron Area Board of REALTORS® for a cumulative
period of 25 years and is age 70. This status will waive
the AABOR dues for the following year.

Medallion of Ohio, Inc.                                                                            

                                                                            Tammy McKinney
                                                                            Account Executive
                                                                            Akron, Ohio

                                                                            Toll Free: 866-860-4598
                                                                            Direct: 330-409-5098
                                                                            Fax: 330-313-3698

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        Harlan Moreland                Mark Moreland
             Proudly serving customers since 2002
                                       Our Services:
      Before                         Mold Remediation
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  3                                              September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
Professional The Real Estate Broker
Standards    and the Code of Ethics
Series       By Lolita Adair

This is the third in a series articles   William D. North, former Executive
by AABOR’s Grievance Committee           Vice President and General
members and other professional           Counsel of the National Association
standards experts. The series            of REALTORS® summed up his
is designed to tackle the issues         1978 Article, A Gift of Vision to
facing you as a real estate              state: REALTORS®, the Code
professional in today’s market.          of Ethics offers the lessons of
                                         hindsight, the guidance of foresight,   will strengthen the public’s faith,
Previous articles have included,         and the understanding of insight.       foster cooperation among fellow
Roberta Rinehart discussing
                                                                                 REALTORS®, and provide every
what professional standards is           The National Association of             REALTOR® with a degree of
and why it is so important to all        REALTORS® established a Code
REALTORS® in her article “Taking
                                                                                 confidence in carrying out their
                                         of Ethics in 1908. The Code             duties to their clients.
the Mystery Out of Professional
                                         was the vision of real estate
Standards.” She also explained
                                         practitioners with integrity who        Our reputation is how others see
the function of the Grievance
                                         wanted to ensure honorable,             us; our delusion is how we see
Committee in a separate article,
“The Role of the Grievance               faithful, and competent service         ourselves; however, reality is what
Committee.”                              to clients, customers, and other        we’re actually like.
                                         members of the public. These
Sandy LoCascio discussed the             visionaries sought to make the          Our reputation is built one
benefits of mediation in the second       broker recognize the truly fiduciary     transaction at a time. We delude
article —“MEDIATION: The Way to          relationship the broker has with the    ourselves in thinking how great
Better Business Practices.”              client and to assure service of a       we are if that transaction is riddled
                                         professional quality in all respects.   with poor service. In reality we
This month, Lolita Adair tackles the                                             are the sum total of everything we
NAR Code of Ethics.                      In this hard economic time it           remember when we have forgotten
                                         is incumbent upon the Broker            everything we have learned. If
For more professional standards          to reinforce the tenets which           you lack knowledge, it will show.
information visit                        is the embodiment of being a            If you lack ethical behavior, it too Select                    REALTOR®.                               will show. If you believe you can
“Professional Standards under the                                                survive as real estate professional
“Member’s Area” tab.                     The Code of Ethics is a living          without knowledge or ethical
                                         document. Service to the public         behavior, you truly do delude
                                         is the goal and the Code is the         yourself.
                                         means to that end. Therefore, it
                                         must be every broker’s undertaking      People who believe in success at
                                         to inform, enlighten and enforce        any cost usually end up paying a
                                         the conduct of their associates in      very high price.
                                         carrying out the commitment made
                                         by every REALTOR® in accepting          The REALTOR® Code of Ethics is
                                         membership in the Association.          like the laws of the land. Both are
                                                                                 there to teach people how to be
                                         A broker’s constant review of the       kind to one another.
                                         Code of Ethics with their associates

 4                                       September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
                                                   17th Annual Expo & Trade Show

                                                                        Go GREEN TO DO LIST:
                                                               Smart Business      Smart Living     Go Green

                                                          Sign up for the AABOR EXPO Friday, October 2, 2009.
                                                          Cost is $20 per person. Guy’s Party Centre, 500 E
                                                          Waterloo Rd, Akron, OH.

                 Brad Hanks                        The 17th Annual Expo & Trade Show Topics:

                                                           “Introduction to Social Media” with Brad Hanks (3 hours
                                                           CE credit). With a tremendous variety of social networks
                                                           in existence today hosting hundred of millions of users
                                                          from around the globe, this phenomenon continues to grow
                                                          exponentially. Social networking is becoming a necessary
                                                          tool for business, and REALTORS® will need to utilize this
                                                          tool if they are to remain competitive.

