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									the Oaks
     mercy high school, burlingame
The Alumnae, Parents, and Friends Newsletter • Summer 2008

                 Tri-School Productions
                 “Once On This Island”
                    Receives Honors!

                                                   The Oaks • Summer 2008   
Admissions Calendar                                                                                    2008-09
For more information about Open House, to receive an application for Admission for
Fall of 2009, or to schedule a time to Shadow, please contact Ellen Williamson, Director
                                                                                                   Calendar of Events
of Admissions, 650.762.1114 or 650.343.3631 or email
                                                                                                       Visit our website for details on
        W!                                                                                                 these and other events
    NE   Apply Online!                                 received after January 8, 2009
         Our Online Application will be                may be considered on a space                      Alumnae Homecoming
         available on our website in                   available/wait list basis.                          September 21, 2008
         September (
         for Fall of 2009 Admission. Printed           High School Entrance Exam (HSPT)
                                                                                                          Casino Night @ Kohl
         Application Forms will also be                January 10, 2009 or January 17, 2009
                                                                                                            October 17, 2008
         available in September and can                8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
         be obtained by calling our
                                                       Student Interviews                        Fall Play at Serra - “Dead Man Walking”
         Admissions Office.                                                                        October 31 and November 1, 7 & 8
                                                       February 2, 3, 4, & 5
         Parent & Student Open House                   5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                       Parent Student Open House
         Sunday, November 9, 2008                      by scheduled appointment
                                                                                                           November 9, 2008
         12:00 - 4:00 p.m.                                                                               12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
                                                       Transfer Applications
         Campus tours will begin at noon.
                                                       Transfer Applications are accepted
         Tours are approximately 1 1/2 hours                                                                Christmas at Kohl
                                                       for Fall Admissions from Dec. 1
         in length; the last tour will begin                                                               December 3, 2008
                                                       through July 1. The Application fee
         at 2:30 p.m.                                                                                     5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m
                                                       for transfer consideration is $100.
         Financial Aid Forms Available                                                                Tri-School Christmas Concert
                                                       Financial Aid Applications Due
         November 10, 2008 from the                                                                        December 10, 2008
                                                       February 4, 2009
         Admissions Office.
                                                       Notification Letters Mailed                       Alumnae Speaker Series
         Application Deadlines for                                                                          February 11, 2009
                                                       March 19, 2009
         Freshmen Applicants                           (incoming ninth graders)
         Early Filing Deadline:                                                                    “Blue and White Athenian Night!”
                                                       Transfer letters are mailed
         December 10, 2008 with the $60.00                                                                 Auction & Dinner
                                                       at a later date.
         application fee. The application fee                                                                March 14, 2009
         after December 10, 2008 is $80.00 and         Class of 2013
         applications should be sent no later          Parent & Student Orientation                 Tri-School Spring Musical at Serra
         than January 8, 2009. Applications            April 21, 2009, 7:00 p.m.                               “Footloose”
                                                                                                   March 20, 21, 27 and 28 at 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                         March 22 at 2:00 p.m.

         6th 7th & 8th Grade Girls                                                                           Mexican Fiesta
         See if Mercy is right for you...                                                                      May 1, 2009

         Courts & Sorts                                                                                       Spring Concert
         Open to 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Girls                                                                 May 11, 2009
         Monday, September 15, 2008 • 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.
         This event will give the girls the opportunity to work on their skills in Volleyball,
                                                                                                             Fine Arts Night
                                                                                                              May 27, 2009
         Basketball, Spiritleading, Jazz Dance, Tennis, Soccer, Waterpolo and Lacrosse.
         The girls will receive instruction from Mercy coaches as well as Mercy athletes.
         Students will be able to select three activities in which to participate. Pick up
                                                                                                               June 7, 2009
         your registration forms at your school or from our website,
         For more information contact Meave Fallon Ward, Athletic Director at
         650.762.1107 or

Parent & Student Open House
Sunday, November 9, 2008 • 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
There will be opportunities to hear presentations on the advantages of an all-girl
education, as well as information on the curricular and co-curricular programs.
Tours will be provided by our Mercy students and faculty.

Shadow Progam for 8th Grade Girls                                                                    Cover Photo: See story on page 7
Spend a morning at Mercy! By appointment only. Contact Ellen Williamson, Director of
         The Oaks • Summer 2008
Admissions, at 650.762.1114 or to schedule your visit.
                                                                                                          Tri-School Productions
                                                                                                   “Once On This Island” Receives Honors!
                      Dear Alumnae, Parents and Friends,

                      On August 18th our hallways will be
                      bursting with energy as the Class of 2012
                      joins the Mercy family. We welcome these
                      new families into our community and thank          Mercy High School
                      them for choosing Mercy for their daughter’s      Board Of Directors and
                      high school career. It is an exciting time         Finance Committee
                      in Mercy history as we are at maximum                   Members
                      enrollment and many of our current and                 2008-2009
                      prospective families keep telling us that
                      “Mercy is the place to be!”                                Jesse Bean
                                                                               Carol M. Bucci
The summer has been busy around campus with over 300 girls in             Pam Kenefick Bunnell ‘59
our summer programs and many renovations to the campus. The            Georgene Vincent Carambat ‘65
cafeteria is getting a “new look” and we are thankful to the Auction          Judith Carle, RSM
and Mercy Parents’ Club for making this possible. We also                      Peter Comaroto
renovated several classrooms and will start the year with two new             Michael Crockett
“smart classrooms” which will be equipped with the latest high            Toni Lynn Gallagher, RSM
tech equipment for teaching French and Chemistry. If you haven’t                 Joe Galligan
had a chance to view our new website, we invite you to click on                   Bill Gaul as it is a wonderful resource and there is also          Laura M. Held, Principal
a new online alumnae community. (For more information on the                     Carol Kelley
Online Alumnae Community go to page 29.)                                   Lorraine Welch Paul ‘68
                                                                            Marilyn Quinlan ‘69
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you who           Janet Selenger Robertson ‘53
have supported Mercy this past year through your generous gifts         Susan Vickers, RSM, Chair ‘61
as well as the many hours volunteered by our parents and alumnae           Aileen Whelan, MD ‘76
– your support truly makes a difference for our Mercy girls.

Please keep the Mercy community in your prayers as we begin
this new school year and we will remember all of you in our
school liturgies.


Laura M. Held

                                                                       The Oaks • Summer 2008           
A Fond Farewell...
Assistant Principal for Academics
Toni Ann Secrest Retires...
On June 26th the Mercy community celebrated Toni Ann Secrest’s
retirement with an elegant party in the Kohl Mansion. The Mansion
was filled with alumnae, Sisters, faculty, friends, and family who
shared stories and congratulatory remarks. Toni Ann was honored
with a Congressional proclamation from Congresswoman Jackie
Speier ’68 as well as an inscribed brick which will be placed in the
Rose Garden dedicating the garden in her honor. We are most
grateful for her 38 years of loyal dedication and service to the
mission of educating young women in the tradition of Mercy.
We wholeheartedly thank her for her many years of enthusiastic
service as teacher, counselor and administrator.

If you would like to make a donation to the Sister Diane Grassilli,
RSM ‘67 Endowed Memorial Scholarship in honor of Toni Ann, please
send your gift to the Mercy High School Development Office by using
the enclosed envelope.

    The Oaks •• Summer 2008
a fond farewell...
      The Oaks • Summer 2008   
                                       Mercy’s annual auction and dinner “Mercy…
                                       Beaucoup” was reminiscent of a wonderful
                                       Spring evening in Paris! From the wonderful
   Maureen Boland ’66 with sisters
   Teresa Boland Brogan ’75 and        French themed menu, Eiffel Tower centerpieces
      CiCi Boland Walsh ’70            and sidewalk café setting on stage, the event
                                       evoked a feeling of Mercy community at its best.
                                       Family, Friends, Alumnae, Faculty and Staff of
                                       Mercy High School joined together to support
                                       the Mercy Parents’ Club fundraiser. Honors
                                       Art 3 students, directed by Mercy art teacher
                                       Ms. Nazira Kury ’98, contributed to the event
                                       by hand-painting a beautiful mural of the Eiffel
                                       Tower that served as a backdrop to the stage.

                                       Special guest Emcees for the evening were
                                       Sal Castaneda and Pam Cook from KTVU
Gina Borba & Patty Habeeb Thrapp ‘75
                                       Channel 2 News.                                     “Blue & White
                                       During the evening, both Silent and Live
                                       auctions were held with a special “Fund A Need”
                                       segment included to raise funds for renovation
                                       of the School Cafeteria and Senior Lounge.
                                       The Fund A Need segment raised $17,800
                                       and the renovations took place during
                                       the summer months.                                    Mercy’s 2009
                                       With much hard work, long hours and great
                                                                                           Auction and Dinner
    Michelle and Dennis Kleid &        efforts by many parents, a successful auction and
        George Caughman
                                       dinner produced a gross revenue of $100,000              March 14, 2009
                                       for the Mercy Parents’ Club fundraiser!
                                                                                                   5:30 p.m.
                                       A special thanks to the “Mercy…Beaucoup”                  Kohl Mansion
                                       Steering Committee members for planning
                                       and directing our annual auction and dinner:               Save the Date for a
                                       Marian Waddell, Silent Auction Chair; Kelly              fun-filled evening with
                                       Molly, Live Auction Chair; Michele Parres and           fabulous food, laughter,
                                       Susan Mandell, Dinner Co-Chairs; Michelle             and a high-bidding auction!
                                       Kleid, Advertising Chair; Patty Thrapp ’75
                                       and CiCi Walsh ‘70, Decorations Co-Chairs.           For more information regarding
      Mike and Mary Germano
                                       We appreciate four years of service from our             the event, sponsorship,
                                       Packaging Chair, Mary Germano.                                advertising or
                                                                                                 donating live or silent
          Mercy Faculty/Staff          Thank you to all who participated in any                  auction items contact
                                       way in our annual auction and dinner                  Jan Philip at (650) 762-1199
                                       “Mercy… Beaucoup” as you are                           or
                                       “very much” a part of Mercy’s success!
                                                                                              We hope to see you there!
                                       — Jan Philip/Event Coordinator
             The Oaks • Summer 2008
       Tri-School Productions
  “Once On This Island”
             Receives Honors!
This year, for the first time, the Tri-School Musical
Production team of Mercy, Notre Dame and Serra took
                part in the High School Musical Theater
                Honors program sponsored by The American
                Musical Theater of San Jose. As one of
                thirty Bay Area schools participating, our
                production of “Once On This Island” was
                viewed by four theater professionals who
                made note of strengths and weaknesses in all
                aspects of the production. Nancy Fitzgerald
                coordinator of the Honors program, awarded
                many certificates of recognition. Among
the recipients were Mercy students Grace Komarek-Meyer
(pictured on the cover of this Oaks) for outstanding actress in
a leading role, Janelle Alexander and Elizabeth Owen for
outstanding vocals, and our very own Visual & Performing
Arts Department Chairperson/Chorale Director, Pam                                Tri-School Productions

Matthews, for vocal direction. It was also announced that

Tri-School Productions was one of only ten participating                      Fall Play “Dead Man Walking”
drama programs being invited to perform a number from                           October 31, Nov. 1, 7, & 8
“Once On This Island” at a special Honors Showcase at the                     Spring Musical “Footloose”
San Jose Performing Arts Center, complete with professional                     March 20, 21,22, 27, & 28
orchestra, lights and sound.
                                                                                   Junipero Serra Theater
                                                                                451 W. 20th Ave., San Mateo
Congratulations to the following Mercy girls who helped
make this such an outstanding performance —                          Tickets sold at the door or for information on
Cast Members: Ti Moune - Grace Komarek-Meyer, Erzulie                purchasing tickets in advance call 650-345-8207
                                                                     ext. 560. For more info check
-Jenelle Alexander, and Mama Euralie - Elizabeth Owen;
Featured Dancers: Nicole Adelman, Stephanie Babasa,
Jenise Spiteri; Storytellers: Molly Zimmerman, Maddy Williams; Chorus: Gina Calabrese, Michelle Denton, Barbara Del
Castello, Daria Kekuewa, Emma Jepsen, Amy Kuhn, and Catherine Traceski; Stage Crew: Kelly Cascino, Leah Gordon,
Noelle Quirk, Catherine Bottini, and Courtney Reboltz.

                            Fine Arts Night 2008
                            Each year in May, Fine Arts Night is held to showcase what the students have learned
                            throughout the year. The arts are an integral part of a Mercy education. Mercy is known for
                            its outstanding visual and performing arts program. This event is open to all who would like to
                            attend. The many wonderful exhibits include drawings, paintings, ceramics, photography, as
                            well as piano, dance, drama and chorale performances. We hope you will join us next year,
                            May 27, 2009 for the annual Fine Arts Night.

