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									  3D Implementations on Desktops
3D Implementations on Mobile Devices

              Presented By:
              Leonid Sorokin
                Gal Topper
        The Compiz/Beryl Implementation

     The compiz project, and its Beryl fork, are both
popular implementations of the 3D desktop concept.
  They provide many graphical features for both
             usability and “eye-candy”.

Similar to the OS X
feature, viewport
allows for users to
see all open
windows in an
ordered fashion,
without having to
actually move the
windows manually.
Workspace Cube

Organizes multiple
desktops, or
“workspaces”, in a 3
dimensional way
that is visually
appealing. It allows
the user to view all
workspaces at once,
making the state of
the system more

allows the user to
manually choose
to make certain
windows partly
see-through. This
too makes the
system more
transparent to
users, in a very
literal sense :-)
3D Mobile Device Implementations

3 Main Techniques:

 Server-side Methods
 Client-side Methods
 Hybrid Methods

Which is the best method?

As it turns out, a Hybrid approach
results in the best frame rate!
3D Mobile Device Implementations

OK, but HOW will the user navigate the
3D scene on the tiny mobile device?

  Use SVG Viewer
 (SVG is an acronym for Scalable Vector
 SVG is an XML markup language for
describing two-dimensional vector
graphics, both static and animated
3D Mobile Device Implementations

 If you weren’t sleeping, you noticed
that SVG is language to describe 2D
objects, not 3D objects!

 The server works in 3D space, but a
mobile device only receives the 2D
rasterized image!

 In essence, since we always work
with a 2D screen, we emulate the 3-
dimensional images on it!
3D Mobile Device Implementations

   1. Quick Demo of SVG on a Windows Mobile 5.0

   2. Demonstrate the search for the cat in the 3D scene:


   3D desktop environments have the capability of
    making users more productive
     Viewing all windows without manually moving
    them around (Viewport affords excellent visibility)
   3D mobile device environments make sense in
    certain circumstances
     A salesperson needs to “virtually” walk down a
    street and mark down the houses for sale, and
    annotate the houses with voice notes.

         Please NO pictures! 

             Presented By:
             Leonid Sorokin
               Gal Topper
Visibility, eh?

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