                                                          “Blogging for Dollars” with Brad Hanks (2 hours CE credit).
                                                          Translate blogging into a business generating machine.
                                                          More than just a how to on blogging, this workshop will
                                                          focus on making money using blogs and covers.
               Schedule for 2009
                                                            Sponsored by: Akron Area Board of REALTORS® and
    8:00 am       Registration-Visit Exhibitors/
                                                                       The Akron Beacon Journal
                  Continental Breakfast                        Seating is limited to the 1st 400 registrants

    9:00 am       Welcome/Introductions -                    Registration for 2009 AABOR Expo & Trade Show
                  Speaker Brad Hanks                           Friday, October 2, 2009—Guy’s Party Center
                                                                Return with payment of $20.00 per person
                                                     AABOR, PO Box 1663, Akron, Ohio 44309-1663, Fax 330-434-4641, or
    10:30 am      Break/Visit Exhibitors

                                                   Name: _____________________________________________________________
    11:00 am      Brad Hanks Continues
                                                   Company: __________________________________________________________
    12:30 pm      Lunch/Visit Exhibitors
                                                   License #: ____________________ Phone #: ____________________________

                                                   Email Address: ______________________________________________________
    2:00 pm       Speaker Brad Hanks

    3:00 pm       Break/Door Prizes                Method of Payment:      ___ Check   ___ Visa    ___ MasterCard

                                                   Credit Card Number: ______________________________ Exp. Date: ______
    3:30 pm       Brad Hanks Continues
                                                   Name of Cardholder: ________________________________________________
    4:30 pm       Scavenger Hunt Drawing

5                                           September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
      3 Core Classes for just $60. See page 12 for details.
               Continuing Education Schedule
All classes will be held at AABOR’S NEW LOCATION - 565 Wolf Ledges, Akron 44311 unless otherwise noted. According
to the Ohio Revised Code, registrants must be in class 90% of course time to receive credit. All cancellations must be made
48 hours in advance to receive a refund. PLEASE NOTE: PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED WITH YOUR RESERVATION
IN ORDER TO GUARANTEE YOUR SPOT IN CLASS. Don’t forget you can also register for classes online by clicking on the
“Pay Online” button on Login = license number; Password = zip code where you receive AABOR mailings.

                            565 WOLF LEDGES, AKRON 44311 - UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED

Wednesday, September 9, 1:30-3:30 p.m. Beginning Rapattoni MLS instructed by Denise Bailey or Steve Merkle. This
introductory course involves a live presentation of the Rapattoni MLS system - includes training on searching, e-mail, reports,
photos, contact management and prospects. Not a hands on course. Cost is $16 for members and $26 for non members. This
course is approved for 2 CE credits. Seating is limited to 10.

Friday, October 2, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 2-4:30 p.m. AABOR Expo & Trade Show. “Introduction to Social Media” and
“Blogging for Dollars” instructed by National Speaker Brad Hanks. “Introduction to Social Media” is approved for 3 hours
of CE. This course is the morning session of the 17th Annual AABOR Expo & Trade Show. “Blogging for Dollars” is approved
for 2 hours of CE and is the afternoon session of the Expo & Trade Show. Expo registration includes continental breakfast
(beginning at 8 a.m.), lunch, trade show admission & 5 hours of CE. Cost is $20 for members. Seating is limited to the first 400
registrants. Sponsored by the Akron Area Board of REALTORS® and The Akron Beacon Journal. The 2009 AABOR Expo &
Trade Show will be held at Guy’s Party Centre, 500 E. Waterloo Rd. Akron.

 Thursday, October 8, 1-4 p.m. CIVIL RIGHTS instructed Joyce Willson. This course meets the mandate for the State
 required Civil Rights training and is approved for 3 hours of CE. Cost is $24 if paid by 10/1, $27 after. Non-members pay $36
 by 10/1, $39 after.