                                                                                           The Oaks • Summer 2008       

                                               Thank you!
               Association Board
                  Annie Bianchini ‘90
             Caroline Connolly Bottoms ‘77
                 Ruth Curran Dolim ‘41
                    Maria Galletto ‘78                         Thank You Mercy Parents’ Club!
             Mickey (Aileen) Barry Hart ‘41
             Eugenia Dubbiosi Hovland ‘59                Mercy Parents’ Club President Belinda Picar (Lauren Albiento ‘09)
             Nancy Cummings Johnson ‘50                  presented funds earned as a result of MPC’s successful fundraisers during
                   Kathleen Lama ‘87                     the 2007-2008 school year to Principal Laura Held at the annual MPC
                  Stacey Longwich ‘98                    Board Dinner on May 7, 2008.
                    Marian Marsili ‘71
                Kelly Hendon Molloy ‘89                  Proceeds from Casino Night, Mercy…Beaucoup Auction and Dinner as
                Arlene Figoni Rohrer ‘59                 well as Electronic Scrip generated a total of $50,082! Funds will be used
              Lorraine Mozzini Sbragia ‘60               for the following:
                  Michelle Squires ‘91
                     Casey Stern ‘99                           1. Mercy Parents’ Club Scholarships for incoming
                    Kirsten Strobel, 96                           freshmen - $4,500
           Mary Lund, Director of Development
               Carol A. Fraher, Director of                    2. Cafeteria and Senior Lounge Renovation - thanks
                     Public Relations                             to the MPC and Annual Auction Fund A Need the
                Laura M. Held, Principal                          cafeteria and senior lounge will have a much needed
                                                                  renovation! The Auction Fund A Need raised $17,800
             On behalf of the Mercy community,                    toward the renovation and the remaining $27,782 was
           we’d like to thank the members of the
                                                                  raised through the auction and other events.
            Alumnae Board for a wonderful year!
           The Board hosted Homecoming 2007,                   3. Additional funds in the amount of $27,782 - use of
           Christmas at Kohl, and their 3rd annual                the additional funds will be determined by Principal
           Alumnae Speaker Series. This year the
                                                                  Laura Held in consideration of the current needs of
          Alumnae Association sponsored the bus
                                                                  our school including the total cost of renovating the

                                                                                                                                Thank you!
          for the seniors for their overnight retreat,
                                                                  Cafeteria and Senior Lounge.
Thank you...

            four $1,000 scholarships for alumnae
              daughters attending Mercy as well
                                                         In addition to the $50,082, using a portion of the funds generated from
                 as joined in sponsoring the
                                                         its fundraisers, the Mercy Parents’ Club was also able to sponsor hosted
                    75th Anniversary Gala.
                                                         events including the Principal’s Welcome Barbeque, Back to School Night,
          The Board is a lively group who have a         Freshman Parents’ Night, Open House, Mother Daughter Tea, Father
         lot of fun while supporting Mercy! If you       Daughter Dance, New Parent Orientation, Moms of Mercy Alums, and
           are interested in joining the Board (we       Mother Daughter Senior Brunch as well as provide roses and traditional
          meet five times per year) and/or helping       tea cups for the Class of 2008.
              with these events please contact
               Mary Lund at 650.762.1190 or              Mercy High School thanks all of our parent volunteers for their continued
                            efforts and dedication to providing successful social, hospitality, traditional
                                                         and fundraising events for the benefit of all of the Mercy Community.
                                                         We are grateful MPC!!!

                      The Oaks • Summer 2008
Making A Difference
Scholarship Luncheon 2008...
You Made A Difference!
Our “Making A Difference” luncheon was truly wonderful! Those who were able to
attend were inspired by our speakers and we missed those of you who couldn’t join us.

                                                                                   Thank you!
Thank you to our generous underwriters, donors, guest speakers and table hosts . . .
you Made A Difference!

Laura Held and the Mercy Board of Directors want to ensure that qualified girls,
regardless of financial ability, are able to benefit from a Mercy education. Ten
years ago, Mercy’s tuition and fees were $6,750 while today they are $15,925.
Approximately 20% of our student body receives tuition assistance; these girls
would not be able to attend Mercy without the generous support of our donors.

For the 2008-09 year, Mercy has awarded $360,000 in financial assistance to 106
young women but the need for assistance is greater than the funding we have available.
We continue to have additional families seek assistance as the economy faces greater
challenges. A gift to the Making A Difference program directly supports our students;
100% of your gift goes directly to tuition assistance. Gifts may be sent at anytime
during the year to benefit this program and our students.

This luncheon was generously underwritten by
Mercy High School Board of Directors & Robert Grassilli, Jr.

Making A Difference Steering Committee
Pam Kenefick Bunnell ‘59, Judy Carle, RSM, Carol Fraher,
Laura M. Held, Mary Lund, Lorraine Welch Paul ‘68 and
Aileen Whelan ‘76

Table Hosts
Penny Stack Alexander ‘78, Kelli Benz, Judy Carle, RSM,
Toni Lynn Gallagher, RSM, Laura M. Held, Marian Marsili ‘71,
Janice Scherba Philip ‘69, Susan Vickers, RSM ‘61 and
Aileen Whelan ‘76

Guest Speaker
Elaine Andrews ‘69, Alaska Superior Court Judge

Save the Date!
Making A Difference Scholarship Luncheon 2009
April 29th, 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Dominic’s at Poplar Creek, San Mateo, CA

If you or a friend would like to be on the mailing list
and receive an invitation, please email Mary Lund

                                                          The Oaks • Summer 2008    
                                                  All District Senior                          Nour Dababo Makes
                                                  Class Awards!                                it to 4th Level of Lions
                                                 Mercy Seniors Jenelle Alexander, Emily        Club Speech Contest!
                                                 Chambers, Miranda Hudson and Tracey           In February, Junior Nour Dababo won first
                                                 Poland each received the Rotary Club          place in the Millbrae Lions Club Speech
                                                 of San Mateo Sunrise “2008 All District       Contest. Senior Ariadne Ramirez won
                                                 High School Senior Class Award.”                                        first place in
                                                 This honor is reserved for those who                                    the Burlingame
                                                 have demonstrated a commitment to                                       Lions Club
    l to r: Tracey Poland, Jenelle Alexander     the community through a combination                                     Speech Contest
               and Miranda Hudson                of community service, leadership,                                       and Senior
          (not picture Emily Chambers)           personal and academic achievement.                                      Daniella
                                                                                                                         Ciapparra was
     “Laws of Life” Award Winning Essay Writers!                                                                         a finalist in the
                                                                                                                         San Bruno Lions
     The Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club sponsors the “Laws of Life” essay contest
                                                                                                                         Club Speech
     for high school students in San Mateo County. This year, hundreds of essays were
                                                                                                                         Contest. Nour
     submitted, which were divided into two divisions 9th & 10th grade and 11th &                   Nour Dababo          and Ariadne
     12th grade. This year Mercy’s winners were Meaghan Osborne, Madison Mason,
                                                                                               advanced to the next level of competition,
     Gabriela Nordeman and Sarah Tinkham.
                                                                                               the “Zone Contest” on March 8th and
                                                                                               Nour Dababo won! Nour then advanced
                                                  Mercy Students Take                          to the “Region Contest” which took place
                                                                                               on March 22nd and won!!! On April 22nd
                                                  2nd and 9th Place                            Nour competed in the “District Level
                                                  in YMI Essay Contest!                        Contest” where she finished as a finalist!
                                                     Two sophomores from Mrs. Kathy            This year’s topic was “Immigration: My
                                                     Mountain’s English Honors II class        Solution.” The student speakers research
                                                     won prizes in the YMI Essay Contest!      the topic and present their speech to the
                                                     Each year, the Young Men’s Institute      members and guests of the sponsoring
                                                     (YMI) sponsors a national essay contest   Lions Club. Congratulations to Ariadne
                                                     for both middle school and high           and Daniella on a job well done and we
l to r: Ariel Anderson, teacher Kathy Mountain       school students. This year alone there    applaud Nour for her wonderful speaking
              and Eileen Kannengeiser               were over 1000 entries for the high        ability which took her so far in the Lions
                                                    school division. Each essay is read        Club Speech Contest!
        and critiqued by three different judges. The topic of the essay was “Should the
        decisions of government representatives be influenced by their religious views?”       DNA Essay Takes
        Congratulations to 2nd Place Winner Ariel Anderson who received $800 and 9th
        Place Winner Eileen Kannengeiser who received $100. The girls were honored at
                                                                                               3rd Place!
                                                                                               Mercy was pleased to announce that in
        a special dinner. Competition in this contest is very strong. Mercy has participated
                                                                                               March, Razan Dababo was named the
        in this contest for a number of years, and has had a winner each year.
                                                                                                                     third place winner
                                                                                                                     in the Third Annual
     Tiffany Valladares takes 1st Place                                                                              National DNA
     in Bowling State Finals!                                                                                        Day essay contest.
                                                                                                                     The contest was
     Freshman Tiffany Valladares won the opportunity to represent Mercy High School                                  sponsored by the
     and Bel-Mateo Bowl in the State Finals Bowling Tournament in Los Angeles.                                       American Society of
     Tiffany took 1st place in the Women’s Handicap Division beating out up to 139                                   Human Genetics.
     Girls across the state! She had a 196 in her 6th game which put her over the top.          Razan Dababo         For her efforts,
     In addition, she won a College Scholarship in excess of $2,000 and travel money           Razan will receive a certificate and a
     to participate in the National Bowling Tournament in Detroit, Michigan. Jennifer          cash award of $150!
     Re also was invited to the State Tournament and placed 20th in the State.
                                                                                               Razan, a current sophomore, is very
                                                                                               interested in both genetics and neurology
                                                                                               and hopes to pursue this field of study in
        0 The Oaks • Summer 2008
                                                                                               College. Congratulations Razan!
Kimmy Mathews                                                     Spring
Senior Athlete of the Year!                                        Athletes!
Congratulations to Kimmy (Kimberly) Mathews, the
2008 Senior Athlete of the Year! Kimmy, a four time
triathlete during her Mercy career, has played volleyball,
soccer and softball each year and was captain of both
her volleyball and softball teams as a senior. As a
senior, each of her teams qualified for the Central
Coast Section Tournaments!

Both her junior and senior years on the varsity volleyball
team, Kimmy received the honor of Coaches Award
and All League Honorable Mention. Kevin Gilmore, her
volleyball coach commented, “Kimmy was a starter and
                          key player on Varsity for three
                          years. She was always focused

                                                                                                                         Spring All League
                          at practice and matches,                                 Varsity Softball
                          had a desire to understand                               Most Valuable - Jessica Belluomini
                          and improve. She goes full                               Coaches Award - Kim Mathews;                              Softball
                                                                                   Rookie of the Year - Leslie Baumann                       1st Team - Jessica Belluomini,
                          out in all drills and games                                                                                             Kim Mathews,
                          and demonstrates maturity                                Junior Varsity Softball                                        Charlee Freitas
                          and leadership... She had a                              Most Valuable - Kate Milburn                              2nd Team - Shelby Molini,
                                                                                   Most Improved - Jenna Overman                                  Lindsay Parres
                          great senior season helping
                                                                                   Coaches Award - Tina Cuevas                               Honorable Mention -
                          her team make it to the CCS                                                                                             Jodie Aguilar,
                          playoffs for the first time in                           Track and Field                                                Alex Haveraas
                                                                                   Most Valuable - Track
                          almost twenty years...”
                                                                                       Christina Terranova                                   Track and Field
                            On the soccer team Kimmy                               Most Valuable - Field                                     MVP Track - Rachel Reid
                                                                                       Angela Dela Cruz                                      1st Team - Angela Dela Cruz,
  Kimmy Mathews             won Most Improved Player                               Most Improved - Rebecca Reid                                   Madison Mason, Rebecca
                           and All League Honorable                                Coaches Award - Amanda Kielian                                 Reid, Christina Terranova
Mention as a senior. Her soccer coach, Pete Scopazzi                               Coaches Award - Meghan McCann                             2nd Team - Marysha Cihak,
                                                                                   Coaches Award - Rachel Reid                                    Gianna Delucchi,
follows up with, “Kimmy played varsity soccer for three
                                                                                                                                                  Amanda Kielian
years. In her senior year she was a starter and could play                         Varsity Swim                                              Honorable Mention -
at any position and play it at top level. Although she                             Most Valuable - Chelsea Morton-Jones                           Mia Vassallo
                                                                                   Most Improved - Stephanie Lee
was not an official captain, all of the players looked up
                                                         Spring Athletes Honored

