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Drivers Education - Forsyth County Schools


									                                      Forsyth County Course Syllabus


Course Title: Driver Education

Teacher Name: Jared Ostrosky                              E-Mail:

Room: West Hall Room 181                                  Phone: 770-781-2264

Course Description:

LEADER partnerships with Forsyth County Schools for their drivers’ education program by
providing new state of the art driving simulators. LEADER also offers classes for young pre-
drivers called “Driver Awareness Class”. This class was developed for fourteen to sixteen
year olds to expose them to driving without being on the road. Basic rules, common accident
mistakes and how to get your license are part of the program. They will interact with the
simulators for most of the session to experience realistic driving situations. You can find out
more about the course and sign up at or by calling us at 770.205.2822.
Standards: Welcome to Driver Education. In this class we will learn about the responsibilities that drivers
accept when they receive their driver’s license. There will be lessons on owning, operating, maintaining, and
insuring the automobile that you drive. Students will discuss driving in different environments and various
conditions that drivers face on the road. Lesson topics and concepts will be reinforced with student interactive
simulator practice.

Effective January 1, 2007, all 16 year old applying for a Class D provisional driver’s license must complete a
Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) approved driver education course and complete a total of 40
hours of supervised driving, 6 hours of which must be at night with a parent of guardian’s sworn verification
that these requirements have been met. Any Georgia student who has not completed an approved driver
education course must wait until age 17 to be eligible for a Class D driver’s license.

To obtain an insurance discount, the student will need a Driver Education Certification indicating the student
has successfully completed a traditional program consisting of 30 hours of classroom and an additional
certification indicating that the student has completed 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction (not
simulators). The private driving schools charge a fee for the 6 hours of behind the wheel driver training.
Students may arrange to take the 6 hours of behind the wheel training if they are 15 years old and posses a
valid Georgia Learner’s Permit.

         AA Academy of Driving- 770-889-1023

         Pruitt’s Driving School- 770-205-7416

         Georgia Driving Coach, Inc.- 770-752-4107

Learning Resources/ Textbook (s):

We will be using Drive Right as the textbook. As a supplement to the textbook we will also be using
the following website
Required Assignments:

Assignments include but not limited to the following; Seat belt law research, helmet law research,
photostory outline and presentation of chapters in textbook, Process of purchasing a vehicle and
insurance it.

Availability for Extra Help: by appointment only

Makeup Work: All missed worked and assessments are the responsibility of the student when they are
absent from school. A student who is absent on the class day before a regularly scheduled assessment will be
responsible for completing the assignment o the regularly scheduled day and time. Students who have been
absent more than two consecutive days (including the assessment day) will be given five (5) school days to
make up the assessment and /or assignments. This does not include major projects, research papers, etc.,
where the deadline has been posted in advance. The teacher has the discretion to grant a longer period of
time to make up work if there are extenuating circumstances.

Grading Calculations:

15% Final Exam

1st and 2nd Semester Course Work = 60% Summative + 40% Formative

Grading Policy:

A = 90-100

B = 80-89

C = 70-79

Failing = Below 70

*Formative Assesments include, but not limited to homework, class work, practice tests, rough drafts, and
sections of projects/research papers/presentations.

*Summative Assessments include by not limited to unit tests, final projects, final essays, final research papers,
and final presentations.

Classroom and Simulator expectations:

1. No food or drinks will be allowed in the classroom or simulators

2. To show respect to all materials and equipment used in the Driver Education course

3. Make up work is the responsibility of the student to get, no for the teacher

4. Proper behavior as deemed by the instructor and described in the school handbook

5. There is a LEADER simulator lab fee of $100
*the teacher reserves the right to change or modify any item on the syllabus, acceptable to school
policy, when deemed necessary.

*I have read and understand the Driver’s Education Syllabus

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