Wednesday, October 14, 9-11 a.m. Beginning Rapattoni MLS instructed by Denise Bailey or Steve Merkle. This
introductory course involves a live presentation of the Rapattoni MLS system - includes training on searching, e-mail, reports,
photos, contact management and prospects. Not a hands on course. Cost is $16 for members and $26 for non members. This
course is approved for 2 CE credits. Seating is limited to 10.

Wednesday, November 4, 1:30-3:30 p.m. Beginning Rapattoni MLS instructed by Denise Bailey or Steve Merkle. This
introductory course involves a live presentation of the Rapattoni MLS system - includes training on searching, e-mail, reports,
photos, contact management and prospects. Not a hands on course. Cost is $16 for members and $26 for non members. This
course is approved for 2 CE credits. Seating is limited to 10.

 Friday, November 20, 1-4 p.m. Caught on Camera! (CORE LAW) instructed by Alec Hagerty. This course is approved
 for 3 hours of CORE LAW credit. This course will not only remind and teach, but “show” thru DVD video clips, actual agents
 “caught” on tape, in real life situations, saying and doing the WRONG things! These clips were recorded undercover, and
 were to be used in an actual Anti Trust trial as evidence. Cost is $30 if paid by November 10, $33 after for 3 CE credits.
 Non-members pay $42 early bird, $45 after. This course meets the CORE LAW requirement in Ohio.

 Thursday, December 3, 1-4 p.m. ETHICS: Your Promise of Professionalism instructed by Alec Hagerty. Participants
 will have a review of their obligations, and through exercises and discussion will learn how to apply proper practices and
 behaviors to their daily business practice in the areas of : Dealings with the Public, Fellow Licensees and Consumers. This
 course is approved for 3 hours of ETHICS credit and meets the mandate for the State required Canons of Ethics training and
 the NAR mandated requirement of 2.5 hours of Code of Ethics training. Cost for members is $24 if paid by 11/23, $27 after.
 Non members pay $36 by 11/23, $39 after.

Wednesday, December 9, 9-11 a.m. Beginning Rapattoni MLS instructed by Denise Bailey or Steve Merkle. This
introductory course involves a live presentation of the Rapattoni MLS system - includes training on searching, e-mail, reports,
photos, contact management and prospects. Not a hands on course. Cost is $16 for members and $26 for non members. This
course is approved for 2 CE credits. Seating is limited to 10.

 6                                           September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
                                                               Continuing Education Reservation Form
                                          Return to: AABOR, P.O. Box 1663, Akron, OH 44309-1663. FAX: (330) 434-4641.

Name:_____________________________________________________R.E. License Number: _____________________________

Company: _________________________________________________Address: _______________________________________

Phone:___________________________ Fax: ____________________E-mail: ________________________________________

What type of active real estate license do you have? _____ Salesperson                                                        _____ Broker

Please register me for the following classes:

___ 9/9 Beginning Rapattoni                          ___ 10/8 CIVIL RIGHTS                                     ___ 11/4 Beginning Rapattoni                              ___ 12/3 ETHICS
___ 10/2 EXPO                                        ___ 10/14 Beginning Rapattoni                             ___ 11/20 CORE LAW                                        ___ 12/9 Beginning Rapattoni

_____ Check (made payable to AABOR) _____ Visa _____ MasterCard

Credit Card Number: _______________________________________________________ Exp. Date: _______________________

Cardholder Name: _________________________________________________________

AABOR contributes $1 of all continuing education course admission to the Akron Area REALTORS® Foundation scholarship fund.
Do you have any disabilities which require special accommodation, including the provision of auxiliary aids and services? If so, please identify:

Please indicate how you’d like to receive your confirmation: E-mail: _____________________________ Fax: _________________

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        consistently achieve your sales goals.
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        Patti McClister                        Greg Eddy                              Tony Mattioli
        Mortgage Consultant                    Mortgage Consultant                    Mortgage Consultant
        330-665-0585                           330-922-0423                           330-899-2152
       This information is provided for business and professional uses only and is not to be provided to a consumer or the public. This information is provided to assist real estate professionals and is
       not an advertisement to extend consumer credit as defined by Section 226.2 of Regulation Z. Programs, interest rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Pre-approval will result in a     EQUAL HOUSING
       loan decision subject to conditions. National City Mortgage, a division of National City Bank.