                                                                                   Coaches Award - Mandy Ferreira                            Swimming
to her.” She helped her team to a CCS Quarterfinalist
                                                                                                                                             2nd Team - Kate Kell, Chelsea
appearance.                                                                        Junior Varsity Swim
                                                                                   Most Valuable - Jasmine Healey
                                                                                                                                             Honorable Mention - Miranda
On the softball team Kimmy was team Co-MVP as a                                    Coaches Award - Julia Paleski
                                                                                                                                                 Hudson, Stephanie Lee
                                                                                   Coaches Award - Brianna Bacich
sophomore, won the Coaches Award as a senior and                                                                                                 Mandy Ferriera,
was named as First Team All League each year. On                                   Cheerleading                                                  Gabby Nordeman
Varsity she was the starting pitcher for three seasons                             Most Valuable - Amanda Galli
                                                                                   Most Improved - Gina Garcia
and helped the team to second place league finishes
                                                                                   Coaches Award - Jennifer Warner                    Thanks to all the coaches who
and CCS berths each year. She was the captain of the
team for two years.                                                                Dance Team                                         did a wonderful job building
                                                                                   Most Valuable - Isis Etorma                        champions on and off the field,
Kimmy exemplifies the Six Pillars of Character:                                    Most Improved - Krystle Mendoza
                                                                                                                                      track, pool, court, etc. To all
trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring                         Coaches Award - Kelly Franco
                                                                                                                                      the parents and fans, thank you
and citizenship, both on and off of the playing field.                             Gymnastics                                         for cheering on the girls and
She is highly regarded by all of the Mercy coaches                                 Most Valuable - Kayla Strom
                                                                                   Most Improved - Andrea Ho
                                                                                                                                      most of all thanks to the athletes
as well as the other coaches in the league and truly                                                                                  themselves for a wonderful year!
                                                                                   Coaches Award - Christina Barraza
represents the spirit of Mercy High School and Mercy’s
                                                                                   Lacrosse                                                      — Meave Fallon Ward,
Athletics Department. We are proud and honored to
                                                                                   Most Valuable - Amanda Yang                                     Athletics Director
name Kimmy Mathews as Senior Athlete of the Year and
                                                                                   Most Improved - Kaila Manca
wish her well as she continues her academic career at                              Coaches Award - Staci Flores
San Jose State University.                                                                                             The Oaks • Summer 2008                     
                                                                         Senior Mother Daughter
                                                                            Mass and Brunch
                                                          On May 18th the Seniors gathered with their moms to celebrate their final
                                                          “Mercy” Mother Daughter event. The morning began with a beautiful liturgy
                                                          and was followed by a lovely brunch in the Kohl Mansion. Special thanks
                                                          to Brunch Chair Jeannine Ratti and Assistant Chairs Belinda Picar, Linda
   Congresswoman Jackie Speier ‘68                        Philapil and Ingrid Zimmerman – centerpieces and floral arrangements.

    Speaks at Mercy’s Last Liturgy
   Mercy was honored to have Congresswoman
   Jackie Speier ’68 give an inspiring reflection, at
   our last Liturgy of the school year, as she spoke to
   the Gospel of the day, Mercy values and the role
   Mercy has played in her life. Jackie will be a
   Mercy mom in the fall when her daughter,
   Stephanie, joins the Class of 2012!

           Alumnae Speaker Series...

                  Emotional                                                 MOMA’S 2008!
                   Eating...                                                  (Moms of Mercy Alums!)
                                                          Mercy High School held its second annual “Moms of Mercy Alums” social
             February 11, 2009                            on May 14th in the reception room of Kohl Mansion. The evening was
                                                          hosted by Mercy Parents’ Club Officers and was a wonderful opportunity
              7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
                                                          for Mercy to welcome back our MOMA’s (Moms of Mercy Alums). It gave
                                                          the moms a chance to catch up on how their daughters were doing, where
              All are invited to Join us for              they were attending college or working, and other events going on in their
                an informative evening                    families’ lives. Wine, cheese and desserts were enjoyed during the evening
                on “Emotional Eating.”                    of friendship as MOMA’s connected with Principal Laura Held and heard
                 For more information                     about current events at Mercy.
                   contact Mary Lund
                                                          Our next annual MOMA’s gathering will take place on Tuesday,
                  at 650.762.1190 or
                                                          May 12, 2009 in the Kohl Mansion at 7:00p.m. Invitations will be
                             mailed to MOMA’s on our list from the classes of 2000 - 2008. We
                                                          extend an invitation to all alumnae moms of any of our graduates to

         Speaker Series                                   join us. If you would like to be added to our list and receive an invitation,
                                                          please contact Jan Philip at 650.762.1199 or

                                                          We would love to have you join us! “Save the Date” for
          The Oaks • Summer 2008                        MOMA’s 2009, Tuesday, May 12, 2009!
                                                                                                                           Class of 2008
2008 Mercy Graduates
Receive Highest Honors
                          Tracey Ann      with highest honors, a member of             Cashin Company Community Service
                          Poland          the National Honor Society and a life        Scholarship, The Dean’s Scholarship
                          received        member of the La Sociedad Honoraria          from Dominican University, The
                          the Mercy       Hispanica. Maria is also the recipient       Ignatian Leadership Service Scholarship
                          High School     of the Bank of America Certificate           from Creighton University, The Regis
                          Principal’s     of Achievement in Social Studies.            College Catholic High School Award
                          Award for       Maria was awarded the A.J. Drexel            and the University of Portland Grant.
                          General         Scholarship, from Drexel University          Kathleen will be attending USF in
                          Excellence.     and the Dean’s Scholarship from              the Fall.
                          This is the     Boston University. Maria will be
                          highest honor   attending UC Davis in the Fall.                                       Kimberly
                          our school                                                                            Anne Mathews
can offer. It is conferred upon a                                  Emily Caroline                               received the
graduating senior who exemplifies the                              Chambers                                     Mercy High
spirit of Mercy by putting the welfare                             received the                                 School Sister
of others above her own interests.                                 Mercy High                                   Mary Gabriel
She is chosen for her generous                                     School Sister                                Award for
service, dedication to the Gospel                                  Amy Bayley                                   Excellence in
message and general achievement in                                 Leadership                                   Sportsmanship.
curricular and co-curricular aspects                               Award. This                                  This award
of school life. Tracey was the Mercy                               award honors                                 honors the
Student Body Treasurer this year.                                  the senior                                   senior who
Tracey is also a member of the                                     whose actions       exemplifies outstanding sportsmanship
California Scholarship Federation                                  and example         by her faithfulness to the team spirit
with highest honors and a member of       encourage and inspire fellow students        and her undaunted loyalty to her team
the National Honor Society. Tracey        to strive together to achieve those          members at all times. Kimberly was
will be attending The University of       goals which promote the growth and           named Mercy’s 2008 Athlete of the
San Diego in the Fall.                    well being of the Mercy community.           Year. She is also a member the National
                                          Emily was this year’s Student Body           Honor Society. Kimberly will be
                        Maria             President. She is also a member of the       attending San Jose State University
                        Remedios          National Honor Society. Emily will be        in the Fall.
                        Geronimo          attending UC Davis in the Fall.
                        received the
                        Mercy High
                        School Board
                        of Directors
                                                                     Elizabeth Lund
                                                                     received the
                        Award for                                    Mercy High                                         Honors
                        Academic                                     School Mother          Maria Remedios Geronimo
                        Excellence.                                  M. Baptist
                        This award                                   Russell Service              SALUTATORIAN
                        honors                                       Award. This                    Angie Kang
a senior who is distinguished by                                     award honors
scholarship in maintaining the highest                               the senior
                                                                                             Jenelle Lauren Alexander
grade point average over four years in                               who shows
a college preparatory program. Maria                                 consistent                       PRAYER
was this years Valedictorian. She was     commitment in serving those in need.                Daniella Marie Ciappara
commended by the National Merit           She carries on the spirit of Mother
Scholarship Program for her academic      Baptist Russell, first Sister of Mercy
excellence. She is a member of the        in California, whose response to
California Scholarship Federation         people in need was immediate and
                                          practical. Kathleen was awarded The

                                                                                             The Oaks • Summer 2008         
Class of 2008
Scholarship Awards
Mellisa Christine Bottali                      Miranda Cleo Hudson
Mercy High School Patricia Jean                Achievement Award, University
Ryan Art Scholarship                           of Redlands; Athletic Training
                                               Scholarship, Chapman
Daniella Marie Ciappara                        University; Chancellor Scholar,
2008 Local 39 Educational Scholarship          Chapman University; Founder’s
                                               Scholarship, California Lutheran
Elizabeth Aurora Cortes                        University; Presidential
Belmont Scholarship, Notre Dame de             Scholarship, University of Redlands
Namur University                                                                          The Class of 2008 was accepted
                                               Maria Kalogerias
Andrea Ynez Flores                             John Greenleaf Whittier Scholarship;
                                                                                          to prestigious colleges and
2008 Higher Education Scholarship,             Whittier College Trustee Scholarship;      universities throughout the
South San Francisco Chamber of                 Dominican University of California.
Commerce; Peninsula Insurance
                                                                                          country and have chosen to
Women’s Association Scholarship,               Angie Kang                                 attend the following:
San Mateo County Recipient.                    Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship;
                                               University of California, Berkeley.        Academy of Art University
Elizabeth Mary Gallagher                                                                  AIFS – American International Institute
Dussault Scholarship, Gonzaga University       Adrienne Danielle Kleid                     of Foreign Studies (Italy)
                                               Franklin College Switzerland Merit         Berkeley Community College
Maria Remedios Geronimo                        Award; Makana Scholarship, Hawaii          Biola University (Southern CA)
A. J. Drexel Scholarship, Drexel University;   Pacific University.                        California College of the Arts
Dean’s Scholar, Boston University.                                                        Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
                                               Athina Ashleigh Dejesus Leyba              California State University, Chico
Tracy Lynne Harris                             Holy Names University Merit Grant          California State University, East Bay
Nonresident Dean’s Scholarship,                                                           California State University, Fresno
University of Oregon                                                                      California State University, Fullerton

                                                                                                                              Class of 2008
                                               Kathleen Elizabeth Lund
                                               Cashin Company Community Service           Canada College
Jamie Lynn Hazelton                            Scholarship; Dean’s Scholarship,           College of San Mateo
Art Talent Scholarship, Chapman University;    Dominican University of California;        Dominican University
Dean’s Scholar, Chapman University.            Ignatian Leadership Service Scholarship,   FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design &
                                               Creighton University;Regis College          Merchandising)
                                                     Catholic High School Award;          Foothill College
                                                     University of Portland Grant.        Hofstra University
                                                                                          Holy Names University
                                                    Rania Odeh                            Laguna College of Art & Design
                                                    Creative Achievement Award,           Linfield College
                                                    California College of the Arts        Northwestern University
                                                                                          Notre Dame De Namur University
                                                    Deanna Dolores Padilla                Pacific University
                                                    Scholarship Recognition Award,        Pepperdine University
                                                    Brisbane Chamber of Commerce          Rochester Institute of Technology
                                                                                          Saint Mary’s College of California
                                                    Lora Mae Perez                        Santa Clara University
                                                    Mercy High School Patricia Jean       University of California, Berkeley
                                                    Ryan Art Scholarship; Presidential    University of California, Davis
                                                    Scholarship,                          University of California, Irvine
                                                    Dominican University of California.   University of California, San Diego
                                                                                          University of California, Santa Cruz
                                                    Christina Ida Sylvia Raquel           University of San Francisco
                                                    Dussault Scholarship, Gonzaga         University of Southern California
         National Merit                             University                            San Diego State University
      Scholarship Program                                                                 San Francisco State University
                                                                                          San Jose State University
                                                    Danica Marie Smerdel
          Commended Students                        Tuition Grant Award, Oregon State     Skyline College
                                                    University                            Sonoma State University
          Angie Kang (left)                                                               Southern Oregon University
   Maria Remedios Geronimo (right)                  Danielle Elizabeth Taylor             University of Colorado at Boulder
                                                    Scholarship Recognition Award,        University of Oregon
                                                    Brisbane Chamber of Commerce          Willamette University
                                                                                          Xavier University, Ohio
   The Oaks • Summer 2008
                                    Tracy Lynne Harris
                                    Jamie Lynn Hazelton                Bank of America Awards
Honor Society                       Miranda Cleo Hudson
                                    Maria Kalogerias
                                                                       Bank of America Plaques
                                    Margarette Clemente Mariano
                                    Evangelina Martinez
                                    Kimberly Anne Mathews
                                                                       for Excellence
                                    Rania Odeh                         Jenelle Lauren Alexander
California Scholarship Federation   Deanna Dolores Padilla             Bank of America Plaque for Excellence in the
Catherine McAuley Chapter           Tracey Ann Poland
                                                                       Field of Fine Arts
Highest Honor                       Marjorie Ann Ramos
                                    Christina Ida Sylvia Raquel
Jenelle Lauren Alexander                                                            Daniella Marie Ciappara
Taleen Elizabeth Bilemdjian         Jennifer Ann Warner
                                                                                    Bank of America Plaque for
Kristin Joy Donovan                 Marissa Kimberly Wong
                                                                                    Excellence in the Field of
Maria Remedios Geronimo                                                             Liberal Arts
Jamie Lynn Hazelton                 La Société Honoraire de Français
Miranda Cleo Hudson                 Antoine de St. Exupéry Chapter                  Angie Kang
Ashley Allison Medina Inciong       Life Membership                                 Bank of America Plaque for
Maria Kalogerias