  7                                                                         September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
                                                                                                              A ABOR’s O
                                                                                                              CE Par tner
Online CE Offer from the CE Shop
As the Real Estate world continues to evolve, the CE Shop                         This promotion is available through September 30!
understands the importance of providing you with excellent
education and recognizes the growing demand for CE in an
on-line format.

You can access great online continuing education courses that
are State approved and 100% accredited by visiting our
catalog at today!


“Back to School Special” on continued education. Enroll in
any online CE course today and receive a 10% discount on
enrollment. As an added bonus, registrants will be automati-
cally registered to win a $100 Target Gift Card when you enroll!

Visit the approved course catalog:
Enter the promotional code upon checkout: TARGET. Receive
your 10% discount and a chance to win a $100 Target Gift

                               Invest in Your Future – Invest in RPAC!
                                                    2009 RPAC Contribution Form
                                     Forward contributions to AABOR, PO Box 1663, Akron, OH 44309

Name                                                                           Company

Address                                                                        Phone

Home address (This is required by law and must be completed.)

Method of Contribution                                               Contribution Amount
[]    Cash                                                           []     Diamond Club - $500
[]    Corporate check                                                []     Ohio Club - $200
[]    Personal check                                                 []     Capitol Club - $100
[]    Visa                                                           []     Other -
[]    MasterCard
[]    Discover

Card No.:                                                                      Exp. Date:

                                                                               Authorized Signature:

                                                                                I hereby certify the above information is correct. If my
                                                                                contribution is corporate, I have so designated.

Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes. Contributions to RPAC are voluntary and are used for political purposes. You may refuse to
contribute without reprisal and the National Association of REALTORS® or any of its state associations or local boards will not favor or disfavor any member
because of the amount contributed. 70% of each contribution is used by your state PAC to support state and local political candidates. Until your state PAC
reaches its RPAC goal 30% is sent to National RPAC to support federal candidates and is charged against your limits under 2 U.S.C. 441a; after the state
PAC reaches its RPAC goal it may elect to retain your entire contribution for use in supporting state and local candidates.

  8                                                    September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
Welcome New Members
AABOR extends a cordial welcome to the following members: Denise Ahern, Howard Hanna; Victoria McEuen,
Pat Boyle Realty; Michael Eggert, Howard Hanna; Joseph Boyle, Dillon Realty; Kelly Folden, Stouffer Realty;
Nancy Reitz, Howard Hanna; Violet Mae Grinder, Stouffer Realty; Matthew Teseo, Howard Hanna; Emily Murray,
DeHOFF REALTORS®; Karla Boy, DeHOFF REALTORS®®; John Mickey, Carolyn Riley Real Estate Services;
Barbara Kavali, Mosholder Realty; Karyn Pumphrey, Cutler Real Estate.
Affiliate Members: Rod Frank, Southern Title of Ohio, Ltd.

New Broker Office:
Homes-N-Loans Team Real Estate Services LLC
3212 Deborah Court
Uniontown, OH 44685
Broker: John Merriman

Eric Davis, RE/MAX Commitment
Thomas Netting, Snyder and Snyder Real Estate
Carole Satterfield, Stouffer Realty

AABOR Invests in Ad
Campaign on Tax Credit
                                                            Jerry Windle      Mark Thomas                    Brian Thomas     Mike Zele
REALTORS® are all aware of the legislation Congress        330 920 9305
                                                           330.920.9305       330 923 8084
                                                                              330.923.8084                   330.923.8085   866.923.5213

passed that grants a tax credit of up to $8,000 to first-
time home buyers as part of its plan to stimulate the
U.S. housing market and address the economic
challenges facing our nation. AABOR wants to make
sure potential homebuyers know!
                                                           Michel Massullo                                                   Roger Evans
                                                           330.620.6997                                                     330 923 5024
AABOR’s Board of Directors recently approved an                                       4070 Bridgewater Parkway
advertising campaign developed by the REALTOR® Ad-                                         Stow, Ohio 44224
vertising Campaign Workgroup. The campaign includes                                  Website:
                                                                                         Phone: 330.923.3770
radio spots on 91.3 The Summit and on Facebook and                                        Fax: 330.923.3760
Google AdWorks. The workgroup researched on their                                               MB802711

own and consulted with RED, Inc., a local strategic         Kristin Stitzel                                                  Cindy Beech
marketing firm, and determined that these mediums           330 342 4801
                                                           330.342.4801                                                     330 923 5595

would best reach our target demographic—people aged

The campaign ran in August and continues through
September—just in time to capture those buyers and
                                                           Bob Goodnight       Brian Nichols                 Carole Dawes   William Dawes
get them in the pipeline so they don’t miss out on this    800 671 1763
                                                           800.671.1763       3
                                                                              330 923 8049
                                                                              330.923.8049                   330.507.4972   330.207.5707
great opportunity to BUY NOW!
                                                              More Than 342 Years of Industry Experience

  9                                       September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
2009 OAR Convention - Just $99
Make plans to be a part of your Ohio     shopping and the vibrancy of a city          (affordable financing options).
Association of REALTORS® 99th            on the move!
Annual Convention & Expo, Sept.                                                   •   Three nights of fantastic fun…
20-23, in Columbus at a special          Highlights include:                          when the sun goes down, the
discount price of just $99.                                                           party gets underway. Sunday
                                         •    A don’t miss Opening Session…           evening will put the spotlight on
This is your opportunity to play a            featuring the renowned Capitol          you with “OAR’s Got Talent!).
role in advancing your profession,            Steps and the presentation of           Monday will feature the
enhance your skill set and network            the 2009 REALTOR® of the Year           rollicking fun of an OAR favorite
with peers from across the Buckeye            award. OAR President                    – The Menus; while Tuesday will
State. It’s an investment in you that         Jonathan Hall will preside over         allow the profession to cut loose
will play big dividends for years to          the festivities, culminating with       with a Survivor Party! These
come.                                         the introduction of our featured        gatherings allow you the
                                              entertainment, the Capitol Steps.       opportunity to social and
A lineup of dynamic speakers, top             The political satire group began        network with your peers from
quality educational opportunities, a          as a group of Senate staffers           across the state…and just blow
dazzling trade show and                       who set out to depict the “real”        off a little steam from a day filled
world-famous parties will fill your            Washington, DC and have since           with meetings and education!
schedule from dusk to dawn.                   recorded 29 albums, been
                                              featured on television and radio    •   A glitzy expo will show off the
Leadership, understanding that the            and performed to captivated             latest and greatest products and
current economic condition is                 audiences across the country.           services available to help you
causing everyone to tighten their                                                     be more productive. The Trade
belt, drastically reduced this year’s    •    Earn up to 12 hours of continuing       Show offers you the opportunity
registration fee in order to make this        education credit as part of your        to catch up quickly on what’s hot
gathering affordable without                  $99 registration fee…featuring          and what’s needed in today’s
sacrificing the high quality                   the nation’s top instructors on         marketplace!
programming that’s become                     today’s timely topics, including:
synonymous with OAR Conventions.              Terry Watson (fair housing &        If you want to meet fun, exciting
                                              changing markets); Jackie           people; learn new ways to earn more
In addition to all the great offerings        Morton Leavenworth (legal           money; advance your
on the schedule of events…you’ll              lifesavers & ethics); Gee Dunsten   professionalism; and obtain CE
have an opportunity to enjoy the              (contact management systems);       credit…then make plans to join your
picturesque beauty of Ohio’s Capitol          Melanie McLane (financing and        peers at the 99th edition of the OAR
City during your stay. You’ll quickly         RESPA & short sales); Brian         Annual Convention & Expo, Sept.
discover that Columbus offers                 Copeland (blogging and social       20-23, in Columbus.
renowned dining, spectacular                  media); and Dana Smith

 10                                          September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
 Don’t Get Locked Out!
 Combination Lockbox Exchange

                                      3 for 1
                                     Members must be
                                     active AABOR Supra
                                     key users, or become
                                     new key holders, in
                                     order to participate in
                                     the exchange.

AABOR is offering a 3 for 1 exchange on combination style lockboxes for
Supra I-Boxes, while supplies last. In order to participate in this exchange
members must be active AABOR Supra key users. The styles of eligible
combination boxes are shown above. AABOR has the final determination
on eligible combination lockboxes.
                  While sup
                Supra I Box Sale
AABOR is also offering Supra I-Boxes at 1/2 price to all members with an
active AABOR Supra key. Supra I-Boxes are regularly $84 plus tax, but
AABOR members will be able to purchase I-Boxes for $42 plus tax (while
supplies last).