                                                                                                                 Class of 2008
                                    Elizabeth Aurora Cortes                         Excellence in the Field of
Clare Yu Louie                      Andrea Ynez Flores                              Science and Mathematics
Margarette Clemente Mariano         Elizabeth Mary Gallagher
Kristina Nicole Pagsolingan         Tracy Lynne Harris
Tracey Ann Poland                   Angie Kang
Sarah Camille Sison                  Fannie Del Carmen Lopez
Jennifer Ann Warner                 Evangelina Martinez                Bank of America Certificates
                                    Laura C. Mees
                                    Alexis Lisette Munoz               of Achievement
                                    Erica Oropeza
                                    Marissa Kimberly Wong              Kristin Joy Donovan
                                                                       Bank of America Certificate in
                                    La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica    American Sign Language
                                    La Virgen de Guadalupe Chapter
                                    Life Membership                    Adrienne Danielle Kleid
                                    * With distinction                 Bank of America Certificate in Art
                                    Nicole Diandra Adelman
                                                                       Nicole Diandra Adelman
                                    Jenelle Lauren Alexander*
                                    Elizabeth Joan Becker              Jennifer Ann Warner
                                    Daniella Marie Ciappara            Bank of America Certificate in Dance
                                    Gillian Wallis Brett Clowes*
                                    Angela Maria Rebecca               Emma Louise Jepsen
                                        Achacoso Dela Cruz             Mary Elizabeth Zimmerman
                                    Maria Remedios Geronimo            Bank of America Certificate in Drama
                                    Joanna Colleen Hansen
                                    Maria Kalogerias                   Tracy Lynne Harris
California Scholarship Federation   Margarette Clemente Mariano        Bank of America Certificate in English
Catherine McAuley Chapter           Rania Odeh
                                    Deanna Dolores Padilla             Evangelina Martinez
Life Member
                                    Marjorie Ann Ramos*                Bank of America Certificate in French
Stephanie Joy Babasa                Mercy Grace Deang Sabado
Megan Alexandra Chan                                                   Maria Kalogerias
Sarah Louise Chu                    The Tri-M Music Honor Society      Bank of America Certificate in Life Science
Daniella Marie Ciappara             Life Member
Marysha Ann Cihak                                                      Marjorie Ann Ramos
Daniella Frances DeLuca             Jenelle Lauren Alexander
                                    Stephanie Joy Babasa               Bank of America Certificate in Mathematics
Amanda Christine Galli
Angie Kang                          Valerie Theresa Cordova
                                    Emma Louise Jepsen                 Stephanie Joy Babasa
Athina Ashleigh Dejesus Leyba
                                    Grace Elizabeth Komarek-Meyer      Grace Elizabeth Komarek-Meyer
Deanna Dolores Padilla
                                    Amanda Margaretha Meffert          Elizabeth Micaela Owen
Lora Mae Perez
Rachel Mendoza Quizon               Elizabeth Micaela Owen             Bank of America Certificate in Music
Marjorie Ann Ramos                  Susie S. Park
Christina Ida Sylvia Raquel                                            Margarette Clemente Mariano
                                                                       Bank of America Certificate in Physical Science
The National Honor Society                                             Christina Ida Sylvia Raquel
Catherine McAuley Chapter                                              Bank of America Certificate in Religion
Senior Members
Jenelle Lauren Alexander                                               Maria Remedios Geronimo
Emily Caroline Chambers                                                Bank of America Certificate in Social Studies
Megan Alexandra Chan
Daniella Marie Ciappara                                                Gillian Wallis Brett Clowes
Kristin Joy Donovan                                                    Bank of America Certificate in Spanish
Amanda Rachel Downing
Andrea Ynez Flores
Maria Remedios Geronimo
                                                                               The Oaks • Summer 2008            
                                   Class of 2      Isis Ann Etorma
                                                   Katherine Putney Evans
                                                   Erika Anne Flak
                                                   Andrea Ynez Flores
                                                   Stephanie Ann Franceschi
                                                                                    Ninoshka Jackeline Mirkooshesh
                                                                                    Megan Marie Moon
                                                                                    Gina Marie Morando
                                                   Elizabeth Mary Gallagher         Alexis Lisette Munoz
                                                   Amanda Christine Galli           Priya Naicker
                                                   Kristina Germano                 Stephanie Palada Nocos
                                                   Maria Remedios Geronimo          Gabriela Dawn Nordeman
                                                   Lauren Nicole Gollehon           Rania Odeh
                                                   Jacqueline Iris Grinberg         Angelica Oropeza
                                                   Joanna Colleen Hansen            Erica Oropeza
Nicole Diandra Adelman                             Tracy Lynne Harris               Elizabeth Micaela Owen
Jenelle Lauren Alexander                           Jamie Lynn Hazelton              Deanna Dolores Padilla
Lauren Brittany Ampola                             Kellie Christina Holthaus        Kristina Nicole Pagsolingan
Melissa Pasibe Aranzaso                            Miranda Cleo Hudson              Susie S. Park
Stephanie Joy Babasa                               Ashley Allison Medina Inciong    Tannith Pamela Patterson
Sarah Elizabeth Barbanica                          Emma Louise Jepsen               Lora Mae Perez
Elizabeth Joan Becker                              Ashley Nicole Jones              Tanya Maria Pisani
Jessica Marie Belluomini                           Melissa Rachelle A. Jose         Tracey Ann Poland
Kathleen Elizabeth Bendick                         Maria Kalogerias                 Victoria Ilena Poynter
Taleen Elizabeth Bilemdjian                        Angie Kang                       Sara Edith Quintanilla
                    Mellisa Christine Bottali      Megan Marie Kearney              Rachel Mendoza Quizon
                    Erin Kristen Bouey-Suen        Adrienne Danielle Kleid          Ariadne Lynn Ramirez
                    Marie Allyson Luansing Bunac   Brianna Koloamatangi             Marjorie Ann Ramos
                    Katrina Mae Reyes Cabauatan    Grace Elizabeth Komarek-Meyer    Christina Ida Sylvia Raquel
                    Jacqueline Campos              Diane Heilala Kolokakala Langi   Reeza Pascual Rayala
                    Emily Caroline Chambers        Leah Marie Larrarte              Natasha Borzello Reynoso
                    Megan Alexandra Chan           Athina Ashleigh Dejesus Leyba    Joshelle Leanna Rufino
                    Sarah Louise Chu               Melissa Anne Liwanag             Kerry Lynn Ryan
                    Daniella Marie Ciappara        Olga Loginova                    Mercy Grace Deang Sabado
                    Marysha Ann Cihak              Fannie Del Carmen Lopez          Joyce Albel S. Santos
                    Gillian Wallis Brett Clowes    Clare Yu Louie                   Gina Christine Sevieri
                    Valerie Theresa Cordova        Kathleen Elizabeth Lund          Sarah Camille Sison
Elizabeth Aurora Cortes                            Kelly Margaret Madera            Danica Marie Smerdel
Cara Lynn De Luca                                  Xiara Alessandra Manio           Gabriela Michele Sucher
Angela Maria Rebecca Achacoso Dela Cruz            Margarette Clemente Mariano      Beatrice Gisel Tanjuakio
Andrea Beatriz DeLeon                              Evangelina Martinez              Despina Taptelis

Daniella Frances DeLuca                            Raquel Octavia Martinez          Danielle Elizabeth Taylor
Megan Claire Dillon                                Kimberly Anne Mathews            Sharmaine Love Twomey
Kristin Joy Donovan                                Laura C. Mees                    Angelica Bueno Villanueva
Amanda Rachel Downing                              Amanda Margaretha Meffert        Jennifer Ann Warner
                                                                                    Marissa Kimberly Wong
                                                                                    Michelle Xie Wong
                                                                                    Samantha Jane Wong-Hom
                                                                                    Mary Elizabeth Zimmerman

   The Oaks • Summer 2008


           The Oaks • Summer 2008   
                            Career Day 2008!
                            Alumnae and friends share their expertise...
                            Every other year, the Mercy High School Counseling
                            Department sponsors a Career Day in order to give our students
                            the opportunity to hear about careers that they might wish to
                            pursue. The day is filled with lots of excitement as the girls
                            attend three sessions, and have the ability to ask questions
                            regarding these professions!

                            This year’s Career Day hosted 42 speakers, most of who were
                            women in professions as far reaching as that of a Pilot, a Broadway
                            actress, and a Defense Contractor Negotiator to name a few!
                            Special thanks to the alumnae, parents and friends of Mercy who
                            so graciously gave up their time to come and speak with the girls.
                            It was truly a day to be remembered!

                            If you are interested in being a speaker at our next Career Day,
                            Spring 2010, please contact Joann Riggio, Counseling
                            Department Chair. 650/762-1141 or

                            Thank you to our 2008 Career Day Speakers
                            listed below:

                            3Danimation/Computer Art - Peter Sahsidachny
                            Actress - Rona Figueroa ‘90
                            Architect - Una Kinsella ‘83
                            Business Systems Analyst - Liz Rieke
                            Business Exec/Policy Analysis - Christine Fernandez
                            Clinical Lab Science - Geraldine Albee
                            Coast Guard - Jennifer Every
                            Corporate Sales Executive - Alison Vorsatz ‘98
                            Court Reporter - Judy DeAlba
                            Defense Contractor Negotiator - Pam Maxwell
                            Dentist - Tanya Manyak
                            Doctor/Internist - Aileen Whelan MD ‘86
                            Educational Therapist - Darlene DiMaria
                            Engineer - Claire Komives
                            Equity Research Analyst - Catriona Fallon ‘88
                            Executive Assistant - Anna Allen
                            F.I.D.M. - Jody Levratto
                            Film Production - Denise Cascino
                            Financial Planner - Brandy Martinez Navarro ‘98
                            Firefighter - Stefanie Morello ‘91
                            Garment Production - Karen Steffey
                            Graphic Design - Catherine Iwaki
                            Hospitality/Hotel Industry - Mari Uchida ‘00
                            Human Resources - Michelle Squires ‘91
                            Interior Designer - Agnes Moser
                            Lawyer - Monica Castillo

 The Oaks • Summer 2008
   Nurse - Michelle Gomes ‘98
   Nurse - Julie O’Brien
   Pediatrician - Naveen Mahmood MD ‘85
   Physical Therapist - Patty Casey
   Pilot - Christine Tucker
   Politician - Evelyn Szelenyi
   Prinicpal - Katya Y. Villalobos ‘86
   Print Production Manager - Sally Lagman
   Probation Officer - Lori Klinger-Smiley ‘89
   Producer Assistant - Ardees Rabang ‘92
   Scientist - Young Amy
   Sergent - Caroline Serrato
   Teacher - Gina Lencioni ‘00
   Therapist - Maggie deVera ‘87
   Veterinarian - Angela Hughes
   Wedding Planner - Tosca Clark

Career Day 2008                                  The Oaks • Summer 2008   
                                                                                                                                                                                          Regional Mercy
                                                                                                                                                                                          Communities Merge...
                                                                                                                                                                                          Sister Judy Cannon
   Mercy Volunteer Corps                                                                                                                                                                  Elected to Leadership
  Give a Year of Service in
       the United States!
Call Sister Sheila Devereux at                                                                                                                                                              The Sisters of the Mercy Burlingame Community and five other
      415-751-9574 for                                                                                                                                                                      regional Mercy communities recently merged into a new
      more information.                                                                                                                                                                     organization called the West Midwest Community. The administrative
                                                                                                                                                                Sr. Judy Cannon                                                                                                                                                                    center is now in Omaha, Nebraska (as of July 1, 2008) with smaller
                                                                                                                                                           staffs remaining in the former regions. The merger is part of a restructuring of the Institute
                                                                                                                                                           of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.
                                                                                                                                                           Amid a joyous celebration in a Chicago Assembly, six Sisters of Mercy were elected at the end of
                                                                                                                                                           March to lead the new West Midwest Community of the Sisters of Mercy which stretches from
                      Becoming a Sister
                                                                                                                                                           San Francisco to Detroit. Sister Judy Cannon of the Burlingame Sisters of Mercy was elected to
                          of Mercy
                                                                                                                                                           serve on the leadership team of six. The new team will oversee collaboration among the almost
            Spend your life in a
                                                                                                                                                           900 sisters and over 520 associates in ministry, finances and governance. Sisters will continue to
          community of women
           committed to Mercy.                                                                                                                             live and minister where they are now.
             Meet our vocation
           director, Sister Cindy,                                                                                                                         “The spirit of the Assembly was wonderful,” said Judy. “It is clear that we are all creating the                                                                                                                           West Midwest together, and it is affirming to be elected to leadership. I’m looking forward to
           Feel free to email her                                                                                                                          getting to know much more of the community and creating new ways for us to be together in
         with your questions about
                 the Sisters.
                                                                                                                                                           order to further our mission as Mercy.”