Call the Board today at 330.434.6677 ext. 0, to order your I-Boxes.
AABOR Supra hours are 9 a.m. - noon; and 2 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

11                         September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
                     Core CE Sale
                        Don’t miss out!
AABOR members sign up for all three required CE courses
for just $60 (a savings of $18).
•        Thursday, October 8, 1-4 p.m.
         Civil Rights with Joyce Willson
•        Friday, November 20, 1-4 p.m.
         Caught on Camera! (CORE LAW) with Alec Hagerty
•        Thursday, December 3, 1-4 p.m.
         ETHICS: Your Promise of Professionalism with Alec Hagerty

                                          Core CE Sale Registration Form
                             Return to: AABOR, P.O. Box 1663, Akron, OH 44309-1663. FAX: (330) 434-4641.

Name:_____________________________________________________R.E. License Number: _____________________________

Company: _________________________________________________Address: _______________________________________

Phone:___________________________ Fax: ____________________E-mail: ________________________________________

What type of active real estate license do you have? _____ Salesperson           _____ Broker

Please register me for the Core CE Sale Package (10/8. 11/20, 12/3): _____        Member cost $60, if registered & paid by 10/1.

_____ Check (made payable to AABOR) _____ Visa _____ MasterCard

Credit Card Number: _______________________________________________________ Exp. Date: _______________________

Cardholder Name: _________________________________________________________

AABOR contributes $1 of all continuing education course admission to the Akron Area REALTORS® Foundation scholarship fund.
Do you have any disabilities which require special accommodation, including the provision of auxiliary aids and services? If so, please
identify: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Please indicate how you’d like to receive your confirmation: E-mail: _____________________________ Fax: ________________

    Must be AABOR members, register and pay for all three classes by October 1 to qualify for the sale.
              Non members and registrations received after October 1 pay the full amount.

12                                               September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
REALTORS® Federal Credit Union:
Where you (and your money) belong!
Created for REALTORS®,                              banking online or by phone 24-hours   road ahead. Visit your credit union online
REALTORS® Federal Credit Union                      a day, myAlerts, electronic state-    or contact Member Care any time at
offers its members real value in the form           ments, and more*                      866.295.6038.
of fewer fees, competitive loan rates
and great dividends on savings and             •    MasterCard® Debit Card and            P.S. Did you know that REALTORS®
investments. As a new partner in NAR’s              Checks with the REALTOR® Logo         FCU Certificate Investment and Money
REALTOR® Benefits® Program, you                                                            Market Savings rates currently beat ING
can trust that your credit union is friendly   •    Overdraft Protection                  Bank, E* Trade, Bank of America and
to REALTORS®!                                                                             Wells Fargo? ** Check current rates and
                                                                                          compare your earning power!
NAR members can now enjoy
eChecking that gives more and takes                                                       Must meet REALTORS® Federal Credit
less (honest).                                                                            Union (RFCU) membership
                                                                                          eligibility. Membership requires opening
eChecking from REALTORS® FCU of-               Here’s what busy real estate               and maintaining a primary share savings
fers:                                          professionals like you are saying about    account with a $100 minimum opening
                                               their membership experience with           balance. Rates, terms, conditions and
•    No Monthly Service Fee and No             REALTORS® FCU!                             services are subject to change. This
     Minimum Balance Requirement                                                          credit union is federally-insured by the
                                               “I LOVE LOVE LOVE the online deposit       National Credit Union Administration.
•    Free ATM transactions at thousands        for checks! Thanks so much! For a          *No monthly service fee. Other fees may
     of CO-OP Network® and CU24                recluse like me, it is totally exciting!   apply. Please refer to the Schedule of
     Network® ATMs nationwide                  No stamps, no envelope, no driving –       Fees for details.
•    Free Check Deposits Using a                                                          **Comparison based on 8/3/09
     Scanner with myDeposit*                    “REALTORS® FCU has gone above             RateWatch Deposit Ranking
                                               and beyond what other credit unions and    Report Certificate comparison reflects
•    Easy Money Transfers Between              especially banks would have done to        $10,000 minimum deposit to earn inter-
     REALTORS® FCU and Other                   help me and my business during these       est on 3, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60-month
     Financial Institutions with               difficult economic times. I highly          terms. Money Market Saving com-
     myTransfers                               recommend their services.”                 parison reflects $2,500, $10,000 and
                                                                                          $25,000 minimum deposit tiers to earn
•    Free myBills Online Bill Pay to Help      Join online and open your eChecking        interest. Rates are subject to change.
     You Spend Less Time Paying Bills          today! All REALTORS® (and their            ING Bank excluded from 3-month
     and More Time on What Matters             immediate family members) are eligible     Certificate and Money Market Savings
     Most*                                     for lifetime membership. REALTORS®         rate comparison (products not offered).
                                               FCU is here to help you manage
•    Free myBranch Services include            everyday finances and prepare for the