                                                                                                                                                           Judy is a member of the Catholic Healthcare West
                                                                                                                                                           Board of Directors. She has been part of the           congratulations
                                                                                                                                                           team that has helped reconfigure the local Mercy
                                                                                                                                                           regions into the West Midwest Community. Prior
                                                                                                                                                           to that, Judy was director of social ministry for                          60 Year Jubilarian
                       Mercy Associates                                                                                                                                                                                               Sister Rosemary Sullivan
         Associates are lay people,                                                                                                                        the Leadership Conference of Women Religious,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mercy Burlingame Faculty
           single or married, who                                                                                                                          a member of the leadership team for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      from 1953-1966
             are committed to the                                                                                                                          Burlingame Regional Community, and director                                Biology & Religion

               mission of Mercy.                                                                                                                           of social justice for Catholic Healthcare West. Judy
            If you are interested in
           learning more, contact
                                                                                                                                                           taught Math and Religion at Mercy Burlingame
            Sister Felice Sauers at                                                                                                                        1965-66 and 1970-79 at that time her name
                                                                                                                           was Sister Mary Eucharista.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      50 Year Jubilarian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sister Judith Carle
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mercy Burlingame Faculty
the original album remastered!                                                                                                                                                                                                        from 1971-1974
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      English & Religion
                                                                                1. The Call
                                                                                2. The Word
                                                                                3. Peace Hymn
                                                                                4. Advent Glad Song
                                                                                5. Walk in Light
                                                                                6. Stilled and Quiet is my Soul, Psalm 139
                                                                                                                                                           Living Spirit CD Now Available!
                                                                                7. Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock

                                                                                                                                                           Sister Suzanne Toolan, RSM and the
                                                                                8. Ephesians Hymn I
                                                                                9. Living Waters
                                                                               10. I Am the Bread of Life
                                                                               11. Friendship Hymn
                                                                               12. Tell It Out
                                                                               13. Psalm 84

                                                                                                                                                           Mercy Burlingame Chorale, Glee & Schola
                                                                               14. Hymn of Unity
                                                                               15. Hymn of Joy
                                                                               16. Living Spirit
                                                                               17. Ephesians Hymn II

                                                                                                                Suzanne Toolan, RSM
                                                                                                                 Mercy Burlingame Chorale, Glee & Schola

                                                                                                                          GIA Publications, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                           remastered orginal album is now available!                                 50 Year Jubilarian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sister Kathleen Connolly ‘58
                                                                                                                                                           Contact Genemare Beegan, RSM to order                                      Mercy High School,
                                                                                                                                                           CDs at: or call the                                        Burlingame Alumna
                                                                                                                                                           Mercy Center Bookstore at (650) 340-7474.                                  Class of 1958
Contact Genemarie Beegan, rsm for ordering more CDs at: Sales are made through Mercy Center Bookstore, Burlingame, CA
Mail the order form below to: Genemarie Beegan, rsm 2300 Adeline Drive Burlingame, CA 94010

Name ______________________________________________________      Please send me _______ Living SPirit CDs @ $ 18.50* each for a total of $ __________
                                                                                          *Calif. residents add $1.50 tax per CD= $20 each
Address ____________________________________________________                             prices listed include postage.
                                                                    Check enclosed for the total made payable to: “Mercy Center Bookstore”
City, State, Zip _____________________________________________      Please bill my credit card. I have signed below.
email: ______________________________________________________              Visa               #_______________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________               MAStercard       Exp. _____/_____   Signed_________________________________

                                                         0 The Oaks • Summer 2008
Alumnae Spotlight
                        Claire Haggarty ‘67
                        Opens Fitness Center...
                        In February of this year, Claire Haggarty ’67, opened Adaptive Fitness Centers of America
                        in South San Francisco. This new fitness center is designed to help individuals with special
                        health, orthopedic, mobility and
                        age-related challenges meet and
                        keep their fitness goals. Claire
                        is finalizing her certification in
                        adaptive fitness at Foothill College,
                        in Los Altos. She wanted to open
                        a place that is community-based
                        but also offers private training
                        and sessions in a friendly,
                        non-judgmental, non-competitive

                        Before the center opened, people
                        who had completed physical
                        therapy often were left on their
                        own to work out at home.
                        Classmate Kathy Romo Mefford ’67
                        who has lived with Multiple
                        Sclerosis (MS) for 19 years, had
                        been exercising at home using a tape         Claire Haggarty ‘67 works with classmate Kathy Romo Mefford ‘67 at the fitness center.
                        from the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
                        Since the fitness center’s opening, she is now Claire’s client. Kathy hopes to go to the center three times a week to strengthen her
                        body, particularly her legs. For someone with multiple sclerosis, consistent exercise brings better coordination and improved
                        balance. Claire says, “The mere act of exercise improves blood flow and helps weather the storm of neurological disease.”

                       With State-of-the-Art equipment (the majority wheelchair accessible) and personal trainers who carefully design fitness
                       programs, individuals can meet personal goals to help achieve a better quality of life. Claire’s philosophy is that well-being
                       promotes happiness and is strengthened by healthy choices that include a personal commitment to exercise, a positive attitude
                                               and sense of spirituality. Adaptive Fitness Centers of America can strengthen the body and help the
         “Fitness   programs designed          individual enjoy the gift of themselves and the beauty of each day.
          to help you enjoy your life           Dr. Karl Knopf, professor of the Adaptive Fitness Technician Program at Foothill College said Claire is
               as strong as possible!”          carrying out a life long dream of his. Dr. Knopf also said, “Regular gyms are not equipped to meet the
                                                needs of the elderly or disabled…she’s going to fill that gap. One of the things that Claire’s program
                        does is, it makes people believe they are capable of doing things.” Dr. Knopf has worked in the field of adaptive fitness
                        education for 30+ years. Claire highly recommends Dr. Knopf’s classes to anyone interested in pursuing this field either as
                        their primary career or a second, re-entry career.

                        Claire would love to connect with a Physical Therapist who would be willing to work part time at the center. The ideal
                        PT would be someone who has their own Medicare ID so Medicare and insurance companies can be billed. The fitness center
                        recently purchased some lower limb neuroprosthetic devices that can assist some people with “drop foot” in achieving more
                        normal ambulation. Having a part time PT would enable Adaptive Fitness Centers of America to offer evaluation services to
                        clients facing this challenge, such as people with MS, as well as individuals recovering from stroke and other neurological or
                        spinal cord injuries.

                        The center recently co-hosted two evening seminars. Dr. Darin Okuda and Dr. Elizabeth Crabtree, both neurologists
                        at UCSF spoke on recent developments in identifying possible causes of MS and new therapies focusing on genetic
                        considerations. For more information on future seminars or Adaptive Fitness Centers of America please contact
                        Claire Haggarty at or 650-873-0700. (The center is also available for use by personal trainers
                        and their clients for private or small group sessions.)

                                                                                                                The Oaks • Summer 2008           
                                                                                                  sclerosis, or many other life-
        A Gift Not Wasted                                                                         threatening diseases. However, the
                                                                                                  solution to save every life on those
        By Belia Leon Rennels ‘58                                                                 waiting lists is within our power
                                                                                                  to achieve.
        “To donate one’s organs is an act of love that is morally licit as long as it is
        free and spontaneous. To be an organ donor means to carry out an act of love              In April I attended the CTDN’s
        toward someone in need, toward a brother in difficulty. It is a free act of love, of      annual luncheon where donor
        availability, that every person of good will can do at any time and for any brother.      families and recipients celebrate
        As for myself, I have agreed to give my organs to whomever might be in need.”             life. Imagine a little girl thanking
        —Pope Benedict XVI                                                                        her donor family because in the fall
                                                                                                  she’ll be able to go to kindergarten;
                                                         life which only one who’s been
                                                                                                  a young woman being able to enjoy
        No one could be more surprised than              deprived of such normalcy can
                                                                                                  sports denied her in her childhood
        I to be doing what I am at this stage in         truly appreciate. Unfortunately, six
                                                                                                  because of a diseased heart; a
        life. At 67 years old I’m being published,       months later she died, at thirty years
                                                                                                  teenager who will reach adulthood;
        A Gift Not Wasted is due out in the fall.        young, as a result of complications
                                                                                                  a young parent who will live to raise
        It’s the story of my thirty-year-old niece       from a sinus infection. The angst that
                                                                                                  his/her children; and a grandparent
        and godchild, Sylvia, and a memorable            followed was crushing.
                                                                                                  who will be around to care for
        experience we shared. Set within my                                                       grandchildren. These examples
        Mexican-American culture, it offers              At first, writing the book was a
                                                                                                  are merely a fleeting look at the
        a glimpse into our customs, foods,               catharsis to help me deal with the
                                                                                                  extraordinary impact that organ
        entertainment and family interaction.            grief. Unexpectedly, it also had led
                                                                                                  donation has on the lives of those
        This sets the stage to explain why it was        me down a remarkable path. The
                                                                                                  on the waiting lists. Donating life
                                    such a natural       journey started with volunteering for
                                                                                                  is a powerful legacy. I encourage
                                    decision to          The National Kidney Foundation by
                                                                                                  you to exercise it by registering
                                    give Sylvia          promoting their Healthy Kidneys For
                                                                                                  on line or with the DMV or with
                                    my kidney            Life program to fifth graders. Then,
                                                                                                  the California Transplant Donor
                                    in January of        almost accidentally, I discovered The
                                                                                                  Network at or at
                                    1995. The            California Transplant Donor Network
                                    “gift” referred      (CTDN), an organ procurement

                                                                                                                                          Alumnae Spotlight
                                    to in the title is   organization (OPO). Every hospital
                                                                                                  An important aspect, once you’ve
                                    not my giving        in the country has an OPO and each
                                                                                                  decided to be an organ donor, is to
                                    Sylvia a kidney      one is under the national supervision
                                                                                                  make sure you discuss your choice
                                    as might be          of UNOS, The United Network for
                                                                                                  with your family. From all accounts,
                                    assumed. It          Organ Sharing. This is the agency
                                                                                                  they are the ones who will be
                                    is rather that       responsible for coordinating organ
                                                                                                  greatly comforted by honoring your
                                    she permitted        donations and maintaining the organ
                                                                                                  wishes. In my new role as author
                                    me, after            waiting lists. I learned that one
                                                                                                  and advocate for organ donation,
                                    some serious         person can save up to seven lives
                                                                                                  I ask that you consider gifting life.
Belia “Bel” Leon Rennels ‘58        convincing on        and, if you add bone and tissue,
                                                                                                  If it has been our intent to do good
                                    my part, to be       that number jumps to 50. What an
                                                                                                  while here on earth, what better way
        her donor. Her gift to me turned out to          amazing ability we have to donate
                                                                                                  to complete that objective? Pope
        be one of the most euphoric experiences          life. And that is the main thrust of
                                                                                                  Benedict XVI is the first organ donor
        imaginable. Incidentally, my remaining           my book – to increase the awareness
                                                                                                  card- carrying pope. What better
        kidney functions admirably for two and           that each one of us possesses the
                                                                                                  endorsement than that? And there is
        there’s never been any detriment to my           ability to save lives through organ
                                                                                                  not one major religion who objects
        health as a result of the surgery.               donation.
                                                                                                  to organ donation. I’m hoping that
                                                                                                  A Gift Not Wasted will shine a light
        The nephrectomy (kidney transplant               Over 98,000 people in the United
                                                                                                  on this critical need. Who better
        surgery) was a success. As predicted,            States are on organ waiting lists.
                                                                                                  than you my fellow Mercy alumnae
        we were both back at our jobs within             Eighteen of them die every day
                                                                                                  to help illuminate the way? Hear the
        six weeks. Sylvia resumed a normal               due to the lack of available organs.
                                                                                                  plea, take it to heart, register and
                                                         We don’t have the cure for cancer,
                                                                                                  know that, through you, lives go on.
                                                         Parkinson’s Disease, multiple

           The Oaks •• Summer 2008
           The Oaks Summer 2008
Class Notes                                                                                         Once a Mercy
 Calling All Alums! Let us know what you are up to! We love to have information                     Girl Always a
 for the Class Notes section of the Oaks, as well as information we can use in an
 article! Use the enclosed envelope to send us your news and photo or e-mail us                      Mercy Girl!
 at We look forward to hearing from you soon!

 Gloriette Caviglia McGuire ‘34 writes, “I have wonderful memories of my years at mercy
 and the girls in classes 1933 through 1938. We were a small school then and wonderful
 sisters teaching us. God bless you.”

                                                            Lois Scampini ‘46 writes,
                                                            “In celebration of all of us
                                                            turning 80 this year, 12 of us
                                                            had a day at the races at Bay              Join us for
                                                            Meadows on April 23!” Those              Homecoming...
                                                            who attended were: Claire
                                                            Prentice Woodward ’46, Joan
                                                            Greco Briggson ‘46, Margaret
                                                            Trembley Wyman ‘46, Mary              September 21, 2008
                                                            Faretti ‘46, Leonore Martino
                                                            Bailey ‘46, Dorothy Gibson               All Mercy Alumnae
                                                            Fraser ‘46, Patricia Toohig ‘46,             are invited!
Six members of the Class of 1946 had their picture taken    Sister Joan Toohig ‘47, Irene
     with the winning Jockey in the 7th race (l to r):      Garibaldi Aubright ‘46, Agnes          See the inside back cover
    Claire Prentice Woodward, Joan Greco Briggson,          Evans Gower ‘46, Barbara                 of this publication for
 Margaret Trembley Wyman, Mary Faretti, The Jockey,         Parker Steiner ‘46, and Lois             reservation form and
  Leonore Martino Bailey, and Dorothy Gibson Fraser.        Scampini ‘46. (See photo at left)        details. You may also
                                                                                                        visit our website
 Winnie Brisbois Buckley ‘48 and husband Doctor Jim Buckley are the parents of 12                       to register online
 children and their 27th grandchild, Michael James Anderluh was born on April 28th.        
 Wow, congratulations!
                                                                                                    Hope to see you there!
 The class of 1950 celebrated their
 58th Class Reunion on April 26,
 2008, at the Terrace Cafe in the El
 Rancho Inn of Millbrae. Those who
 attended had a great time enjoying                                                             Members of the Class of 1950
 each other and catching up on                                                                  seated l to r: Mary Monast Cravalho,
 family news. (See photo at right.)                                                             Nancy Cummings Johnson and Patricia
                                                                                                Morton Butler. Standing l to r: Peggy
 Joyce Flores Kiefer ‘56 still                                                                  Sangenito Perez, Roberta Pinn Craig,
 arranges occasional events for                                                                 Dolores Maillard Gardner and Joan
 Engineering at Stanford. She also                                                              Retchless Lawson.
 writes columns for two websites
 - and Bay Area Family Travel and serves as an outdoor education leader
 for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District. Joyce writes, “Bill and I truly enjoy our
 cabin near Pine Grove in the Sierra foothills and look forward to summer high mountain
 hikes among the wildflowers. We expect our 7th grandchild this summer - 2nd grandson
 - to be born in Salt Lake City. No big trips being planned - cost has become far too high.
 It’s fun to re-explore the U.S.”

                                                                                            The Oaks • Summer 2008      
                                            Class Notes cont.
                                             Sister Kathleen Connolly ‘58 comes         1960’s
Have you named                               from a family proud of its many sisters
                                             and priests, some who have served as
                                                                                        Jeanette Lazare Brown ‘61 writes,
                                                                                        “Hi to all you former classmates,
Mercy in your                                                        missionaries in
                                                                     Africa. Father
                                                                                        especially the class of ‘61. I look
                                                                                        forward to hearing from any and all
will or trust?                                                       Ben Cummins        who would like to contact me.
                                                                     and retired        I live in Redding, Ca. up North and
Mercy education is a gift for a                                      Bishop John        have been here since 1965. I have a
lifetime and we depend upon                                          Cummins are        son, 41 yrs. old, lives in the Dallas area
your support. By naming Mercy                                        her cousins. She   and has a lovely wife and four children,
High School, Burlingame as                                           attended Mercy     ages ranging from 17 to 23! Our
a beneficiary in your estate                                         High School        daughter is 30, has a 12 yr. old son
planning, you will leave a lasting                                   Burlingame and     and lives in Redding. Then, I have 3
legacy which will benefit future                                     was attracted by   step-daughters, one of which lives in
generations of Mercy students.          Sr. Kathleen Connolly ‘58 the sisters’ love     Redding and two live in SoCal.
Whether it is in your will, a                                        of community       All in all we have 10 grandchildren.
charitable trust, or a life insurance        there. After her profession in 1961        So that pretty much describes the
policy, your legacy gift from your           as Sister Mary Austin, she taught for      important features of my life.
estate can help Mercy for years              22 years, mostly seventh and eighth        Thanks for reading!”
to come.                                     grades, in San Francisco, Los Angeles,
                                             and Bakersfield, and then moved to         Peggy Cosgrave ‘64 has been a
We hope you’ll tell us when                  Pocahontas, Virginia, as part of the       professional actor for 37 years and most
you have named Mercy High                    Mercy Federation’s New Foundation’s        recently traveled to Frankfort, Germany
School, Burlingame in your estate            project. She loved working with            and Basel, Switzerland to play Big
planning so that we can recognize            the people of Appalachia, and for          Momma in the play “Cat on a Hot Tin
                   your giving in            five years she lived with three other      Roof.” Peggy writes, “It was my joy to be
                   the Catherine’s           Sisters of Mercy, ministering to the       playing Big Momma. The play sold out
                   Legacy Society            marginalized as a social worker for        and was a huge hit! I bought a Euro-rail
                   as well as have           Lutheran Family Services and for           Pass and every day went on a trip all over
                   the opportunity           Children’s Protective Services. Since      Germany and even into France. It was
                   to thank you for          then Sister Kathleen has worked as         wonderful! I am now in New York getting
your generosity. If you prefer to            a social worker for Shasta County,         ready to go to Rochester, NY to do Pride
remain anonymous, your gift will             California, and for a foster family        and Prejudice, playing Mrs. Bennett from
be kept completely confidential.             agency in Redding. Currently her work      4/21 to 6/23. Hope any Mercy girl in the
But at the same time, recognition            is as a social worker with Catholic        area will come and see me this time or
of your gift can encourage others            Charities Refugee Fostercare Program       anytime. Last year took me to Ohio, New
to do the same. Whatever the                 in San Jose. Most of the children in       Jersey, Utah and Louisiana never
case, we will honor your wishes,             her caseload are from the refugee          know. I am happy as ever!”
because we appreciate your                   camps in Africa.
support immensely.                                                                      Maurie Redfeather-Looking ‘67 writes,
                                            The class of 1959 will be celebrating       “So far this has been a year of family
For more information, please                their 50th anniversary in 2009.             changes, additions and updates. On
contact Mary Lund, Director of              Eugenia Dubbiosi Hovland and                January 28th my oldest granddaughter,
Development at 650-762-1190 or              Jeanette Fambrini Papapietro would          Dominique, married her high school                          like to hear from you now so that we        sweetheart Javier, in a beautiful
                                            can begin planning our reunion. We          ceremony here in Sacramento wearing
We also have extensive information          were thinking about a luncheon the          a dress she had me make for her. In
and resources regarding estate              day before Homecoming (Saturday)            February came the announcement of
planning on Mercy’s website                 and then reserving a room at the            the forthcoming birth this September in the                     mansion for Sunday’s Homecoming.            of my fourth great grandchild, a little
Giving to Mercy section.                    Looking forward to seeing all of you!       boy to be named Dakota, Jr. On
                                            Please contact Eugenia if you are           February 29th we welcomed my
                                            interested in participating via email.      youngest grandchild, a little boy named
                                            My email address:        Logan. At number 38, I’m sincerely

     The Oaks • Summer 2008
    Class Notes cont.
    hoping he is the last grandchild. On March 28th, Aubrey Lynn Rose, my first great
    granddaughter was born. From May 1st to June 20th it seemed that there was a
    graduation or promotion ceremony almost every day. Another granddaughter,
    Celeste, will be attending U. C. Davis this fall to study Political Science and Native
    American Studies, while my grandson Nicholas, a high school junior, will be
    sailing away this summer on a special science program offered to students interested
    in Marine Biology. I’ve finally resorted to a spread sheet to keep track of everyone.
    It still amazes me how fast time has flown since my own graduation in 1967!
    Finally, this past week a cousin of mine from Florida, whom I have not seen
    since I was in 5th grade, found me from a posting on the website I
    made almost five years ago regarding our grandmother. We enjoyed a wonderful
    conversation on the phone and are looking forward to connecting in Dallas later
    this year. I really look forward to the “Oaks” arrival, especially the alumnae news,
    always hopeful that there will be news of my classmates! Come on Class of ‘67
    - tells us what you are up to!                                                                 Christmas at Kohl
    Pam Meuser Bazzani ‘68 writes,”Hello Everyone! Just to let you know I am alive
    and well in Penn Valley California (Lake Wildwood). Mike and I just celebrated                     Wednesday Evening
    our 36th wedding anniversary this week and we are both well. Our Son Matthew
    and his wife Marcy live in Santa Barbara with their two daughters. Our daughter                     December 3rd
    Aimee and her husband Jesus live in Plumas Lake with their three children.
                                                                                                         5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
    Our daughter Kelly lives in Burlingame and is a Registered Nurse at Peninsula
    Hospital in the ICU unit. We have five grandchildren, Noah who is eight,                                Admission: $7.00
    Antonia who is five, Miabella who is three, Joaquin who is two, and Lucy                      (no charge for children under 12)
    who is two months. I am planning to attend the reunion in September and
    hope to see you there!”                                                                          See the Kohl Mansion in
                                                                                                      its Holiday Elegance!
                                                                     The Class of
                                                                     1969 enjoyed                            • Docent Tours
                                                                     a 39th Reunion                       • Over 50 Vendors
                                                                     Luncheon on
                                                                     Saturday April 26,
                                                                                                     For more information call the
                                                                     2008 at Dominic’s                  Development Office at
                                                                     Restaurant at                           650-762-1190.
                                                                     Oyster Point
                                                                     in South San
                                                                     Francisco. “Classmates” renewed friendships and
                                                                     exchanged memories from their days at Mercy as well as
                                                                     taking time to catch up on families, careers and future plans.
                                                                     Plans were also initiated for the Class of ’69 upcoming 40th
                                                                     Reunion Celebration weekend to take place in September
                                                                     2009. “Save the Dates” of Sept. 20, 2009 for Homecoming
                                                                     Mass & Luncheon on the Mercy Campus and also Sept.
                                                                     19, 2009 for a Class Dinner and other activities. Details to
               Members of the Class of 1969 (l to r):                 follow in the future. If you would like to receive updates
row 1 – Catherine Ruo, Laurie Smith, Janice Cappa, Joanne Trefcer,    by email, please send your email address to Janice Scherba
                    Lori Breining, Lynne Rosaia;                      Philip at (See photo at left.)
row 2 – Kitty Burns, Janice Scherba, Bonnie Barca, Elaine Andrews,
            Jane Pesino, Arlene Johnson, Kitsy BeBeau;                Lynne Rosaia ‘69 was featured in the “People” section of
   row 3 – Chris Kelly, Marion Bragg, Patrice Baron, Annabelle        The Examiner in April of 2008. Lynne is the founder of
            Kloezeman, Jackie Willson, Sharon Santini,                My Nonni’s Italian Foods and the dishes she distributes
         Lisa Scandurra, Patsy Woodward, Beverly Arata;               have come to her through several generations of her family.
     row – 4 Michele Fasana, Diane Corollo, Joanne Gomez,             Because of the importance that the recipes have in her
         Cheryl Bortolussi, Valerie Armento, Susan Ryan.              family history, Lynne chose to turn to frozen food which
                  Not pictured – Marilyn Cullen.