             17th Annual AABOR Expo & Trade Show
            Smart Business - Smart Living - Go GREEN
                     Friday, October 2, 2009
                        8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
                       Guy’s Party Centre

    13                                             September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
14   September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
            The AABOR Upgrade is scheduled to take place Friday, Sept. 4 after midnight.
            Call Supra Support at 1.877.699.6787 if you experience any interruption of service.

    Supra Responds to User Complaints
    Upgrade Will Extend Battery Life
GE Security has released a new version
of ActiveKEY firmware - v1.14 - that
includes several improvements relating
to battery management.

If your ActiveKEY’s radio is turned on,
the upgrade will happen automatically.
To verify that your ActiveKEY’s radio is
turned on:

•    Press your ActiveKEY’s On/Off
     button. The display should show
     “Ready for Use”;

•    If the display indicates that the radio
     is off, you can press “1” to turn the
     radio ON.

The new firmware will improve your
ActiveKEY’s performance in several

The Showing Notification ON/OFF
feature enables you to extend your
ActiveKEY’s battery life (operating time       Daylight Time. Supra analysis shows
between battery charges) by turning            that less than 2% of showings take          To turn off Showing Notifications on your
off Showing Notifications on your               place during this time. If you live in an   ActiveKEY:
ActiveKEY. A Showing Notification is a          area with poor cellular coverage, you
text message that is displayed on the          may find that this feature increases your    •   Press the on/off button on the
ActiveKEY when an agent opens an your          ActiveKEY’s battery life.                       ActiveKEY
iBox at your listing.
                                               Finally, with the new Quick Charge          •   Scroll to Preferences and press
You may opt to turn off Showing                feature it will take less time for your         Enter
Notifications on your ActiveKEY if you:         ActiveKEY’s battery to charge.              •   Press 2 to turn notifications off and
                                                                                               then press Enter
•    Prefer to receive their showing           In most other ways, including obtaining
     notifications via email;                   keys and transmitting information, your     To turn on email notifications:
                                               ActiveKey will continue to function as
•    Do not have active listings;              before. For example, email notifications     •   Log on to KIM Web;
                                               of Showings will continue to be real-
•    Or, do not use the showing                time during the off-peak window. For        •   Click the ShowingValue link in the
     notifications that are sent to your        instructions on how to set up email             left hand column of your screen
     ActiveKEY.                                notification of showings, please refer to        under Activity reports;
                                               the instructions below.
Please refer to the instructions below                                                     •   In the main ShowingValue page,
if you would like to turn off Showing          A complete a list of the new firmware            click Change email settings;
Notifications                                   features, please refer to: http://www.
                                                •   Under Showing e-mails check the
With the new Battery Conservation              Estate/Subcontent/Brochures%20                  box labeled “After showing agent
feature, the ActiveKEY will no longer          and%20flyers/Agent_ActiveKEY_                    eSYNC”.
search for Showing Notifications during         Firmware%20_Update.pdf
the off-peak hours of 9pm to 9am,