                                                                                               The Oaks • Summer 2008        
                                          Class Notes cont.
                                          leaves the product in the same state when the consumer purchases as it was when
                                          it was made. Lynn also prides herself in keeping her ingredients local. Lynne said,
                                          “I’m very empathetic with working mothers who have trouble getting dinner on
                                          the table. With my products they can get a good dinner on the table in a couple of
                                          minutes. I’m all for famlies having dinner together again!” My Nonni’s is available in
                                          170 stores located in California and Nevada. Lynn hopes to soon make her products
                                          available throughout the West Coast! Many thanks to Lynn who has been so very
   Casino Night @ Kohl                    generous to Mercy by donating her famous ravioli and meat sauce each year for our
      Dinner Dance                        annual auction!

   Friday, October 17, 2008
         6:30 to 11:00 p.m.
                                          Angela Aubry ‘74 writes, “My youngest daughter Natalia, has graduated from Santa
Join us for Mercy’s Annual CASINO         Rosa High School with a scholarship to Santa Rosa Junior College. My Son Ricky,
NIGHT @ Kohl which will take              is working for Santa Barbara Foundation as an Assistant Accountant and my oldest
place in the Kohl Mansion on Friday,      daughter Christina, is working for Sutter Medical Foundation North Bay in Santa
                                          Rosa as a Medical Referral Specialist and is a Doula. I continue to work for Sonoma
October 17th from 6:30 p.m. to
                                          County Office of Education as an Administrative Secretary for the Non Public
11:00 p.m. Sponsored by the Mercy
                                          Schools/Foster Youth Department and presently I am going through my
Parents’ Club, it will be a fun, casual   background with Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department.”
evening for all parents, alumnae and
friends. The evening will begin with a
no-host bar while hors d’oeurves and
                                          Julie Greene ‘81 writes, “Hello everyone, I’m still in Sacramento (20+ years). I’m
buffet dinner stations can be enjoyed
                                          currently teaching high school and for fun I write plays, direct, and act at a local
throughout the evening as well as
                                          theatre.” Going Somwhere? a trio of short plays by Julie opened July 18th at the
games of chance and/or dancing in the     intimate (39-seat) Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre in Sacramento. The plays entitled
Great Hall all night long! For more       “Subway,” “Higher Learning” and “Flying to Santa Barbara” explore the ways we
information or to make reservations,      do—and don’t—rely on people life puts in our path. Julie is also doing volunteer
please call Janice Scherba Philip ‘69     work at the Capitol this summer.
at 650.762.1199 or email                     Lisa Tapia ‘85 is now living and working in Springfield, IL. Lisa is now a Law Judge
                                          with the Illinois Commerce Commission and was formerly a Criminal Prosecutor.

                                          Jocelynne Braham Frazier ‘89 writes, “In July, 2007, my family and I made the
                                          decision to leave the Bay Area for the great state of Washington; Mercer Island, WA
                                          to be exact. I am loving my job as the 4th Grade General Studies teacher at the
                                          Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle in Bellevue, WA where our daughter,
                                          Olivia is happily working her way through Kindergarten. Together with my
                                          husband Ian, we are exploring Washington and enjoying our new life in the Pacific
                                          Northwest. If there are any Mercy girls in the area who would like to get together
                                          and reminisce about our Mercy days feel free to email me at”
Cathy & Paul Moody
and Wedding Guests                        1990’s
                                          Catherine Eusebio Moody ‘90 married Paul Steven Moody on September 29, 2007.
                                          Paul was born and raised in San Jose and manages the implementation testing
                                          group at Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco. Cathy and Paul had a fun and lively
                                          wedding celebration with family and friends, including fellow alumni Melissa
                                          Eusebio Maulanasyah ‘75, Carina Eusebio Rickel ‘80, Mary Ann Eusebio White ‘81,
                                          Maribel Lavin Larson ‘88, Teri-Ann Tansingco Yan ‘90, Cristina Solis Centurion ‘90,
                                          Johanna de Leon Branzuela ‘90, Lyn Scott Choy ‘90, Queenie Felina ‘90 and Dina
                                          Dionicio Valdemoro ‘90. Their outdoor wedding was held at Cypress Meadows in
                                          Moss Beach, CA. Cathy and Paul currently reside in Pacifica, CA. (see photos left)

       The Oaks •• Summer 2008
       The Oaks Summer 2008
   Class Notes cont.
   Betty Shamieh ‘92 is a playwright, author, screenwriter, and actor. Betty is
   the author of fifteen plays. Most recently her play TERRITORIES had its world                   Alumnae Dues
   permeier at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco in January 2008.                                    Are Now
                                Karen Keefe ‘92 is studying to be a “Doula” in New                Being Collected...
                                Zealand and recently returned to the states. She was
                                able to visit with many of her old friends including
                                                                                                 The annual Mercy Alumnae
                                Shelly Straus Morton ‘92 in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
                                During her stay in Oregon, Karen joined Shelley                  dues are now being collected
                                and her family on a trip to Crater Lake.                         for the 2008-2009 year. It is
                                                                                                 through the generosity of the
                                 Christine Wherry Weldon ‘94 was married to Tim                  alumnae that we are able to
                                 Weldon on March 31, 2007 at St. Michael’s Church                mail you this newsletter. The
                                 in Livermore. In her wedding party were three
                                                                                                 Oaks gives us the chance to
                                 Mercy alumnae, including her Matron of Honor,
                                 Jennifer Lama Reeder (attended Mercy ‘90-’92),                  keep you abreast of the latest
                                 and close friends, Michelle Stenson Garibaldi                   Mercy news - your dues are
Karen Keefe, Shelly Straus       ‘94 and Sonja Bravo ‘94. Other Mercy alums in                   a critical funding source
 Morton and Shelly’s son         attendance                                                      for this publication. We
   Miles (3 years old)           included                                                        appreciate your support!
                                 Raquel de
    Jesus ‘94 and Susie Stenson ‘96. Later in
                                                                                                       Annual Alumnae
    the year, they welcomed their first child,
                                                                                                         Dues: $15
    Madeline Reese on November 19, 2007.
                                 She was                                                            Lifetime Membership:
                                 born in                                                                     $150
                                 at 2:06                                                           Please use the enclosed
                                 a.m. and                                                           envelope and mail to:
                                 weighed a
                                                                                                     Mercy High School
                                 petite but
                                 healthy                                                            Alumnae Association
                                                             Christine & Tim Weldon                   2750 Adeline Dr.
                                 6 lbs 4 oz.
                                                               and Wedding Party!
                                 We are head over heels                                            Burlingame, CA 94010.
                                 in love with her! Tim
                                  and Christine live in
      Madeline Reese Weldon
                                  Livermore. Tim is a Commercial Development                         New Lifetime
    Representative for Benjamin Moore and Christine works in marketing for Cooley                     Members...
    Godward Kronish LLP, a large corporate law firm based in Palo Alto. She also
    runs her own calligraphy business out of her home.                                             Mary Zwack Faber ‘54
                                                                                                      Sabine Leurent ‘63
                                Erica de Jesus Garcia ‘97 was married to Michael Garcia,
                                                                                                 Christina Solis Centurion ‘90
                                Mercy’s very own Science Teacher, on New Year’s Eve,
                                December 31, 2007. They were married at Our Lady of                   Jacqueline Galindo
                                Angels Church in Burlingame and held their reception at the             Greenburg ‘98
                                San Francisco Zoo which made several newscasts during the
                                holidays and appeared in many newspapers. Several people,
                                who are connected to Mercy, took part in Erica and Michael’s
                                wedding: Maid of Honor, Raquel de Jesus ‘94; Bridesmaids
                                - Sofia Bayawa ‘97, Consuelo De Vera ‘97 and Tiffany Dela
                                Cruz ‘97; Wedding Mass participants - Peter Diaz and Adam
                                Currier; Music - Kelly Cory ‘07 and Pam Matthews; Flowers
                                - Details by Design Events: Anna Cruz ‘96 and Roxanne
                                Melo ‘96; Wedding Cake and Grooms Cake - Sweet Dreams:
      Erica & Michael Garcia    Rebecca Lugtu ‘96; and in attendance - Ester Pacis ‘97.

                                                                                          The Oaks • Summer 2008     
                                                                           Class Notes cont.
                                                                          Jacqueline Galindo-Greenberg ‘98 was married to Douglas
                                                                          Alan Greenberg on August 25, 2007 at The Chapel of
                                                                          Our Lady in San Francisco. Bridesmaids included Mercy
                                                                          Alumni Cotille
                                                                          Carlson Davis
                                                                          ‘98 and Dara
     Annual                                                               Delucchi
Alumnae Phonathon                                                         Kawka ‘98. A
                                                                          large reception
   November 17 - 19, 2008                                                 followed the
    5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.                                                ceremony at
                                         Jacqueline & Douglas Greenberg
      Look for your 2007-2008                                             & Kueletos in
  Annual Report and Phonathon                                             Gharardelli              Jacqueline & her bridesmaids
     materials in late October.                Square in which Mercy Alumnus, Karlee
     Mercy students and alums                  King Buckley ‘98 was in attendance. Jacqueline and Douglas live in San Francisco
will be calling you during the week            after a recent move from Washington DC.
         of November 17th.

  If you would like to help with
                                                                                          Christina Fernandez Trejo ‘99 attended San
  the Phonathon, please contact
    the Development Office at                                                             Jose State University (BA, Political Science
   650.762.1190 or email us at                                                            ‘03) and the University of San Francisco                                                               (Masters in Public Administration ‘06).
                                                                                          While pursuing her MPA, she worked for
  Thank you for your support!                                                             U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer for 3 years as a
                                                                                          Constituent Representative, primarily assisting
                                                                                          constituents with immigration casework.
                                                         Christina & Jaime Trejo
                                                                                          At Senator Boxer’s office, Christina met her
                                               husband, Jaime Trejo. After getting engaged, they moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts
                                               for one year so that he could finish graduate school at Harvard’s Kennedy School
                                               of Government. They moved back to San
                                               Francisco one month prior to getting married
                                               on September 1, 2007 at Nicholson Ranch
                                               Winery in Sonoma. Christina writes, “It was
                                               the wine country wedding I had always

      Café de Kohl                             dreamed of. Lisa Paras ‘99 was one of my
                                               bridesmaids, as she and I have remained
                                               close friends ever since our days at Mercy.
       December 8, 2008                        I can’t wait for the class of 1999’s 10 year           Christina & her bridesmaids
      5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.                   reunion!” Christina currently work as a Policy
                                               Analyst for Mayor Chuck Reed of San Jose.
   Please join us for a tea/expresso
      bar as well as sweets and
  savories, boutique and continuous                                                2000’s
      entertainment throughout                                                     Christina Kho ‘01 graduated from the University
             the evening.                                                          of San Francisco in Spring of 2008 with a major in
                                                                                   Media Studies with an emphasis on Journalism.
       For more information or to
           make reservations
  call Terri Baldocci, Event Director,                                             Kelley Rauenbuehler ‘01 writes, “Last summer
   Kohl Mansion at 650.762.1136.                                                   Lauren Stechbart 01’ and I revisited Europe for our
                                                                                   third country jumping adventure. While we were
   This is a fundraiser benefiting the
    restoration and enhancement
                                                                                   there we met in Madrid, Spain, and then flew to
          of the Kohl Mansion.                                                     Ireland. In Ireland, Lauren and I visited the ‘Mercy
                                                                                   International Centre’ where Catherine McCaulley
                                                                                   first began her crusade to help those in need by

       The Oaks • Summer 2008                                                    Lauren Stechbart & Kelly Rauenbuehler
    Class Notes cont.
    building her first house of Mercy.
    Today the Center acts as a ‘Wellspring
    of Inspiration for those who come to
    continue Catherine’s mission of new
    life.’ We had a great time seeing the
    actual site; touring her house and
    enjoying tea to complete the visit.
    Lauren is currently living in San Diego
    after graduating with Honors in 2005
    from San Diego State. She now works
    for Emergency Vitamin sales and web
    design. I have remained somewhat
    local, graduating from Santa Clara
    University in 2005 and currently
    living in South San Francisco and
    working for Genentech Inc, a biotech              Alumnae Online Community
    company. It is always exciting to see
    what our old classmates are up to                     . . . Are You In Yet?
    these days. Thanks for keeping us
    informed!”                                    Hundreds of alumnae have logged in and set up their personal pages on
                                                     Mercy’s Online Alumnae Community, since it was launched in
    Megan Cid ‘04 graduated from the                              March 2008 at
    University of San Diego on May 25,
    2008, with a degree of Bachelor of              Who has already registered? Alum’s from 1945 to 2008 are posting
    Business Administration majoring             greetings, reunion info, photo’s and class notes. Once you are registered,
    in Business Administration with an             you will be able to browse through the online community to find old
    emphasis in Marketing and a minor                  friends from any graduating year and network with new ones.
    in Sociology.
                                                            Register today and connect with classmates
                                                                     and other Mercy alumnae!