    15                                          September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
Memorials                                                      Money Back on
                                                               REALTOR® Visa
The officers, directors, members, and staff of the
Akron Area Board of REALTORS® send their sincere
                                                               Do you have a REALTOR® branded Chase Platinum
condolences to the family and friends of...
                                                               Visa card? The card offers a low APR, no annual fee,
                                                               and a rewards program, NAR members applying for
…David Elliot, of Rick Angheld Real Estate Group, on
                                                               the card online receive an $80 statement credit, a value
his recent passing.
                                                               equivalent to the annual NAR membership dues, after
                                                               the first purchase.
…Carole Beans, of Prudential Karam & Simon, on the
recent passing of her husband.
                                                               For more information on the REALTOR® branded Chase
                                                               Platinum Visa card visit Select
…Mary Jo Heller, of Prudential Kathy Reid Realty, on
                                                               REALTOR® Benefits on the left side of the page. Click
the recent passing of her husband Charles, also a
                                                               on Financial.
REALTOR® with Prudential Kathy Reid Realty.
                                                               The REALTOR® Benefit page at
Members may make charitable
                                                               also lists other discount and special programs for NAR
contributions in their memory to
                                                               members in a wide range of areas including: marketing,
the Akron Area REALTORS®
                                                               technology, insurance & warranties, educational tools,
Foundation, P.O. Box 1663, Akron,
                                                               office solutions, travel and the store.
OH 44309-1663.
                                                               Check it out today!

                                                                Scheduling Showings Just Got Easier.
                                                                Realtors® use CSS to quickly and easily
                                                                schedule showing appointments and rely on
          Doing your own Short Sales?                  for online scheduling,
        Quit wasting your time and energy!                      comprehensive showing reports, feedback,
                                                                and so much more!
               Put ME on Your Team Instead!
                                                                For more information, contact Bruce Bassin at
                    The process is easy…
                                                                866-374-4277 or
              You list and sell the property.
          You make your full listing commission.
      I handle the Short Sale. It’s that simple!

              And there are no fees or costs of any
                  kind to the Realtor or Seller!

           Call me, Karen Bassin,TODAY at
        (330) 962-3292 for more information.

       Or visit

16                                                 September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink
15th Annual Golf Outing a Success
$3,000 to Benefit Rebuilding Together
The AABOR 15th Annual Charity Golf          Pam Keenan, Lawyers Title Insurance     Fidelity National Title
Outing that was held on August 13,          Corp.; Peggy Kellogg, Campbell &        Hamilton Appraisal Services
2009, at Mayfair Country Club. Thank        Associates; Vicky Rarrick, AmTrust      Lawyers Title Insurance Corp.
you very much to all who participated       Bank; Cindy Slabaugh, Howard Hanna      McSteen & Associates
in our annual golf outing. We had 93                                                National City Mortgage
players who eagerly golfed and raised       THANK YOU AFFILIATE SPONSORS            Union National Mortgage
approximately $3,000 this year for          FOR HELPING MAKE THIS EVENT             Village Title Agency
Rebuilding Together Summit County.          POSSIBLE                                Wells Fargo

Kudos to John Mirka of Union National       Beverage Cart Sponsors                  Hole Flag Sponsors
Mortgage for taking on the task of          Chicago Title                           Angle Insurance
Chairing the Charity Golf Outing for the    Fairway Independent Mortgage            Bennett Land Title Agency
8th year in a row. A special thank you is   Title First Agency                      Lawyers Title Insurance Corp.
in order to the Golf Outing Committee
who took their assignments seriously,       Tee Sponsors                            Contest Sponsors
resulting in a fabulous outing. Committee   Campbell & Associates                   Exacta Land Surveying
members are: Sabrina Christian-             Cleveland Home Title                    Flynn Environmental
Bennett, Bennett Land Title Agency;         Diamond Title Company                   Hamilton Appraisal Services
Linda Hardin, Village Title Agency; Deb     Exacta Land Surveying
Kalbaugh, Geneva Chervenic Realty;          Farm Credit Services

  Debbie Zarconi and AABOR President Elect Beth                       Gary Stouffer purchases raffle tickets from golf outing
  Rodgers enjoy a day of golf.                                        volunteer, Peggy Kellogg.

                                                                                      Golfers at the 2009 AABOR
                                                                                      Charity Golf Outing receiving
                                                                                      instructions before the
                                                                                      shotgun start.

 17                                          September 2009 REALTOR’S® Ink

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