                                                  If you are an alumna and have not registered, look on the address label on
                                                 the back of The Oaks for your personalized first time login Registration ID.

                                                                          Steps for registering:

                                                            Click on the Alumnae link on our website and then
                                                       Click Alumnae Online Community Scroll to the bottom of the
                                                        Alumnae Online Community page and click Register here:

                                                 Alumni Community Registration - STEP 1 - Enter last name

                                                 Alumni Community Registration - STEP 2 Select your name in the list
         From left to right (standing):              below and click Continue.
  Carmen Kestekyan, Katie Carey, Emmalie
      Moseley, Jenny Berg, Sarah Klink           Alumni Community Registration - STEP 3 In order to verify that you
(kneeling): Lisa Chapman, Michelle Calderoni         are registering as the correct alumnus/alumna, please enter your
                                                     Registration ID number noted on your address label on the back
    Seven of Mercy ‘06 graduates (pictured           of this Oaks.
    above) and their mothers got together for
    a small reunion during the first week of     Alumni Community Registration - STEP 4 Your registration ID has
    June. The girls caught up with their lives       been verified successfully! Please create a login below for future
    and enjoyed each other for a fun night of        visits to the alumni community. Your updated email address will be
    Mexican food and singing. They hope to           used in the event that you forget your username/password.
    keep in contact throughout the summer
    since all of them will be in town for a
                                                                                        The Oaks •• Summer 2008
                                                                                        The Oaks Summer 2008         
  =                 Rest in Peace
                    Please remember the following alumnae, alumnae family members and friends of the
                    Mercy High School Community in your prayers:

=	 Betty Galea Amis ‘54
=	 Barbara Jean Atkinson ‘44
                                              =	 Teresa Ferrario, mother of Rose Marie
                                                 Ferrario Jacobberger ‘55
                                              =	 Gwen Ferro, grandmother of Brenda Ferro
                                                                                                  =	 Elizabeth Zipp Pasco ‘59, sister of Carolyn
                                                                                                     Zipp Amador ‘57
                                                                                                  =	 Leona Viola Peltier, mother of Marilyn Peltier
=	 Donald S. Azzopardi, brother of Joan          2004 and Starr Tomlinson ‘02                        Rochesfort ‘52 and Teresa Peltier Hansell ‘61
  Azzopardi McGrath ‘54 and Diane
  Azzopardi Maxon ‘62                         =	 Virgnia Fickeisen, mother of Mary Beth           =	 Agnes Piccetti, grandmother of
                                                 Fickeisen Burns ‘63                                 Gianna Piccetti ‘04
=	 Robert Balliet, father of Debbie Balliet
   Moyle ‘79                                  =	 Michael Edward Fox, brother of Kathleen          =	 Winifred Ooghe Quilty ‘42
                                                 Fox Weed ‘75
=	 Fabian R. Banchini, father of Laura                                                            =	 Sister Mary Celeste Rouleau, RSM ‘43,
  Banchini Millstone ‘80 and Linda            =	 Frances Anne Garibaldi, sister of Gloria           sister of Jacqueline Rouleau Brunschwyler ‘51
  Banchini ‘87                                   Garibaldi Loing ‘60                                (deceased) and Marilyn Rouleau Hardman
=	 Gerald Beaulaurier, father of Michelle     =	 Greg Gillard, father of Laura Gillard Blue ‘85     ‘53 (deceased)
  Beaulaurier de Labaca ‘79, Geralyn
  Beaulaurier ‘81 and Mary Kate
                                              =	 John Traynor Greco, father of Anna Marie         =	 Marie June Rush, grandmother of
                                                 Greco 2010                                          Tammy Rush Glenn ‘88
  Beaulaurier ‘83
                                              =	 Marian Haines, mother of Carol Ann Haines        =	 Patricia Gallagher Salgado ‘80, sister of
=	 Mary Keane Belliveau ‘34                      Peters ‘66                                         Kathleen Gallagher Aven ‘82 and Theresa
=	 Joseph Bertoldi, brother of Joan                                                                 Gallagher ‘84
  Bertoldi Stalteri ‘50 (deceased) and
                                              =	 Leverne Harley, grandmother of Stacy             =	 Mario Scavarda, father of Mary Frances
                                                 Demakas Moffet ‘90
  Mary Lou Bertoldi Wald ‘54                                                                         Scavarda Gerbi ‘67
=	 Gloria M. Bini, mother of Leslie           =	 Mary Elise Barrett Heagarty ‘34, sister of       =	 Renee Shedoudi, grandmother of Jennifer
                                                Margaret Ann Barrett LeRigo ‘35 and Aunt of
   Bini Caldwell ‘78                            Marianne Barrett ‘78                                 Shedoudi Miller ‘87 and Lorraine Shedoudi ‘94
=	 Marie O’Halloran Bouret ‘44, sister        =	 Sigvard Heinlo, father of Carla Heinlo           =	Charlotte Ellen Scharff, mother of
  of Alice O’Halloran Carter ‘48 and             Strauch ‘78                                         Sharon Scharff Ventura ‘77
  Patricia O’Halloran Hartnett ‘53
                                              =	 Katharyne Henry, mother of Carol Henry           =	 Karna Schloss, mother of Joanne
=	 Holly Briggs, mother of Nicole Briggs         Prata ‘65 and Marie Henry ‘66                       Johnson Borg ‘59
   Sandkulla ‘85
                                              =	 Charles Kantman, husband of Maryann              =	 Grace DeMichele Sinclair, mother of
=	 Wilma Schmidt Brodale ‘41                     Siebert Kantman ‘59                                 Andrea Sinclair 2003
=	 Helen Reilly Brown ‘37                     =	 Monsignor Frances A. Lacey, PA, brother of       =	 Joy Shea Stuber, sister of Carol Shea
=	 Dennis M. Byrne, brother of Susan             Sister Marilyn Lacey, RSM ‘66                       Purdy ‘55
   Byrne Giusto ‘57
                                              =	 Betty Wernick Lane ‘40, sister of Catherine      =	 Naim Hannah Totah, grandfather of Tina Totah
=	 Gertrude Leone Cattermole, mother-            Wernick Curley ‘39                                  Nazzal ‘85 and Nancy Totah Shihadeh ‘88
   in-law of Joan Cotter Cattermole ‘75
                                              =	 Congressman Tom Lantos, friend of Mercy          =	 Dorothy Marsh Vick ‘61
=	 Tom Collins, father of Denise Collins      =	 Alice H. Marsili, mother of Marian Marsili’71    =	 Mary Elizabeth Vince, grandmother of
   Richmond ‘72                                                                                      Karen Vince ‘04
=	 Melanie Roveta Conroy ‘65, sister of       =	 Anita Sangalli Martin ‘59                        =	 Thomas S. Williams, father of Nancy
   Sandy Roveta ‘58                           =	 M. Cecelia McElearney, mother of Sharon             Williams Callahan ‘69
                                                 McElearney ‘76
=	 Charles E. Corey, father of Laura Corey    =	 Roger Miller, husband of Patricia Dale Miller    =	 Howard Young, father of Amy Young ‘96
   Dust ‘58
                                                ‘54 and brother-in-law of Mary Katherine
=	 Patricia Dale, mother of Patricia Dale       Dale Taylor ‘55                                   The Mercy Mass Program—
  Miller ‘54 and Mary Katherine Dale
  Taylor ‘55                                  =	 Evelyn Stella Mulready, mother of Jeannie        At each of our school liturgies, the students
                                                                                                  and faculty of Mercy High School pray for
                                                 Mulready Bosley ‘62 and Sally Mulready ‘67
=	 Chelso De Zordo, father of Sylvia          =	 Betty Marie Pellizzer Murray, mother of          those people who have been acknowledged
  De Zordo ‘66 and Cynthia De Zordo                                                               in the Mercy Mass Program. Not only are
  Reynaud ‘70                                    Julie Pellizzer Rachfal ‘85                      donations made in memory of a loved
=	 William Ernest Dugoni Sr., father          =	 Lily Hugo Nethercott, Mother of                  one, but also to honor others on special
  of Ailen Dugoni Gomes ‘74, Susan               Ann Nethercott ‘98                               occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays,
                                                                                                  or at times of illness. To enroll a loved
  Dugoni Araj ‘75, Bonnie Dugoni
  Kramer ‘77 and Joann Dugoni Cox ‘81,
                                              =	 Grayce O’Regan, grandmother of Kendyl            one in the Mercy Mass Program, simply
                                                O’Regan Volk ‘81 and great-grandmother of
  father-in-law to Arlene Boyer Dugoni ‘77                                                        contact the Mercy Development Office at
                                                Samantha Benz 2011
                                                                                                  650.762.1190 or
=	 Carl Edwards, father of Mary Legnigk       =	 Marilyn Battye Panella ‘44                       and we will send you a Mass Envelope.
  Mercy High School Admissions
  Administrative Assistant                    =	 Amerigo Parenti, father of Maria Parenti         Once you have enrolled someone, we will
                                                                                                  send them a Mass Card telling them or their
                                                Ybarra ‘85
                                                                                                  loved one that you have enrolled them in
                                                                                                  the Mercy Mass Program.

   0 The Oaks • Summer 2008
         Once a Mercy girl...
          always a Mercy girl!
 The Mercy High School Alumnae Association
  cordially invites all Mercy Alumnae to the

    2008 Alumnae Homecoming
              Sunday, September 21, 2008
              10:30 a.m. Mass - Mercy Motherhouse Chapel
                  11:30 a.m. Check in - Kohl Mansion
              12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Lunch - Kohl Mansion

             All reunion classes ending in “3” and “8“ will be
                      honored at Homecoming Mass!

                                     New this year!
 Registration may be done online until Tuesday, 9/16/08. After this date, all
reservations must be made by calling the Alumnae Office at (650) 762-1198.
                         ( under
 Alumnae\Homecoming and Alumnae Reunions\Homecoming Online Reservation Form)

              The new “Alumnae t-Shirt” will be sold at this event!

          Please detach and enclose your response and check by September 14th.
                    2008 Mercy High School Alumnae Homecoming

  ____    I plan to attend Mercy’s Homecoming. Enclosed is my check for $45.00.
  ____    I am unable to attend, but would like to make a donation of $ __________to Mercy
          to be used where the need is greatest.
  ____    Enclosed are my $15 Alumnae Association dues.

  Name:                                                               Class of:
  Maiden Name:
                                            Return to:
         Mercy High School • Alumnae Office • 2750 Adeline Drive • Burlingame, CA 94010

                                                          The Oaks • Summer 2008       
    “the Oaks”
      The Oaks is published                                                                     Once a Mercy
  twice yearly for the Alumnae,
      Parents, and Friends of                                                                   Girl Always a
 Mercy High School, Burlingame
                                                                                                 Mercy Girl!
           Laura M. Held
           Mary Lund
    Director of Development
          Carol Fraher
   Director of Public Relations            Open House 2008
    Mary Lund • Carol Fraher
         Editorial Staff                         Sunday, November 9th
                                                        12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
      Designed by: Jill Scerri                                                                    Join us for
                                            Campus tours will begin at noon. Tours are
Graphic Communications Coordinator
                                             approximately 1 1/2 hours in length; the           Homecoming...
                                                last tour will begin at 2:30 p.m.
    Main Office: 650.343.3631                                                                       Sunday,
Development Office: 650.762.1190
  Alumnae Office: 650.762.1198
                                           Please join us for our Parent-Student Open House    September 21, 2008
                                            which will be held on Sunday, November 9, 2008
        FAX: 650.343.2976                                                                        All Mercy Alumnae
                                              from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. There will be
 E-Mail:                                                                        are invited!
                                               opportunities to hear presentations on the
                                             advantages of an all-girl education, as well as
                                                                                               See the inside back cover
                                            information on the curricular and co-curricular      of this publication for
                                                programs. Tours will be provided by our          reservation form and
        Parents of Alumnae—                Mercy students and faculty. Representatives from      details. You may also
     If this Oaks is addressed to your      Mercy’s campus ministry, student activities and         visit our website
   daughter who no longer maintains a                                                               to register online
                                             athletic programs will be available to provide
   permanent residence at your home,
   please forward to her and notify the            information and answer questions.   
    Mercy Alumnae Office of her new
        address at 650.762.1198 or            For more information contact Director of          Hope to see you there!              Admissions, Ellen Williamson at 650.762.1114
              Thank you!                          or

                    Mercy High School                                                               NON-PROFIT ORG.
                    2750 Adeline Drive                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE
                    Burlingame, CA 94010                                                                  PAID
                                                                                                   MERCY HIGH SCHOOL

Address Service Requested

         The Oaks • Summer 2008

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